JULY, 1995

7-6-95 - DREAM - A woman smeared stearic acid ointment on my arms and legs. It immediately made me astral travel to the year 2345. There were no wooden or brick houses. All the buildings were domed in bright red, blue, and yellow.

There were no people or vehicles in evidence. I saw an electric bus on the street. There were no cars.

I asked where the cars were and I saw shown one car and it was on the river.

I was taken to a hospital to be examined before I went home. I opened a book and found some weed seeds and brushed them onto the floor, hoping they would somehow find their way to the outdoors and grow.


7-7-95 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house and I wanted to remodel it and make it more modern, but then I remembered that we already had roughed in a house attached to it to double it's size and had not finished it.

I suggested to my husband that we start working on it even if its only 1 hour a day.

DREAM #2 - I dreamed these dates:


DREAM #3 - I dreamed I should be saying the rosary every day.


7-18-95 - DREAM - I was living in a house with some other people and it seemed rather normal until we had a guest. He was a famous movie star, (name unremembered).

His arms had been cut off in an accident and he had long skinny bone stumps sticking out and had two horses as his best friends who went everywhere with him. The horses even hugged and kissed him like people would. He expected me to join up with him, but there was something rather sinister about them. At the same time I saw a new envelop with a printed 17 cent stamp on it. (This was past obviously) My father was in full agreement of the matchup which meant I would have to marry the man without arms.

The thought was horrifying so I knew I had to escape. I sneaked out of the house, taking nothing but my purse when one of the women in the house had to go to work. I knew something was wrong when we began to run into men along the road who tried to stop us.  They even went so far as to lay down in the road so we had to run over them or be caught. We became so grossed out that these men were throwing their bodies at the car, the woman drove me back to the house again.

I knew I had to plan an escape and fortunately my friend Irv called on the phone and I asked him to please come and get me.

At this point I saw that all my clothes were gone and I was getting scared. I knew I'd never get out if I waited for Irv to drive over so I wanted to leave the house and meet him along the way somewhere. As I tried to go out the front door, huge spiderwebs were across the door and i knew I'd have to be brave and open the door anyway. I knew I was in my 16th St. house at that point. I wrenched open the door and ran up the street to Center St., then walked west.

There were lots of people on the street. They were all going east. I looked for a familiar face, hoping to ask for a ride to Irv's houe but I knew nobody. I knew it would be an impossible task to walk all the way to Irv's house, so I walked back to the house to wait for him.

They didn't do anything to me personally, but I was really scared and the armless horseman was to be my spouse. Finally Irv showed up, but now I had no clothes at all. Irv found a red and white housecoat for me to put on for the drive but I had nothing else to my name.

I grabbed my purse and ran out the door with Irv. We got to the car and I opened the purse to give him money for helping me. My wallet was gone. I had no I.D. All I found was a crystal marble with a skull and crossbones on it.

I despondently said to Irv ... "I'm going to have to go back" and went back to the house to meet my fate.

NOTE: There are Masonic symbols in this dream.


7-19-95 - DREAM - I was at A-C and going to go through the cafeteria, but there were no trays left, so I took a used one and was washing it off myself, whena man came along. He was an older man, perhaps 60ish and he began asking me questions for advice on some practical matters. I gave him the answers he eneded. He told me had been at A-C for 45 years and wanted to know how long I had been there. I had over 10 years in, but I said, "My   family has been affiliated with A-C since the 1940's.

I think he thought that I had been there that long myself. I wondered how old he thought I was. I know I was almost 60 ... really 56.

He said, "If you'll marry me, I'll send you to school for 4 years to become an endiopedia (type of doctor in brazil) I said, "Okay! and went with him, knowing I had only now him for two minutes.


7-26-95 - DREAM - I was going somewhere with my mother and my son. My mother wanted to drive. I sat in the back seat. My mother made a left turn and we drove off the edge of the highest cliff I've ever seen. There was no road going down.

As the car fell down, the most sickening feeling came in the pit of my stomach. An instant before we hit, I looked up into the sky and said, "New car, please!" and we settled down gently.

In front of me was a notebook with the words, "Mother" and "Son" below it. Following ' Mother' appeared, the word "transformation", and following, "Son" a digital clock counted off '17 seconds', then the notebook disappeared and we continued driving on the road in the valley.

At some point either that dream or another dream in which I analyzed the experience, I was looking at a calendar in the kitchen of my 16th St. house. It said on the bright red calendar, 'May 8, 1967'.

NOTE: In fibonaci counting, this is 5, 8, 13 -

Lunar Orbiter

Laverne Andrews (singer) died on May 8, 1967

My best friend Nancy died that year also, but I don't remember what day it was.  I just remember mourning her all summer.


7-26-95 - DREAM - I was doing the laundry in my New Berlin house and had the very last of the white clothes to take down to the washer. As I went down the stairs to complete the job, I remembered a statement that my friend Bob, my painter told me, "To each in its own time," I got down to the basement and was just about to throw the laundry inside when when I heard a noise. Two people came out from behind the furnace (that always was my fear when I lived there) . Their faces looked all beat up and bloody. I again remembered the statement, "To each in their own time", dropped the laundry and took them upstairs to take care of them.


7-26-95 - DREAM - I was in my highschool, but moved into room 207 as manager of the building. A lot of people were around. An elderly woman hollered, "Where is the security around here?"

I went down the hall to her partment. Before I got there a blue, white, and brown calico cat came running out of the room and into the hall. The woman said she didn't mind the cat, but it wasn't hers. There were some shelves there and I placed a stack of sky blue towels on the shelf and picked up an abandoned book, which looked like an old Bible/music book combination.

The cat seemed to adopt me and walked with me down the hall back to my own room, walking in and around and between my legs so I was always fearing I was going to trip over it.  When I reached my room, the cat scooted under the bed and stayed there.

I tried to close the door but it just swung through the opening. I discovered there were 2 doors to close and the center post was missing. So I hollered at the maintenance people who were out in the hall that I wanted it fixed immediately and there was no excuse why they couldn't od it.

When I turned around, a man said, "I know why you're having so much trouble. This is room 207F and Larry Cianciolo died in here."

(Larry Cianciolo lived in 207F in my real apartment building, but he wasn't dead at that point. He had moved to his own house at some point later on.) In the year 2002, he is still alive.