Contact: Then and Now

By Lee Guilmette Chin

The Himalayas have yielded yet another ancient treasure. 23 Crystal Skulls, and 3 Sun Discs were recently found near the 10,500 B.C. site of a probable  campsite of the probable Sirian descendants identified as the DROPA.  

The story of the genesis of the survivors of this lead spacecraft and their visiting armada has been around since 1938 and hidden at Beijing University until 1962. 

716 stone disks were found in 1938, looking like the old phonograph records with its center hole. They were originally collected and partially deciphered. Museum curators are reluctant to discuss them. The tiny, almost microscopic characters written on these disks  were in a language never encountered before. It wasn't until 1962 that another Chinese scientist was able to decode the message of the stone plates.

Our crystal skull discoverer has requested to remain anonymous because of the locale of his finds and the political instability between China and Tibet. Insofar as ownership, that remains an unknown. 

I intuit that the messaging intent of these crystal receiver-radio-wave broadcasters was/is a gift to the body of Mother Earth, and even so, her co-creations.  They made a brief trip to the USA to verify their as-found appearances.  They have now been returned to the Asian continent and their present whereabouts it is hoped will remain unknown.

Why was such evidence of alien contact suppressed from the western
world? Why do so very few people in China and Tibet have any such
knowledge of these past discoveries? A lot of whys that might remind
us of our own Brooking's Report, "the general public is not prepared to
deal with such knowledge".

Prepare your self for the truth - that we are not now, nor have we ever
been alone  in this co-created universe. The evidence is soon to be made
available on the www web and on YOUR television screen. 

The copyrights of these photographs have been put in place on behalf of the discoverer. This whole collective adventure has from its beginning been spiritually guided to link the co-participants together for revealing these truths.

First contact was made with me in 2001 and the original photos you will see here, were forwarded to me in 3 separate snail mailings during our several months of communications.  This was to become a joint project as to the proper methodology of releasing this information to the general public.  The discoverer was unaware of the true importance of his find, or of the directives of its spiritually guided intent.  He had not known of the Dropa and when their website was forwarded to him, he recognized the significance of their solar disks as likened to those of his own find.

There begins our story.  I sought the help of Dee Finney and Kimber Simmons to assist with the research required of our understanding the purpose of these specific ancient crystal skulls.  Many sleepless nights,  and our thoughts of why NOW did these skulls want their message to be known?  

I recall the Greek historian Herodotus (494-423 B.C.) having scribed, "It has been 431 generations since the gods came down to earth to assist with the re-constructions and re-education of the creations after the catastrophes."  Were these Himalayan Crystal Skulls the gifts of these gods?

Were the Dropas from Sirius thought to be the co-creator gods that the
Dogon of Africa refer to?  You can draw your own conclusions after viewing the evidence found within these pages.  Do not disbelieve that which you can
not personally disprove!

The above mentioned 23 crystal skulls are clear quartz crystal. There are
2 other ancient skulls, from a later time period, one with an inscribed face
on a 1 pound meteorite, historically dated to 2700 b.c. The other is carved
by some form of laser technology on nephrite gem stone. Its appearance is
much like that of the head of a chimpanzee with a hollowed out cranium
having the skull of a reptoid in its brain cavity. This one gives cause for
understanding its blueprint intent for creationism, rather than evolution.

One of the clear quartz crystal skulls has an elongated cranium identical
to the human-alien hybrid skull found in Parachus, Peru. This hybrid skull
shows no signs of head bindings to create this elongated anomaly. It was
this such anomaly of the yellow skinned Dropa astronauts that frightened
their first earthling contacts 12,500 years ago.

In my research, I have concluded that the Yellow skinned Emperor,
Huang-di, wore a rectangular covering over his head with fringes on it to
hide his own elongated head. Myths say that he was ageless and during his
100 year reign he and his wife educated the people to the cart, medicinal
herbs, acupuncture, a lunar calendar and a stylized form of glyph writing.
He was killed by a stone from a falling meteorite storm in 2697 b.c. In all
probability he was the bio-genesis of the ancient Dropa.

The meteorite stone in this collection was found in the same Himalayan
range, and needs to be scientifically analyzed along with the others.

This story is yet in its continuum!