JUNE, 1995

6-2-95 - DREAM - I was walking down the road when I met a woman who got all freaked out about seeing me. She said I looked identical to a woman who was sitting down in front of the Eagle Mall giving prophecies. She said we were so identical she couldn't believe her eyes.

So, I walked down there with her and saw the woman. She was wearing a dark blue coat exactly like mine and she was my age, but looking at her face was not like looking in the mirror. The woman was semi-blind...couldn't see at a distance and had a white opaque film over her eyes. I felt very uncomfortable looking at her face.

I sat down on one of the chairs that was there so I could observe what was going on but behind someone else. Yet, she knew I was there. She was giving prophetic messages to these people who sat there.

I instantly got a vision of prophecies that were typewritten on a piece of paper, a long list of things that were going to happen in the future.

I started to wake up at that point, but kept my eyes closed trying to remember the dream when it snapped back in and I could again see the paper. It said I was to buy a book titled 'Union of the World'.

NOTE: In 1998 I looked on the Internet and in two huge bookstores. There is no book titled that.  Maybe the person who was supposed to write that book didn't do it yet.


6-5-95 - DREAM - I was at the 20th St. school. Suddenly I had the feeling it was about to blow up.  There was no time to warn anyone, so I grabbed the first person by the hand and ran from the building. We ran at least two blocks before I stopped running.


6-5-95 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin with my family. I went outside to look at the night sky. It was glittering with stars. I said, "I want to see a UFO. Nothing moved. The stars were all in place and only the precession of th stars because of o the earth moving could be perceived.

But then I went into the house and looked outside. The sky was daylight now and pure blue. I saw a car float through the sky and then a big dump truck. I asked my daughter if she could see that. She said, "No!"

Then I saw more vehicles gong by, a whole train of trucks strung together, then a gas station, then a whole construction site. I asked my daughter if she saw any of that. She said, "No!" I started to think I needed help, because it wasn't real. I thought  I should commit myself to a mental hospital to rest.

Then I saw a black neighborhood and it seemed very violent and it was very unpleasant.

The rest of the dream then change to being in the house and trying to find the bathroom.


6-5-95 - EXPERIENCE/MEDITATION - I was sitting at the computer and suddenly got extremely tired. I could hardly keep my eyes open. I went to meditate. I saw a man sitting at a computer. Another man came up to him and grabbed him on top of the shoulder where it meets the neck and zapped him until the man fell over.


6-5-95 - DREAM? - Connie Chung and __________(companion to her) were killed in a plane crash.

NOTE: So far, 1998, she is fine. I don't know if she's had any close calls since that date. As of 2002, she is still alive and kicking.


6-5-95 - DREAM - I was in my apartment. It was very early like 6 a.m. I saw through the opaque wall...the shadow of a man and motorcycle pull up for the day's work. My apartment door was kicked at then and I was scared that someone was breaking in. I went to the door and shouted, "Who's there?"  The door had been kicked in and there wasn't even a knob to grab to pull on it.

There was a large Polish family in the hall who wanted to move in. I told them they had the wrong building. They were to move to the highrise. (That was in the next block)

Then 4 men came along and they wanted to tell me they were staying longer. They were in 108F. (My buildings were labeled  F, D, and E. Other buildings we owned,...the highrise was A, B, and C.)

I went to my telephone then to call for help. The number was 958-3750. I couldn't dial the phone because there was so much jewelry piled on top of it. The main items was a massive necklace made up of 100's of ruby triangles. I finally managed to dial the number but a black woman in charge of taking messages was incompetent and I couldn't get her to write down my problems with the door. I was determined to fire her when I got to the office.


6-5-95 - VISION - I called Soneem (The spiritual name of a person who passed on in 1981)  I saw a young girl on a swing. I asked, "Will we be going to Washington to work on the community?"  The answer was, "There are things you need to do right here."

Then I saw a frying pan tilted up with vegetables in it and water.

Then I saw a man pick up a big ring of Polish sausage for barbecuing.


6-5-95 - DREAM - I was with my family. Our vehicle needed repairs. I was pushing it and steering it south on 124th St., then around the corner and west on Grange Ave. I thought it was remarkable because I was walking the whole way and wasn't even out of breath. As we went west further, I was now inside the vehicle and it was a yellow and white 1957 Chevrolet. We came to a roadblock with orange lights on and we had to stop for an inspection. One inspector was totally amazed at the variety of our car because along each front fender on the top was a series of colored marbles embedded like jewelry. Each one was a different color. There were 3 on each side.The inspectors admired our car and acted like they wanted it for themselves.

A little farther on, a man asked me if I received a particular TV show and I said "No!" He said I needed an "S" antenna. I asked what an "S" antenna was and he pointed to the tallest building in the area and I saw a large antenna attached to the highest point of the building.

A little farther on, we were now inside a building and were taking turns waiting to be admitted through some double doors into an exclusive club. They wanted some money from me for the arthritis foundation. I refused to give them any based on principle, though I could have given them as little a dollar. They refused to let me through the door unless I gave them money. So, I made a big speech instead. I said, "This is America and its one of my rights not to give money if I don't want to. I've suffered from arthritis in terrible pain so bad you can't even imagine how bad it is for 10 years and I'm not giving a dime."  I continued, "Now take THAT home and think about it."

Nevertheless they didn't let me though the doors. I decided not to leave either though because then I'd have to walk 12 miles home.


6-8-95 - MEDITATION - Voice said, "Check the writings of MORAMOR."


6-9-95 - DREAM - I was standing at the window looking outside and saw white fireworks coming out of the silo across the street. The date was 8:;07. The fireworks kept coming up, none were a different color...just white. Then I realized that the silo was on fire and if it exploded, the blast would take out all the windows in every direction. I  could see the flames inside the silo going higher and higher. I wondered why no one called the fire department. I grabbed the phone and hit 911, then went back to the window, closed the blinds in case it blew up so the shards of glass wouldn't cut me. Finally I heard sirens coming way int he distance and saw the people across the street feverishly trying to put the flames out themselves. Finally, the beat the flames back. I expect to see the fire trucks come down the road from the north, but they didn't...they came across the fields from the west. The flames were out by the time they got there.


6-11-95 - DREAM - I was in a city and was invited to help with a new social services program. Little offices were set up all over the city, so eventually no elderly person would have to travel more than 4 blocks to receive help.

Then I was with some people on a farm and the people there wanted to change all their animals into inanimate like statues so they wouldn't have to suffer in the coming times.


6-12-95 - DREAM - I was at work in an office. There was a man there who obviously had a crush on me and I deliberately avoided being near him so people wouldn't spread rumours about romance in the office.

I received a package in the special delivery mail after 5 p.m. It was a gift of an ivy sprig. It was wrapped in a large cardboard envelope with a letter written to George Olson (I went to school with a guy named George Olson) This sprig of ivy was alive and although I couldn't see any roots on it, I knew it would grow in water as it practically crawled out of my hand on the way to putting it in a glass of water. The glass of water also had a fish in it and I hoped they would be compatible. This glass of water immediately expanded into a huge fish tank and there was plenty of room for both the fish and the ivy. One thing bothered me though. I couldn't see anything in the tank if I looked directly at it, only if I got down on my knees and looked up into the tank.

 I went to my office. One the door was a note written to me. It said,"Dolores!  Buy Zappkiel or Zaddielle."  I thought I already had some. (I have not identified what this is yet.)

I then went back to my apartment in the same building where I was caring for a new baby. I carried him, with me, back to the office. I was so tired, I was walking with my eyes closed, feeling my way to the office with my feet. At my office, I met a young couple who had a new baby and I recognized that same tiredness in them and encouraged them in their daily tasks.


6-17-95 - DREAM - I was in the State of Washington visiting. The time had come for me to go home. I got sadder and sadder and finally began to cry. A woman I was with asked me what was wrong. I told her I didn't want to go back  home. So, she made arrangements for me to stay there.


6-17-95 - DREAM - I was working on 7 pastel colored panels. To each of these panels was attached, thick books of plans that went with each subject that the color represented. I was working on attaching them. The books were in a series. About 12 x 12 inches square and about 3" thick.


6-17-95 - DREAM - I was with Alyse and we had to take a plane flight somewhere. I was very frightened. I don't recall seeing the outside of the plane. However, I was laying down sort of, inside the plane, looking up at the blue sky. To my surprise, when we got up off the ground, I suddenly felt free like a bird soaring and my fear was gone.


6-20-95 - DREAM - I was being taught about independence from a religious standpoint. Jimmy Carter was on the left and he was telling me about independence from his particular religious background.

On the right was a woman explaining to me what independence meant to her from her religious background.

I was pretty sure the woman was Rosalyn Carter.

See:  Separate - February 23, 2001


6-21-95 - DREAM - I was in my apartment and a young man came into my apartment, not from the front door, but somehow through the back room like he had been hiding there. It looked like a very young David A. and he wanted to kiss me. I knew he couldn't be David A. and put my hand against his chest to keep him from getting too close while walking towards the front door to push the intercom buttons to call for help.

I opened the front door of the apartment and ofund myself in rather like a hotel corridor and other people distracted this pseudo David so I could get back into my apartment.

When I got back to the back room, there was a rugged looking white man emerging from a box and I got the impression he had just changed his shape.  I knew he was an alien.

I gave him a little kiss on the lips in a gesture of friendliness, then proceeded to lead him through the apartment, out the door and through the hotel-type area to show him what the stuff of earth was like. He had an aviator's jacket of leather which I carried for him. It weighed a ton and I wondered how an aviator could even stand up under such a weight.

As we went through the corridor, the general areas were alphabetically numbered. We stopped to rummage through stuff in various areas and I got all excited to find a used book shop.

We continued on and came to level 'C' in which there was a shop with billiard balls and cue sticks, etc.

We were just emerging from there when some young guards came and told us that level 'C' was closed off and we had better get out of there.

I indicated that the billiard shop was open for business and the guards scurried over there to shut them down while we hurried back up the hall towards my apartment.

The telephone woke me up before the dream ended.  


6-22-95 - DREAM - I had a job in an office. I was tested and given a review. I left the office to take care of some business and when I came back ... two women were playing and singsong tape of how bad a housekeeper I am.

I went to the director to complain about them. They played the tape so loud, I could hear it way out in the hall.

Then a man came into my life. He was very good looking. I wondered if he might be interested in me, but then another man asked for a date. I eventually turned him down after thinking about it for awhile. Then the original man came along and said that the second event had been a test set up to check my real feelings. He said that by evening tonight, everything would be all set for a permanant romance and business deal combination for him and me.

I was then given a piece of paper which had a ritualistic prayer on it to pray to an angel/entity named 'MYLIXION' (sp?) to finalize this transaction.  The man's name was Elkinson and he was a basketball player.

NOTE:  I never did the prayer and Joe showed up in 1997 ... 24 hours after I told the Universe I was ready to meet someone.


6-24-95 - DREAM - I was in an office and the telephone rang. The female voice asked for Marjean and to save time and hassle, I said I was. (Marjean was my real daytime boss)

The woman said, "He'll only talke to you, " meaning Marjean.

The old, old man came on and said something unintelligible, then said, "I can't continue," and disappeared off the line which went dead.

So then, I was all distraught for pretending to be Marjean, not knowing what happened in California, I knew I to get ahold of her to tell her about the call.

Joe, the maintenance man showed up and I told him what happened and he said, "Maybe it's Mikey and Erica. They just went out there."

Then I realy got upset because I didn't know that Mike and Erica had gone to California.

Joe said, "Oh! It was a real sudden decision."

Suddenly, I felt an awareness that it was Mike and Erica and that there was a car accident. They weren't killed, but the accident was severe and Erica got lost wandering in the forests and fields before she was located again.

NOTE: Mike and Erica did have a car accident, but it wasn't as bad as the dream  made it out to be.


6-22-95 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, WI in the upstairs bedroom. I was talking on the white phone to T.M. (my teacher) while sorting out little slips of paper of information into several piles on the top shelf.

I heard my husband Jim coming up the stairs so I set the receiver on the shelf so it wouldn't look like I was on the phone. Jim brought in a big box of photo negatives. He sat down on the bed and wanted me to sit down and look at the old negatives. I knew that would take a long time, so I picked up the phone and told T.M. I'd have to talk to him later.

Seeing that I had been on the phone, Jim jumped up and ran down the stairs, ... angry. I followed him, asking, "So! What's wrong with talking on the telephone?"

When I got downstairs, Jim had on big boots and outdoor clothes and was carrying a long pole with a squeegee on it. He went out the door, still angry.

In the library room, where I was standing, five very pregnant English girls came out of the closet and recited their future goals. They were all graduating from college in October with various degrees.

I made note of this.

Then the dream showed me mechanical, robotical cats and dogs which I knew was symbolical for activities and processes that are continuing regardless of what else was going on in my personal life.

As I woke up, I heard the English woman telling me to remember this dream and particularly about the robotical processes going on behind the scenes.


6-29-95 - DREAM/VISION

Like a newsflash - The ISCNI house was burned to the ground overnight. It would be rebuilt by the people.

NOTE: The ISCNI group on the internet went out of business for lack of money and AOL charging so much for the services.


6-22-95 - DREAM - I was working in an office and writing a contract. It had to be done by october, so there was plenty of time to be careful with the wording.

On my desk was a 3 line phone. There was no privacy on it ..  the voices bled over onto the unused lines. I wanted my own white one-line phone.

I hung around with my friends for awhile, then went home to a room i had just moved into the day before.

I saw that the front door was open. I couldn't believe I had been so careless. I went to my room and saw that everything had been stolen. Even my clothes and pictures on the walls was gone. The robbers had been so violent they even broke the dresser drawers in their hurry.

I was devastated to lose everything, but I kenw that if I went through what was left behind, and saw what was there, I could re-buy what was missing.

I blamed it on my ex-husband Jim.

Then Edward, my second ex-husband came along. He had a small baby to care for and he said I oculd move in with him. I knew I had to move again that day, but I knew too that if I went to live with him to take care of his baby, the risk to him harming me again was very great.