with comment by Joe Mason


Randy borrowed my video of the crop circles last night. Today, at work, he was excited about a dream he had afterward.

In the dream, he and his wife and child are in San Francisco at a hospital that's built right at the edge of the ocean.

His family stays in the hospital while he walks outside on to a wharf-like structure. There are many, many Navy ships out on the water, and he thinks a nuclear war is about to happen.

He looks up and sees an airplane with a large bomb dangling below it. The ships all start going fast backwards over the horizon. He runs inside the hospital just as the bomb drops.

They see things being blown all over outside and the walls bow in. The windows break and a jelly-like substance pours in.

A child is pushed through with the jelly and is dead.


Joe Mason - interpretation -

The ocean symbolizes the spirit world. Ships are vehicles on the water which represent ideas or belief patterns, that came from the spirit world, and then are acted out in the physical reality. At this moment, there is a great armada of ships in the Persian gulf from a multitude of countries. They are in danger of sparking off a very destructive holocost of death.

The airplane with the bomb represent new ideas from the heavens. Grand new ideas as to the nature of our reality are coming from that other realm that is behind the creation of this one.

Basically the ideas involved are these:

The ships are the old ideas of war and confrontation, also of regimentation, conforming to codes and subjugation of individuality. Also of superiority of one individual over another.

The military literally implements these ideas, The dream also is symbolic of our society generally.

Another aspect of the military symbolism is heavy conditioning.

In basic training, they try to get young men to obey by braking down their will and personality. They want a killing machine that they (The Master's of War) can send against an adversary. The Masters of War gain wealth, status and power from this. They do not want the young man to question the judgment of the masters. They must be conditioned to lay down their life for 'the cause'.

Since the ships are symbolic of methods or belief patterns from the spirit world, they were meant to be, they have purpose. We learn from the events that unfold, however disastrous.

The airplane with the bomb causes the ships to retreat. this is symbolic of the concept that the old ideas of war are going to be replaced by a new idea. The feeling of a nuclear bomb means that because we have the capability of ending all life on earth through the war learning experience, it is time to change. We cannot continue with this method. The idea is spent, all the nutrients have been used.

The new idea will cause great stress. Anytime one's root assumptions are challenged and shown to be 'wrong' or 'misguided', then the whole belief system falls like a house of cards. There is a period of chaos before new and more positive belief patterns are developed.

So I see this dream as the same in meaning as the ancient myths about the death of the war gods.

In the book, "Myths" on page 222, the stone carving on the Isle of Man shows the god Odin being eaten by a wolf. In the Icelandic Eddas from the tenth to thirteenth century, Othin's (Wotan's) warrior hall, Valholl is said to have 540 doors. It was foretold that at the end of the present cycle of time, 800 divine warriors will emerge out of each door to engage the anti-gods in a battle of mutual annihilation.

The number 432,000 (800 x 540 = 432,000) was also used in the Hindu sacred epics to reckon the present cycle of time. (See page85 in "The Inner Realms of Outer Space")

In the apocalyptic painting on page 230 of "Myths", Odin summons dead souls to ride with him across the sky.

This and Randy's dreams is symbolic of ideas and thoughts coming down. It's part of a universal plan that entails great change. Unity will come after a period of stress.

The new ideas will have such great import, you might say they will hit like a bomb-shell.

The Indian (Eastern) story of the Monkey King on page 234 of "Myths" has similar meanings. The monkey symbolizes the foolish wars of mankind, yet he forms a living bridge across the water so that the Mother-goddess can be rescued. In other words the wars were purposeful and meant to be.

The Navy ships in Randy's dream show the same thing because in symbolism ships are spiritually inspired vehicles or ideas.

In Jeff's dream the paratroopers in regular uniforms represent the same idea. Since they are coming from the sky above they symbolize ideas or methods from the spirit world. In Jeff's dream, which also takes place in San Francisco, the regular soldier's bullets fall short. They have lost their effectiveness. The bullets are symbolic of old ideas that are not longer effective. This is similar to Randy's dream of the ships backing up.

In Jeff's dream, a singer warrior with a modern rifle with scopes and lazers on it, and dressed in a white uniform, parachutes down. This is equivalent to the airplane with the bomb in Randy's dream. They both symbolize new ideas coming from the collective-unconscious.

After the stress of change, it will result in the end of these negative wars.

Even now, you can see this movement in process. the unification of many countries against IRAQ and the use of sanctions is being called a 'New World Order' by many leaders. They say that the time has come where one country attacking another will no longer be tolerated.

In Jeff's dream, he was taken hostage by the white soldier. This symbolized being captivated by the new ideas. There is a fear of new ideas.

Even though our lives may be quite negative, we are comfortable with our old ideas. The fear of new ideas come from not knowing where the new ideas may take us.

In Randy's dream, he and his family are held up in the hospital. this has a similarity to the hostage idea.

In Randy's dream, there is a tidal wave. This symbolizes a big push from the spirit world. (Remember water symbolizes spirit)

the windows crash in and a green jelly-like substances in along with a dead child.

the hospital represents the physical world. When Randy went outside, it symbolized a visit to the spirit world where he sees the old and new idea concepts.

The windows are openings to the other world from our own. so, symbolically, this shows the ideas are coming into our reality from that other world.

The jelly may indicate that they take on a more solid form here. The color green may indicate growth in the spirit and mental sense. we associate green with growing plants. An example of this idea is the book, "The Greening of America" which is about positive changes in attitudes and ways of living.

As so often happens lately, some seemingly unrelated event ties in to an idea I am working on.

My son, T.J. and I went out to dinner at the Nutcracker restaurant last night. I had not mentioned Randy's dream. He started talking of an event that happened about two years ago.

He and a few friends got drunk at our house. They were in the bedroom. I didn't know what was going on. they had these tubes of green jelly that glowed in the dark. They broke them open and smeared it all over the walls. I walked into the room and talked to them a few minutes.

Last night he told me that they felt a special feeling of togetherness. He said he saw a green glow around me. When I left the room, one of his friends told him that he felt like I was with them or a part of them.

The coincidence of the green jelly in Randy's dream and then in T.J's story the day after is something I have come to expect lately.

The additive effect of these coincidences is strengthening my belief that I am on the right track.

The dead boy may represent the spiritual death of the old-self. (The child-self?) A new and more aware self is then born. A hospital is the place where babies are born. This death-rebirth could represent Randy's personal growth process or mankind's in general.

In terms of the vast amount of time that humans will occupy our universe, we are very young. We are young in the sense of our low level of awareness also. So the death of mankind at this stage is portrayed as a youth.

A hospital is also associate with healing. It symbolizes the healing effect spiritually, mentally, and physically that the new ideas will bring.

The jelly through the window also symbolizes a re-connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. This is similar to the 'Return to the Garden of Eden' concept. The garden is quite green. Before the fall from the Garden,, there was a direct communication between the worlds. After the fall, communication was cut off.

So the new age will entail a re-connection between the two worlds where communication between the two will be re-established.