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Subject: [earthchanges] David Icke Under Severe Attack- Efforts to Silence Him

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David Icke Under Severe Attack - Efforts To Silence Him Increase

From David Icke


It's funny that since I began writing and speaking about reptilian bloodlines running the world, which, according to the mainstream and many conspiracy "researchers", is apparently ridiculous, you would have expected the opposition to my work to subside.

After all, having, it is claimed, made myself look silly, and having, according to one vociferous and obsessed critic, been "possessed" by some demon manifested by Arizona Wilder!!, surely those forces I have been challenging all these years would walk away and leave me alone. They should be delighted.

Indeed, if I were so far from the mark, as these critics like Nexus Magazine, Sir Laurence Gardner, and others claim, surely the Illuminati would WANT me to have every opportunity to speak publicly and so discredit the idea of a network running the planet by talking about them being reptilian.



In South Africa in August, I was subjected to an onslaught of attacks in the national media owned by Illuminati frontman, Tony O'Reilly, friend of Henry Kissinger etc. A columist in his main Sunday newspaper, The Sunday Times, wrote that I should be shot at dawn. They then printed a letter saying that I should not only be shot at dawn..my body should be burned on a fire of my own books, the ashes put in a lead container, and the container buried deep within the Earth. I was treated so badly on a Cape Town radio station the programme went to an inquiry by the South African broadcast complaints authority.

In the last few days, I have been subjected to another onslaught, this time in Canada, with the newspapers of Conrad Black (Bilderberg Group Inner Elite) at the fore. One of his papers said that I was a "Hate" speaker who claimed that "all Jews are reptiles from Mars." Unbelievable. But this time it went further with strenuous efforts to stop me speaking at all and indeed to stop me even entering the country.

Two astonishing people and their supporters invited me to speak in Ottawa, Toronto, and Windsor in Canada in the week starting Saturday, October 2nd. In the weeks leading up to this they were subjected to unbelievable pressure from the Anti-Defamation League (an Illuminati front at the peak of its pyramid) to cancel the events. They refused and the pressure was turned up and up. The ADL dubbed me "anti-Jewish" which anyone reading my books or hearing my talks will know to be the ultimate fantasy.

The fact that a guy called Ivan Fraser was writing on the website forum in this same period about his view of a fundamental Jewish connection to the conspiracy (nothing whatsover to do with me and not my view) was also used as "evidence" that I was "anti-semitic".

Ironically, the first venue in Ottawa, the Bronson Centre, cancelled because it is owned by an order of nuns and they said they would not let me speak because I was anti-Christian! In South Africa, I was dubbed anti-Muslim!! You have got to laugh, really.

Anyway, the organisers had to move the Ottawa venue FOUR times in the last 48 hours alone and they could not even make the last venue public because the ADL and others were immediately putting pressure on the owners to cancel. Have you ever noticed how those who dub others as purveyors of hate have hate in their hearts? And that those who claim to be anti-fascist act in every way like the fascists? The Nazis in Germany went around stopping public meetings of those groups that were opposing them, just like the Illuminati ADL do today.

The incredible guts and fortitude of the two organisers would not budge and every time the ADL tried to stop them, they found a way around it. Then it came time for me to enter Canada for the talks.

I arrived at Ottawa Airport on the evening of October Ist. I was at the back of the queue for immigration and when I looked up there was a uniformed officer standing next to me, looking like a shark who had just eyed lunch. I made a joke with her and she walked away back behind the immigration point and said to her tall blond colleague; "That's him", as clear as day. (I think her application for a job with plain clothes surveillance needs to be reconsidered).

When I got to the immigration booth, the guy was very nice at first and we joked a bit. Then he punched my name into his computer and the energy changed immediately. I later saw why. He said I would have to be seen by immigration..no other comment.

I was then led into the immigration and customs area at the back and treated with aggression by staff who were all consumed by the pre-conceived idea, gleaned from their computer, that I was anti-Jewish. All my bags and cases were searched by a guy wearing rubber gloves (must have been my socks) I was kept there till 2am in the morning while he read through all the material in my bags and, being a researcher, that was a hell of a lot. He could find nothing to even begin to substantiate the claims that I was anti-anything,.

By this time, he, too, had realised that his preconceived idea was founded on a nonsense and he appeared embarrassed at what had happened. He said that from the Customs point of view I was free to go. They had been alerted apparently by the Canadian Police Hate Unit, which investigates claims, mostly bogus, of racism. Incredibly, this same unit had investigated me when I came to Toronto in February and found nothing. Now, just months later, it all starts again.

Now I am cleared by customs and enter stage left the tall blond lady from Immigration. She, this night, had a chip on her shoulder the size of the Titanic and questioned me aggressively, often about matters that were none of her business. She said that I was breaching immigration regulations by speaking in Canada. Really, nice to know that Canada is free, I said. In the early hours of the morning I was allowed to go to a hotel to sleep and told to come back the next day at 1.30pm.

When I came back to the immigration centre, the audience for my talk waiting at the hall to see what happened, I was asked what time that day's talk was supposed to end. Four o'clock they were told. The immigration kept me there till four o'clock!!

I was also able to see my file on the computer screen when I was left alone in the office and next to my name for October 1st, the night I entered Canada, it said in capital letters WATCH FOR. Now I knew why they were looking out for me.

With the official end of that day's talk approaching, the blond lady, who, by now, had softened her approach, said that I would be given discretionary permission to speak in Ottawa, but not in Toronto and Windsor. I would have to apply again for that. Why? Incidentally, the immigration case officer asked me if I would pay the $140 to have my case reviewed by the blond lady. I said yes, I guess so, and handed over the $140. The case officer then handed her report to the blond lady who was standing next to her and she then "reviewed it"..the content of which she already knew. That cost $140!!

I left and went to the hall and talked into the evening and all the audience were still waiting after all those hours. Fantastic people.

So off we go to the major event of the tour in Toronto. I had consulted an immigration lawyer who assured me that on the basis of my contract for speaking , there was no need whatsoever to have a work permit. The hate and nonsense propaganda from the ADL, the Canadian Green Party, condemnation by the Council of Canadians (see under quivering jellies), and the Conrad Black papers, had stimulated protests outside from students who had neither read my books or heard me speak. (And a few can't control the world? It's a piece of cake).

That night was one the best events I have been involved in. The audience was fantastic, the Hate Police went home alone, and the energy was just incredible. As I walked off the stage, I was met by immigration police who said that unless I agreed to go to immigration the next morning, I would be arrested and jailed that night. So off I go to immigration the next morning to be told by a nice "Just doing my job" guy that I would not be allowed to speak in Windsor this weekend and if I tried I would be arrested before I started. See the press release from an immigration lawyer below to see what validity this harrassment has in law.

One immigration officer in Windsor stated to the organisers that even "applause" can be construed in the immigration act as giving "beneficial income" to the speaker!!!!!!!!!!!!

The latest stage in this breathtaking story is that the venue in Windsor, the city-owned Cleary Centre, has now just cancelled at less than 24 hours notice because, the general manager, Sergio Grando, says they have received PRESS cuttings (from Conrad Black newspapers) saying I am anti-semitic, something even the Canadian Hate Police Unit has given up on trying to prove. They also say they will not let me speak because I am linking the Queen of England to a reptilian bloodline.

Those who have bought tickets to the Windsor event should keep in touch with this website for further details because the organisers are trying to keep this event alive.

(addendum 10-09-99) The organisers were trying to find a way round the problem in Windsor. Unfortunately at such late notice there was no way of finding another venue and the event had to be cancelled.

I would like to thank the organisers and the audiences for their tremendous determination not to be intimidated by this coordinated attempt to suppress the knowledge that is exposing the Illuminati as they really are. With such people, we simply cannot fail.

Love, David Icke


Press Release October 8, 1999

David Icke has been threatened with arrest by Canadian immigration authorities. After speaking at the University of Toronto on October 6, Mr. Icke was approached by two immigration officials and told that if he spoke again he would be arrested. When asked why, he was told that he was working without a work permit. Sumari Seminars, the group that had invited Mr. Icke to speak, was also informed by immigration officials that the R.C.M.P. would charge them with employing a foreigner without a work permit.

Sumari Seminars were told this morning by the City of Windsor, the owners of the hall where Mr. Icke is speaking at the weekend, that the engagement has been cancelled. Windsor officials said it was being cancelled based on press clippings about Mr. Icke forwarded to them by B'nai Brith.

(A partner in Sumari Seminars)...stated that she feels persecuted and intimidated by the government. "The statements attributed to David have been misrepresented and are simply untrue. We feel that the government is using its power to prevent David from speaking. We have asked the Civil Liberties Union to look into the situation", she said.

Peter Johnson, a Toronto immigration lawyer, stated that under the Immigration Act people coming to Canada to speak are exempted from requiring a work permit. "Once he was allowed to enter Canada to speak and all he did was speak, immigration authorities cannot now say he needs a work permit. This sounds like Roncarelli and Duplessis (A famous Canadian case of persecution because of personal belief).

The government may not like what David Icke has to say but it is improper to use irrelevant laws to stop him from speaking. This is an abuse of process and dishonest. This is not about a work permit and the government knows it ", Johnson stated.



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