JoyDLight - 12-3-98

JoyDLight just called me to tell me of a magnificent venture into the astral plane - she was told specifically to send this to you, Dee, and you, Betty! I was told then that I could share it with others if I so chose.

She was told by God to lay down at 2 p.m. - she went through a purple (horizontal) tunnel for a distance, with scenes from her lifetimes passing by so fast they were a blur. Then the tunnel flipped to vertical and she went up through dimensions until she was in front of the throne of the IAM THAT IAM!

She had been there before but from a distance. This time, she was up close - the IAM was a huge golden light in an oval shape (vertical like human form would be) and there were angels hovering around overhead.

There was lightning flickering over all this scene, over the throne. Standing near the throne were ArchAngels Michael (with his sword), Gabriel (with his gold horn) and Raphael (who looked genderless - beautiful!).

She saw an arc of golden light reach out from either side of the IAM's light body like arms - the arms gathered all the planets and stars in the Cosmos close to the IAM, along with planet Earth. The Gathering! The coming together of all creation!

Joy looked down through the clouds at Earth and saw a gold cord that connected Earth to the throne of the IAM. She found herself sliding down the cord, then back up, three times. It was as if she were being shown the connection, then having it verified 3 times over.

Next she saw herself at my house; we were watching the storm of storms in the west! Awesome spider web lightning with no sound, rainbow colors in the clouds. Then the clouds, lined with silver and gold, parted and we saw the God Ship coming down through the clouds, coming in Glory!

It is shaped like the old fashioned tops we had as kids back in the 30's that you pump with a little plunger on top and they spin, making whistling sounds and colorful. Except the Ship did not make any sound - it is a silvery lavendar color - 3 levels at the top and 3 levels at the bottom with a larger level separating the upper and lower levels.

It is huge! Will not touch the earth! It will have to hover!

Then Joy was at the Rapture with Jesus in the clouds,  clouds of pink, gold, silver - Jesus had a golden aura around him. They were looking down at Earth.

She watched the bones coming out of their grave! Any house or structure built over a cemetery will be in big trouble when those bones are ready to rise from their grave! <grin>

She heard a sound behind them and when she turned to look, she saw multitudes of souls rushing to be rejoined with their bones - as soon as they were joined, they turned instantly into light bodies!

Then those still in physical were raised through the clouds where they, too, were instantly transformed into their new light bodies.

That is all she was able to tell me of her experience. It was not a dream! It was a vision! Plain and simple!