compiled by Dee Finney

A human sized skull fashioned from quartz crystal is intriguing from many angles. The fact they are found in tombs is interesting from an archeological stand point. The medium is interesting because of the metaphysical properties associated with crystals and stones. From an artists stand point, they are beautiful to behold because of the craftsmanship involved and the type of tools it took to create the Ancients. At a time in history when stone pyramids were being constructed and human sacrifices were considered spiritual, crystal skulls were being carved.

Contemporary crystal skulls come from the United States, Brazil, Central America, Europe and the Orient. They come in all sizes and are carved from a variety of stones. There are several human sized skulls carved each year in the U.S. by master artisans, available in both one and two piece renderings. They are priced between $10,000 and $50,000. There are also affordably priced movable jawed skulls now coming out of China

Kathy Grimshaw said in 1991: ..."I bought my first contemporary skull in 1987. Carved in China from Brazilian quarts, it is simian in style and about the size of a baseball. I brought it home and began my "experiments." The results were beyond anything I had ever imagined. This smaller distant cousin reacted similarly as was foretold for the skulls of the Ancient variety. The hand signals, sounds and shapes used,elicited responses I am still trying to understand. Sound sentences, color patterns and dot configurations appeared within the small skull. They are beyond my limited understanding but I am hopeful someday I will uncover their meaning."

Joshua Shapiro reports: The places where the human sized ancient crystal skulls have been found is Indian ruins (Mayan, Aztec, etc....) in Mexico or Central America with unsupported rumors of some skulls being discovered in South America. Thus far, four types of quartz skulls are known including clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz and smoky quartz. The contemporary carved Crystal Skulls have been manufactured in Mexico, Brazil, Germany & Nepal and there are many local crystal stores which sell some of these skulls. The ancient skulls not only have baffled our scientists (when a skull was available for research) regarding how they were made, but have a great deal of psychic phenomena occurring around them. For example, several of ancient skulls have been brought to Hewlett-Packard, located in the San Francisco area which has one of the best scientific and crystal research laboratories in the world. The scientist their were hard pressed to explain how a primitive culture (because the skulls are known to be at least several hundred years old and as we believe, much older) could have carved crystal into such precise shapes and especially against the natural axis of the crystal. Crystal is a substance that has a perfect symmetry of how its molecules align. When a carver cuts crystal, if they attempt to carve against this axis, the crystal shatters. Even with our elaborate laser equipment, it would be very difficult to create such Crystal Skulls as are be uncovered and do so against the axis. This does not even begin to address the strange phenomena that occurs in the presence of an ancient Crystal Skull.

What Crystal Skulls are known today? The most famous Crystal Skull is called the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. It is an almost exact copy of a human skull, totally clear as glass with two pieces including a movable jaw. It was found in the ruins of a Mayan city called Lubaantun, in Belize in 1924, by Anna Mitchell-Hedges, on her 17th birthday. Her father, famed explorer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, who was leading this expedition (funded by the British Government), was looking for evidence of lost Atlantis. At first they found the top part or cranium of the skull in what appeared to be an altar room. Three months later they found the lower jaw nearby. The natives went into a frenzy when the skull was first brought out. Mr. Mitchell-Hedges did not have the heart to keep this sacred object from the Maya so he gave it back to the natives. In 1927, when the expedition was ready to leave, the Head Mayan Priest presented the Crystal Skull back to them in gratitude for the food, medical supplies and clothing that the expedition had provided for his people. It has been in their family ever since. Recently, Anna Mitchell-Hedges has had the Crystal Skull on display at several New Age conferences around the United States. Also, she has allowed private appointments to see the Crystal Skull in her home (now in Canada).

Two other Crystal Skulls that can be seen on public display at times, are the British Crystal Skull, in the Museum of Mankind in London, England and the Paris Skull, in the Trocadero Museum in Paris, France. Both of these single piece skulls were found by soldiers of fortune in Mexico in the late 1890s. They are both cloudy clear quartz and neither is as intricately carved nor as precise as the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. In 1936, a report by the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain published in their journal called "Man," compared the British Skull and Mitchell-Hedges Skull, since they are somewhat similar in size and shape, trying to decide which Crystal Skull was created first and which was a copy. Arguments were presented in the article for both possibilities and no conclusive decision was reached.

In April of 1991, I was in Los Angeles to participate in a local conference and speak about the Crystal Skulls. I have a friend Eric, who at that time, had a beautiful crystal store in this area. He had a booth at the conference and told me that he had received a crystal skull from Central America and the person who was going to buy was in town. He permitted me to meet this new owner and see the skull. This skull is a one piece smoky quartz skull that has a pointed head and the teeth come to an overbite. The guardian has decided to call it "ET" (since the skull looks a bit extraterrestrial). I did have an opportunity to meditate with the skull and definitely felt it was an ancient one. Since 1991, the guardian has acquired an amazonite skull that was found in China, a rose quartz skull that was purchased from a family who lived in Russia where the skull was discovered and a small clear quartz skull possibly associated with the Jesuits in Italy. It is the guardian's intention to have 12 skulls and she is a very magical person and seems to always hear when new skulls are around. Generally she has a feeling when the next one will come up.

I personally feel that the Crystal Skulls are not only here to share ancient knowledge and wisdom, but to assist in awakening our race to higher spiritual laws and understanding of itself. They are announcing that many of the ancients tools are coming back now because the planet is ready to use them again in a harmonious way. The Crystal Skulls are a tangible sign that indeed a Golden Age is fast approaching our world. They are inwardly calling those who have worked with them in past lifetimes and will help to activate the inner divinity and higher knowledge within these individuals.


Researchers speculate that antique tablets containing their history, and perhaps even other skulls, exist in the Shensi Pyramid complex in China, previously a part of Tibet. Case Wright steered my attention to a finding of the Jadeite Skeleton. This artifact comes from the China/Mongolia region. It's thought to be dated from Neolithic period, around 2200 to 3500 BC. The markings on the top of the head of the skeleton is similar to that found on relics from the Liangzhu period. This mark has been found on many relics, such that of a shaman's mask.

Case Wright wrote to Kirby Seid the person reporting the skeleton on the SOCS's (Society of Crystal Skull) webpage. He asked them about obtaining more information about the skeleton, fearing that the skeleton might be a hoax. Kirby Seid wrote back claiming he had more information on the skeleton but not organized so he couldn't give any references. Also, that the skeleton is being examined by archaeologists and psychometrics.


Two years ago, around 2000, crystal skulls were found in some caves in remote mountains. It took 2-years to retrieve 22 ancient crystal skulls, collectively known as THE BEIJING SKULLS, which possibly are linked to the Dropa. Three small Dropa disks have been recovered from the same cave where the crystal skulls were found.

The discoverer who is anonymous at this date states: "I am of the opinion now that the crystal skulls were used by the Dropa as radio transmitters/receivers to communicate with their home base, which could be many light years away from this planet, as well as to communicate with their mates who had also landed elsewhere on this planet. The stone disks were the ancient computer disks to record and save messages sent or received. The skull and the stone disk must work together to be effective just like our computers today. Without software our computer today is a dead machine. From the spiritual angle the skull and the stone disk will open up a new portal which will enhance the working of spiritualists. This is an insight I have received from my skulls." -


In 1938, high in the mountains of BayanKara-Ula on the borders of China and Tibet, a team of archaeologists were conducting a very detailed routine survey of a series of interlocking caves when they were surprised to discover lines of neatly arranged graves which contained the skeletons of what appeared to have been a race of human beings. The skeletons, measuring a little more than four feet tall, were frail and spindly with disproportionately large skulls. Drawn on the walls of the caves were crude pictures of the rising Sun, the Moon, unidentifiable stars, and the earth, all joined together by lines of pea-sized dots. The cave drawings are dated around 12,000 years ago.

While studying the skeletons, one of the members of the team stumbled upon a large round stone disc half buried in the dust on the floor of the cave. The disk was approximately nine inches in diameter and three-quarters of an inch thick. In the exact center was a perfectly round, 3/4" hole, and etched in its face was a fine groove spiraling out from the center to the rim, making the disk resemble some kind of primitive phonograph record.

This one plate, dated to be between 10,000 and 12,000 years old -- older by far than the great pyramids of Egypt -- was fantastic enough, but the wonder was multiplied when 716 such plates were found! Each held an incredible secret. The groove, upon further inspection, was not a groove at all, but a continuous line of strange carved hieroglyphics -- writing!

The tiny, almost microscopic characters were in a language never encountered before. It wasn't until 1962 that another Chinese professor, Dr. Tsum Um Nui, was able to decode the message of the stone plates. The writing was so small that he had to use a magnifying glass to see it clearly, and much of the hieroglyphics were difficult to make out or had been worn away by time and the elements. The professor painstakingly transcribed the characters from the disk to paper.

Once the characters were transcribed, Dr. Tsum Um Nui began the arduous task of trying to decode its message. Eventually, he began to make progress. A word emerged. Then another. A phrase became understandable, then an entire sentence. He had broken the code. He discerned that the messages on the stones were written by a people who called themselves the Dropa. When he had completed the translation as much as he could, the professor sat back in his chair in disbelief. The story the Dropa related was nothing short of astounding.

The Dropa disks tell the story of a space probe from a distant planet that crash-landed in the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains of the Himalayas. The occupants of the spacecraft - the Dropa - found refuge in the caves of the mountains. Despite their peaceful intentions, the Dropa were misunderstood by members of the Han tribe who were occupying neighboring caves and who hunted down the aliens and even killed some of them. A translation of one of the passages says: "The Dropa came down from the clouds in their aircraft. Our men, women, and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise." When at last the Han understood the sign language of the Dropa, they realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions.

The stones go on to say how the Dropa were unable to repair their disabled spacecraft and could not return to their home planet, and so were stranded on Earth. If that's true, have their descendants survived? Today, the isolated area is inhabited by two tribes of people who, in fact, call themselves the Dropa and the Han. Anthropologists have been unable to categorize either tribe into any other known race; they are neither Chinese nor Tibetan. Both tribes are of pygmy stature, adults measuring between 3-foot-6 and 4-foot-7 with an average height of 4-foot-2, and body weights of 38 to 52 pounds. The Dropa stones may represent the first recorded visit of an alien civilization to our planet.

In Russia several of the rock were tested. The discs were found to contain large amounts of cobalt and other metallic substances. When placed on a special turntable they vibrated or hummed in an unusual rhythm as though an electric charge was passing through them. It is as if they formed some part of an electrical circuit.

The Chinese Pyramids - An Extraterrestrial Legacy --- According to ancient Chinese legend, over one hundred pyramids discovered in China are the legacy of extraterrestrial visitors.  In 1938, a team of archaeologists discovered a series of interlinked caves and gravesites of an unknown race of people in the mountains of Bayan-Kara-Ula, on the borders of China and Tibet. They also discovered at that time 716 round disks with grooves that were later deciphered as evidence of alien exploration. Is this location related to the underground cities in the Himalayas?

Absolutely. And some of these beings are the ones that went underground. And again, this is just another instance of habitation of this planet by extraterrestrials. And keep in mind, that Lot and Abraham were not visited by angels per se, but by extraterrestrials. And the Sons of God who married the Daughters of Men were also extraterrestrials. And the Chariot of Fire that Ezekiel saw was a spacecraft. And Enoch was taken up in a spacecraft. And Jesus ascended into the clouds and into a craft and went to North America and stayed with the Indians. And they have stories of the golden-haired man whom they saw as a God. So, yes, there are great connections in all of these things. In the past century that you have just completed, there was sporadic information given forth to humanity to mull over and think about. No longer will it be sporadic. It shall be a concerted, sustained effort. At this time, not only is the crown chakra of Planet Earth—our beloved Lady Gaia—wide open, but so is her throat chakra. She will speak and give forth her truth. More than half of humanity now has the energy of a throat chakra that is in process of opening, at least to the point that they can accept greater truth, and shall begin to speak that truth, at least in the form of questions. For the throat chakra is a two-way portal to speak the truth, one must first allow in the truth. And this is where much of humanity finds itself. They are in the mode of asking. And hence they will receive.

Crystal Skulls

Marion Webb-De Sisto

author of 'Crystal Skulls'

In 1997, I was introduced to crystal skulls.  I went to a crystal festival, and when I picked up one of the skulls there, I felt a true reverence come over me. The skull felt very sacred.

One year later, in 1998, I purchased two skulls made of fluorite that had been carved in China. Right after that I began to suffer from an illness known as Transverse Myelitis. It is an inflammation of the spinal cord and it eventually left me paralyzed from the waist down. I could no longer work at my job, and I then had plenty of time to study and read about crystal skulls.

My own skulls weigh about 1 lb each, about the size of an apple. Their colors are green and mauve, though the mauve skull also has rather a rainbow of color when the light hits it a certain way. I could also see that the skulls had dots of calcite crystals embedded within the fluorite.

During a meditation one day, I came to know that these skulls had names. Suyan and Xui Min.

During this time, I was receiving various therapies for my illness, including Reiki and Bach Flower remedies, but during my recovery I started to notice that the skulls seemed to be speaking to me - not in a real voice, but I became more and more aware of them. I thanked them because I truly loved these skulls, and my recovery came rather rapidly during this time.

It almost seems as though they are watching over my work and guiding me through the process of telling others about crystal skulls.

My Brazilian Skulls

I came to know of channelings speaking of subtle changes in which humans progress from a third-dimensional existence to that of the fourth or even fifth. Whether these transformations will manifest as a result of physical events or due to higher dimensional evolution, these happenings are often referred to as the "Earth Changes" or "Dimensional Transitions."

I too received channeled messages about what lies ahead for us.

Even though I had been aware of these forecasts for a number of years, they were far from my thoughts when two new Brazilian crystal skulls arrived in the early summer of 1999. One of these skulls soon gave me his name as Toltelcul. He was carved from AAA grade rose quartz and presents a projective energy signature. This skull is a very pale pink color with excellent clarity, and is the size of a small plum. Apart from learning his name and vibration, I was not given anything further about him until I began to work with the second skull. Its energy signature is androgynous and it is the same size as Molmec. Carved from a very pale citrine, the skull has good clarity and plenty of rainbow irising in the lower jaw and throughout the cranium. Although my husband had laid claim to this crystal skull, I also felt quite drawn to it.

While holding the skull one day in late June of 1999, I received the impression that it wanted to give me some information through automatic writing. I found a notepad and a pen and wrote out a communication from an apparent collective consciousness. I believe the message is self-explanatory:

"If you work with the Voladi, you become changed. You understand unknown things, you fight for our cause, you are with us. We bring you the blossoming and the intent, we give you our solari. We create a new way of life for you, we are your companions and your gentle lords. Ours is the way of knowing, being and fulfillment. Across the stars we have come to be with you and we will remain in your domains because you are our cherished one. We were created to guide your kind to a higher evolvement, that of luminosity. Unlock our secrets and you will be forever changed. Keep us close, care for us, love us, as we do these things for you. Channel our words, our deeds, our thoughts, be our maiden of devotion. Conjure our essence into your being and we will restructure you for what is to come. Sleep with us, dream with us, spend your days with us. We will hold you close and guard you against all evil. We are the warriors of the Divine One, we possess all knowledge and understanding; and we wish to share it with you, for you will honor what we give to you and you will keep it sacred. I am Rupel of Alvera and I am now aligned with you and a part of you."

On the following day I channeled information on how to attune people to the higher vibrations of the Earth Changes. This message also came from the crystal skull that I began to think of as Rupel. I was given seven symbols, their names and a procedure, whereby five of the symbols build an etheric pyramid in which a participant is seated. The remaining two, together with one of the five, are then placed into the chakras and subtle bodies of that person. The latter are known as the etheric, the emotional, the lower mental, the higher mental, the intuitional, the spiritual and the divine. These bodies are usually represented as encircling, layer by layer, the physical body. Chakras are the energy centers that exist on the etheric body, but are connected to the physical body and all of the other subtle bodies.

When completed, the procedure realigns and attunes the recipient's DNA so that s/he is better able to integrate his/her light body. During the process, Rupel oversees what is happening and I hold Toltelcul, as I was directed to do within the channeled message. Apparently, the actions that I perform, in order to construct the pyramid and to place the symbols within a person's subtle anatomy, have to pass through Toltelcul. He is the bridge between the physical level and that of the etheric.

In early July, the Voladi mentioned other crystal skulls. The first part of that message is reproduced here and the remainder is given in the Epilogue:

"Guard the skull well, it will bring you much information. Other collectives also speak to humans through crystal skulls. The Max skull carries our vibration and allows us to accomplish healing work through its matrix. Similarly, the four skulls, which are buried in Tibet, have given great wisdom and healing to those who were able to be in their presence . . . "

Max is considered to be one of the ancient crystal skulls whose healing abilities have become available to people in recent years. There is more information about this mineral carving in the following chapter. However, I have no knowledge of the Tibetan crystal skulls that are mentioned above.

I was intrigued by the DNA realignment/attunement procedure that Rupel had given and I was anxious to perform it for someone. The opportunity to do so was soon presented to me when I was invited to give a workshop at the August Festival of Holistic Living in London. This event takes place annually over the August Bank Holiday Weekend and I have been a guest speaker since 1996. In 1999 I decided to talk about the coming Earth Changes and to also conduct the procedure for the workshop participants.

As I worked through the process, it became obvious to me that it was very powerful and was affecting those present. One woman had brought her young baby with her and my attention was drawn to this child. He had been quiet throughout the workshop, being mostly asleep. However, he woke up as I began the procedure and remained very still and quiet with eyes wide open. It was as though he understood what was happening. At the end of the workshop, several people gave me feedback on what they had experienced. Some had felt physical reactions within their bodies, others were more affected on the emotional level. Without doubt, something had taken place during the process.

A year later and at the same festival, I repeated the workshop. Once again, both I and those who attended experienced the intensity and power of Rupel's procedure. I would like to have had further feedback on its long-term effects on the participants of either workshop. However, this has not been possible because I have no means of making contact with them.

Later, Rupel told me that this DNA realignment/attunement could also be conducted etherically. In other words, I could perform the procedure for someone, even if s/he was not present. The realignment and attunement would be passed to the recipient via the etheric level. Knowing how effective and powerful it can be to send distant healing at that level to others, I was very interested in attempting this new procedure at a distance.

At that time, September 1999, I was a member of an online list of people, who were interested in esoteric matters and who kept contact with each other by sending emails. I decided to offer Rupel's gift to anyone on the list who would like to receive it. To my surprise about twenty list members responded. They were from the US, the UK, Australia and Denmark. I conducted the procedure and then asked for feedback via email. Almost everyone responded and they all had experienced something
during the session and afterwards. At the time of writing this book, I no longer have the email addresses for the majority of these people. However, for the three with whom I have remained in contact, I am including their original remarks below, as well as their more recent feedback, following my request for same. Each person appears to have benefited from the DNA realignment/attunement.

One of the recipients was a Hawaiian woman named Fay Pohaikawahine Graef, who presently lives in Citrus Heights, California. She is particularly interested in the ancient traditions of her people and their possible connection to the lost continent of Mu. Fay explained what happened during the procedure:

" . . . Anyway, I woke up at exactly 2:30a.m. California time and felt included. Early in the morning (after going back to sleep) I also started having very vivid dreams (these started yesterday, but are getting stronger) of a hole with water flowing in from all sides, great masses of water into which I jump, flowing in great spirals, downward. Sometimes the spirals are water, sometimes the spirals take on the form of snakes (very flat snakes). Also, there is a small ball floating in the air with a long filament attached—I know this to be the center of the earth. It is all very peaceful and this morning I feel great. Thought I'd give you some feedback on what is happening. With love and aloha, Fay."

In a recent email, Fay expressed how, she believes, the procedure has affected her life:

" . . . I do know that over the past two years many things have come together more clearly in my mind, ancient connections and links that I have searched for, for over 20 years. They seem to be flowing in like that hole with water flowing in from all sides. I have finally found a place of comfort in sharing these connections with others, freely and without reservation. I feel a great sense of peace and balance . . . he hawai'i au, Fay."

Marc Edwards was another member of the online list who accepted my offer. Marc lives in New York and is a jazz musician. He plays drums and percussion, and can be found listed in several jazz reference books. Marc is also a Reiki Master and is interested in metaphysics. His information on what he experienced is thought provoking because it suggests that the effects can be felt before the process takes place within the physical level:

"Last night, I experienced lots of inner wakefulness—much more than usual. Although my body was resting, sleeping if you will, mentally, I was wide awake. When I got up, the clock showed 2:56a.m. EST. I thought to myself, "I guess Maz has finished doing the attunement."

Two days before you actually did the attunement, I began experiencing heat in the middle of my chest. Sometimes, it's closer to my heart. The heat is so intense, it feels as if I am radiating energy, similar to a hot stove. Could it be that my heart chakra is opening? I can't tell. Usually one experiences love for his fellow man when that happens. I'm not getting that—just the sensation of heat radiating outward, nonstop. There is no physical pain or discomfort. My attention is constantly drawn to my chest."

"After Maz worked her magic on yours truly, I didn't give the attunement a second thought. The physical sensations did eventually subside. Gradually, over the weeks and months, I began to notice my attention shifting from material concerns to those of a more spiritual nature. Although I'm a long term TM meditator, I also do the yoga workout with Steve Ross and his students on `Inhale.' The show airs during the week on the Oxygen Channel. Reiki is another modality that I find useful. All of these disciplines are tools designed to help me accomplish my mission.

The events of September 11, 2001 has had the effect of pushing me deeper into these practices. I look forward to each day, knowing that I'm getting closer to achieving my goals, both material and spiritual. Thank you Maz."

The third online list person, who has given me feedback on the procedure, is Yolanda Badillo. She is a young woman and, like Marc Edwards, lives in New York. She works as a hairdresser and beautician and has a son who is 3 years old. Even though her life is extremely busy, she is following a spiritual path. Yolanda emailed me with the following information soon after she received the etheric DNA realignment/attunement:

"I felt the energy, since before I went to bed, was very sensitive. The next day I was extremely relaxed, so relaxed I wanted to sleep more, but it was impossible to accomplish. I felt my heart open up more each time I meditated. Would like to know if you can include me two more times in the process so it can be a trinity process for myself? I greatly appreciate all you're doing and thank you very much from my heart. May the universal light be in you, with you, and in your spirit . . . "

Following Yolanda's request to undergo the process, again, on two further occasions, I included her in a second round of this procedure. This happened a few days after the first and was as a consequence of other list members asking me to realign them. The original recipients had posted positive remarks to the group about what they had experienced. This encouraged others to request it. Later, I also conducted this procedure a third time for Yolanda. Below are parts of the two separate emails she sent, telling me about her impressions after the second and third sessions:

" . . . I slept all morning, practically, in between of cracking my eyes open at intervals that were very small, to see what he (her son) was up to. I rested and had a pretty great day. Very balanced and still in the sense of calmness. Will see if the attunement will help with balancing all my levels for better groundedness, as well as inner peace and power. For the stillness I can see what will be ahead of it and respond appropriately, not react to it. Thank you so much and looking forward for the last one and waiting to see how it will affect me . . . Again, I wish to express my gratitude for your service to the people you have extended yourself to without really knowing us, but for one thing in common—the interest to better ourselves and get closer to God."

"This time I was charged with a lot of energy. I was up until past the time of initiation and have been very active, especially since we came back . . . My little boy contracted a virus on the trip and then an ear
infection . . . So very little sleep since, but I am able to keep up at a better pace. Have had vivid dreams in the short spurts of sleep, but when my baby cries in discomfort and wakes me up, I loose the consciousness of the dreams. Again, many thanks, Yolanda"

I recently emailed Yolanda and asked her if she has had any positive effects from the three DNA realignments/attunements that she etherically received two years ago. This was her answer:

"I have become a much more stronger, loving individual. And I find myself much more willing to let people be who they are, as well as allow myself to be me. I have been through some very hard physical changes, medically. All gone practically now, and old stuff has been allowed to be released, as well, right now. I still feel I need some assistance in the recall so I can be better to serve. For I have memories of information, which I can't thoroughly process yet. Along with also letting go of people who have not served me well, in the way of being totally honest and present with their truth. I've learned to let people be, but won't accept being dragged with their dilemmas. When we are not honest with ourselves, then much disharmony arises. I can no longer do this dance for I have a strong family now with my child and his father . . . So I think that the process you so freely shared was quite a positive one for myself. There was some physical disturbances after, but I find it was all releasing and a hell of a lot of letting-go, so I can become who I'm supposed to be. Thank you."

Another woman, who asked to receive the procedure etherically, was Frances Engelhardt. I originally met Frances in the Fall of 1999, when I attuned her to the First Level of Elestial Reiki. Early in April 2000 and while she was living in London, Frances contacted me, made her request, and I performed the DNA realignment/attunement for her. However, I had no further contact with her until recently because she now spends most of her days in Greece. When I met with her, I explained about this book and asked her to give me some feedback on the procedure that she had undergone nineteen months earlier. The following comments are what she gave to me:

"I was very excited when I read about Marion's attunements from a crystal skull. I understood it raised our energy vibrations, which I understood to be cleansing and a move towards `light beingness.' And being a novice at all of this, I thought it was an amazing concept to have received this information from the mineral kingdom. I called Marion, having no idea that the attunements could be given etherically. She explained when she wanted to do it, which was early morning around 7:00a.m., and that I may wake up. Sure enough, at 7:00a.m. on the day I received the attunement, I woke up from a deep sleep. I can remember feeling excited about having received it and having a feeling of "walking on sunshine" that day.

Major shifts have happened in my life since that time. A few months after the attunement, I split up from my partner, which led me to run my new business venture in a foreign country on my own. My business is continuing to grow. I heal people on a physical, mental and spiritual program and so, I guess, I have really moved into my life's work or my soul path. This just continues to grow and I see life more and more from spirit."

Frances owns and runs a healing retreat named `Gaia Visions' on the Greek island of Zakynthos. Before receiving Rupel's procedure, she had hoped to open this type of facility at some point in the future. In retrospect, it would appear that the procedure helped to make it a reality. Obviously, a crystal skull's ability to bring about change has also held true for Frances now that she can offer people healing and relaxation. During her recent trip to the UK, she purchased a small amethyst skull. It will be interesting to see how it impacts on Frances and her healing work.

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