JUNE, 2005


6-1-05 - DREAM - 

I and a group of people flew from California to New York to a church to learn how to make perfect Pizza dough or something that looked like it.

Instead of staying at a hotel, we stayed in the church hall. Instead of a suitcase, all my stuff was in a box 2 feet high by 3 feet long by 2 feet wide.

I was the last to leave except for a young couple who decided to stay there and get married.

I had forgotten to ask the others if they had bought round-trip tickets or not as I had no ticket to go home.

Finally, I saw a group of young people coming into the church hall for a young meeting. I thought it was odd that most of the girls in the room had big blonde hairdos - like played with Barbie dolls. It was all the same color blonde and frizzy.

Finally, one of the women I had been with said that her Grandpa had come to take us to the airport.

I thanked her and got my stuff together just as one of the young men yellowed out, "You can fly from New York to California one way for $35 on standby."

I loaded my box into the grandpas car and he took off the airport, but he turned the wrong way.

I was thinking it would be a good idea to stop at the bank and open an account so I could deposit my paycheck from here. Then I'd have checks that said, "Teague, NY." 

The grandpa looked pretty much like my first husband - as he drove up the curving road behind work trucks, the road was full of unplowed dirty sloppy snow.  He couldn't turn around until we came to the next intersection and then he took the car and couldn't get through the snow and we got stuck again. 


6-2-05 - DREAM  - I was working in the office of a factory. My boyfriend Roger came to see me at work.

It seemed he worked in the factory part. I worked in the office. 

He had that, "I really want to be alone with you ' look in his eyes. and I understood that. 

But my father was there too and so too hundreds of other people. My father didn't approve of my boyfriend and I knew that. He was always worried that I was going to do something with him that I shouldn't. (My father knew that those feelings were - that's how I got on earth afterall. :-)   

I really wanted to be alone with my boyfriend too and I tried to tell him I would be going to the foundry, but he left before I could get the last word out. 

I saw which direction he walked, so I figured I had time to go to the bathroom before he came back and we could at least walk together. 

So I went to the ladies room and when I got there - two guys were coming out the door, laughing. 

I went inside and there were 4 young women wearing bathing suits and whipped cream everywhere. 

This was only a 4 stall bathroom and the women had decorated it and wanted to take photographs of the scene so I had to convince them to let me use the toilet to pee before they posed for photos which they finally agreed to.

So when I left the ladies room, I went back down the hall to find my boyfriend.

Off to the left was the rooms for maintenance and a dark dirty hallway to the foundry. it Looked nasty down that hallway - made of stone that had turned black over the years. It didn't look like it had much light either. 

I couldn't find my office on the right, nor could I find the hallway where my boyfriend had gone.

All along the hallway was like a mini-mall with brightly lit stalls where young women were selling little trinkets or singing songs in little groups for people walking by.

I kept walking up and down trying to find the way back to my office and couldn't find it. 


6-3-05 - DREAM - What do to when you have a baby. - I saw no people in this dream, but I saw the things of value that you and any child will hold dear in future years.

#1 - Jewelry and gemstones - Hold onto these items and do not sell them for quick cash. These items will be worth more and more over time.

#2 - Register your child in a college or even several colleges to assure a place there, as space in choice schools may not be there as time goes by because space is limited .


6-4-05 - DREAM - I was driving my car down a highway. I may have been doing home  I was driving so fast, sometimes I was in the car and sometimes I was in the air behind the car, steering it from a distance.

Everyone else was going the same speed as me I thought, but all of a sudden I drove right over another car that was rather flat and low to the ground.

I was rather dismayed that I had done that. I had run right over the car and hoped whoever was in the car was okay.

I pulled my car over to the side of the road and sat there on my now rolled up mattress and waited for the cops to arrive.

At the same time, a man who looked drunk came walking down the side of the road going opposite traffic.

He sat on the ground nearby and now the cops wouldn't know which of us ran over the other guys' car.

The local farmer came walking up to us to see what we were doing on his land.

I just woke up before anything else happened.


6-4-05 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. My Mom and I were in the kitchen and she was making dinner and trying to press an apron to wear at the same time to keep her dress clean.

She was using a small ironing board and a small iron even though a larger iron was available right on the board.

She kept laying the iron down to go stir things on the stove and I was afraid she would set the ironing board or her apron on fire, so I took over the ironing.

It seemed it was more important to have a clean, pressed apron on than do the cooking for her, so when I finished the apron and she put it on, I pressed a second one and hung it on the back of the chair so she would have a fresh one available when she needed it.

I then hung up all the appropriate towels she would need as well that hung in various places near the stove and near the sink.



VISION - 3 large wolf-hound dogs came to me. Two were black and sleek and beautiful. A lighter colored one came up to me to greet me.

I had three dreams in a row where three horses were standing there. It seemed that at least two of them spoke English and one made a speech, the subject matter I can't recall.

Knowing that horses represent emotions is even more disturbing, because I've been very upset for a couple days and I realize that one doesn't get anywhere in life unless you are aggressive, assertive and/or have a lot of money.

That too is very disturbing to me.



I was in a large old house that had a linoleum floor. My children had all gone to school for the day.

I decided it would be fun to work some jigsaw puzzles on the floor, so I got out all the puzzles and started laying out all the pieces like small area rugs. I hadn't started to work the puzzles, just laying out all the puzzles on the floor.

This was a large room so I had plenty of space for lots of puzzles.

I was having so much fun, I lost track of time and while I was doing this,  I found some of the balls that my kids played with and decided to set up  a bocce ball game inside one of the puzzles. This was fun too.

Time was going by quickly and the kids came home from school and started arguing over the puzzle pieces and my son Bob started throwing puzzle pieces from one puzzle at his brother who was standing inside another puzzle.

I knew I had to put the puzzles away before the pieces got destroyed, so I asked Bob where his school lunch box was.

We found that - it was a bright yellow box with Mickey and Minnie mouse on it.

I opened it up and it was full of smelly and damp underwear and socks from gym class.

So I pulled it all out and threw it towards the laundry room to do the laundry when I was done putting his puzzle into the lunch box. I hoped it fit in there.

Then I noticed that some of the bocce balls were melting and I realized I had covered the baseballs with snow to make them bigger and now they were melting and getting the puzzle pieces wet and warping some of the pieces as they got wet.

Then the mother of the house came home and she had dark hair and looked like Carlotta from One Life to Live TV show.  (The name means tiny and feminine) (She was the dark-mother)

She started telling me that I had to clean up the mess I had made with the puzzles, so I looked to see it from her viewpoint, the whole street was torn up into little puzzle pieces and piled every where.

There was a pit in the middle of the street and I saw a white kitten scurry down into a hole in the ground. I immediately thought that there was an underground space and I would have to fill the hole with sand. But I didn't want to kill the kitten or any other animals that had gone down into the underground chamber, so I thought maybe if I flooded the underground chamber with water, the kitten and whatever else was down there would float to the top and come out of the hole.

Then Carlotta showed me that someone was constructing a brick building by the side of the road and  I hadn't left room for the machinery or for them to erect their new skyscraper.

She said I needed to hurry and put the puzzle pieces together.

I turned around and looked where she was pointing and saw that the entire street was broken up into little puzzle pieces as far as my eye could see.


6-8-05 - DREAM -   I was in an apartment building on the 2nd floor. I was being shown that I should eat what looked like striped Jell-O in various colors mixed with cream. It was all pastel colors.

I then needed to go to the bathroom, so I entered an apartment which seemed open to the public. Vikki from One Life to Live was the hostess. She looked at me and smiled and asked if I was all right and asked if I needed any help.

I aid, "I'm just looking for a bathroom."

I spotted the bathroom and two people came out and I went in. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet and peed, then stood up and pulled up my pants again.

It was then I noticed that I was standing right in front of an open window and down on the street, a black and white car was parked, facing the wrong direction at the curb. It looked very much like a police car.

I knew instinctively that there was someone sitting in that car watching people go to the bathroom. This was a very disturbing thought.

I left the bathroom and went out into the building hallway again.  I could now hear heavy footsteps coming up the stairway in a hurry. I immediately assumed it was the men from the black and white car.

There was a man in black suits standing by the standing my the stairway who looked like a security guard.

I yelled to him, "don't let anyone come up the stairway right now."

He went to stop whoever was coming up the stairs, who appeared immediately right in front of me, saying, "There has been a robbery up here. We have to investigate it."

Both of these men were dressed like security guards in black suits as well, so I allowed them to come up to the 2nd floor.

One man said, "The robbery was in apartment 59.

Apartment 49 was right across the hall from where we were. I thought 59 was at the end of the hall, but it wasn't there. so I looked at the numbers and 59 seemed to be behind an emergency exit door with bars across it.

The guard knocked on the door and an old man's voice answered, "Who is there?"

I recognized the voice of a sweet chubby, bold, old man I'd seen around quite often.

The guard said, "We're here to investigate the robbery."

The door opened and we went into the apartment. There was a huge dark-colored table right by the door, so I put my immense ring of building keys by the door on the table so I could shake hands with the old man.

The old man said, "And here is my companion."

I looked across the room towards the companion. The voice came out of what looked like a raw peeled potato or a white eraser sticking out of the top of a dark colored suit.

It was not a human face. There was actually no face on the head.

I didn't quite know what to make of it.

The man stood up then to make a speech. He was immense at a distance. He looked like he was about 9 or so feet tall with shoulders massive about 4 feet wide or more. His head was not human - it was tall and crimson red and both his hands were identical in color and also looked like red round erasers.

This appeared to be like looking at a page in a magazine or on a computer page.

At the bottom of the page, was like a long disclaimer or copyright statement and right over it, in dark, bold letters, it read:

Read Immanuel, Emmanuel, Immanuelle, Emmanuelle, in  as many ways as one can spell that name.

end of dream

I struggled with the symbolism of the faceless man all day and came up with nothing.  Joe said he remembered there was a movie by the name of Eraser Head which  I did find on the internet.  The story line didn't make any sense to me.

"A Young man named Henry Spencer gets a girl named Mary pregnant and is forced by her parents to marry her. He ends up living in misery, chained to a baby he doesn't want. That's the general plot idea without getting into the deep symbolism found in this film. This was David Lynch's first full length film, much of which he developed while at Philadelphia's Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts."

It could be a lightly veiled story of Jesus birth perhaps. I don't know the whole plot of the movie.

After discarding the movie as a possibility of a theme to follow, I was laying in bed and it was impressed on my mind that I had a book about Immanuel written by Jim Deardorff and I should read that.  Perhaps the clues to the robbery were in there.

See:  Immanuel


6-9-05 - DREAM - I was with Irv in a car on 111th and National Ave. in West Allis, WI.  (Originally there was a grocery store there. Now there is a party supply store and a theatre and a restaurant unless it changed since I left there.)

I handed Irv a list of books by an individual author. He could either go to his own house and get the books in which case I wanted to keep them in my collection. Otherwise he could go to the library where I would have to return them. So my preference was that he had them at his house.

The name on this list of books was Simon Smith and he wrote only two books, so that was an easy one for him.

I then saw the whole database of authors in a computer screen. I decided I should download the page into my computer harddrive to save the list.

I then realized I was dreaming and even if I downloaded the page I still wouldn't have it on my computer. I mentally struggled with myself not to perform such a useless act.

NOTE: In many other dreams, I fully expected to find the page on my real computer in the morning, so maybe that was progress in lucid dreaming.  I used to think if I tried really hard, I'd actually find the page on my real computer.


6-10-05 - DREAM - I was working in a large factory office somewhere.

I was sitting at my desk when a salesman came in to do some business with my boss. He was carrying a large portfolio that was larger than he was.

When he finished his business with my boss, he came over to my desk and asked me to go out to lunch with him.

Nobody had asked me out to lunch in a long time so I said, "Yes!"

I told him I needed to go to the ladies room and I'd be back in a minute.

When I was done in the ladies room, one of the other girls pulled me aside and she popped out a knife and threatened to kill me if I did anything bad against her and her friend (like going to lunch with this guy)

I assumed they were jealous that I had gotten asked out to lunch and not them, but it bothered me that they would stoop to such violence.

The salesman said he needed to buy a part for a project while he was out. It was called 'cs'. It was just a small part he could carry and I agreed that was okay. 

I then went to my apartment and found the doors open. Another one of my bosses Ron Klofta was standing by the door inside trying to fix it. 

It was a Dutch door and the lock on the upper half was broken. I asked him if he could fix the lock and showed him how to do it and he said he could do that for me.

I didn't bother to ask him what he was doing there. 

I walked over to the stairway to go upstairs sand change clothes and met a real short man coming down the stairs carrying some yellow clothing of mine.

I asked him what he was doing there. He told me that those two girls who had threatened to kill me were upstairs taking all my stuff and he was just helping them. 

I picked him up bodily and threw him down the stairs. He bounced like he was made of rubber.

I decided not to confront the girls and the stuff they were stealing wasn't worth getting hurt over.

I went back to the office and went to my desk.

I got a phone call from the girl in accounting who wanted to know about the details of the cs purchase. 

The purchase order and invoice was laying on my desk already, so I looked at it. The cs cost only $2.51. 

Another office worker asked me how we could make a profit on such a cheap item.

I said I didn't know, "The shipping costs more than that."

I wondered then if I'd ever see the salesman again and then I saw him coming out of the bosses office, again carrying the large portfolio and he left the building with it.

I hoped I'd see him again. I hoped he could protect me. 

See:  Blowfish Advanced CS Download. The safe File Encryption and ...
Blowfish Advanced CS 2.51. BLOWFISH ADVANCED CS SNAPSHOT. The safe File Encryption
and Security Tool for the Windows platform ... Blowfish-Advanced-CS-download-19754.htm


I got an e-mail on 6-14-05 - which started with cs_  it cost me $29.00 - $10, -$10 - so it was basically 9.00

Not the same money amount.


6-10-05 - The Dream Group had a party at my house.

NOTE: I had been at the computer since 5:30 a.m. I did some laundry and took care of the puppy. I did some e-mail, talked on the phone with Michelle, and then changed the laundry from the washer to the dryer, and threw another load of white laundry into the washer.. I really didn't feel very well, so I lay down to take a nap.  I slept and woke up and heard a telephone ring in my right ear so I asked for the message and fell asleep again.

DREAM: 9:40 a.m. I was laying in bed taking a nap. I woke up and saw the sun shining outside. I didn't feel like getting up and just wanted to go back to sleep.

I heard a metallic chain clank on a vehicle outside in the driveway. So I forced myself to get out of bed and see what was going on out in the driveway.

As I stood up, I could see out the window and saw the normal vehicles out in the driveway, but then towards the front of the house, I saw a black vehicle with its rear door open facing the house - backed up towards the porch.

I thought it was probably the lawn mower guy. His vehicle looks like that.

I wasn't expecting them today, so I walked to the front door to see what they were doing.

Instead of the lawn mower people, I saw a row of white tables with white lace tablecloths on them and vases of pastel colored cut flowers on each table.

At the table farthest to the east sat Sheila and several other women I didn't recognize their faces and several children, some grown girls and some younger, all playing in the yard behind them.

Sheila saw me standing in the doorway and got up and walked towards me, picking up a white bridal gown out of a box on the way, saying, "Here! We need for you to put this on."

At first it was a beautiful bridal gown, but as Sheila got closer, it looked more like a beautiful white nubby fabric bedspread.

My first thought was, "Oh my gosh! Joe and I are getting married, and this is a surprise wedding."

Then as I looked closer at the wedding tables, it was no longer the front yard, it was a white painted 8 sided room, added onto the back of the house behind the kitchen and there were doors on the 4 corners of the room.

Sheila said, "It was such a beautiful day, we decided to have a picnic."

I suddenly felt anger.  I said to Sheila, "Who said you could have a picnic in my house?"  I started to think about how much all this cost and how many more people and kids were coming because the husbands hadn't arrived yet.  But the kids were having such a fun time playing and dancing around, I decided to ignore those thoughts.

I was really too tired to enjoy a noisy picnic and close the door on the room, leaving the women and kids to picnic by themselves and started to wake up for real and heard the trash truck pull up in front of the house for real.


We had the opportunity to go look at a triple-wide trailer that was for sale for $59,995 today, in Knight's Ferry, CA. 
I've been wanting to go up there for 8 years and Joe finally agreed this was a good enough reason to go.
Before we left, Joe asked if we had a map to find this place, and I knew there was one in the glove box.  But Joe couldn't get the glove box open - he pried and pried, and it was locked - the mechanism was frozen/broken.
So we decided we would go anyway and stop and get a map on the way.
So we left home and drove through Oakdale, and Joe turned on his blinker to get into the right lane to stop at a gas station for a map.
The moment he turned on the blinker and said he was going to stop and get a map, the glove box popped open and the maps flew out.
It was so funny, we both yelped with glee and Joe said, "There is no doubt, The Magic Man was with us today,"  and I yelled, "Thank you ROV."
You had to be there to see the glee in both of us.  hahahah
Love, Dee


6-15-05 - DREAM - I was in California with a group of men from my family. There was a big sports reunion of some kid going on nearby and all the men wanted to be there. 

My grandson Brian (means strong) was my driver and we headed out go to the stadium. When we turned onto the freeway with all the traffic, I could see a mountain range in the distance. 

Brian was freeway driving, but I was rather sightseeing and I said, "Oh my gosh! you can see the mountains from here."

Brian nonchalantly said, "Yeah!"

Then I saw a mushroom cloud come up in the mountain.  I said, "Did you see that?"

He said, "What?" because he was busy driving and didn't have time to look where I was looking.

I said, "A mushroom cloud just came up from the mountain."

He said just as nonchalantly, "Nah!"

Just then, a larger mushroom cloud came up from under the first mushroom cloud. 

We were heading right towards it. I said, "Shouldn't we pull over and stop?"

He said, "Nah! That's pretty far away."

At that moment, the whole mountain blew up, and the mushroom cloud rose into the air so high, I couldn't see the top of the cloud from inside the car.

Cars were still driving so fast so they could get somewhere - anywhere at that point.

I couldn't even scream because I was too stunned.

We were driving as fast as we could with the traffic.

I said, "We have to get off the freeway." and he didn't even bother to answer because there was nowhere to go. 

All of a sudden, a long plume of red lava came streaking across the sky in our direction. It was arching over, and I prayed we could get all the way under it so that when it hit the ground, it would hit behind us.

It looked like it was going to land right on our car.

I don't know how we got off the freeway, but we ended up in a huge underground garage with hundreds of other cars.

I was scurrying around with other men trying to help do something - anything at this point.

There was a stairway off to the side of the cars and  saw a stack of newspapers there. So I ran up the stairs to get the newspapers and spread out the paper over the lava spots that were drying on cars and pavement.

I wasn't alone. Nobody knew what to do - it was too devastating.

My own family seemed okay, but it was obvious everyone was highly distressed. I even saw Bob the painter there.  (He is a football and basketball fan)

NOTE:  7-7-05 - 

Sean David Morton last night said there is a huge amount of sports construction and retrofitting of sports stadiums in L.A.
This could be the precursor to that dream I had about the sports reunion in California prior to the huge black cloud coming up when we were driving south.
That would fit it.


6-15-05 - DREAM - I saw a beautiful looking 1/2 cake at baking sale that the cops wives were having.

It was an unusual cake. It was a large cake with many layers of chocolate with chocolate frosting between, but near the top, right t beneath the chocolate topping was a section that was green like a circular section that had been melted and filled in . It actually went through several layers.

I showed it to a young man named David. He really liked it a lot, but I wanted his mother to see it too so I carried it into the school hallway. I passed David right by without even greeting him. This was MY cake and I wasn't sharing it.

So I carried the cake past David to his mother who was standing by a locker. I called out, "Hi Pat!"

Pat was tall, and thin, white-haired - which was short and curly. 

I showed her the cake and the green part was starting to bulge out. I wondered if I should cut off that part first. 

NOTE: I knew as soon as I woke up that the cake represented Yellowstone caldera and it was bulging.






I don't remember what day I had this dream/vision. I looked in the mirror and saw myself as a man-woman with thinning hair I combed straight back like I do now.  I knew I was living in Abados, Egypt. 

Born in the 15th century BC, Hatshepsut, daughter of Tuthmose I and Aahmes, both of royal lineage, was the favorite of their three children. When her two brothers died, she was in the unique position to gain the throne upon the death of her father. To have a female pharaoh was unprecedented, and probably most definitely unheard of as well. When Tuthmose I passed away, his son by the commoner Moutnofrit, Tuthmose II, technically ascended the throne. For the few years of his reign, however, Hatshepsut seems to have held the reins. From markings on his mummy, archaeologists believe Tuthmose II had a skin disease, and he died after ruling only three or four years. Hatshepsut, his half sister and wife, had produced no offspring with him (her daughter Nefrure was most likely the daughter of her lover Senmut), although he had sired a son through the commoner Isis. This son, Tuthmose III, was in line for the throne, but due to his age Hatshepsut was allowed to reign as queen dowager.

Hatshepsut was married to her own half-brother, Tuthmosis II, with whom she reigned for some 14 years. Realizing his sister-wife's ambitious nature, Tuthmosis II declared his son by the harem girl Isis to be his heir, but when the young Tuthmosis III came to the throne, Hatshepsut became regent and promptly usurped his position as ruler.

To support her cause she claimed the God Amon-Ra spoke, saying "Welcome my sweet daughter, my favorite, the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Maatkare, Hatshepsut. Thou art the King, taking possession of the Two Lands."

She dressed as a king, even wearing a false beard and the Egyptian people seem to have accepted this unprecedented behavior.

Hatshepsut had herself portrayed in the royal headdress, sometimes as a woman with prominent breasts but more often as male in body as well as costume. Her self-promotion, which extended to a miraculous conception and fictitious coronation in childhood, involved deliberately obscuring the rightful ruler, Tuthmosis III, who was a man by the time he succeeded to unfettered rulership in 1483 BC.

Hatshepsut accomplished what no woman had before her. She ruled the most powerful, advanced civilization in the world. Her consort and true love was her advisor, Senmut.

She remained in power for twenty years during which time the Egyptian economy flourished. She expanded trade relations.


6-16-05 - DREAM - I was in a large place where people were being brought in to do some small projects. They were video taped an d shown on TV. After they did their project, they were fed whatever they wanted which they could share with me.

One woman sat at the table and took two large pieces of bread. I tried putting some butter on the bread. It took a lot of butter and she said she liked soft butter and had a heater under her butter. (That really worked well so I hoped butter the bread. She put the two pieces of bread together and it now looked like Pita bread. It had any number of creases across the top with which to cut the bread and share it, but she refused to give me any at all and sat there with her arms across her chest staring straight ahead.

NOTE: I'm allergic to bread. It gives me asthma.

The next guy had a huge piece of thin steak that looked like leather. I really didn't want any of that.

My brother John brought in 50 pounds of french fries and a pound of hamburger. I knew I could make sloppy Joe type of hamburger mixture and fry those fries and it would feed everyone who was there.

After they left,  I was trying to change clothes. I was wearing a yellow shirt and decided to put on a gold and black suit jacket over it.

I was wearing black pants, so I looked for gold shoes to match the jacket. I had lots of different types of gold shoes, but I could only find the 'right' shoes, so I ended up with a pair of sturdy black walking shoes which I put on.

The maintenance man arrived then and said that the boss wasn't coming in today or she was taking one more day of vacation so I could relax a little.

He wanted to talk about prophecy and started showing me maps of earthchanges See:  MAPS 

Then the cleaning lady came in. She brought her son in with her.  The boss had made cinnamon buns for her and her son  so they started eating them and offered me one also. I took a bite and it tasted so good of cinnamon and sugar, but I knew I couldn't eat the whole thing because of my wheat allergy. 

I went around the room turning off the lights so they were so that there was always an emergency light on. It could never be completely dark n this room.

I then left the room, knowing I had done all I could.


6-16-05 - DREAM. I don't know where I was.  It seemed there was a bed there that was more a bathtub and when I turned the water on, the water followed channels that went around the room and then filled the whole room with water about a foot deep which upset the people in the room so the water had to turned off again. 

I was then shown Eddie Matthews and Mickey Mantle who were great baseball players. Then they started showing me how to make precision baseball bats rather than gun stocks. 


6-17-05 - DREAM - I don't know where this took place or why. Just my daughter Jeanne and my daughter-in-law Debe were both involved in getting cement mixed and poured in a basement and getting it done before it set hard. There was 3 basements involved and I saw the labels for the basements, but I can't remember what they were. It was something about life.


6-18-05 - DREAM - I was at work and it was Christmas time. 

Someone gave me 5 kittens. One was pure white. The others were less perfect and different colors. They were cute but I was more indifferent to them. I couldn't stand it that the white one had no head.

I tried to get if off my bed, but it clung so tightly with its claws to the bedspread, I couldn't get rid of it. 

Someone brought in the mail. I sorted the mail and there were 5 Christmas cards in the mail. I opened them up. Each one had a piece of candy in it - the rubbery jellied type and each were a different color with a white letter of the alphabet on it.

I passed them out according to the people's names. A red one went to Heise because it had an H on it. A larger W I gave to Carol Hapke - because there wasn't another H. I could have kept the W because my name was Wilke, but I didn't want to keep all the candy for myself.

I don't remember who got the other ones, but I gave them to others.

Someone said they invented fake eye they could put over their own eyes like contact lenses instead of glasses.

There eyes were different though - they were colored and one looked like cats eyes and one looked Reptilian. 

Someone said they would buy enough to cover their car with them. That was gross to me.

I woke up and started thinking about the dream, which made me fall asleep and start dreaming it over again. I kept trying to get rid of the headless white kitten and I couldn't get it off the bed. It couldn't eat or see where it was going. 

I handed out the candy the same as before.

The eyes were now alien and reptilian. They grossed me out the same as before.

But now I was sitting at my desk. I had a bunch of purses. Each purse had a different time contraption in it but none of the timers were running because the batteries had run down to nothing. Al the batteries had died and need replacing but I didn't have any.

I looked at my red purse but that was the one that had my address book and calendar in it. That was the one I really wanted a new battery for. It had an electronic address book. I made sure my wallet and keys were safe and they were.

I heard that someone in the building had been given an award  a ride in elevator F down at the far south end of the building.

I had ridden on that elevator many times. People found it exciting because it descended so fast - like a ride at Disneyland. I laughed about it being a reward, because I knew it only went to the basement and let you off in the dark.


6-20-05 - DREAM - I went into work wearing a dark brown suede jacket and a black skirt. I was really tired. I was getting ready to retire and didn't really want to be here anymore.

I met the boss as I was coming in and I was late so I pretended I was just leaving to go to the bathroom.

When I went back to my office, my replacement was sitting at a desk with nothing in front of him, not even paper, pencils or pens, but he was a bright young, blue-eyed kid about 20 years old it seemed. 

I was really tired and I introduced myself and told him not to worry about me because I was leaving. 

But that's when the excitement started and as the excitement built in my mind, I started feeling younger and younger. 

Ii turned on my computer and saw some files relating to the book of Revelation. One of them was titled, "Interpretations". I opened that file and it showed me that there were 8 one-word errors of interpretation. I didn't want my boss to know I was looking at something other than work, so I closed the file again. 

I got a phone call from one of the other girls down the hall, who told me that our engineers were going to go over to Germany to make a movie about our product.

As soon as she hung up, the whole hierarchy of personnel went into an uproar because nobody was supposed to know this information.

Carl Hapke, her supervisor was the first one to hit the ceiling and almost grabbed her by the ear and took her to the President's office to reprimand her from speaking rumours. 

I started to laugh at her predicament. The company didn't like it when rumours spread, especially when they were true.

I was trying to keep my mind off of the errors in the interpretations of the book of Revelation, but I wanted to look at the file a gain and peruse the list, but now I couldn't even find the file named Interpretations.  It seemed that none of the files were in the same order as they had been before. They should have been alphabetized and they weren't, which was very strange. 

The lead engineer came into the office to quell the rumour about going to Germany to make a movie, and I didn't want him to know about my private research, so I pretended to be making chocolate cookie dough on my desk. 

I had quite a good seized pile of cocoa, sugar, and butter mixed together when he saw the cookie dough that I was mixing.  He said, "Hey! Can I buy some cookies from you?  I have 5 guys and I'll buy 7 cookies for each one."

I knew that the amount of cookie dough was a lot, but 7 x 5 cookies was about all the dough there was with none left over for anyone else.

But just then, a black girl office worker came in and asked me if I had put any baking powder into the mixture. 

I realized that baking powder would make the cookie dough rise and let me make more cookies than I thought I could get out of the dough.

So I spread the cookie dough out on the desk, sprinkled it with some white flour, then went to the open cabinet to look for baking powder.

It was apparent I or someone else had started removing things from the cabinet because I had planned to leave soon.

I looked and looked through the various cans and boxes of spices and all I looked and saw was alt and turmeric powder. I knew the turmeric would not be suitable even though it was a pretty orange color.

I couldn't make the cookies without the baking powder or they would end up like chocolate crackers instead.

Someone was going to lend me the baking powder.

So I sent the black girl out on the errand to find someone' baking powder and borrow a tablespoon full. That was way more than I needed, but just in case, more was better than not enough.

The engineer was not going to leave. He was going to wait for those cookies until he had them in his hands.

It was then I noticed a blonde dog hair sticking out of the cookie dough. It would be horrible if the engineers took the cookies all the way to Germany and then found a dog hair in a cookie.

So I took the dog to the door and noticed he was starting to shed, so I took him outside where tuft after tuft of fur was coming out. But I had to get those cookies baked and get back to that list of 8 bad interpretations of the book of Revelation. I had to know what they were. 

Now I was so excited, I knew there was no way I was going to retire from my job. I felt 20 years old again myself.


6-21-05 - NAP DREAM - NOTE: I had been writing the index of several Doll Crafter magazines before laying down:

DREAM - I was in a very large house going from room to room. I went out where I was shown my room printed about an upraised hand above the center finger. That represented the doll I would care for.

I was amazed by that and when I looked again, I was shown to be the caretaker of the dolls represented by the 2nd and 4th fingers also.

I had to take a young man out in the park and asked Vikki from One Life to Live TV show to call an ambulance for him because hew as hurt. She was going also.  (On the show, she is laying in bed with a heart attack in the hospital)

NOTE: My own Mom died while I was taking my nap. She was 88 years old.


6-21-2005 DREAM SNIPPET -  Something exploded leaving a thinner than spider web grid that imprisoned humanity.  I looked up into the sky and there was an intensely colored dark-rainbow in the sky.


6-22-05 - DREAM - TOO BIZARRE - The scene is my New Berlin house. None of the people were ever there but me.

My ex-mother-in-law Audrey was running a restaurant out of the kitchen.

The floor was covered with Jelly and peanut butter from  9 kids spending the night sitting there with no electricity all night.

The male supervisor came to the door. He resembled Bob Costas. I had been told to watch out for him because he was a womanizer. So when he came in, I showed him the mess on the kitchen floor and two guys came in with him to keep their eyes on him and me too.

I was trying to set up 8 tables in the dining room but hand' heard the phone ring from anyone making reservations, so I called my mother-in-law on the phone to make sure I hadn't somehow missed the calls.

She said no reservations had come in for lunch so I told her I wouldn't prepare any of the delicacies for the lunch but would let them live another day. They looked like 5 fingers standing up like some plant-like sea creature growing out of a circle pod on the floor.

At that point I got a phone call from my friend's husband Paul telling me the best source something (chemical)  was cranberries, and some small type of orange. He couldn't remember the name of it.  I thought I had better eat some.

There was also a scene where I was looking at a pink piece of paper with a B ____ number on it that was something I was supposed to order.

My ex-husband Ed came home, driving a red and white convertible and pulled it into the garage. I never did see him.



DREAM - 6-23-05 - I and my husband Ed had reconciled in an apartment in some small town somewhere.

He went to see a tall woman who seemed to be his counselor. I think her name was Mary.

He came back from there and I could actually still see her in her apartment across the hall.

He seemed to be very contemplative. He said to me," I don't think we're going to make it!"

Those words set off so many thoughts in my head, starting off with all the usual ones with "Do you want to go live with 'her'?

He left for a moment and came back with a different attitude, and speaking with a voice that told me he had been drinking.

I made an excuse to leave the room and met a blonde friend and we went into another apartment that had a table and a couple chairs in it and that was all. I was hiding from Ed because of my fear of him drinking.

We sat at a table while I took inventory of myself and my personal accounting of myself and my needs.

I told her I had $173 in my checking account, but more in savings and enough credit to buy a gold Lexus and travel across the country  in it.

I laughed about that and I turned at that moment, and saw a small blonde boy about 7 years old standing behind me.

The boy had come in unnoticed by either one of us and was counting the doors in the apartment.

He said, "I count 21 doors. Is that right?"

So I started counting the doors and came up with 25 doors because some were double deep. I said, "I think we have a discrepancy here."

The boy went to the door and said to a man sitting outside the door, "Dad, There are 25 doors in this one."

I had followed the boy to the door and caught a glimpse of Ed sitting on the floor in the hallway. I heard him say," I'll come in and double check the number and as he came in the main door, I slipped out another door and ran into an open door that seemed like a communal shower room where some men were standing around with towels around their waist.

I quickly left again and as I went down the hall, I saw a big open window that showed the countryside and no other houses. It was beautiful out there.

But now I was out in the hall. I didn't know where to go. I could Ed's voice talking about counting the doors in the next apartment and knew he was looking for me.

My fear wasn't about to let that meeting take place because I couldn't assure my own safety if that happened.

I saw 7 tall men standing by the elevator door and when the door opened, I slipped in behind them and asked for their protection.

The tall one that looked like Cosmo Kramer from the Seinfeld show stood right in front of me.

He said, "We've all been here before."  He was carrying a ring of master keys at least a foot in diameter with at least 1,000 keys on it.

He seemed to be handing it to me and I knew it held a key to every apartment in this building. (These were not beautiful keys. They were dark with age.)  (Keys to past life memories?)

At that point, the elevator door was closing but I could see Ed standing outside the door and he wanted to get on the elevator too.

I begged the men to let the elevator door close and held my hand on the door assisting in its closing and leaving Ed standing out in the hallway.

I begged, "Lets go down. Lets go down." and as the elevator descended, I woke up.

So did I act with fear or was it common sense?


6-24-05 - DREAM - It was the day before Christmas. I was walking to Kimber on the phone who was in the office at work. I told her I was going to come into the office for a Christmas party.

Kimber told me that they had already had their part at lunch time and were back to work.

I looked in the mirror and saw that the black mark that had been in my eye was now on my forehead and I was able to pull it off like two strips of clay. I looked at my eyes again and saw that they were bright blue instead of the green they had been.


EXPERIENCE of my friend Donna - 6-24-05

V. P. Dick Cheney was picked up by the greys. He sat in a room with them. He was dressed in a black silk robe with red piping on it.

V.P. Dick Cheney was arguing with the greys, trying to convince them that they should help him by making the American people believe that the U.S. is beating the insurgents in IRAQ.

The ETs said that it wasn't true and even if every American believed it, it still wouldn't be true and it wouldn't change anything because there aren't enough people in America to cause a tipping-point to force humanity to believe this as a truth and bring about peace.

V. P. Dick Cheney tried to say that it was a 'moral' thing to do, but the greys in talking amongst themselves realized that when Dick Cheney used the word 'moral' he really meant Christian" and that the rest of the world 'hates" Christians and want to destroy them.

And in the end, they realized that even though V.P. Dick Cheney spoke the words of his beliefs - even he didn't really believe them.

NOTE:  V.P. Dick Cheney did not recognize my friend in the room, he saw her by illusion as one of the greys.


6-25-05 - DREAM - I was enlarging photographs of long-stem roses and apples on branches.  I was selling these.

I don't know why or to whom all I saw was the photographs.

I woke up and rolled over and went back to sleep.

I believe the following dream is about my daughter-in-law who just met someone new and had spent several hours talking about him and her feelings about him.

DREAM - I and a companion were driving down a long winding road down a mountain. There were two large trucks blocking the road in front of us so we could only go so fast as they did.

I was in the passenger seat. The driver I thought was male but I don't know who it was.

All of a sudden, we came upon what looked like an accident in the road and the trucks ahead of us stopped. It looked like there were human bodies laying in the road.

As we watched a very large wolf-like creature appeared on the side of the road. Everyone was afraid and started driving down the long winding road again, but now the wolf was riding a bicycle ahead of us, between us and the trucks.

I was really afraid of him. He was so big and I wondered if he was bigfoot. Then he rode the bicycle right next to my passenger window and I watched him for awhile. I said to my companion, "He seems really like a human wearing a costume and mask."

There were roads off the side of a cliff, so we were forced to go continuing on down this winding road. Every so often we would come across a half of a body carcass of a human, but I knew by now that these were traps set by the wolf-like creature to get people to stop so he could catch them.

All of a sudden, the road seemed to end in a dead-end where piles and piles and shelves of makeup and women's perfume was stacked.

We turned our vehicle around and headed down a narrow lane and this one went right into a house and into a closet jammed full of a lot of clothing and boxes of stuff.

There was also a car with a big trunk on the side.

A nasty woman came up to me on the side and said there was no way out so we had to do what she said.

Inside the trunk of the vehicle were many balls in three different sizes. The woman said we had to fill up these balls, which were from BB size to golf-ball size and they were to be used as bombs.

She also told us there was a little girl hiding in the room somewhere and she glowed in the dark if we were very quiet, so we were very determined to be quiet so we could see the little girls glow and rescue her.

All of a sudden, my friend Alyse appeared. She was very cool and standoffish and I attempted to hug her, which she didn't want, but I kissed her on her cold blue cheek anyway


6-26-05 - I had been listening to Bob O. Dean talk about evil aliens before this dream.

DREAM - I was sitting on the sofa in the living room of a house with my sons Ken and Tom on my right and a black woman on my left.

The sofa was tilting oddly toward the back and separating so it rocked like a rocking chair. So I told my sons we should get off of it and fix it.

AS soon as we stood up, the black woman moved the sofa over into the opposite corner where I didn't want it, then it morphed into a chair, whereupon she put a large TV set on top of it.

I didn't like her idea at all, I just wanted my sofa repaired.

I noticed my sons had gone outside, so I looked out the window and Tom and Ken were standing on the sidewalk in a light snow coming down and were refinishing a long oak desk and a long oak table and making them match. I was concerned that the snow would ruin both of them.

I turned around and saw that the black woman was decorating a Christmas tree with sparkly tinsel, but she was getting more tinsel on the floor than she was on the tree.

Now I had to sweep the floor as well, so I put all the small tables into the hallways leading out to the porch so I could sweep and clean.


6-26-05 - DREAM - I was in a house in the country. I heard some people outside and I went to the door and saw some people I knew on the road calling a group of children from our yard.

I thought I saw a shadow beings running through the yard towards the people on the road.

I started walking through the yard toward the road, hearing loud music playing and saw lilac colored flowers on bushes blooming that I hadn't seen before.

By the time I got to the road, the people disappeared and the music stopped and the bushes were gone. I started to think maybe I was seeing into the 4th dimension.

I turned and saw packages galore in the yard, and started picking up a few and calling too family members to come and help me.

I rather fell over backward on the ground with my effort and saw more packages then and started seeing a group of large black dogs, who were then followed by black puppies, then by black and white puppies, then by all white puppies.

I picked myself up, almost tripping over some kind of yard machine that was bright blue.

By the time I got to the house, the dogs and packages were gone from sight, but now the house was full of people who hadn't been there before.

They were trying to cook and clean all at the same time. One woman asked for pizza pans and I didn't know where they were. I started looking in what I thought were appropriate places and started finding all old moldy triangles on cookie trays that looked like pizza roll-m-ups. They were nasty looking.

The more I looked the messier the kitchen look and the more relatives I saw that I knew were all dead.

I started feeling quite distressed because I couldn't control anything going on.

Everybody just did what they wanted and I couldn't tell them what to do.

I eventually found myself in the garage with my friend Loretta.

she said she would race me to the house, but I noticed that she had a clear shot to it and I had a door between me and the house that I would have to open and close first.

So I moved over towards her, knowing she could probably run faster than me, and I thought maybe if I just walked slowly, she wouldn't know I was racing, and I'd beat her to the house.


6-26-05 - DREAM - I was with a tall female friend on the large balcony porch of a building. We were on the second floor.

Some men in dark suits surround the building, looking for someone. we didn't know who they were looking for, but the man t old us that they were looking for a man.

These guys had long snake-like whips they would toss towards the balcony and the end of the snake-whip wrapped around the railing and the men used the whip to climb up to the balcony, which they did easily.

Even after they were no longer looking for the man, they kept practicing climbing up to the balcony and showing off.

Finally they left and we noticed that once they were  gone, young blonde women with babies in baby buggies started leaving the building from the first floor and going in every direction.

We didn't know if the two events were connected or not.


6-26-05 - DREAM - I was with David Icke and Credo Mutwa by a tall metal building covered with long strips of bark in vertical bands like tree trunks.

Some brown creatures with long teeth and big black eyes, similar to beavers started pulling at the bottom of these strips and gnawing at them like they were real trees. I told them the animals would have to be watched because we didn't want the building to be destroyed.


6-27-05 - DREAM - I was living in a city somewhere in a big house. I was busy all day, cleaning and taking care of the house.

Then the kids came home from school and the house got messier and messier. By the time my Father came home from work and brought John Reich (my ex-boss) with him. I was really upset and my Father looked like a cross between my real Father and Asa Buchanan - the patriarch from One Life to Live TV show.

My Father saw how upset I was. He kissed me like I was his lover, long and hard, but he held me on his lap, leaning against his shoulder and rocked me like I was his child.

We were sitting on the sofa. There was another sofa across from us and John Reich lay down and stretched out on that sofa.

The men had worked hard all day and both of them said their feet hurt.

So I told my Father he could put his feet up on my lap if he lay down, which he did. I told John Reich he would feel better if he put his feet up on the arm rest of his sofa, so he did.

I was still upset by the men in the house so I said, "I'm going shopping.

I decided I was going to buy myself as emerald ring, square cut for my left ring finger. (I obviously was not married)

It was just 7 p.m.  So I drove down the street to the jewelry store which was on the left and the building was set way back from the road, with a huge lawn in front of it.

I went in the store, picturing exactly the green stone I wanted in my ring.

I opened my purse to get my credit card which I hadn't yet used. The card was still attached to the larger card it came attached to as was silvery grey like 'Bank of America'. 

It said my name was Equestrian Princess.

I also had another card I hadn't yet used. It also said I lived at Apple Valley Farm. 

It was from the Bank of Idaho and said J. Bauer on it. So I could use that card in person, only by phone or on the internet. That card had a long number on it. M _________.  So, having decided which credit cad to use, I went to the clerk and make my purchase.


6-28-05  DREAM - I was riding in a car with a tall black woman. We went through an intersection and on the other side of that street was a square building that looked like it had silver windows or had silver curtains over the windows that was blocking them.

My friend wanted to stop at a restaurant right beyond that building, so she pulled up in  front of it. I decided it was a good place to go to the bathroom.

We walked inside and instead of a restaurant it looked like a bird sanctuary.

I no sooner walked in and all the doves came and sat on the hawks so they couldn't move. 

Over in the corner, some new check who had red feathers were fledging and I was told by a man who was watching them, it only took one generation to create them.

There were a lot of them. (Having raised birds myself, I found that to be highly unusual to get as many red feathered chicks in just one generation.) Something highly unusual was going on here. 

None of these birds were in cages either. It wouldn't be long and these chicks would be flying all over.

I saw a dog over a ways. The dog was large and dark brown and the dog was turning red also.

The man called the dog Asia. The dog was pretty big and I was intimidated by it.

The man said, "Why are you afraid of this dog? She's yours!"

I denied owning Asia.  Asia came over to me, walking around me, crying and whining for attention.

I insisted I didn't own Asia. I told the man that my son Ken was in charge and asked where he was.

The man said, "Ken went out hunting."

So I told the man I would go find Ken and see what was going on. Obviously a lot had been going on while I wasn't paying attention.

I went out into the yard to look for Ken and saw a green winter snowsuit laying on the ground. I was afraid that was Ken so I ran over to it and found the suit to be empty. 

So I went over to the house and hanging upside-down on the door was a brown winter snowsuit drying in the breeze. I had been afraid to look at it. It almost seemed like there was a body in it.

I opened the door and there was Ken talking to his Father.

I heard Ken say, "Ooops! I'd better get going." , and he came outside to fill me in on what was going on.


6-29-05 - DREAM - I went to a stadium and saw some people. There was an electronic clock at the gate set to 4 minutes. The guy at the gate sold tickets such that you could go into the stadium and watch 4 minutes of a baseball game for a buck.

Everyone was coming back out angry.

They guy at the gate said to me. "Do you see anything wrong with that clock?"

I watched the digital clock run down the 4 minutes and it was apparent that the seconds were running so fast, the 4 minutes was actually only 1 minute.

So we decided not to go into the stadium and watch the game. It was way too expensive and the clock was 4 times too fast.

So I and my friends went over a ways in the park and I set up a demonstration using 4 bananas and a stick of incense. The stick of incense was my timer so it seemed as it burned.

I was setting up this demonstration such that the bananas faced 4 directions, but since bananas are bent, it wasn't exactly accurate.

A Jewish woman , dressed all in black, came out of one of the trailers in the park, saw my demonstration and got very angry. She told me she was going to destroy it.

She started throwing things at me, so I in turn threw the bananas at her. My pitching arm wasn't very good and bananas don't make for good balls so the first two bananas went right into the dirt between us.  But on the third throw of the banana, it hit her right square in the chest and the 4th banana bounced off the dirt and hit her again.

The Jewish woman started screaming in pain that I had hit her and some people carried her out of the park and it all happened before my stick of incense burned all the way down.