Communion 2012
The Stunning Noosphere Meaning
 The Cosmic Christ Consciousness Rings the Earth

By Joseph E. Mason

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I first heard of the crop circles in 1990 via a brief report on a television news program. Later that year there was a segment of the "Unsolved Mysteries" television show on the subject. A major development had happened. All the crop circles, starting in the late 1970's were composed of various combinations of simple circles and rings. For the first time, a crop circle formation appeared that had boxes and pathways. It was called the "First Pictogram."


My first dream voice message about the crop circles said --

Because we are disconnected from our spirituality, some rings are missing.

The message was about the "First Pictogram" that appeared in 1990 at Chilcomb Farm.

First Pictogram

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11:11 and 1:1 type crop circles -- moving to create ring around Earth

Cruciform crop formations & Dennison's images

4 horns, 4 smiths, Swastika





Philip K. Dick

Valentinian gnosticism






1a. dreams and song
Posted by: michele
Mon Jan 7, 2008 6:00 am (PST)

hi all

Dee, this morning i woke with the song Boy with a Coin .. which goes with your dream of the young man carving your coin into a golden heart so thought i would give a link to the song. however silly the song may be my dreams are so very connected to music and song .don't know why is like that .... just is ...... and so the songs are very important to me

i dreamed i had one of those that went thru a fire and then was put on a silver platter <}:O)` very sweet
Tue Apr 3, 2007 9:57 am ((snips))


i was shown all the ways in which i share love at work and with my family and friends .. i was shown all the people who i have helped in their need ..i was shown the love of the people who know me best ..and the love i inspire even in those who have hurt me .... and i began to cry openly not as in the dream where i was reminded of every hurt ever committed against me and i hid in the form of a tree ... i was not ashamed of my tears ..nor did i feel my tears would bring upon me any ridicule ..... they flowed and became a river which flowed wild on the earth and people came and they swam and were happy and the mothers cried when they put their feet in because of the cleansing that was for the children ...

before waking ..i left the rainbow swirl place and the transition this morning had me thinking it was more pictures while still in the place of color swirls .... i was taken to a metal worker .. he was working with precious metals .... and in the kilm under fire all the impurities within the metals surfaced to the top and then were burned away in the fire this was my life and all trama and the financial problems and the abuse was the fire ..... i am in the kilm and the heat is brining to surface what is to be fed to the fire the higher the heat the more pure i became ...... i watched as the man turned heat higher and higher with wind .. and then out came a pure gold heart on a silver plater and the metal worker man said "this is you . you are Sacred" .... i woke

Iron & Wine - Boy With A Coin

A boy with a coin he found in the weeds
With bullets and pages of trade magazines
Close to a car that flipped on the turn
When God left the ground to circle the world

A girl with a bird she found in the snow
Then flew up her gown and that's how she knows  
That God made her eyes for crying at birth
Then left the ground to circle the Earth

A boy with a coin he crammed in his jeans
Then making a wish he tossed in the sea
Walked to a town that all of us burn
When God left the ground to circle the world

8 Jan 2008, 1:11 PM

The e-mail below is coincidental with the above, about the spiritual ring around the Earth. This is a paste of that line --

<< The last line of the song above ("When God left the ground to circle the world") indicates that the spirit of the Demiurge Christ encircling the Earth, like the "Saturn- like" rings . . . actually a sphere around the Earth.>>

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Date: 1/8/2008 10:53:53 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Dee777
To: JMason4557


Forwarded Message:

Subj: Dreams
Date: 1/8/2008 10:33:32 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: nue

I can sense the hidden meanings in movies - How they know something we do not. In I am legend the theme is bio-warfare - when trying to cure cancer? Now that scientist are finding new discoveries on HUMAN dna (genome project) - One can literally take out audio clips from movies and play it with video of LIFE events... MY dream is to create such projects.

The noosphere is the grid we are manifesting with peace, love and harmony. Those who try tell put us  in fear of are losing a grip as our numbers continue to grow. The Golden Age, Age of Aquarius - 2008 is the year light-workers start to come out.

"The beast runs AMOK in my Kingdom" Was the call sent out by mother earth - Starseeds/lightworkers came in numbers and now have awakened . . .

In love and Light nue!

The crop circle connection to the idea of Communion is apparent in the location of most of the important crop circle formations over the years, especially the complex ones. This is the Aquarian Triangle or Wessex Triangle, located in the area of southern England, near Stonehenge and Avebury Stone Circle. One corner of this Triangle is Glastonbury.

In legends, this is where the Holy Grail was taken. This is part of the basis of the Holy Grail and King Arthur stories written hundreds of years ago.

It is said that Joseph of Arimathea, the person who took Jesus down from the cross and caught some of Jesus' blood in the cup, came to Glastonbury after being in prision for 42 years. Joseph built Glastonbury Tor, and the Holy Grail was placed in Chalis Well, there at Glastonbury.

The more recent attention to "The Da Vinci Code" has drawn public attention to the Communion-related, "Last Supper," subject. The book and movie drew heavely from a previous book, "Holy Blood Holy Grail."

In 2007, "The Da Vinci Code Crop circle formation appeared, which was similar to the Leonardo Da Vinci painting, "The Last Supper."

In my view, the actual historical "truth" about these subjects may not be as important as the symbolism involved. As with dreams and related mythology, the "true" part is in the symbolism.


Now, on that Lazarus page I was talking about ...


: Crop circle at Old Sarum. Crop circle represents the freightening image dream of Nebuchadnezzar of the four ages related to the four metals. Four Yugas, same metals. Now in the Age of Iron, the Kali Yuga.

Special communion (Sarum Use)...follows the seven rays, seven chakras ...

become part of the body of Christ. Like one body composed of humanity. Church...but a spiritual meaning. Reach Christ Self balance...

humanity united, almost like

President: Demiurge...symbolized by the swastika...four builder glyphs...verses in the Bible...four horns, four smiths. The four smiths throw down the four horns that have scattered the nations.

Counterclockwise had a negative aspect. Not evil...a karmic learning process.


8 July 2008, 8:11 PM Update

I just made a post at the CCC Forum about a new crop circle formation that fits well with the theory presented in this article.

East Kennett, nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 8th July.

first post (Noosphere, East Kennett, nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 8th July)

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 1:21 am Post subject: The Noosphere of the Earth

On 22 May 2008, I started an article that is not complete, with the title --

[quote]Communion 2012

The Stunning Noosphere Meaning

The Cosmic Christ Consciousness Rings the Earth[/quote]

[my snip]


18 January 2008, 6:16 AM

I am listening to the Coast To Coast radio show from 5 January 2008, about "Solar Cycle 24" The researcher is Dr. John J. Harper. He just said the word, "noosphere"


possible pole shift, perhaps magnetic

NASA predicted that Solar Cycle 24 will be peaking in 2011.

Song played: "Here Comes the Sun"

I remembered my "sun song" idea at the ammo plant back in 1990. ? Stevie Wonder, "A Place in the Sun" ?


18 January 2008, 6:16 AM

Dr. John Jay Harper

noosphere on C2C, about Solar Cycle 24

book "The Body Electric" - sun's ejections influence

shamans tell of future huge underground volcanic events

scientists: 2008 will be a pivotal year

we came to our world and had an amnesia

another JJ

song: "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'"

"unified field of consciousness"

7:31 AM - I went to John's site, and noted that I am visitory 170396.

7:34 AM - One of the links on the page is "Butterfly Effect"

Reality Entertainment (RE) Press


6:59 AM -- About an hour ago, I was looking at the graphic of the Hunab Ku, and remembering how similar it is to my experiences with that type of shape, from the splice box dream, the Navaho sand paintings, the Unity Star, Mandelbrot star, and the Hundred Acres formation. All this fits with the idea of the "unified field of consciousness."

John also mentioned the magnitosphere, which is an idea in the "Code" and the "Fish-Eye" crop circle of 2005.

co-created in the image of the creator

John -- "I try to integrate science and religion." "We are like double A batteries."

Ian Punet: "talking about chaos"

John's book -- "Transformers, Shamans of the Twenty-First Century"


Solar Cycle 24

Futurist John Jay Harper discussed how Solar Cycle 24 marks the start of a disastrous cycle for our climate and civilization. The new solar cycle, which according to experts is currently under way, indicates that solar activity — sunspots and solar flares — is likely to begin increasing. Harper said the activity will reach its peak on or about the year 2012, in agreement with the Mayan calendar and other end-time prophecies.

Harper expects Solar Cycle 24 to trigger a series of cataclysmic events. "Solar flares have been equated with flu pandemics, with increased earthquake activity and underwater volcanism," he explained. Harper said Greenland's ice cap will likely melt, forcing additional ocean water toward the equator and causing a disruption in the axial tilt of our planet. He said an electromagnetic pole shift will occur as well.

The disruption to our agricultural, economic, and telecommunications systems will put us back into the pre-industrial age, Harper forecasted. All is not lost, however, as Harper believes these events will lead to an integration of science and religion into a single truth — the idea of energy transformation. He said many will survive the apocalypse because of their ability to link into a unified mind field.


3 dreams last night .... green orb
Posted by: Chele
Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:11 am (PST)

i was after a green orb .. it was like a ball of energy .. looking rather gell on the inside with a hard crystal shell .. very light green in color with yellowish floating dots .... very powerful . seemed a different kind of energy ~ pure spiritual energy

it was very beautiful and very powerful . . . an elite christian society had the orb ..was holding it and i was after it ....... they had the orb thru deceite .. they did not have the right qualities to activate it .... they were searching for the one who could activate it for them ~ they wanted it to do certain things for them ?? .....

to solidify perminately their false rule on the earth

i used invisability to get into their house of mirrors and tricks was the same house that Dr Evil had taken over in another dream i had ((will look that up))... the house used to mine and had a secret doorway that i had the keys to .. i had almost been captured in that dream ..... but it was a different group of peoples then what i was dealing with in that dream .... they were allies

i don't remember anything from where i went invisable in the ally way before getting to the house ..... i was envisioning where the orb was in the house .... feeling it seeing with the orbs eyes .the orb wanted me to save it from those people ..... i have no memory of going or coming out ~ next thing i remember i had the orb in my hand .... i know i had been in the house and much shananigans ensued and i got back out and was standing in ally way with the orb cupped in my hand ................ it was 8/9 inches in diameter


many years ago my sons were having all kinds of shared visions from 1997-2000 ..... i had started having visions and whatnots around my property 1993/1994 .. i thought i might have been going crazy ..that i had lost my mind and so opened my sons eyes in a way that i was shown and it worked .. they started having visions too .one of the things they saw and i saw it too was this green orb .. in 2000 i became very mad at the spiritual in my life .like maureen has expressed i felt like it had ruined my life ... and i felt like i was going insane and bringing my sons alongfor the ride .i ordered them to close their eyes to it .... and i prayed and covered them with all the will power that i had . for it all to go away

anyway it is interesting that i have dreamed of that orb

my sons saw it in several ways .... in one of their visions ..should note i was with them when they saw these things and the 2 of them would go back and forth explaining what they were seeing and i would make notes of it the time Beau was 6yrs old and Ted was 12.. so in their one vision the orb was in the hands of a huge angel who came flying down to our house from the clouds another vision the orb was in the hands of a mortal man who was looking into the orb with a look of complete shock ..the man's mouth was wide open . i also saw the orb at in that same time period .. when i saw it . it has 6 boltz of lighting comeing off it


2nd dream was at an airport .... coming home from Europe this dream i cann't remember anymore than that now ~ didn't record

3rd dream ~ the world had suffered some sort of catastrophy ..... milions of people were homeless and sleeping in the streets .... it was quite dangerous being out and about and my mother my sister and my brother Al were all out and about .. we were looking for something very important but i cannot remember what it was now we were out west .and then we all got seperated but we all knew where we were going next so that is where i went it was i think a hospital and in the parking lot were all these turned over tour busses with matresses in them and these huge huge dumpsters thrown about between the busses

this scene started out inside the hospital .. i met up with my mother and sister there .... i was worried about Al he hadn't made it there yet and i know how protective he is .. so knew he had to be beside himself worried on us ~ my mother wanted to find a place to sleep ..

i thought we should stay where we were and wait for Al to arive i thought he should be showing up any sec .. a young blonde showed ..very beautiful young teen like 17 wearing a white sport bra and tight black pants ..... she was a born again christian but not acting very modest ..being very sexual touching her belly in provocative ways and what not

my mother was insistant on us finding a place to sleep ... so we went outside to where all the busses and dumpsters were ...there were all men sleeping inside these busses .. no women .. outside they were all inside ????

so we were all out there with no Al to protect us and there was 2 or 3 very powerful men who wanted me inside their bus to sleep with them ... i told my mother we need to go back inside and wait for Al .. i don't feel safe mother said we have to find a bed ..and then Matt showed up from behind us ...rolled one of the busses over was resting on its side on its door one could get inside that buss matt rolled it over and then tore off the door .the door was damaged and wouldn't open as it should.... and then drug out a queen size matress and a twin size matress one in each hand like it was nothing .... i thought we should take refuge inside the buss but matt said "no its not safe for you in there." and then he threw the mattresses in a dumpster ...Claire my mother and a blonde girl went to lay down on them ... the blonde was very impressed with matt wanted his attention ..but then matt disapeared

we all went inside the building again ....i think it was a hostpital it had that kind of feel ... to the same meeting place .i was hoping al would be there waiting but he wasn't ... the blonde stayed with us ..Claire and i started talking about her ..we were worried on the girl she needed healing from hurts men had put on her ~ these hurts made her sexually permiscuous .....the girl started to wonder away and i was concerned about what mischief she was going to get herself into .... she needed to be pure . she needed healed ..... i started following her all over thru all these halls she was looking for something specific i could feel that but i did not know what it was ..... i told my sister and mother to wait where they were for al to arive

can no longer remember what the dream was that woke to


2 February 2008

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1e. Lion, wind and devistation
Posted by: Maria
Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:41 pm (PST)

1e. Lion, wind and devistation Posted by: Maria
Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:41 pm (PST)

I had an incredible dream a few nights ago. I must confess that I am a Christian woman, not that I am one of those who is sinless, I sin. This dream was too profound for me to understand, but yet I suspect. I need help. Let me explain, Daniel profesied through dreams, and John did as well. Joel 2:28 says, "And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions."

This is for today, this is for everyone, this is for men and women.So that being said if anyone is interested in my dream, I will tell it. I really need people to talk to.....



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Date: 2/1/2008 2:45:23 AM Pacific Standard Time


3a. Re: Lion, wind and devistation
Posted by: Maria
Thu Jan 31, 2008 7:48 pm (PST)

Hello all,

Thank you for the encouragement to tell my dream. I must say that those who have dreams of a prolific nature, should tell all. In the past I have had multiple dreams of devastation, in particular an earthquake followed by mountains turning into waves of water and engulfing the entire landscape of my vision.

It is always with other people in a very busy environment.

My last dream however took a different turn. It involved lions. How can I explain...

I looked out the large panes of glass, people were everywhere, there was a deep darkness in the sky, then the clouds, thick and dark, were harnessed by the manes of lions. I ran across the room and yelled, "Don't use projection to hide the clouds with lions!

There were many lions and they just sailed across the sky, their manes creating turbulence and devastation.

Then the sound loud..the wind was more than I could take..I looked into a small room in the facility that I was in and there was a trunk of a tree that had landed in this room, It did not move.. I said it would be safe here.. and I held on to it.. then I woke up



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Date: 2/2/2008 2:40:28 AM Pacific Standard Time


1d. Re: Lion, wind and devistation
Posted by: Chele
Fri Feb 1, 2008 2:55 pm (PST)

hi maria thank you so much for posting your dream is surprisingly similar to my lion dream this is from my first post to the forum snip Dream Date: January 9, 2003 i was at a big happy party beside a swimming pool behind a hotel (with work i've stayed at many hotels .everyone was on the the left side of the pool. my sister did not have a bathing suite so i went to go get her one of my old ones that would fit her and she would look beautiful in .i wanted her to look beautiful.

went into the hotel and there was a commotion .. the spirit voice i sometimes not in dream but during my wake time said "the lion has fallen"

and i looked to the sky and all the clouds were of a great giant heavenly lion coming to the earth .. the feeling was of a heavenly creature . and there was fear all around me ..but i was not afraid .more intruiged and excited everyone was pointing up and it seemed panic was growing with the people of the party ..i looked up again then and every cloud of the sky depicted a lion ..many of them but the clouds all were representing one lion in many views falling to the earth from the heavens .. with arrows even i then found myself in a car driving with my children, other children and my sister to the ocean ..

i looked to the right from the car and saw giant foot prints left by the lion heading off into the wilderness in the same direction we were going. the foot prints were of a lion at least 100 feet tall .. and i pointed them out my sister scolded me saying i was frightening the children ..i didn't understand why there should be so much fear.. but then the feeling of how much damage a 100 foot lion could do to the world came to my spirit. but i wanted to face the lion i felt it spiritual and exciting.

then we were at an ocean dock all of us getting into a boat and my son Beau as i was helping him onto the boat expressed his fear to me i was going to answer him . explain the lion to erase his fear but then i realized i didn't understand it . then i woke


the above dream led me to some other dreams and replies Cassie Dee Matt and Joe

Cassie had a wild cat dream

I have lost a lot of this dream...the earlier parts. I remember walking across a field in the county...and it was cold and the wind was very cold on my hands and face. I was walking on a pathway where the dried dead winter grass seemed to have a trail dented into a place where cattle had passed alot.

I reached a fence and there was a gate and I could see the trail on the other side of the fence that lead into a forest. I had to get there...was very determined. Two wildcats or bobcats were pacing in front of the gate. The gate was about 8-10 ft. tall. One of these cats had a bad disposition and he wandered away...sort of growling as he went. The other one stood between me and the gate and would not let me pass. It did not dawn on me until I woke up but that cat was about 8 ft that he could block me from the gate. I tried to sit calmly thinking he would leave...or that I could get around the cat somehow and crawl over the fence but he would not allow me to pass.

I never got to see what was in that forest...


Joe's reply

Big Cat, Rabbits, & Storm Dream

The big cat and storm in Chele's dream reminded me of an e-mail that I sent in 1999. I'll place it and the dreams below.

I didn't mention the rabbit, but that animal was part of other discussions, related to the one in "Alice in Wonderland," who leads Alice down into the underworld unconscious dream realm. The rabbit theme came out more fully with the 911 events.

The American Tragedy: A Symbolic Event, Part One

I had a feeling that the black panther was similar in symbolism to the lion. The earliest dream I remember, was when I was about 16. I saw in very vivid color, a big black panther walking around in our house.

Since I wrote the little article below, I learned that in the original story, it was Ea/Enki who chased the Storm Bird, Zu, rather than his son, Marduke. The bird was actually a man with wings. Also, the camel, lion, baby story comes from the prologue of "Thus Spake Zarathustra."

Friedrich Nietzsche. Thus Spake Zarathustra

Interestingly, the theme music of "2001: A Space Odyssey" is called, "Thus Spake Zarathustra."

Regards, Joe

Symbols of king, lion, and royal power are significant. They are related to the Grail Bloodline, and are major symbols of the great change.

This traces back to Genesis 38, where Judah (the King and lion's whelp) has sex with his daughter-in-law, Tammar, who tricked him by dressing up as a harlot. It relates to the kings of the earth who fornicate with the harlot in Revelation 17. They become drunk on her wine, which evokes fury. They give over their "ROYAL POWER" to the beast. God has put it into their hearts to carry out His purpose (Rev. 17:17).

The kings of the earth make a change, and bring their glory into The New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:24). A key verse is Revelation 3:11 - "I am coming soon; hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown."

A CROWN is worn by a KING. If one lets another seize their crown, it is like giving over their ROYAL POWER to the beast. The Rev. 3:11 verse seems to be speaking to everyone, not just "real" kings.

The advice seems to be that we need to be careful in believing the authority of other people. I believe this is supported by certain verses of Isiah 65:


65:17 For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.

65:21 And they shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them.

65:22 They shall not build, and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat: for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.


Some dreams of today still have this "planting/eating" and "house building" symbolism.

So, it seems, part of the message about the change is that people will learn to go by their own authority, rather than follow others. I do think this process started many years ago and will continue. It WWW will probably make it go faster.

An old story illustrates the point. It is said that you are born a camel. You get down on your knees, and a load is placed upon you (conditioned beliefs of childhood). When you grow up and leave home, you become a lion who goes into the desert. Eventually, the lion runs into a dragon who has "Thou Shalt" written on each of his scales (confronting the conditioned beliefs). The lion slays the dragon and transforms into a baby. At that point, you have overcome the conditioned beliefs and are operating from your own heart's center.

It is also said, "The heaver the load, the stronger the lion."

In one of the sayings in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says (something like):

"Lucky is he who eats the lion, for the lion becomes human. But, cursed is he who the lion eats, for the lion still becomes human."

The "Pollen Path" articles tell the story of how dreams and coincidences led me to the theory that humanity has been on a path through the chakras, and that the 3 1/2 midpoint is the key. The harlot is related to the lower three chakras, especially the third. She is seated upon many waters, which are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues (Rev. 17:15). This may represent an energy that pervades everything in the difficult time cycle. The harlot is very similar in meaning to Kali.


Tamasisk - Anger - Fury

The beast and harlot are related to ten horns (see Rev. 17:16). The third chakra is symbolized by a lotus flower with ten petals. See:

Humanity On The Pollen Path

The leap to the fourth - Heart chakra seems to be suggested by the twelve stars on the crown of The Woman With Child of Rev. 12:1, and by The New Jerusalem (Rev. 21), which has twelve gates, angels, gemstones, and pearls.

The Heart chakra is symbolized by a lotus flower with 12 petals.

Dreams of being in or under the water, or underground, seem to suggest the unconscious, the collective unconscious, the dream realm, or the spirit realm. In Jung's system water is related to emotions.

The Hopi creation myth of Spider Grandmother seems to have the same meaning, expressed a bit differently. The depiction on my Pollen Path page shows that there are three chambers underground, with a tunnel up to the surface and daylight. The myth tells how the creator put insects into the first chamber and told them to find out the meaning of life. They are helped by Spider Grandmother to the next level, where they become animals. She helps again in the next cycle, and the animals become humans in the third chamber. Finally, she comes again, along with birds, and the people climb up through the tunnel to the surface. She then teaches us how "to weave."

In the Nordic myth of the Yggdrasil World Tree, the Norns of Fate weave at one of the underground roots.

Notice that the final climb in the Hopi myth was at the 3 1/2 point. In terms of the chakra levels of consciousness, the first three were underground, again suggesting the unconscious.

Other material, including Biblical verses, indicate that we are co-creators of the reality. Humanity en masse seems to be the demiurge co-creator, symbolized by the swastika. This is related to the four smiths (or carpenters)

who cast down the four horns in Zechariah 1:18-21 -


And I lifted my eyes and saw, and behold, four horns! And I said to the angel who talked with me, "What are these?" And he answered me, "These are the horns which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem."

Then the Lord showed me four smiths. And I said, "What are these coming to do?" He answered, "These are the horns which scattered Judah, so that no man raised his head; and these have come to terrify them, to cast down the horns of the nations who lifted up their horns against the land of Judah to scatter it."


The Babylonian demiurge hero, Marduke, chased down the Storm Bird Zu (anger-fury), who had stolen the tablets with the fates of men. He caught the bird and retrieved the tablets.

Putting this all together now - it seems that in the time cycle, mankind is co-creating from the unconscious, symbolized by the water or underground.

Many dreams and myths show a descent into the underground and a return. Our fates have been stolen, so-to-speak.

Returning to the surface or recovering the tablets with the fates of men, indicate that the kings of the earth will become conscious co-creators.

This will happen when we pass the 3 1/2 point and reach the Heart chakra. The kings will recover their crowns, royal power, and kindoms.

They will learn how "to weave" their own "fate."

The inspired film, "The Lion King," presented these ideas with an Egyptian theme. The Father Lion is Osiris, who is killed by his brother Scar/Typhon Set. The young Lion is Horus, who sees his Father in the stars, i.e., Orion. The Shaman-Baboon is Thoth.

Another related dream-coincidence idea is that the seven days of creation are not yet completed . . . we are not "Man" yet. See:

THE PLEIADES AND THE SEVENTH RAY ON THE SEVENTH DAY And, therefore we have not yet received free will.


Extra notes

In the dream, Chele was falsely accused and was tricked into talking with the accuser. This caused me to recall Zechariah 3:1, where Joshua the high priest is accused by Satan. The filthy garments of Joshua become clean, and he is called, "a brand plucked from the fire."

The whole deal is apparently symbolic of a purification process, with Satan (the opponent force - accuser) playing the part of the bad guy, the "devil's advocate," if you will.

The process seems to be about overcoming anger, or transmuting the warring attribute. In Zech 3, Satan seems to function in the same manner as Kali (the harlot), in the sense of evoking fury with false accusations.

Significantly, Joshua and his outer counterpart, Zerubbabel (Zech 4), are the two trees who stand up in Revelation 11:11.

In the American Tragedy article, the name William or similar words are connected with the rabbit. This traced directly back to the "Alice" story in the form of William the Conquer.

It seemed clear that William (Wilhelm) symbolizes free will, and being at the helm of one's ship.

The three days and a half represents the time in the lower three chakras, which are the "animal" instincts. Various animals in dreams may represent aspects of this, including the wolf and dog. See below.


Excerpt from:

11:11 - The Audio - Interview of Joseph Mason

Transmuting the Warring Attribute In 1991 I read "The Quartus Report" Number 6, of John Price. In an article titled, "Spiraling Toward Victory," John quoted from "Watchers of the Seven Spheres, published in 1933. Mystic H. K. Challoner transcribed the "consciousness" of the cyclic force we are currently dealing with, the Angel of Sardis (Rev. 1:20), also called, "Lightning." This is an excerpt:

"He who can learn to cup my power within the little chalice of his mind, he who can transmute my elements, my warring attributes, through his own heart's centre, discerning in them th' eternal harmonies of those great Cosmic Forces which oft to men appear destructive, on him my gifts descend."

That seems to be part of what we are learning in the time cycle . . . to "transmute the warring attribute," via the Heart chakra connection.



Note the referenced verse above, "Angel of Sardis (Rev. 1:20)." This must be a typo, because the Sardis part is in Rev. 3. Significantly, that part speaks of some being dead, not awake, and others who have not soiled their garments, those who "will walk with me in white, for they are worthy." This seems symbolically to connect back to Zech 3, and Joshua.


matt post


Find dream of airport where 32,000 people are going to depart, followed by another 32,000. This one had the four Vikings on horses.

Randy's 1990 dream of the halos picking everyone up, also fits.

The name Burak or Buraq may apply in the sense of taking the Prophet Mohamed to heaven from Temple Mount.

Burak means lightning, which also fits in.

This may relate to the white horse on the hill above the chakra system crop circle formation, and to Gerald's experience, and to my dream of the Great Hall and the giant white pegasus.

The name could relate to Barack Obama, indicating that he may have a role in the assension - noosphere events to come.


Canopy of the sky missing + Popel Vu



Boy With A Coin

Big River
Clouds (both sides now)

Major Tom







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