1-3-97 - MEDITATION - I saw a little square that was labeled "Master Plan"'. It was followed by a larger square that was labeled, "Poison in the Sky". That was followed by a third box labeled, "Poison in the Sky".

I slipped into a dream. I was in my apartment looking out onto a larger expanse of sky. I noticed a bottom corner of the window and a small triangle of glass was missing. I knew immediately that something was wrong and that an intruder had come in. I looked and looked for something out of place for a clue....something missing.  I had on a stereo with loud music. Suddenly that seemed foolish because the intruder might come back and know I was there.  so, I shut off the stereo to attain quiet and for some reason, went to bed and was painting the white stereo speaker with brown paint or stain.

Some people (woman dressed in grey coveralls) came in who said they were the maintenance crew. They looked at the ceiling and told me the ceiling fan had burned out. What I saw was that the ceiling fan was gone.

Two little boys came in and said that he had left the bathroom ceiling fan on and went away. so, the crew was working on the ceiling fan.

Joe came in with Pat and I was going to tell him to bring me another car and I'd just write him a check for cash but he got away and left before I could do that.

1-6-97 - DREAM - I was talking on the phone about a job offer. His name was David DiBondi. His phone number was ether 786 or 768. He said that he had to FAX my test yet for results. I asked him if he could tell me where the building was so I could go look at it. He told me it was 100 N. Feerickson Ave., which was off of Bluemound and 108th St. I had a hard time getting the information from him and he voice kept fading out.

1-6-98 - MEDITATION:  I saw a sign that said:



It was white with light blue stripes. I then saw these numbers:

530-304-1375 = 4

8       7       7    = 4

C       C      C  

This occurred at Jan. 6, 1997 at 4 p.m. C.S.T.

1-7-97 - MEDITATION - I heard 3 sets of musical notes sounding from a trumpet.

I then heard, "Antonio! You have to trust and have faith."


1-7-97 - DREAM - I was waking up from a nap. I saw my daughter Jeanne out the window. I thought, "I hope she doesn't know I've been napping."

I put on black shoes on over another pair of black shoes, thinking of an excuse in case someone asked me that I didn't want to get the inner pair dirty.

I opened my bedroom door and a very tall man was coming out of the bathroom across the hall. The entire bathroom was rose colored and the light in the bathroom was rose colored as well.

The man was an artist from Chicago and my daughter Jeanne asked him to paint a picture for her.

At the same time, I was vacuuming the floor around the piano int he front parlor where a little girl was practicing her music. The little girl was my smaller self. I told her it wasn't enough to play a song just once, it had to be played over and over again to perfect it.

I continued to clean and trim away the excess from everywhere in the living area.

1-8-97 - DREAM/VISION - I was in the basement doing laundry. The washer began the last rinse cycle and began filling with water. The top moved up and down according to the water movement. A voice in the washing machine said, "Trust your sensations."

1-9-97 - DREAM - I was told by my old boss D.L. to go outside and pick up all the Carol College Bicycles. We also closed out the Carol College purchase orders and put away the drawings.

1-9-97 - MEDITATION - "Everything is going as planned. Continue packing and getting ready to move." I had a vision of T.M. coming to see me.

DREAM - I was in the bathroom. I noticed that the tile looked a little dirty in one spot, so I took a wet rag and rubbed on the spot. The spot looked even smudgier, but looked cleaner a little over farther. I rubbed again and noticed that the tile had been painted over with a stencil paint roller. The wall underneath was blue and stenciled over with green, so the more I tried to clean, the more green stencil came off. Then I noticed that the green stencil was painted over tape that was holding paper on the wall that was hiding open space between pipes in the wall. The paper was taped in the corner on the upper left. So the more I tried to clean the more shoddy work I uncovered.  I thought about calling this to my husband's attention, then remembered he was leaving on vacation and probably wouldn't be back for a week.  I thought I should probably fix it myself and be done with it because I had a roll of paper in the kitchen. A young man came into the room, either a son or brother. I sent him to the kitchen to get the roll of paper. He came back with the wrong roll of paper. On top of the roll it said, 4 p.m. and had the America On Line Logo on top.

1/9/97 - DREAM - I had a new baby I was caring for. She was very beautiful. I noticed that there was a bridge I had crossed over and there was a lot of water running under the bridge. To my dismay  as the water rushed  under the bridge it brought out baby diapers and other baby things to tell me that there was the body of a dead baby hidden under the bridge.

As these baby things came out from under the bridge and more and more space was made that would reveal the dead baby's body, I gathered up the diapers to use to care for the current baby.

My own baby was growing and I was becoming more and more afraid that the dead baby's body would be exposed, but so far it hadn't.

The current baby grew and  I took it by the hand and walked across the bridge and down on the sidewalk where  I saw old blood spots I took to be from the vagina of the little girl baby I was taking care of though I saw no evidence of it at the moment. The blood might have been from the dead baby. I saw large bloody footprints on the sidewalk where other people had walked through the blood spots and spread it out. I determined that I would have to curtail the activity of this exuberant baby to make sure it didn't bleed and I treated her more cautiously and held her back.

I woke up afraid to apply for the wonderful job that was in the paper yesterday and which I really wanted to have.

1-13-97 - MEDITATION - I saw the mailman coming up the street. He was staggering from carrying a heavy package that was for me. This package was as tall as he was and about 4" thick.  I tried to see what this package said. I thought it said "RAN-ALL".

Then I saw a woman in a big brown fur coat being escorted out the back door. I called after her, "You can come if you're invited."

1-14-97 - MEDITATION ON JOB SITUATION - I saw a man sitting at a desk with a wooden duck. He turned the duck's head around backwards and said. "This is the day." 2:08.

I meditated again and also got 2:08.

NOTE:  At 2:08 p.m. I telephoned a man who was supposed to be my boss in the last job and I had refused to work for him. I asked him if he had any job openings and he told me that he did, and said I could have the job immediately if I liked the building.  I took the job and was able to move right away. I knew that I would have to go backwards in order to go forward. I had to swallow my pride to work for this man. But, in the end it worked out exactly as it needed to.

1-15-97 - DREAM - I went back to North Division High School to take over the Manager's job  I had left last year. The place was a shambles.There was a gang of boys there. I had to make friends with them in hopes of curtailing the vandalism.Windows and doors had been pulled out so there was no security. There was a maintenance crew there but they would come in for an hour, rip something down and leave again. I determined that henceforth they would have to work from 3 a.m. to 3 p.m. which would cover the early hours the kids might be destructive and  I would walk the halls from 3 p.m. until their bedtime to halt the destruction in the late hours. I met some people who lived there and who knew me. They were happy to see me.

1-16-97 - DREAM - C.L. picked me up in a long yellow school bus. We were driving south on Moorland Rd. when the entire city of New Berlin blew up all at the same time. Bombs had been planted every 15 feet all over the city.

NOTE: This dream let me know that it was time to leave this city and go elsewhere. Another clue to move on.

1-16-97 - DREAM - I had been given eight awards for things I did. I had filled in my name and address and sent them out by mail. The mailman instead of delivering them to the award place, delivered them all back to me. I planned to put them all in an envelope and mail them to the award place separately instead of trusting the mailman to deliver the little award strips.

1-16-97 - MEDITATION - I asked Marta and Babaji, "Is the Washington State Project still on?" I heard, "Are you going to San Francisco?"

I then saw a huge brown book. On the cover, it said,

1-19-97 - DREAM - I attended a party in a place that was like a warehouse or something similar. I knew all the people and it seemed like I was in charge of something because a large side door was open to a dark outside and one of the women complained that it didn't need to be open. I went out the door to take a look whether it was necessary for access and it wasn't so I went back inside and closed the doors. I went to a table and sat down to talk to some women. An Indian type man walked up behind me and put his hand on my head. He seemed to trace some energies on my head by feeling certain bumps and then pronounced that I was the one.

He pressed a certain point on top of my head and I started to feel like I was going to pass out. but it also felt like the pressure I get around my head when I meditate and go into trance so I decided not to fight the feeling and just go with it. I began to have a series of visions of different types of indians dancing and then changed more cartoonish and each scene was of different kinds of white people in various styles of clothing.

I'm not sure if each scene represented one of my lifetimes or if each scene was just of a different kind of people though I sense its the former.

I woke up and then meditated on the dream. spirit brought me a white book. I could read what it said at the time but can't remember it now. I was given two pages from the book to take with me.

I went back to bed and fell asleep. I found myself waking up from a nap at 2 p.m. on a couch in my office at work. I saw what the other women were doing and noticed that there were workmen outside. They were re-landscaping the place, had torn out a huge old tree and replaced it with two baby saplings. I decided to go outside and question them about watering procedures so I could take care of the new little trees to make sure they would live. I saw a flash of light in my head. I shook my head a little and continued on down the stairs. When I got to the double doors, I saw it was dark outside and everyone had left. The doors were open and on the stoop were two rubber mats. On my left was a darker colored map and it said Chupacabra on top and then had the story of what a Chupacabras was printed on the mat. Outside the right hand door, was a larger white mat which said UFO'S AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS with a story about them printed on the mat.

My concern was that foot traffic would wear the story off the mats so people couldn't see it anymore.  I went back up the stairs trying to figure out how the missing time occurred and what I had done during that time, remembering the flash of light in my head.

For some reason I now had three pair of slacks in my hands an tried to put a pair on while I was walking, but I couldn't get both feet into the same pair of slacks. I had a pink, brown, and black pair. I went to the bathroom to sit down and put on a pair and everyone followed me into the bathroom to ask me questions. One of the women was Dorian Lord from One Life to Live and I started to ask her about the missing time when my physical phone rang and woke me up.

1-20-97 - MEDITATION ON INDIAN DREAM - I saw a young indian woman with long black hair, wearing a red and white print dress. She smiled and bowed to me.

I saw a web page scroll down to where it said, "Cruise Ship Barney".

I heard a woman's voice say, "Hank! She's on her way."

I was now the petite Indian woman and was embraced in the arms of a tall Indian man, who was my grandfather. He was wearing a darker blue denim or corduroy shirt. He said, while looking up towards the sky, "It's high time I had you near me."

1-20-97 - DREAM - I was in a building and a group of men came in carrying a tree which was to become a pole which would be the handrail on the stairway. The tree became a long pole which we started to dance with in a circular pattern around the room. A tall man was at the other end of the pole from myself and as we danced with this pole and as we danced, his head began to glow like it had a halo, then glowed in full, like a great light. Then his body disappeared and all I could see was his head hanging in space way up near the ceiling like a great light.

1-22-97 - MEDITATION - I called Marta, Babaji, and Hank (the indian). I had trouble meditating, but when I finally saw something, it was a courtroom. It was not brightly lit and had no people in it.

1-23-97 - DREAM - I was taking care of my children when I suddenly realized that I had a baby laying in the crib upstairs and I hadn't seen it, fed it, or heard from it in two days. I ran upstairs, afraid it might be dead, but she woke up when I came up to her and smiled. I picked her up and took her over to the big bed where I slept to change her diaper. I patted her butt over her diaper and laughed and called her my 'big butted baby', all the while realizing I had a big butt too. She began to speak to me in a grown up intelligent voice and we had a conversation which I can't recall. I noticed then that she had a black head and a pimple by her right ear. I carefully put my fingernail by the blemish and it came away instantly. The pimple was a different matter. It looked irritated and the skin was a little broken and sore. Being an expert at picking faces from my teen years, I carefully put two fingernails together and broke the skin where it had been broken before. A piece of black metal was embedded there. I carefully pulled on the edge of the metal and it began to pull out. I was constructed on the order of a leaf spring and was jagged. The more I pulled out the more this implant became exposed. I pulled and pulled very carefully. The implant grew larger and larger. It was now expanded larger than her head. I kept working on it until the next day. I never actually saw it completely out of her skin and I was now into the second day and part of it was still embedded.

1-23-97 - DREAM - I was in my nightgown, working in the garden, planting flowers in front of my New Berlin house. It came to 10 a.m. and I decided to take a break. I went into the house. I saw my husband in the kitchen and wondered why he hadn't gone to work yet. I came around the corner and saw a tall man standing there so I didn't want to embarrass him by saying anything.  My husband chose that moment to ask me about some other people's anniversary pictures and questioned me about whether they would stay together. Not wanting to discuss it in front of the other man, I told him I hadn't looked at it yet. I decided to go back out to the garden and I went upstairs where I saw some flies and moths. I grabbed a can of spray and sprayed them all. I went outside through a door that had been freshly painted or stained. I got my fingerprint on one part and brushed against another part. Not having known it was wet, I regretted going that way. As I exited the door, I had to jump down onto some large rocks and avoid a sprinkler that was running. I saw a worn trail in the lawn going towards the garden I was working in and knew that the neighbors were visiting and watching what I was doing.

1-22-97 - DREAM/VISION - I saw a bomb threat at an airport in New York City. I knew immediately that the threat would carry over to the Milwaukee airport as well.

1-22-97 - DREAM - My husband drove me to a drive-in restaurant. I was in the back seat. A sign n the window said - 12-20 -  close for our one day a year off. That was the date we arrived. My husband got out of the car to talk to the owner and discuss it. The car began to roll slowly backwards. I tried to pt my foot on the brake from where I was but it didn't work. The car continued to roll backwards. I hoped my husband was trying to stop the car from outside but I couldn't see him. I continued to try to stop the car and woke up while it was still rolling.

1-23-97 - DREAM - I was in my apartment building. I left my apartment to go help someone. While I was out of my apartment, my clothes started to fall off until I was left with just a white lace top over black underwear. I got back to my apartment remembering I had left without my keys. When I got there, I was surprised to find the door was open and a crew of people were inside remodeling. They were replastering, painting, and moving things around. I couldn't find my clothes, so I decided to put on my husband's work clothes.

1-23-97 - MEDITATION - I asked for guidance. I saw a brown box labeled COMPUTER closed up. I questioned if I had seen that correctly and saw 8 clear pages for the computer. (web pages because they were linked together) They were all folded up , one on another and put away.  (Meaning: No web site?)

NOTE: Joe and I got together 8 months later on Sept. 19, 97, and started a joint web site.

1-24-97 - MEDITATION - I heard, "After Tuesday, you'll live happily ever after."

1-24-97 - DREAM - A master came to me to ask me if I would like him teach me some things that were necessary to survive some specific situations in life. I said that I would. He told me that he would test me as we went along to see if I understood how they worked. I agreed to that. This man was short and fairly ugly with yellow-brown skin, no hair on his head, sort of oriental looking, though not slant-eyed, so I'd say he was from Tibet. I do not recall if he told me his name or not. He promised me that the tests would be tough and they were because the tests involved emotion.

To begin the lessons, he had me sit in a straight backed chair, and he stood next tome facing a blank wall. He stood next tome and put his head against mind, temple to temple. He was on my right. The visions began immediately in my head although they appeared to be printed clearly on the wall as well. I was able to manipulate keys on the wall that had arrows on them in order to go forward or backward or to repeat a lesson, like using a mouse on a computer screen.

As ugly as the man was, I began to feel tremendous love for him, so much so that I wanted to be with him the rest of my life. He showed me the remedy for this, to produce separation, and have mastership of my own person, to visualize a red explosive device in front of me which I had to detonate and blow him up completely vaporize him. The test was to use this device despite the tremendous love I felt. This was extremely difficult to do because of the love, but I knew it was a test and even fearing that he would not be able to complete all of the lessons and to lose him forever, I visualized the explosive device, shook my head, and I blew him up vaporizing him. He instantly disappeared and the love feelings for him were gone...he had created them in me. He instantly disappeared. I felt no connection to him, nor desired to be with him. I was free of the emotion.

He reappeared in the next moment, praising me for going through with the test, knowing how difficult it had been. He showed me other manipulations including financial. To create more money, to visualize a dollar sign with an arrow on the right which increased the size of the dollar sign deliberately creating larger and larger amounts of income.

The final lesson was for protection of my astral body from other entities. To protect yourself from harm from an astral entity, you merely have to visualize a blue cloud around yourself, surrounding yourself so that it looks like fog. You can make this cloud as large as you like. It makes you invisible to them so they can't harm you in any way. I practiced making myself invisible in this way and it worked perfectly. Nobody could see me.

If you are invisible, nobody can cord you, come into your aura or possess you, or whatever, They cannot see you, therefore cannot harm you. You can make the cloud just large enough to make yourself invisible on a city street, or you can make the cloud large enough to fill a whole room and include everyone in the room to render them invisible too.

1-24-97 - DREAM - I was downtown crossing a street when I came across a bunch of teenagers. Some of them were attacking others and throwing small balls about 2" diameter at the others which were supposedly explosive. Everyone was afraid. These balls were multicolored and spun in the air and could actually follow a person. I managed to get out of the way before the balls started to explode.

The balls exploded and sprayed out glitter. Immediately, I saw, Mussolini, Hitler, and Emperor Hirohito. They were holding small sticks like pencils with something orange on top where the eraser should be. I thought it was candy. I was told that one should not be afraid of anything that did not threaten their personal body.  I was told that I would be going through a 12 week test.

1-25-97 - DREAM  - I was in New Berlin. The family had an orange cat which was only nibbling on dry food and not eating enough to live on. I went to the pantry to find something the cat would like which would provide a lot of nutrients. I found a can of "AYL" which I thought was alewives (fish) That cat walked out into the kitchen and said loudly, "Yes!" I remarked to a woman there and said the can can say, "Yes!" and the cat repeated, "Yes! Yes!" as it left the room.

1-25-97 - DREAM - I was at a party at which teen girls showed up and were throwing clothing right and left...two men in charge of the economy came and made an announcement that loan companies would be make loans to everyone regardless of income status. I was upset by this news, noticing that there had been 4 steps in the history of the loan process. First you could only get loans if you had collateral to back them up, and only if you had a high income. Then without collateral. Then, with poor credit history and a lesser job. Then with nothing as to the announcement. This signified the downfall of the American economy to me.

1-26-97 - MEDITATION 3.a.m. At first I saw some men jumping up and down and thought they were dancing like Indians but then many men arrived all dressed in black like monks or priests. They gathered in a circle and more came to join the circle around them. Though I didn't hear any sound, I knew this was a prayer circle.

I was invited to join in the circle. I had been praying for the ability to sleep peacefully. when the prayers were finished, pots of multicolored flowers appeared in the midst of the prayer circle.