by Dee Finney



1-20-89 - DREAM - At my 16th St. house, a lady said she didn't like the order that my library was in.

1-17-90 - DREAM - I was wearing a pink dress. I was shown in a library listinng about a book whiich showed that you can have the power of mind to do anything you want just by thinking iit. The book was by Zimmer, Zimmer, and Alcock!

2-6-90 - DREAM - An apartment upstairs from me became available. It had belonged to a man. I really wanted to move upstairs to the 3rd floor, but when I went up there to inspect it, the rooms were actually smaller thanwhat I already had. Heat was not provided and I would have to pay for that myself. But it had a hidden secret library. I wanted to inspect the library, but I couldn't find a safe place to put a chair down to stand on it so I could get to the highest shelves without help. I decided I didn't want the apartment afterall.

18-19-90 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. I was invited to see the house next door at #3. I had to go east to get there. It was blindingly bright with white snow to get there. I had to go around the back and was surprised to see a bar where I expected the kitchen to be. I went upstairs and there was a huge room with a piano and a library high up on the wall with antique books one of which was a huge green Bible.

I said I wanted to read the Bible, but I couldn't reach it.

So, I had to go back home, but there was a river there and three kids with 4 wheel race carts and they were spinning their wheels to throw up mud  so I couldn't go back either.

10-6-90 - DREAM - I went to work in a book store. I was shown a list of books that were esoteric. The 1st one was priced at $933. I asked for lesson 21 from a series of lessons. I picked out a library book. It was green, very thick. I had to have it and even considered not returning it. It was Volume I of a two part series called AVALON. I knew I had part II. Inside were mathematic computations and a lot of handwritten notes. I HAD to have it.

3-8-92 - DREAM - I was on 16th St., across from my house. There had been a late spring ice storm. My husband was trying to shovel the snow off the top, but that was useless because the ice was still on the sidewalk. So, I took the shovel and started at the edge and was able to scrape the ice off the sidewalk. The trick was to start at the edge.

I went up into the yard to work on the neighbors yard and I saw that his was melting on it's own in places.

My son Tom was there and I saw that my wallet was laying on top of a three-step ladder. I asked Tom if he would put my wallet in a safe place. He said that he had to go to the library. A young man came along who I knew was a robber. He was carrying a fly swatter. I put my wallet in the waistband of my pants for safekeeping. Then I saw that I had 3 fly swatters on a the ladder. I grabbed one and went after the guy and started slapping him with it.

He got really angry that I had gotten him firsthand he pulled out a knife to attack me. As he came towards me, I kept hitting him with the fly swatter and he ended up stabbing himself and then he fell on his own knife and then ran off severely injured.

4-18-92 - DREAM - I had three separate dreams about studying some books called Hector's Design. I could never remember the names of the books or the author from the first two dreams though I had swore at the highschool I was attending that I was going to score an 'A+' on the exam. There were only 2 sets of books in the library so I was going to share the studying with a boy who was also going to take the exam.

In the second dream, I was so upset about not remembering the names of the books or the author, I went up to the teacher's desk and copied the information off of her desk and then I still couldn't remember when I woke up.

So, in the 3rd dream, I finally asked a man in a blue suit, "Who is Hector?" and he told me that he designed farms and farm communities and that he would get me a book that was an overview of the subject and then I could dig into it deeper.

7-16-92 - DREAM - I had some old, old library books to take back to the library, but it was nighttime and it was closed. A woman came by and said not to worry, she had the keys. So, I went and picked the books off my shelf and stacked them, then went to my list of authors and crossed Jeanne Dixon's name off in 5 different places. The woman's car wouldn't work though and her friend tired driving it, but it just slid across the street out of control and went into a field.

10-12-93 - DREAM - I was shown a library of books owned by A.O. They were about to be taken away. I was able to save 5 yellow books for her updating them from 1978 to 1993. Their names were 'Strength, Wisdom, Hope, Power, Despair."

7-16-94 - DREAM - I was dreaming that I went to a library to get some books. I mistakenly took two of my own books there as though they were library books to return. I discovered the error and then tried to figure out how I was going to get the books back out of the library without getting ina big hassle.

Somewhere in the library I was trying to find where some aliens were hiding.

The instant I woke up, there was an alien voice speaking to me in my mind. He said, "It doesn't matter that we're here ... turn around and we'll be there!"

He said two more sentences that basically rhymed but it was too fast to comprehend the whole thing. In my mind I said, "Wait! I'm not going to remember this. You're talking too fast." He replied "It really doesn't make any difference ... we'll still be there."

2-4-95 - I heard a knocking sound. I said, "Who's there?"

I saw a vision of the name MIRJAC (Mir means Peace in Russian)

I said, "Where are you?"

I saw a vision of the name 'AMORC LIBRARY'.

I said, "What do you want?"

The answer came back, "TEACH"

4-11-95 - DREAM - I was in a huge school on Teutonia Ave. My mother and my Aunt Doris was in one room. The light had gone out or my mother and before I could get there my Aunt Doris had rewired the plug for the lamp. I looked at the thick copper wire Aunt Doris had used. The wiring looked perfect, but I was afraid to plug it in for her, so my brother Marty plugged it in. It worked fine.

Meanwhile I met a man at the lunchroom and we got into a discussion about religion. I told him there was an additional gospel he needed to read that hadn't been accepted into the Bible. I told him I would get it for him from the library. I walked over to the library and discovered that the only book they had was the Bible and not one other book or manuscript. So, I told the librarian I would go to the main library for what I wanted.

As I was walking back, a dark haired boy came up from behind me and sprayed me and some others with insecticide. I eventually determined that it was only water since it dried out immediately and there was no damage. He had grabbed the spray because there were bugs in the apple trees.

So I took him aside and explained to him the necessity of having bees in the apple trees for fertility and to make the apples.  

While I did that, something went wrong in the school. I came back and we found out that a master electrician named Elizabeth was there. She had come with a tool truck that was 4 semi trucks long ... like at rain coupled together. She showed me a paper  that had 50 work orders on it. She said I was responsible for all the wokr having to be done, but there was no way for me to do it alone, so other people would have to come in and do it.

Then she said she would take me to dinner and we all got into the tool truck. I was very despondent aabout so many work orders having been written. She told me that if they didn't get done, there was another woman in the next building over that was ready to step in and do it, that she aleady had a cleaning cart in my building ready to go.

I was determined that no one would take over my building, and it would be more likely that I would take over hers.

So, I sat in the cab of the truck feeling despondent and let Elizabeth drive.

NOTE: My own confirmation name in the Catholic church is Elizabeth.

She headed East, then turned left and went north. We went quite a ways and the road got narrower and narrower. Out truck was wide and the turns got trickier and tricker. Finally, at a hair pin turn, the road was washed out completely and she came to a stop.

We all got out of the truck and a huge semi had crashed into the back end so our truck was going nowhere. We couldn't back up either.

There were semi trucks already backed up for a mile behind us.

I walked to the front of the truck and Elizabeth was standing at a Podium, ready to give a speech about the dangers of traveling north on this road.

NOTE: Aunt Doris passed away in 1998, and my mother had several strokes in 2000 and didn't recover her sensibilities again, though she was healthy otherwise.

6-22-95 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, WI in the upstairs bedroom. I was talking on the white phone to T.M. (my teacher) while sorting out little slips of paper of information into several piles on the top shelf.

I heard my husband Jim coming up the stairs so I set the receiver on the shelf so it wouldn't look like I was on the phone. Jim brought in a big box of photo negatives. He sat down on the bed and wanted me to sit down and look at the old negatives. I knew that would take a long time, so I picked up the phone and told T.M. I'd have to talk to him later.

Seeing that I had been on the phone, Jim jumped up and ran down the stairs, ... angry. I followed him, asking, "So! What's wrong with talking on the telephone?"

When I got downstairs, Jim had on big boots and outdoor clothes and was carrying a long pole with a squeegee on it. He went out the door, still angry.

In the library room, where I was standing, five very pregnant English girls came out of the closet and recited their future goals.

They were all graduating from college in October with various degrees.

I made note of this.

Then the dream showed me mechanical, robotical cats and dogs which I knew was symbolical for activities and processes that are continuing regardless of what else was going on in my personal life.

As I woke up, I heard the English woman telling me to remember this dream and particularly about the robotical processes going on behind the scenes.

8-5-97 - Dream: I was on the computer in a chat or IM. The computer had a feature whereby you could highlight a word and the computer would do a search to bring up all the files for that subject. I highlighted KALI and KALI-YUGA.

NOTE: Later that day, a Korean Airlines plane crashed in Guam. It was KAL 801. Emotionally that day, I was a wreck, pacing the floor, not knowing what was wrong with me. Synchronicitly, that day I was also posting all my plane crash dreams and visions at PUFORI from 1991.

On 8-7-91, I turned on my computer and saw the lead files on America On Line were all about KAL 801 crash, how it happened from the survivors standpoint and the list of passenger file from ABC news.

8-5-97 - Meditation: I wanted to go to the high mental Akasha past. I got there and a black skinned man with a young black baby met me. I said, "Oh! I forgot to call Babaji." He said, "You are confused today." He sat the boy down on the floor and moved off towards my left. I then called Babaji and asked to go to the Akasha past. This time a small, dark haired woman wearing dark lensed glasses, which was sitting in a wheelchair, appeared in front of me. I could see a narrow flowered border on the wall next to the ceiling in the room. She was very distressed. She said, "Oh! I didn't know you intended to go there. (I had actually only decided on the spur of the moment). She tried to reach out to stop me and fell out of her wheelchair onto the floor. I tried again to go to the Akasha past and this time, I was prevented from going there by someone hanging a white sheet in front of me. I could see their fingertips holding up the sheet.

I took a break to get rid of the interference. I went back and went to the 7th soul level and then came back down to the mental. Babaji opened the door to the Akashic Library with a key and we went inside. I saw him scamper off to the right, ahead of me.

I asked who Joe was at the time of Christ. Babaji said, "He used to work for him you know." I said, "I was hoping so." Babaji said, He was an old man then." I asked, "Can you tell me his name?" Babaji said, "Abin Bar ____"

9-19-97 - Dream: I dreamed I had to go pick up Joe at the airport but it was too early so I was going to clean the kitchen. I found some bakery on the table and decided to eat a piece. I ate the whole thing and then wondered why I wasn't getting an asthma attack. I then remembered you can't get an asthma attack from eating something in a dream.. (smile)

A black boy came walking through the room. I asked, "What are your doing in here?" He said, "Just checking." I told him, "Please leave!" and escorted him to the door, which I then closed and locked. I turned the key back and the light went on. I could see that a glass panel in the wall next to the door, a black man was coming down the steps.

I went back to the kitchen to finish cleaning, then decided to go to the library. When I got to the library there were some shocked people there. A man came in wearing shorts. A Jewish Comedian with a big bushy beard walked over to him wearing only blue jockey shorts and began doing a sexual bump and grind against him. (I was told the comedian's name and I recognized him, but can't remember now) I asked the woman in charge what that was alla bout. She said, "Just to get rid of the guy in the shorts. (It was pretty disgusting to see)

I was driven then by B.G. (my old painter who always wore white) . We went into a white car and we followed a big blue truck. We made a couple right turns through narrow lanes, crossed three lanes of traffic and made another right turn, went through a white tunnel and came out on what looked like a ship's deck. It was partly cloudy, but the moon was shining down through the clouds and the stars were shining. It was beautiful.

I had to cross a water channel then to get back to the library. The water in the channel was really high and the bottoms of my feet got wet walking on the slats that was the walkway. Actually, the slats were giving way on the edges and I knew I was probably going to be the last person to cross.

I went into the library and up the stairs and went over to the corner where they had women's crafts. I sat in a chair and looked at some books. I recognized the pictures of some book covers and knew I had them all already. I looked at some embroidery kits which were for sale. I liked them but decided they were too expensive and not worth it.

One was $2.97. I decided not to take them and fell asleep in the chair. when I woke up it was 7 p.m. on the clock. I said, "Oh, my god! I forgot to get Joe, and I'm late." I panicked because I had to go East to get him and I had to cross town to do it.

I ran for the stairs down to the first floor and picked up my son to take him with me. I carried him down the steps and when I saw I was at the wrong doorway, I started going back up the steps to the library again. I started laughing, saying "When you're an actress, you sometimes forget where you are."

I woke up to the telephone ringing and saw it was exactly 7 a.m. and I didn't immediately know where I was either.

10-22-97 - DREAM - I was in a huge school. It held thousands and thousands of people of all ages. Classes were held on many floors of this school.

I went up in the elevator because I wanted to meet Gilgamesh. When I met him, he was very short, about 4 feet tall. He wore a silver suit that looked like metal. He actually looked more like a robot than a person.

He then changed into a green space suit and looked more alien. He accompanied me down the elevator and was dancing pretty wildly. I got off the elevator by the school office, the elevator door closed and I was wheezing like phlegm was stuck half way down my throat. I coughed and coughed and coughed. The office people came out and wanted to know if they should call an ambulance for me. I shook my head and continued coughing and finally my throat cleared.

The women in the office wanted to know what was going on and what had brought about my coughing. So, I told them about meeting Gilgamesh and my experience with the occult in the past. They were very upset and told me I would lose my mind if I continued to do these things.

This office was like a small library with thousands of books and the door I had come in was blocked with a movable bookshelf so we could see out but nobody could see in.

I heard a swishing noise and wondered what it was. I looked out the door between the books and saw hundreds of children walking by in unison. The sound of their little stockinged feet, because there were so many of them, made that sound.

One little boy was smart enough to look between the books and we met eye to eye. I looked out onto the hall and saw black plumes of smoke coming out from under the elevator door. I thought about yelling "Fire" but didn't want to create a panic. The smoke diminished then and I reached for the green phone to call the fire department. The phone was dead.

I had no choice but to yell "Fire!" and get everyone out of the school. The smoke was getting denser.

So, I started yelling, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" Everyone had been drilled in what to do, but there were so many thousands of people to clear out the school, this took a long time, first the little children where I was and then adults coming down the stairs from higher floors. The smoke was coming down the hall, so I kept on hollering, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" People would dawdle and complain about going outside where it was cold and wet with snow. Three guys stopped in the hall to ask why I wasn't getting out myself. I said, "Then who will there be to call the warning." I was the only one telling everyone else of the danger.

12-3-97 - DREAM - I became infatuated with a hunk of a man. Every time I met with him I felt naked but when I'd look down at myself, I was wearing a pink dress. As I was waking up, he told me his name which I saw in a vision within the dream. It was printed out on a sheet of paper. It was DREAM MIND and CONTROL.

In the dream, he moved in with us. He had a butler, a maid, and a driver. He told me to hire a cleaning lady. I didn't want to pay more than $10 a week. The cleaning lady lived in the same building we did. She came in with 3 kids and a red cat.

In the basement of this building was a workshop where I found some electrical supplies. I found a box with 3 electrical testers and decided to keep them to use. I found a box marked transistors and decided they wouldn't be necessary and decided to sell them for $5.

The man told me he was buying me a dog which I had to keep in my own room.

I went into the livingroom or parlor which was empty of furniture but had a large window overlooking the street. I lay down on the floor and began to do leg exercises like a ballet dancer or Yoga. I decided I wanted full control over my metaphysical life and decided to go to the library to study it.

1-13-98 - DREAM - I was at home in Milwaukee. My husband brought home a girl child around noon because we didn't have any girl children. The other children began to behave differently. I don't want to say badly, but seemingly more under her control and less under mine. They acted more independent and it seemed to me less dependent on me. For some reason I didn't like it. I was feeling more and more useless.

I noticed then that the bird cage came open and one bird was missing. The other birds were in their cage but with the door open. I saw one green bird in a tree right next to the cage. It hadn't escaped, it was just taking care of itself. The other green bird came out of the cage then and flapped around, trying to land on my hand. I was uncomfortable about his flapping so he finally landed on the floor. These birds seemed to be using human facial expressions and I was very uncomfortable with their independence.

I had to get back to work/school on 20th St. Somebody drove me part way there but I can't remember who. When I got out of the car, I noticed that I had forgotten my purse at home. I decided I could live for one day without it, then noticed that I wasn't wearing shoes, just white socks. Now, I felt very stupid and remembered I had taken my shoes off when taking care of the children. I felt really stupid and hoped someone at work had an extra pair of shoes. I blamed my stupidity on the girl child that my husband had brought home without asking me. It was like she was draining the life sap out of me.

I got to work where I was in charge again. This is where I felt at home. I had all the information at my fingertips that everyone else needed. My library had all the old information that everyone that people needed when they needed to restore old machinery and radio back to working order. They came to me to do research work. I had the master keys to the buildings on both sides of the street. At 5 p.m. I closed down one building and went to work in the other.

In the 1st building there were many young girls touring through. As they left, I told them that if they were interested in working there, they should fill out an application at the employment office or over at the main office on 70th St. I told them that there was special work programs and incentives for young girls and we would even provide transportation and come and get them and take them home again. I then closed the big glass doors for the day and locked the door.

As I left the lobby, I recalled that I had forgotten to dust the furniture in the lobby, but a cleaning woman had just come in and I took my master keys, unplugged the radio to take with me, and headed across the street.

The President of the Company just happened to be crossing the street at the same time and I noted he was wearing light beige pants. He was complaining to a workman that he didn't like having one door unmastered and that we should get a new maintenance man in there and have him master the front door. The old maintenance man was moving on to some other job.

I looked at my master keys. I not only had a whole ring of keys, I had the 4 master keys, one to each side of the building and they were bright gold. I felt proud to have them.

On that side of the street, workmen had laid down red and white quilted material on the sidewalk so we were all tippy-toeing  on the softness. I was looking at the expressions on the men's faces. Nobody expected to be tippy-toeing in softness at work. Everyone was amused.

I went inside the building, having discovered there was a maintenance man already present who opened the door for me. Once inside, nobody did anything except sit around so I began telling them to take down the Christmas trees from each room where they were mounted on round tables. There were very few lights working or ornaments in evidence. I told them to get busy and remove the old trees Christmas was over.

I went into my own office then to plug in my radio and answer the phone. Here is where I was in charge and gave orders to the others what needed to be done.

3-1-98 - DREAM - (A bizarre dream with incredible symbolism) I was walking down 20th St. where I had gone to school. I was in the street like I was driving my car but not actually in a vehicle. A car was coming up behind me, but it didn't want to pass me. I wanted to let him get by me and began walking on sofa and sofa cushions along the curb. This went on for blocks, but the guy wouldn't pass me even then.

I came to a house then. It didn't feel like it was home, but I acted like it was. I was cleaning in the livingroom and saw that the rubber plant was dusty and had spider webs all over it. So, I took two green square rags and wiped all the dust and spider webs off the rubber plant. I then noticed that my rags had hundreds of spider eggs on them which must been under the large leaves and had been attached to the strands of the webs. These eggs were huge and it was apparent that these eggs were about to hatch.So, I told my little son to take the rags out onto the lawn and shake them so the spider eggs would be dispersed in the grass and the little spiders could go elsewhere and make new webs.

My son did that and brought the green rags back to me with no eggs on them. My son, on his own recognizance called the library and was told by them that these spiders were deadly. I got all panicky about that information, but I was at that point standing in a concrete box-like structure, head-high, which was just barely large enough to turn around in. Behind me, up on an electric pole was two electric lineman repairing the electric lines, wearing silver helmets. One of them said, "No! That's is not true. Spiders are helpful to mankind."

I went back into the house and a little boy came to the door. He asked me if I would pretend to be his mother. I said, "Yes!" and play acted being his mother and he was happy. Then his father came to the door and the little boy told his father that I was play acting to be his mother. The father went away and came back with a shotgun and while I was standing in the doorway he shot at me. I didn't get hit, but I  play acted like I was shot dead and fell in the street like I had been killed. The little boy cried out, "Father! You killed my mother just like last time. The father threw himself down in the street with his shotgun in his hand, face down on the road, he pounded the ground and sobbed loudly.

I left there and met a very small woman waiting for a bus. she said her evil husband was after her. I agreed to help her get away from him. The bus came along and we got on. I was feeling safe and thought everything was all right. The woman was sitting about half way back in the bus and I was way in back.

Then I noticed that someone had placed two large boxes on a table right behind the small woman's seat. The boxes were about 3 feet in height x 1 1/2 feet x 1 1/2 feet. I thought at first they were large enough for a dwarf or small person to fit inside, but then thoughts suddenly that they could be bombs.

I told the woman frantically that we had to get off the bus because the boxes might contain bombs. She was very reluctant to get off the bus, but I convinced her it was best....just in case...and we got off. I heard someone say, "Oh! It's just a vampire and a ghoul." They had loosed them from the boxes on the bus. I was glad we got off the bus anyway. We saw the woman's evil husband coming down the street.

He was a normal sized guy with really dark brown hair and wearing and brown suit.

There were three apartment buildings along the street and each one had a long glassed-in entrance in front. I told the woman, "Hurry! Let's go in here," and entered the 1st building. she followed me but was reluctant and moving very slowly. I could see that her husband would catch up to her if she didn't move faster. We went through that building and into the 2nd one. When we got through the building #2 and were coming back to the lobby, I could see her husband entering building #1. I kept urging her to move faster, but she showed no concern for her safety enough to move faster. We left building #2 and entered building #3. She was still moving so slowly. I was getting very frustrated. She had told me she wanted help but was doing nothing to help herself. Coming out in front of building #3, I could see her husband entering building #2. I kept encouraging her to move faster and she wouldn't and her husband was catching up to her.

I had already gone through all three buildings and I went back to her in the 3rd building and then came to the front the second time. By then, I was so frustrated, I said I would never try to help her again.

Instead of leaving the third building, I went up the elevator to the top floor. I don't know what number it was. From an apartment in the rear of the building, a huge gay man opened the door and asked me if I wanted to party with him. He was a huge, oversized man...not only taller than normal but big all around in a fat sort of way...not muscular. He used exaggerated feminine mannerisms and voice. I said, "No thanks! and went toward the front of the building with the man following me. The whole front of the building was glass. I could see it was nighttime and everyone could see inside the glass walls where we were. I said, "This is the typical way gay people are living now, so everyone can see them."

I met another gay man there. He was also very large like the 1st guy but with masculine mannerisms. So, I paired the two men up and they went to the back of the building to party together.

I went towards the elevator where I met some other gay couples I had known. I wished them well and got on the elevator, leaving them behind to party with each other and left the building for home.

7-16-98 - DREAM - I was waiting for a phone call (which I really was in the physical) I heard by baby wake up. I knew I was going to have to feed the baby while I was on the phone. I thought I would give the baby a bottle. He was actually 4 years old and didn't need a bottle. However, I didn't have any food available for the baby either. I then went looking for food for the baby. I went outside to the parking lot to go home to where the food was, but it was so foggy on the parking lot, I couldn't actually see my house and I didn't want to go through the fog without being able to see. So, I went through the parking lot to where my work was in another building.

In that building I had a locker. The locker was behind an area where they were putting on a stage play. There were a lot of people there, but I was able to go behind the curtain on the stage to get to my locker. I opened my locker. Inside was a multitude of books like in a library. The books were all about 2 feet and 2" wide or so. There was nothing in there I could feed the baby with through. As I walked back through the building, I noticed that the building was being remodeled and the more remodeling they did, the more beautiful it became.

A huge stained glass window was located on one side of the hallway. There were many decorations that I thought might be for Christmas but I didn't know for sure, only that they were beautiful.

I headed back out of the building, meeting many people I used to work with. We greeted in passing but didn't stop to speak. I went back to the original building where the baby was waiting and I saw that it was past the time the phone call should have come in and that they weren't going to call me afterall.

I looked at the clock when I woke up and it was 7:07 a.m. The phone call actually had not come in which was expected at 7 a.m.

NOTE: The phone call came in 5 minutes later - about 15 minutes past the time it was due.

9-11-98 - DREAM - I was in a huge mansion. We were told that when the Old Father died, we were going to get a great inheritance. We were told about the great riches and the wonderful rooms and shown examples of  all this. It seemed that the mansion was like a museum because everything was so valuable. It had a sense of great awe about it. I didn't really care about all the riches and stuff, all I really cared about was getting into the huge library on the 3rd floor that was under lock and key. There were 3 huge doors in a row up there and they were locked. I knew beyond that there was a dark library with thousands of books...not little books like we use, but huge giant tomes two feet tall and 3 inches thick, all bound in leather and gilt in gold on the edges of the pages. I just wanted to get in there, that's all I wanted.  This place was really ominous. We were in awe just to be here. It seemed like it had magical qualities like the singing stones. When you pressed on certain stones, they played glorious music.

In this one huge circular room, these stones were placed which were hollow underneath and when you pressed on them in the right order, the sound boomed out like a grand organ and reverberated around in echoes.

The address of this room was 18031C and we discussed that you had to be in the certain section of that room only. This room was a large circle, and the circle was divided into sections, both in rows and each row in sections. Each section had it's own address, and in this case, this sound could be made only in that one "C" section.  I pressed on the stones in this pattern:


*        *



It is the tones in the movie Encounters of the 3rd kind. (which I've seen 25 or 30 times)

(I can't explain why this alien site has the same floor pattern. This scared me to see it)

At one point, we were going to a park-like area of this property and we had to climb over railings and go through a maze and ended up in an indoor swimming pool. The air was heavy and thick. It was like going into the old-fashioned Natatorium where there was no air conditioning and the air was heavy with humidity and smelled of Chlorine and this place was all white.

My friend and co-worker C.H. was leading us in our little trek. She told us that she felt wonderful in this place that the heaviness of the air made her feel safe and peaceful. I asked her why we couldn't just outside in the fresh air and sunshine where all the other people and animals were.  She said it was too dangerous out there and I saw black people out in that direction. They were all out in the sunshine. It seemed to me that was the better place, but she didn't think so, but I wasn't going to argue with her and tried to feel calm and peaceful in the heavy air inside the white room. We were still following a narrow balcony type path around the area where the pool was supposed to be, but I never did see the water.

I was also in an area where there were some communications being done between computers across wide expanses of areas which seemed both indoors and outdoors at the same time. It was like being outdoors even though we were inside of a huge area where we couldn't see the walls or ceiling but knew they were there. I seemed to be in control of this and everything was fine here.

The last scene was inside a mansion and I seemed to be the manager. We had just been told about all the treasures. It seemed it was time to take our pick of the treasures and I chose a huge yellow bound book which was propped up on a small table flanked by big crystal stones.

I clutched the book to my chest as some maintenance worker brought in an entire room of huge old fashioned lamps of a variety of shapes and ceiling lights. They wanted to know where I was going to put them and I told them we still had 5 empty apartments upstairs or 6 or 7, but 5 for sure. They began carrying the ceiling lamps and other lamps up there to the empty apartments. I quickly looked at the lamps to pick out the one I wanted for my own to put with my treasured book.

I took my book and walked into my apartment where my children and my Father were all sitting on stools which were against each of the four walls.

I was still by the door, sitting on my own stool and feeling a pressure on my stomach. then it seemed like something warm, wet, and then hot was running out my bottom and it wasn't pee.

I started to feel afraid as the feeling got stronger, wet and hot on bottom. I looked down and a trail of blood was running down my legs onto the floor.

I was thinking, "Oh! My God! My period." Here I was with all these boys and my Father.

Then more blood ran down my legs, hot and wet and I thought I was going to bleed to death. My fear was rising and the pressure was getting stronger on my stomach.

Having given birth to six children, I recognized this feeling, I knew my water had broken and I was going to have a baby.

I called out, "Mother!!!! Mother!!!!"  As I did, a stronger gush of water came out of me. This was no normal birth. No human being ever had this much fluid come out of them and live. I wondered why I wasn't passing out. Finally . one huge gush of fluid came out of me and flooded the entire room 4 inches deep. I was shocked. All I could do is scream, MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!"

NOTE:  Strange coincidences occurred after I had this dream. I got out my tape of Close Encounters of the 3rd kind to watch to match the tones. Then I watched the movie STARGATE. The model of the Stargate hanging up on a table as a model had the same pattern as the room I was in that made the stones sing.  I also had a dream in which I was told that the ETs I work with are from Zeta-Orionus.  Also, the beasts of burden from the above dream was very similar to the beast of burden in the STARGATE movie.  (Read RA story from Edgar Cayce)  STARGATE movie said that this other planet was in the K___gian galaxy. (I haven't looked that up)

10-31-98 - DREAM - I was in a huge building somewhere. There was a trapeze up near the ceiling and T.J. was swinging on it showing how strong he was. T.J. pulled Stephanie up on the trapeze, then Stephanie suddenly was on the trapeze herself. She asked me to hand her a double LL bracket or silver or chrome. (The two L shapes, in ground to air emergency code means 'all is well'.) She said, "It doesn't look heavy, but it actually weighs 25 pounds." It didn't feel heavy but more like 5 pounds to me.

I could see a huge library up on a balcony. That's where I wanted to go. Stephanie went with me. We entered double glass doors of the library and I knew it was Sunday afternoon and that we were Jews but I was feeling really tickled emotionally became Ii had 4 tickets or passes to the library in my right hand coat pocket, two long ones and two short ones which I pulled out of my pocket to make sure they were there. We went into a cloakroom on the left to deposit what we carried. On a shelf we stashed our stuff. She put a long yellow pencil on the shelf and I put a huge green umbrella up there. I thought to myself, "I would have kept the pencil and   borrowed a yellow notepad which I saw there and take notes."

11-4-98 - NOTE: I went to sleep with a Moldavite crystal in my hand and told it to tell me a story.

DREAM - I was living in an apartment building in a city. I went down to the front lobby to get my mail. When I got there, an old woman was sitting on a chair in front of my mailbox and there were several bags around herr, to the side and behind her. Some were paper and some were cloth. Being the manager, I reached in one that looked like old garbage mail to see who it belonged to so I could reprimand them for dumping their garbage off. One envelope clearly was marked 'GHAZZY', an on-line friend of mine. Before I could react to that, the old woman grabbed my hand and said, "You'll have to pay to listen to the tapes." I apologized and said I thought it was just garbage.she said, "I've been looking for someone to give them to, and I guess you'll do." I looked again and saw that the bags were full of stuffed dolls and children's books. Having grandchildren, I thought it was a great gift and thanked her. There were too many bags to take them all in one trip, so had to make two trips. First I spotted my mailbox key stuck in the lock of the mailbox. I didn't know if that was a good idea to leave there and pulled it out. (It was in mailbox #1) I saw at that point that I had 3 rings of keys. One was the small mailbox key ring. Second was a larger ring of silver keys. Third was a larger ring of gold keys.

I clutched them so tightly, it almost hurt my hand. I realized later that's where I was clutching the Moldavite stone.

I grabbed two bags with the stuffed dolls and a pillow that had a torn pillowcase. The dolls were adorable with floppy arms and legs. I knew my granddaughter would love them. When I got upstairs, my daughter was there with a friend and she was very young...around 4 or 5 years old. (So how could I have grandchildren?) I put the dolls and the pillow down on a bench and went back downstairs to get the children's books. when I got down to the lobby, the old woman was in a side room that looked like a library and she was retrieving more books for me.

I picked up two more bags of books and headed for the elevator. This time the elevator was too full of people and I had to wait for it to come back down. Instead of being int he building, I was behind the building and could see the city behind and around me. I heard a buzzing sound and suddenly saw a bright blue plane that was triangle shape skim over the building. It appeared to have an alien strapped on underneath it which was hanging on and steering it with body movements such as one would steer a sled.

This all happened in rapid succession. First one plane skimmed over, then 3 went in another direction. Then 6 wet over higher up and those plane stretched out and changed shape. The planes were all the same color but shape shifted.

At the same time, what looked like might be shadows but appeared more like clouds in the air like puffs came in front of the buildings. We were all afraid. We were being invaded enmasse.

2-5-99 - DREAM - I met a woman and her daughter who were giving a demonstration in public for awareness of a disease which they both had. They both looked like they had a face full of small pimples. I remembered seeing a book in the library about their disease. So, I gave her the book and she was able to cure the disease.

I went with her to her house, and in that house was a man who was being held captive by his mother, but he kept himself captive actually by attaching his thumbnail to the bedpost at night with a thin chain. He could have broken that chain, or refused to attach it at any time but mentally he couldn't achieve that because he didn't believe in himself.

I thought I could help him like I helped the woman, by moving in with him, but I didn't discover how really mentally bad off he as until it was too late and I felt like a captive myself. His appearance became like _________(the comedian, all screwed up)

I had to go to the bathroom really bad but the man decided to go to the bathroom himself. It turned out that there were three bathrooms in this house, the mother's, the Father's and the sons.

The mother had suddenly left the house or died and the man was running back and forth from bathroom to bathroom, using them all himself. I was so desperate, I ran into the Father's bathroom and sat on the toilet. Too late I noticed that there wasn't any toilet paper. However, the man, the other woman and her daughter were there, so I asked them for toilet paper. The man had a roll of brown paper toweling but I wanted regular white toilet paper. They were all standing in the bathroom in front of me. I told him to go into the other bathrooms and look under the sink and find a new roll of toilet paper. He came back in a moment with a long tangled stretch of toilet paper wound around his left wrist. I didn't want to be too choosy, but I noticed as I unwound the toilet paper from his wrist, that it had typed words on it and lipstick lip prints all over it. At that point I didn't care. I used most of it to wipe myself, leaving a small piece left over in case someone else got stuck in the same predicament.

At that point the man left the house and went next door to get something from a neighbor. The woman, the little girl and myself were going to stay with the man. He had a king-sized bed and I began to make a place on the bed for the three of us women/girls on the bed on the opposite side. I saw the man's face out the window at the neighbor's house and it was all grotesque.

I instantly had a change of heart and decided that I would help the woman and her daughter escape from the house and his influence.

I hurried her along out of the house. At first I thought the daughter was asleep upstairs and I'd have to go rescue her, but she managed to get ahead of us and ran free out into the sunshine on the broad green lawn outside.

The woman, however, was very reluctant to leave, saying, "But I like it here because I'm on the basketball team." I assured her that she could still play basketball if she wanted to and we ran out into freedom and I woke up.

This page was prompted by a dream on 3-13-99:

I was working on a computer, looking up words and going to the center of the page, making a square picture by having the same word pattern in all four directions. It was quite fun.

One of my kids saw me do that and said,"Do the word 'whale', then the word aquarium." So I did.

Then one of my kids asked if I would speak to his class about whales. I said, "Sure!" Big deal! Big whales!

So, came the day to go to school and talk about the whales. We went to his classroom and went inside, using a special knock. The teacher let us in and said,"Oh! You didn't know we were having a special auditorium to hear you speak about your experiences with whales?"

I gulped a little!

The teacher said, "What kind of whales do you work with?"

I gulped again and finally said, " Small ones!"

The teacher wanted to know, "What kind is it?"

I gulped again and said, "Oh! It was cute! It was the size of a bathtub!"

The teacher looked puzzled, but had to do something before I went to speak to the students, so I got off her hook...so-to-speak. I excused myself for a moment and left the room. I went out into the hall and asked a student, "Where's the school library?" He pointed "Up!" and I ran as fast as I could up the stairs to find the school library. I had to find a book on whales. I didn't even know the names of different kinds of whales. I was totally unprepared to do this. The teacher was asking questions, not just sitting passively and listening to what I would have to say. I needed to know more about the subject.

I found the school library and saw that the books were alphabetized. I was at the 'Z' end, close to where I wanted to be, but then I saw that these were fiction books, alphabetized by author. I needed a book on whales...the real facts. So, someone pointed in another direction and I went over to where the 'W' section was to find a non-fiction book on whales.

I figured I could take a quick look at the book, hold it in one hand for a prop and wave my other hand around for emphasis and nobody would know I didn't know anything about whales. I got to the 'W' section and there was a big gap where 'whales' should be. Either a kid or the teacher had taken the book or books about whales. The whales were gone and these kids would never know what a whale was.

Now I really in a panic. I didn't want anyone to know I had been only bluffing and I didn't know anything about whales, so I had to find an excuse that I didn't have to speak at all.

I considered feigning sickness so I could leave. I thought about pretending there was a fire and pulling the fire alarm. I knew that was bad. I didn't know what to do.

I spotted a computer and went to it to look up the word 'whale'. All I knew was how to make patterns with words, I didn't know what a whale really was.

NOTE: I created a page about whales, dolphins, and porpoises so everyone else would know what a whale was. :-)


5-31-99 - DREAM - I was sending links of metaphysical and ESSIAC (every 3rd link) to my friend Ruth. As I was waking up, wondering why I was sending these files to Ruth. I had a vision of the word 'CANCER'.

I then went into a dream in which I was putting away or sending underwear to the top of a desk which was representing a post office box. There was a hole in the door of this upper desk which we hadn't repaired and it would have to be repaired before I moved out.

All of a sudden it seemed there was a 'ghost' in the upper desk and while I was storing the underwear into the desk, it actually pulled a white bra into the hole.

Then the door evaporated completely and handed me three little objects like a receipt. The only object I recognized was a large chinese stamp with the number 7cents on it.

On the floor was three books that had to be taken back to the library was a huge picture book with a black and white picture on the front of an Indian Tribe.

6-2-99 - VISION - I called Lady Nada and found myself inside a library setting on a couch with an old grandfather-type man. He said, "Who receives also needs to give."

8-8-99 - DREAM - I was in a house with Joe and a couple of my kids. It was my New Berlin house. (Joe never saw that house) I had a computer and I could see that there were words there, but there was no light behind them so I couldn't read them. I knew I had to figure out how to turn the light on so I could see the words.

I had three books from the library. I had only read two of them, but I didn't want them all to be late, so I decided to take the two back and worry about the third one later.

Before I left, however, Joe and I stood in front of a blue bulletin board in the bedroom. In the upper left hand corner were ribbons like awards, but in the center, there was long black hair growing. I took a hand hair trimmer and began to cut the hair back. My daughter said, "Why are you doing that?" Joe said, "We were told that we are holding back." I knew there was more hair in a brush from brushing this long hair, but I would worry about that later, I had to get to the library.

Tom, my son, said he would drive me to the library. I got into a car but there was nothing in front of me and nothing on the sides. I was sitting on the seat and had to hold onto the sides. I had to hold my bare feet up so they didn't drag in the road ahead of the car. Tom was driving his vehicle and I was thinking, "Jeep" and that he must be driving from above and behind me, because I couldn't see him, yet I knew he was there.

We headed south on Calhoun Rd. and a black car came towards us heading the other way and swerved to the side at the last second. Tom slowed the vehicle down and they acknowledge each other.

We made a right turn at the corner, but I was tired of holding my feet up and decided I would drive myself to the library when we got to the next intersection which was a Y shape where the Peace Lutheran church stood that we attended.

Tom stopped the vehicle and I looked at my feet which were not blue on the tops and a little dirty. I could have driven barefoot but I didn't think they would like it if I walked into the library that way, so I could decide what to do.

11-8-99 - DREAM - I as with Joe and we planned to go somewhere together. We get to an intersection in the city and a huge rainstorm came so he went one way and I went another. I don't know where he went, but I went to the library. The stairway was dark but I climbed it anyway. I climbed it halfway where a set of heavy glass doors were but some other teachers were going up and I hurried along taking the last half two at a time at twice the speed. I counted the stairs. There were 216.

Upstairs in the library, the lights were on. It was elegant and impressive. Each department had its own librarian. The first part was the Law section and had ponderous tomes in it. The second section was the music department and they had a big black grand piano and someone was playing music on it and I was just about dancing and gliding through this department.

I recall a candle burning and rather dancing and I think this refers to Light.

I don't recall how the dream ended but it was in the library.

12-19-99 - DREAM - (This seems to be about my health) I was in a line of cars going down a narrow street in what seemed like heavy traffic. I wanted to go faster, but there were three cars ahead of me and one of those was actually a long haired kid on roller skates and he was weaving back and forth, not going just in a straight line like the cars.

We got to the grocery store, where we had taken an old grandma who was wearing a long black coat. We went into the store and walked along on the end of the store where the checkout counters were. The grandma knew what she wanted but didn't know where it was. I saw what she wanted but I was behind her and couldn't get her attention to show her where it was. She stopped to talk to a checkout clerk and Manager to ask them what she wanted, and meanwhile I was gesturing wildly to show the clerk and Manager that what she wanted was right across from them on my right. She wanted 'juice' and it was stacked right there where we stood. Finally, they started gesturing wildly too to show her that what she wanted was right next to her on the right. She finally got the message and looked at me as if to say, "Why didn't you tell me."

I walked on in the store and met a man who used to be the 'runner' type guy at A-C. (I don't know his real title) He came up to me to tell me what kind of repairs were being made on my car. He mentioned a couple small parts that sound to me like go on brake pads, a clip or something and he told me it only cost $7.50. I knew the car ran smoothly so I wasn't worried about it.

We then drove to the library. I was sitting in the back seat behind the driver of the car. We pulled up into the lot. Outside the stores were two long tables, each with a woman collecting money for a good cause. Both acknowledged that I had already given to them. I planned to give a quarter to each one anyway. The first one had a square brown box to put the money in... like the chocolate box that says "The Ultimate Chocolate Survival Kit" from a famous food place 'Swiss Colony'.

The next table over was a group of runners. I was going to have them explain to me what benefit running was to the body. I had already donated to them to.

5-18-00 - DREAM - I and a friend went to the library to get a book or two to read.  When I first went in, it looked very familiar and I went to the LAW section where all the fat/thick books were. However, the longer I was there, the less it was like a library. Fewer and fewer books were there, and they started putting in racks of used clothing. They even had one long row of wedding gowns. All this was in front of the empty book shelves. I quickly ran over to some of the shelves where I knew some good books were and took two.  One was 'Deliverance'. I can't remember the other.  There was a third book there that was 3 times as thick but I knew I couldn't read all three in 2 weeks time. I then went back to where I started and all the LAW books had been removed and in their place were tall children's picture books. I was very disappointed in this library.

NOTE: A coincidence. This is the very first web page I went to:

"Da'at, (contact), at the level of the eyes, is representative of the written Law. In reading the written Law, the reader should see every letter. Contact at the level of the mouth is the secret of the Oral Law.

"There is no good outside of the Law." The "pe" is the seventeenth letter of the "aleph-beyth," the numerical value of the Hebrew word "tov," (good. The first words spoken by the Mouth of God, "Let there be light," upon which the actual creation of light happened, were subsequently seen, by His Eyes, "to be good." The word good, is the thirty-third word of scripture, the sum of the values of the two letters "ayin" and "pe" (33 = 16 + 17), thus alluding to the union of the two levels of da'at, (contact) - that of the eyes (the written Law), and that of the mouth, (the Oral Law).

6-12-00 - DREAM - I and two girlfriends were living in Denver. I knew this because I announced it at the end of the dream.

In this building were apartments and a restaurant. In the restaurant, Merry-go round type horses were installed so one could ride them from the door to your table. This was a good idea but the horses only faced one way. Improvements were then made so the horses could turn around at the table and one could ride them back to the door when you were done. This was even better.

The two girls had a fight between them so I asked the 'betrayed' girl to live with me in another apartment I was also renting upstairs in apartment 805. I was going to just leave the apartment I was living in with them, but then realized I had a lot of books in my library and didn't want to leave them behind, and the girl who was going to live with me upstairs decided it was a good idea to take them along, so we both took an armload of books to haul them upstairs.

Also, on the wall were three shelves that a male friend of mine had installed, also full of books. I decided I could uninstall them and take those with me also. I saw no problem with reinstalling them myself in apartment 805. It was the same size, just upstairs.

There was an evil-attitude man at this restaurant who seemed to have some influence on a lot of people ... perhaps the owner. He decided he wanted to control what these horses did which were dragged through the restaurant with chains. Towards the end, we were avoiding him and he was dragging the horses with no customers back and forth in the restaurant just so he could say he was in control.

The chains whipped across the floor and we had to jump over them to avoid getting caught on our feet.  

I and the one girl went to the next door over where apartment 805 was listed at the top of the door. I opened the door  and started up the stairs. To my surprise, there were only 7 steps up and we found ourselves again outside with blue sky and park-like view. To the right was a fire-pole like thing which one had to climb to get to the next stairway which was to the right.

With an armload of books, this was really difficult and we were being cheered in our efforts by some other people. My hands were wet and I wasn't doing very well because the pole was very thin ... more like a rod. I finally cheated and held onto something else besides the pole and got to the next stairway which was an escalator with fake grass carpeting on it. There were a lot of other people going up this stairway so I was grateful to get on this escalator and woke up as I was riding up the stairs.

11-6-00 - VISIONS - As soon as I lay down, I started to see a picture of an inaugural type parade it seemed with many flags flying in the cars that went by. A voice said, "This is very important." I acknowledged that the election was very important.

Then it went to a gray sky picture ... the voice said, "The library of Texas came at a very high price ... and all I could see was the top of a man's head and an a gray cloudy sky.

I then saw a convertible car full of men that seemed to have Teddy Kennedy and the sky was gray and ominous as well. It seemed to be like a funeral procession.

I went back to bed and was troubled over how I would tell people this. Then I saw two bald, large headed pasty white ETs, wearing long dark blue velour robes. One said, "You want the truth? The Mahatma is coming."

Eventually I went back to bed again but still couldn't go to sleep. I was seeing various scenes in different places, some outside, some inside. I saw some young girls and women, all wearing white dresses with dark blue polkadots on them.

I still couldn't sleep. Then I saw a bunkhouse type room full of cowboys in brown leather clothes and cowboy hats. One tall man said, "We know you really want to know the truth."

The scene shifted either in the same room or another livingroom. There was a couch there with people sitting in it, but the people had blue donkey heads and elephant heads. One really big guy standing in front of the couch pointed to the next room and said, "The doctor will be in there for two days yet!"

NOTE: The election on November 7th is the tightest I ever experienced. On the 8th, there is a recount going on and nobody has been declared the winner yet.

12-12-00 - VISIONS - a book with stamping in the front like it wasn't returned to the library

The latitude/longitude numbers ... I saw the number 89 - 90 at the end of the line

I saw a TV set with a 'ghostly' figure above it ... and the sound ... doo doo doo doo.

I saw the words - town council supports

I saw the words 80 group supports

I saw a blonde young man with his arm around a girls neck, kissing her violently

I saw the word ASCENSION

4-13-01 -  This is extremely confusing to me. DREAM - I was in a house somewhere. I met some people and must have drunk something that had knockout drops in it. I woke up in the morning with an outline of a UFO with a number 4 over it, written in green marker on my upper thigh. I was so embarrassed, I had to change the sheets on the beds and made the other women get out of their beds so it didn't look like I was just doing my own. (One of the women looked very familiar ... a large woman with short dark curly hair) One of the other women seemed to be a nurse. She put a rubber tube around my right arm like they do to take blood. I wasn't looking, so I don't know what she was doing. I was waiting for the pain of the needle but never felt it. I started to feel pretty woozy though.

The doctor came in. He was blonde, blue eyed, and handsome as handsome. He helped me out of bed. I was assuming he was taking me for an operation, because they said they were going to extend the bone and muscle in my upper right arm. I don't know why. I didn't try to fight him off about this. I remembered having seen this guy on TV I told him, and I just rather hung on his shoulder with my head down and I couldn't see where I was going. He was walking backwards, leading me and I was walking along like we were dancing and I was too drugged to resist. 

I thought we were going to the operating room, but he took me outside to another building. We went in the door and up some stairs. He opened up a door and took me into a room that looked like a library. There were books all around in bookcases. In the center of one end of the room was a big grand piano and there was an older man behind it.  He wasn't playing the piano, just sitting there.  

On top of the piano, was about 100 boxes or books with a witchcraft symbol on it. (After I woke up I realized the doctor wasn't a doctor, he was a witchdoctor) I said kiddingly, "Oh! Reading material!" and giggled a little. The boxes were about 1/2 inch high and were 6 x 6 inches square.  I was trying to think if they were Ouija boards or books of Shadows, but the gold symbol on the top was very outstanding. 

After that, I sat down on the chair and the doctor came and sat on my lap. However, his legs were gone or they were tucked inside a baby type pajama sack with no opening at the bottom, and I held him in my arms like he was my baby, though his head and upper torso were normal size of a grown man.  He had his arms around me and hugged me and I felt a sense of love for him as a person.  While I was holding him, I could see a hand written sign on his arm that said, "He didn't hit the MARK by 2.5 feet." 

Pretty bizarre!

7-17-01 - DREAM - I was in a library with some other people. I ha to change clothes to go there and wore dark green dress suit with a matching sweater. It was 11:30 a.m. while we were getting ready to go.

My riend Alice almost missed going because she took an extra shower, but she hurred and went also.

I was going to look up Lake Lucerne and was concerned that I would have enough time.

I asked the clerk what time they closed. She said 1 p.m. I thought that was enough time, but all of a sudden the clocks stopped and it was 2:20 p.m. I don't know how the clocks could stop at a future time, but then we had to keep asking what time it was so we wouldn't end up at 1 p.m. without being done with our research. Somehow though, we didn't leave until 2 p.m.  The clock still said 2:20 p.m.

9-12-2001 - I had this dream after the World Trade Center Terrorist Bombing Using Passenger Planes full of innocent People.

DREAM: I was with my Mother, getting our chores done. Then we went to the Government Law Library Building.

My Mother and I went into the building and slowly started climbing the marble stairs. I had been here before. I had borrowed a book here two weeks earlier.

On the top landing, in front of the Law Library doors stood two security guards.  

Beyond them, was a large door with a large office beyond it.  Inside that office, was a man dressed in a blue suit doing backflips and acrobatics.

Then one of the security guards started doing backflips and acrobatics also.  He looked at me and said rather in a cheery voice, "We are just protesting".

I decided I  couldn't return my law book because I didn't want to go past the protestors.