1-5-94 - DREAM - I was with my ex-husband Ed. He was holding a boy baby on his lap, sitting up facing him. There was so much love between them. A young teenage girl was there and it was her child. She said that she wanted to sleep with Ed so he could comfort her during the night. I felt kind of depressed but understood that she had been with him before me; and it was her right to be with him.

She went and sat on Ed's lap in a chair and the chair fell over backwards and they fell on the floor. Ed got up and stood in front of me. He was shorter and younger and I told him that I thought he was taller and older than that.


1-6-94 - DREAM - I was with my daughter. She was due to have a baby in two weeks. She went into labor and it was almost constant. She said, "If I would have thought it would be this bad, I would have thought about it twice."

I told her that all signs pointed to false labor, because normal labor didn't start so fast.


1-8-94 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building. I was offered my old job back by _____ from ______ (names withheld). I moved into a room that was blue. I told her I chose that room because I like the vibes of the person who had lived there before. The room was swarming with people. I asked them all to leave so I could settle in. They left behind a whole lot of black and white puppies and kittens. I told the puppies and kittens that they could stay if they wanted to know a lot of work was ahead of me if they did. Then I closed the door to be alone.


1-13-94 - DREAM  - T.M. and I went up to the 4th floor at A-C on 70th St. T.M. pushed some buttons on a computer on the wall. The picture on the computer showed a map of the U.S. The eastern part showed people with guns indicating assassinations and civil uprising.

NOTE: Several things have happened that would fit this category, but the closest thing to this is the airplane bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, and airplane bombing of the Pentagon, and someone sending anthrax laced letters all over the East Coast during the ensuing months, which they think was an American..


1-23-94 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. We were having dinner. There was a man sitting two seats to my right. He had a big face. He acted as thought he liked me, but he didn't like the food I was eating. I had mashed potatoes on my plate. He told me that they were too dry. The woman on my left told me that she thought he was good looking.

I left the dinner table and went out the front door. I walked around to the alley and walked up a green carpet where lawn would have been next to the house. My son was at the back of the house coughing violently. Then he got the hiccups. I picked him up to pat his back.  The big faced man came out of the yard and tried to take my son from me, saying, "The reason he is coughing and hiccuping is from overeating."  I struggled with the man to keep my son. I wasn't about to let him go. The big faced man finally stopped trying to take my son, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and left.

NOTE: After I woke up, I identified him as Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker.


1-23-94 - VOICE - "The wires of Rushdie and Spearo (Spiro) are crossed.


1-26-94 - DREAM - R.R. was living in the apartment next to me - 310F. To be friendly I got into bed with him. The bed had a red quilt on top. He didn't have a top on and I laid my head on his chest for a pillow. Then a little boy and a little girl came into the room. R. got up to tend to them and left me in the bed alone. He wouldn't come back because the children were there.


1-28-94 - DREAM - I and some relatives went to an amusement park. Everyone wanted to go on the roller coaster because it was so scary. I agreed to go on the ride and we did. Everyone whose has ever been on one knows that initial heart stopping fear at the drop off point when you are going straight down face first. We did the ride and it was an incredible experience. You didn't have to get off at the end but could stay on and go around again. Everyone wanted to do it again and I agreed to do it with them. The car began lurching up the initial hill. I was busy tucking in sharp pointed objects like my umbrella and pens and pencils. I had a large looseleaf notebook and tucked that between my knees. Meanwhile the voice of a man over the loudspeaker was giving the hype about the scariness of the roller coaster and the fear of the initial drop off. Having done it before, I remembered all too well and tried to brace myself against the seat in front of me, but there wasn't much to hold onto.

At the last second, two black people jumped on the car and sat in the seat ahead of me. I felt a moment of relief not to have to be in the front seat and to have something to hang onto.

Out in front of the car, a huge man had a strap around his chest attached to our car, and his massive strength pulled us up the hill on our track. I watched the car ahead of us go up the hill and heard the screams when they went off the drop off.

I saw two stones on the track and as we came to them, I kicked them off so we wouldn't derail, yet my fear and panic was growing inside of me. We reached almost to the top of the hill, when I saw a wooden trip lever. It activated as we went over it and the car separated ahead of me, putting the black people into a separate car and making me be in the first seat with nothing to brace myself against or hold onto.

We reached the top of the hill and there was a brief flat spot that gave me just one moment to hold my breath and prepare for the drop off and in that instant, I stood up and willed myself to step off the car to the left onto solid ground. there was only an instant to make the decision and I did it. In the next instant, when the car went over the drop off, I heard T.Ms voice in my ear say, "That's what I did too. That was the smart thing to do."

Because of the announcer's hype, I had thought that there was only one way down off the hill but now that I stood on top of the hill alone, is saw a narrow path to my left that went down a gentle slope back the way I had come from, and I saw that  I wasn't the only one to get off the car. Ahead of me was a woman pushing an infant in a stroller.

I didn't immediately know the significance of my decision to step off of the car to avoid that tremendous fear that everyone else partook of and seemed to enjoy for they did it over and over again, but after hearing T.M.'s voice telling me I had made the right decisions, I felt great relief as I walked back down the hill.