1-2-95 - DREAM - I was living in the country where the river emptied into the ocean. My house was on high ground so it was above flood level. I knew that the ocean was rising and within 5 minutes it would come so high, it would back-flood up river.

I was wearing black and white shoes and I didn't want to get them wet, so I knew I'd have to run to get to the house before the water flooded that high.

As I ran for the house, I could see the water flooding higher and higher.  The ocean was coming inland. Finally, the water was coming so high, my shoes got wet and I was running in water shoe top high and I kept running until I got to my house above the flooding water.


1-4-95 - DREAM - Nancy F.'s mother gave me the key to Nancy's house. However, I could not go in through the front door. There was a flap on the roof I had to lift up and go down through the roof into the house.

Note: Nancy has been deceased since we were 29 - That was 1966


1-5-95 - DREAM - I wanted to correspond with Ben on the computer every day but I couldn't afford it. So Ben sent me a blank lease with a lot of money attached to pay for it.

NOTE: The name Ben means 'surety"


1-5-95 - MEDITATION - I tried an O.B.E. to go to BEN WIBLE in Washington State. I saw a man wearing a red jacket with dark hair leaving the room and going into a dark hallway. The rest was too vague to remember.

I fell asleep and dreamed I was with a young man and pointed out some little dolls with old fashioned bonnets with lace on them. I said something about 'That's the way we used to dress."

Then I went into a hallway where a piano was. Some of my girlfriends were there.  One girl named Donna got some music out and I began to play the music. I had never seen the music before, so I was playing rather slowly and awkwardly. We wanted to sing in harmony, but it was written for solo voice. A handsome young man came from out of a room and stood behind me counting out the timing. He began to get romantic with me, touching me and caressing me. I went with him into the livingroom where we sat on the couch together. He at to the right of me and was caressing me and I did the same with him. There were other people in the room too so we weren't sexually intimate, but the feelings were really nice. I saw my cousin Judy off to the right and thought to myself, "See! I can get a man too!"

I was taking care of 4 or 5 babies and had to keep them from bumping into each other and hurting themselves. They were growing fast and I took one little boy baby and balanced him on my lap. He was happy and gurgling. My daughter-in-law Becky was there and she was all upset. She said I could take care of all these babies at once. I assured her that I could,  that I had done it before and I could do it again.

Meanwhile the young man was caressing me and I was feeling happy. I woke up feeling wonderful.


1-7-95 - DREAM - I was with my 1st ex-husband. He said that the only place he wanted to go was to "BOHN'  lake. I saw a newspaper classified section of property for sale. The ads were written such that if you lived in the area, in order to buy property you had to pay a surcharge. However, if you didn't live there, you could buy property without the surcharge.

I scanned upward on the page towards the picture which then came to life and a huge wave came crashing to the shore. I knew that the lake was in the northern part of the state.

I was not allowed to forget this dream. The name came back into my mind over and over ... all night.


1-10-95 - MEDITATION - I meditated for T.M. The voice said he wasn't going to die. Sentences were too strange to remember. Then Holy Christ said that T.M. would work with Sardinia.

I thought that was too weird and quit the meditation.


1-11-95 - DREAM - I lived on Wisconsin Ave. I fell in an ocean and drowned, then my body was eaten by a shark. I reincarnated into anther body. Then I remembered about being eaten by a shark and said to my family, "Now I know t doesn't hurt to die. I could remember no pain.


1-11-95 - DREAM - I lived in New Berlin. I looked out the window and saw a squirrel swimming in the air. It swam up to the roof. That was unusual and I commented on it, then saw my dog doing the same thing. It chased the squirrel by swimming after it up to the roof.

I then saw the people in my family pick up some paper laying by the window. It had a honey-like substance on it and they tasted it, but I didn't I knew there was something not right about it. I knew what was wrong as soon as I saw a huge brilliant light come up over the Eastern horizon. It was a UFO.

The light came into the house like in the movies. It wasn't like the sun where it comes in from only one direction. It came in through all the windows at once. The ominous thing was that all the people who had tasted the honey-like substance couldn't  avoid the light... they were drawn to it like a moth to flame.

I ran from that light and was able to get into a closet until it went away again.

Later I went outside and found my son Tom ... he looked like he does now at age 33. He had a big gash in his leg. I knew it was too serious for just a bandaid, so we got him to the hospital.

At the hospital, I went to visit him in the old men's orthopedics ward. I asked him by name Thomas Bauer. They had him in seclusion along with another guy who was suicidal.

But they let me in to see him. I went over to him and kissed him on the cheek to wake him up. When he saw me, he was surprised to see me there. He told me he was scared. I asked him why and he showed me his chest. He was branded with a series of L's down the center and on both sides of the L's were marks facing the center that looked like the letter B or B(backwards)

He was terrified that he had been abducted.


1-12-95 - DREAM - I went to a football stadium where San Francisco and another team was playing. San Francisco was wearing red suits. They won the game by a touchback.

Everyone was hollering and so excited even the coach of San Francisco ran onto the field and had to be held back by a referee from getting into the melee himself. Everyone was screaming, "We're going to the Super Bowl!"

Niners storm past Chargers to become 1st five-time Super Bowl winner

(c) Copyright The News & Observer Publishing Co.

Jan. 29, 1995 - The Associated Press

MIAMI (AP) -- Steve Young simply wanted to get out from under the shadow of Joe Montana.

He did more than that Sunday, obliterating it with six touchdown passes as the San Francisco 49ers overwhelmed San Diego 49-26 to become the first team ever to win five Super Bowls.

Young's six TD passes broke the Super Bowl record of five set five years ago by Montana, who led San Francisco to its first four titles. Jerry Rice caught three of them and Ricky Watters caught two more and ran 9 yards for a third score.

"This is something you'll never forget," Rice told Young as the quarterback cradled the Vince Lombardi Trophy after the game.

Young said: "You can't describe the feeling. That's why football is the ultimate team game. When you get there, you share it with 50 other guys. It's geometric -- 50 times 50 -- the elation you feel."

In a Super Bowl that was everything it was supposed to be, a rout, the Niners became the 11th straight NFC team to win the NFL title.

Young, the unanimous MVP, finished 24-for-36 for 325 yards without an interception. He also was the game's leading rusher with 49 yards on five carries before leaving with 5:39 left.

"Whatever critics he may have had, he proved tonight that he's one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time," 49ers coach George Seifert said of Young.

It took exactly 4 minutes and 55 seconds for San Francisco to demoralize the Chargers, playing in the Super Bowl for the first time. Touchdown passes by Young of 44 yards to Rice and 51 yards to Watters did the trick.

But more important to Young, it was a smashing certification in his exorcism of Montana's ghost. More important to the 49ers, it completed their single-minded mission of winning the Super Bowl after losing the NFC title game three of the last four years.

It also gave Seifert a Super Bowl title he can call all his own -- his first, in 1990, was with a team handed him by Bill Walsh. "I'm just pinching myself, the elation I feel," Seifert said.

Young demonstrated his elation after his fifth TD, a 15-yarder to Rice. He celebrated lying on the ground with his arms signaling touchdown, as Rice trotted into the end zone.

The three TDs by Rice and Watters were another reminder of San Francisco's offensive efficiency over the last 15 years. The only other players to score three touchdowns in a Super Bowl were both 49ers -- Rice in 1990 and Roger Craig in 1985.

And the 131 points scored by San Francisco in its three playoff games broke yet another record held by the 1990 team, which scored 126 in its three post-season victories.

Rice, who twice received intravenous fluids before the game for flu-like symptoms and then played most of the game with a slightly separated shoulder, caught 10 passes for 149 yards, and administered the quick shock -- splitting the San Diego secondary for the first TD just 1:24 into the game. He also caught second-half TD passes of 15 and 7 yards.

"Jerry Rice with one arm is better than anyone else with two arms," Young said.

But it was the quick TD that probably squelched any thoughts the Chargers, 18-point underdogs, might have had of an upset.

"We've scored quick like that all year," Young said. "That's one of our strong points."

"We just missed a read on a simple post pattern," Chargers coach Bobby Ross said.

Like most teams in their first Super Bowl, they clearly had the jitters.

They dropped passes, took silly penalties, missed tackles and generally did what most AFC teams have done over the past 11 years -- lose big. Only two of the 11 straight NFC wins have been close, with the average margin in the first 10 was 38-15. Coincidentally, that was the score by which the 49ers beat the Chargers on Dec. 11 in a regular-season game in San Diego.

"I don't know whether we were awestruck or what," Ross said.

The highlight for the Chargers came when they were down 42-10 -- Andre Coleman's 98-yard kickoff return for a score with 3:01 left in the third period after Young connected with Rice for a 15-yard TD.

Then the Chargers set a record of their own when Stan Humphries threw to Mark Seay for a two-point conversion, the first ever in the Super Bowl in this first season the NFL has gone to the two-pointer.

But by the end, it was more a sideshow than anything else. Even Deion Sanders, who accomplished his goal of an NFL title, got in on offense and nearly caught a long pass. Then, with two minutes left, third string quarterback Bill Musgrave got in and completed a short pass to backup tight end Ted Popson.

Humphries completed the festival of broken records with a 30-yard TD pass to Tony Martin with 2:25 left and then hit Alfred Pupunu with another two-pointer. That gave the two teams a combined 75 points, breaking the record set two years ago when Dallas beat Buffalo 52-17.

San Francisco wanted to send a message to San Diego and it sent that message quickly.

A sellout crowd that sat through a numbing Disney laser and light pregame show barely had time to adjust to football when the Niners had two touchdowns in the first 4:55.

Those two took all of seven plays -- a 4-yard run by Floyd and an 11-yard pass from Young put the ball at the Chargers' 44. Then Young found Rice deep over the middle between Darren Carrington and Stanley Richard for the fastest touchdown in Super Bowl history. That broke the record of 1:57 set by Denver on a TD pass by John Elway seven years ago.

San Francisco's TD also set three more records for the record-heavy Rice -- most touchdowns, most points and most receiving yards lifetime in the Super Bowl.

The Chargers went three and out, and this time it took San Francisco four plays and 1:45 to score. The third play of the drive was a 21-yard scramble by Young, the fourth a 51-yard pass to Watters -- also over the middle -- who broke tackles by Carrington and Richard for the touchdown.

Then San Diego did what it was wanted to do, but 14 points too late.

The Chargers kept the San Francisco offense off the field for 7:21 while going 78 yards in 13 plays for Natrone Means' 1-yard TD run. It was set up by one of the few plays involving Sanders in the half, a pass interference against Shawn Jefferson on the goal line.

In your face, said Young and the new, trash-talking Niners.

They simply went down the field -- a little more slowly this time -- and scored again. This one started with an 18-yarder to Rice and featured only one third-down play, a sneak by Young that put the ball on the 5.

On the next play, Floyd snuck through the middle, Young hit him in the end zone and it was 21-7 just 1:58 into the second quarter.

The Chargers went nowhere on their next possession and so did the Niners, probably because Rice was in the locker room getting a sprained shoulder treated.

But he returned on the next series after one of the Chargers' silly mistakes -- a roughness call on rookie Isaac Davis -- set them back to the 9.

Then Adam Walker deflected Bryan Wagner's punt, the 49ers got the ball at the San Diego 49 and they methodically marched to the end zone, the touchdown coming on an 8-yard pass in the flat to Watters. It was one of the 49ers' favorite plays, one perfected by Montana and Roger Craig, and the Chargers misplayed it -- covering Watters with a linebacker, David Griggs.

Then came another series that demonstrated the difference between the teams.

San Diego moved smartly, Humphries finding Mark Seay for 17 yards and Eric Bienemy for 33 more to put the ball on the 13. But they scored touchdowns only 43 percent of the time they got inside the 20 this year and this was another failure -- three straight incomplete passes and John Carney's 31-yard field goal that made it 28-10.

Young finished the first half with 17 completions in 23 attempts for 239 yards and four touchdowns -- a game in itself for most quarterbacks. Yet it wasn't even the best in Super Bowl history -- Washington's Doug Williams had 306 yards in the first half of the 1988 Super Bowl.

1-16-95 - DREAM - Two UFO investigators came to ask questions about what  I had seen. They came with preconceived ideas about what a UFO looks like and wouldn't accept the fact that they didn't look like their drawings. They insisted that all UFOs were spherical and I said they weren't.

NOTE: Bonnie and I woke up in the morning with the muscles over the rib cage on the right side feeling like they had been torn out of place and something very sharp inserted between the ribs. The pain persisted for weeks. On 2/10 we could both still feel the pain where the sharp object was inserted if we took a deep breath.

T.M. meditated on this and said that there is something embedded between the ribs with wires sticking out of it.

NOTE: In September, of 1997, I had a horrible experience where I was trash-talking about the greys to a stranger on the computer. I felt a jolt of electricity go from this point in my ribs to the right side of my brain which went black.  This kept occurring until I shut off the computer.  I was really dizzy by then. I went to the livingroom and watched a movie on video because I refused to go to bed. After the movie I went back to the computer and began to talk to the woman again. Again I started to feel the jolting and my brain was going black. I then told the ETs (by yelling into the air) that I gave up and promised that I would never trash-talk to strangers again. I never again felt the jolting either.


1-16-95 - DREAM  - I left my husband and moved into a big white house on a hill. My husband was roughing up the guy who was helping me, but I tried to calm him down and told him there was nothing going on between us.

I didn't have any furniture when I moved, so local people were bringing me things ... furniture, dishes, etc. When they arrived, I asked my husband for the keys. The keys were all very old, like skeleton keys. (One of them was turned up on the end like T.M. described last week, and two were very sharp and pointed like swords) There were at least 5 keys.


1-16-95 - DREAM - I was on a road ... leaving my husband. There screamed to be snow on the road but I was controlling the car just fine. I went through one intersection and the light was green. The next intersection was a 4 way blinking red light. The road was a major highway and I was unsure if I was going the right way. In fact I was becoming more and more sure I was going the wrong way. A road sign saying, "SHIPPUN' was arrowed towards the right and I knew then that was the wrong way.

A huge red and white Trailways bus went that direction and that convinced me I should be heading the opposite direction.


1-19-95 - DREAM - I started out at my 16th St. house, then went to 70th St. to work at A-C. I was to start my new job. Before I went there, I had to send 3 letters out from my 16th St. house and take in a pile of mylar drawings ... about 12.

I went to A-C. One the main floor was the President's office. The office was outlined in rich red/brown oak-like wood.

The only desk outside the office was set on a diagonal in the front of a huge otherwise empty room. The furniture here was slate grey like the old A-C furniture. the secretary was an older woman. I asked her why she was in this huge room. She said it was for seminars.

When I reached my own office, I was directed to sit to the left of the secretary. There was one other woman there. They were both older than I. The head woman said she had weighed herself and she weighed 83 pounds. It looked like 183 tome and I wished I was that thin.

The head woman had her child with her. The child sat between myself and her.

In front of me was a counter was a bunch of objects and about 12 rooted plants in little jars. I began removing the useless items from the selection in front of me. The little child pulled on of the plants out of the jar and I quickly snatched it and put it back into the water.

I noted that I had no telephone... only the head woman did.


1-20-95 - DREAM - I was in a city. crowds of people were there, all headed for some kind of party or something that everyone had to get dressed up for. I bought a new flowered top to wear but couldn't find the proper skirt to wear with it, so my friends told me to wear it right over my flowered dress.

So we headed for the party and when we got there, the hoardes of people had a choice of the narrow way up a steep rocky stairs to the right, or a wide concrete steps straight ahead.

Lots of people I knew were there, many from A-C.  I chose to ascend the narrow rough stone steps to the right. They were difficult to climb and the last step up was so high and so narrow an opening, the step was about shoulder high and just wide enough a gap between the rock that you would have to use your arm muscles to boost yourself up. I didn't think I could do it alone.

Two men stood there to help people and one man said, "We can haul her up through!" but the other man said, "No! She'll have to go back down and go with the other people.

So i had to go back down and join all the other people I knew and went up the wide steps. That led into a museum. The first room was the hall of sweaters. they were all hand-knit and each one was more beautiful than the one before in different color combinations.

From there we went down a long corridor which was like a hall of beautiful pastel people. These were all beautiful faced mannekins and they wore all pastel colored clothes.

I noticed though that the farther we went along that hall, the faces became more and more distorted into painful expressions.

The we came to a display of heads. I recognized all the heads, President Kennedy, President Roosevelt, Barbara Streisand, Frank sinatra. These heads all had their eyes closed and seemed alive, but their heads lolled around over the neck, mouthing silently the songs and speeches they had been famous for, but were worthless now.

Wee were then herded into a huge auditorium. At this point, we didn't have a choice in whether we were going to participate. It was like a huge movie theatre.

Each seat was electrically wired. There was metal button where each hand would rest on the arm of the seat and there was one to sit on also.  That made me feel particularly frightened because I knew we were going to get zapped. What was even worse was we had to strap ourselves in like seatbelts so we wouldn't fly out of the seats and get hurt.

The movie then started and it was the face of a purple man and he was going to show all manner of pain and torture and horrible things and we were going to be forced to watch.

(The telephone woke me up at that point and I had to get up, buzz in a guard and was too wide awake to go right back to sleep)

A half hour later I went back to bed and the dream continued right where I left off, but later on when I was back at home. I had a video of the violent movie, and a huge notebook which I looked in and one page was for listing the names of the Lords and God of danger and bad happenings. I was shown that the purple faced man's name was Bryski or something like that. I was shown that I was supposed to teach about the pink-faced man. I wasn't given his name, but he represented love and I saw little animals riding around sitting on the shoulders of people and giving them little animal kisses. I was to teach that all of nature had to be in harmony or life would be as what the purple faced man had shown.


1-21-95 - My astral phone rang as I woke up. I said, "Hello!" The voice said, "I am Simon (Solmon?) Rushdie. You are doing very well."


1-22-95 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. A big heavy blonde woman came to instruct me. She said I should check into the business of cleaning furnaces inside. She said that once you chip away at the black coating it very often just falls down and then you just have to vacuum it out.

I thought it was a terrible job to have and I said, "Who would have thought when I was in highschool that when you were looking for a career that you would want one in garbage and sewers?"  but I promised I would look in the yellow pages to see what it was all about.

I went outside then and it had snowed. It was warm out but the snow was hard and crunchy and there was a misting the air from the breeze blowing it around but it wasn't melting.

I climbed the hill, keeping to the edge of the huge patch of snow which was deep in places. When I reached the top of the hill, I saw tracks going down into the valley from snow mobiles. Knowing that the snow had to be hard and impacted there, I decided to 'butt-slide' down the hill. I put my arms in the air and howled with glee and I slid all the way down to the valley.

My kids were all there and had slid down the lower portion standing up, but I told them it more fun sitting down.

We then had t walk back up the hill and teh snow was melting so we were walking in a stream of water. I was out of breath and breathing hard. My son Bill said to me, "Com on Finney! Don't forget the fun."  I tried to remember the fun instead of worrying about being out of breath.

We then went to the barn where 6 pink and maroon horses were stabled. I looked at their markings and marveled at them. The maroon parts looked as though they were drawn on by an artist. Someone  was with me admiring them.

We came to the horses mother which was blue. this one was admired even more. I said, that this horse was actually the ugliest of the lot, that I also owned 6 of her children, each of which was blue and each one more beautiful then the last, but I kept the mother because it was my daughter's favorite and she always like to ride her best because she was gentle.

I woke up then and my heart was beating very fast.


1-24-95 - MEDITATION - I saw my Uncle Lester and Uncle Roy B. hugging each other. One said, "This is the best Christmas I've ever had."

NOTE: 9-30-00 - I can't remember the date when my Uncle Lester died, but it was after the date above. My Uncle Roy died many years earlier.


1-31-95 - DREAM - I went into a room. My brother Marty was there with 3 other guys and they were singing barbershop harmony, but I discovered my brother was only mouthing the words, not actually singing along.

My brother then moved over to a chair and sat down. He was wearing an Indian fringed jacket and I thought it was magnificent but he had blue hair like a Smurf.

1-30-95 - I saw the name EVOLA in the middle of a pack of mail I was looking through. I had to look twice to make sure there wasn't an envelope there with that word on it. EVOLA was white on a darker background.

1-30-95 - I telephoned R..R. in Albuquerque, N.M. to tell him of myexperience. He said he would tell his group to see what they had to say about the experience. EVOLA had told him originall ythat he had created her. He told me to meditate and think the name EVOLA and see what happens.

1-30-95 - MEDIATION - I called EVOLA. I called EVOLA - 0110 - I got the words, "Create a room!"

1-31-95 - MEDITATION - A womanc ame into the room carring a girl baby wrapped ina yellow blanket. She laid the baby on the floor next to be and said, "Here's  _____ "