by Joe Mason


Yesterday, I told my co-worker Jeff about my belief that Seth (channeled by Jane Roberts) was probably right in his explanation of our time-reality. I put it something like this:

I asked him if he or someone he knows had ever recalled a past event differently the someone else who also experienced the same event. He thought for a moment and said, "Yes!"

Seth said our experience of past, present, and future is somewhat of an illusion on other levels of reality, there is an 'eternal NOW'. They can view past, present and future, with all the possibilities and potentials at once.

This concept is so out of line with our experience that we reject it out-of-hand. But if you do your homework, there are hints all around you that the concept is correct and explains many things that don't jibe.

Einstein's relativity theory has pretty much been proven by innumerable experiments. A primary principle of his concept is that time is relative to your position, speed, and the gravitational filed you are in.

The future has been predicted so accurately in dreams and other methods, such as Nostradamus' method, throughout human history, that it should cause us to question our concept of time. If you record your dreams, you will find that they predict the future quite often. This is the reason for the universal feeling of De ja vu.

In ESP experiments, such as these conducted by Dr. Ryan at Duke University, it was statistically proven that the telepathic receiver can predict the order in which cards, with symbols on them are viewed before the sender shuffled and looks at the cards, to a degree of accuracy that is well above chance.

In our normal view of our Time-reality with its cause and effect, it would be impossible to predict the future, except by a lucky guess. Yet, it has been shown over and over that it can be done to a degree that is way beyond a lucky guess.

We could have a much better and more accurate picture of our reality, if we accepted this concept that on the larger level we are creating the past NOW. An example is the study of evolution. There is such a huge body of evidence to support Darwin's theory, it can hardly be denied. And yet, it still seems lacking in explaining everything. Conflicts arise, such as an animal with a poison and another with an immunity to it, which animal evolved first?

An analogy might help to grasp this concept. I think this one came from Seth:

Picture your life like being in a forest. You are standing by a tree, which is your present. Behind you are many trees representing the many paths you could have taken to get to the present tree. However, you took a single path past certain trees to get to where you are now. Before you are many more trees. You can choose multiple futures depending on where you decide to go.

On the larger level of reality, the entire forest can be seen at once. All of the paths you could have taken, but did not, are taken on this larger level of reality. The same goes for the future. All paths are taken on this larger level.

Our reality is based on the one path, that is the only one we choose to remember and deal with.

This view might be mind-blowing, but it explains some otherwise strange things about our experience here. Predicting the future is an example. Another is when two people have entirely different memories of a past event that was experienced together. It's because it WAS different. They are creating the past NOW. Each has chosen to remember the path though the forrest somewhat differently than the other.

It's like having a radio which only receives one station and denying that any other station exists.

Another hint that our concept of time may be limited is the feeling in 'fusion sex' or in a special sporting event, (like Bob Beamon's world record long jump) that there is no time, or time stands still.

We do not experience time in dreams.

When you really think about it, you have never been in the past. You have always experienced NOW, this moment. Planets revolve and clocks spin and your body ages, but you have always experienced NOW. If we are literally creating the reality, then it doesn't take too great of a leap of faith to believe that these things are somewhat of an illusion.

Another hint that we have to show the fluid nature of time, is our own experience of it. Sometimes a lot of time goes by while we feel that it was a short time. For example, when your children grow up, it seems like it went by fast. At other times, it feels like a long time has passed, but when you look at the clock, you are surprised that it was just a few minutes.

I started to think these concepts after the 'VIKING 128" interpretations. How could ancient carvings on rocks have a significance now? It makes sense if you view time as I do.

This concept was portrayed in Jane Robert's fictional book, "The Education of Oversoul Seven". The past, present, and future is portrayed in this fluid manner. An archeological discovery was made because it was created from the present.

On the Ouija board in 1982, Seth told us that 'Mysteries of all Time would be revealed to us, that we would be a practicing example."

As incredible as it seems, it appears to be happening.