JULY, 1992

7-1-92 - DREAM - Dark scene. I was at the end taking water in a small silver kettle to people in a darkened house where it seemed they might be dead, but when I walked in to offer the water, they came to life.


7-1-92 - DREAM - At the end, I combed my hair and big  chunks of hair were coming off ion the comb.  Nerves?  The baby was caked with tomato sauce which i had to wash off before I could take it to visit someone.

NOTE: Tomato symbolism is another one we haven't' figured out yet.


7-11-92 - DREAM - My husband and I were running a school for young boys. Each one was in a class by himself, learning what he needed to, eventually to play his part on a farm in the future. Graduation was getting close, and each one had to be prepare for the move to the farm, but so as not to alarm anyone, or alert them to coming changes, each one would be notified at the last possible moment.

MEDITATION ON THE DREAM:  The voice said, "You will be helped by the lady who lives in the boarding house.  Each person will move to the area as an individual and establish himself in a job and the gathering together for the farm will be done from there.


7-12-92 - DREAM - I met some people and one said, "looks like we have the beginnings of a Mormon here."


7-12-92 - DREAM - I was in a house and everything was colored Rose (Dark pink) I was presented with several situations where I had to solve puzzles or overcome obstacles, or take care of situations which delayed me before I could go tot the next room.

When something similar happened in the next room, I finally caught on that I was being deliberately delayed and detained from making progress towards my goal which was to leave the house and go out into the country.

In the third room, which was the same color, I had to climb up and over an obstacle placed in my path and a voice said, "When you were a child, you were afraid of a certain situation. Let's see how you handle it now."  I heard the voice, but climbed up and over the obstacle.

In the next couple of rooms which were the same color, they were empty and I got through them as fast as possible by taking large strides.

I reached the last room, strewn with more puzzles and situations. Knowing that I was going to ignore them in order not to be delayed any further from my goal, my children took the lock and knob off of the door so I couldn't leave the house and be on my way.

I saw the parts, reassembled them, stuck them back int the door and let myself outside.

Directly outside the house was a huge hill. I attempted to climb straight up the hill, but was out of breath from the exertion of climbing.

Off to the right was a wagon track that went to the right. I went up the track where the walking was easier. It led to a department store. The whole store was rose pink like the house was.

Sales people were trying to get me to buy their clothes and were showing everything to me. I realized that this was also a delaying tactic, so I got through the store and went on my way down the street.


7-13-92 - DREAM - I was taking care of a brand new, new born baby girl and was there to take care of its first bowel movement. I changed the baby's clothes and put it into a white sleeper outfit. Then I took its clothes to wash it with my own white clothes.


7-13-92 - DREAM - I was with my friend Alice and a brand new baby girl in the front hall of my 16th St. house. We took the baby into the house to take care of it.


7-14-92 - DREAM - A friend of mine was on 15th St. and I was with her. A man approached her and asked her if she wanted to work for him. I heard him say what he was looking for and I told him I could sight read music. He was extremely impressed, but most immediately, he needed someone to shovel ice off of the sidewalk.

I said that I would do it, glad to get the job, but while I was working, I heard that he was extremely domineering and impossible to please, so I finished shoveling the ice, did a little extra without being asked and put away the tools and readied myself to leave. I knew he was going to ask me for a date, but knowing what kind of person he was, I had my excuse all ready that my ex-husband lived downstairs from me and I was going to visit with him.

NOTE: The phone woke me up, so I didn't get to finish the dream.


7-14-92 - MEDITATION - I was taken to a healing temple and surrounded by a circle of people praying for me.

I asked again to go to the healing temple and saw men dressed in dark blue climbing stone steps and going to the right. Several groups climbed the stairs and went up. I then saw a beautiful woman with reddish blonde close-cropped curls come towards me.

I was still asking to be taken to the healing temple again and I saw Akhenaton with a chubby, white haired man behind him, almost part of him. A voice said, "Tell the man with the big ears that he's giving away a fortune."

NOTE: I assumed he was talking about my teacher , T.M.


7-15-92 - DREAM - I was with a group of people and each one was telling about how bad their childhoods were. They sounded pitiful, but none of them sounded as bad as my own which I kept to myself. The last one was a black girl, wearing a long grey coat. I put my arm around her to comfort her and walked down the hall with her. Part way down the hall, I stopped to help a woman hang up her coat in a closet and asked the girl if she could wait just one minute, but she said, "No! I have to get home and do my housework."

I continued on alone and came to my own room in which there was a day couch of sorts. I sat down on it and my son came in. He was tall, dark, and very destructive. He took down the pole which held the odor curtain in place and let them fall, then he took a golden purse which I had by my dresser. It had jewels encrusted along the top for decoration. He wrenched the clasp off instead of opening it carefully. Others complained of his behavior, but I indulgently allowed him to do whatever he pleased. He opened the purse and it had a blue silk lining. He said, "What is this for?" I said, "It's merely a purse for carrying a silk handkerchief if I should need one when we go to dinner."

I continued to lay on the couch while he wrenched more of the sparkling jewels off the purse. I just let him do it. Then he said, "I saw what those people were doing next door, so I just lobbed some mortar shells in there to stir things up a bit."

(Next door to my house, the neighbors were stockpiling everything imaginable in their backyards for the coming bad years. I discussed it with another woman and told her that they were doing that on the country property too. It looked awful, but they said it was necessary. The woman who lived in the house was quite distressed that we were looking over her stuff, but I hid my footprints in the stand so there were no definite marks and walked away using the other woman's footprints to disguise my own so she couldn't follow me.)


7-17-92 - VOICE - "Hail to the Chief. Prepare for the new Chief."

NOTE: I guess this referred to the presidency.


7-17-92 - DREAM - I went to work at A-C. I spent an hour chatting with one of my co-workers David D. I noted that I was wearing a white sleeveless blouse and white shoes. I had on a navy blue skirt, but forgot to put stockings on and had a huge bruise on my leg above the knee which I tried to hide with my arm. I had a navy blue sweater with me which I intended to put on to hide my fat bare arms.

It was 5 minutes past 8 and no one else had arrived yet. One of my bosses  Otto, (who actually moved to Arizona) was known to come early and had not arrived yet and I commented that he must be sick.

I walked to my desk in the hallway which had nothing else on it and noted that there was a young girl in charge of making loans and it was obvious that she was skimming off the top to give money to her boyfriend. He kept hanging around, pretending to be a customer. I was rummaging in the desk drawer, looking for a pen to write with. All I found was winter clothes and pencils.

The guy was still hanging around the the girl offered him a free ham as an incentive to make a purchase of a stuffed dog, all a scam, until she could give him more money.


7-17-92 - DREAM - I was in a lot of pain on my left side and we were all awaiting someone who could heal me. Someone said, "If he has not already been here, this will be his second coming."


7-16-92 - DREAM - I had some old, old library books to take back to the library, but it was nighttime and it was closed. A woman came by and said not to worry, she had the keys.  So, I went and picked the books off my shelf and stacked them, then went to my list of authors and crossed Jeanne Dixon's name off in 5 different places.  The woman's car wouldn't work though and her friend tired driving it, but it just slid across the street out of control and went into  a field.


zygon dream - I was asked to give my opinion of several prophecies.

ZYGON DREAM - Someone had 5 sets of grey underwear. I got rid of it and bought 5 sets of golden underwear.

ZYGON VISION - I saw a post card addressed to me. I thought it said 1029 N. Jackson St. (That is the high rise building)

ZYGON VISION - I saw a newspaper article saying that Dave (our locksmith) was a suspect when they found his ex-girlfriend's body which had been violently slain.

ZYGON DREAM - It was a sweet and romantic dream. I went to lunch and met a tall, handsome man there. He said that at he caught a glimpse of me once on 16th St., and then I didn't come back, so he prayed for years, and suddenly there I was. He was so handsome, I could hardly believe that he could be interested in me because I was so fat.

There was a monastery type building a cross the street which housed a restaurant and we were both looking at it. I said, "We're both thinking the same thing." That was that as we both wanted to go there and meet someone romantic.

He took me to his house on Lake Drive. It was a huge mansion. His grown daughter was there. He showed me his piano and played some little tunes out of some lesson books. It turned out to be lesson books that I had once played from. He was amazed that I had played such difficult music.

He introduced me to his daughter and she seemed pleased to meet me. She left the room for a few minutes and he came over to me and kissed me gently and began to put his hands in strategic places.

His daughter came back and he had to stop and pretend nothing happened. The daughter asked me if I was single and I nodded , "yes." She looked at her Dad and he was smiling.

She said, "Has something changed." He couldn't keep the smile off of his face. She looked at me and said, "Did you make a man of him?" I smiled and nodded although I knew I hadn't had sex with him per se.

He said, "I hadn't touched a woman in 11 years."

The daughter said, "You could move in with us and we'd all be so happy."
My thought drifted to all the things I would have. They had a piano and an organ and they had a maid and a cook. I thought to myself, "I could get a kitten and if their maid didn't have time to vacuum up cat hair, we could hire a maid just to do that.

Then i thought about whether he would like people like Becky running in and figured that Becky and his daughter would probably become best friends.

I gradually woke up and the dream dissolved as I watched his smiling face.


7-18-92 - DREAM - I was starting a new job and had no idea what my job responsibilities were. The last girl had erased all the goals off of her slate, so I would have to evaluate the situation and fill that in.

I could tell I was expected to write in my birthday so everyone would know when it was in case they anted to send me a card. I would also write down what kind of present I wanted in case they wanted to chip in and buy me something. I was going to write down 'wristwatch."

On the of the guys was already mad at me because I hadn't xeroxed some newspaper article and given it to him, but I hadn't even received the paper yet.

I was outside then and met "Ray M" on the street corner and some little boy got away from him and ran into the street. I was afraid he was going to get hit by a car, but he got into a green car at the stoplight.

I walked down the street then, and noted I was walking quite fast and didn't get out of breath unless I swung my left arm. As long as I was down that far I decided I'd stop in at the corner drug store and buy something to eat and get the morning paper to see what was in it that was so important.

But the drug store was gone and in its place was a huge shopping center I never saw before, so I didn't know where to go.


7-18-92 - DREAM - I was instructed to buy a vehicle using 5 lights of Heaven of different colors (energies) taken from the lights of Heaven. I had earned over the years. These lights were lined up in a sail shape (triangle) to the right, straight up, an angle to the right and then angle back to the starting point. There were 5 lights on each side. I had 5 of these sail shapes, one of each of the 5 colors. Underneath the sail shapes of lights were the words Egyptologist Hyroglyphics, one under the other.

NEXT DREAM - I was telling my friend Alyse the dream I had about the lights and the vehicle I was to buy and she started to analyze it. She said, "The road you are to take with this vehicle is sail shaped. I wanted to say, "No! It wasn't about a road, but then she started naming the cities it went to. "I was amazed at the similarity to another line I knew about. She said, "The road would go from Milwaukee to Janesville, straight up to Duluth, Minnesota, and on an angle back to Milwaukee.


7-20-92 - DREAM - I was looking at a map of Wisconsin. Across the bottom and another row about it were pictures of lavender camping type coffee pots. As to size, a pot was the size of a country - tall and 10 across. There were 2 rows like that. I knew it represented workers and that it wasn't enough. So, 2 more rows were added. These were an off color pale green. However, these were temporary and movable. The last one jumped around like a marionette and was unstable, so it was determined that that one  would have to be let go.

Somewhere on this map on the border lines were colored circles about 1/8" across, all brilliantly lit like lights from yesterday's dream. The colors were intense and clear.

I was then given a panel of yellow lights which were to be used to change the color of object held in front of t. The center light bulb was out, but when I flicked the lights on and off a few times, the light finally came on like the bulb as loose in it's socket.

I had a green stuffed toy animal which ended to have it's color adjusted and that loose bulb as the place it needed to be adjusted by. So, I asked a young man who was a worker in this building if it would be safe to ape the stuff animal to the bulb, and how much tape I should use since it would have to be there 36 hours.

I was astounded when he volunteered to hold it there himself for the full 36 hours.

I was then at my 16th St. house and my children were in the diningroom playing. It was time to clean up and I decided that it would be far easier to work with them and get my own stuff done later, then just to tell them what to do and go away and come back later to find that it hadn't been done or been done incorrectly.

So, I got down on my knees to help with the work and noticed that the Christmas trees growing on the table top in a pot needed to be watered, so I asked my son to get some water for it before we started the cleaning.


7-21-92 - VISION - There was a trial going on in which it was determined that any male who committed sexual assault on a woman be castrated so that he can never produce children because that trait is genetically carried from generation to generation.

One woman said upon the completion of the trial, It's a shame the people worship their government."

The scene panned to the left where blue uniformed officers stood up en-masse, about 20 of them and their leader said, "That going to end right here in Milwaukee."  Then they all walked out.


7-21-92 - MEDITATION - Babaji said, "I was supposed to show you this card yesterday."  I then saw the same yellow post cared with my name on it and the address was 1029 N. Jackson St.

After that I saw a lease or contract and under it were address cards such as I use for outside supplies when I order things to be done on the building.


7-22-92 - DREAM/VISION - I was at A-C. My job was to do all the filing in the green folders on the shelves. I wanted to finish my job before I went home, but it was so late already. Then I saw that the shelves had been filled with empty red folders and I was using green. Then, when I was filing, the shelves were filled with huge green books, 2 1/2 or 3 feet tall and 3 inches thick. The man in charge, hollered out into the office, why doesn't everybody just turn out they lights and go home? Before I could do that, I had to go pick up some shoes and clothes that Alice had given me.

I had to go way over to the right to get them and try them on before I went home. I put on a beige sit. It was homemade. The jacket was pleated in back and I adjusted it so it fit perfectly. Then I put on the shoes and they fit perfectly too. Everyone waited for me to get the shoes strapped on. Alice was the one who was going to take us home, the other girls chided me for always making the best deals when it came to getting things from other people. I was proud of that inwardly.


7-23-92 - DREAM - I was in the kitchen in my 16th t. house. My Great Aunt Cora was sitting at the table. I told her that we were going to repaint the kitchen, but before we could do that, we'd have to go through the whole pantry and clear out all the extraneous stuff and just keep all the bare essentials.


7-23-92 - MEDITATION - I asked Babaji and about the retreat and where it should be. He said that the aliens would be using lines instead of pyramids for their landing guide and ran his finger alongside the highway marking Highway I94 on the inside of the triangle marked on the map.


7-23-92 - DREAM - I was riding in a red railway car with my daughter. It connected up with a longer train at the beginning of the tracks. My daughter pointed out to me that she really liked the Northern horizon and i admitted that it was nice, but I bodily turned her around and faced her West and told her that she was going to be seeing western horizon in the future and there were mountains and trees there.


7-23-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin and some people I knew came over and were telling me about the alternative school they were going to start and about all the laws they had to abide by and that they had to have a formal election and be state certified teachers and use certified curriculum.

I went into the livingroom. The kids all came into the house and threw their coats on the floor. I got upset and told them all to go back outside and look for a guy named 'boilerplate' because he had been in the house and I was afraid he might have stolen something.


7-24-92 - DREAM - I was walking down the street and met a beautiful black woman. She had brilliant blue makeup all over her face from the eyes down to under her chin. She looked really understanding. I told her how beautiful it was and touched it with my fingers. I as like chalk and I got some on my fingers.

She took me to her house to show me what she did. When we got there, her husband looked at me and told her to get rid of me, but he didn't try to do it himself. In a few moments I found out why. She was able to manifest movie characters and TV characters like they were live people right in her livingroom and they performed like they were real people sitting there instead of manifestation off the TV screen.

She had an immense house and must have been very rich and that was her diversion. She told me she was going to teach me how to do it too.

NOTE: This is interesting in light of how many TV characters I dream about.


7-24-92 - DREAM - My ex-husband Ed showed up at my house. he was looking for work. We were all spying on him to see what he was doing, but not really interacting with him. He had a letter in his wallet from his girlfriend I wanted to read so I could tell what she was like, but he always kept his wallet in his pocket.

Then he got a job driving some kind of delivery truck for the city. It looked similar to a UPS truck and he was able to take it home with him at night.

I was curious to see if he had changed any so we were all following him around.

His girlfriend showed up. She was little and dark. He was rather indifferent to her.

I was curious to find out what she was like but didn't know how to get to know her, but I figured we'd eventually be friends to his dismay.

My son Bill made a phone call regarding him and called me Annie, but called him Dave. Then I found some mail out in the hall that was undelivered to apt. 206. WE opened it and found it to be a job confirmation for a starting date of Oct. 20th. It was signed by a man with a name similar to Omar Sharif.


7-24-92 - MEDITATION; Babaji said, "I'm not really your FAther, but ... it would be nice if you could curb your appetite a bit."


7-24-92 - DREAM - I was back in the house with Edward and he just came and went as he pleased. He went out the back door and I thought that someone should follow him to see where he goes but it wasn't long and he came back by way of the alley and a bunch of mexican guys were roughing him up. He was wearing a grey and black cap pulled way down to the edge of his eyes. He looked like he had been up to no good and he got what he had coming to him.


7-24-92 - DREAM - I had a dream about going on a picnic and the lay of the land was up against a high hill and we looked for a cool place to sit to eat our food. Then we actually went n the picnic and when we got there, the lay of the land was identical. I was amazed. The only thing was, I was carrying a huge orange cat and it was squirming to get down. I was afraid to let it loose, not knowing what the rules were about bringing pets and whether or not the cat would just run away.


7-24-92 - DREAM - I was with someone who was about to have a baby in a room draped with red. I wasn't comfortable with that color. Then I went to a hospital where a doctor let me look at the birthing rooms. One was draped in red velvet, then there was one on the second floor, where the room was draped in blue velvet. They were both beautiful, but the blue as preferable.


7-25-92 - DREAM - I was in new Berlin. My husband was telling my daughter that he was going to look for a 3 bedroom house. I thought that was joyful news. But when I went to him, he was laying on a couch and was very angry when I happily asked him if we could go look at a house.


7-25-92 - DREAM - I was at A-C working on a computer. A new program was started. I hit a wrong key and my friend Donna acted like it was a big deal and she wanted to fix it up. I said I would just hit 'escape' and go back and start over.

I then hit another key and the screen was blank except for the stock  market listing going across the top of the screen. I thought it would be great if I could keep track of my investments right on the screen, especially IBM.

NOTE: This came true on 7-27. IBM bought a computer subsidiary.


7-26-92 - DREAM - My kids in New Berlin had a fight with another bunch of kids. My son Mike walked in and his face was all beat up.

The next day I was asked to do a special mediation for a young male friend of mine. All I could get was a 'blank'. Finally, after asking several times, I was told by the voice that the young man would be involved in a robbery and that he should consult an astrologer for his future events.

I advised my friend to do that, but after months of advising him on a daily basis as to what to do, he was robbed at knife point and stabbed 24 times.  He lived through the event, but was in a great deal of pain, and eventually he killed himself.

So, the 'blank' was correct afterall. It was very tragic, and I couldn't help feel guilty though there was nothing I could have done to stop FATE.


7-27-92 - DREAM - I was with a bunch of women and we had 3 levels we had to get to to make some changes. We were at the end of a railway line and a train full of men was coming in. The women hid underneath the train platform until the men had disembarked and I was able to distract them into the highest place. Then we scrambled to get to the other levels to make the changes and we had to hurry. The ice was melting on the hillsides, revealing big white square envelopes and this was a 'good' sign.

NOTE: I don't know if this is related to the Dahmer events or not.


7-27-92 - DREAM - I went into my 16th St. house wearing a black velvet wedding gown and the people with me were dressed the same. Ahead of us was another couple, dressed all in black, getting married. Someone behind made a comment about the black clothes at a wedding and I commented that was what I wore at my last wedding too, and I swept along past them, holding the train of my black velvet dress up off the floor so it wouldn't drag on the floor behind me.

NOTE: Maybe wearing black at the wedding signifies that the marriage won't last?


7-27-92 - DREAM - I was with some people making choices between three different things. We were just over the border between U.S. and Canada. We were told that we could go ahead and plant the American flag there because they were happy with the choice we made.


7-27-92 - DREAM - I was living in a small town in the house of another woman whose name I believe was Carol and she was City Manager of some prestigious job like that. My ex-husband Ed was going around the country looking for work and he was getting awfully close to where we were and I was worried that he was going to come and try to find me.

He called on the phone to tell me how his job hunting was going, though I don't know how he got my number. When he called, he was just getting into a boat with a video camera. He said that the person he rented the boat from was all freaked out because the whites of his eyes had all but disappeared because the black pupils on his eyes had expanded to that degree. I was wondering in my mind if that was because his doctor was giving him some kind of pills to make the pupils do that. I knew that marijuana had that effect too. I was concerned that in crossing the lake he would fall out and drown.

He said that the next day he was going to be going to Tolkas to job hunt and I thought to myself that if sounded kind of like the name Alice B. Tolkas from the movie and thought that he was getting a awfully close to where I was and that he might suddenly show up on the doorstep and I wouldn't know what to do.

So, I went into where Carol's bedroom was to see if she was still awake and ask her if it would be all right, if I did see him coming. to pretend we weren't home and not open the door.


7-28-92 - DREAM - I was living in a small town in which it became more and more apparent that there was hanky panky going on in the mayor's office and he was fooling around with a woman name Perkins.

An investigation was made into the situation because it wasn't right for a leader of the city to be messing around on the side.


7-28-92 - DREAM - I was going to a funeral to which you could go only if you had an invitation. Other people wanted to go too, but they hadn't received an invitation.

I told a woman she could go if she took a violet square pillow like I was. The body was in state up some narrow stairs.

I then had to down some narrow stairs to where the rest of the people were. There was an older woman there making demands that she be allowed in and giving ultimatums. She dropped a bag of pins. There were hundreds of them.

I managed to get the bag picked up without too many of them falling out, but the old woman put her foot into the pile that did fall out and ended up with a bunch of them sticking to the toe of her foot, so that delayed her.

Then I saw a woman up on a ledge or stage who someone said was dying, but she looked fine to me. they told me that she would look and act fine fight uP to the day of her death, and then she would open her mouth and blood would gush out from between her teeth. at that moment, the woman opened her mouth and blood came pouring out and running down the front of her and just that quick, she was done for.


7-28-92 - DREAM - I was with an older woman who was having trouble with her finances. I agreed to help her because I had a written program that would straighten out her problems.


7-29-92 - DREAM - I was getting ready to take a shower when a delivery man came to the front store of our business. I went out   front draped in a white sheet and there was a man there, angry because Audrey (my mother-in-law)  (means noble-strength) had ordered a gold supplementary furnace. I told him that the owner had been right there when it was ordered and that you had to set the temperature at 75 degrees to get 69 and you had to set it to 100 to get 88.

He was angry and was going to call the main office to complain, but he told me to go out to his car and get something for him.

I couldn't find his car and thought it had been stolen. He pointed out the blue car across the street. I was at this point carrying an Irish Setter dog.

I got into the car and sat down. The car was parked right up against a fence. It was so close that there was no room for the dog to get between the fence and the car. So I told the dog to sit on the top boards of the fence where they found a ledge and the right angled border between the properties. There was a red book there and I picked it up to look at it. It referred to the house that was for sale there and said, "Bad Points to Selling." That portion had been torn off the back of the book. The portion that referred to this particular house said that it was 4 miles from the border fence.


7-29-92 - DREAM - I saw an ad in the paper for some property for sale, so the real estate agent asked if I wanted to go see it. I said, "yes", so he drove me out to see it. The rice was either $21,500 for 12 acres or $12,000 for 21 acres (I wasn't certain) As we were driving along, on the right side of the road, was a lake with ducks and a few geese and the far shore was green grass and then a huge forest beyond it. I could see a couple of small cabins.

The driver said, "How would you like to own your own lake?"  

I figured that the one I was looking at was the one. I asked him if it had fish in it. He said, "yes! It's stocked with fish."

On the end of the lake, a steep hill started and there a couple houses facing it with a big enclosed porches and we drove up the drive3way to the first house.

We went inside and went into an office where another man sat and the real estate guy told him I was interested in buying the lake.

I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't more land and that this house wasn't included in the deal. So, while the guy was doing some figuring as to how much the payments were going to be, I asked him if he was selling the house too. He answered that he could if I was interested. I said, "Yes, if it has lake shore that goes with it. He said, "I could let you have 150 ft. of lake shore with it. I said, "Fine! I'll buy this house too."

So, he did some more figuring and some more figuring. the real estate agent asked me if I was hungry and I answered, "Yes,." so he showed me the refrigerator and told me to help myself.

I decided to make a sandwich and toasted the bread so I made ham and cheese on whole wheat toast.

The bread was about 15 inches square and I couldn't eat it all, so I offered 1/2 to another white-haired man who was sitting there waiting for me.

I looked at the clock and it was quarter past 12, and I knew I had to ask some financial advice from someone yet, and I still didn't know what the final payment were or even where we were.

I wrapped the 1/2 sandwich in a green napkin and took it to the white-haired man. He opened it and looked to see what kind it was and stated, "Baloney and cheese?" I knew it was ham and not baloney. Then I asked the man what highway we were on and he said 101F.


7-30-92 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house and saw my teacher's teacher, working with some women sitting around the floor in my diningroom, telling them how she escaped prosecution, two young guys with pitchforks came to the window, supposedly to break in. I took one away from him and prodded him with it , he said, "You're 1st!  How come I have you down for 2000 2n St. North?

(This followed a dream in which Steve - our locksmith followed me home and just didn't leave again. He came over by the couch to listen to my teacher's teacher lecture. It was starting to feel romantic and I thought to myself that I somehow knew that would happen the first time I heard his voice on the radio.

NOTE;  Steve was way too skinny for my taste. That was just a dream. Voices have a way of being wonderful or nasty and they don't even fit the people they come out of for some reason.


7-30-92 - DREAM - We are to prepare for 13 people to join us.


7-31-92 - MEDITATION - On the mental level, I saw a man coming out of a dark room. He said, 'The image that was once secret is now sacred."  He turned on a light and shone it back into the room.  I saw an Egyptian object.

I asked what the image was. It was blue, gold, and yellow striped.  Similar to the headdress of Tuti, Nefer, Akka.

I was thinking about Eckankar and how we will be going there to straighten them out when we can and I saw a woman in present -type dress, long, dark clothing and a black scarf over her head. She said, "Who told you about the deception?" Who told you about MEEEEEE??????"