JULY, 1990

7-1-90 - DREAM - I had a royal baby. Her name was Cynthia. Right after she was born, she got on the telephone and said, "Hello Uncle Louie!"  The staff said, "Her name may be Cynthia, but she'll always be Cindy to me!"


7-1-90 - MEDITATION - I saw a woman on the right. She said, "I spent hours and hours on the project and  I can't find him anywhere." she was quite upset that the man was missing.

I heard a man's voice say, "Dolores! Knock it off!"  There was no reference to subject matter.)

I saw a man keep trying to mix orange juice with milk and he kept saying that he wants to try it.


7-1-90 - DREAM - My daughter-in-law Becky said that she was going to divorce Tom before Christmas.

NOTE: This was offered to her three times and she rejected it. They eventually divorced in 1996.


7-1-90 - MEDITATION - Twice I saw a stainless steel kettle which did not belong to me. The voice said, "Who does this belong to?" Then I saw another one. The voice said, "Who does this one belong to?"  (That one could have been mine)

The voice said, "If you like silver bedrooms sets, just let me know!"

I saw three nurses laughing. They said, "We are suffering too, for the day of your coming."

7-14-90 - DREAM - I was with my daughter. My daughter-in-law Debe was at her home...but on the phone.  I told my daughter, "the end" will be before June 9th, but I have to tell her in person...face to face."


7-19-90 - DREAM - I was in the livingroom of my 16th St. house. I had a baby kitten to feed and I put down three plates...each with a three pound steak with a hamburger on top. I realized that was way too much meat for a baby kitten so I put two plates and two thirds of the third plate back into the refrigerator.

I then went upstairs and fed the kitten some other kind of food (milk?) and the kitten turned into a beautiful tiny human baby which I held close to me.


7-20-90 - DREAM - I was at my 16th st. house in the kitchen. My husband had shot two black bears, a male and a female. The carcasses were laying limply on the floor. The law was that you had to do something with the carcasses within 10 days or they would come back to life and they were beginning to stir again, especially the female. She was  especially coming towards me because I was also female. I did all I could to avoid her, but I was forced to leave the house by the back door and was met by four black and white pet dogs in the backyard. I decided to go for a walk and that I would be safe if I took a black and white dog with me on a heavy silver chain. My children wanted to go with me, so I made each of them take a black and white dog, also on a heavy silver chain, so we each had one.


7-21-90 - DREAM - I dreamed that my friend David received a birth certificate for a newborn child. He already had two children. I helped clean up his house and then went out to the car to get the children. Two elephants were right there to carry the children, but I grabbed them and carried them in myself.


7-30-90 A friend of mine was told in meditation to expect 400,000 casualties in the future. I meditated on it to pinpoint the event.

Meditation: I called Babaji to confirm or deny the previous vision of my friend.

A. He said, "We will use this as a testimony to the future."

I saw many, many oriental faces. All of them were running from the right toward the left. They were all saying, "You are right, you are right, you are right"

I saw some kind of game going on. The voice said, "I haven't done this in quite awhile. Slow down, slow down."

I saw a three dimensional map. The voice said, "There will be a radioactive factor of 80%".

I saw a circus in the foreground and great destruction in the background and it came to me that this referred to the 'Olympics'.

NOTE: 1998 is the first Olympics to be held in Japan.

NOTE: 1998, THE Olympics were held and there was a SMALL earthquake. Nothing of any consequence occurred there.


7-30-90 - MEDITATION - Q. Do you have a message for me today? I saw an article in the greensheet of the newspaper. The title was, "The Prophet's Life".

Q. Is there any current ray? A. I saw there balls that were colorless and they dissolved into a colorless background.

I saw two notebooks. A voice said, "Do not be afraid to copy from one book to another. " (From the large to the daily)


7-30-90 - DREAM - I saw in a car smoking a cigarette. A voice on radio said, "Do not be afraid to hit 'PLAYBACK or CALL WAITING".

Three men got into the car with me. One man drove standing up and we were on a bus. One man sat to my right and one in front I was now in the rear left seat. The man in front came into the back and sat on the right. They commented to the driver how healthy he looked. I couldn't see where we were going because he blocked the view, but I check to make sure we were staying on the road. He handed one man a can of diet powder. The other two men were eagerly reading the list of ingredients on the can. It appeared to be lemony.


7-30-90 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. I was going to trim the bushes at the side of the house, but they were already trimmed too short. I was going to work on the front porch, but there were too many other family members there.

I went into the house... into the kitchen to clean up the table and the floor. A small girl came into the kitchen and dumped out all my makeup on the floor. I kept on hitting her hand and telling her never to touch my makeup again. I sent her to sit on a chair in the corner for punishment but she got up and left the room.


7-30-90 - EXPERIENCE - I heard a doorbell ring in my right ear. A white haired man was at the door. He said, "This is Don Larson."  He had a small white scroll of paper in his left hand. He couldn't get in, so he turned and left.


7-31-90 - VISION - I was laying down with my eyes closed and I saw my friend David come into my apartment as though he were really there.  (It rather freaked me out)


7-31-90 - While I was going to sleep, I heard a voice say, "This girl should have better health."  Another voice said, "Yes! But we want to keep her under close observation."  Another voice said something about my education.  Another voice said, "The last week of Christ's life must have been hell!"

I saw a man sitting on a log. A woman came up to him and helped him to get up so they could go up together.

I went to a higher level. Twice a saw a kettle drum in a garden scene. A woman who looked Oriental said, "Why has she chosen to be so ill?"  The other woman said, "This is your fate!"  The woman dressed in a white pleated gown laughed and seemed to be very happy about it.

There was a scene then where people were fighting and someone said, "We came to cheer you out!"  Another voice said, "No! We came to jeer you out!"

A bunch of women on the right  (six to eight of them) all turned their heads in unison to the right. They were all very beautiful.

A voice said, "You have authorization over official isolators."

I was thinking about writing a book about my vision of April 30, 1997... (future)  The voice said, "Your thought information started this!"

I saw two women dressed in white. They went to an elevator. Their hair was long and dark, braided in the back.

I heard a man apologize. He was saying he was sorry for calling me a punk.

I saw a woman leaving the building. She said, "We have received false information twice. It's time to leave."

Another voice said, "She wants you in person!"

I saw a brilliant bluish white light coming to me. A woman's voice said, "Now! What were those instructions? "  I saw two women dressed in very light brown dresses with dark hair. The woman in front was tall and thin. The woman behind her was heavier and shorter.