1-1-15 - My dream was an instruction to write a about anti-smoking from the perspective of a pet dog.

Though I can't remember all the details of the dream, the last scene was of my deceased friend Norman (who died of the effects of starting smoking when he went into the military at the age of 18.) he only had 1/2 of a lung left when he died and had been on a lung transplant list and ran out of time to get one.

In the dream, he was standing in a room next to mine with a arched passageway between the two rooms and the last thing he said to me was "I would give everything to near you now."

How sad is that

1-1-15 - DREAM - I was sorting out family members by age, starting with Grandpa Wilke.
Out in a garden house, I was sorting out animals by size. They were all a sandy color. One looked like an armadillo and elephant.

Then I sorted out groups of people starting with USUA.


1-2-15 - DREAM - I was having a conversation with my Aunt Mayron (my Dad's sister) She said she saw that my son Michael would lay awake at night and he told her that he liked her a lot so he thought about her a lot.  She said that was because she was going to leave him all her money from the bank when she died.

When we had this conversation, I could see her words in the air, and when she said 'bank', it became the picture of the 'ban' in bright red.

After I woke up, I realized that she couldn't have had such a conversation like that with him because she had moved to Oregon and didn't live with us even after he was born.

She was born July 11, 1900. and died in California in 1975.  Michael was born in Milwaukee, WI in June, 1960. we never saw aunt Mayron after she moved to Oregon.


   1-2-15 -DREAM - I was in a room with my first husband Jim.  I don't remember a conversation but when I left the room, I had the strong urge to call another man I've alwawys loved. I haven't seen him since 1984.  When I came back to the state in 1990 his son told me he had gotten married while I was gone.

Shortly after that, one of his other sons hit and killed a young boy in a car accident.  On TV I saw him sitting in the courteoom with his first wife.

I was never able to tell him I was back in the city and decided not to contact him and just went on with my busy life.

In the dream, the urge to call him before he died and tell him one last time that I still loved him.

Spirit told me that I be assured that he knows that I still love him because he feels the same way because he was my soul mate.  (When we were young, we didn't know anything about soul mates.)

In  dreams he introduced himself to me as IOSOUS (JESUS)

Since he is 10 years older than me, he could already be dead, but I don't know. I haven't seen his obit or a record of his death on the internet.

After I woke up, Joe and I were both on our computers and he was playing a lot of love songs on his computer. One came up, "Beautiful Dreamer" and Joe said to me, "That should be your name.

Awwwww :-)  That was LOVE



1-3-15 -

1-4-15 - DREAM  - I was at a ranch owned by my friend Lee Chin.   She had her own medical room and her own doctor on staff.   Today, she was going to have her gall bladder taken out.  To prove how brave she was about it, she said she was going to have the surgery standing up.  We all chuckled at that.  We knew the doctor couldn't do it that way.

 There was a young woman there, who was taking little sips of some kind of drink.  I doubt it was water.  Lee's was Vodka.  Each time she took a sip, she would make a cute statement.  I even saw the statements, they were about five words long each.  Wish I could remember even one of them.

Outside there were a lot of trees.  Driveway was quite wide, covered in small pebbles and men were out there making tracks by skidding their cars around in fun.  We couldn't hear the sound inside.  Must have been soundproof in the medical room.



I woke up from a dream, humming a melody that came from some kind of spiritual program, which name I can't recall.

I slipped into a dream where two men were sleeping together in the back of a SUV BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T HAVE ACCESS TO THE HOUSE.

They were working on the pictogram from a different vantage point than I was.

In the hallway was a bag of clothing I was discarding. On top was a black and white frilly something I would not wear at this time of my life, and as soon as I picked up the bag to discard it, I saw a whole pile of packages by my door that had just been delivered either by UPS or USPS.

Then the two men came up to my door and the man who spoke was thin with some kind of facial hair, and he said, "Just take Kate Melody".

I woke up wondering who she was.

I found her living in Santa Clara, CA, which is not far from where I live.

1-6-15 - DREAM - VISIONS OR DREAMS?  I kept seeing the same thing over and over, what I think were stacks of chakras - colored all the same color pink - 1-7 and then on the next page 7-12

The number 7 was always duplicated like it was being emphasized that it needed extra work.


1-6-15 - DREAM  I was with my mother in a car,  We were driving through various neighborhoods with different types of structures where people lived and I was commenting on whether I would or wouldn't like living like they did. I particularly didn't like the tall apartment buildings.

1-6-15 - DREAM It was a Sunday and I was thinking of selling AVON perfume and a woman I sold another brand of similar products when I was younger now worked in a big office building attached to a church.  I wanted to find out if she was still doing that or if she would like to join me in selling AVON perfume.

The office had hundreds of women working in it, and they were so busy, I couldn't show my AVON perfume right then.

As I was leaving the office, and was going through a narrow doorway into a hallway towards the front exit, a man stood there, wearing a bright blue shirt and slacks and he strummed a beautiful chord on a harp that was standing there next to him.

I told him that chord was so beautiful, but he was upset that his pencil had bent.

He walked with me towards another room and he told me he noticed me the first time I had come to church on the last Sunday.

I told him  the only reason I went to the church on Sunday was because I sold AVON perfume in the neighborhood on Sundays.

He was trying to straight out his pencil in a tray basket attached to a sharpener ad I told him that I noticed that all pencils start to bend as you are bringing them home from the store.

The man wasn't particularly handsome but he was taller than me and played the harp. There was something special about his eyes, and he had dark hair and a mustache and beard.


 1-6-15-DREAM - I think I was in Sacramento, CA or in a city somewhere close to there at a meeting and one of the women there said to me, "I think your airline goes past my city."

I immediately tried to think of the name of the capital city of Washington State and I couldn't come up with it.

NOTE:  I've been in several big cities of Washington State and still can't remember the name of the capital.  I know that Boeing is in Seattle, but Boeing isn't an airline.

The capital might be Olympia.  Not certain.


1-7-15 - DREAM - I don't know what country I was in specifically, but I seemed to be in an army base that wore pale yellow and green camouflage uniforms.

I can't remember any specific conversations, but some of the men had Arab accents in their voices.

The women were housed separately from the men, but wore the same camouflage uniforms as the men, and the bathroom walls were draped with parachute fabric over narrow pipes.

Everything was dusty and sandy outside.  The only plants I saw outside were wild geranium looking plants that were not blooming. (That tells me is was the winter season.)

I was thinking about watering the plants after I did the women's laundry.

To get through the place, I had to walk around and over the plants and that wasn't easy with the heavy boots we wore.

I never saw any guns, weapons, or machinery from my vantage point.

I woke up stiff and achy from laying in the same position so long.


1-9-15 - DREAM - This dream has overtones of Britain, but the voices of the people were not strongly British - just somewhat. 

The building I was in, was an apartment building that I used to manage, but I still lived in it.

On the first floor, an old woman lived - apparently in her late 80's or early 90's.  Her apartment was open, and when I walked by the open door, it looked like there was evidence of someone having been either murdered but at least hurt, with broken glass in the center of the living room.

Nobody was there at the moment, but the door was open, so I went to the Manager's office.   It was about 7 p.m. and a young woman was sitting at the Manager's desk, so I asked her if she was the manager.  She said "No".

There were a lot of people wandering around the area so I didn't want to raise an alarm and be mistaken, so I rather talked quietly and informed the woman that it looked like someone might have been killed or hurt in the old woman's apartment.

However, she wasn't the Manager, and she didn't know where the Manager was.

Since I was the old Manager, and knew some of the people in the building, I felt a responsibility to make sure there was not a current danger in the building.

So, I went back to the apartment.  Though I didn't disturb the evidence, there were other things out of place and evidence that looked like the old woman was trying to move out.

There were a lot of documents strewn on a desk, clothing all messed around in the bedroom, flannel blankets awry on the bed (must have been winter to use flannel blankets)  so I took an empty box and attempted to straighten up the things in the bedroom for the woman.   She was there - just not in a coherent mind apparently.

Other people wandered into the apartment because the door was still open to the hallway, and the old woman had friends, and there were still a lot of people wandering about in the hallway.

An older gentleman with dark hair, looking rather British wandered in, and I started talking  to him about what I suspected, but he didn't seem too interested in my idea of murder going on there either. 

I noticed that the woman's sheet was red paisley or something like that and definitely of flannel material, and then the man said to me,
Nobody wants to go to hell in a hand basket."

and I woke up.

you're going to hell in a hand basket
Not merely "going to hell", but going to hell easily and rapidly; beyond hope.
Now you've REALLY gone and done it; you're going to hell in a hand basket.


1-10-15 - DREAM - I was in my apartment with a little girl, teaching her how to do dream interpretation, and God spoke to me and told me I should teach the local priest to do dream interpretation.

The priest came over and I was wearing shorts and my left leg for some reason was stippled with bright blue spots and I didn't want the priest to think that I didn't wash my legs, so I did everything I could to prevent him from seeing my left leg.

NOTE:  Joe and I started to write a book on dream interpretation several years ago, and we didn't finish it.  We should do that.

I also want to stress dreams and dream interpretation in my church.  They are VERY important in learning about the SELF.


1-11-15 -  This dream took place after a lengthy conversation about the Elohim.

DREAM - I was in a room with all my relatives and some close co-workers.  I recognized all of them.  They were all in a very tight circle.  The circle was so tight I couldn't even get a finger in between them.

I wanted to join the circle no matter how I tried to separate any two of my relatives and co-workers.  I wanted to be in their circle.

The circle kept rotating and I also went around the circle.  So it seemed we were going in opposite directions.  I never did gain access to the circle.

NOTE:  In my conversation, I asked my friend if she had ever been given the name of an Elohim.  She responded, "coincidentally, the first time I was ever given a name was yesterday.  The Elohim said they were of Alora / perhaps Elora.


1-11-15  VOICE MEDITATION.  I was thinking about the Elohim and Alora and the song The Circle can't be broken the voice spoke to me and said "Alora and the circle belong to the Nino Cros of the Underworld.

The Gods and Goddesses of the Nino Oros


Goddess of the Underworld

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Alora is five feet, four inches tall with a slim figure. She has long purple hair and green eyes. She wears a red halter top and mini skirt with red leather boots. She sits on her throne and judges the fates of those who have died. If the person has led a good life, the spirit resides eternally in Astar (the human equivalent of heaven). If the person has led a life of deceit and sin, the spirit suffers eternal pain in the Abode of Death. Alora reviews each person's life fairly and equally. She cannot be persuaded by bribery or any other means that could be used for evil purposes.



  1. ALORA of the 6th Dimension TEZ (Commander Ishvar of the 5th Dimension, son of Commander Ashtar & Athena).
     Channeled Message: “I/We are love & joy. Alora is a facet, a point of consciousness within the group mind of Ishvar. Who is Ishvar? Ishvar, on the 6th dimension wherein we reside, is a group consciousness known as ‘The Council Of Six’. We exist in what you would call the future, although where we reside is beyond the measurement of time and space. I Am ‘5 0f 6′, which means I Am the 5th member of the Council Of Six. The ‘Six’ is the Soul vibration of our race mind and consciousness…”
  2. APOLLO - Greek, Fitness, Diets, Mechanical Repair, 3rd Eye Activation, Psychic Abilities, Weather, De-stress




Web Results




1-12-15 VISITATION.  A very tall blonde man I can't name, but know very well came to talk to me about being invited into the circle, and told me several times what a honor and privilege and true joy it is to be invited into the Circle.

I think it was my angel ROVERE



This seemed to be the gathering of the clan or family reunion.

We had a big old farmhouse and all these people were a noisy, excited, happy bunch.  We all got along really well because we loved each other.

But it wasn't long until it got so noisy, I decided to divide the men/boys, from the women/girls and sent all the men/boys out to men/boy things because by now there was real work to do what with cleaning, cooking and bed making, so the girls were sent off to play and have fun while the women did the work.

We left the men/boys to make their own decisions as to what to do.  We would only get back together for meals.

Finally, it was bedtime.  Then the women/girls would sleep in the main house and the men/boys would sleep in the bunk house.

Even so, this was difficult because the mothers wanted to be with their own daughters to watch out for them during the night.

As I was the matriarch of the whole gathering, I would be the last one to go to bed, if I did at all. It was just as easy to sleep in the livingroom chair.

As it was, I set about to create plant pictures of living plants of two types, one was all green and one was roses on the ends of the branches.

This was a tedious job, one that had to be done with great care, to arrange the rose branches such that each branch had its own space and the whole thing looked like a big fan, almost like a tree though it was a smaller size.

It was quite beautiful when it was done and I could finally rest.  So I did.

and woke up.


1-17-15- DREAM.   I was in my current house.

The people across the street were having a big party, and Joe decided to lean them my keyboard to play at the party.

He wheeled it across the street on top of our black two-wheeled wheelbarrow. (It has two posts for legs on the back end)

While he was walking over there with it, our dear friend BB was up on our roof making sure everything was secure because a big storm was coming soon, and we could see it in the distance in the southwest out over the ocean.

From the roof, BB yelled down to me, "They must miss Nixon or something!"

A very petite Asian woman was also at our house (she had short black hair) and she went from out house across the street to play the keyboard for them. 

While she was walking over there, BB yelled down again, "She's probably going to talk Nepalese to them"

At that point I could see a brilliant bright blue light reflecting on the ground from the storm in a big blue streak.

I could hear the music playing then.  It sounded like a huge pipe organ which reminded me of the pipe organ that played at the roller rink when I was a teenager.  It sounded magnificent.

When they were done playing the music, Joe went to get the keyboard and I hooked it up on our own lawn for the Asian woman to play it before the storm came.

I woke up before she began to play.  BB was still up on the roof.

NOTE:  Nixon played the piano and was from Whittier, CA.

NOTE:  On January 26th/27th, a huge storm occurred on the east coast where BB sometimes lives himself.




DREAM - This dream seemed to take place in Great Britain.

There were two parties going on, perhaps four - in two houses and on the two floors of both houses.

I, personally was quite smitten with one of the men from the other party and apparently he was also smitten with me.

There was lots of ice cream, candy, cake, popcorn, and things to drink.

There were adults and children at all these parties.

I was trying to think of a way to get more time with the young man after this party and it came to me that if I asked his advice about a wood working project I was planning, he might be willing to give me the advice on it when we were alone later.

So, then, as the parties were breaking up and the children were going downstairs for bedtime, we were going down the stairs, which were steep, and at the bottom of the stairs was a 4 x 4 x 4 box of popcorn and children were dropping candy into it and making a mixture.

On the radio downstairs, I heard the announcer say, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Marilyn Monroe, the American actress was killed on Tuesday!"

The date her body was found was a Sunday.  Where is the problem with the date difference??




1-18-15 - DREAM - I was working on the decorations of a coffee cup for a handsome blonde man I should know his name but don't.

On the cup, all the way around was a series if little dashes about 1 inch long or less, and the dashes had to be magnetized by running an electric iron over the paint. 

I don't know why the dashes had to be magnetized and eventually forgot which dashes had been done and where they hadn't so I quit trying to figure it out and stopped.

Why would they have to be magnetized on a coffee cup?



1-18-15 - DREAM I was in a garage with Joe and he told me that Chris (our landlord) told him that he and Greg would be responsible for spraying the onions and berries until January.

31 - I'm organic and organic farmers don't spray anything.

#2  This IS January.


1-19-15 - DREAM - Since I found out there is no mail today, I sat in the office making words with plastic alphabet letters like a kid would play with.

The phone rang and the call was from my spiritual teacher T.M.  He said he was all excited to get the mail today, so I informed him there was no mail today and he was all disappointed.

(It's Martin Luther King Day today.)


1-20-15 - DREAM - T.M. and I went to work together early in the morning.

We went past a teen boy who wanted to take his family's bedroom dresser with him and others said it was too bulky to carry.

I said ipassing, "Let him have his legacy."

It was still quite eary so T.M. lay down on a sofa in the hallway and I sat in front of him on the edge of the sofa and we held fingers entwined.  It felt lovely and intimate and even though no one could see us doing that.

Some girls went by talking about the time on the clock.  It said 7:25 and it did not run like it was moving at all.It was still quite dark outside and the girls said, "It seems like destruction."

Then a man riding in a wheelchair went by and said, "It's dustificatiom."

T.M. was stirring a bit by now and he saat up a bit and rubbed his back and shoulders a little, and he said to someone next to me, "Tell them I'm always at work by 7:30."

The clock still said. 7:25.

When I awoke, it was 8:00 am.


1-20-15 VISION.  I was looking at a page of messy RED and BLACK handwriting on very narrow lines.

The whole thing was about the destruction of a large building.

NOTE:  JUDY WOOD coined the word 'dustification' as the process that happened on 9/11 with the buildings coming down.




Bluefeather is expecting some kind of disaster at the end of February I think :(

it can hopefully be transmuted or stopped with Divine intervention.

we need to pray

1-21-15 - DREAM - This dream was so disgusting, I didn't write it down and I had it twice.

I was looking into the doorway of a small room that was dimly lit.

There were two brothers there - a 10 year old and a two year old..

The 1 year old picked up a toy size castle made of what looked like platinum that reflected rainbow colors and the two year old held up a necklace of beautiful pink crystals and held it up to his neck.

The creepy part is that both boys wanted to have sex with a baby who was laying on the floor.

Then both boys crawled inside the baby's body and started fighting with each other inside the baby's body.

When I realized they were fighting, I grabbed each boy by an arm and dragged them out of the baby's body.

At no time did the baby make a noise or cry. It didn't even make any movements on its own that it was alive.

NOTE:  Interestingly, the very next day, on Jan. 22, 2015, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died at the age of 90.

The new King is his brother Salman - age 79.

The half brother became Crown Prince Moquer.

I connected this dream to them because of the platinum rainbow castle and the pink crystals.

Are they going to fight over who will be King?


1-21-15  meditation.  I went to the 5th dimension to have a discussion with an Andromedan woman who came with my Father and told me to get ready to move.  She said I'm doing fine and making progress and not to stress myself too much.


1-21-15 - DREAM  I was watching a group of colorfully dressed dancers, who were dancing in a circle in some kind of ritual.


1-22-15 - DREAM -  I was in a very large building, made of shiny red brick that had 30 feet high ceilings and hallways just as wide.  It felt like a theatre type building perhaps.

I needed to find the bathroom, and I knew it was in a far back corner somewhere, but the hallways were like a maze and it took me quite some time to find the bathroom.

I saw only men in this place, no women at all.

When I was done in the bathroom, I had to take an object to what I think was the maintenance room.  I don't know for certain what this object was, but it feels like a folded up metal card table.

When I got to that room, I asked the man was his name was and he said David Yerby.

I think I said, too bad its not Bob.

DREAM 2 - I was looking at some kind of name list of the people in this building.  The list was cut into metal like stencils and I saw that one of the names was Robert.

Again I said, "I could fall in love with that man, I have a son named Bob."


1-22-15- DREAM - I was drawing heads of bearded men on robed bodies.  I was trying to draw the normal size, but all three turned out smaller than normal and when I was done, the third head looked super large.

NOTE: This could be related to the King dream below.


1-23-15 - DREAM - I and some other people moved into an old house where some people had died and left some things behind.

In a room that once been an office was a closet where I found a cardboard box with a large colorful magazines and folders of someone's invention plans stored.

I looked through the magazines and everything was dated 1926.

The men got excited to find the folders and the women saw that the magazines to advertise the cheap prices of the goods.

There was a sheet of paper where someone had large words broken down into smaller words like a game.

Once I distributed this fabulous old reading material, I went out into a back garden where an old woman had grown a fabulous flower garden and picked sone flowers to put into a vase for the office where the women worked who couldn't go outside and enjoy the flowers outdoors.

It was an exciting day.


1-23-15 - VISION.

I saw a strange military vehicle. There was a smaller vehicle in the center with 4 wheels on the ground.

Sitting on top of this 'jeep' was a larger military vehicle that held more people and weapons, but this vehicle had 4 larger wheels that were off the ground.

It came to me that the jeep could run on the edge of the ditch at the same time.

This dream also haad a man named Daniel in it. I can't remember what he said oe did, but I can't stop thinking about the prophecy of the biblical Daniel.

They would be fightng the war on two levels.


1-24-15 - VISION  I saaw various black clouds building in the sky.  Some white clouds looked like an evil face with its big mouth open.

It was terrible.  I had to open my eyes to stop it.

NOTE:  This dream came true on the east coast.  They have had a series of snow storms that are just about stopping everything from moving.  Several states actually closed all streets, bridges and tunnels from operating after 11 pm. and all airports were closed while this was going on.

paul in New Hampshire




1-24-15- DREAM - I was with Rick's extensive family in their country vacation home.  (Rick is from The Bold and Beautiful TV show)

They started to hear booming sounds in the distance.

The noises weren't all at once first, but a string of booms, which gave them time to run to the window to see where the booming sounds were coming from and whether the sounds were coming toward them.

They didn't want to believe what they were seeing and watched the black clouds to see what they were from.

Black clouds in multiple blasts were going off over the city they had just left behind.

NOTE:  Starting the next day, on the 25th, multiple bomb threats were made against airlines and a plane in Seattle was evacuated that was going to fly to Dallas, TX, and then a plane that flew from Milwaukee, WI to Atlanta, GA was threatened.  Apparently these threats were made on Twitter, and they were shown on television later.

On the 27th of January, a woman was arrested near Sacramento, CA and she had a trunk with of pipe bombs.

 Here is the related news articles.


Then later that evening my cell phone gave off a red alert warning that bombs were threatening Israel in the Golan Heights.

Here are some news articles on that


and here is a dream that a male friend of mine had the sane day:

I was on this train with Bush Sr. as Engineer We were riding in an open boxcar and he was controlling the train from there).. . He was peeling and eating a tangelo. As he peeled the top half and while eating it he spoke to me, calling me by my birth name, saying "Dewitt, I just set DEF CON 1 so the Battle is on!! (He was chortling and laughing like a drunken teenager... (Note that the ONLY person who used my birth name in conversation  was my Mother).   I remember jumping off of the train ang running beside it looking inside and yelling YOU'RE CRAZY !!!! He threw back his head and LAUGHED at me. 
Traveling through the south, heading northward. Weather was warm, spring-like. Trees in bloom. Bush Sr. had a stogie in his mouth and seemed happy as a lark. Laughing.  Kind of like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. In this case, with DEFCON !, the WORLD would be burning!
I was an older teenager, just prior to my Navy days.  
NOTE: DEF CON 1 means "We are in a State of WAR ------------- very UNgood. 


1-24-15- DREAM.  I was in the building with the 30 foot ceiling again.  There was a party going on and I sat at a long table with a young woman who was eating some large square crackers or chips.  There was some kind of salad on the table, but I wasn't eating any of this.

I needed to go to the bathroom and on the way, I was accosted by a very large man - not that tall - but big around 300 -350 pounds.

He tried to grab me but I could move faster than he could and I managed to stay ahead of him. There were other people there and I wanted to go home, but that first girl refused to walk home with me and I was afraid to alone.

I was virtually either captive or take any chances walking along, so I stayed and the end I was concentrating on the number of places at the table where the men sat and I counted them one by one and got to the number 19 when I woke up to a noise outside the house because of a machine driving by the living room window.

This evidently is the Temple of the Bahai "The Bab".  He had 19 apostles.


1-25-15 - DREAM - I was working in a mounded circular flower garden and I moved all the mounded stones so that the circle was larger and flat so the flowers could expand and grow as in individuals.


1-25-15 - DREAM - I was in my Father's house with my cousins Al and Judy who were visiting me.

Judy was into decorating houses so they looked like they had gardens inside, so she took a length of rope and twisted it and bent it so it looked pretty along the edge of the room and then would put potted flower plants along the edges of the room where the furniture wasn't.  So the whole room looked like a garden.  It looked pretty nice and she wanted to go on TV  with the idea.

So, I bought the rope she suggested and went to work decorating the side of the room.  After measuring the room, it took two lengths of 48 feet twice for a total of 96 feet.


1-25-15 - NAP DREAM - 1. PM. 

I was at my New Berlin house in Wisconsin. (I haven't lived in that house since June of 1980)  I looked out the kitchen window and saw two chubby teenage girls setting up a card table in the driveway.  Then they put two plates on the table to make lunch for themselves.

I didn't know who these girls were, but they were on the TV in the living room at the same time doing a live reality broadcast.

I decided to ask them if they had any prior TV experience before setting up their table in my driveway.

So I did that and went right into the yard in front of the camera which I knew was behind me somewhere, but I didn't know where it was.

I asked them the question and they answered. "No!"

Then I noticed they had nailed a piece of flat board over the doorway of the water pump house and painted colorful right angle triangles on the board and placed the board off kilter across the doorway.

When I pointed how off kilter the board was, they asked me if my husband had a power saw to cut the board to fit the space.

Since my husband Jim was up the hill above the house  doing yard work, I decided to ask him to help the women.

But by the time I got back to the house, Jim had crossed the hill above the garage and was coming down the hill on the other side, dragging a rake behind him.

He continued on down the hill past a gigantic pile of dirt at least 30 feet high where the garden was.

As I walked back along the driveway towards the pile of dirt, I saw it start to sag inward alarmingly fast.

I yelled to Jim who was now out of sight on the downside of the pile of dirt. " AVALANCHE!!!"

I ran down the driveway past the pile of dirt where I could now see my brother John. along with Jim digging inside a big cavity of dirt right in the center. Evidently John had started digging the cavity in the dirt pile and now Jim was helping him.

NOTE:  Think of John in the book of Revelation."

Jim saw me coming down the driveway toward him and he yelled angrily at me, "Don't you think I would see evidence of a landside from my side, than you could see from your side?"

NOTE:  Jim died on his 80th birthday on November 22, 2014, so what he said makes perfect sense to me.

I woke up and when I remembered the dream, I also remembered the Aberfan Disaster on October 21st, 1966. where 116 children and 28 adults were killed when a huge coal pile suddenly sagged and buried the school the people were in.

Also see.  dream from 1998


1-26-15- DREAM - I went to work in a large building that had a large lawn out front and a wide street.

When I got there, there were people standing in the street out front.

I got a call on my cell phone from a vendor asking if there was a place to park out front as he was driving in with some goodies for me.

I told him there were lots of places to park out front - well there was - but people were standing there.

He said. "OK. I'm on my way!"

So I went into the building and ran up the four floors to my office and told the others about the phone call and they volunteered to come outside and stand in the gutter with me so they could get their share of the goodies too.


1-26-15 - DREAM - I was in my office at work, sitting in front of a large computer screen and I had some glass cleaner and a squeegee to clean the glass and had difficulty getting the glass clean.  Either the glass was wavy of the squeegee was bent.  I finally had to get the glass cleaner cleaned off the glass with my fingers.

I had an idea for an advertising presentation of a booklet that would open downward with a lot of connected photos to look at and was excited about my idea.

The mail arrived just then and I discovered that my idea was not new or unique because I received a booklet exactly like mine in the mail, except that her dropdown pages were plain black like my computer screen, not photos.

You can imagine my disappointment that my idea was not new, nor unique.

Three men came into the office then, each dressed in black.  They looked like men I've seen on TV recently.  They went into the office then,, behind me and when their work was done, they called me into the office to inspect their work.

They had varnished a long series of doors that looked like a bathroom stall doors, but there was a woman sitting at the front desk.

Was she keeping track of who went in there?

The man asked me if I liked their work and I told them it was beautiful.

There were multiple kittens in the room, all the same color whitish, and I let them out carefully one by one so they couldn't come back in.

I then went outside and attempted to cross the street at the large intersection.

I say attempted because it seemed that for every step forward, I was also moving sideways like a drunk would walk forward.

Cars were carefully driving around me that were turning the corner because my walking was totally out of control.

It wasn't until I reached the other side of the street that I saw that I had been walking up a steep hill.  I couldn't tell it was a hill until I got to the other side of the intersection.

When I got  home, I called my friend Marilyn on the phone to tell her of my adventures of the day and when I was done talking, she said, "All I want to know is what the woman said to her daughter."

That really confused me because how would I know that? I didn't even know the woman had a daughter so how could I hear them have a conversation. Then I had to wonder if the varnish on the doors had made some kind of fumes in it that made my walking so unstable.

You can imagine my disappointment to find out my idea was neither new nor unique.


1-26-15  MEDITATION - I was thinking about the Bahai number puzzle.  I had been given a couple days ago and decided to meditate.

I began to say the OUR FATHER prayer and when I got to the part about trespassing, I kept messing up the words and couldn't say them

I stopped the prayer, feeling confused because I had been saying that prayer multiple times a day since 1981, and there is no way that I don't know it verbatim.

Then I remembered I had nor researched the Bahai letter A on their calendar and while thinking that, I started to see copies of Bahai documents written in English.

On top of the documents I saw a flash vision of a pair of dark eyes, followed by a flash vision of a Bahai leaders face.


The Bahai documents appeared again followed by a very clear document pulled out from underneath them that sais





That to me means that original sin is erased.


 1-27-15 - DREAM  Joe and I were planning a day trip north do here, but we didn't know exactly where the place was. 

While we were discussing this, a woman visitor came in.  She was wearing a beige house dress.  She sat at the lichen table next to me. and as we talked, we discovered that both Joe and I had so much in common with this woman, I immediately wanted to become best friends with her, she played the piano and gardened and she like to draw pictures of crop circles.

While we talked, we said we were going to take highway 97 north and go to Seattle. 

As time progressed we went outside and there was a problem seeing out the windshield because branches growing in the way of seeing the street.  Then women got in the way and Joe almost hit them with the car while he was backing up.

Then I noticed our driveway had been cut off and I had to drive over the neighbors lawn to get to the street.

All of a sudden. I heard a loud doorbell ring in my right ear, and a shot rang out and hit a curly haired man in the left side of his head.  He was standing in a line of men, and he was wearing a beige coat right up against a wall.  The man did not fall down as it looked like he was pinned up against the wall by the man next to him

I hate to say this but it looked like President Obama.




1-28-15 - DREAM - I was working on a computer screen, moving short sentences of news from one page to another in columns.

I went to retrieve another sentence and there stood Joe, wearing a dark khaki army uniform.  He made a motion with his arms like a swimmer breaststroke OR to open a double set of doors and I was awake instantly.

1-28-15 - DREAM  -I don't know exactly where I was.  I assume it was California. 

My next door neighbor gave me some tubers I could plant in  the leaves of the trees out in front of her house.  She also loaned me a heavy quilt so I could sleep overnight under the trees with the tubers and get the feel of the place. 

Right behind the trees was an open structure like a temple made of stone blocks, and it had a wonderful feel to the place.

In the morning, I folded up the quilt and decided I would go to her house and thank her and started heading toward her house which was placed quite far back on her property.

From where I was I could tell that it wouldn't be easy getting there from where I was because the was a steep drop off to the actual driveway.

An old man in baggy clothes said, "You can't easy go down that hill... go over a little ways first where it isn't so steep. "

So I went over a little ways and then walked down the hill that wasn't so steep and met the man on the road.

He said, "I heard tell that you said this would be a good place to live." 

I said, "Yes!  I did.  I could just feel it.

The old man said, "Yes!  That's what Dick Nixon said too."  and he smiled broadly and walked me back down the road toward their big stone house at the end of the path.

NOTE:  I know these people well.  I just can't think of their names.

NOTE:  Since this is the second time I dreamed about Nixon in two weeks, it seems I need to know why......

Obama-Nixon comparison

Richard Nixon

President Nixon appears in Washington, April 29, 1969, before the general session of the annual meeting of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Speaking on campus unrest, Nixon said dissent is welcome provided it is peaceful. "There can be no compromise with lawlessness and no surrender to force if free education is to survive in the United States of America," he added. (AP Photo) (AP1969)


Ready for Hillary? She Seems Ready As Shadow Campaign Takes Shape

Correcting the Cruz Record

Watergate Revisited? A Hard Look at the Obama-Nixon Comparison

Is Barack Obama acting like Richard Nixon?

As someone who lived through the massive criminality and mendacity of Watergate, I take these comparisons seriously.

The shorthand “Watergate” stands for more than what the Nixon White House dismissed as a third-rate burglary at Democratic headquarters; it encompasses other break-ins, wiretaps, tax audits, hush money, cover-ups and perjury that sent many administration officials to jail and drove a president from office.

So for some on the right to accuse the current president of Nixonian behavior is a heavy charge indeed.

Here’s how Victor Davis Hanson frames it in National Review:

“Nixon tried to use the Internal Revenue Service to go after his political enemies — although his IRS chiefs at least refused his orders to focus on liberals…

“Nixon ignored settled law and picked and chose which statutes he would enforce — from denying funds for the Clean Water Act to ignoring congressional subpoenas.

“Nixon attacked TV networks and got into personal arguments with journalists such as CBS’s Dan Rather…

“Nixon wanted the Federal Communications Commission to hold up the licensing of some television stations on the basis of their political views…

“Nixon went after ‘enemies.’ He ordered surveillance to hound his suspected political opponents and was paranoid about leaks.”

Pretty bad stuff, right?

Now Davis lays out the particulars against this administration:

“The IRS? So far, the Obama-era IRS has succeeded in hounding nonprofit tea-party groups into political irrelevancy… 

“The FCC? According to FCC commissioner Ajit Pai, Obama’s agency, until outrage arose, had planned ‘to ask station managers, news directors, journalists, television anchors and on-air reporters to tell the government about their “news philosophy” and how the station ensures that the community gets critical information.’…

“Enemies? Federal authorities jailed a video maker for a minor probation violation after the Obama administration falsely blamed him for causing a riot that led to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi in September 2012…

“Going after reporters? Obama regularly blames Fox News by name for its criticism…

“Ignoring the law? The Affordable Care Act as currently administered bears little resemblance to the law that was passed by Congress and signed by the president. Federal immigration law is now a matter of enforcing what the president allows and ignoring the rest.

“Wiretaps? Well, aside from the electronic surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency, the Obama Justice Department secretly monitored Fox News reporter and sometime critic James Rosen.”

The problem with most of these examples is there’s no evidence that Obama ordered, or knew about, these efforts. And that’s very different from Nixon, who as we know from the secret tapes, would talk about breaking into the Brookings Institution.

One prominent exception would be the surveillance of journalists such as those at the Associated Press and Fox’s James Rosen. Obama may not have personally known in advance, but his attorney general, Eric Holder, did.

Perhaps one day evidence will emerge that the president or his top aides encouraged the IRS Cincinnati field office to crack down on conservative groups, but so far there’s no proof.

The FCC’s aborted effort to question TV newsrooms about bias and philosophy was incredibly boneheaded and disturbing, but there is no sign of White House involvement—as opposed to Nixon’s FCC challenging the licenses of two Washington Post stations.

Did Obama order the filmmaker jailed? He rips Fox all the time, but he has sat down with Bill O’Reilly twice.

It is troubling that the president keeps unilaterally changing the implementation of Obama Care. But it was George W. Bush who ramped up the practice of “signing statements” that reserved his right to ignore parts of newly passed congressional laws. (The House on Wednesday passed an "enforce the law" act on a largely party-line vote, and the administration is threatening a veto.)

Criticize Obama all you want. Davis has a point that civil libertarians who railed against Republican presidents have given Obama a pass (on such issues as NSA surveillance, I would add). But Nixonian conduct is an awfully high bar to clear unless you can show that a president personally condoned lawbreaking.

Ready for Hillary? She Seems Ready As Shadow Campaign Takes Shape

When it comes to Hillary, journalists are still obligated to use the qualifiers: If she runs. Once she decides. The potential presidential candidate.

That is now starting to feel like a charade.

Of course Hillary Rodham Clinton could change her mind and not put herself through the meat grinder of another presidential campaign. I’ve been agnostic until now. What’s changed my mind is that she is allowing her friends to gear up a massive effort on her behalf.

Yes, technically, they are not acting in concert with the former secretary of State because of legal restrictions. But does anyone believe that Hillary would allow her high-powered pals to create a superstructure on her behalf, hit up lots of Democratic donors, and then shrug it off with a “never mind”? Couldn’t she tamp it down with a raised eyebrow?

Time’s Mark Halperin adds another piece of the puzzle, reporting on the sheer magnitude of the Ready for Hillary project. Its website is doing more than hawking HRC mugs, caps and T-shirts.

Craig Smith, who has been part of Bill and Hillary’s orbit since the Arkansas days, tells Time: “Our goal is to build the Ferrari of grassroots operations. All we need is a

 driver ready to hit the gas.”

Now I ask you: Would loyalists like Smith build a luxury car just to spin their wheels?

“There is now talk among Ready officials about finishing 2014 with 5 million supporters and 2 million active volunteers, numbers that would likely dwarf the assets of all the GOP wannabes combined. If realized, that would be substantially more than the piddling grassroots effort that Clinton mounted against Obama six years ago.”

Now grassroots campaigns by themselves don’t win elections. You need a candidate with a strong message. But it sure doesn’t hurt to have lots of ground troops. 

And Smith estimates that Clinton Inc., including the super PACs, will cost $1.7 billion, much more than either side spent in 2012. Still, the deep pockets here could pose a real challenge to the eventual Republican nominee.

The media are already covering Hillary like a candidate, pouncing on every speech, every joke, every utterance. It’s in her interest to stay on the sidelines, officially at least, through 2014, since a two-year campaign is enough to make us sick of any candidate. But the effort now seems unofficial in name only.

  • Obama: Like Nixon, But Worse | Timothy Karr - Huffington Post - Similarto Obama: Like Nixon, But Worse | Timothy Karr - Huffington Post

    Jul 3, 2013 ... Obama, however, may have learned from his predecessor's mistakes. While Nixon broke the law to attack dissenting voices, Obama has ...

  • Following the Trail Nixon Blazed | National Review Online - Similarto Following the Trail Nixon Blazed | National Review Online

    Mar 13, 2014 ... Following the Trail Nixon Blazed - Obama shows the same Orwellian ... Answer that by comparing the behavior of Richard Nixon to that of an ...

  • President Obama says critics comparing him to Richard Nixon ... - Similarto President Obama says critics comparing him to Richard Nixon ...

    May 17, 2013 ... On one hand, the comparison between Nixon and Obama is unfair, some say. As startling as the reports have been in recent days — from the ...

  • Which Major Newspaper Is Comparing Obama to Nixon? | The Blaze ... - Similarto Which Major Newspaper Is Comparing Obama to Nixon? | The Blaze ...

    Nov 6, 2013 ... A little more than a year later, the paper's editorial board has drawn parallels with Obama and Richard Nixon. Specifically, the newspaper cited ...


1-29-15 - DREAM - I was sitting on a chair in the hallway leading to a doctor's office.  there were hundreds of people waiting their turn to see a doctor, so they might have been in a hospital.

My mother was the one who needed to see the doctor and I was the one waiting there to take her home afterwards.

A very tall, handsome man came down the hallway very fast carrying a beautiful blue and gold object.

I knew his name was Jack because he had taken my mother dancing the night before.

Where she was sitting, she couldn't see he was there, nor could he see her.

He had the type of face and demeanor that was breath stopping to behold for a woman and when he went past so quickly, I regrettably didn't even smile at him.  But, then again, I don't even know if he saw me sitting there.

He took the beautiful blue and gold object to the desk of the female clerk and smiling gloriously at her, he said, "Here is your radiator." and handed it to her and quickly walked away back down the hallway,

My heart was full of regret that I hadn't smiled at him, but I knew where he worked - he owned the car repair shop on the hill around the corner from the hospital.

After he left, my heart said to me, "I want to see his face again, just so I can smile at him.

So I got up and followed him outside and walked around the corner towards his garage.

It was wet outside and the hill in front of the hospital, even though grassy, it had muddy spots, and going down the hill, I had to take many fast little steps to keep my balance.

There was another young woman going sideways along the hill. She might have been the woman at the desk and she was going to see Jack as well.

I got to the corner intersection, where I could see both the hospital and Jack's garage up the hill half way.

I just could not get up the nerve to go to the garage just to smile at Jack.

He had taken my mother dancing, not me.

I stood there on the corner, feeling both indecision and regret for not smiling when I had the opportunity.

What can I do? Smile all the time? Smile at everyone?

I missed my chance at being happy because I hadn't smiled.  Now I felt like I would never be able to smile again.


1-29-15 - VISION - I saw two tall men standing in what looked like a long narrow medical office.

The man on the left, who I assume was the doctor, looked like a clown head, took a long black rubber tube - about 6" thick and whacked the hell out of the standing patient - from every angle all over the body, arms, legs. torso. head, etc.

1-29-15 - DREAM - It seemed that I was in my New Berlin house.

A very dark black old woman came to see my mother and gave her an old suit which didn't want anymore.

The jacket was a ruddy reddish tweed color and it held up the neck with a wide purple tie.

Holding the tie together was a large tie tack with a large purple crystal on it.

I asked the old woman if she didn't want to keep the crystal tie tack, and said,, "No!  It goes with the suit, so I reattached the crystal tie tack to the tie and the transfer of ownership was complete.


1-30-15 - DREAM -  I was in communication with a woman on the internet with whom I had visited and listened to her music.  She let me have some coupons to buy 16 records from a magazine.

A man sat next to me to stamp the back of the coupons before I sent them in.

Unfortunately, the 16th coupon had several bees on it and I showed it to Joe and then threw it across the room to him because I didn't want to mess around with the bees and get stung.

Then I saw some little people with wide heads and very large wide oval eyes and a lot of hair and I got very uncomfortable looking at them.

and woke up.

1-30-15 - DREAM - I was working on a computer program of words, some of which sound the same in pronunciation but are different like ''witch and which'.

But the word 'travel' was on the list too.  My teacher came and said, "there should be an index at the beginning of the list so you don't have to scroll down through the whole list to see what is on the page.

The T.M's secretary, Alice came in and showed us that the program already had an index at the beginning of the page.

Following that, I started adding foods to the list that I have stored.

Then I discovered that my son Michael was adding food to his area of the kitchen cabinet and it had big cut on the bottom he had made and laid out package of yeast one by one all the way around the cabinet.

I walked away to go get Joe and when we came back, in that same space was cans of cat food.

1-30-15 - VISION -  A page of lined up playing cards came into view and the one highlighted was AG 45 and someone shouted , "NO"!

NOTE:  AG 45 is the rules for chicken egg cracking business to make liquid eggs.  We won't be doing that.



1-31-15 - This is the story of a man by the name of Barach Jones and his wife.

Each scene shows the man eating slabs of pig bacon off of a plate.  It was cooked hard in front of a tribe of Indians he was visiting.

Each year he eats a little less and of course his body is becoming more frail as the years pass.

Barach Jones dies but his wife takes over and even though her skin has become sunburned and leathery over the years, before she speaks to the tribe, she takes some kind of white paint and puts it all over her face, neck and arms and then goes to speak to the tribe like her husband has done.

The Indians are awestruck by how she has changed from brown skin to white skin and they watch her speak - awestruck in fear.

She has overcome her husband who had withered away over the years and she turned white like some kind of goddess they needed to fear and honor in some kind of way.

We see her break off a large piece of red sandstone from a large red rock and put it into her tent for a keepsake and then she leaves the scene for the Indians to talk about for years after the man - the man who ate the pig meat that they wouldn't touch.

Barach Jones and his wife became a legend to the tribe thereafter and stories about the man and woman who were dark and turned white after they ate pig..

1-31-15  DREAM  I was attempting to tell Joe's son T.J. my dream about the man Barach Jones, and it was below a large picture of a blue man.

After I woke up, I looked up my page about blue men and women.  This is it:



Now I ask you: Would loyalists like Smith build a luxury car just to spin their wheels?

“There is now talk among Ready officials about finishing 2014 with 5 million supporters and 2 million active volunteers, numbers that would likely dwarf the assets of all the GOP wannabes combined. If realized, that would be substantial And Smith estimates that Clinton Inc., including the super PACs, will cost $1.7 billion, much more than either side spent in 2012. Still, the deep pockets here could pose a real challenge to the eventual Republican nominee.

The media are already covering Hillary like a candidate, pouncing on every speech, every joke, every utterance. It’s in her interest to stay on the sidelines, officially at least, through 2014, since a two-year campaign is enough to make us sick of any candidate. But the effort now seems unofficial in name only.

Correcting the Cruz Record

This Associated Press report makes the Texas senator sound pretty bad:

“Calling their opponents Satan worshippers and savages, anti-abortion lawmakers insisted that Republican contenders keep an intense focus on social issues in the upcoming midterm elections and the 2016 presidential race… “Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican who is a favorite of the tea party, said supporters of abortion rights chant ‘Hail, Satan’ to silence their enemies.”

But it turns out Cruz was referring to what one group of protesters actually said at one event.

The AP late yesterday ran a correction:

“In some versions of a story March 12 about possible Republican presidential contenders talking about abortion, The Associated Press reported erroneously that they called abortion rights activists Satan worshippers. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said abortion rights activists had chanted ‘Hail, Satan,’ referencing a rally last year in Austin, Texas.”