(includes collected dreams of others)

JUNE, 1990

6-24-90 - JASON'S DREAM - 11:00 a.m.- Jason, Cliff and Justin were going to Waterford in Joe's car. Justin was driving really fast. Jason asked of Cliff, "why is Justin driving?" and said to Justin, "Hey! You're driving too fast.

Justin stopped the car and they all got out and started running around, playfully.

Cliff climbed a telephone pole with a bunch of wires and a transformer on it. His hands started getting sparks and shocks.  He finally let go and jumped down.

Jason woke up laughing.


6-24-90 - CLIFF'S DREAM - 11:20 a.m. - There was a pool part. Cliff was wrestling with Joe's son T.J. T.J. pulled Cliff under the water and then Cliff pulled T.J. under the water. T.J. then waved his arms and Cliff let go.

A beautiful blonde girl came there and everyone was showing her attention like it was her birthday.


6-24-90 - CLIFF'S DREAM - 11:25 a.m. Cliff was fighting with 6 kids from Modesto who were on BMX bikes and one kid put his brakes on fast and the grass caught on fire.  They said they wanted Cliff's brother to cut up his mattress.  He then cut it up with a scissors while they sat underneath. Their blonde hair then turned black.


7-4-90 - DREAM VOICE - 4 a.m. - I woke from a dream and heard a voice say, " Make Buttons that say "You are good".

It seems to me that a button like that would make people feel good about themselves.

A little later at 4:24 a.m.  I heard, "966 Dallas"

4:49 a.m. - I then saw a symbol which I saw later on 7-15-90 in a Pink Floyd Video of his concert, Dark Side of the Moon. There was also a crop circle with a similar symbol.

5:11 a.m. I heard a voice that sounded like God. He said, "Let there be light!"

5:17 a.m. A voice said, "this devastation through fear and rejection."

5:34 a.m. A voice said, "Comes from a nation that changed its' direction."

5:40 a.m. A voice said, "Impatience from performance pressure is a good example of a tight negative circle of belief." (with feedback loop)

7:20 a.m. - A voice said, "The thinner the tissue the greater the issue."

7:48 a.m. A voice said, "From Fleur de lis to Floor Delay."

7:50 a.m. A voice said, "Replace Darwin with Charmin" (charming?)

7:55 a.m. A voice said, "When we didn't have to hide and had a sense of pride."

8:11 a.m. A voice said, "Drink an ellixor as a quick fixer."

8:11 a.m. - A voice said, "Immunize your mind and waste your time."

8:29 a.m. A voice said, "What was your syntax on that Sin tax?"

8:30 a.m. A voice said, "Heavenly conditioned to repress your emissions."

11:39 a.m. A voice said, "Your parent is apparent."

11:53 a.m. A voice said, "Censor your senses."


7-2-90 - JEFF'S DREAM - I was laying in a pasture, with green grass. I was laying next to a barbed wire fence. I was all beat up and felt that I was nearly dead.

On the other side of the fence, there were bright lights on the horizon with clouds and beams of light coming down.  That gave me really neat feelings of warmth and peace.  Because of that I wasn't afraid to face what was coming up.



Another message of the crop circles and dreams may be about world unity. I had a dream of an electrical splice box with the wires disconnected (J). I felt that it meant that people were not connected. Later I saw Navaho sand paintings that looked similar (K) .

Thinking of "hooking up the wires" I drew connecting lines between the feet of the people in the sand paintings. The result was star-shapes: one with 8 points (L) and one with 12, formed by four overlapping triangles. I found that the 8-pointed star was an ancient sun symbol. (4)

NOTE: added 9-22-90 - This is a significant drawing that later ties in with "Myth" book, pages 56-7, 78-9, 50. Also the bonding diamond unity idea.


5:27 a.m. I was told by the dream voice to write down events in my life that may be symbolic.

I was shot by a rocket on the 4th of July when I was about 6 years old and living in Oklahoma. This seems to mean that I was shot in the back by America.

NOTE: at 6;14 a.m., the news came on about a fireworks display tragedy yesterday on the 4th of July. A rocket fell over and shot into a crowd, injuring 19, 3 seriously, including a 3 year old girl.


7-9-90 - DREAM VOICE - 1:47 a.m. "It's much to do about nothing."

2:05 a.m. "Homeless should be trained for jobs - like building houses. Military industrial complex should shift to this also, making modular homes. Munitions plants could become living space. "


8-2-90, Inspired Thoughts, 5:10 AM

The science of Chaos is based on mathematical equations that use a portion of the answer or result in another equation. They are usually done on a computer and plotted graphically. The intricate patterns were surprising in their complexity. It led to scientists in almost all fields to have greater understanding of complex systems. It gave them a grander overall view of an entire system. The infinite complexity on the chaotic boundaries between stable conditions astonished them. It showed them why predictions are impossible. It also showed how an extremely minute difference in initial conditions can lead to huge changes as the equations are repeated. They found that there were repeating patterns on small to large scales.

An interesting and important side-benefit happened as a result of the discoveries. Small parts of the new science were being done in diverse fields for a decade or so, with not contact between the pioneers. When they finally got together, it became obvious that because of the specialization of science and sometimes egocentric degrading of one against the other (i.e., physicists against mathematicians), greater understanding had been hindered. This new awareness is leading to a new awareness that unity and communication between specialities is essential in reaching greater understanding of grand, overall workings of our universe.

The grand view of how we create our reality by our beliefs is eluding us in this same manner. We can't see the forest for the trees.

Since physical reality is based on mind-first, it's logical that similar patterns in beliefs and thoughts will be found in Chaos displays.


Note, 1-5-2002: I began to write about the symbolism of Chaos theory on July 31, 1990, after finding a very symbolic picture I had made some years prior. Needless to say, I was quite surprised when Chaos patterns became part of the crop circle phenomenon, starting with the Mandelbrot Set crop formation on August 11, 1991.


8-4-90 - 4:47 a.m. DREAM VOICE - "Human global link in connection to Mexico seen" (It was like a headline)

at 5:07, I was snoozing and listening to the news. Iraq forces have moved across Kuwait and into the neutral zone between Saudi Arabia. I thought how easy it would be to escalate to use of nuclear weapons.

That same morning I wrote this:


Spiritual communication can be frustrating because you feel some, but not all of it is, 'the truth' or at least the right way to go, especially when it appeals to your logic and reasoning.

the main sources of error in my limited view are:

1. There are various levels and beliefs on the other side and we are not sure who we are communicating with.

2. Our own views and state of mind influence who we contact and how it is 'filtered' through our brains. The original thought communicated can be altered in this way, sometimes drastically.

3. We may reject an idea because it doesn't match our reality. For example "You have unlimited powers", may be a fact. But since we don't believe it or know how to use it, then it is untrue for us.

4. If you pursue information on past-lives, then contradictions cane develop. You may recall a life that when investigated, may not prove correct. Such a case may lead some to discredit the whole idea of reincarnation. But it could be that some cases are right and some wrong. If Seth's ideas of possible realities being an actuality, then the recalled life may have been correct.

Another problem is recalling past-lives of famous people. If more than one person recalls being George Washington, for instance, then the whole idea is, again, discredited.

NOTE: Dee Finney discovered that more than 6 people are claiming to have been Mary Magdalen. Could they all have participated in that life?

But there could be an explanation for this. For example, if all consciousness is interconnected in a branching, pyramid form, then it may be possible to pick up information on a past-life that is not actually in your direct branch, but a branch far-afield, the ego might play a major role in this phenomena.

5. Self-aggrandizement leading to the corruption of the information seems to be a common problem. A possible reason for this may be that the communicating entity may tell you that you are special and have great powers. Your ego may interpret this as you are the only or 'chosen' one. This may lead to a 'chosen' group of believers. But the original message of your potential powers and ability to take the responsibility for an important role may have been correct. For this reason I tend to put more credence on the early communication of these types.


8-7-90 - SETH'S IDEAS

After reading the Seth books, I decided it was the right way for me to go. Regardless of where the information came from, it appealed to my intellect as a more positive attitude. the only way to test its validity was to try it and see if it worked. Even if it didn't work, I could see any harm in trying it since it seemed like a better way to go anyway. So I became a living experiment.

The main ideas I tried to keep in mind were these:

1. We create our own reality individually and en-masse quite literally by our beliefs about reality and ourselves.

2. Your spontaneous response is usually the right one. Trust yourself. Your oversoul is with you.

3. Look at your 'problems' as challenges that are purposeful and have been created by yourself for your learning.

4. Your 'enemies' are actually personalities who came into your life to assist you in this learning.

5. All people, animals, plants, objects and everything in your universe are parts of ALL THAT IS, or GOD. If you cause harm, it is like hurting yourself or part of God.

6. Since we are literally creating our reality. We can see symbolism in it that give hints as to the purpose. Coincidence is a signal to look for the process working.

7. Negative events are caused by negative or conflicting beliefs. Sickness, for example, is a physical manifestation of conflicting or negative beliefs. The beliefs are manifested physically so that we can see it and deal with it.

8. All men are trying to do good in their way. They may be doing some terrible things, but if you could get inside their head and really understand them, you would see that they are doing what they think is right, however mis-guided.

8. We PLAN our choices in the dream-state. In the deeper levels of sleep we visit other entities and act out possibilities. The dreams that occur in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep are symbolic representations of what we did in the deeper levels of sleep. Hence, the feeling of de ja vu and dreams predicting the future.

9. The concept of evil and the Devil are constructs of mankind for his learning. If we quit believing in them, they will disappear from our reality.