JUNE, 1993

6-1-93 - MEDITATION - My astral phone rang. I saw the phone and it lit up with the #30 showing.

I saw a doctor come to see me. He said I was very pale and aenemic looking. He took a bright light and looked closely at my skin on my arm.

NOTE: This was true. I was actually hospitalized for this and to have my heart checked later on. It was just lack of iron in my blood.


6-3-93 - DREAM - Becky and I went to a doctor. I asked him to test her legs for mobility and nerve control. I was then told that I should be taking Cardizem HP7 because my heart beat was too slow.

(I woke up and took my pulse. It was beaitng at 58. It has been beating at that rate early in the morning for a long time. It beats faster if I feel weeak or sick, it also pounds hard then sometimes)

(These are all symptoms of low iron in the blood)


6-4-93 - DREAM - I was at work. The work was all caught up except fora project which had been put on hold. My boss told me to get it out and he would start looking at it on Monday and see where we stood on it.

I decided to sit down and read it over so I'd be familiar with it so I'd know what they were talking about if they began work on it.

I no sooner got the file out and the phone rang. It was a message from the person who began the project, wanting to know what we were doing about it.

The message started out in prose, but then a black man was singing a song. The name of the man was 'Goody Penance'. He said "English will hurt you. You know they have before." Then the song started. The title was , "Where were you yesterday when my world was falling down (or apart)

I couldn't write the words down fast enough to keep up with him, so I knew I had to buy the record and write the words down. The singer was a black man and his name was Terrence Pittman or something like that.

I knew that if there was no such song but that name I had to write it.


6-6-93 - DREAM - I was in a countryside with huge hills. We wanted to go somewhere because it was raining and all the valley roads were flooded out. We found one way where it wasn't too bad and waded through ankle deep water to cross over.


6-6-93 - DREAM - I dreamed my mother-in-law died in my arms.As she slumped over in my arms, she said, "Good bye!" I said, "Are you dead?" Then she came back to life and fought death furiously and struggled to live. I carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. She said, "Where were you when I needed you".

I didn't know what to say to her. Then she wanted to know if I knew how to purify water. I said, "Yes!" She had to have pure water for anything she drank and I would have to boil it. The water out of the top never got hot enough. I did it for myself all the time, so I knew how.

NOTE: She died in early 1996.


6-6-93 - DREAM - I as laying on the couch. Someone covered me with a light blue blanket and then showed me a schedule book where appointments are made. They pointed it out to me. It said, "Director of Casualty Services" June 7, 1986, or 1993, or 1996

NOTE: This may have been Ted Kazinski, the Unibomber.


6-6-93- DREAM - I was in an office and supposed to be working, but I was writing down my dreams to show to someone and feeling guilty for taking office time. In the dream book, I had written all the details of the events that would take place that would lead to allowing me to go to Washington State.

My boss came by to go open the door for someone and handed me some mail. He said, "Save all these travel packets." He handed them to me. They were railroad, airline, and road maps of the U.S. and the world. They were all very etailed with routes laid out from place to place.

I then went outside and got into my car. I drove up a steep hill. There was a railway crossing at the top. The red light was flashing so I came to a stop. There was a freight train across the road in both directions, completely blocking everything. I thought to myself, "This is how they will stop traffic which will enable us to travel to Washington all in one day."


6-8-93 - MEDITATION - Sohataji, Babaji and the teacher to the healing temple for ears ringing.

A. Red R.I. Book, something abouut riding in the car and saw T.M.s ears full of milk and they couldn't be drained. Then I heard, "How do you drink Root Beer out of Potato infested waters?"


6-10-93 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. I seemed to be in a bar and was receiving applications from men who wanted to be with me. One man looked Italian. He sat at the bar, very quietly, with his daughter on his lap and gave me his application kind of hopefully. I also got an application from a very good-looking white man with curly hair. I looked at his name and I couldn't quite figure out what it was. I thought it might be Eric, but then again, it looked like EVIL. the man was pretending to be drunk and telling wild stories.

I sat in front of a mirror, brushing my hair back with some red powder. It made it slick and shiny and curly. It looked beautiful and it pleased me.

I went back to interview the plain, quiet man and I thought to myself, "I would better off with the plain, quiet man even though I am not attracted him, then to be with the wild, drunken guy."

I wanted to ask the wild, drunken guy what his name was, and before I could, he said to me, "I mean to have you, no matter how you feel, or what you say." He then went up the stairs to the 2nd floor and I could hear him walking around in the bedrooms, looking around.

I was very upset and I wanted him to come down, but I didn't want to go up to get him and put myself in jeopardy.

I went into the livingroom to tell my ex-husband that the man had gone upstairs and I needed help. He was still half asleep and I didn't think he would be able to help much. So I went to the piano, knowing that if I played it, he would come down to see what I was doing.

The first song I attempted was terrible in my estimation, because I hadn't played it in so long. My ex-husband asked me to play something that had always been a favorite of his.


6-12-93 - DREAM - I was managing my apartment building and someone moved out without notice. His folder was blue. I said to the man with me, "This is going to happen agan in August on a day of someone's special occasion day."


6-13-93 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. and walked to the gas station to see my blue car. As I walked back towards my house, I saw that everything west of the alley behind the house had been bombed out. It was still smoking and was blackened as far as the eye could see. However, there were two glowing red lines in the ground and I knew that if even one more bomb dropped in the west, that the earth would split apart there and great devastation would occur, worse than anything we had ever seen before.


6-13-93 - DREAM - I saw G.H. death notice in the paper. I recall saying, "Well! Now I don't have to worry about him anymore."

NOTE: This is really strange, because I've dreamed about him numerous times since then and he seemed quite alive. I really don't know of his true status. I never checked.


6-16-93 - DREAM - I was in a cold place, I thought it was Europe. We had to go to Chicago on a train to shut down some place that had a TV radio receiver. There were a lot of people going to Chicago. We all got on the train at the front and had to walk all the way to the back and sat down from the last seat at the back, one seat at a time, towards the front.

I was in the last car, second seat from the end. An older woman was in the last seat. It was so cold, everyone was being covered with brown fur robes. The woman next to me, asked for another robe because she was so cold. The female conductor opened a large cupboard at the back of the train and began pulling out fur robes which were stored there and began passing them out.

We got to Chicago and I was given the TV and radio plus some other receiving equipment. There was nothing wrong with any of the equipment. I decided my son should have it. I looked at the train and told someone we would be taking it East.

I was then in south Georgia, talking to a woman who was standing in a severe snowstorm. She said that even worse weather was coming.

At that time, my son had not yet gone to Chicago to get the TV, radio and other receiving equipment. He was not required to dismantle it, because it was still usable, but it was his option to take it apart and use the parts for his own receiving equipment.


6-23-93 - DREAM - I was with Becky. She was getting ready to go on a long trip and Tom had bought her a maroon Chevy car. It had so little power, it would hardly go up a long hill and it was dragging a little along the edge of the road.

Both of us were pushing the car along up the hill with our feet to give it more power. Then I saw a notebook page and along with these words, a man said, "Get a Dodge or a Ford."

NOTE: Those are the two kinds of cars I was driving back then.


6-23-93 - DREAM - A notebook page appeared. It was a right hand page. On it was a Mayan or Aztec symbol. It started out like a pyramid with a flat top, then went back at the bottom similarly. The entire figure had the name CUBA in little rectangles - filling it within the borders.

NOTE: This area was found and is being investigated in the year 2001.


6-23-93 - MEDITATION - I saw Bill Clinton, V.P. Gore, and Senator Glenn, sitting and watching a parade. Then I saw an evil-looking man with long light brown to blonde hair with a baseball hat in a threatening manner, riding on a float in the parade go around the corner towards the three men.

This was in a big city with crowds of people watching.

NOTE: This didn't happen - thank God!


6-24-93 - DREAM - I was called by a man who owned several vans which he kept parked at a small gas station. My old boss Tom W. had just changed the locks on it and the man didn't want the van to sit there unused. I saw the van. It was pale blue and empty. I picked up the van, then stopped at a small store where they sold old items.

On one shelf, they had books which they sold for $1 each. I was looking at them. They were all antiques printed around 1906 to 1914. I wanted to buy a lot of them, but there was no clerk there. I considered just taking what I wanted and leaving an equivalent amount of dollar bills there, but they wouldn't have known what they sold. My daughter was with me and she said we had to leave. Then I spotted two sets of brand new books on a bottom shelf. There were two different sets of lessons on sale. One was in a white notebook binder, about 3" thick called, "Super Meditatation." The other set was in a folding packet, similar to a map, but larger and inside, in pockets, were little pocket folders. This set was in light purple and blue and was called 'The Mind/Body. I wanted to pick up one of each of these too, but I would have felt quilty only leaving $1 each for them, so I left the store and promised myself I would be back on Monday.

NOTE: This might be about - A true tribute to Mother
Aju Mukhopadhyay
Mirra Alfassa was a trained artist, a musician, an occultist, a teacher, writer and a great organiser. The creation of Sri Aurobindo Ashram was the acme of her organisational activities. She lived from wonder to wonder and lived to go beyond life. She embodied a divine personality in a human frame.


6-24-93 - DREAM - I was at the A-C building on 70th St. I went up to the 4th floor. There was a class going on for older women teaching sewing. I went up to the teacher and told her I had been sewing since 7th grade and wondered if I should take her class to refresh my skills. She said it would be good to hone my skills. She told me to bring a sewing machine with a light on it, some material anda pattern for a dress for a 16 month old girl and a pinking shears.

She wanted me to leave the sewing mahcine at class, but I told her I couldn't do that. I would have to carry it back and forth.


6-28-93 - DREAM - This was viewing a piece of paper with the names of some famous movie stars. I recall one male and one female. I had or someone else hd a white piece of substance like a nail without a head. The white piece of substance was used to tamp out the names of the movie stars.


6-30-93 - DREAM - I went to a church where they were holding a huge fund-raising banquet. It raised a lot of money it seemed, but the church hall was a disaster. There was a psychic waiting for me off to the right. She said she as in cubicle 23, but I could not find my way through a maze of doorways to get to her.

The kindergarten age children were left alone in a large room. Two lion cubs had been left with them and were destroying everything in sight. The teachers who had been in charge of the class refused to listen to me when I told them to remove the 8 week old cubs, so I picked them up bodily and carried them out myself.

The lion cubs struggled and fought and cried all the way back to the zoo where they had come from, but I did remove them. I saw a couple other lions also, but they were controlled and being walked around with a leash like a dog.

I met a girl named Mary who I had known many years ago... like in grade school and high school. She was wearing a huge tiara over a foot high with hundreds of jewels on it, but the jewels were all falling out one by one. She was very upset over their loss. But as I walked along I picked up each and every one of them and delivered them to a man who could restore them for her.

As I walked along and people were leaving the banquet, they left behind piles of clothing and dirty dishes. There were a few people trying to clean up the mess, but the people themselves just walked off and left everything a shambles. There was no way to tell what was clean or dirty, so everything would have to be washed.

The dishes I picked up were all light green and I liked them. I took them to an area where they were being collected for washing. A woman there (the organist from Peace Lutheran Church) was in tears. She had been agains the fund raising all along and had offered to donate the money to the church, but had been denied.

The disaster was the result. She cried and cried, saying. "I would have given them the money. I would have given them the money." The woman was wearing a pale yellow suit. I took her into my arms and held her while she sobbed, to comfort her.

23 synchronicities -


6-30-93 - MEDITATION - I asked to go the bookstore to get the book, BODY/MIND and Super Meditation. (from my dream last week) I saw two brown casette tapes and no titles . nothing on them.

I wanted to know who wrote the books. Babaji said he didn't know what day the dream was. I said it as last Thursday or Friday. I said that I wanted to get the books. He said that I didn't need them. I said I wanted to know who wrote them. He said, "Okay! I know how you feel now."

So he pulled a book out. I thought it was about UFOS, but the title was half covered over with something white.

I repeated my request. The Yellow Mind/Body book. The book was pulled out and opened up. The information inside was only 1/2 letters. Some of the vertical lines showed and some of the horizontal lines showed. It was unreadable.

I asked again to know who wrote it. The first page then showed tiny little figures of children, cartoon-like. One figure was of kids on a teeter-totter, the other of a kid on a swing. "Balance and Polarity" Opposites.?