JUNE , 2000

6-1-2000 - DREAM -  - I don't know where I was, but it was somewhere where electrical equipment was stored.  I was shown by a man that in order to be absolutely safe, each of these tools had two connections, one in which the connection was plugged into the wall, but on the front end of each tool, also were two holes.  One hole was where the object was plugged in for use ... the other hole was strictly for safety so that the wire connector wasn't hanging loose and possibly stuck in the wrong hole by accident.

Each object had a different kind of wire and a different kind of plug-in type, but each object had these three connection points.  Once I had all the tools safety plugged, I was shown other objects which worked the same way ... and I swear that some of them were human skulls. ((I could be wrong though)


6-1-00 - DREAM - I was seeing a series of skulls, one beneath the other. The first one was the largest and was purple and had the date August 19th ?   after it with a question mark.

Several more skulls were beneath the purple one ... the 4th one down was a golden color and this one also had the date August 19th?   with a question mark after it.

I then had a vision of similar skulls or perhaps the same one and I saw that they had hyperlinks to knitting patterns with them.

The last vision I had was these words:  Hopes in Belarus!


6-2-00 - DREAM - This dream was definitely 'other worldly' with overtones of both Heaven and Hellish-like scenes.  And the whole thing had a feeling of 'ultra-soft'.

The dream took place in winter, on December 25th p.m./26th a.m. There was colored snow everywhere, in tones of autumn rust, and the night lights were yellow. It seems that the city light at night caused the color of the snow, not that the snow was actually that color.

The dream started out in a huge theater-like place. This was the first time I had been there and it was like a rehearsal hall.  All the women were dressed alike and all the men were dressed alike.  The hall was dimly lit. Everyone was dressed in white. All the women stood in the back of the hall and all the men stood in the front of the hall in a large group, but evenly spaced like one would when in the army on parade or something. When the women were introduced as a group, the men all went down to one knee and stayed that way while the women sang in soft breathy tones. I didn't know any of the words.  It seems like a lot of women were there for the first time, but there were enough women who knew the words so that the sounds carried well enough.  When this song was over, I heard comments like 'magnificent', and beautiful.  It really had that quality.

We were all gathering to leave then. I didn't know any of these women by name, but the faces looked rather familiar.  I had the feeling that we were all VERY tall and we all wore high heeled shoes and we were all beautiful. Everyone was hugging.  I was asked if I had a ride home. I said, "My husband is picking me up" though I knew I wasn't married.  There was a man going to pick me up ... rather like a boyfriend though when he picked me up I've no memory of ever seeing him before except perhaps on television or in a movie. He had a smooth, suave, George Hamilton quality about him ... tuxedo type.

On the way out of the theatre area, I was wearing a white gown that was sparkly like it had sequins sewed on it. I overheard one of the men say that I was like a "princess" in a farmer's land. It was quite a compliment I thought.

We had been in an area that was like in an upper loft as we hugged goodbye after the rehearsal and the stairs were narrow and snow covered and steep as we left.  Though I followed two ancient-looking women down the stairs, after the first few steps, there were no tracks in the snow to follow. I couldn't even see where each of the stairs was. The snow was soft and autumn rust colored with overtones of white underneath as I attempted to get down the stairs without hurting myself. It was more like floating down the stairs in this soft snow. It didn't feel like cold snow either... it had a feeling of 'soft'.  There was a railing along the left side which I used to hold onto so I wouldn't fall.

When I got down to the street, the sidewalk was like 50 feet wide, then there was a street which was like 100 feet wide and another 50 foot sidewalk on the other side. The man who was supposed to be picking me up wasn't there right away and I really didn't know who was picking me up. The building on the other side of the street was light greenish ... looked like it was made of concrete.  I saw teenage boys throwing rocks and I started to feel a little afraid.

But then the tuxedo dressed guy like George Hamilton came up to me to escort me to his car, but meanwhile he led me through a narrow passageway where my whole family was there standing along the wall to greet me on the other side of the street.  They were there to celebrate my birthday. That's how I know what date it was. It was now the a.m. of December 26th. We had just passed the midnight hour. My family liked to do that and it is one of my fondest memories, how the family celebrated Christmas and then when midnight passed, they all wished me Happy Birthday.  It is a really nice feeling.

The odd thing about this meeting my family was that they were all dressed in costume. Even my deceased Great Aunts were there, old like they were before they died. Some of my family were dressed in African-type costumes. One looked like a Zulu-warrior-type costume with an animal head like a black and white furred antelope or something for a headpiece. He was extremely tall.  (My family is all over 6 feet tall to start with. ) This person was more like 8 feet tall with the headpiece on.  

My mother introduced me to my Great Aunts. One of them said she didn't want to hug me because she had cancer and it might be catching, so we just touched cheeks. The others all wanted hugs.  I heard someone say, "Boy, she must really be something to have her 8th grade boyfriends come to meet her too."  It seems they were talking about the greenish scene with the boys throwing rocks. I never had boyfriends back then, so I don't know what they meant exactly.

My mother was intimating that she was going to be making pancakes back at the house for everyone and was a little overwhelmed at the size of the crowd she had to cook for. I told her not to worry, she'd have plenty of help.

We all broke up then into groups to make the ride home through the snowy streets. The tuxedoed guy took me a huge car that was light lemon yellow both outside and inside. He got into his side and I was left to get into my side by myself. He was obviously no gentleman. The car opened up so that the door was hinged at the back. There was a huge console in the center of the car which the driver had to straddle. This was no ordinary car. There was barely room for me to slide in on my side and as it was, I didn't even manage to close the door all the way ... it was open towards the front and I had to hang onto the door handle to keep it closed as we drove. The man who was driving didn't attempt to help me at all. I had to fend for myself.

This whole thing now had a yellow lemon-like color and I assumed it was the street lights that made it that way. We were now driving this huge car through a narrow snow-filled area and I could hear and feel the car dragging along the concrete walls on the sides. We just barely fit through the space. The car seemed like it was 20 feet long.

There were wheel tracks in the snow ahead of us and it seemed like the only way we were making headway was because we were going slightly downhill all the way. I could feel the wheels slipping and spinning in the snow from time to time like it does when you drive in snow for real. However, in the center, between the wheel tracks, it seemed like there were faces appearing or bubbling up every so many feet. This was a very strange sensation.

I then realized there were two people in the back seat of this car which I hadn't seen. There was an African man and a white woman. They were obviously going with us and as I turned to look to see who this man was, he flipped open his zipper on his pants and showed me that his private parts were very similar to the face that was appearing in the snow ahead of the car.  This guy was no normal guy obviously.  There was some kind of African voodoo or some kind of magic going on. However, I acted very flippant and know-it-all with him like, it was no surprise.

We finally arrived at a huge house, obviously we didn't go to my Mother's house for my birthday party. This was going to be a private party.  I was wearing this white sparkly dress with white high heeled shoes.  The black man's companion, whom I didn't know, told me that I was a little over-dressed for this, that I should take off my jewelry and put a little oil on my forehead to be more like her.  She seemed rather slutty to me. I decided it was probably best to hide my jewelry anyway. I could feel a necklace at my throat, like a heavy pearl on a chain. I could tell I had very long fingernails and I unclasped the necklace as I walked towards the kitchen to hide the necklace from possible theft.

I then walked through the huge livingroom which was autumn rust-toned also. Ahead of me, I saw two huge double doors with tiny knobs on them which I assumed was to the bedroom.

I opened both doors at once and found that there was another set of doors just like it behind them which I had to open.  At this point I knew that the African man was behind me. I could feel his animal-like energy behind me.  Once I had the second set of doors open, there was a huge rust-colored semi-opaque plastic-like drape across the opening which I pulled aside with my right hand. This was like autumn-brown rust colored also. As I pulled that aside, I saw another plastic-like drape across the opening which I also pulled aside.

As I pulled that drape aside, I saw a huge bedroom with a bed in the dimly lit room that was more than king size ... it was like 20 feet wide and 20 feet deep ... square with a huge headboard. The African man was behind me and I knew that the tuxedoed guy and the other woman would be right behind him or coming along shortly.

I started to wake up slowly as I pulled this last drape aside. It was hard coming out of the dream. I could feel pressure in both temples of my head and I was hearing electrical snapping sounds in my ears and in my temples like this whole dream had been electrically implanted in my head from outside. I almost didn't come back, though closing my eyes didn't bring the dream back ... just blackness.  There was such a feeling of 'soft' it was overwhelming and it was hard to let go of that feeling which was VERY comforting.


6-2-00 - DREAM - The pressure on my temples came back again as I was falling asleep once more.  I then dreamed I was with an old woman and was telling her the above dream and trying to explain to her the symbols of the people and how they correlated to other people I've dreamed about. I wasn't even buying it myself.  There was a huge closeup of ASA from "One Life to Live" as Father God!


6-2-00 - VISION - I saw my bedroom wall which is wood paneled and it was festooned with huge long spider webs over the bed.


6-2-00 - VISION - I saw a web page with a black and white border.  It was of the sun with a man, a triangle flying vehicle which might be a crop circle and a round crop circle figure which might also have been a flying vehicle.  OR, the large circle might be a UFO?


6-4-00 - DREAM - I was in Wisconsin, living in the country. I was invited to go see something and my husband Jim  said he would drive me there, but as soon as I got in the car and he drove towards the road I remembered that I was cooking dinner and I hadn't turned the stove off. Instead of just stopping the car so I could run back into the house and turn off the stove, he decided to drive around the block first. I kept asking him, "Can't you just stop and let me turn off the stove?"  I just kept seeing his face close up ... smiling ... and continuing to drive.

I was then in a city probably Milwaukee and was invited to see the furnaces inside a huge factory. There was a large youngish woman with me, whom I can't remember who it was, just that she was large and blonde.  The man in charge of the factory told us that the furnaces were VERY hot.  The blonde woman had no qualms about seeing the furnaces close up, but even hearing about the heat made me nervous and I kept thinking about other things I had to do, especially that I was cooking dinner and I would have to turn off the stove before I could leave.

I went back to the kitchen to turn off the stove and there was smoke coming from the oven. I told everyone that it was okay. I had a air-cleaner fan on top of the stove and turned it on and the smoke was cleared instantly as the smoke went up through the fan.  The rest of the food on the stove was in water and that was fine. I turned off the burners because dinner was ready to serve.

Joe, the maintenance man was there to help with the stove and he brought in two trays of food crumbs. (They were the size of small cookie sheets) He had already fed his two sons.  There were two sizes of trays, one slightly smaller than the other. I looked at the crumbs to see if I could tell what he had fed his sons. A couple small pieces looked like spaghetti ... I was hoping it wasn't a worm. :-(  There were quite a few people in the house with us ... all young girls that I remember.

Our attention was turned to the two fish tanks in the house then. These tanks were immense. I've actually never seen house fish tanks this size.  They were about 5 or 5 1/2 feet tall x 5 feet wide by 8 feet or so long.  My tank was full of mostly blue fish, but some white and some gold.  The tank was full of water to within about 4 inches of the top and was in the middle of wall. Joe's tank (the maintenance man) was against the wall and had two fish in it.  The fish were about 12 inches long and about 5 inches high and about 3 inches wide. The male fish was pure white and the female fish was white with a blue racing stripe on the side.

The fish were breeding with each other. Joe said, "I can't keep the fish!" It seems that there was a law about the number of fish one could keep in an apartment and his fish were breeding and could subsequently give birth to thousands of eggs to become more fish.

There was no thought given to the tank I had with thousands of fish already in it, just that Joe's tank had two breeding fish in it.

We discussed what we could do, that we could trade the fish in at the store and get two other fish in their place.  Then a heavy-set woman came in and started measuring the fish, especially the blue racing stripe on the female fish. Meanwhile the white male fish was hovering around her and fanning her, getting ready to breed.

Crowds of people came in, many with cameras, even a guy with a television camera. All the young girls in the house started to crowd around the tank to get into the picture. I admonished them just by saying, "GIRLS!!!!"  and they backed up to the side of the tank.  There was only one young girl I felt could get in the picture and that was Joe's daughter. She was about 10 to 12 years old.  No one else had the right to be in the picture.

Once the crowds went away, I started to try to figure out what the best placement of the tanks was. Joe said he moved the tanks by shifting them one corner at a time, but I was able to move the tanks like they were full of air instead of water.  I saw that his tank, which was only half full of water had a black mesh cloth under it that had come loose when the tank was moved.  I asked him what that was ... it looked like the cloth that is attached underneath couches.


6-5-00 - I know this dream was effected by the radio show that was on, but it was so pretty, I wanted to write it down anyway.

DREAM - I was in a public building and I invited my friend Heidi to come to my apartment to see my parakeet. We entered the apartment and all along the hallway entrance, there was a row of pink glass objects j'art.  They were all different sizes, like vases and other things. We turned to the left to go into the livingroom, and here again I had decorated the livingroom with all pink glass objects j'art.

My parakeet had a cage but he had the run of the house anyway. I didn't actually keep him in the cage all the time. The parakeet was a beautiful shade of bright green, and I attempted to catch him, by holding up a wire swing perch in front of him.

There was a baby laying on the floor who needed a diaper change. Heidi attempted to help me, but it was really a BIG mess.

Later on I went to visit Heidi's house.  There was a man there and Heidi and I were talking with each other and I noticed that she and I both had decorated our own bodies with a series of skyblue gemstones.  These were actually embedded in our skin rather than attached to a piece of clothing or hung on chains or wires, they were actually physically embedded like a person would have tattoos. They were so beautiful, but when I realized what we had done, I couldn't imagine the pain it must have caused to go through this surgery just for beauty's sake.

I went to two of her bedrooms in her apartment. The first one had naked black voodoo dolls that were quite lifelike, and in the other bedroom, on the bed were oversize magazines with the title of ' RACHEL'.  As far as I know these were black oriented magazines, but I'm not sure.  


6-5-00 - I can't remember the whole dream. I was an indian woman and there was a chubby indian baby there and he had wide rubber bands all over his body and I was told he was banded from 29 to 59.


6-5-00 - DREAM - I was going for a job interview in a brand new red truck.  I had gone this way only once before but I was the passenger that time and hoped I'd remember how to get to this place.

I got to the intersection where the freeway started and had to make a right turn, go a block to the right, then the freeway started. I got to this spot, made the right turn and saw that a bunch of rescue vehicles were ahead of me with sirens and lights going so everyone else had to make way for them which we did. But, when we came to a stop as fast as we did, the truck in front of me had to stop really fast and as I came up behind him, I found that there was a huge green grass mower in front of my truck that wasn't attached and it swerved and ran into the back of the other truck.

The other truck was made of rubber so it didn't get scratched and it was a reminder to myself never to buy a truck made out of rubber. But, here I was with a loose grass mower on the front of my truck and would have to take it back home and miss the job interview.

As luck would have it, as I was standing there, trying to figure out what to do, my second husband Edward came along and I asked him if would mind taking the mower back home. He was walking, so it wouldn't be too difficult. I hadn't gone that far.  He stood there and agreed to do this for me and smiled and said, "You know I dream about you a lot." I said, "Do you? That's nice!" Thanks for doing this for me." He said, "No problem!"

I then looked to see where my truck was and it had somehow gotten about a half a block ahead along the street and I would have to walk there.

There was an old man walking the same direction, with bent knees like an old man does. I started walking the same way ... with bent knees ... and stooped over. I thought to myself, "Oh no!... I don't have to walk like an old woman.  Young woman walk with straight knees and not bent over and I made the effort to walk like a young woman. It took me a few more steps and I made myself walk straight with straight knees and springier step and I even felt younger when I did.

By then I was ahead of the old man and I don't know which way he went.

I got up to my truck which was now a van and when I got there, there were two women sitting in my truck and both of them looked exactly like me.  The only problem was ... they were both dead. I shook them and shook them in case they were on drugs ... but neither of them moved.

I didn't know what to do at first. I couldn't just pull them out of my truck and go on my way. I was going to have to call the cops and deal with this.

I went up to the sidewalk and saw that several buildings in a row were burned out. Completely burned out inside. I was looking inside these houses along the street, looking to find someone home who could call the cops for me. Finally, a woman looked out the window and asked me if she could help. I told her my problem and that I would need to call the cops.  

The woman said she would call and was trying to figure out what the number was to the police station. I said, "Just call 911. That will get them here the fastest."  She said she would.

I then got into a conversation with the women and they invited me inside their building. It turned out to be a charity home of some kind and they were telling me how they needed money to remodel. They were showing me around and I saw that their basement floor needed repainting.  It actually looked like a big contract written on the concrete with a fancy green edge and gold scrolling and the contract written on the concrete in the center of it. It looked pretty neat.

There were some workmen there and they told me that there was a problem with the electrical connections, so as a favor I decided I would help them because they were helping me and I got down on my knees to wash the floor for them and discovered all kinds of wire pieces and loose wire nuts and screws and other kinds of screw type connections that go on wires in buildings.

I got all the little pieces together and was picking them up with a paper towel and stood up with them to talk to a woman to show her what I found.  Just then my first husband showed up and I thought maybe he could give me a ride to my job interview, but he just walked through and didn't want to hear about my problem. He rather looked at me like he was saying, "Don't tell me your problems, I have problems of my own."  

He left and I was talking with the women who were now taking me into their confidences and telling me about the fires in the other buildings. I had managed large apartment complexes myself so I knew about the problems with loose wires and safety procedures and know how dangerous that can be.

One of the women said, "We would go to these other buildings when light bulbs went out and every time we did, a fire would start." And then she smiled.  I thought to myself, "Oh oh! There is something wrong here. You don't get fires from loose or blown out light bulbs." I started to get the impression that the women who ran this place were scamming the insurance company for the money so they could remodel this building. That's why I was finding all these wires and screws on the floor when I washed it. They were about to do the same thing to this building.

I looked at the floor and their contract and knew that it would be easy to paint over the contract with white paint so someone else could get a contract.  These women were just scam artists.

I went back out to my truck, hoping the cops were there by then and they hadn't arrived yet.  However, I discovered that the two dead women weren't dead at all.  They weren't even sitting in the same place as they had been when I looked in the truck the first time.

I grabbed one by the arm and dragged her out of the truck, asking her what they were doing, trying to pretend to be me. I was really angry that they were trying to use my truck to scam the insurance company just like they did with the buildings and the fires.

Now I was really angry.  Not only did I find that these were women were scam artists and had to be dealt with, now I had to deal with the cops and prove who I was because these other women looked just like me and I was going to miss my job interview.

Bummer !!!!!


6-6-00 - My dream memory is really bad today.  This is what I remember of 3 separate dreams.

#1 - I was taking care of a small girl child in a huge area that was like where circuses are put up, but there were no buildings or tents there at the time. I cradled this child like she was part of me, with my left elbow up by my head. It was not at all uncomfortable. We were going to sing together and I took the child to a place where there were fences or rails numbering 17 and we were to go through the center aisle of the 17.

#2 - I and my family were moving to a new house. The moment I got out of bed in the morning, I stripped the bed and took it apart. Some other men came to help us move and when they got there, I was crouched behind the stove in the kitchen. I don't know if I was hiding or taking the stove apart.  My husband (unknown man) and I drove over to the new house and we were half way there and I mentioned to him that we should have brought some stuff with us to save time later and that I didn't even bring my keys or wallet with me. He held up a ring of silver keys that was larger than any I've ever seen before.  I had heard that my son Bill bought a new car which I thought was a huge car and that would be a big help in moving, but then we met him along the way and I was shocked to see that it was a tiny car. It held 5 people ... two in front and three in back ... but there was no spare space in the car. They were really crammed in there. We stopped at a restaurant and the waitress/cook was serving eggs that were fried rather on the hard side but were like large white pancakes. My husband asked her if she would like to have dinner later with us and she said that once she left the restaurant she never thought about food at all.

#3 - I was outside gathering seeds and plant material to make paper like the indians did. I plucked some very thick stems behind a building and peeled off the outer layer to find a center that was like fine down with tiny seeds in it. I was told to pluck it only down as far as the seeds were. I had a small dish with many different plant parts. This I was going to grind together to make the paper. Later, we were to meet the Indians somewhere around or at the 13th level or place.


6-6-00 - DREAM - I was working on a web page and went to get a couple links for it and I thought I was really doing this so that when I woke up, I was surprised I was laying in bed.

I can't remember now what it was about though in the dream I thought it was a great idea.


6-6-00 - DREAM  - I was watching a woman do some extreme backbends on a high exercise bar. After the demonstration was over, I was trying to explain this exercise to a young girl about 4 to 6 years old. Even for her it seemed impossible.  (I've seen this done in gymnastics in the Olympics)


6-6-00 - VISION - The same woman who did the exercises in the previous dream came into my room while I was laying in bed. It seemed as though she was a nurse and was taking care of me. She was older now and wearing glasses and had two tone gray and dark hair almost like it was striped that way on purpose. (I'm racking my brain to think of her name. She was in the movie Psycho) I was laying on my side facing right and she walked behind me to where a beside table was. I thought she was getting a thermometer or something. (I called her Judy) I said, "Judy, I just want you to know that I love you!"

I suddenly felt something sinister and came out of the vision.

I again had the vision of myself laying in bed with "Judy" going about her work as a nurse in the bedroom. Again I said, "Judy! I just want you to know that 'we' love you." She was now at the foot of my bed and I heard her pick up my purse and grab something out of it and drop it on the bed.

That noise of the keys jingling as the purse hit the bed made me actually jump up off the bed and open my eyes so quickly.  It freaked me out.  Note that I don't keep my purse on my bed.


6-7-00 - DREAM - I don't know what house I was living in, but my kids and first husband was there. The kids were in their early teens it seemed.

I was supposed to go to work, but I wasn't feeling very well and decided to stay home. My oldest son Michael was sick in bed, but I didn't go check on him. He was old enough to take care of himself and ask for help if he needed it.

Then I saw that my son Ken was standing half hidden behind a piece of furniture and he was shaking uncontrollably.  I asked him what was wrong. He started to cry and said that his arms hurt really bad.  I felt his forehead and it was rather on the hot side. Then I looked at his arms and he had huge swollen pustules on them with huge red swollen rings around them. I took one look and my mind automatically said, "Small Pox!".

I freaked out. I knew I had had a Small Pox vaccination when I was a kid. I looked for it on my upper left arm to make sure the scar was still there. My pink sweater kept getting in the way and falling over the spot so I didn't see it, but I knew it was there.

My husband came in the room and I told him about my suspicions that it was Small Pox. He said he thought it was probably myacardial meningitis.  Well that didn't make any sense to me at all.  Ken was sent to bed and I went about trying to find out what kind of horrid disease my son had.  Small Pox was supposed to have been wiped off the face of the earth. How could he possibly have caught that.  In fact, I thought he had been vaccinated for it but I wasn't certain about that. Maybe people don't get vaccines for that anymore?

I was going to have to call into work and report that I wasn't coming in, and I planned to call some other people and discuss the idea of Small Pox and find out about it. I went to the telephone in the hall and planned to disconnect it and take it upstairs to talk, but there were so many wires and loops and connections, I couldn't figure out how to take it with me.

One of my other sons tried to help but he said it couldn't be done anyway, so I went upstairs without it. Upstairs was another whole set of rooms including a livingroom. My son Ken was busy building a moat or something.  He had dug out a huge area in front of the livingroom door and as soon as I walked past it, he filled it with water. I told him I wasn't going to be walking back and forth through water, so he flipped down a wooden carpeted lid and the floor looked normal.  Then I saw that in front of the couch was a 3 1/2 foot hole that was carpeted differently.  The carpeting down there was dark blue with yellow fleur de lis pattern on it.  My son Ken flipped the lid down over the hole and the carpeting on the normal level was brown. This whole thing seemed rather odd. It seemed that there was a hollow underneath everything we lived on.  I hadn't known about that either.

My son Bob was sitting on another couch and it looked like he was playing a game of some kind. He was rather muttering to it ... I couldn't understand what he was saying. I talk to myself sometimes too, so didn't give it a second thought.  I grabbed it from him and then saw that it a flip up telephone.  I apologized profusely.  He said I was going to have to apologize to the person he was talking to also.  He redialed the number and spoke to the person, then handed me the phone. I heard the voice of my sister-in-law Mary. (I haven't spoken to her in 30 years) I apologized and told her that I didn't realize that Bob was talking on a telephone and that I thought it was just a game. She ignored what I said and told me that her Father wasn't feeling very well and didn't know if he would live much longer. I said I was sorry to hear that and handed the phone back to Bob who continued the conversation he had started earlier.

I knew I had to call into work and tell them I wasn't coming in.  Thinking about that actually took me to work into a scene where I was talking to the nurse who worked there. She and I discussed how it was last year when I didn't bother coming to work if I didn't feel like it or came in late whatever time I felt like.  She and I had had a discussion one day when I went in actually sick and told her that I needed to see a doctor.  She had questioned me about whether I thought I had any sick days left and I thought I did. She reminded me in our conversation that she knew that I had used up my last one so she told me I'd have to use a day of vacation instead. I told her that when I went to the doctor, he told me I was sick enough to be in the hospital. I had pneumonia. (I never had pneumonia)

Anyway, as soon as our conversation was over, I was back at home, wearing my bathrobe. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I had a piece of spinach on one tooth which I picked off.  Then it felt like I had a long piece of snot hanging down my throat and I reached in and pulled on it. It was rather nasty.  I then looked again in the mirror. I don't know if I was looking into my nose or into my mouth but the whole inside of my head had a big hollow inside with big loops of white with blood vessels running down the length of it. I knew that if I pulled on one of those loops, something might not work anymore so I left it alone.

I knew I still had to figure out if my son Ken had Small Pox or not and how he could possibly have gotten it.  I knew that Small Pox had been eradicated in the world.


6-8-00 - DREAM - I was with Brian De Palma the movie director and we were talking about the movie Firestorm. He said, "You can't ever know the full truth until you buy shoes in more than one country. He was meaning Mexico.  I was thinking ... "Anyone could borrow my shoes ... they don't stink!"

NOTE: Brian De Palma didn't direct Firestorm. see:  Firestorm


6-8-00 - DREAM - It was the first day after the Christmas Holiday and I was starting my new job.  I had the office key, put it into the lock and the door opened easily and I turned on the light. I told the maintenance man who walked in behind me that the first thing we were going to do was rearrange the furniture.

 The entire office was decorated for Christmas to the extent that there was hardly an empty spot that didn't have some decoration on or attached to it. I immediately set upon removing all semblance of Christmas from the office and putting it into the storage closet.

The other girls started to come in and introduced themselves and were talking about how much they hated their job and how they could hardly wait to leave. I told them how much I loved my job and always had. They more or less just sat around and watched me work. I heard someone behind me say, "At least she has initiative."

The old Manager appeared, ready to move on to her next apartment. She was about my same size, had on a blonde wig or had her hair died and was slightly older than me. Her name was Nancy Talbot. She didn't seem upset that I was changing things.  She was standing in the closet rather in the dark. The other girls spoke to her but I didn't. I was just waiting for her to leave.

I noted that the maintenance men gathered around the celebratory wine bottles and were finishing up what they had started before Christmas. I just kept on removing stuffed Santa Clauses and sleighs which were taped onto the pillars of the office dividers and putting them away. I couldn't believe how much 'stuff' was in this office. I could picture the office in my mind as it would be when it was done. It was 'stark' and bare of any decorations ... just a clean and working office.


6-9-00 - DREAM - I was in the hospital as an outpatient and was going to have female surgery of some kind. I was supposed to go second in line but they didn't have time so they told me to come back the following week at the same time.

I thought I had had this surgery before but I wasn't certain so I figured I'd go ahead and go into the operating room and the doctor could look and see if he had already and at least give me a pap smear while I was in there. I had a little yellow card with me with my records on. I went to the bathroom like 5 minutes before I was supposed to have the surgery and was standing at the nurses counter waiting for my turn when all surgeries were cancelled because a circus group had come into the hospital and everyone was expected to go and watch them perform. So, my surgery was cancelled again.


6-10-00 - DREAM - This is vague but about astronauts meeting neanderthal type men and changing them.  (Reminds me of the Zecharia Sitchin scenario)


6-10-00 - DREAM - I was just moving into a new apartment on the second floor of a Port Washington Rd building.  I had lived here before and had traveled all the way to California and lived there and come back to town.  I hadn't issued any change of address and hadn't picked up my mail in a long time. I planned to work hard and make myself look good so I'd have a good reputation, but first I wanted to get my mail.

There were a lot of people around, including a toddler age boy. I took him to the bedroom with me after wiping up pee off the floor. I intended to put new training pants on him in the bedroom. I put him on the bed and told him to sit up and he said he couldn't sit, so he slid off the bed onto the floor again. I gave him clean training pants and he put them on himself.  He never explained why he couldn't sit. I was puzzled about that.

I then walked down the stairs to the lobby where the mailboxes were. I had to hunt for them.  One side had mail boxes that went up past 950. So I went on the other side where the lower numbers were. I lived on the 2nd floor but my number was 145.  The first mailbox had a slot at the top and was call the money drop box. The second one had numerous names on it, and I assumed that was special for upper management people. Mine was the third one. I had the mailbox key and I put it into the slot and turned it. The box opened and inside was one of those yellow slips that tell you that your mail is at the post office. I was disappointed. This also meant I had to go to the post office.

While I was looking into the mailbox I noted that it was divided into three parts so that when the mailman put the mail into the box, he would put the bills in one slot, the business letters in one slot, and the personal mail into one slot.  However, while I was looking into the empty box, I had a vision of a deep glass of water with grey water in it and an airplane with large wings nose down in the water.

There were other people in the lobby including two older women who were talking about where the nearest HIV clinic was. I told them that it was on the corner of 2nd and North Ave. and pointed north in that direction.  They thanked me and I went back upstairs.

I went to the office and my boss was there. He was on the telephone with his boss arguing that he wanted to keep the old managers. He didn't specify why but it was obvious that he wanted them instead of me. He was just arguing about it.

I left the office and went to the maintenance room. There were some familiar guys there, including one of the locksmith guys and some other maintenance guys I've known before. I said "Hello" to them all and went back upstairs again.

I opened the door next to the office and it was a shower room and there were about 8 or so men in there all naked and the air was steamy. I hadn't meant to barge in and I realized that these were the doctors that were going to do my surgery and that's what they were getting ready to do. I visualized them all standing around me wearing green scrub clothes and me laying on the operating table.  I also realized I hadn't had a shower myself so they would have to wash my body wherever they were going to operate on me.

Nobody had notified me of this so I didn't know when it was going to happen.


6-10-00 - VISION - When I lay down to take a nap, I was thinking about the airplane nose down in the grey water. I suddenly had a vision of two women sitting at a desk like newscasters and numerous bubbles were coming down around them.


6-11-00 - These two dreams went together though I woke up briefly and closed my eyes again in between. Both dreams were about searching for words about 'love' on the computer. But it wasn't just about love, it was about 'pure love'  I used these words: 'love', 'welcome', 'masters', 'It To', 'Iyt To', 'Set To'. (These might not be exact spelling) They were the names of three masters who worked together.  In the search, I placed all the words in a row with no marks between them.

At the end, I was still working on the computer but living in a house with some other people in a place that was built alongside a series of canals that had little piers built out into the water for fishing and boating.  We were leaving this place in quite a hurry. I was looking out the window and the pier actually blew off its connections and blew away. I said, "It's time to leave this place."  I turned around the the house was empty ... not even any carpeting on the floor.  The floor itself was bare boards ... like plywood.  I told everyone it was time to leave. They treated me with disdain, not believing, glad to see me go.  A relative brought home a box of tiny chocolate covered donuts from the bakery shop and gave them to me. I offered some to a small boy child from the family.  He too looked at me with disdain and said as he looked longingly at the donuts ... "That's like eating money!" and he walked away.

I turned then and saw how narrow the door was to the porch. I opened it, not sure I was going to fit through and walked out.... and woke up.


6-11-00 - VISION - I saw a sentence printed out that ended 'bleeders due'


6-12-00 - DREAM - I and two girlfriends were living in Denver. I knew this because I announced it at the end of the dream.

In this building were apartments and a restaurant.  In the restaurant, Merry-go round type horses were installed so one could ride them from the door to your table. This was a good idea but the horses only faced one way. Improvements were then made so the horses could turn around at the table and one could ride them back to the door when you were done. This was even better.

The two girls had a fight between them so I asked the 'betrayed' girl to live with me in another apartment I was also renting upstairs in apartment 805. I was going to just leave the apartment I was living in with them, but then realized I had a lot of books in my library and didn't want to leave them behind, and the girl who was going to live with me upstairs decided it was a good idea to take them along, so we both took an armload of books to haul them upstairs.

Also, on the wall were three shelves that a male friend of mine had installed, also full of books. I decided I could uninstall them and take those with me also. I saw no problem with reinstalling them myself in apartment 805. It was the same size, just upstairs.

There was an evil-attitude man at this restaurant who seemed to have some influence on a lot of people ... perhaps the owner. He decided he wanted to control what these horses did which were dragged through the restaurant with chains.  Towards the end, we were avoiding him and he was dragging the horses with no customers back and forth in the restaurant just so he could say he was in control.

The chains whipped across the floor and we had to jump over them to avoid getting caught on our feet.

I and the one girl went to the next door over where apartment 805 was listed at the top of the door. I opened the door and started up the stairs. To my surprise, there were only 7 steps up and we found ourselves again outside with blue sky and park-like view. To the right was a fire-pole like thing which one had to climb to get to the next stairway which was to the right.

With an armload of books, this was really difficult and we were being cheered in our efforts by some other people. My hands were wet and I wasn't doing very well because the pole was very thin ... more like a rod.  I finally cheated and held onto something else besides the pole and got to the next stairway which was an escalator with fake grass carpeting on it. There were a lot of other people going up this stairway so I was grateful to get on this escalator and woke up as I was riding up the stairs.


6-12-00 - DREAM - (This doesn't make any sense now that I'm awake.)

I and another woman were working on a project that I can only describe as a maraschino cherry red slide like a water slide only it didn't end in water.  The first one was in Houston, TX.  When that was complete, we worked on one just like it in Japan.


6-13-00 - DREAM - (I had this dream at least 7 times during the night)

This was a web page about mass landing of UFOs. There are absolutely no details, only whiteness on whiteness. I put this list on a different web page each time so that everyone would know about it. The 2nd last time I had the dream, I saw the year 2029. The last time I had it, I saw the number 432.

I feel absolutely exhausted like I was awake all night making sure the work got done  ... basically that's exactly what I did.


6-14-00 - DREAM -  I don't know where I was but it was some kind of school.  I was working on a computer, duplicating web pages for other people. Most of the information was lists of things and were not hyperlinked to other sites.

It was time to feed the people but we didn't have enough forks to go around and had to wash them between groups of people.  One young man showed up from off the streets. A bowl was cracked and then broken and I fed him off the broken bowl anyway. That was better than letting him starve.

A group of Russians broke up and we felt superior to them. Our weapons were in holes in the ground and couldn't be seen. Theres were right out in the open and that was much scarier even if they weren't as good as we said ours were. However, it seemed that there were more under the ground we couldn't see. That was even scarier to know.

At one point, someone acknowledged that I was married, and that I had gotten married at Las Vegas or some place like that. I didn't recall having done that but I looked at my left hand and there were bands of diamonds on my ring finger bigger than any I've ever seen. The rings were proof that it had happened.


6-15-00 -- (The radio was on with an interview of Judy Goodman)

DREAM - Joe and I went to see Judy Goodman to get a psychic reading from her. It was early in the morning, before 9 a.m.  Judy was sitting at a small table by the wall doing readings for people.  Joe went to get his reading from her while I sat at another small table and waited my turn.  Meanwhile other people were arriving and as soon as Joe was done, other people jumped right in and got their readings and I continued to sit at the table waiting.

Finally, Judy came over to where Joe and I were sitting and got down on her haunches in front of me and said she wanted to look into my eyes. She came within 3 inches of my eyes and stared into my eyes from several angles. Meanwhile I was looking into her eyes as well.

Judy got up to go back to her own table and some other people ran over and sat down at the table with her to get their readings.  So, I sat there and waited again for my reading, but other people kept jumping in ahead of me.  

Finally Judy had to leave and I never got my reading. I thought perhaps I could call her on the phone and still get a reading since she had looked into my eyes so closely.

Joe and I went out into the parking lot to go to work and there were few cars there so I was trying to figure out where we could park closer to work without walking so far.


6-15-00-  VISION - I had taken the phone off the hook and I was still hearing the beeping loudly when I saw an ice cream truck poised over a square hole but it couldn't fall in the hole because the truck had a pyramid or 'A' shaped roof on it with wide eaves like a house.

It also had big black wheels on it on the four corners.

The phone stopped beeping and I saw the ice cream truck again inside the square hole and it fit perfectly because the roof and the wheels were gone.

DREAM - I was then inside an apartment and decided to get the mail. I had a little silver key and went outside my door and put the key into the slot of the mailbox.  Inside the mailbox were several square envelopes in pink, blue, green like greeting cards have. But there was a white postcard which I looked at. On the upper left hand side was written 'Lightmail Posted'.

I took the mail with me across the yard where a blonde woman had come outside to get her mail also. We both had small paper bags of old mail or trash with us. I decided to help her dispose of her trash because I was going that way, and we got stuck to it like the comedians on television where they try to pass a piece of paper to one another.  First it gets stuck on one person's hand and then on the other and they can't drop the sticky piece of paper.

Finally, we walked over to the trash bin building together. The trash bin was inside a square building with a roof on it like the ice cream truck of the vision.

By this time we were laughing together as we dropped our trash bags into the bin.


6-16-00 - DREAM - Part lucid - I was seeing an electronic screen that had boxes where words would appear. They would be either positive or negative words. I would recognize the word, react positively or negatively to it and move onto the next one. I don't know where this was or what it was for.

When I woke up from this, I realized that I had dreamed that a long time and wanted a people dream, so went back to sleep on purpose.

6-16-00 - DREAM - I was in a huge hall of some kind where testing was being done on people's emotional reaction to stimuli. People were tested upon arriving but nobody left so the crowd just kept getting bigger and bigger. I didn't participate in the testing, but I was trying to figure out what they were doing.

On top of the test papers were marked either 10, 010, or 100. All of the people were doing the testing were dressed in heavy white sweat shirts and sweat pants.  All of people being tested were dressed in colorful clothing. I recognized some family members there ... not my kids but older people my family had known ... relatives and friends. I also saw part of Joe's family there.

I noticed too that each of the testers had to make a phone call to arrange for something they were going to do later somewhere else. Each group of testers had to use a specific telephone hanging on a post on the wall and couldn't use the other groups phone.  Example: group 10 could only use the number 10 phone and the 010 group could only use the 010 phone, etc. I dont' know where they were going, but they had to arrange to be picked up when they were done doing the testing.

I spent the whole time holding other people's kids while they were being tested as only the adults were being tested. At this point I still didn't know what was going on or what the test was. One of the kids brought me her favorite doll to hold while she played and that made me feel good. Other kids came over and asked me to hold other favorite things. Finally, when the testing was done, the parents came and retrieved the toys and the kids and they left.

The older people with no kids all looked extremely drunk and they told me they were going to the nearest bar to finish up and they would call me when they were ready to go home and I could drive them home.  That sounded like a good idea though they didn't seem capable of driving to the bar either.  I noticed that some of the people had green gummy stuff in their right eye (from chemtrails?) But they didn't all have that.

After they left, the only people left were all dressed in white flowered outfits. The flowers were like autumn brown and though the outfits didn't exactly look alike, the colors were all the same. We all pulled chairs into a circle so we could talk to each other. I noted that my own shirt was of a softer material than theirs and was flowered like spring roses or something while theirs looked more autumn flowered. The material of their outfits was rougher and heavier.

The chair I was offered and I noted the rest were the same was high, rather stool-like and shaped like a small parallelogram. None of the chairs were normal looking.  We pulled them all into a large circle.

It was at this point when someone told me what the testing was. At each table, a person with a heavy white sweatshirt sat with a white towel or cloth over them. The person being tested sat across from them.  The tester had the paper which was marked 10, 010, or 100. Each individual was tested on their emotion reaction to being shown part of the body of the heavy sweatshirted tester. Since nobody knew what the test was ahead of time, the surprised reaction was what was registered and reported.

I was really shocked because at no point during this whole time did I ever see anything of what was being done and not one person talked about it or showed any reaction to the testing. There were so many people in this place, I don't know how they managed to accomplish this without me knowing.  Maybe it shows how unobservant I was or that I was too preoccupied with my own self and what I was doing to notice.

NOTE: I listened to a tape by Patti Conklin and to my surprise, her very first teaching is that emotion when reacted upon goes into our body and lodges in the weakest organs and causes our illnesses.


6-17-00 - DREAM - I was looking at a page in the book by Manly P. Hall - "The Secrets of All Ages" and the page contained a listing of the name of Satan in all the past ages and religions. In the listing I spotted the name of "IT TO".  Being rather shocked because I have dreamed and seen that name twice before in recent days, I looked closer. The book became very close so the print was larger and 'yes indeed' the name "IT TO" was in the list of Satans in the book.

NOTE:  The first thing I did when I got up was to get the book out. I looked in the index for the name Satan and there is only one reference on page CXXVIII in case anyone wants to look. There is NO list.


6-17-00 - VISION -  I was thinking about the name of "IT TO" and it's connotation and the subject of Satan and many thoughts went through my head about how to find the list of names on the computer.  I called on the name of "IT TO" and told him to show his face.

A voice said, "You have the book of knowledge". I then saw someone pull a large 3 ring binder type book out from under a stack of books. The color was dark blue and on the cover was a circular symbol which I believe I just saw in Manly P. Hall's book. I also began to feel the energy going up the back of my legs that came when I imagined the existence of a shield beneath my feet from a meditation yesterday.

In a separate attempt to go back to sleep, I was thinking about "IT TO" and I had a vision that said:  Tobias

When I thought about whether to read some channeled material on-line or whether to try to channel Tobias myself, I saw a cartoon face with it's tongue hanging out sideways, and like a huge audience in a football stadium behind him standing up and cheering and doing the wave.  Duh!

While thinking about that, I saw an e-mail from:  Quest  to  Key

Then while I was thinking about Tobias, I had a vision of a notebook page with what looked like it started with that symbol I saw in the Manly P. Hall book which was similar to the 'Book of Knowledge' cover symbol. The writing was all crammed into the upper left hand portion of the page.


6-18-00 - LUCID DREAM/VISION - I was watching a series of words and objects float down in front of me.  They were in silhouette, black against grey. I thought I recognized a bird in one of them but I wasn't certain.  Then I saw clearly, the words, "I like Japans". This was all called Merry's Magic Moments.

I then slipped into a dream with people and I was coming to work in a store that sold small things. It was exactly 9 a.m. and I opened the store to the public. Two women worked with me, one older, one younger.  The older one, whom I think was my friend Alice came in and I hugged her. The younger one was late by a couple moments so when she walked in, out of breath, I teased her about being late. She was all apologetic and I grinned and teased her some more. Then I went back to hugging the older woman. I was so happy to see her. Other people walked by and commented that she and I were dressed in the exact same color and our hair was the exact same color. When I looked to see what we were wearing, we were both dressed all in black and our hair was auburn ... the exact same shade.

The woman said, "I feel embarrassed!" and her skin on her face and neck were blushing. I said, "I think it's time to leave." She was going to go with me. I put my hand on her arm and said, "No! You have to stay here and mind the store."  So, she stayed in the store with the younger woman, and I walked up the street.  

I saw two women walking hand in hand across the street and I thought to myself. "This is a good thing that women can walk hand in hand and not be thought of as lesbians." Then I remembered how red and blushing my older woman employee was in the store after the comment about how she and I were dressed in the same color and had the same hair.  Those people probably thought we were lesbian because we were hugging.  But that wasn't the truth ... we were just happy to be together and it felt really good to hug my friend.


6-19-00 - DREAM - Something about color, but can't remember what.

I meditated on the dream to try to bring it back, but I had a vision of a woman's hands with white lace gloves with hand embroidered pansies and other spring flowers on them.


6-20-00 - DREAM - I was with my first mother-in-law Lucy who passed away some 30 years ago. We were at her farm. She was driving a big brown car. She was driving forward, but I was several seats ahead of her but riding backwards. It was a very uncomfortable feeling. I was seeing where we had been, not where we were going.

The small grey house she had owned on the farm, was now a long white house. I was amazed at how it had grown.  On the hills above the house were mansions made of wood. They were houses that looked Victorian ... my favorite type. They were immense and I was picking out my favorite. (There were never houses like that anywhere near her farm)  Then we passed those houses, though I could still see them but then I saw a long row of mansions along the hills further over ... a lot of them ... enough housing for hundreds of people.


6-20-00 - DREAM - I was again in a car being driven by a friend. Here again I was being driven backwards just like in the dream before. It was very uncomfortable to go backwards that fast.

I was then in the high school on 12th St. where I used to attend. It seemed I was in charge ... I was not a student at this time.  I saw that something new was going on.  Alcoves in the hallways were being decorated by the students so they looked like livingrooms with paintings on the wall.  The students were so much happier than they had ever been because they were able to make school look like home but exactly the way they liked it themselves.  Each alcove looked wonderful.  All along the hallways, paintings were hung.  The students were in complete charge of all this.

It seemed like part of this school was also where the students lived and there apartment to rent. I had the keys to apartment number one. It was more like a doorknob or door latch than a key.  An old white haired man and woman came to look for an apartment, and I was going to show them number one.  

However, the hallway that sent to apartment number one was full of huge stuffed toys, all larger than life size animals. I was appalled and tried to move the toys out of the way but there were too many. They were all laying on their sides like they were dead.  I had to find a way to take the old man and woman to apartment one by going a different direction.  Then I decided I couldn't show them apartment number one and go past all those stuffed animals laying in the hallway. I asked permission from a friend who also lived in this apartment building to show them apartment 110.  It was exactly like it, only in a different building and facing west instead of facing east.


6-21-00 - DREAM - I was looking at a web page with links to sites that were about the environment.  The links were in red and blue and my attention was drawn to a specific site t look at.  (I can't remember what it was and don't think I could actually read it either)

NOTE: I have a environmental database page, but not a page specifically with news about the environment.     


6-21-00 - After Joe got up for the day, I had a series of negatively oriented dreams, most with sexual content. I had the feeling that these dreams were manipulated because at the end of them, I was shown a handwritten note that said, "Written from the key of the 6th darkness".

One dream was about a girl I knew in Milwaukee who was an apartment manager in the same series of buildings I was ... each building had their own manager until they were sold and then she took over with her husband.  In this dream, she was leaving and I was taking over. She was living with two blonde guys who were twins and having sex with both of them and very eagerly so. They were always grabbing her and keeping her turned on and she would openly throw herself at them right in front of her children.

In the middle of this dream, I felt someone grab my bottom and sexually stimulate me also in an effort to make me want to masturbate. I didn't!

Then I had a vision of a letter written to Joe about Crop circle websites from a man named Semlak.  I can recall a couple of the sites because I've been to them myself, but I don't know why someone would handwrite a letter about crop circles when they could more easily have sent an e-mail.

The last dream was about the same young woman who managed the apartments. She was ready to move out and she told me all the paperwork was in the office which was in her apartment. While she was busy, I went into her apartment, turned on the light from a wall switch by the door, and discovered an old woman who was just coming out of the bathroom in her apartment, so I wasn't the only one there.  Some men came in and began moving the stuff out of her bedroom, but by then I was laying on a cot-like bed in the hallway observing the activity covered up with a rose colored blanket.

Then some children came to help her move and took some of my own things out the door which at that point looked like the stairway and doors of the gradeschool I attended on 20th St. I hollered at the boys to bring my stuff back, but they also brought back a toy dirt mover truck which they dumped on the floor. So they had to pick all that up again. But I had my laundry back which was now going to have to be done over. It was various colors.

I then put on socks, one pale blue and one pale green. The shoes that were laying there were also two different colors of gray suede loafers.

When I woke up, I heard a voice in my head say, "I can't let you go that easily," and I felt a hand brush over my sexual organ and turned me on in an instant.  I made myself ignore the feelings and then got up for the day.  I don't appreciate being manipulated by outsiders. That's when I had the vision of the handwritten note which said, "Written from the key of the 6th darkness."      


6-22-00 = DREAM - This began with rather a vision than a dream.  I was seeing what looked like huge holes in the floor and planks of various lengths coming down and filling the spaces so that the floor was solid.

The dream/vision then changed and went to a lucid dream in which I was working on a long web page with text and links ... all about UFOs and aliens.  I really couldn't read any of this text, but I know what it was about.

Since I wrote a story about my spiritual life which goes up to 1989, I guess I need to fill in the gaps and complete it.


6-22-00 - MEDITATION - I was planning to participate in a group dream but went to bed sick and forgot about it. So, when I thought about it at 2 a.m. I was not tired enough to sleep, so decided to meditate on the group. I told spirit that they should connect me with Richard Wilkerson. I saw a black and white map of New Mexico that showed several cities and 3 circles next to which was the word hoop by each one.  I then asked to go to one of the hoops. I was then shown a black and white rectangle with one name and address in it but it was blurred and I couldn't read it.  I then went to sleep and the dream was not related to the group dream that I could see though there were many people in it that were wandering around in an apartment building seemingly lost and just standing there in the hallways.


6-22-00 - THE DREAM - I was in an apartment building. I opened the door to the hallway and there was an elevator directly across from my door.  There were men moving furniture in and out of the elevator ... moving someone. There were other people in my apartment. I can't remember why I did this, but my son Ken and I walked up the stairs to the floor above to an apartment in the corner. The door seemed extra narrow but the woman who looked familiar let us in.  Her husband was also home and he wanted to demonstrate a musical instrument that looked like an electric guitar. When he turned it on, blue flames like a blow torch were coming out the top end where the tuning is done.  The blue flames were adjustable which he did when he tuned the instrument to play it. The blue flames could be adjusted wide and dispersed or small and more dangerous looking according to the tuning.  The noise was what I expected from a badly played electric guitar so I put my fingers over my ears.

The woman who saw me put my fingers over my ears decided she would join her husband and brought out another electric guitar. She tuned her so that the blue flames were wide and dispersed, but she pointed them right at me.   I just put my fingers tighter against my ears and tolerated the noise as long as I wanted to.  

She finally quit playing and I told my son Ken that we were leaving. We went to the door, with me pushing Ken against his back. He was wearing a bright blue shirt. We got around the corner to where the door was and he disappeared right in front of my eyes. I started hollering his name, "Kenneth! Kenneth! Kenneth!"  but he didn't show up and I couldn't stand around and wait for him.  

I went out into the hallway and saw many men standing around in a lobby-like area. Many of them looked familiar but when I looked closer, they weren't who I thought they were. They were similar look-alikes, but not the people I thought.

NOTE:  There was comment on TV later on in the day after the execution of Gary Graham in Texas that he was identified by only one woman in a line-up and five other witnesses had not been able to pick him out of the line-up. They said that nobody should be put to death on the word of one witness, that it's so easy to think it's one person when it's really not them when you take a closer look.


6-23-00- DREAM - I was seeing numerous book titles or chapter titles in a book of how to write.  

NOTE: This makes sense since I'm working on a novel and just put up two web pages about being a literary agent and a book editor.


6-23-00 - DREAM - It almost seems like the above dream turned into this one but probably not ...

I was with my husband somewhere and I saw something on his leg above the knee. I brushed it off onto the floor and it was a white skinny worm. I looked again and there were more, so I brushed them off too and his whole leg was turning into maggots and long skinny white worms. It was really disgusting.  

Then I had to kill the worms and I saw that there was a large puddle of strong smelling urine on the floor in the corner.  I knew it was from the cats.  We had several cats but I didn't know where they were.

Before I could mop up the pee, I had to sweep the floor and pick up all the toys. There were toys and junk all over the place and while I swept, they got all full of pee too. This was a big job. It seemed like I had to clean the whole house ... every room had a puddle by now and I still hadn't seen the cats.  

A tall thin dark haired woman came to the door. As soon as I touched the doorknob, the whole front wall turned to glass and she walked right through it.  She brought her two babies with her who were in children's walker-type seats which she put against the wall with all their toys.  She had come to borrow a book which she said I had. I had no idea where it was.  

While she was looking, all sorts of magical things were happening to the babies. It was happening so fast, I couldn't even make out what was actually going on with them.  

There were toys all over the floor and I got them picked up and I told the children that there was no reason why they couldn't pick up their own toys.  And by now they had all the pots, pans, and cookie trays out all over the floor as well.

I needed to get back to mopping the floor of the urine. It was just more and more and smelled so strong.

Another woman came through the glass wall in the front of the house while I was trying to mop the floors. There was no way to stop her. the wall was wide open now.  I couldn't say anything about that. I had come into the house the same way.

I was making progress.  I noted that there was so much urine, it was running down the stairs of the school all the way from the third floor to the basement. I was going to have to clean ALL that too.

Two rough looking men came from a back room; friends of my husband. I don't know why they were there, but they were going to go out the side door which was closed, when a huge mountain lion came out of the kitchen and went right to the door and squeezed out through a tiny crack at the side of the door.  Right behind it went all my cats too.  I couldn't believe what a small crack they could get through. That had to have been how they got in in the first place. I was amazed.

I didn't know how I was going to block it, but at least it was gone and I could get the urine mopped up and be done.


6-24-00 - DREAM - I was in a classroom taking a math test. It wasn't very difficult  - somewhat like 5th grade math - like 3 number across addition or division (I'm speaking of how it was when I was in school in the 40s, not like the math of the year 2000)

Two of my classmates were from my real highschool.  They looked like Roger M. and Nancy F. (now deceased and my best friend) (Roger M. is now married to the godmother of 3 of my sons. He wasn't at the time I had them baptized. That godfather passed away also many years ago.)

Roger and Nancy had a bottle of Whiteout  and were painting over their bad grades.  I asked them why they were doing that. Roger said that he hadn't gotten all the test pages so he couldn't complete the test, that he had asked for them 3 weeks earlier to be mailed to him and they had never arrived. I told him that I had the pages and would loan them to him so he could complete the test.

We then all left and I got on a bus to go home.  The school must have been on 72nd street.  The bus turned left on Greenfield Ave. and I immediately got up, pulled the cord to signal I needed to get off, and got off on 70th and Greenfield.  (I used to work and bank on that same corner)

I was standing on the northeast corner of 70th and Greenfield when my boss from AC, (Brian) another boss from AC (Otto) with a woman I assume was his wife and another woman I didn't know came along. Ottos wife hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.  My boss said they were headed for the school we were going to next.  Otto and his wife said they had been searching for the street it was on but couldn't find it.  They had been searching in the northwest section of the city. (The name was long and started with A - kind of like Adirondack or something like that)

My boss said that the school was 9 blocks west which would have put it on 79th St. I figured that was close enough to walk, but my other boss said he would drive me.  However, I needed to stop at home and get those test pages for Roger.  So I walked up to 72nd St. again and opened my mailbox.  There was just one envelope in it ... addressed to Roger.  I opened it and there were his missing test papers. The print was green and the pages were labeled A, A1, B, B1, C, C1, D, and D1.  So, I put the pages back into the envelope for him.

I think I woke up at this point, but didn't feel like writing down the dream at that time and lay there and thought about it strongly so I wouldn't forget.

The dream then continued ... I went into the kitchen to do the dishes. There was a young woman in the kitchen. She had started the dishes but didn't seem to know how to handle the problems there. There was only one pan in the sink, but the water was full of pink foam and food and it looked like pink vomit ... thick and nasty.

I said I would rinse out the sink and put yellow rubber gloves on. I turned on the water and got a glass of water to rinse down the pink foam and it actually made the foam worse, not wash it down. So I got more water and rinsed the back of the sink and saw that the water sloshed over an open electrical outlet (bad place for one) There were no wires in it so it was okay.  The pink foam went down along with the food so that was okay.

I then went to the washing machine and saw that there were some clothes in it starting to wash, but someone had put plates of food in it too and there were green bean slices, pieces of corn and raisins on the plates.  So, I grabbed the plates and scooped the food off the plates so it wouldn't contaminate the clothes.

There was an old wizened woman in the room and it seemed that she was the one doing the laundry. She didn't seem to know how to do the laundry either.

I then noticed that it was my own clothes in the washer, some of every color and I decided to pull them all out because I don't throw all the colors in together either.

I then saw my own cats in the house. (My cats are strictly outdoor feral cats)  I have one cat which is blue-eyed. Other than that she is quite odd looking.  She brought to me a kitten that she had which was pretty ... a brown and black, long furred kitten. It was fat and healthy. The kitten let me pick it up and I held it, noting how heavy it was. I then saw the mother cat go into a shaking fit of some kind, it got skinnier and skinnier and I thought it was dying from giving birth to such a big kitten.  (I'm not certain if it died or not though)

When that was done, I left for school and woke up.


6-25-00 - DREAM - This dream seemed to be manipulated because I was working with people, and other scenes were inserted into it as visions. By the time I realized this, the whole dream disappeared and I could remember nothing.  There were scenes where my arms were pinned down and I realized I was laying on my arms in the physical and couldn't move them. In the inserted scenes, I was like in a box pinned against the side of the box with the alphabet printed down the side of the box next to me. It was very strange. There was also a scene where a baby was handed to me and he needed his diaper changed.

Dream #2 - was a case of my admiring a woman because she got new appliances for her kitchen. She had a dishwasher with cartoons painted on the face of it. I looked closer and it was a picture of a man and woman dressed in clothing of another century. Then I realized she had stolen it and I saw a trail of muddy footprints going through the yard where she had dragged stuff in that she had stolen.

I was in the kitchen of my 16th St. house I think and my Father came in to tell me to come outside and work in the forest with the others. I was standing right in front of a clock on the wall. I looked up at it and saw a golden spider crawling up it.  I had difficulty reaching up, but I reached up and pressed my finger on the spider to kill it. As soon as I did, I saw a second golden spider crawling up the face of the clock, so I reached up, again with difficulty and pressed my finger on the spider to kill it.

NOTE: I realized in further dream scenes that I was dreaming about my arms being pinned beneath me in the physical and I couldn't move them.

I went outside with my Father and he showed me where to work in the forest and when I went there I saw him coming down the road in a big tractor, so I hid behind a big fir tree so he couldn't see me because I was afraid he was going to run me over.

Then I saw along the road as I went down it very fast in a vehicle that there were many people along the road with piles of stuff and I realized that it was ALL stolen.  I tooted the horn of the car to show them that I was getting out of there.

I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I went back to bed, I was having a series of short dreams and visions that were scenes of describing the dreams above to another person. He asked me who had the keys to the car and I realized that my Father had the keys to the car and I came to that realization when he asked me to come work in the Forest and I saw the clock with the spider on it and I had trouble raising my arms to kill the spider.

I then realized I was inside a blue car because the whole inside of the car was blue and it had NO steering wheel. I couldn't have even started the car myself as there were NO controls whatsoever, no door handles to get out ... nothing.  I was going West down a narrow alley and I knew I was on the East side of the river and if the car kept going I would end up in the river.  I desperately tried to think how I could steer the car so that it would drag alongside the alley to slow it down and there was no way to do that. I then though about hitting the brake to stop the car and I was just going to do that when a woman stepped in front of my car and I knew I was going to hit her if I didn't stop the car ... and I woke up.

I immediately started having a vision of job categories. They were numbered and in alphabetical order, in paragraphs on a screen. It seemed that I could choose whatever I wanted but the screen moved to a section that had publishing type jobs in it.


6-26-00 - DREAMS - I was working on web pages about crop circles and UFOs ... these were all links - database - no pictures


6-26-00 - DREAM - I don't know what city I was in. I was living in an apartment building. I was on the stairway and observed J.L. come into the building. He went upstairs and I overheard an argument between him and a woman. I heard a gunshot and there was no more argument. I went to get a gun myself so I could protect myself from him and others people as well, but when I got the chance to shoot him I couldn't do it.

I went out into the yard and there I saw a huge machine being run by a man who took down a huge redwood tree which had been tipping over for quite some time.  It was the last one in the city. It had been planted many, many years ago by a woman and she had tried to keep the tree growing but when it started to tilt over she couldn't stop it, so the tree had to go so it didn't fall over on the house next to it.

I saw J.L. coming out of the building and made certain I was standing next to another man whom I knew had killed people in the Vietnam war and wouldn't be afraid to protect me if necessary. Absolutely nothing happened between them so I knew that J.L. would never be punished for what he had done.

I was driven through the city, going east by the man who had fought in the Vietnam war and I saw that all the trees were either burned or smogged to death.  There were no houses either. It looked like a no man's land.

I went home and J.L. showed up there, so I tried to find things for him to do elsewhere. I asked him if he knew how to paint and he said , "Yes!"  So, I sent him to the hardware store to buy some paint. I told him I planned to paint the house inside and out and there would be some scraping of the old paint as well as putting new paint on.  It would be a big job.

So J.L. went to the hardware store and bought a gallon of paint and the next thing I knew, he had painted the whole inside of the house the color pink. He was working really fast.  My dream started to go lucid and I was using a brush to touch up the corners of the walls to make sure the paint got all the way to the woodwork and to the ceiling so it was even.


6-26-00 - DREAM - I was at a school, where we also lived, with my cousin Paul.  Paul had an important job to do ahead of him.  There was also a young woman with us, who was a teacher of sorts. It seems that it was Blair from One Life to Live TV show, but I'm not certain.

We all got into a boat to cross the river or lake and Paul fell asleep.  The teacher got angry and she gave Paul's mother a note to give him when he woke up. The note was written on a card of sorts with a large picture of the Gerber baby from the 40's.  The note was given in an effort to hurt Paul and the whole project he was to do. I sneaked a look at the note when the mother opened the card. It said, "Is it a different son?"


6-27-00 - DREAM - I was in school in the classroom and my teacher showed me a paper that said it was a divorce paper of Sylvia Sjlph or Silvia Sylph - I didn't know the woman but the teacher seemed to think I did.  

I was walking home then. I needed something and was looking for it, but I can't remember what it was now. A woman came along and practically threw a piece of paper at me.  It was a copy of that same divorce paper of Silvia Sylph. She said, "Look what I got!" like I should care. I didn't tell her I already knew that because our teacher had showed us the original paper. I don't know why she thought I should care about Sylvia. I really didn't know her personally.

I was carrying some things, including some paper and a box of envelopes. I came to an apartment building and went inside. In the hallway were some people living. I wish I could remember what it was that I wanted, but I was thinking about getting my car out of the garage which was about 3 blocks away to go get it.

Two women came in and someone in the building said, "Hi Michelle!" I turned around and looked and didn't recognize the woman.  (It probably was my friend Michelle. She's lost a lot of weight since I first saw her) She is younger than me. The woman she brought in with her looked familiar. (I can't recall if I knew her from work or from school, but I'm sure I used to know her)

The other woman needed to get somewhere and Michelle was looking for a ride for her. I asked where she was going since I was going to get my car out of the garage anyway, but the woman said she was going to Fairyland and I knew that was quite far out of the city and I didn't want to drive that far so I didn't volunteer to take her there.

So, none of us got what we wanted.


6-27-00 - DREAM - I don't know what city I was in, but my friend Kimber and I were driving down the street in separate cars nearly side by side. She was slightly behind me, so when I looked over towards where she was exactly, I spotted a red sleek pickup truck over on the freeway which went next to the road she and I were on. The driver was really good looking; a smooth faced young guy.  I hesitate to say who he reminds me of ... maybe similar to a young Michael J. Fox ... I'm talking realllllly  cute!  

We went to Kimber's house and she went inside.  Outside on the street was a red car with a snooty older woman ... not old ... I'm talking ... perhaps 40 or so. The woman was having trouble with her car and needed a place to stay, so we let her come inside and sleep on the couch.

I wanted to know who she was so when she wasn't looking, I went into the livingroom and looked under the couch which was quite high off the floor and saw two purses under there ... like one purse had fallen outside of the other purse.  While I was pulling the smaller purse out from under the couch, the woman came into the room. I felt rather embarrassed that she had caught me snooping, but I held up the purse to her and asked her if it was hers.  She said, "NO!" and asked me what I was doing snooping under the couch. I told her I was babysitting and thought a toy had gotten lost under the couch.

The woman accepted my answer and while we were talking, I saw that there were 4 pair of slippers under the couch. There were two pair or women's slippers and two pair of men's slippers. The women's slippers were more like thongs and were maroon. The men's slippers were winter weight wool lined beige slippers. There was a pair of thongs on top of each pair of men's slippers on each side of the couch which was now more like a bed.

I asked the woman if one of these pairs of slippers were hers and she said, "NO!" so I knew that these were Kimber's slippers and she had a man staying with her from time to time and he left his slippers under the couch so they'd always be there no matter which side of the couch he slept on.

I could hear kids playing loudly in another room, so the woman and I went into the room to see what was going on. There was Lucas in the room, holding a large gadget similar to a juke box player but with an animated cartoon character singing inside of it ... very loudly.  The character was singing so loudly I could hardly hear myself think much less get my words loud enough so Lucas could hear me. So I told him to shut the machine off.  I noticed there was a larger machine ... full size juke box along the wall as well.  

Lucas couldn't hear me over the voice of the cartoon character, so I went over and shut the machine off myself.  The silence was blessed. (smile)

I then went into the kitchen by myself and got a drink of water from a pitcher in the refrigerator.  It was so icy cold it almost hurt my throat. I noticed there was little food in the refrigerator or freezer while I was holding the door open.

Kimber came into the room and I told her that her refrigerator was about 40 degrees colder than my own. She wondered how that was possible because the room was so hot.  I told her that refrigerators throw off heat when they run and that's why the room was so hot. She didn't seem to understand how that worked.

However, I opened the refrigerator and turned the thermostat down from 6 to 5.  (The gauge went up to 10)  So, it was about half way down and that was not too much of a sudden change.

Kimber was sweeping the floor and accidentally turned on the water and the floor got flooded several inches deep.  We both got stressed out at how fast the flood came and I shut the water off and then helped her sweep the water out of the kitchen.  The water had been so deep, it ran out into the hallway and down the stairs ... and it was VERY loud as it went down the steps.  I wondered if the noise would be scaring the other people who lived in this building.

I then helped Kimber sweep the kitchen and had to actually chip some gummy stuff off the bottom of a carpet that had come up when it got wet. It was maroon colored.  We managed to sweep this gummy stuff out of the room into a sort of closet where the garbage went down a chute to the basement.

This chute was partly full of water about 2 inches deep on the bottom which I know is impossible but in dreams ... anything goes ... (smile)

I picked up the chute slightly and the water went all the way down the chute.  Kimber and I slid down the chute to the basement. It was fun.

We came back up into the kitchen and heard Lucas crying in his bedroom. We let Lucas come out into the kitchen and he was wondering what we were doing. We explained to him that we had swept the floor and slid down the chute to the basement and he wanted to do it too, but in the chute which was now very narrow there was a gadget like a shoe horn and it was much too small for him to use. He was very disappointed.  

Just at that moment, the handsome guy from the freeway came into the room and I knew then that he was the guy with the beige slippers under the couch. (smile) . He was like a magic man and he took the too small gadget and turned it into a green file folder type thing and put it into the chute so Lucas could sit on it and slide down the chute too without getting hurt.  What a guy!!!!!

At some point in the dream or afterwards, I was explaining to Joe how Kimber and I had met this guy and how my car had acted up at the stop sign and it bucked up on me and he kind of rolled his eyes at my ineptitude of driving ...  


DREAM - 6-27-00 - I was in an unknown city, riding in a car with a woman and her children.

We came to a place in the city where riot police were lined up. They stopped our car and ordered us women out of the car, leaving the children inside the car.

I was standing on the passenger side of the car with my hands  on the ledge of the open window.

A black helmeted, black uniformed, black goggled policeman with a lazer type rifle ... pointed the gun straight at me.

I put my head down on my hands and closed my eyes and prayed to be spared. I was too afraid to lift my head to look at him and see what was going on for fear I would be shot on the spot.

I began to cry silently and woke up crying.

End of Dream


6-28-00 - THREE DREAMS - These were 3 separate computer screen dreams in which I was being tested. The tests were all about myself and listing and matching sets of attributes and abilities.


6-28-00 - DREAM - I was a teacher in a very large school - perhaps even the principal.  I and a man who was acting as my guard were having a meeting with other school officials - all women - in our school.  I and the man sat at a long table in the meeting room waiting for the other teachers to arrive.

Finally there was a knock on the door and we said, "Come in!" The door opened and two women came in followed by other women. They all brought another woman with them. I asked them why they had brought guards, that they had nothing to fear from us or from our students.  They merely said they weren't taking any chances.

Everyone sat down around the table and each person brought out their purse and took out a pack of cigarettes and matches. So did I and my guard.  However, the teacher across from me offered me a cigarette, so I took it. I commented to my guard , "Always smoke the freebies first."

I was looking at a business card through a plastic window on the woman's wallet. I couldn't really read it but I thought it said Oprah Winfrey. I wanted to ask her for her business card, but I had forgotten to bring my own, so I didn't ask her.  I didn't even know the names of these people and was afraid to ask..... I didn't want to be thought of as stupid.


6-28-00 - DREAM - I was watching a scrolling computer screen with writing on it. This went on for a long time. The only word I recognized which I saw twice was 'writing'.

I woke up to go to the bathroom and I was still seeing the dream even though I was sitting up in bed with my eyes closed.  I lucidly attempted to move the mouse pointer to SAVE which I was able to do.

I then went to the bathroom and went back to bed. I lay down and closed my eyes and the dream continued exactly the same. I heard the name "George Twyman" .  I thought about that and mentally thought, "I only know of a James Twyman". The voice then said, "Business economy."

NOTE: None of that made any sense to me, so when I got up I went to the computer to look up the name 'George Twyman" . There was an amateur golfer with that name and a couple of people deceased back in the 1850's. Unless something else happens, I won't follow up on that further.


6-28-00 - DREAM - I was in the kitchen of my house somewhere. I had a white portable mini-oven and put in a small piece of turkey to roast. It was not plugged in and I put it into the sink to wash it. (Everybody knows you can't put electrical appliances in the water) When I was done I wanted to let the water out of the sink, but the water wouldn't go down. It seemed to be plugged. I manipulated the plunger thingee at the back of the sink but the water still wouldn't go down.  So I reached down into the water to pull the oven out of the water and saw that it had cracked in half.

I could see both halves of the electrical wiring on the bottom ... the copper tubing or whatever that was. I decided I would send it back to the company I purchased it from since it was still under warrantee. (The company is in Minnesota) While I thought of that, the ceramic bottom of the oven became black and crumbly.  I figured that's what plugged up the sink. I attempted to open the oven and get the turkey out but that just broke up the ceramic which had changed from white to black.

I proceeded to carry the oven and blackened ceramic stuff to the bedroom to show my husband who was sleeping.  The bedroom door was closed and just as I got there, an electronic screen dropped down which closed off the entire room just to the right of the bedroom door. It went all the way from wall to wall.

I attempted to knock on the door with my foot as I watched the screen, it appeared to be a map of an area where there was tremendous population growth. New streets and houses were appearing rapidly, moving towards the bottom which I assumed was south. I was attempting to read street names or a city name or something to identify what I was looking at.

Meanwhile I was still trying to knock on the door with my foot, but I never got my husband's attention.

As the screen moved downward towards the south, I saw several names on the map but nothing that would identify the city. I then saw a huge red section that seemed to be a bigger city and the name started with the letter "D".

NOTE: I was thinking maybe 'Duluth' but that's really far north.

Minnesota Population Maps


6-29-00  - DREAM - I went somewhere to help someone with something. (I can't remember where or what I did. It seems that it was not outside)  When I came back I was standing in the diningroom of my 16th St. house telling someone about this job I had done. The other person was telling me how brave I was to have done this.  I said, "I don't think I was brave. I would have sensed intuitively I was going to die if I was in danger."  While I said that, I had a vision of a wild charging Indian elephant coming towards me. (The Indian elephants are the ones with the large flapping ears, as opposed to the African elephants which have small ears close to the body)  


6-30-00 - DREAM - This was an all black dream.  All the people were wearing black. We were in a building or house where people were coming, pairing off, and waiting for something that was going to happen to all of them.

As we were all sitting there, a blast of white heat came and hit us all on the right side of our faces and hands.  

As this  point, my partner went outside. He offered to take me with him but I wasn't ready. I didn't have socks or shoes on.  I quickly pulled on some high winter boots with flat heels, but people said that wasn't proper. There were some black shoes there with higher heels and many laces, but I didn't have socks to wear with them so I couldn't leave right then.

I saw Zero Mostel and a lot of boys go into a side room. They were going to be dancing and this was like a rehearsal hall.  Zero was told that this was to be his last chance to perform if he wanted the opportunity.  I peeked into the room and the boys were like piled up like cordwood according to type.  Example: all the boys wearing black were lined up like this and laying against each other ... //////

If I was going to guess how many types there were ... 12.

Each type of boy was wearing a different color ... these weren't all wearing black. I remember the color green also.

When I went back to the other room, it was now a shopping mall and all new clothes had just come in, so I went to the sock department to buy me some green socks.

While I was standing there, I saw that the skin on my ring finger on my left hand was coming loose ... the whole nail and skin peeled right off. Underneath the loose skin, there was a perfect replica of nail and skin. I didn't pull it off, but used it as an example to show to other people.

Then I looked in the mirror and saw that the whole right side of my face and side of my head was peeling off like my finger had. Underneath the loose skin was a perfect replica of myself. This I pulled off and began to show everyone how perfect the skin was underneath the imperfection.

However, all my hair was short on the right side of my head and it didn't match the left side. I saw my friend Janice there who was a hairdresser and begged her to trim the left side of my head to match the right side.  She said, "No, no, no!" You have to go to a professional hairdresser to have that done.