The Dream and The Reality

compiled by Dee Finney

Who is Maitreya?

He has been expected for generations by all of the major
religions. Christians know him as the Christ, and expect his
imminent return. Jews await him as the Messiah; Hindus look
for the coming of Krishna; Buddhists expect him as Maitreya
Buddha; and Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi or Messiah.

12-20-93 - DREAM - I was at home. I was wearing a red and white cotton print dress, white socks, and white shoes. My father/husband began to complain about the way I was dressed, that it was old fashioned and nobody dressed like that anymore. Then I looked at my mother. She was dressed just like me, except her dress was silk and brighter red and black print. My mother, hearing my father/husband's complaints about my dress, put her arms around me to comfort me.

Music began to play. It was a beautiful slow song about a woman named Alice. It was a sad love song. My mother and I began to move to the music. We were exactly toe to toe. She was leading and I followed...our feet moving exactly identical. My daughter took our picture together and all our friends were watching. The song ended and my mother and I went to sit down together. She picked up a book of mine. She looked at it a bit and asked me who the Great Maitreya was. I said that he was the #1 man in existence, next to God. My mother told me that my father wanted to copy the book for himself. I looked at the book closer. It was a dictionary of Esoteric people and esoteric terms.

1-18-99 - MEDITATION - I was shown I had a web page with a lot of links to sites about a very large man. I saw that twice, but I couldn't recognize the man, nor could I read any of the links. I wasn't getting it, so continued to mediate to try to get the man's name with no success.

I then had a vision of the front yard of a house. There was a colorful child's swing set there with two sings, a teetertotter-like two seater swing for two people and a slide on the side. What was more remarkable though as a round ball on the ground which I could see through. On the surface of the ball was a design similar to the continents of the world, but they were in red, white, and blue and all over the designs were twinkling white lights.

I came back from the vision thinking how beautiful that globe was, but with no meaning in mind.

I closed my eyes again and immediately found myself back in the yard, but now saw this beautiful ball twinkling on the stoop by the back door. (The Points of Light?)

I still found no meaning except a feeling of awe that the ball had moved by itself.

Then a voice said, "What about your boyfriend, Treya?"

Maybe it means Maitreya?

Subj: A Letter from The Maitreya to the World

Date: 9/28/2001 10:56:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Louix Dor Dempriey)


A Letter from The Maitreya to the World

September 13, 2001

As the emotions of peoples all over the globe range from anger and rage, to sadness and despair, to shock and dismay, to contented disdain, no more pressing could be the need for the voice of God to calm the savage seas of human emotion.

While the news reports following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 are speaking the collective voice of the people—one of revenge and retaliation—seemingly forgotten are the words God has sent for thousands of years to His children on Earth: To live by the sword is to die by the sword.

My heart weeps as I hear so many call to God to actually bless their intent to murder in His Most Holy Name. Most of the wars on this planet are being fought over people’s professed love for God. And they continue to call God’s blessing upon each subsequent massacre of His own children.

To watch in horror as even the very leader of the entire free world (the President of the United States) calls forth God’s blessing upon his vow to annihilate and murder countless people to ‘set an example’ urges Me to call out to each of you. Does it matter whether you call ‘murder’ by the name ‘terrorism’ or ‘justice?’ It is still murder—the taking of another person’s life. Are murder and revenge the ‘examples’ you want to set for your children?

What are needed now more than ever in this world and, specifically, in the face of this crime are forgiveness, compassion, and understanding. After all, what is crime? It is a crying out for love (crime = cry / me). Everyone is in search of only one thing: Love. People only know how to ask for love based on the way they were loved as a child. Some ask with kindness, others with violence. If your love is truly unconditional (without conditions placed upon your giving of it), you would give it as freely and equally to those who come with a consciousness clothed in the finest of silks as you would to those who come with a consciousness garbed in filthy, tattered rags. Do you think God loves the terrorist less than He does the priest? ‘Tis more noble to love and forgive than to judge and condemn.

Has the world turned a blind eye to the example set by Jesus? What about Gandhi? It was through non-violence that he single-handedly freed a nation of 300 million people. When will other world leaders have the courage to follow this example? You are each a world leader in your own right. Will you follow God’s example, which has been demonstrated by a noble few over time?

It will assist you if I widen the lens and show you these events from the Divine perspective. First, it is of the utmost importance that each of you looks in your own heart to see how these incidents apply to you, as well as what they are teaching you. There is nothing outside of self. What this means is that on the highest plane of creation—on the level of the absolute—the whole universe, and everything that happens in it, is nothing more than a hologram of thought forms, out-pictured in physical reality for you to see, contemplate, and integrate all the disassociated parts of yourself.

This is one of the two reasons your soul incarnated on Earth, to remember and restore your full divinity. The other reason for your existence—the very meaning of life—is to be in service to a Purpose which is greater than the self. That ‘Purpose’ is more commonly known as ‘God’s will.’

To understand this universal truth is to know that you (created in the image of God) are all that exists. Therefore, as an embodied aspect of the Creator, it is wise to ask yourself what part of you created the destruction of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. And why? To teach you what about yourself? To elicit what growth, change, or transformation in your life and in your consciousness-for that is the only reason anything happens, to help you move into a consciousness of greater love.

It also follows, by the same divine principles, that all these people unwittingly gave their lives for you, personally. Yours is to ask yourself, ‘Why?’ To retaliate or to even harbor any non-loving feelings toward any person or group means that all these thousands of souls would not have achieved the purpose for which they gave their lives in the first place.

Glorify their deaths by hearing their plea for all human beings to come together in love. Since they chose and created their deaths, too, can you see why they chose the World Trade Center as the vehicle? The melting pot of all nations, all cultures, all financial markets, all trade, all governments… all in one building, much less all in one city, all in one country. What a stroke of mastery.

Where else could this group of mighty souls have commanded the attention of every soul on Earth? And since money still reigns on Earth as the god deriving the greatest devotion, what more perfect place to divert humanity’s attention back to the only real God that ever existed than the very epicenter of all world trade? There can be no false gods placed before Me. Is this any different than Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai to see all his people worshipping the golden bull?

My message is as simple as it is clear. Thy gaze needs to be firmly planted upon God and God alone. All other idols and objects must fall a distant second to that gaze, that devotion, and that love affair.

The Divine, in concert with your soul, has only one motivating factor: to remove any obstacle which stands between you and God. Those who refuse to acknowledge the truth of these words will inevitably magnetize unto themselves an even louder wake-up call. Whatever you resist persists and intensifies. That is the Law of Creation.

And why the Pentagon? It could have been any building in Washington. These souls hurled their bodies into the Ministry of Defense (of the country with the largest armed forces and which also happens to be the largest producer and trader of weapons in the world), offering their lives so that, perhaps, mankind will finally lay down its weapons and learn to love. Could the message be any more clear?

Your true power lies in your defenselessness. That is why you always see the saints portrayed with their hands at their sides and with their palms facing forward: ‘Here but for the Grace of God stand I.’ Those who still believe that ‘might makes right’ have never tasted or been touched by the true power of God.

The one wielding the biggest heart wins, not the one wielding the biggest stick. Weapons cannot raise a body from the dead. Weapons cannot make rain fall from the sky. Weapons cannot cure a person of cancer. Weapons cannot part the Red Sea. Yet, faith in the power of God’s love can do all these things and more.

The truth is that, eventually, weapons and war will no longer exist on this planet. And here we have a collective group of souls who chose to send this message home as their departing gift to this world: Put down your weapons and stop fighting.

Years ago, when China invaded Tibet, killing and destroying anything in its path, His Holiness the Dalai Lama had to choose whether to fight or flee. Many wanted him to fight, just like now in the U.S. And a whole country was in jeopardy, just like now. He had soul searching to do, and he knew that people would be killed with either choice. One choice would make him a Christ; the other, a hypocrite. How could the leader of a non-violent people wage a war with weapons? So he fled… or did he?

The world views the Dalai Lama as ‘living in exile.’ I invite you to look deeper, into the realm of God’s will being achieved by way of-and in spite of—humanity’s free—willed choices. Unbeknownst to the people of Tibet, it was God’s will that this Dalai Lama reach a position of global impact and visibility. However, Tibet had several hundred years of history and tradition which decreed that the Dalai Lama was to live in the Potala and serve his country from there. How could God’s will be thus achieved? It would seem that God and His Holiness were diametrically opposed, even though the Dalai Lama is a man of God and devotes every breath to serving God.

It took something as forceful as China’s invasion to deliver the grace and goodness and love of the Dalai Lama to the whole world. He never would have broken centuries of tradition and left Tibet had China not invaded, the world would have been deprived of his love and wisdom, and God’s will would not have been achieved. Therefore, a wise soul would bless China for its part as much as it would bless His Holiness and the beautiful people of Tibet for all playing their parts in achieving God’s will: to deliver the Dalai Lama to the world. Thy will be done, and is, always and everywhere.

Does this mean China’s actions were loving? Of course not. However, it is not Tibet’s responsibility, nor is it the Dalai Lama’s, to hold China accountable for its choices and actions. Their responsibility—as is yours—is simply to love one another unconditionally. China is holding itself accountable. The laws of cause and effect take care of themselves (as do all universal laws) perfectly—and in God’s perfect time and place, not man’s. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Is it really any wonder, then, that the country which finances and provides weapons for more wars, uprisings, and revolts than does any country in the world would draw—through the very same Law of Karma—this attack unto itself?

How can ones blame or judge the perpetrators of this bombing when they, too, are but pawns in the intricate play of humanity’s collective consciousness on Earth? You are the terrorist. You are every person on the airplane. You are the President, now choosing hatred over love. You are the building and everyone in it. And you are the soul, hungry for truth and assistance, who is now reading this letter to gain insight into the very fabric of your existence… and, lastly, you are the Christ who now has the opportunity to choose love and to make a difference in this world.

God uses whatever you bring to the table to achieve His will for Creation. What most of humanity has brought to the table are ‘greed rather than God’ and ‘fighting instead of loving.’ Thus, this group of souls chose the global centers of money (World Trade Center) and war (The Pentagon) to deliver God’s message to the world. If the collective consciousness of this world (i.e. more than 50% of the world’s population) had its focus first and foremost on God (unconditional love), this would not have happened. It has nothing to do with terrorism.

Terrorism is a disease that lives inside almost every soul on this planet, save a few hundred souls. And the terror which pervades almost every consciousness on Earth is a deep, primordial fear/terror of God, resulting in Man’s continued self-imposed exile from its Creator. As within, so without. This, My beloveds, is the origin of terrorism as you know it, and the reason that it exists. When—and only when—the terror of receiving God’s love no longer exists in your mind, you will no longer see terrorism on your planet, much less be affected by it.

The universe is always in perfect balance. How that is demonstrated in your world of polarity is that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ Thus, as more people awaken and surrender to God’s love, so does the ‘opposition’ or resistance to that Love, likewise, increase. Humanity’s return to God happens through suffering for all those who relate to God through fear rather than faith.

Why New York City? This arrow was sent right into the epicenter of the planet. New York is called ‘the Hub of the Universe.’ This all happened in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. While many people see Lady Liberty as America’s symbol of freedom for all the people of the world—freedom from oppression, freedom of speech, etc.—she actually has a much greater meaning.

The flame that Lady Liberty holds is actually the Ascension Flame for this planet. It is the three-fold flame, also known as the Trinity of God, and it holds both the vision and the blueprint for all of humanity’s ultimate freedom from living in separation from God.

That flame is now activated and the madness you see in the world is all the willful, selfish resistance to God’s call unto His children: Come unto Me. And the murder and destruction you see on the television is the part of you that says ‘No’ to God, the part of you that says ‘i am not interested in what God wants. i want what i want, when i want it, how i want it, and where i want it.’

Love (God) is reclaiming dominion of this planet whether anyone likes it or not. As you can see, many do not. ‘My will, not Thy will’ must, and shall, soon be replaced by ‘Thy will be done.’ Each of you has a choice to come to the altar of God with your tail wagging or with your feet dragging, but come ye shall.

The greatest delusion that plagues the mind of Man is thinking that you ever had a life in the first place. Your body is the temple of God, temporarily loaned to your soul so that it could serve God while on Earth. Thus, you are all emissaries of God-priests and priestesses, by definition—whether you like it or not. Arise and awaken, My beloved children, to the true nature of your existence.

Your soul uses the least means necessary to achieve God’s desired goal. What this universal truth is saying is that this horrific display of events was the least means necessary to get your attention and return it to forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, acceptance, and to unconditional love.

There is a tragedy far greater than what the whole world witnessed on September 11, 2001 and that is the shocking possibility that very few heard this message, God’s message, and moved into a consciousness of greater love as a result of all that happened. Will you be one of the few? Will you heed the Word of God, avoid all temptation to judge, rise into a greater love for all your fellow man, and glorify all the lives that were given up for you?

I ask that you love, thank, and bless every soul that played a part in this chain of events-from the terrorists, to the mastermind behind the plan, to the passengers on the plane, to those who worked in the buildings destroyed, to all those now suffering and struggling to find their way to peace and love because of it. To the degree that you choose Love in the face of all temptation and adversity is to the degree that you walk in the image of God.

September 17, 2001

Not even one week has passed since the terrorist incidents in New York City and Washington D.C., and already I see the phoenix, the voice of Love among you, rising from the ashes. As vigils are now being held around the world, candles are burning, and the voice of reason, compassion, patience, and tolerance is growing louder still. A call to love. A call to put down all weapons and love one another. Even though it took events so tragic to bring the world’s attention back unto love, the signs show that it is working.

Everything means something, everything that happens to you and around you. And while many are still insisting that message, that teaching, is one of hatred and revenge, I assure you it is not. There are no victims, as seen through God’s eyes. Thus, it follows that these thousands of souls unwittingly, albeit willingly, gave their lives to deliver a powerful message to the world.

Look in your hearts. Did they give up their very lives-their greatest possession, their greatest dream and joy—in an act so heroic, so noble, so selfless—to incite war and kill God’s Creation? No. They gave their lives to call humanity’s attention back unto itself, back unto love. As the world waits in fearful anticipation, their voice and their message is growing louder and louder with every passing day.

It is time you empower yourselves and one another to remember that the fullness of God runs through your veins. And it is your faith, your courage, and your perseverance in Love’s name that will turn the tides of this world and restore everlasting peace on Earth.

Some years ago, an angel was sent among you to give the American people back its voice. The man in whose body that angel silently walked was, and is, Ross Perot. In his individual campaign for the Presidency of the United States, rising and appearing out of nowhere, he single-handedly was responsible for creating the highest voter turnout in the history of the nation. God used that campaign to remind everyone of the power of one voice. And now I am asking that you use that voice.

As within, so without. Who would be so hypocritical as to now blame the President for the fact that he was put in office by a collective consciousness that relates to God more through fear than through faith? Before anyone points a finger in judgment toward him, remember that he is awaiting direction from the people. His motive is pure; he wants only to protect. But he is confused, and fear still holds dominion within the White House. The fact that he hesitates now shows that there is still an opening for a change of heart.

Citizens of the world, show him your support by not leaving him stranded with the most difficult decision of his life—initiating a potential Third World War. Call him, write him, e-mail him your feelings and wishes, and speak to him in your prayers. To believe that the voice and will of one man is stronger than the voice of God in your heart is the greatest act of folly.

If Moses had succumbed to that fear and temptation, the Red Sea would never have parted. Thousands upon thousands of soldiers marched toward this one man and the tribe he led out of darkness, with weapons in hand, hatred and murder in their eyes and in their hearts. And it was the voice of one, the faith and courage of one, that summoned the power of God so strong as to part a sea and lead a people to safety and freedom.

Do you think he possessed any power greater than the power that lies dormant within you? I ask that you believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in that very same power of God which is now available to you. Believe in the ability of that Love—if given your consummate faith and devotion-to consume your entire being and walk you, as it did Krishna, Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and others.

This, I offer, is available to each and every one of you. Let these mighty souls who recently gave their lives be the catalyst. Let them be your inspiration. Verily, I say unto thee, should you miss this golden opportunity, another invitation will come—one larger, stronger, more cataclysmic in nature—to move you into love, to make choices based on that love, to draw strength from the power of that love, and to stand in the face of all adversity through courage and perseverance within that love.

If you choose to stay silent, yes, of course, God, in His infinite love and compassion will allow it to happen, because that is your choice. The last and greatest gift unto creation is free will. You now have the power and freedom to choose, and you will sleep and dwell and work and live with the consequences of your choice. The divine irony is that all roads, all human choices, in the perfect tapestry of God’s will and infinite consciousness, will ultimately arrive at the same place.

Those of you who are already writing letters, holding vigils, calling radio stations, and—pray thee—writing to politicians and to the President, using all the resources you have available, are ennobling and glorifying the lives that were given up for you.

In return, shall your lives be so amazingly blessed, uplifted, and exalted from the mundane trials and tribulations you now know, and shall you be shown a clearer, more graceful path into the world of pure love. Because of your efforts on behalf of these ones, and on behalf of those living for whom you have hope, compassion, and mercy: As you sow, so shall you reap one thousand-fold.

Another powerful message has been sown into the collective consciousness by way of these events. A seed of confusion and uncertainty has been placed in the minds of most. Like mice scrambling to find their way out of a maze of confusion, the U.S. government is struggling to create so great a security web that it could offer its people a life free from fear of invasion, terrorism, assault and attack.

Please know that there is no system on earth wise enough or strong enough to give you this protection. And this is the very message that this event was meant to parlay into your minds and hearts. There is only one way, one place, where you can find that level of safety, and that is in the power of protection derived from your Faith, a faith sourced by an unflinching gaze on God. Therein shall you find your safety and your safe harbor.

Only those who dwell in the fullness of that Divine, omnipotent companionship can walk free from the armor of weaponry and man-made security, free from locks, devices, and electronic systems—protected only, and completely, by the power of God’s omnipresent love. While only certain individuals have ever walked and lived to demonstrate this truth, the day will come when nations will, as well. Here, again, is the opportunity for America to be one such nation.

There already exists one true peace-loving country on the planet that currently issues a global statement saying it will fight no war on its own behalf, nor on behalf of any other country and, therefore, maintains no defense system or military operation whatsoever. As a result, this country is not invited into war, nor is war ever waged upon it. Instead, it lives in peace among all nations—an island in the Sea of Contentment.

The United States of America is not the most powerful country in the world because of its money, weaponry, and military fortitude. You have only been taught and trained to believe that. It is the most powerful country in the world because God has placed that power within this land, to shine the Light of Freedom brightly upon the world. The power had to be granted to your land and your people by God before it could be used. For all comes from the Creator, all originates from the Creator.

I am now asking you to draw from the wellspring of that Power and Might that was granted unto you, to use it in Love’s name, instead of in Fear’s name.

Let us, My beloved children, keep the horse before the cart. Heed thee, well, My words. Take them into your heart. Let them gestate and have their way with you. Sleep upon them, dwell and dream upon them. And, when you awaken from your introspection and contemplation, lend a voice to your sentiments and beliefs. Take action upon those beliefs. And remember to do so always with the utmost of patience, compassion, tolerance, and non-judgment for the feelings, beliefs, choices, and actions that all others make—like yourself—in their journey back into love.

In so doing shall Grace be planted with every footstep you make, and shall Grace be the trail that paves the way for others. Blessed be, dear ones, in whose most Holy name I come.

- Louix Dor Dempriey

(Bhagavan Sri Pranananda)

* * * * * *

Upon encountering Avatar Louix Dor Dempriey (Bhagavan Sri Pranananda), one discovers the very essence of one's existence and receives the keys to becoming Love incarnate. He has come as the long-awaited Maitreya to guide humanity into the Everlasting Covenant with God.

©2001 Louix Dor Dempriey

Date: 04/28/1999 7:22:51 AM Central Daylight Time

From: (Gerald D'Aoust)

Dear Dreamers,

in this little paper I will very swiftly explain about the basic Buddhist metaphysics of the 3 bodies of the Buddhas and you will very rapidly understand the processes of the transmigration of the soul in its different bodies with a little bit of theory along with a bit of illustrated applied science with an example of the past and one of the present. FYI, this is a fresh paper which has never been posted anywhere.

As mentioned earlier, the Buddhist Trinity is known as Tri-kaya where the word Kaya means Body... so, their Trinity is called Tri-body... referring to the 3 bodies of the Buddha.

The Buddhists say that the Buddha knew some 550 of previous lives which number, I think, could have been slightly blown up a little. :)

Nevertheless, the Buddha was aware of several lives... and you cannot establish a religion based on reincarnation if you are not aware of different earlier lives and inciditentally the mystery of rebirth is present within all religions and christianity, which book is filled with 256 dreams, is not and exception.

Anyways, the Tri-body of the Buddha consists of 3 bodies, namely

- The Dharma-kaya
- The Sambhoga-kaya
- The Nirmana-kaya

all of these animated by the same unique atma... or soul or mind.

Now look at their respective definitions very carefully..

- The Dharma-kaya is said to be the Law-Body, which is self existent and everlasting and has been termed as essential. It is the first body.

- The Sambhoga-kaya is said to be the Reflected Wisdom Adorned Body!! And they say that it is represented in plural form as the Celestial Jinas known also as Victors or Buddhas of the Past. These are said to shine in darkness... which is the reason why they are called adorned...they usually have a halo around their heads and all the rest of the enlightened gear.

- The Nirmana-kaya is called the practical or changeable body.

OK! The Buddha's mind or soul whatever you want to call his animating principle or breath of life, the thing that thinks inside the Buddha's Nirmana-kaya has access to all these other bodies!!

It works like this for you too... because we are all made the same. :)

Illumination is latent in everyone, said the Buddha, you know... and it don't cost nothing in electricity. No monthly bills!

Let me illustrate...

The Buddha said that he was the Sindh Horse, The Swift-Horse, The Airy-Horse, The Horse of those days just like all the Avataras of India since Vishnu. He is said to carry lots of people on this Horse... but he is the Horse himself!!

This guy is also said to have a soul everlasting... as written on the Tibetan Prayer Flags. The only thing in common with all the Buddhas and which also is Spiritual is the Winged-Horse... and that's the Dharma-Kaya, the Law of Rebirth's Body!!

Everytime a Buddha came to birth and died a Celestial Buddha or Celestial Jina or Celestial Victor was created and it lives forever. It is the Celestial Shining Reflex Ghost Body. The Enlightened One... the Illuminated one and is Immortal. This one lives in Heaven and is metaphysical... just like the Dharma-Kaya. However, this is not restricted to the Buddha of the past because the present Buddha also has one. There are claims that even the future Buddha already has a Ghost-Reflex???

Listen to this here, this is extracted from BLT, p.347

"Though in a more mystic sense Sakya-Muni, (or the Living Buddha, the Sage) is considered to be an incarnate aggregate of the reflected wisdom of all the Celestial Jinas. But these Jinas were latterly held to unite also within themselves both the metaphysical forms, both the Dharma-kaya (or Horse) and the Sambhoga-kaya (the Riders.)"

Also, the Buddha, the Guru Padma-Sambhava who was recognised as the reincarnation of Gautama Buddha or even the Coming Buddha Maitreya are often figured with the head of th previous Buddha(s) surmounting their own head in a symbolisms to represent Spiritual Succession!!! (BLT.,p.339.) They also add, that this remarkable feature of this surmounting image represents the Spiritual Father of that particular Bodhisat or Diety; and he (which is surmounting) nearly always is one or the other of the five Jinas or Celestial Buddhas of the Past!!

Also when one looks at the represtations of the Guru Padma-Sambhava, he is usually represted in his 8 Forms as in BLT on page 25, we can see the Guru himself in the middle, surrounded by 7 Spiritual Forms, one of them being Buddha, another one being Shiva, while another is Tamdin or Hayagriva which head is surmounted by the one of a Horse... and etc along with a Jewel which symbolises the Airy-Horse... and all of this in a spiritual succession oneiric context of a knowledge in regards to previous lives as described in the Bardo Thodol's Root Verses...

"Grasping the True nature of dreams,  

     May I train myself in the clear Light of the Miraculous Transformation.

     May I recognise whatever appareth as being my own Spiritual Forms,

     May I know them to be Apparitions...

     May the Trinity be realised.

Let it come that I obtain the Non-Forgetting Intellect   and "remember" my past life (or lives)."

Regardless, when we now look at the stories, now understanding that the Buddha's mind transmigrates in his different forms in dreams, then everything becomes really clear and simple because everybody is made like that.

Just read the following data carefully...

- Vishnu and the Airy-Horse..

Vishnu, the Supreme Lord himself, has a fabulous Horse, a sort of Pegasus which can fly everywhere... the Encyclopedia of Mythology (p.336 of my french version)... and as such can travel the whole Universe in three steps. These 3 steps mark the omnipresence of the God and his vocation to spread indefinitely his influence around the World. Visnu shines like the Sun and benefits every living thing. He is everywhere, he penetrates everything, he is the Saviour. Indian Iconography represents him as sleeping, between two creations. However, his mystical sleep is active, as he meditates on the world to come and prepares it in his mind... and when he wakes up, he is charged to realise the new creation... and he does this repetitively through many incarnations. Vishnu usually manifests himself when life-destructive Titans want to insure the dominion of the World. (FM p.227 to 229)

- Buddha on and as the Airy-Horse...

Gautama Buddha, no need to introduce him... on the night of his visions and Illumination left his Father's Palace on a Magical Horse, Khantara... which hooves were supported by the Gods of Heaven, in order not to make noise and awake everyone. Also, in the Jatakas, or Stories of Buddha's Previous Lives... we find many in which the Buddha was a Horse... for instance No.196 is a very good example, of which the following is a little extract...


"Now, at that time the Bodhisatta had come into the World as a flying horse, white all over... possessed of supernatural power, able to fly through the air"... The rest of the story tells about the fate of those who believed in the Horse (and went to heaven) and those who didn't (who unfortunately, went to Hell!).

"Then, becoming perfectly enlightened, he recited the following verses...

"They who will neglect the Buddha when he tells them what to do, As the goblins ate the merchants, likewise they shall perish too."

"They who harken to the Buddha when he tells them what to do,   As the Bird-Horse saved the merchants, they shall win salvation too."

When the Master had ended this discourse, he declared the Truths, and identified the Birth:- "The Buddha's followers were the 250 who followed the advice of the Horse and I, was the Horse myself."

...many other stories finish the same way #23, # 206... sometimes the Horse is called Swift-as-the-Wind... in others Windswift... or Sindh  Horse...# 24 for example... which ends by "... and I the Perfect Buddha was the Horse of those Days."

That is just to say that the Airy-Horse is the Dharma-kaya!!!

- Padma-Sambhava Ascent on the Airy-Horse...

The Wizard Padma-Sambhava the founder of Lamaïsm, in keeping with the divine attributes with which he has been invested as "Saviour of a  suffering World"... also flew on the Magical Horse... as stated on page 32 of "Buddhism and Lamaïsm of Tibet"...

"He was enveloped in a Glorious Rainbow-Halo, within which appeared the great Heroes of the World, who assisted him in mounting the Celestial Horse-Car in which he was now borne away in the Sky... attended by the Heroes and a host of Fairies amid heavenly music and showers of flowers." which they add that he reached paradise where he supremely "reigns in perpetual youth where he keeps preaching his doctrine".

In other words, he became a Sambhoga-kaya or a shining ghost himself...just like the Celestial Jinas or Ghostly Buddhas of the past who assisted  him in mounting the Dharma-kaya!!!

- the Coming Buddha Maitreya also known as Kalki on the Horse...

Maitreya, is at times represented as a Horse-Headed Giant (Encyclopedia of Mythology, f.v.,p.342.) and as Kalki, if you prefer since  both are the same, the last Avatar of Vishnu, is expected on a Horse...!!???

"Maitreya, "The loving one," the Coming Buddha or Buddhist Messiah...known in Tibet as Byams-pa and pronounced "Jam-pa" or "Cham-pa". He is the only Bodhisat known to primitive Buddhism and to the so-called "Southern" Buddhists of the present day, the Burmese, Ceylonese, and Siamese.

He is usually represented adorned like a prince, and sitting on a chair in European fashion with legs down, teaching the Law (of Rebirth?). He is at present (1895) believed to be in the Tushita heaven. His image is frequently rocked-carved or built in colossal form several stories high in Tibet, as he is credited with gigantic size."   (extracted from page 355 of "Buddhism and Lamaïsm of Tibet")

This is quite interesting as this Buddha is the only one which is not sitting in a lotus position... a minor detail which indicates that he will come from Occident!!

The Kalki Incarnation (Avatara) Vishnu is yet to accomplish this incarnation. The Kalki-Purana says that Vishnu will descend upon the earth at the end of the present age, which is the Kali-yuga or the Age of Darkness...and precises of what we may expect of his benevolent intervention in our degenerating world. As the Jews await the coming of a Messiah, the Hindus await the arrival of Kalki, who will destroy all evil, dispel darkness, and once again usher in the Golden Age, the Krita-yuga. Vishnu will appear as Kalki, riding a White Horse, with drawn sword, blazing like a Comet. He will usher in a new era of purity, rightness and peace... and then return to Heaven.   (extract from "Iconography of the Hindus, Buddhists and Jains" p.34 ...and Encyclopedia of Mythology, f.v,p.342.)


By the way, the Tibetan people believe into the existence of Ghosts and Spirits which they know very well to manifest in dreams... Yes!

"The manes of the departed often trouble the Tibetans as well as other peoples*, and special rites are necessary to "lay" them and bar their return. A ghost is always malicious, and it returns and gives trouble either on accounts of its malevolence, or its desire to see how its former property is being disposed of. In either case its presence is noxious. It makes its presence felt in "DREAMS" or by making some individual delirious or temporarily insane."... and there is more. ("Budhhism and Lamaism of Tibet", (BLT) p.498)

*"The Chinese call the Dead or Manes of Men "Kwei", alleged to mean the malicious two-legged Ghost, showing that they did not think that man, when he was dead, had all ceased to be." ("The Religions of China" by Ledge J., p.13)

Also, for the Tibetans call "De-lok" the apparition of a Ghostly Returning! :)

Finally, if you can understand this theory and applied science you can go back and look at my dream of the Ascension and transmigration into the Dharma-kaya Airy-Horse and at my dream of transfiguration or Transmigration into the Sambhoga-kaya of one of my Spiritual Fathers... and thats the way it truly works!!

"Adam... his soul passed by transmigration into David... his soul transmigrated into the Messiah." (The Talmud, extract from Hershon's "Treasures of the Talmud" p.242).

And in conclusion this Science applies to your own dreams!!!

Good luck in your comprehension of the Tri-kaya of Buddhist Metaphysics in conjunction with your dreams and your own transmigrations of your own souls because it works for everybody the same.



PS: Logically speaking, the Buddha and the Great Guru are at the essence of the Highest Buddhist teachings which speak of transmigrations of the soul within the different bodies of the Tri-kaya of which only one is a material body... all the others being spiritual bodies or forms which we see and can transmigrate into, generally in dreams. OK?

Also, if the transmigration of the soul from one material body into another material body was possible, these two guys would have done it and would have spoken about it... but again what would be the purpose to stretch life for a few years on earth when the spiritual reward is eternity in the dream realm. This is just to say that guys like alias Lobsang T. Rampa invented a few stories which are totally off the track. :)

Date: 06/17/1999 8:47:02 AM Central Daylight Time

From: (Gerald D'Aoust)

Dear Sir Joe,

You mentioned a little while back about having read a plethora of books. Could you, please, tell me which books among these would have spoken about the Coming in a scientific universal fashion? What about Black Elk?

Personaly, I know of only 3 which are not religiously political and which speak of either the Coming One in different aspects which are totally open minded...

"The Reappearance of the Christ" by A.A Bailey.

"Origins and History of Consciousness" by E. Neumann

"The Secret Doctrine" by H.P.Blavatsky

Ok! about H.P. Blavatsky. This woman over a hundred years ago, in her most famous book, "The Secret Doctrine" (1888) Vol.1, p.86-87... came really close to disclose the whole mystery in regards to the Primordial Soul of the Universe... which incarnations she refers to as "The Sons of Fire"... and she says... among other things that...

"They are connected with a great primordial and universal mystery, and it is not easy to make it clear. There is a passage in the Bhagavadgita (Ch.viii) wherein Krishna, speaking symbolically and esoterically, says: " I will state the times... at which devotees departing (from this life) do so never to return (be reborn), or to return (to reincarnate again)." "

She adds... in regards to the Sons of Fire, which Sankaracharya says that they are "A Diety which presides over Time". !!!

THEY ARE "A" DIETY... = "He is the Chariot of Israel and the Horsemen thereof."

"The Agnishwatha, the Kumara (Mystic Sages), are solar dieties, though the former are Pitris (Ghosts?) also; and these are the "Fashioners of the Inner Man.". They are:- "The Sons of Fire" - because they are the first Beings (in the Secret Doctrine, they are called "Minds")....

... and then, Sir Joe, listen to this, she adds...

"Visnu will return on Kalki, the White Horse, as the Last Avatar amid fire and flames; and Sosiosh will be brought down equally on a White Horse in a "tornado of fire." "And I saw heaven open and behold a White Horse, and he that sat upon him... is called the Word of God, amid flaming Fire." (Rev.19,13)"

... so, she had found out that the Hindu, the Magian, and the Christian prophecies to be the same or that the Coming One was the same... and finally she adds that "He is the Manifested Diety - in its Universality."

So, as you can see, Sir Joe, she came really close to discover the whole thruth... and if she was here today she could easily in full confidence declare that the guy who dreams of Flying on the Winged-Horse is "The Sons of Fire"!!!

Finally, H.P. Blavatsky, in her 2% of inspiration (because there is 98% transpirational bla-bla in her work)... pinpointed the key to the whole universal mystery.

However, her only little mistakes is that Kalki is the Hindu name of the Avatar of Synthesis expected to come now... and that Horse in Hinduism is known as Khantara or King Tara. Also, Soshiosh is from the Mazdean Religion and is the Last Saoshyanto or Saviour who is expected for the year 2000 and who will come and restore humanity in purity... an render it immortal!!!

Anyways, what she says is basically the same as what Alice. A. Bailey wrote, in the first page of "The Reappearance of the Christ" (1948)...

"...He has come and today will be no exception to this ancient rule or to this universal law. For decades, the reappearance of the Christ, the Avatar, has been anticipated by the faithfull in both hemispheres - not only by the Christian faithful, but by those who look for Maitreya and for the Boddhisatva as well as those who expect the Imam Madhi."

Also, Alice Bailey in her "Esoteric Astrology" (1951), p.214, wrote that he would be Scorpio...

"" ...Ancient One is no longer seen. He sinks to the depth of the ocean of life; he descends into hell, but the gates of hell hold him not. He, the new and living One leaves below that which has held him down throughout the Ages and rises from the depths unto the heights, close to the throne of God."

The connection of these words with Christ, the present world Saviour, is obvious in their implications, and yet they were written in our archives over 7,000 years ago. Death in Scorpio is of a different nature and is also described in thefollowing words:

"...Ancient One dies by drawning. Such is the test. The waters envelop him and there is no escape. He drowns. The fires of passion are then quenched. The life of desires ceases its appeal and to the bottom of the lake he now descends. Later, he re-ascends to Earth where the White-Horse waits his coming. And this he mounts, proceeding towards the second death.""

Kabunga! However, I have never been able to find this text which still contains several interesting passages you will agree.

In short, all faiths expect this High Dreamer who flies on the Winged-Horse!!!... because it is a universal rule... for example, one can read, in regards to Surya the Sun-God...

"Vishnu in his manifestation as Surya the Sun-God, rides forth on the Horse in majesty to bring light to mankind. The Horse is a constant symbol of the Sun, the Sun-God's Chariot." (Encyclopedia of Mythology, english version, p.325.)

So, it's all the same everywhere... and a universal constant. Bingo!

Do you know of any other books which speak like that from a universal perspective about the Coming?

Thanks in advance,


Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 18:34:21



Subject: FWD: Jesus/Maitreya


by Peter Liefhebber

Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ are *not* one and the same person. This is one of the most difficult claims for many Christians to accept in connection with Maitreya, the World Teacher, and it therefore needs some further explanation. In fact, the title Christ does not refer to an individual at all. It is the name of a function in the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom, that group of advanced beings who guide the evolution of humanity from behind the scenes. Whoever stands at the head of this Hierarchy automatically becomes the World Teacher, known in the East as the Bodhisattva, during the term of His office.

Maitreya, who embodies the energy we call the Christ Principle, has held that office for over two millennia, and in Palestine He manifested Himself as the Christ to inaugurate the Age of Pisces, then beginning. The method  He used is called spiritual overshadowing, that is, His consciousness informed and guided the actions and teachings of His disciple Jesus. It was, therefore, the consciousness of the Christ, Maitreya, which was seen and experienced by those around Jesus.

In reality Jesus was a fourth-degree initiate and one of the older disciples of the Masters of Wisdom. He appeared before in biblical times as Joshua, the son of Nun, then as Isaiah, and again as Joshua in the book of Zachariah. In Palestine he made the great sacrifice of allowing himself to be used by Maitreya to fulfill His mission during the three years following the baptism in the River Jordan.

During his life, Jesus also symbolically enacted the five initiations which lead one to Mastership. The experience on the cross was the enactment of the 4th initiation for Jesus (his birth, the baptism, and the transfiguration on the mount symbolize the first three), while at the same time Maitreya underwent a higher initiation.

The events from Jesus' life and his words have been greatly misinterpreted due to this little-understood connection between his work and that of Maitreya the Christ. This has given rise to the age-old theological point of contention -- namely, whether Jesus was God or man, or perhaps both together. The answer is that Jesus was a man who, as a result of the process of evolution, became a Son of God -- as does everyone eventually. Others had gone before him on that path and many have taken it since.

Christians who are of the opinion that it is not given to anyone to try and emulate Jesus' accomplishment (who, as far as they are concerned, is God or, at least, His only Son) are contradicted by his own words: Become perfect even as the Father in Heaven is perfect. -- and: Greater things than I have done shall you do.

Jesus' death was the fulfillment of the task for that life, and it was Maitreya who resurrected the body from the tomb (as a symbol for the 5th initiation, just as the ascension was symbolic of the 6th initiation). This presentation of ancient occult knowledge in symbolic form is one of the methods which the Spiritual Hierarchy uses to teach humanity, and to convey knowledge to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. In the lives of the Buddha, Mithra and Krishna, similar symbolic events can also be found. The famed labors of Hercules, too, are nothing less than part of the initiation process expressed in symbolic form.

The disciple Jesus of 2,000 years ago has by now become one of the most senior Masters in the Hierarchy: the Master Jesus. He reached His state of perfection in the course of His next life as Apollonius of Tyana. Many of those who followed Him during His life as Jesus were still alive during this subsequent incarnation -- and many of them became convinced that Jesus had reappeared in their midst. It was Apollonius who undertook a journey to India which became the basis for the story, which many believe, that Jesus did not die on the cross but went to India and died in Kashmir, having lived to a venerable old age.

The Master Jesus has been incarnate in a Syrian body for about 640 years. He is described in INITIATION, HUMAN AND SOLAR by Alice A. Bailey (published by Lucis Publishing Co.) as follows: He is rather a martial figure, a disciplinarian and a man of iron rule and will. He is tall and spare with rather a long thin face, black hair, pale complexion, and piercing blue eyes. In the Hierarchy He is described as the Great Leader, the General and the Wise Executive. No one is so closely in touch with the people who stand for all that is best in the Christian teachings and no-one is so well aware of the needs of the present moment.

During most of this time He has lived mainly in Palestine. Since 1984, however, He has lived in Rome. The intention is that He will try to raise the Christian churches out of their state of crystallization and rivalry and, if invited to do so, to lead a newly united church. By doing so He hopes to resolve the many contradictions and misunderstandings which have arisen during the course of the centuries about His historic role and the teachings which He then disseminated as a vehicle for Maitreya.

With the emergence of Maitreya, the Master Jesus is playing a major role for the second time, as also are the Apostles Peter and John. Two thousand years ago they were third-degree initiates; now they have been entrusted with a significant aspect of completing the Plan as the Master Morya, and the Master who will succeed Maitreya as the Christ during the next era (in about 2,500 years), Koot Hoomi. This open collaboration, which will be visible to all, will end any lingering doubts concerning the true relationship between Maitreya the Christ and His disciple, the Master Jesus.

Thus the seemingly paradoxical claim that Jesus and the Christ are not the same person, in the literal sense of the word, is more reasonable than it would appear. Those Christians who find it difficult to accept that 'their' teacher is not the highest leader of all humanity may, however, take solace in a second paradox: Jesus and Maitreya the Christ were (and are) one, in the sense that They, each on His own level, work together in perfect concord to further the Divine Plan.


Peter Liefhebber is the Dutch chief editor of Share International  and a veteran journalist with Holland's largest daily newspaper.




Q. You have mentioned something about previous incarnations of the Master Jesus in America among Native Americans. Please give more information about this fact.

A. Jesus taught the native American Indians in the sixth and seventh centuries, predicting the coming of a great teacher from the East. Various forms of the name, Jesus, were known, at least until recently, in the oral tradition of the various tribes, North and South. He later went to Polynesia and taught the people of these islands. The only group I have encountered who know these facts are the Mormons.

Q. Will it be necessary for the Christ to include in His teaching, after Declaration Day, an elucidation for the public of the gospel story, or will the introduction by Him of the Master Jesus suffice?

A. It is probable that at a press conference before the Day of Declaration, in answer to the many questions which must arise about His incarnation in Palestine, He will reveal the true facts of the happenings of that time. And, of course, He may refer back, from time to time, to His teachings given then. I believe, however, that the introduction by Him of the Master Jesus (and the other Masters)  will, after the initial explanation of the continuity of revelation, suffice.

Q. Is Jesus in charge of both the Christian and Jewish churches, or is Maitreya, and not Jesus, now the Messiah of the Jews?

A. Jesus is in charge (has under His care the stimulation and guidance) of the Christian churches, East and West. The Jewish people still have to recognize Jesus as their Messiah, and also Maitreya as the World Teacher, not only in the religious field but in all departments.

Q. We know that several of Jesus' (the Christ's) twelve disciples in Palestine have since become Masters of Wisdom. John is now known to us as Koot Hoomi, and Peter, I believe, is the Master Morya. What about the other Apostles? Have they also a role to play in the near future?

A. All the disciples around Jesus have become Masters. Not all remain with us on Earth. Besides Peter and John, the disciples Matthew, Mark and Luke are still in our Hierarchy and have important roles to play in the coming time. The Apostle Paul, now the Master Hilarion, is in the first group to emerge.


Since 1975 Benjamin Creme has traveled the world with a unique and singular message — that we are living in an era which will see the return to our everyday lives of highly evolved spiritual teachers. For the next 2,000 years, during the whole age of Aquarius, they will work and live among us, helping us find solutions to our world problems.

He claims this information came to him when he was approached, in 1959, by a spiritual personage whom he calls a Master of Wisdom, one of a group of over 60 Masters who oversee the evolution of our earth. The Master told him that the leader and teacher of this group, whose name is Maitreya, will, in the coming years, begin His mission as World Teacher for the Aquarian Age. He said that Maitreya is the fulfillment of the prophecies of all religions that predict the return of a Teacher in our day, and that not only Maitreya, but about 40 members of His hierarchical group will return along with Him in physical incarnation.

Maitreya's concern in our modern world is that humanity learn the art of sharing. The present economic disparities that exist between the nations contain, He says, the seeds of a third World War. We must take the steps towards ensuring an adequate livestyle for all of earth's inhabitants or face the awesome possibility of complete annihilation. If we do successfully make these changes (and He believes that we will), He promises that awaiting us in the future times is an age in which we will begin to express more fully the aspects of Love, Brotherhood, and world unity.

Creme claims that Maitreya has been living in the immigrant section of London since l977, and is quietly spreading His energies into the world until the time when He begins His public mission.  

The following ideas are Creme's commentary on some of the little understood occurrences in our world. Because he is in constant contact with a Master his comments may give us a view of these events from a spiritual perspective.They are offered, not in a dogmatic sense, but simply as possibilities, suggestions for thought, and left to the discrimination of the reader as to their merit and rationality.

Jesus said in John 6:63, "...the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life."

Any words that the false prophet speak would be a deadly spirit bringing eternal damnation to anyone who believes his lies and takes the mark of the beast in the forehead or in the hand in order to buy or sell.

Although Kathleen Keating in her book, Final Warning never does come right and name the actual name of the Antichrist in her book, she may be referring to the man called Lord Maitreya, whose mother is Jewish. We don't know how Kathleen Keating knows that Maitreya had a Jewish mother, as you won't find anything about his parentage at his website. Kathleen doesn't say what his mother or father's name are but she does tell what they did for a living. She also calls the Anti-Christ the world teacher which is what Maitreya's website calls him at

On the page of frequently asked questions, there was a question there asking

"1. Is Maitreya without sin?

 2. Was he born of a Virgin?"

"1. Maitreya is totally perfected in a planetary sense. Even in a systemic sense he is without that sense of separation which we call sin.

 2. No. He is a resurrected and ascended Master. In his present manifestation in the modern world, he is in a self-created body --- a mayavirupa."

( According to Kathleen Keating's book, he was definitely not born of a virgin.)

The Share International website also has a number of audio messages from Maitreya and Benjamin Creme at When there is a global financial crisis, Maitreya will appear on TV and radio. Even those who are not listening or watching will hear his words telepathically in their own language, and at the same time spontaneous healing will take place throughout the world. This is called his Day of Declaration which begins his mission to the world.


The 72 Holy Masters of GOD:

To Call on for Help in Your Prayers and Meditations

By Dr Joshua David Stone

My Beloved Readers, for your continued enjoyed and edification, I share with you "The Holy Masters of GOD" to call upon for help in your Prayers and Meditations. There are obviously infinite numbers of beings that can be called in GOD's Infinite Universe, however these 72 are the most common and well known from a synthesis point of view. GOD is not limited and neither are you, so if more come to mind please feel free to add them to your list!

1. GOD, Christ, Holy Spirit, Your own Mighty I Am Presence, Your Higher Self

2. Melchizedek

3. The Mahatma (Avatar of Synthesis)

4. Archangel Metatron

5. Archangels Michael and Faith

6. The Divine Mother

7. His Holiness the Lord Sai Baba

8. Lord Buddha Our Planetary Logos

9. Lord Maitreya the Planetary Christ

10. Saint Germain the Mahachohan

11. Allah Gobi - the Manu

12. Helios and Vesta - the Solar Logos

13. Melchior - the Galactic Logos

14. The Lord Of Sirius - the Head of the Great White Lodge

15. The Lord of Arcturus and Lady of Arcturus - the Head of the Arcturian Civilization

16. Sanat Kumara

17. Vywamus - The Higher Aspect of Sanat Kumara

18. Lenduce - the Higher Aspect of Vywamus

19. Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar command

20. The Archangels and Angels of the Light of GOD

21. The Elohim Councils of the Light of GOD

22. The Six Kumaras (Buddhas of Activity)

23. The Earth Mother

24. Pan

25. The Karmic Board

26. Mother Mary

27. Quan Yin

28. Isis

29. Moses

30. Mohamed

31. El Morya - Chohan of the First Ray

32. Kuthumi - Chohan of the Second Ray

33. Djwhal Khul - Head of the Inner Plane 2nd Ray Synthesis Ashram

34. Serapis Bey - Chohan of the of the Third Ray

35. Paul the Venetian - Chohan of the Fourth Ray

36. Hilarion - Chohan of the Fifth Ray

37. Sananda - Chohan of the Sixth Ray

38. Lady Portia - Chohan of the Seventh Ray

39. Pallas Athena

40. Master Lanto

41. Lady Nada

42. Babaji

43. Parmahansa Yogananda

44. The Great Divine Director

45. The Silent Watchers

46. Dr Lorphan and the Galactic Healers from Sirius

47. Archangel Sandalphon

48. Lady of the Sun

49. Lady of the Light

50. Ganesha

51. Hanuman

52. Rama

53. Krishna

54. Ramakrishna

55. Mother Theresa

56. Thoth/Hermes

57. Second Ray Archangels Jophiel and Christine

58. Third Ray Archangels Chamuel and Charity

59. Fourth Ray Archangels Gabriel and Hope

60. Fifth Ray Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary

61. Sixth Ray Archangels Uriel and Amethyst

62. Seventh Ray Archangels Zadekiel and Amethyst

63. First Ray Elohim Hercules and Amazonia

64. Second Ray Elohim Apollo and Lumina

65. Third Ray Elohim Heros and Amora

66. Fourth Ray Elohim Purity and Astrea

67. Fifth Ray Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia

68. Sixth Ray Elohim Peace and Aloha

69. Seventh Ray Elohim Arcturus and Victoria

70. The Hyos Ha Koidesh

71. The 24 Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace

72. The Co-Creator Council of Twelve at the 352nd Level of Divinity