with apologies to Mavis

by Dee Finney


I was so tired after working all day yesterday, I went to bed at 7:30 p.m.
I woke up about midnight, and there was a show with Larry King showing
a series of interviews with Jay Leno over the years. It was so charming.
His wife Mavis was on the show with him in 1998. She said they have been
married 18 years. They said they didn't have any children together that
and she spent all her time following him around the country as she loved
to travel. I could tell she loved him a lot because she touched his arm a
lot during the show.  He talked about his car and motorcycle collection.
She said she collected books, particularly English literature. She said they
liked different things, but they 'felt' about things the same. They looked
like a very loving couple, and he said that he knew he wanted to marry
her 3 days after they met.

At a.m. the show was over and I was really tired and went back to bed
to catch a few more zzzzs.

DREAM - I was sitting on a couch with Jay Leno. We were having a normal conversation about nothing important. I felt a cool breeze blowing through the house, so I got up off the couch to find out where it was coming from. I went into a bedroom and those windows were closed, so I went to another bedroom and those windows were closed. I went down the hall and the front door was closed. But I could still feel a cool breeze blowing through the house, so I went down the hall farther to where there was a large garage.  Sure enough, that's where the breeze was coming from. Jay and some guys were in the garage and all the doors were open. These were not normal house garages. These were huge garages ... room for lots of cars.

There were at least 4 doors and they were all open.  Jay continued talking to the guys , and I walked down towards the farthest door and surprisingly it came out in the back door of a flower shop that was full of lilacs and lilies. It was wonderful. I met the people who worked in the shop. I told them about the breeze and how surprised I was that the other end of our house ended at the mall. They had no idea what was behind the shop either. I walked out into the hallway of the mall.

Now I didn't know which way to go and kept walking until I discovered a ramp that went up to a higher level. It was made of rubber with little slats instead of stairs. I surmised that shoes got a better grip on the slats than on smooth rubber. Nevertheless I walked up the ramp and found myself in what looked like my 20th St. school on the far south end of the hallway.

I really felt lost now and really stupid. I should have turned back when I got to the mall, but I didn't.  There were other people in the school as well, looking for their classrooms. I walked along the first floor of the school and spotted Jay Leno down at the other end. By this time, I was feeling really stupid for getting so lost, and when I saw him, I ran towards him, apologizing along the way for getting lost and crying a little. I expected him to say I was stupid or something sarcastic, but he didn't. He gave me a hug and said it was okay. He told me he would show me the way back home.

Meanwhile, there were lots of other people around, and one of the women asked me to hold her baby while she did something. So, I took the baby in my arms and carried him. He was naked ... a little blonde baby. He looked rather familiar and it later was apparent I had carried this baby before for the same woman when he was younger. He was about a year old, but small.  The baby said I had been watching over him since he was hand sized. That's pretty small. I looked at his little hand to compare the size. It was amazing how small that is.

Jay was quite taken with the baby, and was very protective of me and the baby along the way through the school hallway.

We stopped at a counter where there was a man selling jewelry.  Jay made it apparent that he wanted to give me a remembrance of our little time together that I could take home with me and we stopped at the counter where the man had little wicker baskets with different kinds of jewelry.

Jay picked out a crystal ring with a diamond for me, but it was too small for my large fingers. We tried various fingers and didn't get it to fit on any one of them, not even my little finger, so I suggested that maybe earrings were a better idea. Jay was wearing a series of rings on his fingers on his right hand, which appeared to be lapis lazuli. I didn't want to suggest that he give me one of his, though I thought about wearing the crystal ring he offered me on a chain around my neck. The earrings were all emerald, some were just pin points of emerald, some larger. There were some large flamboyant birds carved of emerald, and I picked one of them up. I laughed and said, "I could only wear something like this at Christmas." There were some smaller emerald birds and I considered wearing those, though I couldn't wear those often either.

For some reason, there was no two earrings alike, Jay, the man, and I went through all the emerald earrings and couldn't find two the same. I particularly liked the long dangly ones, and I thought there were two the same, but they weren't exactly the same. No two were the same. Finally, after seeing some emeralds fallen on the floor, the man bent over to pick up the fallen stones, and the baby got squirmy and said I was holding his arm too tightly. I apologized to the baby, and when I turned around, the man with the jewelry was gone.

The baby jumped down out of my arms and ran off towards the door. I had to chase after him and finally found him on a bench at the end of the hallway with another woman who was watching after several babies. They had dressed the naked baby in a little sleeper outfit which was really nice of her. At this time, they asked Jay to watch over a little chubby dark haired boy baby, and he picked up the baby and carried him. So, now we were walking around carrying the babies and it felt so right to be caring for these babies together.

Jay called me 'Hon' at one time, and I turned around him and called him 'Hon' too, then realized we were in public and apologized to him that I had called him ' Hon' in public and people might misunderstand. But, he wasn't concerned about that.

I suggested that we have our pictures taken together with the babies, and he said that wouldn't be right for his public appearance to be seen holding a baby, but he suggested that I hold both babies and he would stand close by me. We then set about finding someone with a Polaroid camera who could take our picture for a remembrance of our nice time together.

He was still carrying the baby and we started climbing the steps to a higher floor where he thought there might be someone with a camera. We got to the second floor, but we had one more floor to go and climbed to the third floor.  Jay got to the third floor ahead of me, and I spotted a little stairway that went up 4 more steps to a door that was on a stage-like area. I got the idea that I would surprise Jay and do something funny, and went up the stairs to go through that door. To my surprise, Jay came up on the stage also and met me at the door with the baby. I then did what I planned and came out on the stage, announcing, " ... And she appeared in the upper-room!"  I said it very dramatically, expecting to get a laugh from Jay.  

Jay turned to where I was on the stage and said, "That's exactly how my mother was." and smiled at me. It was such a nice thing to say about his mother , but I was reminded as to how old I was compared to Jay.
(I don't know how old he is, but I'm 62)

We continued carrying the babies and here on the 3rd floor was a banquet-type table with lots of people eating snacks. There were children here too. Jay found a seat by the table and there was one across from him, but there were no seats side by side. Finally, one of the other men moved his kids over so I could sit next to Jay with the baby.

The kids made a mess with juice or water on the stool I was offered, so the guys worked on wiping off the stool so I could sit down with the baby, meanwhile two guys were saying good-bye to each other as one was changing jobs and going a long way away and wouldn't be coming back for quite some time. Jay went over to the guys and comforted the two guys in their sadness at having to say good-bye.

Then he came back and stood next to me, each of us carrying our babies, and we were very close. We were both looking around the room to see if anyone had a camera to take our picture together ... meanwhile we stood very close to each other, actually touching arm to arm.  It felt really good and comforting. The babies were quiet while we held them.

I was enjoying the feel of having Jay touching my left side and having the babies with us, and I started to wake up and discovered that my pillow was what I was feeling so comforting on my left side instead of Jay Leno and I almost started to cry that I was waking up and Jay was gone from my life.

I felt so sad to wake up .... my night with Jay Leno was over.  He is a really good man.

6-8-01 - DREAM - I was in a house with a bunch of people. I was with Jay Leno. His wife was divorcing him and remarrying another man 3 minutes later on Friday night at 8 p.m.

I couldn't figure out how someone could divorce and remarry that quick, but she was and we were all invited to the wedding and we all were going to it.

I was going as Jay Leno's date, but not only that, he asked me to marry him. He was holding me in his arms, and I was resisting him. I not only hand't seen him in a long time, I didn't want to be known as ' that kind of girl'.

So we began dancing slowly together.

When the dance was over, I went outside and stood on the curb by the street, and thought about all this and thought to myself that this was all going too fast, and what I really wanted first was a ring.

Occupation: Comedian, TV Personality

Date of Birth: April 28, 1950

Place of Birth: New Rochelle, N.Y., USA

Sign: Sun in Taurus, Moon in Virgo

Relations: Wife: Mavis Nicholson

Education: Emerson College

JAY LENO began his career in nightclubs, where he worked three hundred nights a year before hitting it big in 1992 with his own late night talk show. By that time, Leno had appeared on television, acted in a few.films (1978's American Hot Wax), and hit pay-dirt with his late-night television appearances (he made a record number of visits to Late Night With David Letterman); for several years, he served as Carson's permanent guest host. A big, sweet guy with a very good comedy routine, he vied with Letterman to inherit Johnny Carson's Tonight show seat in 1992. His victory was well-publicized, but empty, though he did gain a measure of revenge when his show beat Letterman's for the Emmy in 1995. Though he consistently lost in the ratings to Letterman (except on special occasions, like Hugh Grant's first TV appearance after his encounter with Divine Brown), he surged ahead in 1996, as CBS plunged further into oblivion. But while Dave gets speeding tickets in his Porsche, wears Armani, has his own stalker, and lives in sin with his girlfriend, Jay is happy to polish his antique cars, stay married, and wear bad suits. So far, no stalkers, either.

In 1995, Jay traveled to Italy to entertain the troops assigned to the peacekeeping efforts in Bosnia. Widely recognized as a car expert, he drove the pace car in the 1999 Indianapolis 500. He also writes an automotive column for Popular Mechanics magazine.

Jay wrote a book called "Leading With My Chin" and has published four volumes of "Headlines", a popular feature on "The Tonight Show". Proceeds from the book sales go to various charities. Los Angeles is home for Jay and his wife, Mavis.

Mavis Leno may be married to one of the funniest comedians on television, but there is nothing humorous about the cause to which she and husband Jay Leno recently donated $100,000 -- the campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan, led by the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Join the Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid by calling 1-888-93-WOMEN or accessing our web site at

Lined with bookshelves and packed with antiques, the Beverly Hills home Mavis Leno shares with husband Jay -- he of the chin and the wit -- looks less like a celebrity showplace than an English library. That suits Mavis, 52, just fine. "I read anytime I'm not doing something else," she says of her 10-book-a-week habit (satisfied mostly by mysteries and Victorian novels). "It has all the qualities of an addiction."

An avid reader since childhood, Mavis dropped out of UCLA after a year to pursue a career writing sitcoms. Though she had only modest success, her professional interest took her to such Los Angeles comedy clubs as the Comedy Store, where she met Jay in 1976 through a mutual friend. "The chemistry was instantaneous," she recalls. "I thought he was absolutely gorgeous." They married in 1980, and she frequently accompanied him as he toured nationally during the late 1970s and '80s.

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