1-1-93 - DREAM - I was living in a huge house. My old friend Terry was coming to live with me. I hadn't seen her for a long time. I wanted to give her a big hug when I saw her and I had expectations of what she was going to look like. When the door was opened, I was shocked. She was big, fat, and heavy and had dyed her hair blonde. I hugged her and welcomed her, but I could hardly believe it was her. She was wearing a yellow dress.

My house wasn't big enough for her to bring all her own belongings, so I asked her what she wanted to bring with her. She wanted to bring a big set of shelves to put books on. That was okay with me.

Then to my dismay, my husband said he was leaving. He had joined the National Guard and they were being called up and sent to Guam.

I was doing some cleaning. I went outside to wash a big pan. Some black women were walking by. They said they would give the same respect to white people that they received.


1/2/93 - DREAM - The dream started out in New Berlin. My house was being added onto and remodeled. My Father and My Aunt Cora were there. My Father was looking for an old orange motor I remembered throwing away because it was so old, but he had saved it in a big metal suitcase. We were all looking for it, hoping it would show up, but I knew I had disposed of it. I didn't want him to know that, so I was pretending to look for it too.

I must have run away from home because I was now looking for an apartment to rent, a place for 4 women. We would share a house  and have a common kitchen. The problem was, we would have to rent one big room. I figured we could fit in one couch one chair, a table with 4 chairs and either two double beds or 4 single ones. We would have to give up or store most of our belongings because we would have to live with just the bare essentials. There was not much room for each person. I knew the one room we were looking at was awfully small for all that. We girls were all strangers to each other too.

I decided to look at the rest of the house. I found another room that was 4 times as large as the previous one and hoped we could afford it. Then I saw it, my dream room. It was like a huge bay window. The walls were all glass, just newly put in and it looked southeast towards Milwaukee and I could see Lake Michigan off in the distance. I got all excited and told everyone that was my bedroom, though I knew there would be no privacy. I would just put my bed there and dress and eat, etc. elsewhere in the house.

Having decided that, I went downstairs and outside to find the others and talk about the possibility of living int his house.

There was no men around, only women of various ages. The women all talked like they had husbands elsewhere, but there were none of them in the area.

Then I found out that one of the girls we had planned to share a room with, was a spy and she was actually looking for a place for her and a boyfriend. I heard her talking about "Peace" to a slightly retarded woman and she was urging her to come with her, so she could show her an example of what Peace should be like.

I followed after them just to see what she was talking about and when I turned the corner, she was trying to convince the retarded woman to get in a garbage truck so she could show her what Peace was and then dispose of her.

I and the retarded woman ran and hid from her and joined some other women on a street corner at the intersection because she wouldn't dare harm anyone when we were in a group.

The women began to disburse then to go home and think about whether we wanted to live together. I began to panic because I didn't want to be alone and started to run to get far away from the woman. As I started to run, I observed that the things I saw in the distance were actually getting farther away. I observed that it seemed like it was just a movie screen backdrop and not real at all. I said "God have Mercy, god have Mercy" and then felt ashamed for saying it out loud, then laughed and said, "My wife would approve of a statement like that."  At that moment, I felt masculine, knew that I had a wife somewhere and I as now in the future as suddenly I realized that what I was running towards had become real and I was running forward towards it. I exclaimed, "Now I'm in real time."

I ran through some fenced lanes where there were intensive gardening systems set up to feed a lot of people, then I was in the city and there was nothing standing but old bombed out structures. There was nothing burnable in sight in any direction, only stark concrete remainders of buildings where people had once worked in and lived in. I was amazed to see this.

I went to one big building that had been closed in and it was a museum of things from the old days and what they were looking as 100 or more years old, and it was what we lived with now.


1-3-93 - DREAM - I was helping to design a home shelter, and school for displaced people out of a bombed cathedral. the costs for the 1st month was $200,000, most of that for clothes for the people who had nothing. All the men were conscripted to serve in the army and had to have new uniforms, all the little girls had to have new dresses. ( I didn't see what we got the women and boys).

The men's shelter was going to be set up in the cathedral itself out of partitions like in new offices where the walls are only head high, a small section for each man to put his things into.

The people had many varied talents and were not dumb, they just had no place to live and no place to go, so we were going to provide everything for them.


1-3-93 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house and went upstairs into a closet and retrieved two brand new Barbie dolls. One was made in 1989 and was dated. One had the new thicker waist than the others. It as determined that I should save these dolls because they would be worth something one day.  (Barbie dolls collectors have it made. Dolls I used to see 20 years ago and sold for $1.29 are now worth over $200)


1-3-93 - DREAM - I was with my husband and kids in a car. We were riding along and I wanted to read a couple of small signs along the road. So he backed up and went too far and rolled backwards down into a ditch. We managed to get out okay, but when he drove out again, to avoid hitting an oncoming car, he turned alongside the road and hit a parked car, which hit another parked car and then another. My daughter and I tried to duck down so nobody would recognize us, but in order to get out of there, we had to go through a narrow lane and many people jumped out in front of us and pointed rifles at us.

I knew we weren't going anywhere real soon so I was admiring the women's hairdos, which were long, sleek and curly. I thought we'd fit right in with these people because of that because my hair was the same.


1-6-93 - DREAM - I was in a car which was in my garage and the wiring on the ignition. On the floor of the car was a large shallow box full of water and a large amount of nuts and bolts which had to be sorted out. My baby was on the floor next to he box of water and all of a sudden I saw that she was chewing on a wire that was connected to the ignition of the car.

I started screaming at the man who was working on the ignition. "Stop the car, stop the car," knowing that if he turned the key to start it, she would be jolted and would fall face first into the box of water. There was a word connected with this action and I remember seeing it was Allillia, but my mind wants it to come out Allepidepia, which means she would be or become or not be able to come a butterfly.

I no sooner stopped screaming when the baby got up and sleeping into a huge white bathtub full of blue water and sank tot he bottom. There was soap suds on top so I couldn't see the baby and I couldn't swim either under the water, so I began screaming again to save the baby. The man who was working on the ignition of the car, dove in and saved the baby. I still had to go back and sort out all those nuts and bolts.


1-6-93 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house nd school was about to begin. My daughter hand't even combed her hair yet and the bus was coming at 8:30 a.m. for classes that began at 12:30 p.

I told her she had better hurry and get her hair combed, I was going to dress the baby. We went upstairs and went to the bedroom to get the babies clothes - then took the clothes and the baby to my Father's room to dress her. What I held in my hands was a white baby bunting with jeweled pins at the neck, set with diamonds. There were two of them and I had set the jewels in myself.


1-6-93 - ZYGON MEDITATION - I saw myself in a huge underground garage-like area.  I was standing by an open doorway at one end by a stairway going up and I was watching up the stairs to make sure no one would come down it to cause trouble or hurt me. Suddenly, the ramp door opened at the far end and I saw a man walking down the ramp. I immediately felt threatened and endangered.


1-6-93 - MEDITATION WITHOUT TAPE - I saw myself slam the garage door down right in the face of the man in the previous scene.


1-6-93 - MEDITATION -ZYGON - I was in a room with a large amount of people. I asked for the leader to stand up. Within each group of 5 people, one stood up. I asked them all to step forward and come together.


1-8-93 - DREAM - I was sailing a crystal clear balloon type sailing boat against the wind going west up Grange Ave. towards New Berlin. There was a strong wind going East and it was difficult sailing against the wind but I was making it. Finally the wind got so strong it stopped my progress altogether and I had to give up and I let the wind turn my sail around and I laid it down on somebody's lawn. I went to a house on top of a hill and asked if I could use their phone or if they could call for me to ask my husband to come to get me. Instead they came down the hill to try to right my sail for me. By the time we got back to where the sail was laying down, a group of women had surrounded me and said they would take me to Texas. I was planning to become a nun. Suddenly we were in  Texas on the way to an awards banquet for doing as well as I had against all odds.


1-8-93 - DREAM - I was with my family in a tavern and there was a piano there. I thought it would be nice to play the song, so I did. It was a hymn in a minor key with 3 or 4 flats. The piano became an organ and I played the song slowly tot he end and the last note hung in the air, sounding like a long Amen. And as the last note died out, the head bartender pulled the plug or shut off the switch and turned on the jukebox music.

My husband was drinking with the other people and I didn't want to, so I turned to leave and go home. I noticed I didn't have any shoes on. A pair of black shoes were there so I slipped them on and started to leave, but my husband suddenly went to a locker and started grabbing stuff out of it.

I got kind of panicky that he was ending our marriage because I didn't want to drink and was going home, but when I got to the locker, he and my son were pulling out stored railroad track and there were complicated connections where trains come together and are switched from track to track according to their destination. they were going to set this up and they pulled it all out of storage.


1-9-93 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee at Franklin Park on Teutonia Ave. We were making preparations for a banquet to come later. I was accumulating items needed and were putting together a glass container full of what looked like blue straws. These straws (for lack of a better word) had to be inserted into this glass in a certain time-frame because there was an explosion set to go off on the 4th of July.

At the end I was told I should throw away some roses I.R. had given me. But I pulled them out of the water and small roots had grown, so I refused to dispose of them and put them back into the water, because I could replant them and have a pretty rose bush after he was gone.


1-9-93 - DREAM - My whole family went out west for a dinner gathering. We were either in California or Washington. All of the relatives were there including my deceased Mother-in-law. She came out after others had left and I cleared space for her at the table.

The phone rant and it was my son Tom. It was 7 p.m. and he had jut arrived back home. He had left in order to avoid a storm that was headed that way. I tried to figure out how he had gotten home so fast and going through two time zones was the only reasonable answer.

Tom said he hadn't gotten into his house yet. He was waiting for a locksmith and he said his address was 421 W. Plainfield.

I and my husband decided to head for home too to avoid the storm. We got there so fast, I figured that I must have slept through most of the trip. My last memory was of crossing a bridge.

I knew I was going to upset people as I was walking towards 16th St., I was bringing two people with me. They were both alcoholics and I was going to rehabilitate them.

I told my husband to call his mother even though it was about 11 p.m. just so she'd know we got home safely.


1-10-93 - DREAM - I was living/working in a big office/apartment building. I had read in the newspaper that a woman had been murdered and no clues to it were known. Now 4 more women had been murdered. Everyone was full of grief and anguish. I knew I could provide clues and information for these people but no one knew I was psychic. I decided I would call one of the younger men to my office and broach the subject to him, so I invited him over to have coffee.

In the meantime, I had to clean up my apartment so I could have guests, decided how much I wanted to charge or if I was going to start off giving a free service in certain cases.

The man finally came over but he got interrupted before I could tell him anything and he had to leave, but he invited me to come over to his place and talk to him, so I agreed to do so.  

I then saw a sheet of paper that had a list of charges for what I did, and each job was for $20. There was a also a book listed on the right side that I was supposed to read that I had to get yet so I could provide this psychic service for people.


1-10-93 - DREAM - I was in an office/apartment, the floors were covered in blue carpet. There were little crumbs of something all over the floor and kitchen table which I had to vacuum up and wipe off before I could do anything. A meeting or dinner was to be held. The phone rang and T.M. was on the phone to discuss preparations and he got interrupted and someone else got on the line.


1-11-93 - DREAM - I was traveling by car with my family and enjoying the scenery. We were shown some photographs a man took. Everyone was saying how shocking they were. I looked at the. Each photo was like a miniature TV set with continuous movement of people dressed in very conservative rainbow colored bathing suits. I commented that I could understand their upset had these people been nude, but they were all well-covered. We went on then and stopped at a fall forest scene with dried leaves between the trees on the ground. We sat down and looked over a small lake and I commented how it was similar to my Father's place only our lake was bigger and not built up with such large houses.

We then went on and stopped at a small store so the kids could go potty and we bought snacks. I, myself, ate small pieces of banana.


1-12-93 - DREAM - I was in my house and i had it pretty clean. I turned around and there were so many toys on the floor I could hardly walk through the house. I proceeded to pick them all up and I no sooner had got them all picked up and the children had them 1/2 out again all over the floor. I got angry and made them pick them all up again and when I went to the pantry. I found myself behind the refrigerator which had no back on it. I saw to my dismay that 4 cabbages were growing out of the back and up the side of the wall. So, I cleaned them out and thought maybe I could grow those in the garden so they'd be edible.

I heard a siren (probably went by outside my apartment). We all ran to the front window to see where it went, but couldn't so I went back to my own room farther over where we could see further.

But when I got there, I saw that the front railing was broken in  two places. I asked my Father to fix it before some one got hurt. He said he didn't have time. I told him it was important to do it right away before someone fell off the porch and died. I picked up my baby who had gold eyes. I was determined to leave the house and go elsewhere until it was fixed.


1-13-93 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house and got a telephone call from Alice's daughter Nancy. I asked her what she wanted to do wit her life. She said a German word that sounded like Ein and Zwanzig. At the moment I didn't understand what she was talking about, but I repeated it to a man dressed in a brown suit sitting in an overstuff chair, hoping he could tell me what it meant. Suddenly it came to me. She wanted to be Ein and Zwanzig = 21.


1-13-93 - DREAM - T.M. and I were building a new house on a hill and we knew that it had to have extra pilings under it, to make sure that it didn't sink into any mud around the area.

My young sons were there. There had been heavy rains earlier and there were mud flats around the perimeter that had not solidified yet. We were waiting for it to settle and dry before walking on it, but my son decided he wasn't going to wait and took a step forward and was instantly over his head in t mud.

He bounced right up and hung on the edge. I hollered at him, "What did you do that for? You knew better than that!"

He just gave me an "i'm sorry I didn't wait!" look. I looked over to the left and saw one of my babies laying face down in the muddy water. I wanted to go rescue it, but for some reason I didn't, I just worried about it. There was nothing I could do. At that point, I knew that 21 people at my apartment building were going to die.

NOTE:  In one year I had to go to our elderly building and find 8 dead bodies of people who had died during the night. That was a really bad year.


1-14-93 - MEDITATION - There was some activity between my son Tom and a couple of women. At the end, a young woman jumped into his lap and put her arms around his neck.


1-14-93 - DREAM - My son Tom had  new wife and decided to fight for custody of the kids against Becky because they deserved to know that someone cared about them.

NOTE: knowing what I know about this situation, all I can say is 'OH PULLEEEEZZEEEEE!!!!!


1-16-93 - DREAM - My new Berlin home remodeling was completed. The walls were yellow and all the window openings were screened in so bugs couldn't get in. My brother john came to visit. I offered him coffee and he accepted. When I filled the pot with water, I also rinsed off two muskmelons. I was cleaning the bathtub. Someone had painted the bottom blue and there were yellow water stains on the sides. I removed both so the tub was pure white.

Someone called on the phone to as if the house was for sale. I told her it was only a rental property.


1-17-93 - DREAM - I was job hunting in a newspaper that had WAUKESHA COUNTY at the top. The print was blue. Many ads had blueprints on them.  Two friend came into my apartment. Terry said she was going to the grocery store and asked what I wanted. What immediately came to mind was what I usually got.

NOTE: I had to go job hunting in Waukesha County in 1996.  I did get the job.


1-18-93 - ZYGON MEDITATION - I called Christ, Babaji and the teacher. I asked about the white book of magic.  

I heard all the parties involved and saw them laughing and hanging on each other's necks and jovial with each other like they were all best friends.

Q. I asked if the book was good or bad.

I saw a man with what looked like a thick computer disk about 4 times his size and about 4" thick on the floor. The man was looking for an opening to the disc and a circular opening occurred behind him and blew out smoke and flame in an explosive type emission. It made him jump. I heard a voice say, "Clues will be coming from many directions!"

Q. I asked if T.M should use the magic wand. I saw three men in robes sitting in a semi-circle smiling. A monk, with shiny head was in the center.

I saw a person run and hide behind a curtain. a voice said, "The word was not meant to be revealed."

Q. I asked if T.M. should use the magic book.

I saw a door to the attic open and close again quickly. A voice said, "You can ask that question all afternoon if you want to.

Q. Does that mean that T.M. should not use the magic book?

A. the voice said, "That's exactly what it means!"


1-18-93 - ZYGON MEDITATION - As I was raising my vibrations, a door to the room opened and a whole group of people came in. Donna L. from A-C was one of them. A lady in a brilliant green suit was the last one to come in right behind D. L. and she stopped to shake hands with me and introduce herself.


1-19-93 - DREAM - My brother-in-law Lambert died. The ground was too hard to bury him. They took pictures of him dead, in various poses and laying in his casket. I looked at the photos. His mouth was open a little showing his teeth. Then they closed the casket and put him in the attic. It unnerved me to have the body up there. I kept expecting him to come back down by itself.

There was a huge chipmunk there. I killed it and skinned the front leg and ate the meat raw. Them I got unnerved and couldn't continue and couldn't even touch the body. So my son Tom took care of it, cut off the head, made it loo cute, tied a red ribbon around the neck and placed it in a dresser drawer so it looked up at you when you opened the drawer.

We had to change clothes then to go visit a relative. I didn't particularly want to go and when I went upstairs, I had trouble with my stockings and couldn't  get them back on.


1-20-93 - DREAM - T.M. and I were in the basement of our house working on the laundry together. T.M. was working on the water lines to make sure they were hooked up properly and I loaded the machine with white towels that had basic colored designs on them in geometric shapes. T.M. was going to set the machine on automatic, but I put it on manual until I as certain it was working properly.

I then went over to the food table. The dogs had pulled all the various meats unto the floor and devoured parts of them especially the pork and beef. I retrieved what was suitable to eat yet and put it back on the table to be washed off and served again.

It was time to go to school. We were studying subjects in the K & S sections of the index. Studying accounting math. I didn't want to be late but I didn't have time to change clothes. I was wearing a yellow dress over a blue dress and was putting on white shoes. I straightened out my clothes and my hair and I was ready to go.


1-21-93 - DREAM - I was in my house. In the bedroom I had two large green dressers. My husband thought that green dressers weren't suitable and wanted to get new furniture. Some people were moving in next door, so I was watching to see what furniture they had. They also had two green dressers. I pointed that out to my husband and then I began painting the floor green also, brush stroke by brush stroke.

The phone rang and a man said he needed his car opened and he was at Mayfair. He gave the address as 224 North. I told him that Mayfair was at 2400 North and when I said that, I was there writing down the name of the owner of the hite car. Her name was Robin. She was dark haired and thin. She sat on the couch with me and told me I should dress up for work.

I was wearing a pink top, blue jeans and indigo socks and I had had white shoes on. I said, "It doesn't make any difference what I wear because nobody sees me, so I don't care what I wear." She said it did make a difference what I wear, because it affected me personally.

As I woke up, I thought of Robin O. It looked just like her.

NOTE:  Robin O. passed away from a self-inflicted gun shot. I don't know when this happened however.


1-22-93 - DREAM - I was developing cancer of the lower spine and it would be detected in 29 days. When I was told that I stood up and my back was just starting to ache at the base of the spine.

NOTE: I don't have cancer of the spine, however, I do have an injury in that area which causes me to have pain if I stand too long in one place.


1-24-93 - DREAM - I was just starting a job at A-C. I had worked there before and was now coming back. Somebody found my old brown files and brought them to me. I was putting them into a large desk file drawer. I looked at some of the papers and they were all dated 1989.  (I left there in 1984)

A man in the office needed some information on a periodical and I wrote it down in yellow. I explained how we used to have a periodical department which had subscriptions to all the old newsletters and periodicals, then it photographed ll the pages and put the photos on microfilm.

Then they told me that the information they wanted was on a 3 x 5 index card. I told them they'd never find it.

A delivery person brought up a belated birthday present from the lobby desk. It was from a shirttail relative. I looked at the name but can't remember it, but I think the return address was Watertown.

Money was attached by a ribbon to the outside brown paper wrapping. When I opened it, inside were 3 huge square cookies and 3 smaller chocolate frosted ones. I divided them up to give them to my friends.

Then Tom showed up with a huge pile of Christmas presents from other people a new TV set.


1-23-93 - DREAM - I was going to A-C to do some work. I ended up going in a garage warehouse where old things were kept. in the corner was a huge elephant ear plant and its companion about 1/2 it's size; a different kind of planet with many more smaller leaves that were yellowing and dying off. I told the man there that I could save the plant and I got a couple of plastic bags to go get water in because their was no containers of any kind around that I could carry water in. I was just about to go down to the lake to get the water when two people showed up wearing dirty blue flannel shirts with smears of black grease on the sleeves. While I watched, they deliberately rubbed their sleeves in more black grease, then they told me they would show me the way to the mountain and tried to drag me towards it. I had to water those plants to keep them from dying, so I angrily yelled at them, "I'm not going to the mountain, I'm going to the lake."


1-23-93 - DREAM - There were two plants that needed to be watered, one being twice as big as the other. I was told that I should water them so they wouldn't die. I immediately went to get he water and I did water them.


1-23-93 - DREAM - There were two records, one twice as big as the other, and I was told to clean them and save them. I immediately did so.


Astral experience :  My telephone rang in my head and a man told me that I needed to water the two plants, one of which was twice as big as the other. I immediately did so. His final words were: "Delafield won't be with us long." and the phone went dead.


1-24-93 - DREAM - A man was hired to clean the basement. His criteria was, he had to start at exactly mid point in the year.  June -


1-24-93 - DREAM - A man who looked like Don DeLuise was hired to clean the house. He had to start exactly at mid-month.


1-24-93 - DREAM - A man who looked like President _______ said we were to cook rice two days earlier. (the 13th) and eat it for two days and not cohabitate with the opposite sex for those two days.


1-24-93 - DREAM - I was at North Division High School. There were all sorts of attractions between the men and women, but there was to be no physical contact. This prohibition made the attractions and desires even more exciting.

We spent the night there, sleeping on cots in tiny little rooms. NO meals were allowed to be with us. Unfortunately, male attendants were hired to provide room service during this highly sexually charged time and it was a test of a person's mettle to resist all advances.

I recall looking at my body lying on the bed and doing physical exercises and seeing how beautiful I was and a male attendant had to stand there and watch me.

It was a highly charge situation.

I saw L. K. walking down the hall. She was wearing only a full length see-thru body suit. everyone was laughing about her 'smile" - the figure made at crotch level Y where the legs join the body.


1-25-93 - DREAM - I was at North Division High school. I was in charge of directing a choir and orchestra and they were rehearsing special music I wrote for a visiting dignitary. We were also cleaning and constructing new quarters for this person. We only had 13 days to finish because the Nissan Iyotolah was coming.


1-25-93 - DREAM - I had a dream within a dream that I was in Israel and saw men driving cats down the road with bird cages on them and in the bird cages were big artificial vultures, the physical representative of the Almighty Shakl. They carried these cages with them as a means of worship. In that dream, I was told to look it up in the book of Micah - Chapter 13. I saw a man die in the road and two other men in succession went up to the body, listened for a heartbeat and hearing none, went through his pockets.

I woke up in the dream and looked it up in the bible to see if it was true and it was.

I then went around my house cleaning the basement and directing my children to do the same. I put my daughter on punishment for a long time. She had to sit in a chair and do nothing because she wasn't doing what she was supposed to.

I was checking a manila folder for the plans I had made, because an important visitor was expected.

I then went to my own room and began discarding everything that didn't belong to me. I packed up a d VCR and some other electronic gadget to take to Radio shack for repair, figuring they would comment on how rough I am on my toys.

NOTE: There are only 7 chapters in the book of Micah.


1-26-93 - DREAM - I was being driven to Port Townshend to pick up my new car and from there I was going to accompany T.M. to see Mary V. who lived not far away to the east or north a few miles.


1-26-93 - DREAM - I was at home and one of my husband's friends had a big help wanted ad with a 1-800 numbers on it. He was trying to find out where it was without calling the number. I told him I had an 800 number book and proceeded to look for it. Because it is so thick, I had stored it with all the other thick books under my bed and I looked at all those for content many esoteric and dream collections. One book was a series of pages of phone numbers staring with 508 . I said it was the companion book tot he 800 numbers. The pages were all xeroxed - bad copies all dark with Xerox ink.

The ad had a V on it with some other symbol in the V. I told him I wouldn't interfere with him applying for the job, obviously had job openings. I never did find the 800# book.


1-27-93 - DREAM - I had the conversation with my boss Paul that I wanted to have with him about not hiring the maintenance man because of his drinking and his loyalty to his own building before ours.

I then told him that I wished someone would will me $500,000 for new clothes.

He and I had obviously slept together and were in our underwear. I found a yellow shirt to wear that said Happy New Year all over it, and a choice of 3 brown blouses which I had to iron first and dark brown panty hose. Then as I walked to work, going west on Center St., the clothes I wore all had the tags on them and I told another girl that I was going to start a new fad.


1-27-93 - DREAM - I was at A-C. I got on the elevator to go up, but a fireman got on and started feeding a hose onto the elevator to go to a fire in the building. He was very nonchalant. I thought they'd make me get off the elevator, but they didn't and I volunteered to help pull the hose onto the elevator. I was so slow, I told them it would take all day to do it. Finally, the hose on the elevator, we descended to the basement. the door opened and we asked the people if anyone reported a fire. No one had, so the door close and we descended into the sub-basement. The door opened and I saw what looked like smoke. We asked if someone had reported a fire. A woman said there had been a small fire on the floor. She thought it was out but she wanted a professional firefighter to check to make sure. The firefighter rushed to where she pointed.

I went over to some tables where some people had gathered for some kind of meeting. After listening a little bit, I determined that they were discussing some of the terms a Christian would use. They mentioned a couple of people's names and I said that I went to a church in Elgin, IL, and I heard the same names there. I couldn't think of the name of the church, but said it was Southern Baptist. I then came up with the names Mount Tabor, Mount Tabernacle and Mount Zion and Zion. I knew some of them were correct, but I was close. I kept thinking, it must be Peace, but I knew it wasn't.


1-30-93 - DREAM - I was in West Allis on 66th St. where my house was. There was a house burning out of control on 65th St. There was such a heavy wind blowing out of the east that the flames were blown all the way  to 66th St. and endangered my house. It was so dangerous a situation I removed all my important papers and books and lined them up on a concrete wall alongside the alley side, ready for evacuation if necessary. Fortunately, the firemen were able to put out the fire on the 5th St. house and I double checked it to make sure it was out so our house would be safe. The house on 65th St. which used to be white, was now completely blackened inside, gutted, and a lot of the outer structure was gone where it wasn't blackened by the fire.

I was amazed by this sight, so much so that I invited other people I knew to look at it and told them how the flames had blown all the way to 66th St. and endangered us. I was then able to put all my papers and books back in my house.

I then went to a church for a dinner. I was chosen to help with the 2nd grade class before the dinner. I was afraid that I had to teach them because I had no material prepared. At the last minute, a man in a blue shirt showed up who was the teacher and two other women.

I shook hands with the man and one of the women. the other woman didn't shake hands with me. She didn't want to touch anyone's hand and the people commented that I must be a friendly person because I greeted them with such a brilliant smile.

I was really happy to see them because I thought I was going to have to teach them all my myself.

A mother showed up with a Mongoloid girl. the girl was dressed all in pink, the call or of her dress sticking up in the back stiffly so it surrounded the back of her head.

My impression was that this was Wendy R and her daughter, but of course, in real life, her daughter is not Mongoloid.

The girl was trying to show her mother how much work she had accomplished, but the mother was brushed her aside, didn't really care about the girl's hard work, allowed the pages of her workbook to be carelessly crumpled, and told me that she never saved any of the girl's work.

I felt sorry for the little girl who was trying so hard to please her mother.

I was afraid I was going to be too anxious during class, so I excused myself to get my purse from the banquet table. Where my pills were. When I picked up my purse by the handle, another purse was entwined with mine. It was about 1/2 the size of mine. I didn't know who it belonged to. One of the other women called to me and invited me to have a party before class. I thought that was a nice gesture as well as a good practice, because then your stomach wouldn't growling during class and your blood sugar level wouldn't be dropping off. However I can't eat pastry and I was wondering if they might have something I could eat instead when I woke up.


1-31-93 - DREAM - I was living in my New Berlin house It was winter and I was going to cook a dish called Paella, made with beef stew meat and noodles with a whitish gravy. It was enough to feed quite a few people  It was cooking on the stove and I went outside to play with my son Bill in the snow. the snow was warm and crunchy about 3 feet deep. My son Bill took a tumble off of a snow bank and I check him over to make sure he was okay, then went back into the house to finish cooking the meal. It had to be done by March 1st.