JUNE, 1990

6-1-90 Dream: I as driven to the Target store by a friend who was young and thin and wearing a dark blue dress. We were in a dark blue car and I was carrying a dark blue purse. As we got to the store we went under a bridge and into a huge tunnel. On the right hand side a woman was selling gorgeous house plants and flowers and beyond her was a stand that was selling fresh baked bread. I was so impressed. I thought to myself, "I used to do that."

The girl parked right be the door. As she closed her car door, she made a remark about that she might be breaking a law, and just as she said it, a police officer came by. She became angry at me for not telling her not to break the law.

Just as I realized that I had forgotten my purse, a bag lady grabbed it. I grabbed the woman's arm and bopped her right arm with my right fist and she let loose. She was going to run off, but I wouldn't let go of her arm. I began to lecture her about not stealing. She said that I didn't know what it was like to be poor. I said, "You don't know what it's like to be poor until you have six children and you're sitting around the dinner table. Each child has a small salad plate with nothing on it except for one child who has a small morsel of food. Then you all bow your heads and say grace over it. I reminded her of the Catholic prayer of grace and led her through it.

She agreed with me. Then we saw three girls sitting on a fence on the left and they shouted something to the old lady. The woman snarled something back at them and moved to get away from us. I still had ahold of her arm and pulled her back. I took my index finger on my right hand and touched her cheek and turned her head to face me. I said, "Wait a minute! One more thing. You need to smile a little" and the woman broke into a big toothless grin. I then taught her to say a little prayer to the Lord to thank him for the small things in life, to say, "Thank you Lord," for even the smallest favor. Then she smiled and we parted.


6-6-90 - DREAM - T.M. had a pair of plain silver buckle earrings about a foot across. I had a pair of gold buckle earrings about 9" across and the right earring had a delicate golden bird on it similar to a sparrow or wren. these two pair of earrings were held together by a golden bar about 3" across.


6-7-90 Meditation: I saw a map of Africa on the Indian Ocean side. A voice said, "Regarding the oceans" . The vision narrowed in on the southeast portion of Africa.


6-8-90 - DREAM - I was walking east on Grange Ave, going up hill. It was raining hard, but I was not getting wet. The rain was pouring down, filling the channels, the street, the fields with deep water. I thought about going back to where I had come from, but so much water had already run by me, the river I had crossed was impassable to return that way.

I was pushing a baby carriage with a baby wrapped up so I couldn't see its face. It was wrapped in a light brown blanket. There were twin boys holding onto the carriage, one on either side, about two years old, and there were my own three children walking by my side.

We turned on 124th street to stop at a house for protection. It had a brown muddy path up to its front door, so we went around to the back entrance. There were three older children there who met us. I cannot remember why, but I decided that we were better off out in the rain and water.

There was deep water everywhere and no turning back, but when I went ahead, we could go no further forward either. We were at the edge of a cliff, overlooking the water covered valley.  Then a man appeared who said he had a green car coming soon and he would drive us home. Then I saw that there was a narrow path we could walk on if I followed the man.


6-9-90 - DREAM - These were questions from a list. What is a constant? Should we be using one?


6-9-90 - MEDITATION - I called Master Marcus. He told me that I am not supposed to call him and that he is not to call me either. Then he came up to me, put his hands on my shoulders and rubbed noses with me. He smiled. He said the name 'HYNGO'.

I asked to see the Mahocahan if he is alive and well. I saw a very large man come into the room, but it was unclear.


6-9-90 - DREAM - I had a dream that  had a baby named Harnishfeger. He had a wooden object in his mouth. I knew that if I pushed it down he would choke on it, so I would have to retrieve it by pulling it out with my little finger to save the child.


6-9-90 - DREAM - I can't remember the dream, but we were not going to move up north.


6-9-90 - MEDITATION - Q. Why are we not going to move up north? I saw a map of Africa on the Indian Ocean side. A voice said, "Regarding the oceans!" The vision zeroed in on the southeast portion of Africa.

Q. Why cannot I contact Master Marcus or Marcus cannot contact me? A. "Regarding the mystery of P.M. and you." (This is T.M.'s wife)  "Because you are so young. I will be calling you." (I was speaking to Holy Christ) I saw what looked like a coffee cup with chocolate with what looked like marshmallows on top. (It was brown and white)


6-10-90 Meditation: Q. What will the state of the world be in 1997?

A. Tidal wave. (NOTE: there were tidal waves from earthquakes too, but nothing got damaged)

Q. Will the earth be hit by an extraterrestrial object?

A. Yes! It will have a devastating effect.

Q. Is there anything I can do about it?

A. That is not yours.

NOTE:  The earth was hit by several meteors, and Hale Bopp Comet came by and we went through it's tail, but we don't know if that is going to cause any dire effects yet.


6-10-90 - Meditation: I again asked about the changes coming. I asked what the coastal cities would be like.

A. I saw great, great masses of people. I saw many tornadoes in the sky and heard the word, "Magnetism".


6-11-90 - DREAM - I was taking an accounting class and my job was to total all the accounts at the end of the class and I had forgotten to do so the day before. The teacher asked me if I had done so and I admitted that I had not. I knew I wouldn't graduate if I didn't do it, so I had to scramble and clean the whole house first. Then my friend Alice and I were sitting on opposite sides of a tiny little brown desk which not only held our books and papers, but our purple snowsuits and our children's suits. There was not enough room to lay out the accounting sheets, so I had to move my work to a larger brown table so I could spread out my work to do it properly. then I noticed that the children we were caring for were losing their balance and I had to make sure they were walking upright and straight too.


6-12-90 - MEDITATION - A voice said, "When you get the information on Eckankar, you are to take no stance."


6-13-90 - MEDITATION - I was told that the men in our group are to be clean shaven.


6-18-90 - DREAM - I was in the driver's seat of a car with a man. We were parked in a long line of cars alongside the right side of the road. The school busses which were to pick us up had been delayed. We were considering walking to the school.


6-18-90 - MEDITATION - Q. Should T.M. rewrite the Eckankar material so that it is correct?  A. "T.M. should wait for the ceremony. What he has experienced is just the rehearsal. He is to do nothing new now, but be prepared. Just be ready."

I called Fubi Quantz.  He answered, "I am right around the corner."  I saw a man of Japanese/Oriental look, slightly bucked and separated teeth, bushy eyebrows, dark hair, longish in back, standing up on top. He had a broad smile.


6-18-90 - MEDIATION - I went to the high mental level. I saw a lot of pushing and shoving of people.

I then went to Sugmad Lok.  I saw seven masters, including one female, forming a line. They walked past me on my left.


6-18-90 - MEDITATION - I saw a man who came and thanked me for being so understanding. He handed me two remote controls.

I saw someone laying in the river. Someone else on the shore was holding onto him desperately to prevent him from going downstream and drowning.

Another man was singing a song, "I should be on the far distant hills. It is too soon to tell."

I heard this, "5941 South 43rd St. "

I heard this, "She harbors HU in her heart."


6-20-90 - DREAM - I was in a car with other people and we heard and saw sirens and red lights from a squad car coming up from behind us. We didn't think we were doing anything wrong, but we started to pull off to the right. Then we could see two pickup trucks coming from behind us at a high rate of speed with police chasing them. We tried to get out of the way but the two trucks pulled over and crashed into each other right in front of us so we had to stop. The one truck was blue. I cannot remember the other one. A big man got out of each truck and began fighting with each other. They were wearing white with just a touch of color on the shirt sleeves. (Cannot remember what color) The other woman I was with and I tried to avoid being near the fighting men, but they seemed to gravitate our direction no matter where we stood. I noted that even though they were big, strong men, they weren't hurting each other, more just like getting each other's attention by poking at each other.

The other woman and I wanted to get away from this fight, so we went up to a house to hide in it. In that house, I saw a newspaper headline that said, "Woman gives birth to twins." The article related that the woman gave birth to a boy and a girl in unusual circumstances.

Then I felt like I dropped into a time warp and went into labor even though my stomach was flat. An ambulance came to take me to the hospital. We got there in record time. I wasn't even in bed yet and they had the gas mask up to my face to ease the pain, (of which I didn't feel any)  They rushed me into the birthing room and I was protesting the birth of the boy and girl twins. "No! It can't be me. No! It can't be me.'


6-27-90 - HEALING MEDITATION - I called D.A. along with Christ and Babaji to the high astral healing temple. I saw his heart and was able to clean out two arteries.

NOTE: When he went to the hospital in the next day, the doctors could find no blockages.

I saw a mass on the shin area of a man's leg. He tried to brush it off with his right foot, but was unsuccessful and it remained.


6-28-90 Dream: I was with some people who were thinking about artificially inseminating a woman using a fish to swim up into her womb. The egg and sperm were united and placed inside the fish which could be seen as a tiny, tiny square inside the transparent fish. The fish was placed inside a jar which was placed inside a white suitcase which I was keeping and watching to see how the egg and sperm developed. There was a chance that the baby could end up with a human head with fish appendages or human appendages with a fish head or combination thereof.