Elongated "Hybrid" Skulls
Anthropologists suggest this elongated
skull was not deformed by bindings, but
belonging to an entirely different species
only remotely similar to homo-genus.
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Note the comparison photograph of the
unpublished 12,500 yr. old Himalayan Crystal
skull, with its exacting similarities, that include
the rectangular opening at the hinge of the jaw.

The histories of the Himalayan Crystal skull, and
its many companion skulls, originate from a star
in the constellation of Sirius. Is it then probable
that the mysterious Paracus Skull was that of one
of the ancient astronauts from Sirius that
remained in Peru?

This story has a forthcoming chapter that will put these pieces of the puzzle together very soon. Stay tuned!
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The story that is now being compiled provides its own evidence of prior
alien contact as a "Reality Remembered" by ancient cultures world wide.

Why did. or still do the many cultures bind their skulls to promote the
elongation of their inner cavity? Even trepanning, the opening of the
skull cap, is thought to promote brain expansions.

Several thousands of years ago, primitive humankinds had no knowledge
of aircraft, or did they? If such a a spacecraft had arrived and set down
upon terra firma and live beings stepped out of the craft would they
have considered these beings as gods from the heavens.

The heavens with their astrological star signs had taught the primitives
of the seasons for growing their crops, and the time for storings of
same for the continuum of their life giving substances. Thunder,
lightning, rain, the sun and moon, and the directional guidances of the
stars were as gods having their origins in the heavens.

Lo and Behold: A mysterious craft arrives from this same heaven, and
the god beings stepped out to greet them. Whoa! They were so ugly to
behold with their miniature spindly yellow bodies and such bizarre
elongated skulls. These were unlike any tribe that these earthlings had
ever encountered. In fear, some of these ancient astronauts were
bludgeoned to death or killed by spears or blow darts. The visitors did
NOT retaliate and fears were diminished during these encounters.

These little godlings had brought with them the knowledge of the
universe, the methodology of inscriptions by glyphs, and herbal
curatives from the flora in their region. Even the knowledge of the
inner light body and its acupuncture meridians and terminal points
were taught. Yep, these must surely be the co-creator gods of their
then most ancient mythologies. Could it be the size and shape of their
heads that allowed them the storage space for all these knowings?

When it was time for them to leave and rejoin their Sirian armada, they
promised that not only would they return, but other heavenly messengers
from the uni-verse would also come to provide them with furthering
educative assistances,

Did these earthly primitives purposely bind the soft skulls of their new
borns by binding them, in hopes to recreate gods of their own genesis?

If anthropologist would collectively follow the path of these elongated
skulls left on both continents, might they then piece together a common
thread of our origins and its past? Would this provide the long sought
confirmations of prior alien visitations by others of our Universal Brother--sisterhood having a caring interest and loving concern for
their star neighbor, the planet of Earth.

Yes, this story remains in its serialized ongoing continuums! >lee>

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