#12 Clear quartz crystal, weight: 7 lbs

Skull #12: This is the largest skull in the collection. The spectral alignment as the Ultra Violet Light.
It is the containment vessel for the weights and measures of the arcs covenanted in the Great Pyramid
on the Giza Plateau.

It is the relaying broadcaster to the acupuncture meridian identified as Heart-Sex Circulation Constricter.
It resonates its vibrations within the note of B on the 3rd dimensional octave, and is aligned to the bio-
genesis of the tribe of Joseph, and even so, his son Ephraim.

It is the Crystal Skull that now speaks with authority for the directives aligned to it, on the polarity shift
of a uni-versal consciousness that is beginning to be experienced now.

Furthermore, all of those now involved with getting our remembrance of origin restored by the family of
these precious Himalayan Skulls are the Bio-Genesis of the Ultra-Violet Light!

It is the harmonic resonator aligned for the UV grid I serve for the body of Mother Earth, here in the
Greater Puget Sound Arena of the state of Washington, USA.

The geometries for the arcs of its atomic weights and measures are also aligned by their size, into the
containment vessel of the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau.


A friend by the name of Buzz has taken a look inside the eyes of this skull and has come up with some amazing images.

What does this mean?