Pastor Juan Paul's Predictions


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Source: National Archive of The unexplained Phenomenon (Spain)

August 1898. He was a catholic pastor since 1860 but because of his uncanny ability to predict the future he was dismissed as a pastor in 1870 by the highest order in the Catholic Church. He was considered an outcast by the church due to his constant dreams of which he would spend days and weeks writing in details in his diary.

The catholic community considered Juan's behavior inconsistent with the catholic teaching and he was subsequently banished from Mount Muntaze.

This year (1998) marked exactly 100 years after his death and his predictions in his diary has been kept closely by a close friend's relative. It was not until the decision to move Juan Paul's final resting place to make way for civilization that it spark a panic in Spain, European community and the world alike. Like all 18th century burial, Juan Paul Valdez's coffin lies in a solid craved granite boulder. It requires the most powerful and latest bulldozer to take it apart. However before construction were to begin. Juan's coffin was raised and opened. His close friend's relative was required to be present to witness the event. He had been curious after reading Juan's prediction since he was a kid and is anxious to discover more from this excavation. When Spanish workers opened Juan's coffin, it lies his skeletal holding onto a cruxific of which was engraved Juan's final prediction that his grave would be raised and opened exactly on 23rd April 1998. All seventeen persons present were dumbfounded.

It is simply amazing to be coincidentally accurate. It was not until four days ago that decision to raise Juan's grave was decided amongst the community. This unexplained phenomenon subsequently lead to one of Spain's major publishing house into publishing Juan Paul Valdez's diary that was kept all along by his close friend's relative. Excerpts of his worldly predictions are as follows. These were in turn filmed and made into a documentary in Spain.

That birds made of steel will fly in the skies (jets and aeroplanes). The assassinations of a leader from the same family in the western world (John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.) The down fall and solvent of a big northern empire (Soviet Union - Union Soviet Socialist Republik? USSR). The viral revenge and backlash on human beings (Ebola AIDS?). Jerusalem (Israel) regained independence and succeed in creating a nation. The death of a pregnant English princess in an impromptu accident (Princess Diana) Earthquakes in major cities and the exact death tolls count.

Nevertheless, let us analyze Juan's other predictions of those that have yet to materialized in (Asia South East Asia) our eyes!!!!!

That Nuclear bombing will occur a total 5 times in a worldly confrontation. (two were dropped in Japan during the second world war.) So, another 3 is expected!!!! That a heavily populated nation in the far east (Indonesia) will encounter unrest and revolution 20 years after both world wars (Sukarno era). The second revolution will happen 33 years after the first revolution (Suharto era). While the temporary leader (Habibie) shall rule for a year and replaced by a peaceful dictator toward the end of 1999. The nation (Indonesia) shall suffer heavily and poverty and famine were aggravated. Barely 2 years afterwards, the third and bloodiest revolution in the country shall coincide with the Third World War (WW-III) ?. Year 2001???? The country shall only achieve progress and peace on the 16 years after WW-III. (Note:The documentary showed and proved exactly the numbers of human casualties and women raped were from the migratory race (Chinese?) and each revolution was accurately described.)

That the third world war (WW-III) shall happen in 00 (year 2000?) with the assassination of a leader in the Middle Eastern country. The war shall peaked in 2002 where a northern western country (USA / Russia?) can no longer tolerate the self-sacrifice detonation and terrorism of the middle east country towards its sovereign. World War III shall involve a total of 125 nations and last 9 years!!

WW-III in Far East shall begin with the nuclear bombing of the largest country in Asia (China?) against a small defector nation of which it had been at odds with for the past 50 years (Taiwan?). The Fourth and Final (Fifth) nuclear bombing shall occur in the populated nation that had just experienced a bloody revolution (Indonesia?). A total of 1,000,000 human lives shall perish in this country alone and due to poverty this nation will subsequently take control of 3 other neighboring countries (Singapore? Malaysia? Brunei?) and rule for the next 15 years. A migrant origin shall that over the leadership on the 16th year and the nation (Indonesia?) will eventually break-apart into 8 major states with governor presiding in each internal affairs.

Two countries from the Indian continent (India Pakistan) shall be at war. However no nuclear bombing is expected and no victory is insight. A foreign power (UNSCOM?) shall rule both these two countries for 8 years where that on this continent shall be separated into 3 nations towards the end of WW-III

Source: National Archive of The unexplained Phenomenon (Spain)

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