by Ellie

7-26-98 -

My wife had this dream, one of her "special" dreams. One of these kind of dreams (the vivid, graphic detailed kind) kept her off the first DC-10 that crashed, and another showed her her future husband although the dream was blocked from her recollection until after we had been dating a while. You can post this on your site or not, depending on whether you think the general net population can handle it. It's awfully strong stuff.

Hardly a day goes by that I don't think about the event. I've been able to cope knowing that everything's going to be okay because we'll be in God's hands. This is one of the very few things I know with utmost certainty.

The day after the dream, Ellie said she felt it would happen December 22, 2012. At this time, neither of us knew the significance of that date in the Mayan culture. In fact, Ellie knew nothing about the Mayan calendar.

The next day, Ellie woke up early in the morning and explained that "The mayans were a very righteous and spiritual people and were given a lot more revelation than we are today. They had the one true calendar". Then she went back to sleep. She remembers none of this.

My personal opinion is that there will be years of tribulation prior to the event, designed to bring people back to God. Otherwise, too many would be lost.


Ellie's Dream, 13 April 1998

It started that I was in some kind of a hospital. I was working or doing something but I wasn't in a uniform. One of the nurses came out of the scrub room with a newborn baby. He was all wrapped in blankets and I said, "Oh, he's beautiful! Oh, may I hold the baby?"

The doctor was there, still in his blue scrubs, and said "No, you can't hold him, you have to scrub up first. He's a newborn, he's just a couple of hours old." He says, "Come on, I'll show you where to scrub." So he started scrubbing at the sink right next to the recovery room, which is next to the O.R. and I'm scrubbing too, right next to him.

When he came in, he put the baby on top of a gurney that was there. The gurney wasn't prepped or anything, it was just bare metal. The baby was all bundled up in a blanket, which is folded in a certain way in the hospital and doesn't come loose. And the little baby was right there. And I'm scrubbing and then the doctor's beeper goes off. He says, "Uh Oh, I'll be right back. Let me go see what's wrong." Then he left. I'm washing my hands and I'd just turned off the water when I hear this "thump".

The baby started crying and I looked and the baby was on the floor. Now, this is a brand new baby, and they don't turn, they don't do anything when they're first born. He started crying, and I got scared and I went and picked him up. I went into the recovery room and there was a bunch of nurses and a doctor, and I said "Get the doctor, quick! He put the baby on the gurney and the baby fell on the floor!" They said, "Oh, okay." So I put the baby back on the gurney and held him, trying to quiet him down. I held the baby and said, "Oh, poor baby, stop crying." The baby stopped crying, and I said "Hi there baby, you're so cute!"

Just joking around, I said "My name's Ellie. Can you say Ellie?" The baby said "Ellie" and it freaked me out because the baby spoke. I said, "Oh. So you can talk." I said "Ellie" again and the baby repeated it: "Ellie". I said, "Can you say Jesus?" The baby said "Jesus" and then said "Jesus" two or three more times. Then, the baby started talking.

He said, "I was sent here to warn everybody, but no one will listen. This is a warning. The Messiah is at our door. It's imminent. He's coming. He's coming. Everybody has to repent and change their ways. But no one will listen. He's very, very upset. No one will listen. Jesus will be here. Tell everyone. Spread the word. They have to repent. They have to mend their wicked, evil ways." And I was like, "Oh my goodness, okay, okay." He said, "I was sent as a messenger, and I'm one of many miracles, but people won't believe them."

I run back into the room and say, "Everybody, come here! That baby is talking! He's talking and prophesying! He's talking about Jesus the Messiah coming! Come quick! Come quick!" Everybody's coming and the baby's still talking about the second coming and how they have to mend their ways and repent because God will destroy them like a shaft of wheat, that one will be destroyed and the other will be left standing. He's just going on and saying all this scripture, and everybody's saying, "Oh my goodness, the baby's talking!"

They're not listening to what the baby's saying, they're not obeying, they're just saying, "Oh my goodness, he's talking! Get so-and-so here, get such-and-such." They're calling for different doctors, for them to witness the baby talking, because it's not normal. But nobody's listening to the warnings that the baby is giving.

Then the baby looks right at me and says, "The time is at hand. No one knoweth when the lord comes. He will sneak in. Be prepared. Start now." He nods his head at me as he speaks as if to add emphasis.

They were all running around and yelling, "Oh look, come quick!" I just left. Then I was in another part of the building, or maybe a different building. There was a man of some importance. He must have been important because there were guards. He was a wicked, evil man.

There were six men dressed in dark robes of different colors. The robes were like the ones you see in the Jesus movies, and their waists were tied and their heads were covered with a cloth draped down the sides. They had more material over their shoulders. They were there to visit this man. They looked stoic. They were in the hallway and I was there too. The first two walked through the door into the man's office and I grabbed the third by his right arm. He was dressed in dark brown or black and on the side, like thrown over his shoulder, he had material that had little stripes. I said to him, "You're an angel, aren't you?" He just looked at me. He had a pained look in his face, like it hurt him to do what they were there to do. And then immediately in my mind I knew that they were messengers of destruction.

I ran out the door and went outside. I went all the way outside. Then I heard this rumbling, this big, big, big, big rumbling, and a big noise. I looked up and saw that I was in a big long street, all asphalt with lots of buildings. After all that rumbling, everything got real quiet. And I got real scared but I was looking up the street, noticing that the street wasn't flat but went up at an angle, like a hill.

Then, up in the distance, I saw a big flash. Everything got flashed like when you're taking a picture, and there was a big "booooom". Everything far away looked like it got flashed. I got real scared and threw myself on the ground. Right after that, it started rumbling real loud and everything started shaking. I was on the ground and the ground started shaking a whole lot. People started screaming and I looked up again. In the whole street that I had just seen, the ground started opening and buildings started falling on top of each other.

A bunch of people came out of the building that I had been in. There were about 40 of them, all screaming and running in different directions. I looked up, and part of the building from the top was coming down. I said, "Look up! Run!" Everybody started running the wrong way and I said "No, this way!" because the voice was telling me where to go. I was running this way and they all went that way. They all got crushed, with big pieces of building falling on them.

The streets were opening up in different places and I started running. There was a lady and a little girl, about 9 or 10 years old, coming with me. She was crying and I said "Come with me, come with me." I held her hand. We were running and every time I told people "Come this way, this way", they would all go the wrong way. Every time they'd go I'd see things falling on them. There were dead bodies everywhere.

The cars couldn't go because the streets were demolished and upturned. The asphalt went up and down, inside and out. It was real chaotic. We were going and there was whole bunch more people coming behind us, coming out of different buildings. Then the voice told me to hurry up and get to high ground. I knew which building I had to go to.

Part of the building was already knocked down. There were big cement pieces and glass and debris everywhere so you couldn't run real fast, you had to climb over all this stuff. I'm trying to get there and I'm holding the little girl's hand, and the hand of the woman next to me. I said, "We have to go this way." The woman said, "No, that way." And I said, "No, this way." And I started coming this way, and she was right next to me. When I pulled away, because the voice said "Go, Now!", a big old piece of building fell right on her. She was right next to me. I felt the air and everything.

I went with the little girl and we were trying to climb over all these things to get to the higher building. Everything was all destroyed and there were these metal rods. We had to stand on them on the ledge so we could get up to the building where we were supposed to go. I was climbing up and then I heard this rushing sound, like lots and lots of rushing. I looked, and just where all the people had been, a bunch of water was coming. And it got all of them. They were all screaming and the water was dirty water. Pipes were bursting and water was gushing everywhere, and I don't know where all that other water came from.

I was holding onto the little girl on the ledge so we could get into the building, and I saw somebody in there and it was a black lady, and I said, "Help me." She put her hand out and I put mine out and she grabbed us and helped us in.

There were about 10 or 13 people in there, maybe a few more. There were all sitting down and there was a big hole in the middle. Everything was dirty because everything had fallen out and part of the ceiling and roof was gone. The people were all sitting around and they were screaming and crying. I said, "Let's pray. We have to pray. We have to thank God." They were being real mean: "Thank him for what? For this?" Somebody said a curse word: "F*** God!" I said, "No, we have to pray. We have to thank him." Somebody said, "Thank him for what?" I said, "For being alive. For not being dead like those people down there." Then a man said, "She's right. Listen to her. Let's pray." That woman, the one who had said "For what?" said, "I'll pray. I'll do the praying." I said, "No, I want to do it." The lady that was real quiet said, "Why do you have to pray?" I said, "Because you have to pray in a certain way. There are certain things you have to say. There's a certain order to prayer." The people who were there said "No, No" and the woman with the attitude said, "I said, I'll pray." She got down and started saying one of those canned, rehearsed prayers.

We finished praying and the voice told me to get out of there. I left and the little girl was with me. When we got out, the rumbling started again and everything started falling. The people in building we had just come out of started screaming and they fell too. Then I was looking, and you couldn't see the sunlight. Everything was real dark and there were real dark clouds. Everything was gray. Nothing was coming down such as ash from a nuclear explosion, like you see in the movies. But everything was real, real dark.

After some time had gone by and we had already found a place to sleep, I kept thinking, "Gee, I can't even get to my house because I don't know where I'm at." All of the landmarks were gone. There were no roads and there were cars upturned. You could drive just a little bit since you kept running into debris and everything. So, you couldn't get very far.

In another part of the vision, there was a bunch of people inside cars. There were a bunch of cars one place and a bunch of cars another place, five or six cars, maybe more. They were shooting people for the cash they were carrying. The people who had looted food and water from the grocery stores were selling it, but you could only pay in cash. The people who had money in the banks didn't have any money because the banks were destroyed. The only people who could eat or buy water were the ones who had money. I didn't have any money with me because I had left my purse in that building when I ran out. So the little girl and I didn't have a way to get water or food or anything. But, I just knew that God would take care of us.

I kept thinking that I needed to get to the other side of the street, but the cars had bad people in them. You could tell they were bad. They were shooting at anybody that came by. If they saw you, they would shoot you and then go search your pockets and take any money you had. That's how they were getting money for food and water. They were using the cars just to shoot from.

I was with two or three other people and we kind of tried to stay in a little group. I had to cross the street. The cars from this side were shooting at other cars on the other broken up street. The people in my group ran across, but I looked and I was fat. I was real tired and I couldn't jump all the boulders fast enough. I made it halfway and there were bullets whizzing all around. I lay on the ground and was sure I was going to die. For just one second, everything got real quiet and the girl said, "Now! Run, run, run."

They stopped shooting and I looked and I thought I was all shot up but I wasn't, so I got up and finished running the rest of the way. We left and went through more boulders and debris.

I remember everything was all dark, with all those big gray clouds. I was looking and there were more rushing noises. You could hear them far away and look in the distance, and you could see they were a bunch of tornadoes that started forming and were coming out of those clouds that were all dark. Not normal looking clouds, but like the clouds you see in footage from atomic bomb tests. I counted three tornadoes, one right next to the other. It was really a scary time.

In another part, there were dead bodies everywhere. People were hungry. The ones who didn't have money couldn't buy any food nor drink anything. People were dying, there were people hurt everywhere. There were no hospitals, everything was all destroyed and knocked down.

From there I went to another part, but there wasn't any destruction there or anything. But I was real, real happy. And everything was real green. It was the greenest green of colors I'd ever seen. There were a lot of bushes and shrubbery and trees, and the grass was a vibrant green, and there were beautiful birds everywhere just singing and lots and lots of butterflies with lots of colors, the most beautiful butterflies I've ever seen.

You could hear singing. People were singing, but I couldn't see any people. But there were beautiful voices singing. They were singing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". They were beautiful soprano voices. You would look up and see lights floating. It was like energy, but kind of pulsing. That's where the beautiful singing was coming from, and I just kind of knew that those were spirits. They weren't angels, but they were spirits, like the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. But that's where the music was coming from. It was beautiful, and it was the sweetest sound and I felt so happy there. It was the most beautiful sounds and music I'd ever heard. And I woke up and I was singing.

I was sitting on the bed, singing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". My husband is usually a light sleeper but he slept through the singing. I had to shake him real hard four times to get him to wake up. Then I got up to go to the bathroom and my knees buckled.

When I woke up, I just knew that I had to write it down. I had to tell people. I was supposed to have told the last time but I didn't know.

After I woke up, my bones hurt real bad and my muscles hurt real bad, and I had a real bad, pounding headache all day. I remember after the one I had in Buffalo (about 7 years ago) I was real tired and everything hurt. It's like when you exercise real hard one day and everything hurts the next day.

The next night, after I asked God what the flash was, I learned later that the big flash was caused by a nuclear blast. Nukes were used in an attempt to deflect or destroy incoming meteors. We managed to stop some but not others. We did it to ourselves.

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