JUNE 2008


6-1-08 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house it seemed.  My father had several friends over and he wanted to show his friends how smart I was.

My father stood me up in front of his friends and asked me, "What is the longest ______ in the world?" 

I didn't even understand what he said, much less have the answer, so I said, "How am I supposed to know what the longest thing in the world is?"

He grabbed me by the back of the neck and held me up in the air and took me into the diningroom where I kicked and flailed with my arms and legs until I woke up.


6-1-08 - DREAM - I spent a lot of time complaining about my father holding me up in the air while I kicked and flailed around to my girlfriends. Nobody wanted to believe that my father was so mean.

In the kitchen, the freezer was missing and seemed way too small.  (Actually the sink was gone)  My friend Carol/Alice came over and I complained about my father.

Another woman came over who was wearing and red and blue paisley shift.  It was really gaudy.  She said, "You can look at my catalog if you want, but you have to promise that you won't lick your fingers to turn the pages or turn the page corners down. 

I promised and then she gave me the catalog.  Everything on the pages were the same red and blue paisley she was wearing.

This is the closest I can come to it. 

On 7-7-08 - this crop circle appeared in Germany


Ort / Location: Sudheim
Bundesland / County, State: Niedersachsen
Breitengrad/Latitude: -
Längengrad / Longtude: -
Entdeckungsdatum / Date discovered: ca. 07.07.2008
Getreideart / Crop type: Weizen / Wheat



6-1-08 - NAP DREAM - I was working for a clinic in a big building.  It was my job to carry packages from the clinic to the hospital across the street.  I didn't question what I was carrying until one day I was told this was a rush job and I had to carry this tiny package about 6 inches long across the street to the hospital.  Just when I was about to leave, they told me it was the body of an aborted baby. 

That was rather gross - to be carrying the body of an infant from one side of the street to the other, especially a 'dead' body.  Then when I got across the street, I noticed that nobody had written in the identifying spaces what the package contained.  In the largest square, it said, If you are writing in this space you must be a licensed physician.  I wasn't - so I wrote in the square next to it, "This is the body of a miscarried baby. "

When I was done working, my husband was driving me down a south side street in Milwaukee. It had been raining, so the street was wet but it was no longer raining.  As we drove along, I spotted what looked like an ivory/tan container, that looked like it was  a tape recorder or something similar.  I told him to stop so I could pick it up, because it was the second time I had seen it there and he had refused to stop the last time also.  After this period of time, surely no one wanted it but I wanted to see what it was. 

He refused to stop, but he drove around the corner and said he would stop to see a friend and I could 'walk' down to the corner myself so he didn't have to be embarrassed by picking up something from the street.

So, he pulled into the alley behind his friends house.  He went in and met his friend and I trailed along.  By then though, there was a little boy who wanted to come out of the building with a large box and there wasn't room for us to pass on the stairway.  Finally, I just politely asked him if I could get through and he let me get by.  The boy's father was right there also, standing on a ladder doing something like carpentry or something on a higher level, so I wasn't doing anything awful by asking to get by.

Finally, as I got by, the boy decided to go with me through the building, and we came to where the front lobby of this building was, and the boy was leading me towards the front door as he knew the building better than I did. 

The boy pushed aside a dark blue curtain and we passed into a very large room that looked like a schoolroom from the early 1900's or before.  Everything was dusty and decrepit looking, but it looked like it could be a museum diorama or something - just not taken care of.

Instead of going out the front door, we went out a side door on the south side of the building. 

As we came out the door, on the corner of the building by the door were two dogs.  One was tied up ( a black and white German Shepherd) and very upset, because the other dog (black poodle) was jumping on it.

I told boy to get me the dog's leash which he did, and I noticed that the catch on the end of the leash had a tiny red lazer beam coming out of it when I latched the catch onto the dog's collar.

My intention was to take the dog for a walk, and then I wouldn't look dumb walking down to the corner for no reason.

As I got to the sidewalk, a rather short man was dancing by and he saw me and said, "My, don't you look just mahvelous!"  in a strange accent.

I responded, "Oh!  Thank you very much", and smiled, and then as he was out of hearing, I started laughing, because my friend Michelle had told me earlier on the phone that every so often, she met someone that told her she looked marvelous.  At least, I got one of those compliments too. 

Then on the sidewalk , where the man had come from, there was a tiny little brown furry puppy and I said to the puppy loud enough so the man could hear me, "Oh!  Aren't you cute. You little sweet thing."  hoping the man would feel good too that I admired his puppy, even if I hadn't complimented him like he did me.



6-3-08 - NAP DREAM - I was taking a walk in the woods and came near a small hovel. Before I got there, I heard someone very young screaming.  I ran to the door and saw blood all over the floor inside the room.

A little girl came to the door and said that her little brother had been shot inside. 

I tried to get into the house, but there were posts set in the center of the door - like people have to walk through when they are checking for guns.  I couldn't get into the room without ripping out one of the posts, so I did that.

When I got into the room, besides the blood on the floor, was a little boy standing there with blood all over his chest, arms and hands.

The little boy was dripping blood, but able to talk. 

I asked him what happened.

He answered that a man had called on the phone asking if he had any bowls for a large party he was having because he didn't have enough.

The little boy had said that he had some bowls the man could borrow.  The bad thing was, when the boy answered the door to the man, the man had blasted him with a shotgun without saying a word.

I realized at that point, it was the second time that this horrible thing had happened to a child.

It wasn't until after I woke up,  I realized that I was like a giant to this little boy because in order to get into this little house, I had to duck down and crawl into the room on my hands and knees and couldn't stand upright inside the hovel.

I was like a giant.



DREAM - I was attempting to do my kid's laundry.  Laundry costs a quarter and all I had was 2 dimes and a nickel.

That set me off through the building to ask people if they had a quarter. I finally met my boss who had a quarter but he didn't want my 2 dimes and a nickel. I said I didn't need to pay him back.

By then I was way out of my way. I had to go through the basement garage where a middle-aged white woman was soliciting funds so she could fun an assassination.  Other people said she sounded sincere, but nobody admitted to giving her any money.

Someone gave me two Memoriam cards encased in plastic. One was for a man named Tom Robertson. I can't remember the woman's name. I think it was Leigh (not the movie star)

the building on the north end was all remodeled. It was beautiful and had a gorgeous polished wood - very wide - stairway going down into the basement. I refused to go down there.  It felt evil.

I wanted to go outside, but two female guards stopped me and said I couldn't go outside from that door.  I shudder to think what might have been out there.

They told me I had to go down to the other end of the building.  The building got older the farther I went and I met two guys who were selling books and DVDs. The cover was black with white writing., but I don't remember the name. I was very impressed.

I never did make it back to the laundry room with the quarter.


6-9-08 - STRANGE PUPPY DREAM.  (I didn't know what the dream meant until I started hearing the news on TV and on the internet later in the day)

I got a tiny puppy. It was white and smooth. I keep wanting to call it French - it was either toy or cartoonish looking.

In the beginning he got ahold of some chewing gum and I thought he was going to choke on it, but he finally spit it out.

The kids all got into the bathtub together and the puppy was with them.  He sat on the bottom under the water sulking for punishing him for dancing sexually in front of the kids.

So to save him, I had to take him away from the kids and bathe him myself.  He was very unhappy.

The UPS truck came then and the truck had on it - four large items of different shapes - things I had ordered a long time ago that had been backordered and then delivered at the same time.  It must have been the last delivery of the day because there was nothing on the truck but my four boxes.  I don't know what was in the boxes,  but the boxes were four different rectangular shapes.  Every thought they were almost 6 feet long, they were very light, and I could carry all four boxes at the same time.  One was 6 feet tall, 3 feet wide and about 1/2 inch thick.  One was 6 feet tall, and about 12" x 12" thick.  The other two were also 6 feet long, but had other dimensions thick. No two were alike.  I don't remember opening them.

I was cleaning the house, riding on some kind of child's scooter.  I found four knives on the floor, about 2 1/2 feet long with thin blades, all pointing the same direction side by side, almost like swords.

I picked them up and put them in the 2nd top drawer over in the kitchen counter.

I then started frying little pieces of chicken for the puppy.

My sisiter-in-law Mary was there in the kitchen with me and we heard my husband yell from outside, "Mary!  Are you cooking chicken for me and the boys?  The rpom doesn't start until 11 p.m. so there is plenty of time."

There were 4 quarters (with drum stick) on a platter, so I put them into the frying pan to fry.

Then I said to Mary, "Why did he ask you? Didn't he expect me to be here?"


6-8-08 - DREAM - I was on a circular table or machine and got a complete medical checkup.  The results were positive and there was nothing to worry about.

I can't remember any other details.


6-8-08 - DREAM - I was in an apartment and my boyfriend/friend with benefits lived next door.  We weren't really romantic - just friends.

So, when he came over we started to have a discussion about that - and I told him I was in no rush to be romantic, but I wasn't happy about our relationship.

While we were talking, my ex-husband's neighbors brought over all the stuff my ex still had in his attic.  All the boxes, trunks, and cardboard sets of drawers with all my childhood papers in - like my childhood report cards, drawings from kindergarden all the way up through school that had been saved, etc.

I as thrilled to get all that.  So, was my boyfriend for some reason.

The women came in and were admiring the pink rabbits I had hanging on strings on my apartment walls.  Each one was different.

A little boy was there with them, and he wanted to know if I had toys like transformers, and super heroes, which I didn't.  No boy stuff.

My boyfriend then started playing with the TV remote I had, stereo, TV, etc.  He liked my electronic toys which he didn't have.




I had a dream that I was in a room with some people, standing next to a table with a model planet named sf-13 and there was smoke coming
from one side.

I woke up and went to the bathroom - trying as hard as I could to remember the dream, and thats all I could remember.

I figured I may as well forget about writing down that dream, but I couldn't get it out of my mind - a planet named sf-13?

( I found these: 

1991-06-05  1965 DC = 1979 SF13                      code number   9  (finder not identified)
1992-09-30 sf-13   named (7251) Kuwabara - discovered by K. Endate and K Wattanabe at Katami. 
named for Sioji Kawabara (1927 - _  a retired teacher  and Supervisor of education at Hemaji City in Japan
I fell asleep and I was back in the dream, again with some people and looking at the model planet sf-13 with 
smoke coming out one side.
However, the focus of this dream was on some friends who were bragging about who they had seen aboard the
UFO craft when they were abducted and had slept with them. 
I find it interesting when I hear that famous people are involved in UFO research, but they were making it
sound like they were ex-lovers on the ship.
The dream then started showing me famous people who were abducted and/or researchers. One was Jackie Gleason
or John Goodman- both comedians.
And then I was shown a stage with three characters in full costume from the Broadway show 'CATS".
I could swear that the dark cat in long dreadlocks was Whoopi Goldberg.
6-10-08  - NAP DREAM - I was living somewhere in a big house.  Next door was a house just like mine.  I was out
on the front porch with my computer working on something and the people on the porch next door got my attention.
They were yelling at me, but I couldn't hear what they were saying, so they started gesturing wildly to turn"
around, so I did.  So I was facing the opposite way, and there was a house with a porch like mine on that
side also, with a black family sitting on it.  Behind those people, I could see a woman wearing a dress coming
up to their porch from a light blue trailer.  
It was apparent to me that I was supposed to know that woman though I couldn't see her clearly. 
All of a sudden, I'm in my car driving down a road that seems to be snowy.  I'm not sure if it was winter or
maybe spring.  
I came to a T intersection and I got nervous about stopping and choked the car so it wasn't running at all.
Because there was a building both on my right and on my left, I couldn't see whether cars were coming from
either direction, so I was going to have to ease my way out into the road and turn either left or right.
I was about to turn left, but I couldn't get the car going right away.  Finally, I revved up the motor and
got it going and started to ease out into the road and I noticed that ahead of me, had I gone straight
forward, I would have driven right into a huge swollen river - maybe the Mississippi.  
As I eased my way out into the road, two snowmobiles or jet skies came roaring past, coming from the left,
and I woke up.

6-14-08 - DREAM -  I was in a school for young children, but there were adults in the building as well who may or may not have been

I came into a classroom where some boys were fighting and one boy was trying to kill another boy because a girl had complained
that he had touched her 'dykstra'.

I had no idea what a 'dykstra' was but I made them stop because whatever it was, the boy still shouldn't have been killed over it. I needed
to find out exactly what she was talking about.

I was carrying a small sized white Bible, one that was thick but not large in height or width.  I had been told that there were some books
in the Old Testament that weren't complete, and I planned to write out the books in their entirety and add sheets of paper with the
text that was missing. 

On the way to the room where the paper was, I opened a closet and found a bright blue vacuum cleaner that someone had hidden.
As soon as I touched it, it turned itself on.  I didn't know who this vaccum cleaner belonged to, but I knew it didn't belong in that
closet, so I took it with me.

On the way to the room with the paper, I met my son Bill (William) who was about seven years old. He told me about some friends
of his who wouldn't watch television anymore  because someone else had said a man was saying things that made them lose their faith,
but that another one of his friends said, "No man is going to make me lose my faith", and turned his television back on.

I didn't know whether that boy was 'stupid' or 'brilliant'.  I had not heard the rumour for myself.

As I reached the classroom where the paper was, a man came running past and I heard on his walkie-talkie radio, "the man is on three"
and he went running off to take care of whatever was going on. (Todd, from One Life to Live TV show?)

A woman (Marcie from One Life to Live TV show) wanted to leave the room, but since there was something dangerous going on
in the school, I refused to let her leave the room and get mixed up in it. 

Just as she was going to complain that I was keeping her captive, I had to move the vacuum cleaner and it turned itself on.  That forced
me to turn my complete attention on the vacuum cleaner, away from everything else that was going on.



6-15-08 - I was living in a big house.  I saw that my daughter-in-law Rebecca was in prison - laying in bed - on the other side of the street,
so I got her out of prison and brought her home to live with me.

Rebecca brought her bedding and bathrobe with her and laid it in a pile on the kitchen table. It all felt damp and I smelled it to make sure
it wasn't moldy. 

I told her I would throw it into the dryer to make sure it was dry and smelled good.

She left to go talk to a friend I looked on my desk and there was an invoice there for the repair of my car, which had to be paid.

I was told by a man who was standing there, that there was a box on it that had to be 'typed' in to fill it in.  I told him that was no problem
but we both tried to pick it up at the same time and it was wet and it ripped in half.  (I think the man was Ken who used to be a Navy Seal)

I told him that was okay because both halves had matching numbers on them and I could still type on my part as soon as it dried.

I went to the store to buy something and the clerk said she had one cell phone left if I needed it.  While I was contemplating that, there
was a small drawer in the counter where I was standing.  I opened the drawer and inside the drawer was a piece of railroad track for
a toy train - the piece where one track splits into two tracks in a Y shape.

I toyed with it for a moment, but then decided I could use it because I didn't have the rest of the track.  I closed the drawer and bought
the cell phone.

When I went back home, there was a huge tree growing in my kitchen.  On one end, on a long extended branch towards me was a
beautiful flower in full bloom and I saw that all the other branches were full of buds ready to open.

I knew that the blooming flower was a gift from Rebecca, so I called her to thank her, which  Idid profusely, but I knew that the
other flowers would bloom in their own time.

And I glanced over toward the far end of the tree and there was a sign there that said, "Retire in Riverbank."




6-15-08 - TOO MANY PEOPLE - DREAM - I was in my house with my husband Jim, and all the children.  My daughter was about
age 7 for reference - 3 boys were alder than her, and two boys younger than her.

I was also trying to run my business at the same time and people were coming and going.  One young man said he wanted me to
sign a contract for imprinted pens with my company name on them and I kept telling him I wanted to see his catalog of samples first
and he finally agreed to bring me a catalog.

Meanwhile another guy brought in two huge catalogs with dark blue covers on them, and he lay them down on the counter.  But the
other salesman was so persistent about me signing a contract without seeing anything, he picked up his catalogs and left and I ended
up seeing noting and that whole episode made me upset.

Meanwhile my husband was making demands on me about the kids while all the kids were climbing around on him and he wanted me
to do the same and I couldn't handle it anymore.  I said to him, "I need some alone time," and left the room to go upstairs.
Before I reached the stairs, I spotted a weight scale and it was half propped on top of a pillow. I dragged it off the pillow so
it was flat and stood on it, but I couldn't read what it said.

I went upstairs and sat on the toilet that was in my bedroom.

I was in the middle of going when a man walked into the room without knocking.

I said, "Pardon me but I'm sitting on the toilet."

He said, "Oh! Excuse me" and backed out of the room.

I didn't even have time to wipe myself and stand up and he came back into the room, so I remained sitting on the toilet like it was a

The man was Ray from our church.  He sat down on a chair opposite me, and said, "Remember we agreed to meet every Saturday for 15 weeks.?"

I didn't remember him telling me that, but I said, "If you say so!"

So, he said, "Well what was the deal when I was going to go on a buckboard ride with you and your husband and then you didn't go?"

I could visuazie that scene in the distance like was a past event and answered, "I don't remember it in the same way you do."

While I was talking 5 little girls came into the room  -the oldest one being my daughter.
(The other little girls could be the babies I miscarried between the younger boys and afterward.)

My daughter came over to hug me and wouldn't let go (she was always like that until she was about 10 years old)

The other little girls stood in ine, waiting their turn to be hugged and she would let go of me, so I just kept rubbing her back and patting her back"
to comfort her, because I was too afraid Ray would think I was a bad mother to tell her to let go, so I could hug the other girls.

Finally his time was up for his visit and I was able to get off the toilet and go to the kitchen where I was shown that "they" were trying to get me
off of meat and eat refried beans instead, "Ugh!"  It seems like I eat them often enough, but I do want to stop eating red meat.


6-17-08 - DREAM - I was in a room with a bunch of people including J.R. from "All My Children" TV show.

On the table was a bowl of green apples and I realized that I should have cooked them and made applesauce.

So I pared them and quartered them and was surprised to see they all had seeds that had to be removed.

So I cut the seeds and cores out of the quarters and put them into a kettle to cook down to applesauce, but they wouldn't cook down
and stayed the same shape - all separated.

I then started hearing a band playing and watched the drum major, dressed in white, standing still on the street, marking time slowly with
his arm up at the 2 o'clock position.

Then  I wondered if Kayla (my friend's daughter)  could hold her arm that long.  (Her Mom says she can hold her arm up like that with
her horn in her hand for 2 hours with no problem.  She was in the champion Spartans drum and bugle corp from New Hampshire for 3 years
and they've won the gold medal for the U.S. 5 times.



6-18-08 - NAP DREAM -  I was in a large room full of women.  A woman in a beautiful long yellow gown gave me an armful of oranges. 

When I lay the oranges on the table, they were burnt to look like Pomegrantes. 

As soon as that happened another woman gave me an armful of long feathers - like a parrot would have - of blue and bright purple and
she told me to wear them in my hair - hanging downwards like hair.

I took some of these feathers, because there were so many of them, to give them as a gift for the woman in yellow but the woman was leaving
the room already and walking away and we couldn't catch her to give her a gift too - of the feathers to wear in her hair as well.

ERTE (Russian/French, 1892-1990) Serigraph Woman in yellow gown holding fan 19 1/2 in. by 29 1/2 in. Well framed. $225


blue and purple feathers

The peacock (the bird of Hera), “smiles when it looks at its feathers” and “cries when it looks at its ugly legs”.  It opens its feathers like a fan which are full of “eyes” like the beads for the protection against the “evil eye”.  The peacock feather forms inside an “eye” like the “spectacle” of the Cobra, which offers protection in addition to the color blue.  My idea is well supported by the fact that the “eyes” of the peacock feathers resemble the eye of the Cobra and moreover, the Chinese name of this species of snake means exactly Yanjingshe which means: “spectacle” snake



DALI - One Second Before Awakening from a Dream Caused by the
Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate, 1944


6-19-08 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building and my Father came with another man to rent an apartment in my building.

We walked upstairs to look at an apartment that was coming available and so we walked up the stairs.  I wondered if my Father could make it okay because he was an old man.  When we got to the apartment, my Father got right into the bed and lay down.

A few minutes later, there was a young boy there who needed a shower, so I took him to the shower room which was built on a steep slant so that any dirt would wash right down and it was a self-cleaning shower. 

Not long after that, I met a man in a brown suit.  He shook hands with me with a hand that was coated in granulated sugar, and then while I sat talking to him, he took a paint roller dipped in powdered sugar and rolled it on top of my head.  So I had to walk around with sugar on my hair all day.

I had an appointment at 5 p.m. to sit next to a tall beautiful singer.  She was singing from some sheet music about the earth changing.  the problem was that when we turned the page , there was no more music, only a few bars of words.  Down the page further, the music started again, but she left when her part was over and I was expected to sing part 2 and I wasn't prepared for that.  I didn't know if the people would like my voice.

Iwas looking out the window then at three black women, rowing a boat.  They were going really fast, and I heard one of them remark how crowded the lake was.  Then I saw too that they were rowing their boat between long boats full of people, all rowing in one of those skull races and the three black women were going faster than they were.

As it turned out, the three black women were living in the apartment that my Father was going to rent and they came into the building and started moving out.

When they finished moving out, I went to check the apartment and I found a dresser in the bedroom and in the drawers and on the floor they had left all kinds of Christmas chocolates that they hadn't eaten all of.  So I started picking them up because I didn't want them to go to waste.



The girl's name Gina \gi-na\ is pronounced GEE-nah. Short form of names ending in -gina, a feminine form of Gene, or a variant of Jean. Also used as a prefix to form new variants. Independent use dates from the 1920s. Actresses Gina Lollobrigida, Geena Davis, Gena Rowlands.

The boy's and girl's name Gene \ge-ne\. Diminutive of Eugenia (Greek) "well-born" or variant of Jean (Hebrew) "the Lord is gracious".

In other dreams when I dream about Gene - he calls himself  IESOUS (Jesus)



6-26-08 - DREAM - I was in my house (not any house I've ever lived in)  I was dreaming this house that had a kitchen set off by itself from the diningroom. The kitchen was lit up but the diningrom wasn't.  In the diningroom was a cot and I saw a sheet of newspaper under the cot with chunks of dirt on it, and I knew that the newspaper was called Maxwell Smart.  I got down on my knees, and pulled out the newspaper and saw that on the newspaper with the dirt were small keys and I had to separate the keys from the dirt.  I couldn't figure out why the newspaper was called Maxwell Smart.

I then woke up in the dream, and tried to explain the dream to Joe and told him  I was so puzzled as to why the newspaper was called Maxwell Smart..  All of a sudden, the dream became real and I told Joe, this is just like the dream like it was playing itself out for real and he was going to see my dream for himself.

Then I sat down to type up the dream, but I couldn't find a decent piece of paper to type the dream on.  We didn't have one nice sheet of paper to type on in the typewriter.  There was some smaller sheets of pink paper but they were like unused sales receipts and I didn't want to use them because there were 3 sheets to one receipt.  (Hah!  There is right now in front of me a steno pad with pink paper in it as I sit here at the computer)

Then, while I sat there typing, to my left there was a small round table with a beautiful potted tree in it.  My son Tom was sitting to the right of the tree. He was about 10 years old.  As I watched, a small brown dog crawled up on a chair and then onto the table and tried to pee on the tree, and my tortoise shell cat climbed up right behind the dog and the cat clung onto the dog and it looked like the cat was trying to hump the dog.

I yelled to Tom to get the dog and the cat off the tree, but I called him, "Ken" - like mothers do - call their kids the wrong name.

Tom got up from what he was doing and went over to the tree/dog/cat and instead of grabbing just the dog and the cat away from the tree, he picked up all three and deliberately smashed the tree upside down on the floor.  Because it was upsidedown, the dirt came out of the pot and went flying one way and the animals went flying the other direction and disappeared.

As luck would have it, the dirt flew under the cot that was by the wall and landed on newspaper just like in my earlier dream.

I looked at that newspaper with the dirt on it, and started to bawl my eyes out, because not only had my dream just come true, my beautiful tree was smashed on the floor. So I was crying and blubbering, "My dream just came true, my dream just came true.  That's how dreams come true!" 

I was excited that my dream had just been explained about how the newspaper in the dream was called "Maxwell Smart" but I felt shattered that my beloved tree was no longer living. 

My son Ken came into the room - (Ken is one year younger than Tom, but he looked older.)  I apologized to Ken that I had called his brother Tom by his name, and then I turned around and on the table was now two trees.  My husband Joe had repotted both pieces of the broken tree and the shorter piece of the tree was actually blooming with pink and white flowers.

I was so happy that my tree wasn't actually destroyed. 

I picked up the newspaper with the dirt and crumpled it up so the floor would be clean, and my daughter was there.  (In the dream she looked about 4)  She was hungry and I had a sherbert dish there with pudding in it and she was eating that.  I sat there with the crumpled newspaper in my hands and I was so happy and talking at the same time about how the dream had come true and that I now knew why the newspaper was called Maxwell Smart.

I started to wake up but had a vision of two lambs laying side by side on the floor.  One was a light chocolate brown and the other one was a light tan color.

Then I saw two dates. I couldn't quite make them out, but the second one cleared up and the date was July 3, 1806.

Then I saw two numbers - starting with FSP-_ _ _.  I couldn't read the three digit number after it, and it didn't repeat itself to be clarified.


NOTE: On July 3, 1806 - the Lewis and Clark expedition split up with one man exploring one river - the Maria, and the other exploring the Jefferson.

July 3, 1806 - the strawberry was first cultivated

July 3, 1806 - a lottery was approved in London for building up properties by lottery



6-27-08 - NAP DREAM - I was living on 16th St. in Milwaukee with my husband and children. 

I was working on a computer, doing my work, but my daughter wanted to go shopping. 

We walked north to Center St., then east to Teutonia Ave.  She tried to make me cross Center St. going backwards, and I refused to do it.  I said loudly, "I don't do backwards!"  and we went back home again.

Several incidents with the boys happened in which there were popsicles involves, a red one, a green one, and a purple one.

Then my Mother said that Al and Marie Carey were coming over that night at 8 p.m. 

I said, "Nobody visits that late anymore.  They've never changed.

My Mother said, "No!  Nothing ever changes. !

I started going through my husband sports coat pockets because he said he was going out alone that night.

In the left pockets were 3 light blue very large baby diaper pins, 5 silver nickels with the buffalo showing, and many small size poker chips of pink, blue, and white.

I thought to myself that if my husband could go out alone and play poker at a bar, I could go out alone too.

My Mother reminded me that Al Carey used to be in the Navy.

I thought to myself, "If he was in the Navy, he must have been the shortest sailor ever existed!"  and started to smile.

I woke up with the music of the "The Village People"    singers, singing, "In the Navy, In the Navy!"   on  - great song


6-28-08 - DREAM - I had this dream twice, the first time in a school, the second time in an office.

In the dream, in the school, we were older - more than kids, more like college age.  It was the end of the school year, and we were all happy to be finished and getting ready to leave school.  We were all in a celebratory mood.

All of a sudden, George Bush came into the room with a big smile on his face and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me with him out of the room.

Everyone's faces looked shocked and stunned.  They all looked like they were asking themselves questions - like "Where is he taking her?  Why did he choose her instead of me? 

I didn't know the answers to those questions any more than they did.  I was just as shocked.

George continued to pull me along with him outside - no secret service was tagging along.

He was running now and he pulled me with him as he ran up some green metal stairs two at a time.  I could hardly keep up with him.

I saw that we were on a foot-bridge - the whole thing was painted bright green.  It was a really high bridge and on the far end, the stairs down were very steep and thin so that we had to almost slide down - hanging onto the railing.  It seemed that it would be almost impossible to climb those stairs back up once we reached the bottom even if we had wanted to.

We were now in what looked like a park with green grass and sparse half-grown trees.

I could see a river off to our right.

George was still pulling me with him and all of a sudden he stopped and a look of fear came over his face and he looked across the river to our right.

My eyes followed his eyes to see what he was looking at.

Someone across the river was lighting the bottom end of a rocket or missile which was about to take off across the sky in our direction.

Was it the fourth of July?