JANUARY, 1992  


1-1-92 - DREAM -  I was in New Berlin, driving south on Calhoun Rd. Somebody made a comment that the only way the government would have enough power was if there was a well dug and a tunnel run under the road. When I went over that spot in the road, I determined that the government wouldn't have the power because the tunnel under the road wasn't large enough.

I was then told by a man/spouse to repack the suitcases because he had to go to a funeral. So, I removed all the black patent leather shoes from the suitcases.The shoes were all mens, down to a little boys shoes. None of the shoes were mine. The only thing I found of mine was a brown vest with a little black trim around the edge.

1-2-92 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. on the corner of Clark St. There was a round, orange UFO in the sky, way up in the clouds. It was almost invisible. Someone said that there needed to be a way to track the UFO's because they could become invisible. I told them to look at the kites that were flying overhead and the strings that went from the ground to the kites.  The kites were twirling and undulating. I told them that if they would watch the kites, they would know where the UFOs were because the UFOs followed the kites movements.

I was on 20th St. gathering things in a warehouse in a shopping cart. I saw these bolster pillows and packed them up to save them and saw that they were full of seeds to be planted and I knew that we had to store them too.

1-2-92 - DREAM - I was in a house and a Master came to the door. He wanted to come in and rest. I invited him into the livingroom. He was elderly, with white hair, slightly rounded body, wearing a light blue shirt.  I asked him if he would like to share lunch with me. He said, "Yes! But, what are you going to serve because I can't eat just anything." I said that I would make a tuna sandwich. That was all right with him. I went into the kitchen and there was no food in the refrigerator, nor in the freezer, nor in the cabinets and I had no money to buy any.  

I had to swallow my pride and tell him that I had nothing to give him.  He got up to leave and I told him that I was having dizzy spells today. He said that it was because there was an oscillation of energies today. The words he used were in some other language. Then he got a glazed look in his eyes and he put his right hand up against something that was coming up behind my left shoulder. Two of my children also did it. He said something to the "thing" behind me in another language, then put his hand down. The "thing" disappeared and so did my dizziness.

I again apologized for not being able to feed him and went back to the kitchen again to see why there was no food. I found only moldy sausage, and about a tablespoon of icecream and that was it. Then I saw that the refrigerator needed defrosting and it was iced up all the way to the electric outlet where it was melting across the plug and arcing.

It was too dark to see good, so I went to turn on a light and the switch broke off, I couldn't turn it on.

I then went through the house and saw that my husband had been working on his woodworking projects in various places and left sawdust on the floor. Instead of hollering at him later and making him all upset, I decided that I would just clean it up and say nothing.

1-3-92 - DREAM - I was headed home down a country road when I saw two men on the left. One was strangling the other. I knew that was "the strangler" and I had to get away. There was a road on the right and I headed that way as fast as I could go. The road ended up going under a bridge on a building. There was only one narrow exit and it was blocked by a monk dressed in orange. He allowed me to come into the temple courtyard where I saw many other monks dressed in orange. They were dismantling the temple piece by piece to store it for future usage.

I finally rushed home and someone was cooking oatmeal for breakfast. I knew how to cook it well, but the person cooking was thickening it with flour. When it was done, they threw torn up dollar bills into it. I was mad that they had done this and I pulled all the dollar bills out and threw them on the floor. I told them that they had better save the pieces.

When all the pieces were picked up, I also went through my father's wallet and pulled out all the bill receipts he had stored there. A man came up to me with one of them and it was for a singer at a wedding. I remembered the wedding. The singer had sounded like Andy Williams. The man asked me to look at the bill to see if it had been paid and it appeared to me that it had been even down to an extra 10% they charged to make the music faster so no one would get bored waiting around.

My father decided that he'd go down to the studio on 76th St. to make sure the bill had been paid because he wanted to use the same singer for another wedding coming up.

There was some other stuff about deciding whether to spend time laying in the sun and whether it might be dangerous and wanting to visit somebody named Ann who lived on 20th St. When I woke up, I heard the noise of a distant temple horn in my left ear.

1-7-92 - DREAM.  L.B., his wife and daughter came to visit.The next day, his wife and daughter came alone and told me that Leo had died. I hugged them to comfort them.

Note:  These people had been members of a church I belonged to in the early 1980's and I had not seen them since they moved away about 10 years earlier.

1-8-92 - ASTRAL EXPERIENCE: I was laying on the couch at 6 a.m. resting. At some point, I couldn't figure out if I was awake or asleep. My front door was wide open and the girls next door were talking and giggling, getting up for work. A door into the next apartment was open and I could hear more giggling and talking. Some people came into my apartment. One of the women was in labor and they took over my bedroom until it was time to go to the hospital. Some men came to help me arrange my plants because they were overgrown and needed watering.

Then I went into a dream and I was walking East down Wisconsin Ave., hand in hand with my little daughter. We were headed for the lake. I decided that it would be faster if we took the bus. But I had no money with me. I decided to go back home and get my money, but I didn't have my key and I couldn't remember where I lived. I was now on 9th St. by the courthouse.

My daughter and I crawled under a triangular shaped shelter put up by some window company and sat down to figure out what do do. My daughter got afraid because she saw some black and white dogs coming. I looked and the dogs were mostly white, but big. The second one was all white except for a pale grey ruff and she had come looking for her little puppy which was right by our door.

Some women came along who I had known in the past. One of them carried a rental agreement signed by me. She was so happy to see me that she introduced me to her friends.

Then I was told that I was by Old St. Mary's church. There was some kind of doings going on right behind me with a clown and a lot of people. I heard some bells ring, then the people all left and there was a pile of jewelry left behind right next to me in the grass. There was diamond encrusted crosses, necklaces made of hundreds of pearls and gold. People handed them to me and my daughter.

1-9-92 - DREAM - I went to a dance and H.P. and his wife were there. His wife went to lay down and take a nap, so he was dancing with me. We danced so close, he was rubbing on me, and then we did a dance where he and I were doing a series of twirls with each other and then with another couple. I t was like a two step. Then the band took a break and all the older women took their estrogen pills.  I didn't want anyone to know that I took one. The water was so cold, we had to let it sit a minute to warm up a little. The dancing was so romantic, I really enjoyed myself.

1-9-92 - DREAM - My Grandson Steven came to work with his Dad (My son Ken) He came right up to me past all the other people to show me his new book of fire trucks. We went through the book with him pointing at pictures. His Dad left and then Steven came up to me to show me had had a dirty diaper. I took him into the bathroom to wash him up and he loved the bathtub, but then he climbed out of the tub and into the crib and was surrounded by all kinds of books which I had to remove to get to him, so I could put his new diaper on.

1-11-92 - DREAM - I dreamed there was a big garbage scandal with kickbacks  The money involved some police dealings. There were bomb threats and some very prominent people were involved and ultimately arrested.

1-11-92 - DREAM - I was moving from my New house to the east side. I had tried to keep it secret but eventually found out about it. I was in a quandary as to what to do with the curtains. They were not usable as they were, but I couldn't bear to throw them away, so I was going to save the good portions of them to make doll clothes.

1-12-92 - DREAM - I was praised for doing a good job on supervising the construction of a sidewalk and garage on a property and awarded with a contract to supervise the building of another sidewalk and garage. I knew then that I could do that for a living if I wanted to.

1-13-92 - DREAM I was presented with the ideal dinner. Sliced turkey breast, green beans, and cauliflower.

1-13-92 - DREAM - I was in the country in a house on a hill looking over an area of grass and trees. A woman came to the door and offered me a fresh peach to eat which I did. The next time I looked out the door, I realized I was at my Dad's lake cottage and he had cemented over the entire lot so he wouldn't have to cut lawn or rake leaves. There was a lot of men out in the yard looking at it and going next door to lay new sod. I realized that I was going to have to pull up all the concrete and plant grass and trees.

1-13-92 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. A tall man dressed in black came to the door. He said he was some kind of electrical inspector. He had a piece of metal like a thin lightening rod and he did something with it by an electrical plug. He left and then another man came to the door to warn me about a guy who was pretending to be a fake electrical inspector. I saw the tall man in black accompanied by a woman in black going from house to house. I didn't want to admit that he had already been to my house and that I had let him in.

1-18-92 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. The house next door was being remodeled. In the process, some of it had to be torn down in order to rebuild it. Some of it put pressure against my house in the process. I was afraid that my house wouldn't be able to withstand it, but I was assured by the workers that it would.

My own house, in the livingroom was being rewired to accommodate a whole new living quarters including a new kitchen. The workmen showed me where the plugs were to make sure that when I plugged things in that I didn't plug anything into the wrong outlets, especially the kitchen appliances. All the plugs were covered over with tape yet, but were ready to be used. I  made sure that there was room for my computer and there was and I asked them to make sure there was a plug for the organ that I planned to buy and they said that there would be.

1-18-92 - DREAM - I was planning to move west and I had everything packed and ready to go. I was going to just disappear and no one would know where I went.  Suddenly everyone in the family decided to go too. Nobody would have jobs and we'd all have to find jobs when we got there, but we weren't worried about that part because we'd all take care of each other.

Suddenly the plans changed and no one was going but me again.Then the plans changed again after everything was unpacked and put away and we had to pack everything a second time.

I was ready to go and waiting in my 16th St. house for everyone to pack their things. Someone was cooking breakfast for 19 people. Each person was getting rice, but each person wanted it cooked a different way. In order to do that, the cook set out a big pan on the stove and separated each person's rice and cooked each person's serving separately, but in trying please everyone, he succeeded in pleasing none.

In the meantime, I was with my spouse and we were walking step in step with each other and even though I knew that people would talk about us because we had been separated a long time, that we would live together. But we would live together, but separate within the house. Nobody would know that but us.

1-19-92 - DREAM - I was moving into a big old house with some other people. It was run by an older woman. the outside of the house was painted blue, but the woman had two big spaces changed on the side of the house when she had huge gold letters put up...CO - ED.  I said to her that I didn't realize that she was going to have a daily live-in school. She answered that it was illegal, but she had made special arrangements so that she could have her school and still be legal. On the second floor, I had two offices, one of them was strictly for Conscious Development (a metaphysical group I belonged to) and religion, and the other was for my other writings and projects.

Downstairs, I was still working for A-C purchasing. I looked through some of the file cabinets on the first floor. Two drawers were full of 33 1/3 size records from earlier years. Another one was full of spice containers that people had sent to the woman. I checked them carefully and saw bugs in the containers, so I pulled them all out to dump the spices and wash the containers so they could be refilled with fresh spices. My first priority was going to be to go through the whole filing cabinets to see what was in them and update them.  One shelf had huge brown binders on it, but they were empty.

1-19-92 - DREAM - We were all on a train going north. All the shades were pulled down so we could sleep on the way. Unfortunately, when we woke up, we were getting into deeper and deeper water and I got afraid and felt like I needed to stop the train and go back.

1-20-92 - DREAM - We were going down a forest road with big machinery. We had to make a left turn and a glass vehicle was crushed at the turn. There was no way to avoid it.

1-21-92 - DREAM (My son Tom's dream)  Tom was standing out on the lawn in New Berlin. He was looking up at the dark night sky and there was a brilliant star overhead. It started to streak across the sky and as it did, it split into 5 bright lights and these went in 5 different directions, then each of those 5 brilliant lights split off into 5 more brilliant lights that went streaking across the sky.

1-21-92 - DREAM #2 - ( My son Tom's dream) Tom was sitting in a dark room with some other people. There was no action prior to that, so it just began in the dark. He did not know who these people were nor where he was. But he did know that an event was coming that was going to take all the air away and that they would all probably die.

1-23-92 - DREAM - I made a trip with some other people up north on a train. We took pictures of rock formations and clouds of many different kinds, of leaves and trees and flowers and fields.  Each one was beautiful and unique. We were headed towards a huge school which seemed to be a university.

A whole group of men, dressed in beige rain and shine clothes tried to abduct me. I escaped by getting into a big crowd of students. They were trying not to be obvious by playing golf on the lawn and meanwhile trying to get closer to me. I managed to get away the first time. Then I went downtown and bought a whole new wardrobe, including 3" high heeled shoes. Now, I also was wearing a beige rain and shine coat. I was trying to cross the busy city street and these same men, all wearing beige rain and shine coats accosted me on the street corner. I was minding my own business, watching the policeman directing traffic who was wearing a black trench coat.

The man surprised me when he got right in front of me and said, "Good Morning Mrs. Murphy". I was surprised that he could possibly know my name until I realized that there was a name tag with the name Murphy sewn onto the top edge of the chest handkerchief pocket on the front of my coat.

I managed to get away from these men again by linking arms with the man who was walking to my immediate left. Hew as also wearing a beige rain and shine coat. He was shorter than I because I was wearing such high heeled shoes. He looked like Perry Como with white hair. We walked around the block together arm in arm. He accused me of walking too fast, but I assured him that I actually wasn't walking faster than him, I just had to take smaller steps than him because of my high heeled shoes to keep up with him.

When we got around the block, we were back at the school. We had to walk under a stone archway together.

A woman's voice called down from one of the windows to come upstairs to be safe with her.

I wondered at first how she could know who I was, then I realized that she had been my counselor previously and could be again.  The man was still walking with me arm in arm, but I can't remember what happened next and I woke up.

1-22-92 - DREAM - I was with Edward and I wanted to make love to him. I was the aggressor and he was play-acting like a child being accosted. I even had to undress him. He accused me of learning new sex lessons while I had been gone. I knew I had, but I didn't want to admit it. He said he needed 4 pillows to prop himself up and I gave him mine and got him settled down. I started kissing his right leg at the knee going higher and higher. He was shaking like a leaf like a kid who had never had sex before. I saw that he had two penises, a left and a right. I was going to use the right one and ignore the left one. He was shaking so hard as I was kissing his leg...I woke up.

1-25-92 - DREAM - I was living in a small town with my family. We were expecting guests and I had to clean the house. I was working on this when an old man and his wife came to the door and asked to use the bathroom. He brought in with him, 3 bags of cookies, each one different and still hot from the bakery. He put the bags on the table and went to the bathroom. He and his wife ate some cookies and I think some of my kids did too, because there wasn't a lot left.

I went about my business of cleaning and my old boss D.L. came in and asked me if I had seen the wedding that afternoon. I told him that I hadn't. He asked me if I would tape it for him because it would be on the evening news. I agreed to do it even though I felt extremely harassed by that time.

I had missed dinner trying to get the house clean and everyone else was done. So, I had had nothing to eat all afternoon. I was starving, but I still had work to do.

The old man was now trying to bag up the remaining cookies and my boss said, "Why don't you help the old man."

I really felt harassed by now, but agreed to do so. I got some new baggies out and began to rebag the cookies. I just put them in the bags any old way and the bags poofed out on the bottom

I thought to myself, "I really could have done a better job of it."

Then the old man said, "Would you mind packing them tall and narrow like this?" and showed me a bag of cookies he had bagged himself and the cookies were stacked neatly and the bag was tall and narrow.

I felt extremely harassed by now. I looked at the clock and it was quarter to six. I put the tape into the VCR so I wouldn't miss taping the wedding on the news.

I saw that everything else in the house was getting back out of control and the house wouldn't be perfectly cleaned up for the guests, but if the old man wanted his cookies bagged tall and narrow, that's the way I would do it.

So, I took out a new baggie to pack the cookies in and then I saw that despite all the cookies that had been eaten and all the cookies that I had already packed, the original bag of cookies the old man had given me to repack had now been refilled to over it's capacity and was almost running over.

I looked up at the old man and the realization came to me, with accompanying feelings of guilt that I had treated the man not as a first class guest, but rather as a harassment of an intruder, and that this old man was God.

1-26-92 - MEDITATION:  I was raising my vibrations and I could see three main characters...A woman laying down, either meditating or in bed, a man on her left doing the same thing, and a man standing in front of the woman, had his hands on her throat, preventing her from speaking.  There were many people in the background going about their business.  Finally, the man on the woman's left got up and chased away the standing man who was strangulating his companion, and she was able then to get up and speak.

1-29-92 - MEDITATION - Astral Level -  A woman said, "It's all my fault, it's all my fault, You'll be surprised to know that I caused all this."  (She was wearing a dirty pink sweater, almost down to her knees and black slacks beneath it.)