1-2-09 - DREAM - I was living in the country, but was at work in the beginning of the dream. I was working in a doctor's office, and a middle aged man came up to me and asked if I could give him a drink of water.   (Aquarius?)

" When the moon is in the 7th house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars."
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius,  harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams and visions, mystic
crystal revelations, the mind's true liberation, Aquarius......."  Video -  Aquarius - the Fifth Dimension singing

This alignment happened on 5-15-2002 at 10:10 p.m. 
Jupiter - Moon - Saturn - Mars Alignment
Mercury was below the horizon looking WNW

back to dream

I said I would get him one, but then a couple other women in the office asked me if I had done a background check on him.

I said, "Why would I do a background check on a man who asked for a drink of water.  It's not like I'm going on a date with him."

(That was referring to doing the research on who the guy was - representing Aquarius :-) 

On the way home from work, the sky was clear blue and beautiful out.  In the sky I saw two small triangle shaped clouds in the sky, and immediately wondered if they were ufos.  Quite quickly, within seconds, the triangle shaped clouds got very large and much closer and again I thought about the clouds being ufos. Suddenly then, a huge dark grey square cloud dropped out of the triangle shaped cloud and came down on the land.

I didn't have any idea what happened on the land, but just that quickly I was home.

I looked across the street from my house where there was a large reddish colored rock cliff.  (like in Sedona)  Half way up the cliff was an outcropping large enough for a person to stand on, and on that outcropping was a clear plastic trash bucket half full of small broken pieces of reddish rock like the cliff color.  I wondered how someone could have climbed up there with a bucket and filled it with rocks.  There didn't seem to be any way to get up to it from the ground, or down from the top either.

As I looked at the rock cliff, I could see signs of life on it, like little animals and birds were living on it.  But I still didn't see how humans could have gotten that bucket up there.

Down in the yard, it was apparent we were remodeling - there was a small heap of old wood pieces in a pile, and the grass was like in two stages of growth, darker green undergrowth, and bright green new growth on top - like it had been either fertilized and grown quickly or it had new turf put on it in some spots that grew quickly.  The yard really needed work, to clean off the wood debris and then mowed so all the grass was even.

I no sooner thought that and I saw my husband Ed standing there and wondered what he was going to do about this mess, and just that quickly, a white machine pulled up behind me to move the pile of debris.  It had one of those moveable plow things on the front that you can either push or pull something.  There were two chubby middle-aged women working the machine which surprised me - not men.

I started watching the one woman moved the wood pile off the lawn, but then noticed that there was a large white heifer laying on the ground in front of the pile. It was laying on the ground and wasn't about to be moved.   (Taurus the bull?)

The second woman was told to move the heifer, and she was going to try to push it with the machine but then thought twice about it and suggested to Ed that he take a rope and lead the heifer to another area. 

It was apparent that Ed didn't know anything about cows either, and I had never been near a cow in my life either, so we all stood around considering how to move the heifer from its position and by now, it was starting to make noises that sounded like someone snoring and I wondered if I was sleeping next to someone snoring, but knew I wasn't.  I didn't know where that sound was coming from.

Immediately then, I was in the kitchen of the house, and there appeared to be a greenish cow plop on the floor halfway under a white bookcase that was against the wall.  I thought about what I could use to clean up the cow plop and wondered how the cow had even been inside the house.  Then I thought about what kind of cloth I could use to clean up the cow plop in case I wanted to use something that could be washed and reused or something I should just throw away.

I could still hear that snoring sound and woke up - but then I heard the dog whining outside the window and wondered if that was the sound I was hearing in my dream and my mind misinterpreted it.

Isis Unveiled Vol II by H. P. Blavatsky.  In her discussion of the Biblical patriarchs being Zodiacal signs, Blavatsky says that Adam, Cain, and Abel form the first triad. Cain presides over the Taurus Bull, which belongs to the earthy trigon. In the Persian 'Avesta', Ormazd produced a being, the source and type of all the Universal beings, called "Life", or "Bull" in the 'Zend'. Ahriman (Cain) kills this being (Abel), from the seed of which (Seth) new beings are produced. Abel means 'son'. Apollo was also 'Abelius,' of Bel. Cain means a "Hermaic Statue, a pillar, the symbol of generation."

The symbolism of the bison/Taurus seems quite similar to "death/destruction/creation", attributed to Kali and her consort Shiva the destroyer God. This is equated to a seed growing into a plant. The seed is destroyed in the process of the plant's growth.



1-3-08 - OUT OF BREATH IN DREAM    (This was caused by phlegm in throat while sleeping)

DREAM - I was walking down the street toward my apartment building and some people stopped me and asked me if I could show them an apartment in my building. When we got there, we walked up the steps and up the sidewalk, and evidently I went to the wrong door and couldn't get in and didn't have a key so I couldn't show them an apartment.

I apologized and decided that I would go to Sears which I could see from where I was across a busy, wide highway.

I started crossing the highway and there wasn't a lot of traffic, but the cars that were coming were going faster than I estimated and I had to stop half way across the highway and wait for them to pass.  By then, the highway was wider than I expected and I was off course so I had to go farther than I anticipated to reach the other curb.

Now that I was on the Sears side of the highway, I had to choose which door to aim for, and instead of going downhill to the main door, I decided to follow some other people to the side door.

When I finally reached the building after a longer walk than I thought it was, I relaxed, happy to be there because I wanted to buy something to do at home in my spare time.

I entered the same door others had entered, but found myself on a lower level in a hallway and at the end of the hallways was a metal runged ladder which I attempted to climb but when I got up the top, the gap was too wide for me to maneuver and climb over to the other side - you'd have to be some kind of monkey or athlete to do that.

So I went back down the ladder, down the hall, and outside and had to go to the main door if I was going to shop at Sears.

When I got inside the door, I thought I saw the toy section and a row of boxes of crayons which I thought could occupy my time. I could draw and color and be creative.  So, I headed across the store to where I thought I saw the toys, and when I got there, it was a counter where other people were already doing crafts on their own and nothing was for sale.

I asked a woman where the toy department was and she pointed down the aisle.

When I got to where she was pointing, it was a totally empty room - there was nothing in it at all. But from there, I could see a 'fish' department and they had a whole row of tanks of huge goldfish, which were diving down into the tanks in unison, swimming hard against a current that was coming up it seemed.  Those fish were way too big for me to buy, so I turned away to look for the toy department and never found it. Every so often I had to stop for a moment and catch my breath, but if I rested, I was okay again.

Finally, I decided I would go home empty handed, and on the way home I got out of breath again because I had to cross that wide highway again, but I managed to get home okay.

Inside my apartment finally, I saw why I couldn't buy those fish at Sears, I already had a row of tanks of goldfish, and instead of diving down against a current, my fish were all at the top of the tank with open mouths, wanting to be fed, so I had to get busy and do that and woke up.


1-4-09 - DREAM - It appeared as though I was renting apartments, but what I was doing was signing up people for a spiritual group that we had had 15 years earlier and some of these people looked as though they were those people's children perhaps.  I wrote their receipts for their contracts right on their faces for approval.  The last woman to sign up, I wrote $135 on her face because she was getting a $5 discount because she hadn't signed up right on the 1st.

At the very last, after she had been signed up, a baby monk appeared, sitting in front of me. He was wearing the normal monk's robe, but it had tiny pink flowers all over it.  He mouthed the words, "I love you"  twice to me, and then we sat there and smiled at each other broadly and I woke up with that big smile on my face.


1-4-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was at my Father's 16th St. house.  It was my parents 50th wedding anniversary and preparations were being made for a big party.

I asked two of my sons to help get the front yard ready.  I think it was Tom and Bob, but I'm not certain.  They were all excited and ran over to start mowing the lawn.  However, I wanted them to trim the hedges alongside the house, which used to be my job.  Instead of allowing them to go ahead and mow the lawn, I called them aside to talk to them so I could tell them what I wanted them to do instead. Then they went back to do the work.

I stayed where I was talking to other people who were coming for the party.  At one point, Governor Bill Richardson came along in a hurry.  He was wearing a orangish mocha colored suit - no mustache or beard.  He said to me, "You are wanted upstairs!"

I asked, "Are they ready for taking pictures?"  but he didn't respond and just kept going.

I had my hair up in pin curls with an Aunt Jamima type headscarf on my head, and I wasn't ready for pictures.  I patted my head to make sure my hair was dry and started taking the pin curls out of my hair, but before I was even done,  the whole crowd of relatives came rushing past me - they had already finished taking the pictures and I hadn't even stopped talking long enough to join them.  So I didn't get in the pictures.

I tried not to be too disappointed , but I was and woke up.

NOTE: My Dad didn't live long enough for my parents to have their 50th anniversary. He died at age 72.  They got married when he was 35. Sad.



THE TEST OF LIFE; DREAM -  Someone had died and a prize was offered for someone to solve a puzzle from Bollywood to earn a prize. 

The puzzle was a simple curved stick lineup in which all the curved sticks had to be lined up in one direction.  I worked the puzzle in the dream, and then instead of giving the prize money,   I was offered a more difficult puzzle of the same type with an increased prize.  The puzzle was still to line up the curved sticks all the same direction, but there were more sticks and they were larger.  The puzzle actually wasn't more difficult, but took more time because the puzzle was much larger.  I was still working on the puzzle when I woke up, knowing that when the puzzle was solved, a more difficult one would be offered.


KIDS TOWN - DREAM   1-6-09 -  I walked into an office building and in a large room where a lot of kids and puppies.  There were a few adults there who seemed to be taking care of the kids, but that ratio of kids to adults was overwhelming. 

I heard one of the kids hollering that there was something wrong with his puppy, that he could feel a lump on him, but nobody would pay attention to him.

Finally, I walked over there to look at the puppy to see if I could tell if there was anything wrong with it.  The puppy had fairly short light colored fur. I wrapped it in a yellow blanket and carried it over to a chair where I could sit down that another woman had just vacated. That was the heaviest puppy I ever carried for his size, and when I got a look at his snout, he really was strange. His head was shaped rather like a baby buffalo - the jaw hung way down in front of his body. I noticed he had a collar on, but you couldn't see it through the fur.  I tried feeling for a lump but I could find anything unusual on his skin and decided the kids must have been wrong.   I finally took the puppy back to the kid.

Meanwhile, I discovered there was an old man with a low gruff voice attached to this particular bunch of kids and he would keep them in line with his low pitched voice.

There was a woman there who was selling AVON, and she had some little booklets with the products in. I asked her if I could have one and she said, "No!", but she allowed me to look at it.  While I was looking at the booklet, a guy came down from upstairs and he was talking about x-rays and what they did, so I asked if I could see the machines.  So he took me up the steep stairs which were rather narrow, and when I got upstairs there was a huge loft with a yellow floor. It was very clean.  I never did see a machine up there, but from there I could tell the sun was shining outside and that felt good.

When I went back downstairs, I noticed a stream of women were coming and going from one desk like they had appointments to have things checked but I couldn't tell what. Nobody stayed long enough to overhear a conversation.  But then I saw a woman dressed in white who was trying to clean up after the kids, so I volunteered to help. 

She was trying to clean out a large closet and on the closet floor was a large deposit of beads of various colors and sizes.

That didn't too difficult to sweep up, but she handed me a wet mop - a very wet mop, and I tried mopping the beads up.  I don't know if you've tried mopping up beads, ----  the beads stick to the mop and when they dry enough, they fall back off on the floor where you got them from or in another spot.  So I never made much headway with mopping up beads and finally gave up trying.

By then, the old man decided it was time to take the kids elsewhere and I volunteered to help.  So we got all the kids together, with all their puppies and made rather a caravan or wagons, kids, puppies, and the old man's car. 

We got out on the street, which was rather narrow, and we came to a very dark area, so I told the old man to turn his car lights on, which he said he did, but the street never got any brighter, and since I was in front of him, the light should have shone on me and it never did.

On this street, we were passing caravans of kids and puppies going the other direction, probably to where we had just left from. We passed several caravans of kids like that.  Nobody seemed to realize you were supposed to stay to one side of the road in one direction so we had to keep jostling left or right to avoid the caravans.

We were almost to the intersection where there was bright sunlight, and someone hollered, "Here!"  and led us up a steep stairway.  I was dismayed that our little caravan was going to have to climb this steep stairway, but when we got upstairs, it was like the other end of the room I had been in earlier. The floor was bright yellow and there were lots of windows and I could see the sun was shining outside, so I knew the kids would be happy in this room, so we stayed.

and I woke up.


1-7-09 - DREAM -  I was growing bushes on 5 different hills on my land, and each of the hills was in a different stage of growth.


1-7-09 - DREAM -  I was sitting on the porch of this house with Lorna, trying to tell her a dream I had in December about a series of 3 ETs which came and each one put an electrical cap on my head to give me certain information. Each one in the series gave me more information than the one before.  There was a blonde-blue eyed man standing on a porch above us, and he said, "I was told that my dream was a time warp" and he said it like he had the same thing happen to him. 

I was getting upset that they didn't really want to hear about my dream experience, and all of a sudden I saw a sky map with a cross in the sky that was perfectly sideways - perpendicular to the earth.

NOTE:  I looked at my December dreams and didn't see the dream, but I sure remembered it very clearly.


1-8-09 - DREAM - It was 1993 and I was shown a boat like a canoe. I was shown that 9 women were all in the same boat.

(I didn't actually see the women - just where they sat - in a pattern.


1-8-09 - DREAM - I didn't have anyone to talk to, so I walked through my apartment building.  I entered a couple churches at the end of the block. It was evidently June and teenagers, wearing purple graduating gowns were filing into the church - all very happy.

I decided to walk back through the building and see if anyone's doors were open.  They were all open, and everyone was working on craft projects - mostly knitting, crocheting and embroidery.  Finally one older woman spoke to me and said, "I've been waiting for you so I could talk to you."

That made me feel good.




1-10-09 - DREAM -  I was living in an apartment.  My boyfriend James S was on one side of the apartment behind a large glass wall, and my other boyfriend Norman M, was behind another glass wall on the other side of the apartment.

Both of them wanted to watch me change clothes at the end of the day.  I was wearing a sleeveless blue cotton dress during the day, and was going to change into a green sleeveless cotton dress when evening came.

I fooled them because I knew how to get out of one dress and put on the other dress without actually taking off the first dress, by pulling the dress up at the top and putting the other dress on underneath it.  Neat trick when you can do it.

I woke up and remembered the dream, then fell asleep and went into another dream.

This time it was breakfast time, and Norman M. was in the bedroom sleeping.  I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast, setting the table for him and me, and got the huge coffee mugs out and put them on the table next to the square place mats I put on a beautiful green table cloth.

I was just putting the coffee pot onto the stove to make the coffee when I woke up.



  This scene took place right before Christmas in an area that had huge oak and elm trees - like Wisconsin but there was no snow on the ground.  The area was park-like - short grass on a slight knoll where the huge trees had grown for at least 200 years.  The trees themselves had their long branches cut drastically back, ladders built into and against them, lit up brightly with electric lights that would represent a Christmas pageant, and the people in the pageant were dressed like an elf with a long blue cap with a tassel on it and a silvery blue tight suit.  His companion was dressed like a fairy in a shimmery lacy pink grown, and long blonde hair. 

Near the trees was built a tower - similar to a light house and near the top of this tower were men on a balcony I couldn't see behind the blitzkrieg type lights, and they shot huge fireballs at the elf and the fairy who danced around on purpose with the balls of fire landing right behind them as the fled from branch to branch in the huge old tree. 

The music that played seemed to be like Christmas music - blaring from a loudspeaker, but it wasn't Christian music - it was more pageant-like - written special to go along with the blasts of fire balls being shot at the people in the pageant.  The last two people were the elf and the fairy who were triumphant - having not been killed by the fire balls when the music ended.

Closer to where I was, Christmas trees were being sold, trees that were about 8 feet tall or a little shorter, trees that had been grown in drought conditions with browning and yellowing ends on their branches.  They were charging $60,000 for the largest of the trees, and the trees had gold and blue lights shining on them from spotlights around the side of the sales lot.

I couldn't even imagine paying that kind of money for a tree that was in such bad condition, but that's all they had and not very many of them available either.

It seemed that the sales people were Mexican and that they had traveled a great distance to bring these trees there so people could celebrate the Holiday.

I woke up before I went home so I don't know what the houses looked like in the area.


1-11-09 - DREAM - I was living in a large house in the country.  I noted that the carpeting was light grey and sculptured.  My husband had left the house early in the morning - I assumed it was to have the car fixed at the garage.  He called at 10:45 a.m. but didn't say where he was or how long he would be gone, so I just wandered around the house. There was nothing to do. All the housework was done.

All of a sudden a red tractor pulled into the driveway - it was really noisy.  It made me nervous because I wasn't expecting anyone to come and work in the orchard.  I started to go to the back door, and there was another red tractor parked in the hallway. I have no idea how it got there, but I had to push it aside to go to the back door.

There were two men standing by the back door, one of whom was holding a large book.  He said, "I heard you were psychic so I wondered if you could explain what this word means.  He held the book open for me to read the word he was pointing at.  It was 'synchronicity'. 

I said the word is 'synchronicity.". 

He asked, "What does that mean?"

I said, "Here is a simple example!"  You get up in the morning and go outside and your car doesn't start.  Then your friend calls and he says that his car doesn't start.  That is synchronicity."

Before I could give him a more esoteric example, a whole bunch of noisy, excited teen age girls came running into the yard, coming down from a hill behind the house. 

I said to the men, "Don't go anywhere." thinking that something was wrong.

As it turned out, the girls had been on a hike in the woods, and their guide had either sprained his ankle, or broken his leg and they didn't know which, and he couldn't walk down the hill, and nobody could carry him either.

We went into the house to call for help, and I found all the mothers inside the house. A couple of them were in my office, and they were trying to call doctors and getting nowhere fast to get help for the guide.

I said, "Just dial 911 and someone will come and get him down for you."

So one woman dialed 911 and got through immediately.  I could hear both sides of the conversation, and they told the guy on the phone about the guide on the hill either spraining or breaking his leg and he couldn't come down the hill.  The guy on the phone said they would be right here.

The women started wandering around the house and heading for the front door.  One old woman said she was 90 years old.  She was about 1/2 my size - really short, and I asked her if she was really 90 years old, and she assured me she was.  I hoped that I didn't get short like her just by getting older, realizing that I was 70.  That would be a lot of spine to lose to get that short.  My Mom had lost about 6 inches in her old age, but she had scoliosis, and I never found out why that happened to her. 

Gradually, everyone left the house, and I looked around, noting the light grey sculptured carpet, and thinking that  I had two bathrooms and nobody had asked to use one of them.  And finally I was all alone again and woke up.


1-12-09 - DREAM - (I wish I had gotten up and written this down )  it was about old women moving back and forth up and down in an apartment building.

DREAM 2 - It was the 31st of a month.  The apartment building had completely emptied of people, including the person who owned it. All these people had moved into another building and had to pay their rent there by the 3rd of the month. They had all gone to the same place, but I didn't know where that was.

I volunteered to help the owner of the building move and we went to her apartment and everything was already gone. All that was left was chocolate brown plush carpet and we had a broom to sweep it with. In the one corner of the room was 3 piles of dog poop and on the carpet was also cat poop, and I didn't want to sweep that with the broom.

I woke up with a song playing in my head about soldiering  a song I knew the tune to very well - like it was from the 50's.

VISION. I was sitting on the couch and closed my eyes, and vividly saw a series of islands like Indonesia -  similar to what I saw the other day in a documentary about the tsunami that occurred on my birthday Dec. 26, 2004, that I dreamed about 3 weeks earlier.

On this map was a series of lines - the biggest black line emanated from a spot that was from where I was standing, heading towards the big island, and then from that island was a series of black lines with arrows going towards a large piece of land beyond it.


1-13-09 - THE UNDERGROUND CITY - NAP DREAM -  I was in Milwaukee, WI  at my 16th St. house.  My daughter-in-law Sabrina came to visit and when she left, I was sitting in the back seat of her car.  It was dark back there so she didn't see me.

She started driving south on 16th St. which is the wrong way on a 1-way street, so I hollered at her, "I hope you know that I'm in the back seat?"

She was startled, turned left on Clark St. heading east towards 15th St.  She stopped somewhere and I managed to get out of the car and she took off again, and I turned left at what turned out to be 14th St. so I was heading north.  It didn't look familiar - everything was brick, and it felt like I was in an alley - a narrow alley.  In Milwaukee, there are alleys like this between buildings so I wasn't too worried, but when I got to the next intersection - the sign said 14th and 64th.  There was a bunch of young black teens around and that made me nervous because I was carrying a large purse, so I kept going and the next streets were D, E, F, and G.  Now I knew I was lost.

I came to another intersection where there were some white girls - around age 20 standing.  I said, "This place isn't real is it, I just saw D, E, F, and G streets.

The girl directly in front of me was carrying a large suitcase.  She said, "It's real all right.!"  I'm heading for New Orleans so I can become a nurse and I need $20 for the bus.

The other girls all started digging in their purses for some money to give her so I decided to help out too.  I looked at the money in my purse, and I could have given her the whole $20 but I decided not to spoil the event, and I pulled out a $5, three $1's, and two bills that said $14 on it that were change from some drug-store. I figured maybe she could spend it at a chain store that took their own brand of money.  I also had a couple $5 square white coupons but they didn't look like money.  So, I just handed her the real money - eight dollars and the two phony $14 bills.  Then I took off fast in case someone wanted the $20 real money I still had.

I decided to head back the way I had come into this place which seemed easy enough to do, but I started seeing alley ways that looked like they went to exits but they were downhill, and I knew I didn't come up hill to get in here.  I thought I was heading the right way, and then I came to a place where there was seemingly an exit straight ahead, and one up a slight hill. 

I decided to take the one that was slightly up hill, but the brick was bright red and got really steep going upward towards the exit.  It seemed rather slippery too and there was a young kid about age 7 behind me so I kept going, trying to show off that I could climb the hill.  But the exit door turned out to be only about 1 foot wide by 2 feet high - it was only the perspective that made it look like a real doorway.

I asked the kid if he could make it through that doorway and he said he could, but I knew I couldn't, so I went back down the red brick alley to the other one that was brown and I had to pass those same black teens on the way out the real exit.

Before I got to the exit, I met a young woman who was passing out single white sheet notices of psychic meetings.  She said to me, "You should come to one of our meetings.  They give lots of readings there."  I looked at the paper.  I think it said, "Cosmic Awareness".  I took one and said to her, "I'll see if I can make it."

I went out onto the street. I looked left and it looked like it might be 12th Street, but the buildings and yards were really fancy - more like Lake Drive on Milwaukee's east side.

I started to wake up. I could hear Joe rattling grocery bags in the kitchen, but I wanted to see where I was, and the scene started shifting toward the left.

The street was really pretty- the yards had pine trees, oak trees, elm trees, and all the houses were large brown brick.  I knew I was awake but the sound of the grocery bags was fading the fast I was moving down the street.  Finally, I decided I'd better let the scene go and opened my eyes and the scene vanished.

Fascinating place. I wonder if it is real.

NOTE: on 1-18-09  I received an e-mail invitation to an astrology service - called Cosmic Kalendar from Mark Lerner.


1-14-09 - DREAM - I was working in a big store that included a restaurant. The special of the day was chili-fries with beans on a open hot dog bun. It looked really good.

Then the waitresses came in - reminding me of the girls on 'Make a Deal".  They were wearing gorgeous bright green short dresses with pleats in front which made them all look a little pregnant, and none of the girls were happy to look that way.  So someone came up with an idea to make them look less pregnant, and got them blow-up bras that gave them boobs that were 4 times normal size.  Then they were happy, and so was every man in the place.


1-14-09 - NAP DREAM -  I wasn't feeling very well, so was at home, and decided I would call my Mom, but  I couldn't remember her number.  I was thinking about buying a book about 'How to make Friends' and the book number was 2448.

I was going through my rolodex on my desk, looking for my Mom's number and absentmindedly dialed 2448.  The man on the phone was from work - 'Frank Geracie' - he worked for Quality Assurance at A-C.  He said, "Hi Dolores! Whatcha need, a nuclear panel?"  I chuckled a little and said, "Yeah!"  He asked, "When do you need it by, this afternoon?", and I replied, "Yeah!  As soon as possible."  and he hung up and I woke up just that quick.

NOTE: I don't even know how I remember Frank's name and voice that well after not working there for 30 years - but there you are! As clear as day.



1-14-09 - Twice I was dreaming of someone showing me words in a braid, and it said 'If you survive'  and just then Joe opened the door and interrupted the dream.

In the third dream, I was talking to a woman on the phone who told me to buy guns from a man named 'Could', and pay cash.


1-15-09 - DREAM - It was Christmas - and the people's gift was their ability to confront me with their dislike and hatred - from behind frosted glass - at least they couldn't touch me.

Then, as I was leaving that place, I went down a long hallway where all the goodies I liked to eat were being delivered.


1-15-09 - DREAM - Joe and I were in the car, driving west toward the Oakdale highway. We turned right, and there was a house being remodeled that that had circular room in the front of the house with windows all around the outside.  The woman who owned that house came out and handed me the key so that I could go inside and look at the house myself.  The key was unusual - it had two knobs on the outside of it.

We didn't have time to look at the house, so we went home where I was doing laundry, like scrub rags, large quilts and bedspreads.

Joe got some young guys visiting him about the truck, and the woman came back and got her key.  She said I could look at the house anytime, but I just had too much work to do to go.


1-16-09 - DREAM -  I was working in my home office. My friend Judi was hired to help me, and I thought she was, but then when I looked in the file cabinet, the papers were only 1/2 put into the files and were sticking up quite a bit. One paper was just handwritten - not typed at all.

I went downstairs to complain to my boss who was IESOUS.  When I got there, he was interested more in proving to a blonde woman that he was younger than he looked it seemed.  He had a 6 year old grandchild he said and he asked her how old she thought he was - she just looked at him and didn't answer. I don't know what was going on in her mind.

I decided to go back upstairs and IESOUS orange cat with her black kitten followed me upstairs to live with me instead of him.


1-17-09 - DREAM - We moved into a big white house with Obama, his wife and two daughters.  First we tried serving him a dessert of  yellow stars with strawberries and he wanted sieved cottage cheese through a bird cage with it.  Nobody would eat it then.  Then I saw him with the yellow stars on a crocheted bright green bow tie - yuck.

In the building, the drains were backing up with yellow and green slime and running across the tilted floors.  I demanded that a professional plumber be called.

In the room next to mine, a tall, skinny guy from Nebraska lived with his girlfriend.  He brought over a large suitcase size tape recorder with a broken case that left bits of the case all over the floor and then he left, leaving the tape recorder in the middle of our floor and disappeared, never to return for it.  We couldn't get anyone to come and get that tape recorder out of our room.


1-18-09 - Another Obama Dream.  I was sleeping in bed with Joe and the TV was on. Whether Joe was aware of this or not, or he was used by spirit to awaken me, every time someone came on TV with an alternative to Obama thought, Joe would poke me in the head and wake me up so I would hear the person make the comment.

Joe finally left the room and turned off the TV, and the dreams went to normal.

I was judgiing a contest and it was down to a woman speaker, a man speaker, and 3 guys playing the drums.

I went up to the drummers, and I said to the speakers who sat behind them, "Before I make my pronouncement of who wins this contest, I want to acknowledge that God gives gifts to many people in different ways, and then hugged the drummers."  And then I pronounced the speakers the winners of the contest. One of them was Dolores Cannon.  The man was as old as she was, but I can't identify him by name.

Then I was back home and the UPS man came to the door. He was at least 8 feet tall.  When I opened the door, the UPS man stood so that I couldn't see his head at all.  He was funny because he joked about his height while I was trying to figure out how he knew which door I was going to answer in advance because the door I went to was the opposite side of the house I was normally at.

It was funny too because there was a gap between the outer wall and the inner wall, and the UPS man stuck his hand in that space and I told him to be careful where he put his hand without looking first - thinking about black widow spiders lurking, and he laughed, and then I noticed there was a tiny cuckoo clock on the wall in that space I hadn't noticed before.

Later then, someone cleaned my apartment, moved all the furniture around, and the TV was on, and I was hoping that One Life to Live show had been taped so I could see it later in the after noon.

I then went and sat on the couch, and a guy from work who I used to talk to about metaphysical things, came with his 3 ring binder that had newspaper articles in it, and we talked about that, because I kept a binder with newspaper articles in it as well, and we discussed whether it was better to keep them in the binder by date, or by topic.  Either way its good - depending on whether you know when the news came out.

(Fortunately on the internet, you can do it both ways - search by date or by topic or by person)  All have good value that way.

Then I went to the kitchen, and a woman who didn't like me stood next to me and messed up a mimeograph sheet I had with purple ink and dumped water all over it, then smashed by blue cereal bowl, and I had to call for replacements for both of those things.

And then, I got a surprise visit from my long time childhood friend Donna. She was so pretty, and wore thin reading glasses.  She came up to me and we hugged.  It's amazing how much you miss someone whom you haven't seen in over 50 years.


1-21-09  - DREAM - Kimber - my neighbor.   A woman in an apartment to my left in the building, either died or moved, and she left a day bed behind that was solid oak with the bottom and top ends curled horizontally over like a woman's curls.  I wanted to use that bed for a day bed by putting a nice mattress on it, as I watched them move the bed into the room across from me. 

Someone said that the woman in the room to the right of that had AIDS, and I felt really bad about that, and then my neighbor on my right came out into the hall and I was afraid it was the woman with AIDS, but it was Kimber, and I was introduced to Kimber as a high ranking title (which I can't remember, except it started with a C or K sound like King,  and Kimber turned her head so I could see her face from the side.  The shape of her face changed into an exact portrait of a high ranking Mayan person I've seen in pictures in books.  (It wasn't Pacal)  Still looking for the picture.


1-21-09 - DREAM - I was living in a house. I wasn't feeling well, so I lay down to take a nap.  I was laying in the bed, and I heard a voice called my name, "Annie!"  (The only place I was called that was in Washington State."

I got out of bed and slowly down the hall towards the voice.  I was really groggy, and I said, "Hang on, I can't see very well."

A young man was standing in front of me, and beyond him was 4 or 5 other people.  I said, "Who are you?"

He said, "My name is Randy!, and his wife said, "We are having a problem with a leak in our house."

I must have looked very puzzled because she let me know it was my job to take care of their problem.

I told them I needed something to write on and found some pink paper in a steno notebook, but when I opened up the steno book, there was only one torn sheet there , so I asked if they had some paper to lend me.

One of the other women if she had a piece of paper to lend me as she had several notebooks in her hand like she was a student.  She handed me a piece of paper, and her house keys and mailbox key was attached to it.  I handed her the keys back to her and then looked for a pen, which I also didn't have handy.

At some point, I asked the wife what her address was, but she didn't answer at the time, but now I didn't have a pen to write with and started looking for one. By that time, the mail lady came and handed me two large bags of small green beads, which almost looked like green chocolate mints.  I thanked her and again looked for the pen and by the time I found it, I discovered that all the people had left.

At that point, I saw a flash of blue beyond my kitchen door, so I went over there and discovered three people on the other side of the door. One woman was in the corner, facing the corner bent over to the floor like a yoga position and looking back at me through her legs.

The woman in a blue and white blouse looked at me like , "Who are you?"  and I asked her, "Who are you?", thinking they were in my house. "I said, "You are in my house.!"

Then I realized that they were living in an identical house on the other side of a joint door that had a lock on it, but wasn't locked. 

She said, we have side by side houses, and I looked up at the ceiling and realized that she was telling me the truth.

I backed out the door, and said, "My name is Dee, I'll see you around!"  and woke up.


1-22-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was working in a car garage type place - which was very clean - it was more like a parts store it seemed than a real garage.

A little after noon, my grandson Nathan came in.  He was about 5 or 6 years old and he was in a big hurry. 

I asked him if he had lunch, and he answered, "No, and I need a notebook."

I didn't have any money with me, and I lived on the other side of the street down a little ways.  I knew I shouldn't do it, but I left my job, without locking the doors or telling anyone where I was going and headed for home to get the money for lunch and a notebook for Nathan.

I was in a hurry and was almost home, when I met Nathan's mother (it wasn't Becky)  She was very familiar, but she looked more like my Mom or my daughter - someone I was very close to.  She said she had been invited to lunch with a neighbor but it wasn't ready yet.

I told her about Nathan needing lunch and a notebook, so she volunteered to drive me back to the garage/store.  She stopped the car near where the store was at, but not in front of it, so I had to walk through a school, crawl over a big tractor out in the yard, and run across the street to the garage/store.

When I entered the store, everything seemed okay, except there was a very tall woman standing there - about 8 feet tall who was a little upset.

I asked if I could do anything for her.  She said, "I used to own this place about 5 years ago."....  and she sounded like she was upset about something that had happened.  I wasn't sure if she had lost the business or if she was mad about her car not lasting -  but I told her she could talk to the mechanic who was way on the other side of the large room.

I woke up then, and I heard a male voice say, "Hello!"  like someone was standing at the front door - like the mailman, UPS, or the landlord.

I jumped up, thinking Joe was gone to the store - and there was nobody there and the doors were closed.

I know the voice was the same one who had said "Hello" to me in the same manner last year.


1-23-09 - This is the 3rd night in a row I have woken up at the exact same moment 1:11 in so much pain I could not stand it.

In my DREAM - I was working at A-C in West Allis. The entire building was stripped out from one end to the other so I could see from the south end to the north end.  I met a young man who asked me if I was moving to the other end of the building with them.  I told him that my department was moving into a separate building to the east of this building along Greenfield Ave.

The pain was too much to remember more than that. This pain runs down the entire right side of my right leg - I can't remember pain this bad except when I broke my arm at age 10. Cripes!


1-23-09 -  DREAM - I was with my mother in our house and we were packing to move, but we had a lot of female guests in the house and couldn't do our work. After the guests left,  I finally asked my mother where we were going to move to, as I didn't know - except that I thought it was east.

My mother left the house and started walking up the alley to 17th St.  My Father was in a house at the intersection doing some painting with white paint.

My mother said, "Tell your Father to come home." and she turned around and went back home.

So, I crossed the street and went to the corner house and it was dark inside.

I called in the door, "Dad!  Dad! Dad!?"  calling to him in case he had fallen and hurt himself and couldn't come to the door.  He didn't answer.

A man from the next house to that one said to me, "Why don't you call him on the phone?"  and he hit speed dial on his cell phone and called my Father's cell phone.

There was no answer, but went to voice mail, and the man showed me my Father's cell phone number to me.  It was 153 553 444.  Then the man handed me a check written to me by my Father.  It was for $1752.

1752 duwr dure a primitive root; properly, to gyrate (or move in a circle), i.e. to remain:--dwell.
1753 duwr dure (Aramaic) corresponding to 1752; to reside:--dwell.


1-23-09 - NAP DREAM - I was living in an apartment building.  When I looked at my right hand, I could see a green growth over the knuckles of the pinky finger and the next finger.  It looked like tiny green threads going in and out of my hand.  (like M ________ ) ?  A woman told me to go see Mary Kay ______ in apartment #45 for the cure.


1-23-09 - NAP DREAM - I was living in a house with all my kids who were young, and other young boys - like my grandson Nathan.  Our house was full of black bicycles from the boys, and there was white paint spots on the floor from dropping paint on the floor while painting the walls, and there was a torrent of yellowish-orange water coming out from the bottom of the stairway to the upstairs that had bright blue carpeting on it. 

The water was flowing in this really fast torrent across the paint spotted floor to a huge drain on the other side of the room and it poured down that drain hole and out to somewhere else beyond that.  There were workmen/plumbers working under the stairway controlling the flow of water, and I could hear them commenting on the color of the water before they finally got it shut off. 

While they were talking, they were praising my grandson Nathan and I grabbed him and hugged him for being such a good boy, and he grinned impishly.

The floor dried immediately when the water stopped and another woman and I tried to sweep the paint spots off the room.  We got some of the paint off because it was chalky, but we didn't get it all off.

That's when I saw all the black bicycles and all the brooms and dustpans alongside and I knew we had to find a better place to put that stuff.

As I walked through the house, one of my boys was making himself breakfast at the table.  He had just poured himself some orange juice and I decided to take a sip and when I did, I heard the voice of my friend Norman behind me, chiding me for drinking my son's orange juice instead of getting my own.

I just ignored him because I had just found some crumpled up papers that my daughter had tossed aside on the table. I was trying to straighten them out and see what they were - a couple were like brochures with shiny paper.

Just then my mother asked if I was going downtown with my daughter to a conference.  I told her I didn't know anything about a conference, and it turned out that's what the crumpled papers were all about.

I didn't know if she had wanted to go and decided we would let her go, or if she had really not wanted to go and made her own choice not to.

At the end, I picked up a peeled orange which I opened up and it was full of hundreds of tiny brown bugs.

I woke up before I could find out.


1-25-09 - DREAM - I was at a party with people from work.  I was sitting on a flat topped roof with one of the guys, and down on the ground I saw a man I really wanted to be with. (IOESOUS)  We saw each other and wanted each other, but we had to keep it secret from others.

At some point during the party, we managed to get close enough to each other to exchange a few words of wanting to be closer without making it sound too obvious.

I told him I would meet him at the red raspberry bush along the driveway which was ripe with berries and anyone could pick them at will.

I worked my way out of the party without sounding too anxious to leave, and met my 'other' friend at the red raspberry bush.

I was busily picking red raspberries when he came up to me and we frantically picked the berries, wanting to leave and be together more than we wanted the berries.  Then he admitted he had been there with his daughters the day before and had already picked all the berries they wanted.

I felt a little jealous that he even had daughters but that didn't stop me from wanting to be with him, and when I was done picking berries and he was still picking berries, I found some dog food nuggets that were being given away also, so I put those in a bag along with some saltine crackers that were in another bag I had.

Finally, I had enough dog food too, and my friend helped me carry the red raspberries and the dog food out to his car.

On the way out the door, we passed a cart with a huge stack of beer cartons being brought in, and I said kiddingly, "Maybe we should stay for that party too." and we both laughed.

At that point I realized what I was wearing, a knee length tight red dress and red 5 inch high heeled shoes, and men were looking at my legs and making comments, which always made me feel good.

As I walked down the street, I met another young woman I knew who was wearing a similar blue dress and high heeled shoes, and I commented to her about the guys loitering around were making comments about liking long legs.  She showed me her hand in which she had some crystals, but also a card with full instructions on how to do tarot readings.

I told her she ought to hide the tarot instructions so it didn't look so obvious what she did, and she agreed, and I reveled in beings told how great my legs looked in that red dress and shoes.


1-25-09 - A STUPID SYMBOLIC DREAM - 5:12 am.  I was visiting with some people in the country. We had been there several days. It was early morning and I was wearing light blue shorts and a shirt of light blue.  I wanted to wear blue jeans but I had already worn them several days and hadn't had a shower in that time either. I found a summer pair of light blue slacks to put on but one of the seams in the back had come apart and I would have to sew it back together by hand and I didn't have a sewing kit with me.

I wanted desperately to take a shower. I could hear the water running in a shower where the whole room was a shower like a hotel might have. That really sounded inviting, but then I noticed that I wasn't alone in the house.  There was a large man sleeping in a pup tent under his car near my bedroom, so I decided it wasn't safe to take a shower with him there.

I was sitting on my bed and a red rooster came along.  I wanted him off the bed, but he was really strong, and he wasn't going to get off the bed by himself and he fought against me to push him off the bed.  It took a lot of effort to push him off the bed but I finally managed to do so.

The woman of the house was a friend of mine (familiar face but I don't know her name) and she said that she would take me to her secret cabin and I agreed I'd like to see it.

She had a weird open car and I rode on the car side-saddle - with my legs and feet hanging off the right side and I was hanging on for dear life because she drove really fast. 

As we drove along, off on the left of the road, in a meadow, we drove past a 'big foot' creature, who was gamboling about, doing flips head over heels, and dancing a bit.  He was really adorable and that would be a neat story to tell someone some day. 

Along the road we went past some people walking along the road. They had a brown dog with them, and we drove so close to them, I could feel my feet brush against the dog as we drove by.

That felt really bad, so when we came across a big brown horse standing by the road, I asked the woman to drive more slowly as we drove past it so I wouldn't hurt the horse with my feet.  So she slowed down, and as we drove around the horse, it started to rear up and get very anxious and he was snorting and upset. But we got past it okay.

She said that her cabin was a secret, so she took a tan blanket and covered the road so nobody could see the road.  I thought that was neat to do, and then she did it a second time - put another tan blanket across the road behind us so nobody could follow us.

We drove through a small forest and finally came to the end of the road which ended at a huge cliff with a valley below.  I was really excited to see her secret cabin and we got off the car and started walking to the edge of the cliff which there was a rocky path down the edge to the valley.

Just as we got there, my kids came up the path to where we were standing.  They had already been at the cabin and knew where it was.  So how secret was this place?  If my kids knew where it was, so did other people.


1-26-09 -  DREAM - I was looking at some kind of word program on a screen.  The red words about a war were plucked off the screen.


Morning all:  Pray this plane crash doesn't happen.
In the dream, I was visiting my friend Michelle in Boston.  It was 9 a.m. and her husband Paul was taking off on a business trip in the early morning.  It was just 9 a.m.  and she said, "Oh no!  Paul missed his plane."
Just then a silver plane took off and like sliding sideways in a low level turn and right after it came a dark blue wide body plane and made the same sliding sideways left turn - just seconds after the silver plane that had taken off first.  But the dark blue plane just barely cleared the trees and it dropped out of the sky like a rock into the trees and smashed into a million pieces.
It was this color blue - but I didn't see any red on the plane;
It was more like this one:
This is the inside of the wide body plane to show how many passengers it would hold.
Video of a dark blue plane landing
I didn't see red on the plane.
While I was typing this, a Fed Ex plane crashed at Lubbock Texas. There were no injuries.

NOTE: I meditated on this, and it came to me that the silver plane was Paul and the second plane was Michelle.

That's even worse than a real plane crash.


1-26-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was at a large house on a rocky cliff on the west coast. I was walking around the house and came to an area of grass.  It was the same area I dreamed about earlier this month.  There was a hole in the grass and it was apparent there was a drain there and rain loosened the dirt and it ran down the hole. I tried to push the loose dirt there to fill the hole so nobody would trip in it.

There was a man chipping away at some rocks on the cliff edge, and he gave a rock chisel and hammer to a young boy. The boy wasn't doing very well and I suggested the chip at a place that was already loose. So, he chipped away at the very corner where there was a loose rock, and when he did, a blackish looking rock came loose but it morphed into a bat, which grew into a green furry bat,  large enough so that it was waist high on me.  He stood near my feet and raised his wings that had been folded up and practiced flying with them.  Then he made a loud roaring noise and ran on his legs over to a water dish that was out on the lawn to feed the animals.  He dipped his beak into the water dish and when it came back out he now looked like a vulture bat type creature and he was at least chest high to me.  He took off flying toward the east.

I was then looking at a map of Southern California, and I saw this large hole with red rocks falling into it, and then I saw another large hole the same size with green rocks falling into it.  A voice said, "The earthquake that rocked Big Bear, CA, echoed itself in Pennsylvania.


1-27-09 - DREAM - I was looking at a sheet of dark grey paper with a list of all the countries in the world and the earthquakes they've experienced.  At the same time, I could glance up and see out the window of my house and the air was orange with dust blowing in the air - the kind of air you wouldn't want to breathe if you went outside.

Then  I looked down at the paper again and my focus was on 'The Netherlands", and suddenly a had a vision of a hollow tube coming out of the ground with the body of a naked man stuffed folded over in the tube so that his butt was sticking out and gas was coming out of his butt.


1-27-09 - DREAM - I was living in California in this house.  Our bathroom floor was covered with a thick layer of folded out newspapers to protect the flooring so that it could be picked up easily and that's where we kept our dog because the weather outside was so nasty. For some reason, I took my knitting into the bathroom to keep the dog company and since the dog was attached to a monkey by a 6 foot leash, the leash got tangled in the yarn and it became a total mess.

I asked Joe to help me untangle the dog and the monkey's leash from the yarn because it took hands to hold the animals while I untangled the yarn - hoping not to have to cut it, and all of a sudden the dogs and the monkey got loose and ran outside and ran around the house where I couldn't see it.

I looked outside and it was light outside, then when I looked out a different window it was dark outside.   Then I went to the door, and I saw Lily standing on the porch standing still - looking south.  I called her to me by name.  Instead of coming to me, Lily and the monkey still connected with their leash ran out into the field and got tangled around a tall weed.

The girl's name Lily \l(i)-ly\ is pronounced LIL-ee. It is of Latin origin. Flower name: the lily is a symbol of innocence and purity as well as beauty.

I managed to get close enough to them to step on the leash and capture them and when I did, I looked at the field and noticed that in two days time it had turned from green grass and weeds, into nothing by bare dirt with a couple weed tufts sticking up -  that's how bad the drought had gotten.

I took the dog and the monkey back into the house, and went to my computer, and on the screen, it said 'swing download', and I woke up.  Elvis Presley  Girl's quartet   Country Gospel - great old man band

The last year of the monkey was 2004 (the year of the huge tsunami that killed over 300,000 people.  The next year of the monkey is 2012.


1-28-09 - Three stupid dreams:

I was helping to prepare for a banquet and took my own dainty pieces of lace and jewelry to put in a closet there for my future wedding.

I was in an apartment, living with T.M.  getting ready for work.  T.M. didn't want to get out of bed.

I was living in an apartment #110 - I had just moved in. There was a sign on the wall that said, "AS IS", but there was no toilet.  I tried cleaning the place, but every time I opened the door, there would be more junk on the floor to pick up.  I started getting angry after awhile.  Then I went to the office to demand a toilet, and the woman in the office tried to talk me into living without one.  Then the people in the office became just heads floating in the air and morphed into different shapes and then started floating away - getting smaller and smaller, until I finally decided it was time to give up that dream.


1-30-09 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin, Wisconsin on Calhoun Rd. and my married daughter was living on National Ave. and Calhoun on the north side of the road.  I went to visit her, walking the mile distance.  When I got there and climbed her front stairs, I didn't have the strength in my ankle to get up the one step into her house. I began to feel very old and I asked for her help to get into the house and she ignored me.  I finally decided to get up the step by using the other leg first which was working okay.

Inside the house, were some other people I didn't know and they didn't treat me very well, and the door on her bathroom was falling off, so I decided to go home rather quickly.

As I walked past an ugly woman, my daughter introduced me as her mother.  (I thought I was her mother?) 

You can see a drawing in the yellow box below.  This is a Nordic from Altair.  I have long known that's where I was from.

As I walked past her, she swung around and hit me on the butt, so I swung around and hit her on the back of her head.  She rose up to strike me again, and I said, "If you hit me again, I will call the cops and you will be in jail."  Those words slowed her down so I could say, "Let's call a truce.!", which she agreed to and we stood there and shook hands.

I didn't have my shoes on so I asked my daughter to help me find my shoes, and she handed me a pair of large black galoshes for winter.  After I put them on, I realized my shoes weren't in the galoshes, so I took them off, and again asked for my shoes.

There were a lot of shoes under the table, all colored black, but the ones I saw were my daughter's shoes, not mine.  I finally found my black shoes all the way back by the wall, and I managed to reach them and put them on. 

Then the ordeal of actually leaving the house began.  My son Ken was there and he was kind and helped me get out the door, knowing about my weak ankle.

I had to sit down and slide my butt down the steep stairway to the sidewalk because I didn't trust myself to get down the stairs, but I managed to get all the way down.

On the sidewalk, was a crew of men planting cactus plants of various kinds, embedding them in holes in the sidewalk, but so close together I couldn't step between them, especially with my weak ankle.

So I confronted them about planting cactus plants on the sidewalk and they argued with me that they could plant what they liked, where they liked, so I kicked aside a brown bushel basket that was on the sidewalk and walked through the space I created for myself.

I managed to make my way to my daughter's brown station wagon and got in.  My daughter got in and drove backwards really fast through a narrow alley between some houses, instead of on the street.  I said to her, "You drive backwards faster than any person drives forward,"  and she just grinned.

It was then I realized I forgot something back at the house and she reluctantly drove back to the house.

When I got out of the car and had to confront the steep stairway again, written on the stairs were the many promises that President Obama made to the public that he would accomplish during his presidency.

On two of the steps was written  CONSPIRACY PROBLEMS.

I was tempted to look at what the conspiracy problems were, but decided I would look at what Obama's promises were first and look at the Conspiracy problems last.

When I looked at the first promise at the stop step, a sentence popped up above about twelve of the promises. 

The words were, "IT'S IN THE SPIRIT OF THE MAN."

I woke up without being able to look at which promises had his spirit behind them.

And after I was awake, I realized that the 'mother' of my daughter that I had hit, was one of the light beings I met several times in other dreams in the hallway of buildings I was going through.


Wolf also described a race dubbed the "Semitics", of average height and a generally human-like appearance, except for their very large hooked nose. "This was the race which landed at Holloman Air Force Base, [New Mexico, in the Sixties], and conversed with some generals there."


Dr. Wolf called the human-like race he worked with the “Nordics”, and these are different from Airman Hall’s Tall Whites. Wolf said, "The Semitics and Nordics come from Altair 4 and 5 and from the Pleiades." Whereas, Hall identifies the home world of the Tall Whites as near the Arcturus star system.





In the first dream, I played God Bless America on the Piano   Beautiful scenes - Orchestra and Choir   Celine Dion  David Archuletta (American Idol singer)


In the second dream, a very little person danced to  Tiny Dancer  Elton John