3-3-99 - DREAM - I was writing poetry so the words formed shapes like a diamond and the shape of an airplane. when I was done I was outside and had to cross a huge expanse of empty parking lot so a woman gave me a ride on the bumper of her car.

The wind was blowing in my ears and it was noisy, but the wind felt exhilarating. I felt like I was on the prow of the ship like in the movie Titanic. We got to the other end of the parking lot and I saw a red car down in a ditch under water and I could see a woman inside the car struggling to get out before she drowned.

I jumped off the bumper of the car and my female companion said, "Don't go down there, you'll get your feet wet. I said, "So what?" She said, "You'll get hurt on the steep slope."  Before the words were all the way out of her mouth, I had slid down into the ditch, reached for the handle of the car which was like a huge T-shape latch handle. It didn't open one way so I wrenched it turned in the right direction and the door opened upward and the girl came gasping up out of the car. The other woman said, "You're going to be famous for saving her life."

I knew she wasn't in any real danger because there was no water inside the car and she wouldn't have drowned and it would have taken many hours for her air to run out. I didn't want the publicity.

I woke up and almost forgot the dream, but it popped back in suddenly.


3-29-99 - DREAM - Joe and I went to a bar to have a beer or something. We sat on the corner of the bar so we were facing each other. The girl to my right wasn't saying anything. Shew as wearing a green plaid shirt and I was sure I had seen her bowling in a tournament with her twin sister sometime earlier.

I noted that Joe was wearing a long sleeve green and white shirt the same color but his was flowered. He could see her face and noted that something was wrong with her. He made me take note of her and then I said, "Hello!" At that point she started shaking and trembling. She was shaking so hard, my bar stool was shaking too. She looked really panicky.

I asked her what was wrong. She said she had so many things to do next week, there was no way possible she could do it all. I said, "Well! If we write them down and see what days you have to do them, it won't seem so bad."

She didn't think so, but she agreed.  So,  I found a piece of paper and unfortunately there was a lot of writing on it and her stuff didn't fit on the paper so I had to get a clean sheet of paper just for her.

My pen wouldn't write either and I ended up using golden brown paint on a paint brush finally and got the paint all over my hands, but her list was:

Pack to travel - Friday

Eye doctor - Thursday

Nando funeral - Wednesday  which changed to PLANE by itself

By then I was writing in the frosting of a wedding cake which had dozens of little toy figures in a row by the center tower.

When I was done the paper folded over and the title on the front cover which was now brown and the name INANNA was on top. When she was done talking she laid down in her car which was a station wagon and the back end was open right behind the bar stool.

On the other side of the aisle a grandmother-type woman brought in some babies...2 girls and a boy. The boy baby was so tiny.  I wanted to give it a gift. All I had was Christmas wrapping paper. I dont' know what gift I was going to give it but I had a Christmas tree decoration about two inches tall I was going to put in with the gift. I had to fold the paper in half and then tear it along the crease to make the paper smaller and then wrapped the Christmas tree in the paper.

I went to give the baby the gift and when I got there the baby got up and toppled off the bar backwards. I attempted to catch it, but my hands were under the blankets in bed and I couldn't move them. Obviously I was somewhat lucid to know that my hands were under the blankets.

A few minutes later, the baby was sleeping in a crib in the next room and the two little girl babies were standing in watch over him. Their hair was whitish and very fly-away. It reminded me of halfling babies.

I had to wash my hands to get the brown paint off of them and when it did, it felt like a blue jacket fell on my back and I couldn't remove it. Here again, it seems I was somewhat conscious because the blanket was on my back also.


4-9-99 - DREAM - I was in a city by a school. We were standing on a sidewalk when all of a sudden a whole parade of army troops came marching by. I was trying to think if today was Veteran's Day because they hadn't been expected. Nobody else seemed to have expected them either, but a lot of people were following along the street alongside them.

After they went by, I walked over to another school and a strange airplane went by. I can't recall what it looked like, but it was practicing and when it took off, it went faster than anything I've ever experienced before with puffs of white within it's contrails. What was more strange, was at the end of the demonstration, a big silver fish with red, white, and blue stripes swung around in the air and almost hit us. If we wouldn't have ducked under a balcony, it would have landed on us because I heard it smack down on the balcony right above us.


5-17-99 - DREAM - I was watching a screen like an Etch-a-sketch with the word 'Death' on it. It was flying through space.


7-11-99 -  Ending of a dream I can't remember.  I was standing on the shore of the ocean with some other people.  We were watching for ships to come in with things they were bringing in.


7-12-99 - This is also the end of a dream - There were 3 purchases made. The last one was by the mother and father. It was to be made by credit card. It was written on a piece of paper  with two bent lines standing up. The paper was placed into a brown envelope and a voice said, "When the mother and father make this purchase, it will be the sign of the death knell."


This is a dream I had just prior to waking up and before the TV was turned on.

This first one almost doesn't seem connected, but the guy looked somewhat like JFK, Jr. I think the 4 friends were probably his 4 uncles. These seem to be the Kennedy Family.

7-17-99 - DREAM - I went to hear a lecture at a library. I was so tired, I had my head down on my arm on the table. I was at the far end and wasnt bothering anyone. Then they introduced the speaker and he jumped up from his chair. To my shock, he had been sitting behind me where I had my head down. I was embarrassed to have been rude. The speaker went up to the podium and started his speech. Meanwhile, I put my head back down on my arm again because I was so tired. Suddenly, the speaker stopped talking, jumped up on the table, and scooted over and lay down on the table so his head was about a foot in front of mine. I felt so embarrassed. He looked me right in the eyes. He said, "The heck with the lecture, I'm throwing caution to the wind. I've never felt this intensely in love before." He lay there, staring into my eyes just experiencing his emotions which were so intense, even I could feel how he felt. He just lay there looking and me and the lecture was over. I looked at his hair and it was curly, but fuzzy on the ends. I could tell that his hair had been dyed, it was really white. His four friends came along and he asked me to meet them. These 4 guys also had this weird fuzzy dyed hair to cover the white. I couldn't figure out why this guy would love me so intensely when he just met me and I was wearing Joe's ring and that didn't seem to make any difference to him. He just continued to act like a loony tunes love struck guy.

Dream 2: I was in a large house busy with my new baby son. He had just woken up and needed to be changed and fed. He was growing really fast. My friend Nancy (deceased) wanted to help take care of him so I let her do that while I kept busy cleaning the house. Suddenly I heard my son squeal from outside. I looked outside and some neighbors were picking on him. There was a father and his four sons. They were riding in a motorized cart all together. I ran outside to confront them. They boys were all curly haired like their father, bushes of fuzzy hair. I asked them why they were picking on my son. The father said, "We were just trying to get acquainted." I remember his own kids making squealing noises when they were little too when they were picked on, so I understood that. Then I looked at my son and his whole backside was covered with red jelly, so I hosed him off and carried him slowly back up the stairs into the house. He was so intelligent and was already talking even though he was so little. As I carried him up the stairs, he was identifying the sounds we were hearing from outside on the street. I made note that I too could identify what a truck, a railroad train, a car, etc. and their various sounds were just from hearing them, and without seeing them. At his tender age, he could do the same. He was developing very fast.

Dream 3: - I was in the bedroom with Joe. He looked normal except his arms were really tan but thin like a cadaver. I sat next to him and I was my fat self. I said, "We look like "Jack Spratt could eat no fat, and she could eat no lean". Nah! That can't be right!" Joe left the room with his arms straight up in the air. I followed him out into the other room. He now had a beard but still had those long cadaverous thin, tanned arms. He was now sitting on a stool with his 4 sons sitting on stools next to him. (My Joe only has two sons) Joe was being interviewed by a radio guy with a microphone who also sat on a stool in front of them. Joe was telling the man how important it was to have your family with you.

NOTE: These four sons didn't look like my Joes sons either. They were all curly haired guys. I told my Joe about these dreams, and we remembered that the elder Joe Kennedy had 4 sons, Joe, Jack, Bobby, and Ted. Since Ted is alive, the other one could have been John, Jr. Just speculating, but it makes sense.

Now here is a vision from yesterday. This occurred after they announced that the bodies would be cremated and buried at sea. I lay down to meditate and this is what I saw:

A male voice asked me, "Do you know who you are?" I answered, "A spirit in a flesh body!" He said, "Ah! But do you know your name?" I said, "No!" Then I saw the man. He was standing on the bottom of the ocean. He was standing near some rocks which were covered over with a white sheet. The man had royal robes on. He was an older man, with dark curly hair. He said, "Ah hah! You have found me! I am King of the Sea!" The sheet that covered the rocks was removed revealing a large white seashell standing on end. The man pulled the seashell over like he was opening a container and when the seashell was laid down, a huge round coin-like shape appeared with the profile face of J.F.K., Jr. (This was silver-grey).

End of dreams and visions.

I know I was shocked when I turned on the TV after I woke up and found out the JFK, Jr. was missing. I've been walkng around in a fog ever since. It was such a shock to me. Though I know all about life after death, and karma, and all that, I still grieve for the love he had with his new bride and the children he never had and all that he would have done for our country as he grew older. Maybe that is a selfish thought, but even though I never knew him personally, it really hit me hard that he left so young. I just don't want to believe that it was their time to leave us.




Date: 07/19/1999 8:52:46 AM

Remember I emailed you a few months ago, that I had attended Princess Di's memorial service, and was on my way to another memorial service when the digit's red on black appeared :15:23 I knew there would be an impending death and memorial service, but thought it was my family. This past Saturday morning just before waking, I dreamed of airports and boarding airplanes. I was not able to board this airplane as I had packed my ticket in my luggage. I was then walking through a dr.'s office trying to go out the back door to avoid some bad people, when I asked a question aloud " Who Died?" The answer came spoken back to me , "They liked to play chess". I woke and turned on the TV for my kid to watch cartoons and saw what the country was watching, JFK Jr plane missing. JFK jr is America's Royal Family, so now I know the connection to my dream of Princess Di's memorial service. While I can breathe a sigh of relief, as I was concerned about a death in my family, I am saddened by this tragedy of these young people. I continue to pay attention to my dreams......J


Date: 07/22/1999 10:07:13 AM

Dee, you might not believe this. Or you might. I had a series of 3 short dreams that I now see where prophetic although I could not have know it when I dreamt them. They occurred exactly one week prior to JFK Jr's disappearance. I have learned from experience that if I have a dream which later turns out to be turned it will have happened 7 days prior to the event. This is my pattern for prophetic. The pattern is also that of "thinking" dreams that I know are much more involved than I am able to write down. (My "normal" dreams are very long and involved and often take several pages to describe and interpret. But the prophetic ones are short and don't have a personal meaning to me usually.) Remember how I described all those number sequences that I couldn't figure the meaning of? Also, the series of three...

Here's what I dreamt: Copied from my journal:

1) I've been watching a literal pissing contest between the Queen of England and the Pope. They are pissing and comparing. The Queen has a new tabloid book out about herself. The Pope has a scandal sheet and they are comparing notes. They are each in their own field, separated by an alleyway. Princess Di is described....then I am sitting at a computer terminal at Rutgers University [the graduate school I went to]. JFK's cartoon silhouette is on the screen. It is a caricature. Then surrounded by cryptic numbers and formulas which relate to my studies of K, L, M. [symbols for Kapital, Labor, Management--I studied economics at Rutgers]. MLK, Jr. I am being watched by some computer lab proctor who doesn't like what I have on the screen. There are numbers all over the screen which I know are very meaningful but I can't see them, they are too small to read. They are in a matrix formulation. I can't figure out their interdependence but somehow I know they are dependent systems. Then the screen goes blank on the computer but I continue thinking...

2) I am crossing a road to a ghost town of abandoned buildings. The road is deserted yet very dangerous. It is in the middle of nowhere. I must cross the dangerous road. Then I am looking at the buildings. There is death here. There are maggots crawling everywhere. I know that the Black Plague is here. The Black Death is here. I must re-cross the road back to where I came from. It is more dangerous now. I wait for a passing car to kill me, I expect this. But there is no one, no one anywhere. The silence here is deafening.<BR>

3) My husband and I are in the car, he is driving. It is totally dark, nighttime. We are out on a deserted dirt road in the middle of some woods. The pooches are here. It is our practice now to let them "run with the wolves" every night. We let them out of the car and they "run with the wolves" and return in the morning. In the rear-view mirror, see Livey and Caesar in the glow of the tail lights behind the car. We let them go. But now it is morning and we are in a different field waiting for them. But it seems that time has stood still. I see Livey up on a hill. She is inside of a wolf's mouth. But she isn't dead or injured. She is pretending to be dead in the wolf's mouth. This is the game, a very deep game between Livey and the wolf.

Does this seem at all prophetic to you? JFK disappearing off the screen after a pissing contest... J,K,L,M...numerologically significant in my mind....10,11,12,13...Black Plague/Black Death...looking out the rear-view mirror in the complete darkness, "pretending to be dead...a deep game...mouth of wolves...M


Maureen & Dee, there was a story about Boston today -- concerning JFK, Jr's plane crash. I dreamed a day or so ago that I saw Dee with
one of my symbols for Boston -- white food with spots in it like raisins. Before it was cake or bread but Dee was carrying a vanilla
chocolate chip ice cream cone in a chocolate wafer cone.

I dreamed around the time of the JFK, Jr. crash that I was in the backseat sitting on their suitcases and he asked me if I would
drive. I said, "No!" but I ended up in the drivers seat anyway. I couldn't see because of the fog but then I could see the railings
along the road. I thought it was a car, not a plane. Then a big black thing hit us broadside that I thought was a bull in the dream
but later maybe a missile that shot him down or death that you see coming when you die. There was a red cow (like JFK, Sr.) having a
baby with a cowboy's help in the mud of a field along the road and the people in the houses were watching the news about us. Then I
found out that they had crashed. I didn't see the sister-in-law in the vehicle -- just one blond girl and JFK, Jr. Then a few weeks
later I saw him later in a camper shell with a hole that the waitress shoved in pitchers of beer to him.


Audio Clip on JFK Jr.'s Plane Released
BOSTON (Feb. 6) - Almost eight years after John F. Kennedy Jr. died in a plane crash off the coast of Martha's Vineyard, federal
officials released a brief audio clip Tuesday of a conversation between a concerned airport intern and a Federal Aviation
Administration dispatcher related to the fatal flight.

A transcript of the conversation between Adam Budd, a 21-year-old college student employed at the Martha's Vineyard Airport, and the
call center at the FAA's Automated Flight Service Station in Bridgeport, Conn., already was made public and widely reported four
days after the July 16, 1999, crash.

The audio released on Tuesday by the Department of Transportation in Washington was the result of a federal Freedom of Information Act
request filed by broadcasters after the crash. A portion of it was aired on Boston's WFXT-TV.

Budd, who generally performed clerical tasks, is recorded in a hushed tone, his voice slightly quaking as he asks if the FAA can track
Kennedy's plane.

"Well, who are you?" an unidentified FAA dispatcher asked.

"I'm with airport operations," Budd said, failing to identify which airport until asked by the dispatcher.

He then said: "Actually, Kennedy Jr.'s on board. He's uh, they want to know, uh, where he is."

When the operator told him he wouldn't give the information over the phone, Budd backed off.

"OK, well, if it's too much trouble, it's ... I'll just have 'em wait. ... It's not a big deal," he said, according to the 1999

Budd's call came in at 10:05 p.m., four hours before a search and rescue mission was scrambled after a family friend made a more
forceful call to the Coast Guard.

Kennedy, the 38-year-old son and namesake of America's 35th president, was flying with his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, 33,
and his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette, 34, when his six-seat, single-engine Piper Saratoga crashed seven miles south of his Martha's
Vineyard home. All three were killed.

A report of the National Transportation Safety Board blamed pilot error for the crash, saying Kennedy, who had been flying for 15
months, was not skilled enough for low-visibility nighttime flying and became disoriented in the hazy sky.

EDITORS NOTE: We don't accept the NTSB report as truth.