JUNE, 1998

6-1-98 - VISIONS - (I was laying behind Joe who was sitting on the edge of the bed reading a book)  Dee heard, "Let us teach her the basics of lion training."

Dee went into a dream and found herself standing in the hallway of her old apartment building between apartments 111 and 105 which were across the hall from each other. A man came into the hallway, and went into apartment 111, to talk to Bob, the painter, (Bob is always dressed in white) The man started to tell Bob about an apartment in another building where people had just moved out. He told Bob about all the holes in the walls, and how badly it was trashed. He asked bob for an estimate of the cost to repair it and paint it white. When Dee realized what the man was there for, she opened the door to 105 and walked in, then woke up.

NOTE: Joe mentioned that the number 111 is one of the numbers associated with Helios, the Sun from the "Magic square", based on the number 6. Dee realized that apartment 105 = 6.

Dee then  heard, "I wonder how Richard L Lewis is feeling? and something about this grandmother.  I saw an accounting page. I held it in my hand. The 5th line down said, "You are authorized to Angelfire". After this I heard a song, end of the line of verse was about Babylon."

Dream- I was laying on the bed talking to Becky (my daughter-in-law) A ledge appeared on the wall. A radio and a television set was spinning on one leg, the other 3 legs were off the ground. Becky got out of bed and went to the closet for a bag of clothes. She was looking for something of a specific color. We had been talking about France or something French. We went outside, across the street. There was a football field there. All the players were dressed in white. The head guy said, "Are you Italian? It is important to be Italian!"

Somewhere in the dream, a little girl was in bed with Dee. She got up and talked on the phone. She said she had been talking to Betty. Joe was in the livingroom and said, "You were NOT talking to Betty."The little girl said, "I was TOO talking to Betty!' Joe repeated, "You were NOT talking to Betty!" The little girl said, "I was TOO talking to Betty. Are you calling me a liar?" Joe said, "You are not a liar, but you were NOT talking to Betty."

(Dee was thinking of Taylar" when I dreamed of the little girl. She was about the same age, about 4 or 5 years old)

6-1-98 - DREAM - I was seeing a web page and they showed me the symbols which meant "Shikinah - Dolores".  There were 4 pastel colored symbols _ _OA (I can't remember the other two)  Then they showed me another symbol. They said, "You are Shikinah - Dolores...almost" and I saw a crystal square dish with raised sides. (It resembled a 9" square glass baking dish)

6-1-98 - DREAM - I was at an airport. I seemed like we lived there. The ceilings were really high, but there was a living area with trees and plants and other furniture and my daughter and her children were there also.

I was looking out the window at a large passenger plane coming in and a small jet came in at a slightly different angle. The large plane turned sharply to avoid the obvious crash of the two planes. Then, a strange thing happened, the small jet shape-shifted and became cartoonish and bent it's nose over to avoid the crash. It then shape-shifted several more times as it seemed to play with the big plane and it bend and darted around the big plane. I was still standing there watching this happen and it all evaporated in a "poof" and in its place was a huge dark green ...almost black government helicopter which had created a hologram of the two planes.

When we saw the government helicopter we became terrified that it had seen us.We must have flipped off the lights because it was suddenly dark. I sat down quickly at a table and put my arms over my head.

The helicopter turned on a spotlight and showed it around the room looking for people. Everyone was hidden. The lights swept over me, but I didn't know if it saw me or not.

When the helicopter left, my daughter (who was her real adult age) jumped up, turned on the light and ran over to the corner of the room. She began pulling on a dark screen which eventually ran all around the room walls from floor to ceiling. (It did not block the ceiling or the floor) I noted that 4 trees against the wall were left on the outside of the screen, but some other objects in the room which were in the way of pulling out the screen, there was a door in the screen that these things were able to slip past so they were inside the screened area.

We continued to pull this screen down a long hallway area which seemed like a mall. On the outside of the screen sat my mother and her sisters on a bench. (all are deceased except my mother). We pulled the screen down to a shop on the corner which was run by all Polish women. They were all terrified of the government helicopter as well and as we pulled the screen through their area, they began packing up everything in boxes as they didn't want our government to see all the things they had handcrafted.

I looked at what they were packing up and on the table were numerous ceramic jungle animals, elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, tiger, antelope, etc. I thought to myself, "these are all commonplace animals, why do they think they have to protect them?"

I then saw a box of jewels which were strung on necklaces. I wanted one desperately. I bent over the box and tried to stuff the largest tear drop shaped diamond down the front of my shirt but it didn't fit. I couldn't see any opening in the front of my yellow shirt to put it through, so I ended up selecting a smaller one, less perfect and bumpy, it seemed and pushed it down my shirt where it buttoned at the throat.

We got everything packed up then went and sat in the livingroom, playing with my daughter's children. I was holding her youngest daughter Gabrielle on my lap when we heard a loud droning sound. We looked out the window and saw a UFO shaped object coming towards the house. It was barely above the treetops and coming downward. My daughter said, "It's not normal for them to come so low!" I was thinking that it reminded me of advertising blimps because it was so colorful and shiny. It was glinting colors of red, white, and blue.

My daughter said, "Don't let my daughter see it, and I clutched the baby on my lap, within my arms and bend my head low over her to hide her.

The UFO made a second pass over the house and then it left and I saw up again, and held the baby up, saying, "She seems just like a doll!" She didnt' seem real anymore.

I then got really hungry and decided to go out and get some donuts. I was going to have to walk, but another girl who was getting ready for work and dressed up in a neat suit-dress said she would drive me there and drop me off. I thanked her for offering the ride. Then the woman said, "Yes! I have to get there by 8 a.m. and we looked at the clock and it was actually almost nine o'clock.  We had lost almost one hour of missing time.

NOTE: On 6-5-98, a news report came out that there had been 20 major misses of two jet aircraft reported from January thru April. The government said that the air controllers had to undergo 10 hours of training within the next month to counteract the danger.

6-3-98 - DREAM - These numbers appeared on a computer screen as a password....

115  1/4  2  1152

In the dream I was working in a large office building in downtown Milwaukee. Outside the large windows, I could see outside towards Lake Michigan with huge steel grey waves coming in to shore.

We were working late...overtime and I wasn't doing anything, so I asked my boss if I should start cleaning up two tables which were out in the outer hallway/lobby. One table had red and gold objects on it and the other table had silver objects on it.

My female boss said, "No! My boss wants you to work in your own office. By the way, I've been told that we won't be needing as many people to work soon, and the criteria is that whoever works will have to like working by the lake. (I was thinking, "It's cooler in the summer and you never need air conditioning.)

I told her, "I don't care if I work by the lake or not, but I'd really like the job." I then walked into my own office which was a 1/2 block wide, long, and high, carpeted in royal blue and I noted there wasn't a speck of dust or anything out of place anywhere.

I then saw the computer screen and password and as I struggled against all odds to remember the numbers as I was waking up, I could still see the scene in the dream like sliding around a corner and I found myself in a with a bank of lit computers and the first one had a grey rectangle at the bottom of the screen where the previous numbers were listed,

115     1/4     2     1152 -

After the dream I had a vision which said, "1152 is a military code for ESP".

6-3-98 - EXPERIENCE - As I lay in bed, Joe lay beside me and began speaking two measured sentences of identical words in a higher pitched voice like an ET.

6-3-98 - VISION - I was in my livingroom. Suddenly there appeared a huge male lion, standing in the doorway with water running off its belly like it had just come up out of deep water."

6-3-98 - DREAM - I was in my livingroom and a huge male tiger appeared in the doorway with water running off it's belly like it had just come up out of deep water.

I screamed and ran around a corner into the bedroom and got on top of a tall 5 drawer dresser, then stepped around the corner into an alcove into a baby crib.

I heard my daughter-in-law Lorna holler, "It's okay! He's dead. It's okay! He's dead!"

I went back out into the other room and the tiger had changed into a lion, and Lorna was sitting on the couch with the lion cuddled in her lap like a big baby.

I was still scared, however, and ran out into the hall and slammed the door.

6-3-98 - DREAM - I had two dreams within a dream. Inner Dream #1 - I needed to go to the bathroom. I walked down the hall and saw the door was closed. I knocked once and opened the door because I couldn't see anyone through the crack in the door. I opened the door and saw my son Bill and two of his friends, kneeling around the oval-shaped bathtub which was more over towards the center of the room. They had stopped up the tub with numerous colored rags and towels and were running the water into the tub, pretending to drown numerous toy people. I started to holler at them. "Haven't I told you not to do that before? I believe this is the third time. You know that three times is all you get so now you have to be punished."

I let all the water out of the tub and removed and rags, towels and toy people. I went into their bedroom and got up on their bed, preparing to jump off the bed onto their toys and destroy them. I started to count down,  4...3...2...1.. and woke up from the dream, but I was still in MY dream. In the second inner dream, it was not so clear, but in that dream, I was counting UP alphabetically and got up to the letter "P" which I thought was very significant.  I woke up in the dream, but was STILL dreaming.

(This dream has a lot of details in it, so I'm not positive I am remembering them all in sequence) There were several themes in the dream.

I was moving from one side of the street to the other side of the street in the 2500 block of North 16th St. I was taking care of an apartment building/house for another woman. I had to go to the bathroom really bad. My husband volunteered me to give a lecture on dreams which I was totally unprepared for. I was doing all these things at the same time.

I decided to tell the two 'inner dreams' to the lecture group because they were fresh in my mind. With that decision made, I decided to run across the street and look at my new house. Unfortunately, the 7 silver keys  I had for the front door, I left behind at the old house and I couldn't get in the door without them, so I needed to go back home and get the keys.

This was yet early in the morning, about 8:30 a.m. The children were gathering on the sidewalk to wait for the schoolbus.

Meanwhile, my neighbor asked me to take care of the building while she was out on an errand. I agree to do this.

She said she would show me how to use the black telephone, which also monitored the lobby for guests and visitors. #333 was to speak to people in the lobby. #777 was to listen to what they had to say. I pressed #777 and there was no one there except those children getting ready to go to school. I could hear them talking in the background.

She had a candy exchange program for the kids in the morning. She provided a series of black containers with candy in them and the children would come in with a handful of candy in exchange. The children who came in while I was standing there were coming in with handfuls of candy that looked like silver people (the same kind my son was trying to drown in the bathtub in the inner dream) The kids didn't want this woman's candy in the little black containers, they were exchanging "people" candy with each other by the handfuls. These kids were so happy to be able to do this.

Meanwhile I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I found three bathrooms in the house/apartment but there was a child in each one and each child was sitting inside the toilet bowl which was devoid of water, and they were playing with the little silver candy 'people'.

I had dressed in a brown dress to go across the street to look at my house and felt that was not an appropriate color to give the dream lecture in, so I had to change clothes too.

I went to a room where I started to change clothes and as as soon as I was sitting there with no pants on, several young men came to a counter-like area with a window and demanded to be helped with some problems. After making some lame excuses, I eventually had to tell them that I didn't have any pants on and couldn't stand up in front of them. They left me alone long enough to get dressed then.

Finally, one of the bathrooms emptied out and I ran to the bathroom to do what I needed to do. No sooner had I sat down, my husband brought in all the people who wanted to hear my dream lecture while I was sitting on the toilet. I told them the two 'inner dreams' about the letting out the water from the tub, the counting down to 1, the punishment, and the counting up to the letter "P" and that it related to the coming earthchanges and how soon it would be.

The people all left then, and I was standing in the doorway when the door of the apartment across the hallway opened up. A huge man appeared, with a dark, 1/2 grown out stubble of a beard, wearing a sleeveless T shirt and trousers with suspenders. I soon got the idea that he was in charge of the whole thing. He came over, held out his hand to shake mine and said, "Congratulations! You have done well and I hope you will be happy here.!" I shook his hand and thanked him.

I woke up and instantly heard a telephone ring in my left ear. I mentally said, "I am ready for a message."

I began to see a small graveyard. It was oval-shaped. A white arm and hand appeared and began digging a deep hole in the soil and bringing out objects which I eventually recognized to be the baby Jesus laying in a 'cradle' and surrounded by baby animals. I then saw another oval ring next to it and inside that ring, a full sized lamb and lion were laying down inside it...side by side.

Date: 1/13/2002 11:41:52 AM Pacific Standard Time

I was reading the latest "Earthweek" in the local paper yesterday and
came across the most unusual event I've seen in there,
entitled "Baffling Alliance." Their website is and the latest article can be found at (you'll need Adobe Acrobat
installed if you don't have it already - they have a link to getting
it on their homepage). Earthweek, in case you haven't seen it, tells
about natural events (weather, fauna and flora) on the planet during
the past week. Like the regular news, it tends to focus
on "disasters." But it does teach me something about what's going on
in the world that the US press generally ignores.

Here is the text of the "baffling alliance:"

"A full-grown lioness in Kenya's Samburu Game Reserve is reported to
have taken over an oryx calf at birth after frightening off its
mother. The cat became inseparable with the young oryx, which
normally would have been prey for big cats. The pair ranged side by
side with the lioness fiercely pro-tecting the frail calf, chasing
off a leopard as well as a pride of cheetahs. Park workers reported
seeing the lioness lay down to nap with the frail oryx curled up next
to her. The cat still occasionally allowed the mother oryx to feed
her calf. Exhausted from a vigilant two-week watch over her unlikely
ward, the lioness slept as a male lion pounced on the oryx and
dragged it away. The grief-stricken cat was reported to have
howled 'in pain' upon awakening as she circled the area before

I immediately thought of the literal translation of the Isaiah
prophecy, which is a great visual metaphor for where we're heading.
It's seeing the end of duality. It's no longer important to choose
sides. All life is respected.

Subj: Re: [earthchanges] The lion lies down with the lamb
Date: 1/14/2002 10:23:32 PM Pacific Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

You have it right Dee. The dream speaks true. Jesus
was also the Creator of Our Universe and he incarnated
to live as the least of his created creatures live, we
humans. He designed and created all life forms on the
principles of Love according to discrete patterns.
Creatures, of their own volition, can choose to follow
this inherent design pattern in their living or not.
The sentient Spirit of all life dwells in all living
creatures. As Christ is to us, so too, are we to
others, even the lesser sentient creatures.

To choose to follow the inherent design pattern of
love is to honor and respect all living things and
allow them to evolve. EVOLve. EVOLution follows the
inward path of LOVE. Humans were given the "dominion"
in the sense that they had this knowledge and it was
their (our) example that other life forms would
follow. But what example have we demonstrated?
Exploitation. Exploitation of other creatures and even
one another. Where is the LOVE in that? (But the
humans would give no love...)

But, your dream is true, for there are many here on
earth now who see and understand this truth. That is
why your dream ends with an oval (egg-like) graveyard.
Out of the death of a false reality hatches a new
reality based on the Love that is represented by the
Lamb. The Lamb of God.

The white arm represents the Spirit Of Life, the Sun,
Light, what we also call SOL (pun intended).
SOL=Spirit Of Love. It reaches into the SOiL with its
warmth and light and brings forth the oval seeds from
your dream. These dreams shall rise up in our midst
and we shall all live in the light of LIFE. We shall
approach the Father through life, not death.

This is The Ordained Way. Christ's way. The Ancient
way. And Christ's Truths will continue to manifest as
such, for such eventuations precede the coming of the
one whose Truths they are. His return is immanent and

It is good to see such dreams coming through others.
Dreamers such as you are always considered blessed,
for such dreamers are in tune with the Cosmic Father.
Right in tune...

with love,


--- wrote:
> In a message dated 1/13/2002 11:41:52 AM Pacific
"I am ready for a message." I began to see a
> small graveyard. It was
> oval-shaped. A white arm and hand appeared and began
> digging a deep hole in
> the soil and bringing out objects which I eventually
> recognized to be the
> baby Jesus laying in a 'cradle' and surrounded by
> baby animals. I then saw
> another oval ring next to it and inside that ring, a
> full sized lamb and lion
> were laying down inside it...side by side.
> End
> Dee


6-3-98 - DREAM - I was in a situation where I had to feed some people and all I could find was little plastic cups with cat food in them which was made of the cheapest parts of the meat and even the cats didn't want to eat it.

I spent a long time searching for the best meat possible to serve to the people. The last scene was of a tall radiator with a pure silver sheet of foil under it and I knew that the lesson we had just learned brought us one step closer to the end.

6-4-98 - DREAM - This was a dream within a dream. It started with me driving my car north on Calhoun Rd. My car had a computer in it. I couldn't drive the car at the same time. If I was typing on the computer, I  couldn't see the steering wheel and I was afraid I'd go off the road, so I'd reach for the wheel which it wouldn't appear unless I stopped thinking about the computer. Then I'd grab the wheel and steer and the computer would disappear from view. Then I'd go back to typing and the steering wheel would disappear. This happened several times.

Finally, I went to grab the steering wheel and it wasn't there. Finally, it appeared, but the wheel was locked and the car was headed off the road into a ditch.

I woke up in the dream at my apartment building in Milwaukee. Becky or someone like her came to visit and dragged me outside and across the slippery dark street. She insisted that we were going to go to a bar and get drunk. We managed to cross the street, but then I pulled away. Becky continued on to the bar, but I crossed the street and went back home. In my hand, I had several keys. The two prominent ones were a gold mailbox key and a big square headed high security key which was pure gold. I climbed 4 flights of stairs to my floor. On the 4th floor, an old woman like Zora (see http:/ was standing there and had just given a big blue box to my neighbor for her children to put toys in. Mentally, I thought, I would really like that box myself.

The old woman had two large blue hampers full of clothes to be washed. One of them had fallen over. I picked it up for her and woke up.

Immediately, I heard a phone ring in my ear. I saw a web page that said, "Wall Street Journal application."

6-5-98 - DREAM - I was working in my office. The boss was attempting to put a large daisy wheel disk in the typewriter. I asked him why he was using such big print. He said he was going to print out the timeline. He then said he had printed me out a copy of the timeline and put it in my IN basket but I hadn't seen it yet.

I walked through the doorway to what was supposed to be my office but I was outside. Though it was warm, there was 8 to 10 feet of snow on my path which was being shoveled there by my son Michael who was up one level on top of a building. I was able to walk around through the melted snow and green grass and avoid all the snow and still got to where I was going.

6-6-98 - It was pouring rain outside when I went to visit my mother and brother Marty at the 16th St. house. So, when I went inside, I found my light blue bathrobe to wear, while my clothes dried.  However, I didn't wear it, I just carried it on my arm and walked around in my underwear. My brother said to me, "I remember how you are, you always want all the lights on", and  I retorted back, "That's because I can't see!"

Some people came to the house who were new in town. The woman needed a job, but I noted that she wasn't in as desparate straits as she thought because her husband was working.

I asked her what she did. She said a term I couldn't understand, then showed me some rubber spider samples. I wasn't very impressed with that. Then she showed me how she stamped circles on towels, sheets and table cloths for resale. I told her that would be popular if it was spring and the consignment shops were open. They would be happy to have her work for them an hour a week to carry her crafts.

As they left, another man said she looked very familiar and she argued that she was assured she had her own unique face. I assured her that she did.

The house now had become a school and I walked to the door with them and there were many other younger students there. I slipped on two blue rubber bands which were on the floor. My son Tom was there and he picked them up. The maintenance man called my son Tom, "teacher" and then when he saw me, he said, "We should be calling YOU teacher"!

I thanked him and went to get a broom to sweep the long hallway and I noted I was still carrying my blue bathrobe and not wearing it.

6-7-98 - DREAM/VISION - I was dreaming about a web page. It was titled, "Jungle Fever". The screen was all brilliant green and the introduction was given to play the game. I woke up and promptly forgot the name of the game. So, I said out loud, "Please give me the name of the game again!" and the dream repeated itself in a vision.  The second time they showed me that Jungle Fever consisted of 4 different boards games, each were played on different colored pastel squares.

6-7-98 - VISION - I saw a silver double-edged sword. The edges of the sword were moving like on my Adobe art program - where the lines moved, it cuts off the excess from around it.

6-8-98 - DREAM - I lived in a huge house which included its own shopping mall.  I was cooking two kinds of food. On e kind could be cooked in it's own box. It had a silver lining which was washable. The box opened up flat and was soft like a cushion. I tried to get the hooks to go back together but I couldn't do it, so I had to ask for help from my husband to get it hooked back together. Dinner was almost ready to be served but there was food all over the floor like baked beans and popcorn, etc. I made a decision that we would not be eating dinner until I cleaned up the floor. The house was immense so I knew it could take quite a while. I got a broom and was sweeping the floor and began to find red jackets and blankets mixed in with the food and knew that I was going to have to do the laundry of the red clothes too.

My cousin Shirley came to visit. We discussed how it was Christmas and her mother and my mother were also visiting. My mother said she was going to give me a coat for Christmas. She wanted me to know so I wouldn't worry about getting perfume for Christmas. I was happy about that. Shirley's mother ( her name is Ethel) said she was going to give Shirley a coat for Christmas too, but Shirley refused to accept her Christmas present because she was afraid it was going to be perfume. She didn't trust her mother to give her what was promised. While we discussed this, we were in the shopping mall room of my house looking at the all the coats and perfume counters.

When we came back into the house proper, my husband received a guest who was a boat mechanic. We went outside where my husband's boat was moored. The mechanic said he was going to give my husband a special part for his boat steering mechanism and it would be a free gift and would install it for him. I was happy about it because my husband deserved the gift. (My husband was Joe)

6-9-98 - VISION - I saw a web page that had links to TEMPLARS to move around.

6-9-98 - DREAM - I and several other people were going on a tour of the city. There were 6 of us. We had to wait at the door of the bus until 6 people got off the bus. The driver then escorted us to our own suite of cots which went across the front of the bus and back (I know now that I'm awake that the layout is impossible) but in a dream anything is possible. The women who got off the bus were all dressed like medieval type costumes with tall peaked hats. They were all in pastel colors.

6-9-98 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment that had an upstairs and a downstairs. When I would go downstairs, people would come into the apartment upstairs. When I went upstairs, people would come into the apartment downstairs. I would turn around and someone would be there unexpectedly and I'd jump with surprise. One young guy said he had an appointment with me, but I didn't remember it. I was sitting on the toilet peeing and an old woman from across the hall walked in. She aid she just wanted to see what it was like when the new person (me) moved in.

A dark haired, dark mustached guy (a salesman) came in to talk to Becky and her friend and myself. He was trying to talk Becky into selling something and she didn't want to. He put his hands on her shoulders and jumped on her chest with both feet. He left dirt marks on her shoulders. Then he jumped up on the bed and said in a forceful way to her, "I can make you do anything I want you to." I thought to myself, "There's no way anyone could make me do anything unless it was out of love."

I heard the door buzzer ring and I could see the person at the door through a tube. While I watched, the person came closer and closer and larger and larger until he was inside the room. He originally looked like a white haired person, an old friend of mine who was very spiritual, but when he came in he was black and a dog food discounter. He started out laying an oval of dog food in a pattern. I asked him what he was doing, since I didn't have a dog. He said he charged $130 for his service; dog food included. I said, "No thanks!" and scared him out of the house by holding up a tall blue can of bug spray.

I then took a look at the doors of my apartment. They looked locked, but when I looked closer and pushed on them, I could see a large gap between the door and the frame. So, I went upstairs to call Aaron Security and I knew the number was 321-2121.

(After the dream, one friend told me she was being psychically invaded by entities even in her dreams, so I told her my dream and told her to put up psychic blocks to prevent the invasion. (Another  friend told me about her boyfriend who uses her and abuses her emotionally and I told her about the dream and the dark haired salesman telling the girls he could make them do what he wanted. She said she was going to stop seeing him and was glad I told her the dream.)

6-11-98 - VISIONS AND VOICES AND DREAM - I was laying behind Joe who was sitting on the edge of the bed, reading about the 12 tribes of Israel and the Holy Grail. I began seeing a lot of things about AOL 4.0 at first and was told that it was not a good idea to get it right now in it's preview stage.

I then saw a page of writing that had numbered lines. It started with line 11,000, but line 12,400  was so important, it was separated from the rest of the text both above it and below it.

I saw then, a long blue dress that looked beautiful at first, but then I noticed I could see where the woman had sat down a lot because it was worn at the butt line and there was a hole in the middle where the "ass hole" would be. I said, "What kind of a person wore this?"

I heard, "This is the I-Ching for Joe, to live a life of brilliance and joy and happiness to get all that he had not gotten before. I saw a red and white rose on a white background This was a gift to him for all the suffering he had gone through before this. It was signed, "Mother Moon".

Then I saw the words, "THE CODE" and I got the impression it stood for Carl Munck's code. The voice said, "This is 'brother Joe's' alchemy. He will be transformed. This IS his transformation.

I saw the words, "This is the cross of the change." (The grand cross appears in 1999 of the planets during the time of the Lunar Eclipse of July 28, 1999. ) " There is to be no fear." "Here's to the only understanding and joy and happiness." "This is the transition phase." "Watch for wilting and then prop him up with joy." They showed me a picture of a light blue and purple book. "This is changing from Nancy to Dee".

I then had a vision of a large choir singing. I was standing in the center of the 4th row. The man to my left was going to make a famous speech. On my right, a man who looked like President Clinton was speaking to me. All the people were singing a hymn about Holy God. It was beautiful to hear.

 I then saw 3 gallon jugs of water which were bluish with blue covers. The voice said, "It is not good to be in a position to be judged, but when one wants to be a candidate of spirit school, it must be all purity."

I then saw a chart with two trees. One was a weeping willow and another tree. The weeping willow was on the left. It was like a T shape. The tree on the right I couldn't read what it was. (Joe says its the cedar)

6-11-98 - DREAM - I was standing in the orchard where we live. Then Joe and I were in a car in the parking lot looking at our house. It was huge and made of brick and all the lights were on. It was very impressive. It was built identical to the house across the street which held a church that had been abandoned. (There is a farm field there) I saw the last light go out. The scene went in for a closeup and there were many people standing around.

Earl Burris was standing in the street. (He owns our current house and is a fundamental Christian) I was getting instructions from above and behind me like from 'spirit'. It said we were toing in the right direction. Earl Burris came up to me and I said, "We want to start a church in that building across the street."

A man standing beside me dealt in real estate. He said, "I've had some dealing with those people, and with that property as well."

In the street was a man who like a report. He aimed his camera at me and took my picture. There was also 4 brown uniformed cops with high leather, knee high boots standing there. It seemed like they were watching us to see what we were doing. We were going to call it, "The Church of the Holy Grail".

6-13-98 - DREAM - I was with Joe and we were in California, but we were at someone else's house. This place was huge and had a very large banquet type hall. We were there on Joe's birthday, but it wasn't just for his birthday that we were there, they were honoring him for his artwork because it had become known worldwide.

We were happy being together and for the honor, but I was having a problem. My psychic abilities had developed to the point where I couldn't always tell the real from the unreal.

Joe and I were sitting by ourselves in a room prior to the banquet and up on the ceiling, at the center point where there was a circular nipple shape-like decoration like some old houses have where the center lights have been removed, some tiny movie stars and singers began to appear and put on a show for me. Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra were two of the singers. I was watching this tiny show and I said to Joe, "You can't see this show up on the ceiling can you?" He said, "No!" I felt sorry for him for missing the wonderful entertainment, but then I went to the bathroom and combed my hair and when I came out, I was in a hallway and saw a young teenage girl in another room. As I got closer, she moved away from the door and I began to worry that it wasn't real. I could still see the girl's presence by her shadow and her voice, but the closer I got to the door, the farther she moved back. Finally, I reached the door. In my mind, I was still worrying whether she was real or not and she came forward and began speaking to me and asked me if I had seen her friend Victoria. Just then, another teenage girl came down the hall and the two girls greeted each other warmly and I began to feel a sense of relief that this scene was probably real because they were full size people and having a normal conversation.

I then went back out into the banquet hall where people were gathering. I saw a strang looking older man in a child's high chair and though everything else looked normal, I got a queasy feeling again that this wasn't real. I looked for Joe. I spotted him sitting on a chair down near the end of the tables. I got down low to speak to him and wanted to tell him in a whisper what I was worried about. As soon as my words came out of my mouth, I knew instantly that none of what I saw was real because my voice boomed out so loud, and with such a loud echo that all the people at the table, in unison, and with other electronic type markings in the air showing fast movement, swooped down in their chairs in reaction to my voice. At that point I didn't know if anything was real, or if we were even in the place it seemed we were.

6-11-98 - EXPERIENCE - I was reading a book in bed about Shamans ("Shamanic Voices") and began to read the vision questing experience of Brooke Medicine Eagle. As I read it, the book came sort of loose in my hands and a small white fluffy feather fell out of the book from the pages prior to where I was reading. I grabbed for the feather and missed and I saw it go downward. Joe and I both looked for it, but we never found it because the cover on the bed was white and there was no color contrast. But,  I was certain the feather had been real. It was a little miracle.

6-12-98 - DREAM - This was longer than what I'll write. I met Jerry Seinfeld or someone who looked like him. He was leaving his wife as he said, and looking for an apartment to live in. He knew I lived alone and suddenly he wanted to have an affair with me. I came to the realization that he wanted to use me for a free apartment in case his wife got mad at him.

6-14-98 - DREAM - I was in a house in Milwaukee, somewhere on the west side. My long time friend N.M. came in, wearing a suit or dark clothing. He sat down on a chair in front of me. He aid, "I want to ask you to marry me before anyone else asks you." He pulled out a black ring box out of his left upper pocket and when he handed it to me, I saw the most incredible sparkles of love in his eyes than I've ever seen in anyone before. I opened the box and the ring was gold, sort of either filagreed or with a strong design on it. It was wide enough to go knuckle to knuckle.

While I was taking the ring out of the box and before I could answer, he got called away to go investigate a murder on 42nd and Clark St. I began thinking of all the ways my life would change if I said, "yes" and I couldn't think of any good ones.

I had to dial 911 and report a murder which I did and the police couldn't get the address straight.  said it was 2545 N 42nd St. and they thought it was on 25th St. Finally, I said, "No! It's on 42nd and Clark. They got it then. (See Rev. 11-2)

At that point, I began trying on the gold ring. I already had rings on every finger of my right hand, so I had to remove one to put the new one on. when I slid it on my 4th finger, I thought, Aha! He bought a size 9."

There were some things I had to do in a schoolroom before I could leave and I couldn't find the right coat to wear. I had a choice between my navy blue pea coat on which the sleeves seemed too short and too thin for the weather and my long sweater coat which looks like Joseph's coat of many colors. I finally decided on the Joseph's coat sweater.

As I left the building, the mailman was in the lobby. My mailbox was stuffed with mail so tight, he could hardly close the door. I told him to just stuff it in and I'd be back for it.

I began walking down Clark St. towards 42nd St. and  I heard my name called from behind me. My son Bob was up on a 3rd floor balcony calling me back. He said I didn't have to go down to 42nd St. because everyone had left there already.

6-14-98 - VISION - I was laying in bed and Joe was sitting on the edge of the bed on his side, reading his book. He turned around to kiss me and I saw that he had shaved his head completely bald.

6-14-98 - VISION - I was laying in bed and saw Joe walk towards the kitchen through the livingroom. He was wearing a white T shirt and light colored bluejeans. His head was either completely bald OR he had just little fringes of white around the back.

6-17-98 - DREAM - I was living in Milwaukee and went to Jackson St. to turn in my keys for the apartment I had moved out of. After I got there, I remembered that I had left the keys and purse at home because I had been in such a rush to get this done and over with.

I thought I was moving out of 205 and as I was climbing the stairs I realized that I was moving out of 311 and I had turned in the keys a long time ago. I, and the new Manager - (Jimmy) entered the apartment and saw how deteriorated it was. The wallpaper over the doorways had all peeled off. Jimmy said, "I guess we're not going to get this one painted very fast." I agreed and then we noticed that the whole apartment was infested with moths and bats. We got out of there as fast as we could.

6-16-98 - DREAM - The whole entire night I was seeing blue rectangles that were Thank You notes with my name and address on the lower left hand corner. It was for metaphysics.

6-18-98 - DREAM - I was seeing a web page that was like the sky - light blue with clouds on it. There was a page of poetry that was called "Canon" type. It was supposedly written by or about LADY OLIVER C_____ . (The name was there but I couldn't remember it.) I saw her picture...a pretty woman. The name under the picture was OLIVER. (I had been studying King Arthur and the Holy Grail and it had something to do with that.)

6-18-98 - DREAM - I was working for Ralph. There were two other men there as well, that were visiting. Their names were Guest and Bast. They were hanging posters in all the yards by clipping them to wash lines. Mr. Guest was doing some writing about crop circles. He was writing on newspaper sheets in light blue in, like in a trail down the sheet and the trail ended in a 'sewing machine'. (The sewing symbol is important to remember for later dreams I will relate)

Ralph came in and asked me if I had enjoyed meeting his guests. I don't remember answering him. I had returned the writing to Mr. Guest without comment also.

I was moving and my whole family came to help me move. I found a very large exit door. A black woman came in and showed me that the emergency exit windows were way too small. I opened the emergency door which opened out onto a huge schoolroom for children. I met several of the children who were very cute and I told them so. The little boy had a long brown cape like superman and it flared out behind him.

6-19-98 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee and left 20th St. school to go to my new apartment which must been on 19th St. or 1/2 way between 19th and 20th st. as I had walked around the block and found some pink furniture and a black and grey purse sitting on the sidewalk. I also know this was Sunday evening because the furniture hadn't sold at a yard sale on Saturday and th trash men would pick it up on Monday morning. I saw the purse sitting on top of the furniture and was attracted to it but talked myself out of picking it up. However, when I was past it by 20 feet, temptation overtook me and I went back and picked up the purse. I opened it up and looked inside. It was large enough for me, but the white silk lining inside was torn and frayed and I determined I could do better for myself and put it back.

I then went back to my apartment. I was confused at first as to where it was. I had rented #202 on the 2nd floor, but the arrangement of rooms was strange. #205 was right next to it, and #203 was across the hall where an old friend lived. He kind of looked like R.T. but I don't think it was him. R.T. had a crush on me, but I was now with Joe.

Inside the apartment, the bedrooms extended behind where the door to 205 was. I had never been in this apartment before and  I began to explore it to see where we were going to sleep. The apartment had 5 bedrooms. There was another moustached man living in this apartment whom I recognized but can't remember his name or relationship to my life...perhaps just an ex-tenant of mine.  The man got into the bed where Joe was standing which forced Joe and I to go to the master bedroom.

I saw the other guy R.T. was hiding in a smaller bedroom though he actually lived across the hall in 203.

I told R.T. to go down 19th St. and look at the pink furniture, that he might be able to use some of it.

It was suddenly Monday morning and I had 5 boxes of incense to mail. I took it to the post office. For some reason, I was topless and felt very uncomfortable about it, and would have to stand in line to mail these packages. But R.T. showed up to help me. He worked for U.P.S. and walked into the back room of the post office which nobody is allowed to do normally and asked for Express service.

The postman came out to make sure that these packages warranted that kind of attention. I looked at the addresses and they were going to administration type offices so he allowed them express service.

I then noticed that my purple sweater was laying underneath the packages and put it on quickly.

6-19-98 - NOTE: I was studying the Holy Blood/Holy Grail book when I got really tired and had to go to sleep suddenly.

DREAM - I was laying in bed, not wanting to get up. I would close my eyes and have a vision. One of the visions said, "Art of Languedoc", the other one said, "Beauty of Languedoc".  Under each of those statements seemed to be a biblical quotation out of the book of Daniel as it ended in DN. (I will research that)

Following the visions, a woman I knew well, came to visit. She presented me with an orange typewriter for doing good deeds. I noted she also had one. I tested it and the typing was very clear to read.

6-20-98 - DREAM - I was studying King Arthur and the Holy Grail on the computer. Suddenly the screen changed. I was clicking on the words LANGUEDOC and the rectangular spaces got larger and more clear every time I clicked on them. I clicked on Languedoc again and a drawing appeared. It was a black and white drawing of a medieval knights helmet with two crossed swords behind it. (Points upward) The word Languedoc was on the same line to the next word which looked like 'Itilili' or something like that.

NOTE: After I woke up, I looked through the dictionary to come up with the correct word and couldn't come up with the right one. After awhile I decided to go back to seep to hopefully dream the answer.  I went to sleep and had the identical dream and when the knights helmet and crossed swords appeared, the word starting with "I" went through a search mode and couldn't come up with the word either. The word search stopped and two black olives appeared next to the helmet.

6-20-98 - VISION - I saw Joe's tennis shoes and they were pure white and mine were right next to his and they were also pure white.

6-21-98 - NOTE: I had been studying King Arthur and the Holy Grail.

DREAM - I was seeing a web page titled "The Holy Bloodline". Down the page were 7 links. All of them said, "The Holy Bloodline". I clicked on one expecting to see a poem or a story, but there was another page of links that said, "The Holy Bloodline". Each one of those links went to another page of links that all said, "The Holy Bloodline". I was disappointed not to get any further information. All of a sudden, the last link I clicked on, a picture of my son Tom appeared with his back to me, he was wearing Avocado or Olive colored shorts. Then another picture appeared, which was also my son Tom, now facing me, wearing Avocado or Olive colored shirts and shorts.

NOTE: I think this dream was showing me the genealogy of the Holy Bloodline of Jesus. Perhaps the two black olives above are related to this dream.

6-20-98 - DREAM - I was in a house with my family and some other people. I heard an airplane coming. It sounded awfully close so I looked out the window. I saw an airplane coming towards the house with two headlights. It was really low. We actually ducked inside the house because it was so low. We could see the lights of plane right through the ceiling and roof. It must have gone around and came back again because when it came back, it was even lower the second time. Again we could see the lights through the ceiling and roof. We felt pretty scared at that point.

Then, some other man showed up, a tall blonde guy who seemed really nice and who seemed to like me, and another man came who had dark hair. He seemed to be against everyone according to his appearance and attitude.

I went into a side room where there were storage drawers in the wall. Above the top drawers there were just enough space to see through the wall to watch secretly what the other people were doing in the huge room on the other side.

But, the dark haired head guy saw us watching and made us come out from our vantage point. On the other side of the wall where the large room was, I could see where the whole wall was bulged out and broken and that's how the guy knew we were watching. They had been talking about the Holy Bloodline and they didn't want us to know what was said.

6-22-98 - DREAM - I was in a building in a large city. I managed the building and we were going to remodel the basement. In order to do that, we had to take everything outside. We hooked up the washing machine between the sidewalk and the road so we could continue to do laundry while we remodeled the basement. There was a lot of laundry to do. There were piles of it everywhere and it was really bad. We hauled it all outside and I was going to do it out there.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I left the washing machine untended to do that. I couldn't find the bathroom. I stood in the hallway and looked at all the doors. Each one was a different size and I knew where each one went and none was a bathroom. I remembered there was one on another floor so  I went in search of that one. Meanwhile, I met some women who had problems and I stopped to listen to them and confront them and give them advice. I then went back outside to throw the laundry into the machine first. I opened the lid and began to measure cookie dough into the machine and saw it float down in deep water. I thought that was odd and looked closer and found shredded bread wrappers with pictures of colorful balloons on them. Now, I was really puzzled and started pulling out this paper. Another woman came along and started pulling toys out of the machine. Taylar - our granddaughter needed to wash her toys and the woman had helped her put the toys in. The washing was done, so I helped her take them out. There was a big yellow truck, some doll puppets, and a huge brown dinosaur.

At this point, someone hollered, "Look! Up in the sky!" I turned and looked and saw a huge blimp in the sky. I remembered having seen one before, but I looked again and there was a blimp in the south sky. In the west, a huge dark green helicopter was hovering, shooting lazer blanks in practice, using the blimps as targets. Between the helicopter and us were piles of hay bales that we could hide behind in case the lazer turned out to be real, so I didn't worry about it.

A young girl came up to me with a job application for a job at another building I managed at 3803 N. Port Washington Road. She had a thick stack of papers which she handed to me which was her application and resume.   I told her that I hadn't been expecting her and didn't have a ride up to the other building but perhaps if her father wanted to give me a ride up there, I could show her around. Then I thought better of it, that it was a bad idea and that maybe I could take a walk or take the bus up there. I didn't want to pay for the bus ride both ways unnecessarily though, so I told her I was sorry and couldn't show her the building, but that the next time I was hiring I would call her. I kept her paperwork, and she walked away disappointed.

I turned around and on the corner Joe stood talking to two older women. They looked like they were old friends in intimate conversation with their heads together. I couldn't hear anything they said and I looked at the woman and saw how old they were and thought to myself that I was younger and prettier than they were, so I could allow him to have female friends without me knowing what was being said. However, the shorter one suddenly broke away and came towards me, tearing off her mask, and her old clothes, revealing that she wasn't an old woman like the other one. She was in disguise and would go after Joe and had other intentions than friendship. (Note: This was prophetic and actually happened)

I had more important things to do and walked back into the building where the workmen were waiting for me to discuss the remodeling project. I noticed that there were no windows down there and told the guys that I hoped it didn't get too cold to work down there, but it was summer and it should be fine.

As I was waking up, I heard one of the men say, "Let me see what you have there!" I looked at my right hand and it was placed on top of an open white box and the title was, "The Mystic".

6-23-98 - DREAM - I was working in the office of a maintenance type section of an underground garage of a large building. I saw the map of Wisconsin on a computer which had a line drawing and the state was divided into a multitude of small sections in geometric shapes but none of these sections had been colored in though it appeared that someone had intended for it to be colored in. I thought it would be good if I started the project by typing the letter "B" in a number of the sections for the color blue. Then I put the statement "B= Blue" above the map which would automatically color the sections marked "B" when the program was run. I noted that the statement "Y=Yellow" and "P=Pink" statements were already written but none of these letters had yet been entered on the map yet.

Meantime, there was other activity going on in the garage and it seems I was trying to prove myself worthy in a man's world and still remain feminine. I was giving advice to several men who couldn't seem to figure out how to do something. In one instance, a younger guy had to deal with removing 4 feet of snow from an inner parking area of a garage where there was no place to put it once shoveled. So, after looking at the problem, I told him to throw the snow down the driveway so it could melt and run down into the street which was quite aways down the ramp-like drive through the building.

Another man need a part to fix a non-functioning machine and I suggest we get the part at a local hardware store to facilitate quick repair and volunteered to go with him.

I knew approximately where the hardware store was. We drove towards the area but parked several blocks from it and had to walk through a bad neighborhood to get to the store. We had to walk past two black men who were loitering on the street and I got scared they might attack so as we walked past them, I began writing letters in white chalk B O Y S on the sidewalk to show that we had been there, just in case we got attacked, then realized we weren't being attacked and that if we walked faster we'd be better off, so that's what we did.

We reached a 5 and 10 cent store which was built right across the sidewalk and entered it. I realized it was the wrong store and that the right store was another block farther on down the street. We went through the 5 and 10 cent store and exited the other side, crossed the street and found that the hardware store was down an even darker street and then we'd have to walk all the way back to the car. I hoped we'd take a different route.

We got back to the underground garage somehow (that part is blank in my memory) and I got back to the computer and I was ready to begin typing the letter "B" in the appropriate section of the State of Wisconsin.

6-24-98 - DREAM - I was rearranging the file names on our index page and when I was done a blackbird flew across the page from one name to another.

6-24-98 - DREAM - I was living in a house with a bunch of other people. B.G. the painter came to visit, so I started telling him the dream I had about him earlier this year about how he was leaving. In the dream I told him that I had a red "Excalibur" leather upholstered to give him. (It had been a chariot) I told him in the upper church Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy O'Nassis and the actor "Neils"sp was there. (J.K.O. was not there) and I told him that when I hugged him goodbye that I had turned into the Lion King and he had turned into the Queen of Diamonds. (He was the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz and I had become the Lion and we had sat down on golden thrones) B.G. was all disappointed that he was the Queen of Diamonds. After he left,  I remembered that it actually was the Knight of Diamonds and visualized the horse figure on a chess board game.

In the next part of the dream, I was talking with the other women about our responsibilities in taking care of the house. We each were responsible to take care of the part we lived in. W.G. came in and told us that her car was all messed up and  I explained the deal, how we were all responsible for our own little area we lived in. And I said, "And who is responsible for your car?" She looked around wildly looking for someone to blame. I asked her again, "And who is responsible for YOUR car?" emphasizing the word Your. She again looked around for someone to blame, so I said it again, "WHO is responsible for YOUR car?" and then she finally got it that she was responsible for her own car.

Then a young black girl was telling one of the other women how she had looked in the door of another woman's room and the floor was all dirty. I started to feel guilty about my house being a mess and ought to spend some time cleaning it.

6-24-98 - DREAM - I was sitting at my bosses desk, taking dictation from him and answering the phone.The phone rang and it was his wife, calling from the next room. While he was talking on the phone, I noticed my pen had run out of ink and I needed a new one or I wouldn't work late. I saw that he had 4 or 5 black pens on his desk, but I didn't want to use his pens, so I went into the cabinet and got out a brand new BLUE BIC pen that you can see the ink in the barrel and then there was a little triangle shaped pen stand there and I kept trying to make it stand up on the desk and it kept falling over.

The Boss and his wife were acting like they were having an illicit love affair on the phone and acting all serious about it, but I thought it was 'cute' and kept the romance alive.

At the end, I was taking care of a small black boy and he didn't have his shoes on, so I bribed him by offering him "something green". I actually was a $20 bill and it belonged to the child. We had used it for collateral to collect silver coins.

6-24-98 - DREAM - I was at a school playground. Someone asked me if  I remembered what R___ looked like. I said I did. They said, "See if you can pick her out. I looked and looked and looked. I even looked at the men in case she had had a sex change operation. I didn't see anyone that looked like R___. Then I took a good look at the person who had asked me the question. I had to look real close but it was her. I said, "The person who looks the most like her is YOU. I'm going to say it's YOU!"  She said, "You're right! It's me! And this is how I did it." She handed me a big white pill and a glass of water. She said, "Take it!" And I did.

I half woke up and went right back to sleep. I was back in the same place with the same woman. She said, "My name is Paulie Chamish!"  They were trying to get other people to recognize her in order for others to know they could become young again.

We went inside a shopping mall then, and I picked out some pretty clothes to wear. I was going to put it on a credit card so t wouldn't seem so bad. I ran into a couple women from One Life To Live. "Dorian" was attempting to steal some clothes by putting them in a big black gym bag and slip them out to the car without paying for them. She pulled some piece of green cloth over her face so nobody would see her face. I knew she was going to walk out with the bag of stolen clothes, but I asked her to take my green and white bathrobe which I had been wearing earlier. I had it stuffed into the shopping bag I was carrying. I handed it to her and said, "Here! Do you mind putting this in the car?" and she put it over her black bag and pulled the green cloth closer over her face.

I walked down the mall, worried that I spent too much on clothes. I pulled the clothes out of the cart and looked at them. There was a skirt and a blouse which I had spent $36 and $42 for. And there was a veil/scarf of see-thru gauze thread in red/green which I said only cost a couple of pennies and I realized that I hadn't spent too much afterall.

I put it in the shopping cart and started to push the car around in a circle to go back the other way. I almost ran into a man's legs. I apologized and then backed up and almost ran into a black man and his child. I started to laugh. I said, "I'm sorry. I really don't have very good control of this thing."  The man laughed with me as I headed back towards the parking lot, trying to remember that person's name, "Paulie Chamish."

6-25-98 - DREAM - I had a series of computer dreams in which I was attempting to send an e-mail to Joe. Every time I clicked on SEND, I would wake up. Finally, after many tries, I was successful in sending the e-mail without waking up. I saw the e-mail become a small booklet with a red cover and I saw the back of the booklet like a hallmark card and the little logo on the back filled up with some kind of fluid that somebody had injected into it which changed it to something else. I didn't not understand that.

6-25-98 - DREAM - I was living in the country and wanted to go for a walk. I took a water bottle with me and spilled some. The water ran downhill gaining speed and volume. When it reached the bottom of the hill on which I lived,  I saw that the water which was now like a big lake was rising ominously fast. I turned and looked towards shore as the water was already lapping around my ankles and rising fast. As I looked towards shore, there was a narrow path and a man standing at the end of the path up on the shore. He said, "Keep your eye on the path and keep walking." I kept my eye on the man who turned out to be Joe. The water rose higher and higher and was thigh high by the time I reached shore. Joe and I went up into the building there which became a lighthouse. Joe and I went into the lighthouse and the female lighthouse keeper allowed us to look out the window at the darkness and the deepening water, but we knew everything would be all right in the end.

6-25-98 - DREAM - I, Joe, and Nancy and some older parents of one of them went to a restaurant for dinner. We all sat there and nobody said anything. Nobody did anything. Joe and Nancy sat side by side and I looked to see if they were getting too close and they weren't. I was sitting all by myself by the wall on the other side, reading a book. Nobody said a word.

Finally,  I said, "Why are we all sitting here for?"  Nancy jumped up and started waving her arms around, saying something in a loud voice I can't remember. I even heard everything she said and she went off alone.  Joe morphed into my husband Jim and we had to pick up quite a few bags of luggage to take with us. I carried at least 4 myself. Joe carried two immense suitcase types. Mine were more like overnighter size. Another girl who seemed to be my daughter carried another one. The old people must have gone a different way because I didn't see them again.

We all headed into the lobby. For some reason my husband went out the back door and my daughter and I went out the front door. Then we stood there trying to figure out where he went. A parking garage was across the street and others were recognizing people by their cars waiting, but we just stood there. I figured that my husband must have parked the car behind the building and he would drive around and pick us up, but he never did.

I soon discovered I wasn't wearing any slacks and my legs were bare all the way up to "you know where." I went into a building where I thought I might get some help in getting something to put on. It turned out to be a movie casting office and I walked in just far enough so the guy in the office could see my legs. Then a woman I asked for help said, I could find some slacks where all the woman had taken off their clothes when they came in for interviews. I looked and looked, but all I could find were fur coats from all kinds of animals.

Finally, my husband arrived to take us home when I had nowhere else to go and I was happy to be going home at last and knew I'd stay there happily.

6-25-98 - VOICE - "The Mountain"

VOICE - "Vos Vama, Mexico"

VOICE - "She went all the way to Mexico".

6-25-98 - DREAM - I was with some women. They had asked for a volunteer to have something put in her body (female) It was about football size and had worm-like tentacles all around - numerous - more than an octopus or squid. The woman strenuously objected and I didn't blame her. It was nasty looking. But they got it in her and closed her up.

6-26-98 - DREAM - I was on the corner of 15th and Clark with my cousin Judy. We were so close we were almost joined at the hip. Everyone was wearing 4 wheeled roller skates (not roller blades) on each foot. Everybody was with someone, so the pair of the people had 16 wheels together.

It was very congested on the street and hard to get across so I let go of Judy and saw myself in the2nd body kind of like watching someone else. I slid down a slide and was whooping and hollering happily all the way. At the bottom I slid through something brown but it wasn't like mud because when I stood up, I was wearing a suit with wings like a butterfly when I held my arms up.

6-27-98- DREAM - This dream started at my New Berlin house but my family was not there. The people in the house had malformations of the head. One person had growths all over her head like 'elephant man'. One woman  had like a sculpted frame built around her head with skewers to hold her skull together. I was so gross out by those two women but I forced myself to look at them. I knew this was for a reason I had to do this. At one point, I was helping to repair a table lamp by taking parts from another table lamp.

Another guy had just shaved his beard and he had cut off these huge growths on his fact that were like long tentacles. I had to prove to him that he was loved anyway and I had to prove that by eating something gross-looking that touched his face.

I then went outside and walked around the house to the front. I saw my family standing on the lawn about 30 feet away. As I came around the front of the house, I saw a huge yellow UFO appear in the sky suddenly. I stood there in awe with my mouth hanging open. I hollered to my family to look.

As we watched, the yellow UFO morphed into a rocket shape and a big American flag appeared and waved in the wind. We were so shocked, we couldn't believe our eyes.

Then a big rocket appeared in the western sky. It was going upward, but getting closer and it seemed ominous. Then another rocket appeared and crossed paths with the first rocket and instantly a  huge silver flat faced balloon shot up out of the 2nd rocket and the balloon had the face of an astronaut on it with an American flag behind him.

My family was in awe and stood there with me, mouths hanging open and then, not knowing what else to do, we started to applaud.

Just then, another UFO appeared in the southern sky. As we watched another spacecraft appeared. Again, an American flag shot up from the 2nd spacecraft like it had confronted the 1st one and won. Again, we applauded heartedly.

As I sat there, an astronaut appeared on the lawn up on the hill behind the house. He was in black and white -...not color like the rest of the dream. It was Wally Shirra. I don't know how I knew it was him but I'm as positive about that s I know my own name. He was wearing one of those puffy white spacesuits like they wear in outer space. It had black bands around the upper arms, and waist, and by his ankles. I saw his face clearly, so  I know he was not wearing a helmet.

NOTE: On 7-22-98 - Astronaut Alan Shepherd died of leukemia.

He began to speak to me. I was in awe but tried to answer his questions. (I can't remember what he said.) When I tried to talk, my lips could move, but my teeth didn't come apart and I was mumbling like I was half asleep.

I was so discomforted about speaking to the famous Wally Shirra while mumbling, I finally said to him, "I feel like I'm half asleep". He said then, "Oh! Then I won't bother you, and he evaporated.

I was so disappointed. I felt like I had chased him away by being rude. I felt really bad. But then, I wanted to tell someone about my 'dream'.

The scene changed and I was at a large school. As I walked across the schoolyard, there were many children playing there, and I picked up things that were dropped and handed them back and patted heads and smiled at them.

Off to my left, all of the female teachers were playing a game of baseball. They were all wearing white tops and black longish shorts. As I got to the school door, the double doors closed and I saw that there were no handles on the outside to open the doors. However, when  I tried to pry the doors apart in the center, I discovered that the doors pushed inward very easily.

I stood there in the hallway, looking for someone I could tell my Wally Shirra dream to. The teachers came in from the baseball field and they were all now wearing long shimmering robes of multicolored purple, blue, and rose. They were talking together amongst themselves and some of them were dispersing to up a stairway, so I ran amongst them hollering, "Ladies! Ladies! I want to tell you about my dream. It was about UFOs!"  They were all instantly interested and wanted to hear my dream.

There was a large conference room there, so I entered it and found it to be full of the male teachers sitting on the floor facing the front like they had just been lectured to from the podium. They were all dressed in longish black shorts, and white nubby cotton tops.

I told them that I had something to tell them and they all moved back to make a square opening in front for the female teachers to come in.

For some reason I wasn't shocked but as the female teachers filed in, they were all wearing pajamas and robes and were crippled in one way or another.

The tallest woman had no hair and was on crutches. She seemed to be referring to the light I had been helping to repair earlier, and told me that if  I needed parts to repair anything, there was a junk yard on 108th St. that carried all kinds of parts and could probably get me anything I needed.

NOTE: Interestingly enough, 108 is the number of Goddesses in the Hindu religion.

6-30-98 - DREAM - (I'm only remembering part of this dream. I don't know how I got to this point, nor how I left it because I was dreaming of web pages, so perhaps this was a scene from a link I clicked on.)

DREAM - I was on a train going somewhere and I needed to protect a woman who had witnessed the slaughter and massacre of an ancient people. The killers were on the train with us. The woman didn't speak my language so she couldn't tell us about these people in words, she could only draw them. They were short stocky people with squarish heads. They did not speak our language. The name of this ancient people started with the letter "O". The number 250 sticks in my mind like that's how many people were in the tribe.

6-30-98 - VISIONS AND VOICES - "It is better to be prepared. You usually try to do everything alone. We keep talking about the widening gyre and you keep rejecting it. You're a mirror image of what's happening. Two days for a visit of truth." I then saw a woman dressed all in white jump down from a high perch. She tackled Superman (the typical). She also had a white cape which flowed behind her.

I went into a dream where I was caring for two small girls. I thought they were out in the street playing. Then I realized what I thought were the girls were just two pieces of trash paper laying on the highway.  I looked again and thought I saw the girls too close to the ocean but that was two other girls. I looked again and my two girls were playing safely in a sandbox where I couldn't see them unless I leaned forward.

I then saw two little boys from the neighborhood. One of them had two black dog leashes and collars. The leashes were very short and strong. I felt that if I hadn't been there, they would have put them on the girls.

My presence kept my girls safe.

I heard the boy's mother call them home.  I thought to myself, "they didn't need to play with the leashes in the first place."

 I was sitting on a driveway writing in my notebook and I noticed that if it rained, the water would run downhill into the garage because there was a sharp drop off in the driveway to where the vehicles were kept at night.

When the boys left, I went into the house and in the diningroom, I opened the bottom part of the buffet (a cabinet) and there I saw stored beer, Mellow Yellow, and water. I took the beer, decided I needed to calm down.

I had a long piece of paper in my hand on which was a long complicated recipe. I held it too near the blue flame on the stove and it burned to a crisp before I could pull it away. I thought, "Oh well! I didn't really need that anyway. "Then I noticed all the electric burners were red hot and glowing and it seemed ominous to me.


The Widening Gyre.

"by Yeats"

Turning and turning in the widening gyre,
The falcon cannot hear the falconer,
Things fall apart, the center cannot hold,
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned.

6-30-98 - VISION - As I closed my eyes for the night, I saw a spinning mass turning to the right and getting wider and wider as it spun. It began to look like a universe of stars as it spun.