I have had repeated dreams in the past of living in a big house(I do) & suddenly remembering there was another section of my house that i hadn't seen in a long time. I go to find it. Sometimes it was an upper story of my home that I had to climb a ladder to reach, like going to an attic. I would find a huge space with many rooms. It was comfortable, furnished, though a bit dusty from being unused for a while. There was a large comfy 'meeting room' for guests. I had long hallways with many guest rooms all made ready. I always thought..how could I forget this nice space??

In other dreams of this type, I would find a large extension out the back of my house that I had temporarily forgotten about. It was similar to the upper story dreams. Everything was in order & ready to be used, as soon as Iremembered it was there! I was always surprised at the spaciousness of my home. I had to open the doors for the space to be used.

I have had repeated dreams of our family home on a hill. I wake up one morning & walk out on the porch..The whole terrain & valley below is totally changed. A large flood came through & wiped out my neighbors & the town. It changed the land. We are rather isolated, but safe.

I have dreamt a lot of being in the top floor of a tall building & a great earthquake comes. We are tossed & swayed around,but ok. Everything we see below is crumbling down.

I have dreams of being in this same tall building,watching a great tidal wave coming over the land. It never touches us.

I have always taken these dreams to be more related to energy flows & frequency accelleration, than actual literal happenings.

Some dreams have our house floating away in a flood of rushing water. I open the back door & see people in the water. I hold on to the door frame, reach out & grab some people that I can reach & haul them to safety inside our floating house , with us. We never know where we will end up.

I seldom feel fear in these dreams. It is more a sense of awe & wonder.

by Jan Ingersoll

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