Hit or Miss?

An Update on David Wilcock's

Aug. 17 Bombing Prediction

As many of you will be aware, I made a prophecy at the beginning of July that indicated the possible threat of a nuclear strike on New York City for  August 17th, 1998. Thankfully, due to our own efforts of prayer and of alerting the proper forces, this strike has been avoided. I do wish to thank all of those out there who worked with the readings in sending their own positive energy to make sure that this would not happen.

What I would like to comment on it this time is the fact that it does appear that much of what the readings said did indeed come to pass, though not in the form that we originally thought it would. The prophecy itself came through at the beginning of July, during a period where I was deeply involved in the question of whether to continue in the working world or to go forward into doing business for myself with the readings.

After I made the decision to do readings, and to get out of the mainstream wage slavery environment that I had been placed, I was blessed with a very long and very serious level of trance; it was by far the longest, and perhaps the deepest I have ever had.

During this trance, much information was revealed, and after I slept for another two hours, the trance continued. In that continuation phase, the very last part of the information featured a warning about a possible terrorist nuclear attack on New York City. It described this attack as being part of an ongoing Jihad that was being waged by Islamic terrorists. I immediately felt the urgency behind this prophecy, as it had been combined with a series of two dreams that also seemed to indicate the imminent threat. One dream featured Godzilla, and was based on the recent movie wherein Godzilla had destroyed New York City. The second dream actually featured a direct nuclear explosion in the sky that I could see.

In the intervening period since the prophecy was first made, we have seen the bombing attacks on two separate United States embassies overseas in Africa. That was my first clue that the readings might be coming true. The second clue was another bombing that occurred in Ireland, from a splinter group from the IRA calling itself "The Real IRA."

I was even more surprise when I discovered that Clinton's testimony regarding the incident occurring with Monica Lewinsky would occur on August 17th, the same date that was indicated in my readings.

The effect of Clinton's testimony did indeed have a massive jolting impact on the collective human consciousness. Everyone was stunned to discover that the President of the United States would have actually admitted to lying. Indeed, I feel that this was the largest single mass consciousness event to have occurred since the death of Princess Di. Indeed, this is perhaps one of the single most important events in American political history, as we haven't had a president make such an admission since Nixon.

Although the event itself was not a nuclear strike or an act of war, it had an effect on the psychology of everyone. It is this type of effect in consciousness that the readings were most likely picking up on, and perhaps a nuclear strike was the most likely possibility for it, based on the effect that it would have and the bombings that have now surrounded that date. The readings did mention Pakistan exploding a nuclear device, and undoubtedly there was a terrorist strike being planned on New York exactly as had been indicated in the reading. As a result of these combining factors and the mass impact of Clinton's testimony, it was very likely interpreted that the planned strike would indeed work, and that this would be the cause of the sudden consciousness shift.

In my own dream plane the very next morning, I had a horribly depressing experience, where it seemed that the mass karma of the planet was being played out in a very lurid and perverse fashion. This dream featured sex and violence, dressed up with a great deal of dark overtones and also a great deal of cynicism. It ended with two vicious bears and two large, fuzzy stuffed - animal type creatures, all male and all having violent sex with each other in a straight line front to back, and then basically goring each other to bits. When I woke up I realized that Clinton's testimony was forcing all of the darkest spots in the collective human psyche out into the open. In the subsequent days since then, it has worn off, but that first morning was extremely unpleasant.

In the days immediately following Clinton's testimony, he then bombed Afghanistan and Sudan, in direct response to threats of further terrorism. And then, to make the prophecy even more interesting, there was the evacuation of Grand Central Station in New York City, in order to protect against the possible terrorist threat. And so, everything that the readings said as indicating a possible New York threat has indeed become the environment that now surrounds us within the immediate time window that they had indicated. The readings themselves have said that by my own publication of these findings, the chance of the terrorists succeeding was indeed lowered dramatically.

So, in the wake of this event, I feel the prophecy was not the failure. It is clear to see that much of the environment that the readings indicated has indeed taken place. In updating my readings further, I came across another prediction on August 8 of earthquakes on the 19th and 20th. Although the Earth "quakes" that occurred were not caused by tectonic stress, one could certainly say that the Earth did shake when Afghanistan was bombed.

Over 150 missiles were used, and it was clearly a site of mass destruction. Again, the prophecy came true, only in a slightly different way.

What concerns me now is that my readings have also indicated a large-scale economic collapse of the American economy by or before August 30th. It seems that if we haven't actually seen the collapse by this point, we should be well able to see the steps that are leading up to it.

The readings are indicating that this collapse will be so intense that it is necessary for everyone to stock up on foods and basic goods, RIGHT NOW, especially brown [not white] rice and dried beans. And so, in seeing the inevitable political situations are unfolding, it does seem that something of this sort could indeed take place. Economies the world over are collapsing, and America will not be exempt.

In addition, the readings are saying that there is going to be a large problem that will occur in Israel, and it this problem will have an effect that will ripple throughout the whole world, causing great depression and fear and a "spontaneous multinational response." The readings do not at this time specify when this will take place, though they do seem to indicate it is rather soon. These are some of the things that we can watch for in the days and months ahead. In addition, the readings are saying that the inundation of California through a major tectonic shift in the Ring of Fire is essentially inevitable at this point.

The timeframe that they have given is that it will most likely have occurred sometime before the end of September, and almost definitely before the end of 1998. And so, again I would urge anyone in the a affected areas to heed these warnings, and to take the appropriate actions.

Another thing that we shall watch for as a result of what the readings are saying is that there will be an " extremely significant display" of the forces that are working to help us become aware of this Ascension phase that we are now going into.

Though they do not specify exactly what this event will be, I have reason to believe that it might be a UFO sighting that is of a massive and unprecedented scale. If this does happen, it should have been seen by the end of September as well. Interestingly, Virginia Beach astrologer Kirk Nelson has bet his entire career on the fact that September 30th will herald an event interpreted as the Second Coming of Christ. There could definitely be some overlap between these two prophecies.

Of course, as prophecies like this begin to become more evidential, it also bolsters the credibility of the prophecies that we have yet see; namely those that indicate Ascension. It is my firm belief that this is indeed going to happen, and many of the great seers of the 20th-century have forecasted such an event.

Therefore, what we really need to focus on this point is the fact that such an event is likely to occur, and that we can all take part in it. The readings are unilaterally solid in indicating that the only criterion for Ascension is an above 50 percent desire to help other people; a desire for service to others. That is something that all of us need to be working on at this point in time, even though it seems almost deceptively simple.

Even with this simplicity, the readings do indicate that there are still far too many people who are not vibrationally compatible with these changes at this point. It is for this reason that the Earth Changes are occurring according to the readings. I have had quite a number of them recently that tell me that the single most important factor of an American economic collapse is that it will force people out of their houses and into cooperation with each other. We will no longer be able to stay sheltered in our own little boxes at home, on the highway and at work, and we will no longer be able to be entertained by our own little electric boxes. We can't be of service to others if we never even see any others in person around us.

Therefore, let's all begin to pray and meditate for peace in the world, and peace between ourselves.

This is the path of Ascension. We all need to collectively bond together and begin to discover our true heritage; that we are from the stars, and are soon to return there. May all of us be blessed with the Light of the Infinite Creator throughout our daily travels, knowing full well that the changes that are occurring are not without reason. It is only a short time before the day of glory is upon us. Thank you, and God bless you.