MARCH , 2010


3-1-10 - NAP DREAM -  I went to a wedding with my Mom and Dad.  It seemed that it was late in the day.

There were a lot of people streaming into the church that had double doors set into an archway of concrete on the parking lot side.  I don't think there were doors on the street side, so the church was sideways to the sidewalk.

I had a card in my purse for the bride and groom but I hadn't prepared in advance, so my Father went into the church and my Mom waited for me to prepare my card to put in a basket for the bride at the back of the church.

In the envelope was a picture of the doors of the church and a little piece of paper that said, 'Bride"  Diana Koenig.

I assumed that I had to put that piece of paper and the picture of the doors of the church into he envelope so they would know that I belonged here and which bride the card was for, in case there was more than one bride being married there that day.

When I got my card ready, I stuck it into my purse and left my purse open at the top so I could just pick the card out and place it in the basket easily.

As my Mom and I entered the double doors of the church, she didn't want to go down the main aisle, but go around to the side aisle, which meant we had to go up some more steps to the right and through separate doors into the church.

When we got up those seven steps were made of really shiny brick and made the turn to the left to go into those side doors, there was a really steep set of stairs equally shiny that went down into the church basement on the left, down which I could see there were men down there in a hallway and more doors into a meeting hall or something right under the church.

Those stars were so steep, I was afraid of falling down them when we opened the door, so I told my Mom I didn't want to use these doors and that we should go back to where the main church doors were and go in that way.

My Mom agreed, and as we turned around, the seven stairs again went up instead of down to the main vestibule like where we had come from.

There was a young woman there leaning on a counter with her purse, and my purse with the wedding card sticking out of it was laying on the counter next to hers.

The young woman said, "Nobody trusts me!" and when I reached to get my purse with the card, she grabbed her purse to make sure I didn't take her purse too.

So, I managed to sort out my purse from her purse and my Mom and I continued up the stairs so we could go to the wedding.


3-2-10 - DREAM - Winter was coming on, and I was in a darkened shed with a low roof on it, and we were hanging vegetables from rods with ropes to keep them off the ground.  We were to coat them liberally with lemon juice which I had never heard of before.

Just as we got the last of vegetables hung up in the dark, out the window a bright light came streaking through the sky and exploded in a light brighter than I had ever seen.


3-2-10- NAP DREAM - I was in the parking lot of a large church and a group of people came and started entering the church. I thought it was either choir practice or a big meeting and all the people were older, so I joined them to enter the church.  One of the older grey haired ladies stopped me and said, "You don't need to come into the church.  We are going to be cleaning the church!" 

I felt a little bummed out for not being wanted for the help I could offer, but I went on my way, but before I left the block, I realized I had left my purse at the chuch.

So, I turned around and went back to get my purse, and the entire church was gone.

I ran over to where the church had been, and saw some rubble, which I picked through and found my purse - perfectly clean and nothing missing.

I felt grateful that I hadn't been in the church when it was destroyed.


3-3-10 - DREAM - WHERE WAS I?

I was visiting a school apparently - perhaps a college for women.  I was wearing a long gown of pastel colors, not really in a pattern, though it could have been.  It reminded me of a hospital colored lab coat I've seen on nurses, but it went all he way to he floor and was rather fitted, not loose.   I was a guest here and treated with great respect by the young women I spoke to.

Apprently this was an experimental lab for growing food hydroponically.  I walked through every aisle in this vast room - each cubicle was taller than head high opaque glass, while the outside wall of glass was also lined with paper so nobody could see in if they walked past down the outer hallway.

Inside the cubicles, there were large tanks of water with whitish or pale greenish white vegetables, one of which was celery I was told. 

It looked strange to see the baby vegetables that were barely green - mostly white with all their roots showing - floating in these vats of water.

I watched as one of the women filled her vat with water from a hose that came out of the ceiling.  It took quite a few minutes for her vat to fill all the way to the top.  I wondered if they were going to raise fish in some of the vats also, not just vegetables.

None of these young women were laughing - they were very serious about what they were doing and spoke to each other in whispers, if at all.

At one point, I saw three men enter the room from the opposite side from where I came in.  All three men were very tall.  All had white hair and longish beards - a couple were like grey and white beards, very distinguished beards.  The men were about 60 or more years old it looked at a distance, wearing knee length white lab coats.  Since the ceiling as at least 15 feet high in this room, even these men looked short across the vast room.  They were probably at least 6 feet tall or more.

When the men came in, I assumed they were doctors - and to me they looked like they were from the 1920's or earlier.  Since they walked down the outer aisle on the far side of the room, and the glass walls were head high, I didn't see them for long, and they didn't see me at all because they weren't looking my direction.

They seemed to be talking to each other, but I couldn't hear what they were saying, and I was very quiet.

At some point, I seem to recall music was playing -  no singing - just music - similar to what you might hear in an elevator or in a dentist's office waiting room - very soft - and unrecognizable as any particular song one might know.

Once these men entered the room, no more words were exchanged with the young women, who continued to do their jobs.

I saw desks with rolodex of little cards on them, stacks of 3 x 5 and larger cards with writing on them, stacks of paper. These women kept lots of records of what they were experimenting on. Each cubicle had something different being experimented on.

When I got to the far side of this room and reached the opposite outer hallway, I saw posted on the paper that there was a contest going on with at least 1,000 participants, and the prize was sa pure white diamond.  Thats what these women were working for -  to win the prize.

I never did see the men again, nor did I hear anyone speak further, but was hearing the soft music playing, and I re-entered the lab from the far end, looking for someone to talk to about the contest and didn't see anyone at all.  Apparently by this time, they had all left and I didn't know if anyone had won the contest or whether the men had been eliminating the women as they walked through the lab. 

I felt like I was all alone in this vast room - just me and the diamond that was still hidden somewhere.


3-4-10 -  DREAM - I was working in a large office building.  My boss decided to go to a meeting with 4 other businessmen for a dinner-time meeting.  He told me to gather up all he business records, and copies of World News, and Business Weekly and bring all that to the meeting.  Another secretary and I gathered all the books of records together and the magazines and got them ready to take down to the car. 

I asked the other secretary if I should go get my car - mine was blue and parked in a garage in the next block.  But hers was like a sation wagaon with a big empty space in the back - it was bright red - and she suggested we take her car and ride together.

On the way out of the office, another man came and he was a salesman and snooping around to see what we were doing, and we didn't want to tell him where we were going.  We pretended to be looking for something that was missing to throw him off the track, and the salesman put down his big fat wallet in which I saw subscription forms.   I noted that one of the big words on the form at the top was 'Energy'.

I secretly grabbed about 5 of the subscription forms and hid them with our papers, and then on the way out of the building, I grabbed copies of other magazines that other salesmen had left with us, so we had all the pertinent business magazines to tell us the trends. 

We got down to the street, and I sat down to wait for the other secretary to bring her car to the door, an older large built woman was coming down the street with a see-thru bag of sweet potatoes - very large ones.  She could barely carry them.  She said she lived in the house next to our company and she finally decided to give the sweet potatoes to me rather than carry them the rest of the way home. 

NOTE:  I thought that was interesting because I just stopped eating sweet potatoes because I was having a particular problem with my body that I thought sweet potatoes and/or yams was causing the problem. 

I was just waking up which a deep male voice called me loudly,  'MOM!  MOM!

That scared me because it sounded like he was in trouble, problem being I haven't talked verbally with my sons in 12 years sand I didn' recognize whose voice it was.


3-4-10 - NAP DREAM -  I'm not sure if  I was watching myself or another woman who was in a forest, right at the edge, and doing some ground work at what was labeled  level 134.   This went on quite awhile, so I saw the number several times.

I didn't find what this meant on the internet.



3-5-10 -  All I remember is working with numbers and colors all night - it wasn't really a dream.


3-5-10 - DREAM -  I was living in a subdivision somewhere, taking care of a neighbor's house for them while they were on vacation.

I made a mess of the bed covers because I had crackers in bed, and I just rolled the blankets off on the floor for the time being and rushed home across the street to get something, knowing I had to hurry back and clean up before the people came home.

On the way back across the street, I ran into another neighbor woman, who decided to follow me across the street and ask questions, and there was no way to get rid of her.  I was rushing around in the kitchen, where there was a mound of stuff on the table, covered with a blanket.  I was trying frantically to clean it up when the people came home.

I don't know who these people were, but they were friendly, and had a young daughter who had just been awarded a study program for some kind of video work.  I gave her some large packages that came in the mail for her.  We had a short conversation about her being called  Mrs.  instead of Ms. which bothered her Dad. 

I then found some mail addressed to Mrs. Jarrad  ____  (who is a TV character on One Life to Live TV show)  and she had received two brown pullover sweaters in the mail. Those packages were broken open and I could see brown sweaers with some kind of gold ribbon decorations on them.

There was a big box of tools on the table also, which I put on the fllor, trying frantically to clean up quickly.  I told them they had come home a couple hours too soon.  I was surprised they could have come home so early in the morning, which meant they had been driving for hours in the dark to do that.

I have no idea who any of these people were.

The name Jarred means:  The boy's name Jarred \j(ar)-red\ is a variant of Jared (Hebrew), Jarrod (English) and Jordan (Hebrew), and the meaning of Jarred is "descending; down-flowing".


3-5-10- NAP DREAM -  I was in a very large building which reminded me of my grade school, but I know I've been in the particular building before and it had an elevator at both ends of the building that went to the 8th floor.

When I first got on the elevator, it didn't come all the way down to the floor level, so I had to climb up a couple feet to get into the elevator because my own elevator was being repaired and several guys were standing on a ladder in it and it was painted pale yellow and really brightly lit inside.

I got up to the 8th floor and found a bunch of papers on the floor, some of which were personal writings of a guy who lived on the 8th floor.  I didn't really read them, but I knew the writing was very personal and he wouldn't want anyone else to read them either. So, I knocked on the door and showed him the papers and asked him if they were his and he said, "Yes!" and took them from me.  Then I showed him the pictures, which I also didn't look at, and he said those were his too.  I didn't admonish him to be more careful, but I knew he knew that already. I noted that this man was the same height as me, was a bit chubby, and had a dark mustache and black hair.  I knew he writing was esoteric and not easily understood by the common man.

I then went back down to the first floor, walked all the way to the other end of the building to talk to some people I think were teachers, then wanted to go all the way back up to the 8th floor, but not wanting to walk all that way back down the hall, only to have to walk the 8th floor hallway down to this end of the building, I decided to use the elevator right where I was.

So, I got on the elevator, again having to climb up 2 feet to get in it by putting my knee up and then climbing up, and standing in the elevator, the elevator then started going up it seemed like, but I couldn't actually feel it moving.  This elevator was paneled with wood, rather rustic looking. The elevator actually went all the way up and all the way back down and opened on the same floor, but this time, too far below the floor, so this time when I climbed up, I was on the 1st floor.  I hated that elevator and didn't trust it.  I told myself I'd never use that one again.

This time, I met some young women - or younger, who were preparing for a wedding.  The girl who was going to be in the wedding was going to wear a silk and lace white dress, knee length, and her name LAURA was woven right into the lace of the dress right in front.

The dress needed ironing, and the girls got out the ironing board and plugged in the iron, but set it too hot for lace and silk, so I adjusted it and told them I would do the ironing.  Even so, the white silk started to turn yellow from the heat, but then turned white again as it cooled, away from the iron.

I woke up before I finished ironing the dress.

The name LAURA means The girl's name Laura \ la(u)- ra\ is pronounced LAW-rah, LOR-ah. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "the bay, or laurel plant". In classical times, a crown was made from the leaves of the bay laurel for heroes or victors as a symbol of honor and victory.



DREAM -  I was requested by a young woman to help her sew her wedding gown, to which I eagerly agreed because she was so happy abou\t the coming wedding.

What amazed me was that this was to be outdoors in the forest.

We went outside and she showed me, on the ground, a partially done outline of a Christmas tree which she had already started.

I assumed that she just needed more of the green done on the branches, but I was wrong.

The young woman brought out thin satin pink ribbon with tiny picots on the edges, and from the waist down, these beautiful pink satin ribbon were to be formed on the ground in the shape of a bell jar.

bell jar plantspink ribbon picot

I started the work and woke up to the dog barking outside my window.

NOTE:  I can't help wondering if this was connected to the short nap dream I had the other day which seems to be taking place in the same forest spot.

3-6-10 - NAP DREAM -  I'm not sure if  I was watching myself or another woman who was in a forest, right at the edge, and doing some ground prepretory work at what was labeled  level 134.   This went on quite awhile, so I saw the number several times.  Where she was digging was a small ridge in an arch shape made of longish flat stones of limestone or a similar rock.


3-7-10 - DREAMS - I was recreating myself in embroidery stitches in pastel colors.  I had two dreams like that.

Dream 3:  I was moving into an apartment which was actually two apartments side by side.  My daughter-in-law Becky was in the left apartment and my friend David was in the right apartment.  I woke up before I actually went into the apartment.


3-7-10 - NAP DREAM -  This was very long and convoluted, but this is the important part:

I was given a letter, hand delivered by my daughter-in-law from a woman named Karen who lived in upper Wisconsin.  I could see from the handwriting on the 2 sheets of paper - doubled sided writing - that she was greatly disturbed.  Her handwriting was in many sizes and styled, many sentences crossed out and rewritten, that she wrote in a hurry and her mind was not in the right place mentally.

I hadn't even had a chance to read it yet, but discussed the letter with two other women, one older woman, who was professor like business woman who had something to do with getting the letter to me, and the other a frail, thin woman who also came from northern Wisconsin, who I would blatantly  call witch-like though she was blonde.  She started to talk to me in a public place and I said, "Let's go talk in a private place"  and took her in a small bedroom with a divan in it belonging to a woman.

Besides the letter, there were several shiny sheets of paper that looked like advertising for products like incense, aromatherapy, etc.  but I didn't have a chance to look at it et. 

I sat down on the divan, and asked the frail woman to sit down also,  but she began talking from a standing position, telling me that her group (which evidently Karen also belonged to)  were communicating with Rove and Santo Dominicus and she mentioned one other name, also in Latin, and they were questioning, always questioning. 

Because she mentioned Rove twice, (whom I know quite well) I wondered how he was connected to Santo Dominicus and the other man with the Latin name, and how the women could be as disturbed as they were. 

I started to wake up and couldn't figure out why I was in bed - had I lay down on the bed in the dream?  I had to ask Joe and apparently I had this really long dream in less than a half hour.

Prior to receiving the letter, I was in the same house with my husband, who wanted to dance, and while dancing, he asked me if  Ihad $500 to buy a car because a man was coming that same evening for the money.

I got interrupted by the woman who sat down in a chair - she had something to do with my rcceiving this letter.


3-8-10 - DREAM -  My husband and I went to visit one of his friends. His friend wasn't at home at the moment, but we sat down to wait for him.
His friend's wife was pregnant -pretty far along and wasn't feelng well, so she lay down on a pallet on the floor.  I sympathized with her. 

Her older son came in - looked like a teenager - and we attempted to entertain him for a bit.

I just happened to have a large jar of pennies and other coins with me tthat needed to be counted so I started pouring out the pennies and other coins on the floor and that fascinated that boy that I even had that many.

While we were doing that, another one of the men's friends arrived.  He looked very familiar to me but I don't know his name.  He was at least 10 feet tall and couldn't stand up straight in the room without bending over.  He came over and hugged me, but got too familiar with his hands and my husband didn't like that and made a big deal about it.  (I don't know why I didn't object either)

At some point I had to go to the bathroom.  I don't know why I didn't ask where their bathroom was, instead I went outside and looked for a private place to pee where nobody could see me.  Apparently one of the neighbor women was looking out the window, but I peed behind a tree, not knowing whether she could actually see me or not.  I was rather embarrassed about that, but it was too late to change the circumstances at that point,  and I woke up.


While I was laying in bed thinking about that dream, I fell asleep again.  I found myself in a car in a town and my husband was driving.  We came to an intersection and could hear a police siren, and we saw some blue lights from a cop car, and decided we should just sit there at the intersection because we didn't know where he was going to go.

As we sat there we saw a young boy come running down the street like he was afraid, and coming after him was another boy a little older and taller, carrying a rifle or a shotgun.  We were too far away to tell exactly what it was. 

The boy with the gun caught up to the younger boy, but he didn't use the gun to shoot the younger boy or threaten him with it, he took the gun butt and started beating the other boy with it. 

At that point, we were still sitting at the intersection waiting for the cop in the car to do something and it came to me that the young boy was my cousin Shirley's son.  (I have no idea why I thought that)  and woke up.


3-9-10 - DREAM -  My family owned a pizza parlor and one night I was making some special hand thrown dough and I added red catsup and yellow mustard to the dough, and just before I was going to put it on the pan, I drizzled some green food coloring along the edges.  I was just spreading out the dough a bit, when a big fat guy with no shirt on came in the front door and knocked the dough out of my hand and it landed behind the door and he smooshed the dough on the dirty floor so I could\n't use it.

He then insisted he wanted catsup and water heated up and actually put plastic bottles on the stove and before I knew it the bottles were melting on the hot burners.

The kids had already gone to bed in their bedroom which was on the side of the building by the trash dumpsters, which were full of bags and garbage from people who had been getting takeouts and eating pizza in their cars in the parking lot.  I was just about to check on the kids when someone threw a fire bomb of some kind into the trash dumpster and set it on fire, and because it also blew out the window, the flames came into the kids bedroom well.

I quickly ran through the fire, pushed the kids out of bed onto the floor and got them out the back door.  Luckily that room had two doorways in it.

We all ran out into the parking lot then and we heard some sirens going.  Thinking it was about the fire, we all hurried out onto the front lawn, but then we heard a loud airplane coming very low, and there was a huge spotlight on the plane so that it looked like the sun. 

A car went by with a bull horn type of equipment on it, making an announcement that this was an airraid test for when the sun does a huge CME so we know what to do and they were trying to make things realistic.

I didn't want to sit in the plane's spotlight so I hid in the shadow of the building, but I could see that the plane was going to come over the building and get me anyway.

Just then, three red cop cars came into the parking lot, not to police anything, but there were cops and girls in the cars and they were going to use our parking lot to mess around in with those girls.   They picked a bad time though because there were a lot of people standing out there watching what the plane was doing and they couldn't do anything.

Then some other cars pulled into the parking lot, full of little kids, all dressed in cute pajamas.  The closest one was a station wagon, and the back window was open so I got to play with the little ones who were quite anxious about what was going on. 

Then I noticed that all my cats were gathering around.  They seemed anxious about the events going on too.

I noted at the time that there were 5 sunflower plants planted at the edge of the grass alongside the road.

My biggest thought at the moment was that I should hide from the plane's spotlight because it would be hot when the sun came around the building.


3-09-10  NAP DREAM - THE CME DREAM REPLAYS ITSELF -  It was  daytime and again I was in the pizza parlor.  This time, a young man I called Jordan was there.  (It was really Rex from One Life to Live TV show.)  My Mother was working in the kitchen and I was wondering how she liked having Jordan hanging around.

A few minutes later, I was looking out the window and saw Jordan standing on a hill wearing a sort of superman outfit.  I laughed at his antics as he stood on the hill with this brilliant blue cape blowing in the wind.  I knew he was play acting out my previous CME dream.

Jordan came back into the building and went back to talking to my mother.

I continued looking out the window where I saw one of those really long fire trucks that carries the big tall building ladders on it, but it was flying through the air towards the building.

As soon as the firetruck passed, also flying in the air was like a long carriage with pink and blue ruffles around the edge, full of people taking a joyride like they were in one of those air balloons,   They were having a good time and laughing. 

Just then I could hear an airplane coming, just like in the CME dream and I knew it.

I was concerned for the people in the flying carriage, because the plane was flying so low, and just then a wind from the passing plane  started blowing the carriage forward and downward really fast and all the ruffles were flapping in the wind like a frightened bird and I was afraid it was going to crash.

The noise of the plane got louder and louder and I actually thought about ducking for cover when I heard this huge crash behind my building and a huge cloud of dust and debris came blowing past my building towards the direction of the carriage.

The noise of the crash was so loud, it woke me up with my heart beating fast in fear.

When I woke up and thought about the name Jordan, I immediately thought of the investigator Jordan Maxwell whose videos are on and on .

The boy's name Jordan means "downflowing".

The river Jordan goes past Israel down towards the Dead Sea.


3-10-10-  I don't think I was meant to remember these dreams.  All I can remember is the word  'earthchanges'  spinning around like a pinwheel.

3-10-10- NAP DREAM - I saw woman attached to a pole with a star at the top  and was told that eventually there would be nine of them.

 (This is the pole star)



3-11-10 - DREAM -  I was sitting in a room somewhere looking at some papers about UFO researchers.  One was Glen, one was Robert - the third one I've now forgotten.


3-11-10 - DREAM - I had just moved into an apartment - more like a rooming house because it had a shared bathroom.  I was just starting a new job too  and had to get ready for work.  So, I went into the bathroom early to wash my hair and clean up.  I was taking a little longer than I should perhaps because other people needed to get ready for work too. 

I then went into the bedroom, and I had pracically no clothes in the closet - mostly empty hangars, and all my clothes were in large bags, and so was my bedding, and I could find anything to wear for work. 

I thought perhaps I could borrow some clothes from my friend Diane because she was the same size as I was, and I decided I would ask her for a brown blouse to wear in size XL.


3-12-10 - DREAM - I was adding cards to a pattern that was in front of me, 1 per row downward, but it wasn't until I was done that I saw the whole pattern -  5 rows of 5 cards.  Each row had a scalloped rounded edge on it, and so did he bottom, so the pattern wasn't square and there was a pattern of something between each card also - something like a fleur de lis.

I have no idea what it represented.  I was happy when it was completed.


3-12-10 - DREAM -  I went to a large rummage sale that was held in a series of garages at an airport.  (I didn't see any planes)  The garage I liked the best was selling jewlery -  I wanted to ask how much she was selling things for, but I was looking for people I knew and I couldn't stay in that garage. 

I did meet some people I knew, but can't remember their names. 

I was having a good time talking to people, mostly about where things were, and I met a man who was looking for my husband and I pointed out which garage was ours, but I never saw any of my family at all.

I met a woman who said she would walk with me, and we ended up going to the train station.  I told her I had never been on a train before and I was really excited.  We went through some turnsyles and gates, and down an escalator, where a man was riding a bicycle down he stairs, and heh fell over and his bicycle got caught in a railing.  He managed to get up, but his bicycle was mangled in the railing.

I never did get on a train at all, but I could see the train standing there in the station.

At the end, someone came up to me with a diet type book where you write in the calories, and he pointed out to me that I didn't write down how many caolories the different parts of a chicken were.


3-12-10 - EXPERIENCE - I had a psychic energy healing today from All About Energy Mikki Wedel.  She was incredible and she picked up two spirit guides who worked on me.  One was my deceased sister-in-law Joanne who said she understood why I had the problem I had.  It was all about an energy blockage - named 'anger', and very deep seated from many years of abuse from men in my life.

The male spirit guide who did most of the work said his name was "Luke", who immediately came to mind as the physician Luke who took care of everyone in the group and their health.  The Bible book 'Luke" supposedly was written by him but probably not.  Anyway, he worked for over an hour on me on various thing I had wrong with me healthwise.  When I finally got up off the chair, I had no pain whatsoever. 

Later in the day, when I felt a symptom coming back, I decided to call my spirit guide 'Luke' back and ask him if he could work on me again.  This time he talked to me himself, and I heard him say he was a 'retired Lieutenant', and that he recommended  Brenner healing (Reiki?)  or Brennan healing?  I was sure it was Brenner.  Then I heard the word  Hekko which I found out means  'strange', 'retarded', 'dumb' and 'weird'.  It might mean something else to him though. I don't know. 

It was all interesting though.

I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.


3-13-10  DREAM -  In front of me was a set of cards standing on a platform - similar to the dream above with cards on it.

I was supposed to point to certain cards in the pattern which I did.

When that was done, each card I pointed to became a person which had a part in a play, which turned out to be taking place in a dentist's office.

The dentist was on vacation but hadn't left yet, when an older chubby woman showed up for an appoint she had made on 1-10-08.

(Sounds like the last time I was at the dentist)

She insisted on being worked on even though the dentist was on vacation.  So the dentist, being very upset, grabbed the women by the arm and escorted her forcefully out of the building.

I was very concerned that she was going to call the cops and have her arrested, so I followed them outside to make sure nothing else bad happened.

When everything was done, all the card I had pointed to became flowers and the bouquet of flowers was presented to me as my prize.


3-13-10 - DREAM - I was back at the point where the cards hadn't become people yet, they were now sticks in tubes and I couldn't tell anyone that.

I was workng on a secret experiment that nobody could know about.  I had done everything I could at this point and needed to clean up the lab.  I had a white vaccuum cleaner which was a light weight bag on a tube with a small motor and hose attached to it.  Instead of picking up the dirt from the floor, it started shooting out colored fluff - of several different colors and shooting them into small piles.  This fluff was similar to shredded fabric that I perhaps had vaccuumed up the time before I started the project and cleaned up a previous mess.

I thought perhaps I should empty the bag and that would solve the problem, so I took the vaccum cleaner outside to shake out the bag.  Outside, it shot out the colored fluff but now I had dirt to deal with since it was blowing, not sucking, and it seemed that the vaccum bag held more colored fluff than one could imagine. 

I finally gave up the idea of fixing this vaccuum and I got in the car with someone to go get a new vaccum cleaner.  It was now I noted that it was winter and there was snow in the roads that hadn't been plowed well, but was pretty well packed down by cars and trucks.  It was slippery stuff though and we were driving carefully.  I woke up as we got to the intersection.

I fell alseep again immediately, and was now in T.J. and Sabrina's new house.  She was preparing to do laundry and the piles of clothes were at least 4 feet high and four feet wide - (reminds me of how big my laundry piles were in the basement before I did the laundry when my kids were little)

I had some new underwear I wanted to put on- the silky kind - I had a pair of pale blue panties in my hand.  The closest bathroom was inside T.J. and Sabrina's bedroom.  I had to push aside another pile of white laundry - like sheets, pillow cases, etc.  and step over the pile of laundry that was right in the doorway that was equally large and wide.

I thought the room was empty so I went through their bedroom and entered the bathroom, and discovered a tall young man there and he quickly turned his back so I wouldn't see what he looked like (he reminded me of a young man I've seen on One Life to Live TV show - really cute)  He was fully dressed in a blue shirt and pants and was standing right by the door, so I started to apologize for not knowing he was there and we basically stood shoulder to shoulder but facing away from each other.

That might have been more interesting but the phone rang and woke me up again.


3-14-10 - DREAM -  This was another grid-like dream, of which I've had many recently, but this one was strictly about 'pilots'.

This grid was set up like in cross-stitch marks numbered below, but the pilots themselves were in groups of 5 within that grid.

So the grid across would have been  5 plain markers -  5 markers representing a pilot, 5 plain markers, 5 markers representing a pilot, 5 plain markers, 5 markers representing a pilot, ending with 5 plain markers. 

The first and last row of the grid across and down is more complicated, plus the dividing row of grid markers between pilots .

Those rows would have been:

rows one through 5 - 5 markers between the pilots only,                                                                       =  20 markers x 4 = 80
rows six through 11- 5 markers for the pilots only with 5 extra markers between the pilots                  =  55 markers x 5 = 275
rows twelve through 17 - markers all the way across  plus 5 extra markers before and after the pilots = 65 markers x 5 = 325
rows eighteen through 23 - same as row 6-11                                                                                         = 55 markers x 5 = 275
rows twenty-four through twenty-nine - same as rows 12-17                                                                  = 65 markers x 5 = 325
rows thirty through 35 - same as rows 6-11                                                                                             = 55 markers x 5 = 275
rows thirty-six through forty-one - same as  rows 12-17                                                                         = 65 markers x 5 = 325
rows forty-two through 47 - same as 6-11                                                                                               = 55 markers x 5 = 275
rows forty-eight-through fifty-three - same as 12-17                                                                               = 65 markers x 5 - 325 
rows fifty-four through 59 - same 6-11                                                                                                   = 55 markers x 5 = 275
rows 60-through 65 - (last row) same as row 1-5                                                                                   = 20 markers x 4 = 80

total markers = 2835
total pilots = 25

two of the pilots were numbered 240 and 245 respectively - in the same last row of pilots
I am assuming then there were probably 10 grids of pilots total  would equal 2500 pilot markers
assuming total 28,350 markers in 10 grids
also assuming 250 pilots in 10 grids
the pilots themselves make 625 markers in one grid
in 10 grids equals 6250 markers for the pilots
65 rows per grid
6500 total rows for 10 grids

27 Mar 2005 2:05 p.m. PST

USN Pacific early war carrier squadrons: Scout and Bombing squadrons and Fighter and Torpedo squadrons had
18 each on strength, with a general reserve of 8 aircraft carried aboard. At the start of the war, a
carrier had 4 squadrons as above. Typically operational at any one time (without regard to damage due to
operations, combat, etc.) was 12-14, the remainder down for various maintenance activities. This is the Fleet
Carrier organization. Land-based USN and USMC squadrons had generally the same organization, but combat erosion
drove squadron strengths down significantly, to the point that early in the war, the VF and VMF squadrons
on Henderson rarely could put more than 6-8 aircraft up on one mission.

Later in the war, and with the introduction of light and escort carriers the aircraft strength could be quite
different, especially with the introduction of the TBM in a bombing and torpedo role. Generally, light
carriers tasked with CAP would be 'fighter heavy' in their equipage (up to 48 aircraft) while escort carriers
might be a wild mix, given their role as maids of all work AND carrying replacements for the bigger ships.

'Enterprise' late in the war was tasked as a Night  Operations carrier and had about a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio
of TBM's (radar equipped) to fighters, generally a TBM/fighter pair working under the FDO until close
enough to target that the TBM's radar could guide the fighter to an intercept. She also had some TBM's
equipped for night bombing operations, but I'm not sure of the number.

USAAC fighter squadrons were organized initially as USN (18 aircraft; 24 pilots) but as the war went on,
the USAAC organization changed as roles were more defined, the escort squadrons remaining at about that
number, while point-defense and ground attack units were reduced to 12 aircraft per squadron.

USAAC bombing squadrons started the war with 12 aircraft each, but with the advent of the bombing campaign in
Europe, were reduced in some cases to 9, due to the basing requirements and the difficulty in assembling
larger squadrons prior to proceeding to target. Medium and light squadrons stayed at the 12 level.

Generally, a squadron would carry 1/3 more pilots on  strength than aircraft.

Please bear in mind that all the foregoing are optimum organizational/administrative numbers. Cases can be
found in which a 'squadron' consisted of 4 very different aircraft, or 24 of all the same type. Wartime needs
dictated many ad hoc arrangements.

Sorry, I don't know anything about Allied/Japanese/German organization.

'Squadron,' in Quick, is defined as (first definition) 'Two or more flights (USAAC) or Divisions (USN; USMC)
organized under a common headquarters, of the same or similar types of aircraft.' A 'flight' typically is
two airplanes, but could be four.

John Armatys 27 Mar 2005 4:13 p.m. PST

Battle of Britain RAF worked on the following basis:
A full strength squadron would have 20 aircraft and two reserves, plus 16 operational pilots, and would be expected to fly 12 aircraft, either as four flights of three or three flights of four. If the strength fell below 9 they should have been relieved and posted to another Group, however some squadrons suffered exhaustion from persistent combat and heavy losses, and were far from efficient before being withdrawn. Some squadrons lasted 4 to 6 weeks, others had to be replaced after only a week to ten days. On 2.9.40 seven squadrons were reduced to less than half strength, and by 7.9.40 it was impossible to exchange squadrons quickly enough as their strength in operational pilots ran down.

A system of grading squadrons was introduced in early September:
A 11 Group, plus Duxford and Middle Wallop, maintained constantly at a minimum of 16 operational pilots. Those in 10 and 12 Group had non-operational pilots in addition “as convenient”.
B Most of 10 and 12 Groups, kept up to strength a strength of 16 operational pilots plus six non-operational pilots - to relieve 11 Group squadrons.
C In the quieter parts of the country, a minimum of three operational pilots act as leaders (except three named squadrons, which had eight), used for training pilots as replacements for 11 Group


3-14-10 - DREAM - I was manager of an apartment building somewhere (not one I've already lived in)

I had a very small, thin baby.  I was carrying him in my arms.  He didn't have much clothes on, and his feet looked bluish like they were cold, and he spoke to me in baby talk and said his feet were cold, so I found him some shoes to wear.

I took the baby with me when I went outside to inspect the grounds.  It apparently had snowed a little during the night, but had melted in the sun, though in the shadows there was such slush on the sidewalk and grass.  Neither of us were dressed for that weather.

When I got near the driveway to the building, a woman got out of a car, carrying her baby and had two little girls with her as well.  She was obviously very distraught, and she almost dropped her baby in the driveway.

I hurried over to help her, and in near tears, she said she had just left her husband.

Because she was so distraught, I invited her to come into the building and rest a few minutes, which gave me an opportunity to councel her about her situation since I had been in similar situations myself.

Once I got the woman and her children into the lobby and seated, other women came around who were also very sympathetic and made her feel welcome and also comforted her.

Just about then, a small woman who looked like Erica Cain from All my Children TV show came and said there had been an altercation on the ssecond floor and wondered if I had heard about it. 

I said I hadn't, and she showed me some scraped and bruises on her upper thigh to show me that she had gotten into the altercation herself in the hallway.

I asked her if she knew who the people were, and she said she didn't know their names, but they lived on the second floor and were fighting in the hallway.

That meant I had to go and find out what was going on and make sure it didn't happen again, but I couldn't take my baby with me to something like that, so I had to take him to my apartment first.

I realized then, I didn't have my keys, and other people who recognized me, opened the secure door and let me into the lobby again, and I headed for the elevator, where I pressed the button to go up.  Other people were also using the elevator and pressed down and then left.  (The laundry and garage were in the basement - also accessible by stairway, so that person hadn't waited for the elevator to arrive)

Finally, I managed to get on the elevator to go to the eighth floor where I lived, and I again saw Erica Cain taking a second elevator to her floor.  (Erica always lives in the penthouse)

Once I had the baby secured in the apartment and napping, I headed back down to the lobby for a minute to take care of business.

A woman came in who didn't like how the lobby was decorated so she asked me if she could move some things around.  I told her she could but she shouldn't expect them to stay that way because when the cleaning crew came in, they would just move them around again.  But she started moving things and that made her happy.

I saw through a double glass door into another room, a man standing there looking at me.  We was older, dressed in grey with a long grey handle-bar mustache.  He seemed to be glaring at me.

The women I had met with the baby and the little girls was still there and she came up to me to thank me for letting her rest in the lobby.  She said that her husband had cheated on her and she didn't know if she should take him back or not.  I told her that she was the only one who could make that decision, that it was up to her whether she was only going to put up with one cheat, or 15 cheats.  Only she could decide that.  She thanked me and took her children and left the building.

Again, I didn't have my keys with me and a man who lived in the building let me back in.

I still had to find out who had the altercation on the second floor and make sure it didn't happen again.  That was part of my job.


3-16-10 - DREAM - I was looking at a closeup of a grid netowrk of rectangles connected by thick black lines at some someblue rectanges andwiched in between some larger brown rectangles that were lower down.

Somehow I knew that the light blue rectangles were soldiers.


3-16-10 - DREAM - I went into my second floor bathroom where I was going to change shirts for work.  I was wearing a silky tight blue pullover shirt.  I can't remember what I was going to put on, but the light was on and no shade on the window, so i was going to turn off the light so the people across the street couldn't watch me change clothes.

I sat own on the id of the toilet to take my shirt off and a little child camem into the bathroom with a little handheld gadget to type on and I took it from her and typed the word CONTRACT.

Just then I heard kids run by outside and it sounded like my daugahter was outside crying.

I got u pand rant to the window and opened it and yelled outside, "Who is out there?"

I didn't hear anything further but in the light from the streetlight, I could see some kids standing with my Collie dog (she passed away in the 1970's)

I knew it was time to get ready for school but it was still dadrk outside. 

Then two little black kids came came running down the street towardme and the little boy looked at his wristwatch and said, "It's 7:43."  and Ilooked up at the clock on the wall and it was exactly 7:43 and I wondered why is so dark outside at that time.

I woke up and it was 6:10 a.m. and it was still dark outside which surprised me.


3-17-10 - NO DREAM -  (This always surprises me)


3-18-10 - DREAM - 1:30 a.m.  It was coming on toward spring baseball season. I and what seemed like hundreds of other people were at a baseball stadium. We were part of the crew.  We were all dressed in long sleeved blue sweaters, and green gaberdine pants, wearing blue baseball caps.

We were walking up hill on a concrete track like it was on the outside of the stadium. 

I could see toward the north where there higher hills than we were in the valley.  The sun was shining low in the sky behind a mountain to the north of the stadium and I could also traffic along a road that was higher than where we were - and they were going south.  Their headlights were all on.

Some of the men had been given odd nick names. A guy ahead of me was shorter than I and was called wize-ears or something like that because his ears were sticking out on the side of the head more than normal and looked like they had hairs on the top edge.  When someone said his nickname, he turned around to see who said it, and he wasn't happy about being called that.

As we walked along this concrete walkway,  I said to someone, "It looks like the elk are moving east earlier than usual on Mt. A _______ because the sun is higher in the sky than normal.

and I woke up.


3-18-10 - NAP DREAM

I was at home and went out to my car which a maroon Cadillac or some other very large expensive vehicle.  While I was looking at the car, I saw the word 'projects' and then dates starting with 1997  (which is when we started our website) and most of the years between then and now, but each date had either a +10 or +15 after it.

It seems that I will be doing something equally important for at least 15 more years.  It made me feel really good.


3-19-10 - DREAM - I was observinig a chaotic, multi-colored grid which represented various factions of aliens-extraterrestrials.  I was able to move them around at will as to which color was more prominent.  There was no definite pattern at any time.

I then went into an office where men were working on drawings of lines which would eventually become blueprints.  I took a red pen and made certain lines more prominent, but was careful not to 'change' the lines in any way except to darken them.

While I was doing this, I was watching a film about a man who was demonstrating hairpieces for men.  He looked familiar to me, but I can't remember his name.  He was tall and thin and bald to begin with, but he modeled these hairpieces to make himself look more human.  I noticed that there was series of projector lamps and boxes to make it look like he was in a different place than he actually was, and this series of projector lamps and boxes had to be precisely placed to hide the fact of where he really was broadcasting from.  Was this Project Bluebeam?


3-19-10 - DREAM -  I was living in an apartment building on the third floor in the far corner.  My boss was the Jewish judge.  Apparently I just managed the little group of people in my immediate area where I lived because I had never been tothe office on the first floor.

I got a phone call from a little old lady who said she wanted to come in at 9:30 p.m. on a Sunday night to rent an apartment.  I agreed to meet with her. However, since I had never been to the office, I had no way of knowing which apartments were vacant. 

I gingerly entered the office, which I found to be quite large, but dimly lit. 

Near the door was a large desk with an older man, who was smoking a cigar and makeing nasty clouds ofo blue smoke around himself.

On the far wall,  was a tall, thin woman, sitting at a large desk, who had several women standing around her giving her moral support.

When I walked in, I told her about the elderly woman who had called me on the phone looking for an apartment.  Her responose was to ask the other women where they could  put her.  They wanted to put her into a three bedroom apartment.

She then looked up at me to see who I was and didn't recognize me. I explained to her that I was 'supposed' to be the manager but the owner let me live there and didn't ask me to do anything.

Her response was, "He's good about that."

Apparently, I was not the only one he had given this type of job to.  I left, so as not to interfere with her job.


3-20-10 - DREAM -  This dream was abstract - not a people dream.  I was told that there would be at least three disasters - #71, #94, and #121, and people preferred the #94 disaster because God would be with them.

After I woke up I was thinking that perhaps the numbers meant the number of days out from today made the numbers as a possibility.

That would be:  71 = May 30, 2010

                          94 = June 22, 2010

                         121= July 19, 2010

Considering that God would be with them on the 94 day, perhaps the disaster will happen in a church?  OR that this will be a Holy Jihad?


3-21-10 - DREAM - I was in the basement of our house (a very large house).  I and two others had gone down there to prepare for people to do their laundry.  However, when we got down there and I flipped on the light switch, only one out of 5 lights were on and we needed to go to the hardware store to get more bulbs so there was light down there.

I went upstairs which now looked my own house that I grew up in.  I went to the second floor to the Master bedroom to find my mother and get permission to go to the hardware store to get the light bulbs.

I knocked on the door, and then opened it a bit and there was my mother, in the dark, apparently changing clothes right behind the door. I really can't be sure what she was doing because she bent down so I wouldn't see her face. 

I asked permission to go to the hardware store and get the lightbulbs and she said, "Yes!"

At some point after that, I saw the words EKKO SES

I woke up all confused as to where I was and how I was going to get to the hardware store because I didn't know which house I was living in.

note:  In Swedish -  EKKO SES means Echo sees.  

I have no idea what that means or what connection it is to the dream.


3-21-10- DREAM - I was with some young college Students, and our son's friend Steve seemed so smitten with his college advisor Mr. Islep.

I told him I never heard of the man and rather dismissed him.   That is until I met Mr. Islep myself.

Mr. Islep explained how afraid he was of people that he forced himself to get close to them, and get into their space with them which automatically turned the tables on others to the point that he was comfortable with them.

By the time Mr. Islep had demonstrated how he got over his fear of people, I wanted to be just like him and wanted him to teach me all that he knew.

He was an incredible man -  a young light brown man - with a personality to die for. Now I knew what Steve was talkng about and why he was so smitten with Mr. Islep, because now so was I.



3-22-10 - DREAM -  The entire dream was me looking at dark green fabric cut out to make a sweat suit top.

3-22-10 - DREAM -  I was living in a house somewhere.  I was sorting out newspapers and putting them in neat piles for my husband to read.

The phone rang and a woman said she was coming over for a cup of coffee.

I assumed she was a customer because I didn't know who she was.

I turned on the stove to make a fresh pot of coffee, then decided to make some pastries or donuts for her too.  That part was easy only I put frosting on the unbaked pastry dough beore baking it which was a mistake.   As soon as I put the pastry with the frosting on it into the oven, the oven started to smoke, so I turned on another stove and the same thing happened - smoke was pouring out of both ovens.

While that was happening, my husband was given two pieces of meat to cook for dinner and it looked like two large chicken breasts. 

Since the stoves were still smoking, he had to barbecue them out in the yard.

The woman arrived to get the coffee and I had none to serve her so I went with her elsewhere to buy her some coffee.

The woman was really nice, but she drove really fast down side streets in town.  There was no other traffic, so we never had to stop anywhere.

She said she was moving into a new house in two hours, which I thought was great.  I told her I would help her to do that.

We got back to my house and I went into the back yard where my husband was barbecuing the chicken, and I asked his permission to help my new friend move.  (He looked like my father).  He was noncommittal, and didn't say anything, so I left with the woman to help her move.

As I woke up I heard and saw, "If you want to volunteer anywhere - go to Johanna's.



3-23-10 - I went somewhere on a bicycle along with another person - it seems like it was an old woman.  We ended up on a bridge, riding our bikes 90 miles an hour - peddling so fas that it looked like we were on stationary bikes because there was a whole group of cars coming up behind us - covering the whole bridge and it looked like they were racing right behind us.


3-23-10 - I was livingin a large place with my ex-husbands and some women.  We were all in one bedroom, sitting on three beds and drinking beer.

One of the women had a baby with her and we decided to quit drinking beer when it was offered by another woman because the woman with the baby was getting very close to one of the men who was probably the baby's father.  So we switched to soda.

My Mom came to the door and my ex-husband Ed laying naked on his bed with a large boner.  I think he covered himself up and besides that, in order to leave the room, I had to climb over his body that was now like a bridge between two beds.

My Mom and I discussed that I might be offered a job in Madison, WI.  I told her that she shouldn't worry about me because I wouldn't want to commute back and forth every day so I could get a room in a women's dormitory or something.

I went to an outer room that had a public bathroom in the corner - and something was wrong with it.  Several men came to fix it and when they left, the toilet was dirty all over from the chemicals they used.   So, I started cleaning the toilet, first with a brush and when that didn't do a good enough job, I had to use cleanser and scrub it by hand.

Just then another women came into the room because her own toilet wasn't working, and she saw that I was cleaning and she said she would wait.

Meanwhile another woman came into the room and was singing a really nice song. (I can't remember what it was)

When she was done and I was walking through the room, I said something silly in an English accent.


3-24-10 - DREAM  - I was watching a young man dressed in a army uniform take off his green army boots, and without changing clothes, he put on black funeral boots.

3-24-10 - DREAM - I was visiting my ex-mother-in-law  (she passed on in the 1970's) we were sitting in the kitchen by the table.  She had a huge potato which was quite misshapen.  She managed to peel one chunk of it about a foot long, and then she asked a large man stting across from us, if he would finish peeling the potato so she could rest. 

The man agreed reluctantly, but as soon as my mother-in-law left the room I told the man I would do it for him.

The man said that he would be my protector for doing that for him.

I cut off another foot long chunk of potato and looked to see what my mother-in-law had done with the potato she had peeled, and I found it on the stove, in a huge pot, already cooked.  I knew it wasn't enough for a meal for the size of my mother-in-laws family, so I was trying to figure out how to cut up the potato piece that I had and mix it with the already cooked potato.

Just then a Mexican man and his wife arrived and he was carrying a sack of potatoes which were normal size. He said they had just arrived from Mexico and bought the potatoes right off the farm, and he had to pay $16 for the bag of potatoes.    (Potoatoes were $1.29/lb  in 2008. ) (A bushel of potatoes weighs  55 pounds) (That would cost  $71.00 approx)

My mother-in-law came back into the kitchen then and invited me into the living room.  On the way, she asked me if I would sing for her funeral.  I said that I didn't know the church music and she told me it was easy because all the people already hum it along with the choir and I would get plenty of help.

I really didn't want to contemplate her funeral to begin with, but I agreed to do it.)





3-24-10 - DREAM/VISION -  I was driving my car on Milwaukee's East Side - going toward Lake Michigan to go sightseeing, to enjoy the festivities of whatever was going on at the time. I hadn't been there in quite some time so I didn't know the schedule at the lake front, but it was beautiful bright sunny day with a beautiful blue sky overhead.

Wisconsin Avenue is the main drag of downtown Milwaukee, so I drove east on Wisconsin Ave., and turned south east of the Milwaukee River, prior to where the large buildings stopped and before we could see the lake.  I don't recall at the moment what street that is.  I found a parking place facing south on the west side of the street, and my car just barely fit in between two other cars and I was relieved to get into the spot.

I still had the car running, with my hand on the key to turn off the car, when I saw movement ahead of me, coming around the corner from the east.

As I watched, transfixed, a whole line of bright orange vehicles which had a person on each one, dressed in bright orange emergency suits, with bright orange hard-hats on, and each one wearing safety goggles, came up the hill going north toward Wisconsin Ave.

I somehow heard that Milwaukee's east side had just had an infestation of Prions.

NOTE:  I saw the word spelled out, so I know it wasn't Pryons, which is different.


Milwaukee Prions:


3-25-10 - DREAM - I was with a young woman who sold some wonderful things that came in a gold box, which she got from an older woman.

I really wanted to be able to sell that stuff too, but she wouldn't tell me how to get ahold of the woman who gave her the gold box so that I could sell the stuff too.

She invited me to go to the drug store with her and I enjoyed her company so much, I just wanted to be near her just for that enjoyment.  Just before we were to leave, the woman she got the gold box from just happened to come to her house, and they made some kind of deal with each other.

I piped up and told the older woman that I would like to sell the stuff from the gold box too, but she hemmed and hawwed and finally said that she had some cookbooks to sell.  I grabbed the opportunity to sell the cookbooks just to get my foot in the door.  She agreed she would let me sell the cookbooks.

It was time to leave for the drugstore then, but I got accosted by a bunch of little girls who needed favors.  One little girl wanted to go to the movies but I had to tell her I couldn't help her go to the movies, but offered that perhaps one of the other little girls or their mothers might be able to take her there.

I barely turned around and there were some other little girls with a couple of mothers sitting there.

The littlest girl had such a pretty frilly dress on, but she was crying and she had crusted snot all around her nose from crying, and nobody bothered to wipe her nose, so I took the hem of my dressed and wiped her nose for her.  I couldn't get much of the snot off her nose - she really needed a warm wet cloth which I didn' have.  But I did the best I could and handed the little girl back to the people she was with who acted like they didn't care what happened to her.

But I had to leave to go to the drugstore with my friend.


3-26-10 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment and it was time to go to work, but I couldn't find the right color clothes towear.  I was trying to find either a brown skirt or a brown pair of slacks and I couldn't find any.

I was stil llookiing forthe clothes to wear when my friend Cindy came over to drive me to work, but I wasn't ready yet.

Cindy said she would help me, but we needed some snack foods to take with us.  It was at that point that Irealized we were in the apartment of my boss whom I first worked with at A-C. 

We started going through his cabinets in the kitchen to find boxes of crackers to snack on. They needed to be the right ones htough - not just white plain crackers - more nutricious crackers than that. 

While we were looking, my boss came home and went into the bedroom.  I thought he was going to yell at us, but he went into the bedroom and lay down.

I went over to the sinks then to clean them.  One had something yellow caked on the bottom, and one had something white caked on the bottom.  I knew that was calcium and magnesium.  I started running a lot of water into the sinks and I could see that the water alone was cleaning the sinks of the calcium and magnesium and polishing them clean. The words, 'things need to be more equitable.  Things need to be more equitable."  while the water was running came into my head.

The sink with the white substance (calcium) was getting clogged up because there were brussel sprouts getting stuck in the drain - the brussel sprouts and the drain hole were the exact same size so they wouldn't go down the drain.  So I fished the brussel sprouts out of the sink.  They were bright green and still looked fresh.  I said to myself, "I should have eaten these instead of throwing them in the sink."

Cindy left for work after cleaning out the cabinet of all the snack crackers, and I finally got ready for work and we left the apartment.

Some time later, I was looking out the window of my New Berlin house and I could hear a tractor coming down the street from north to south.  As I watched, this old red tractor came by.  Someone dressed in a red and black checkered shirt, an old slouch hat and curly blonde hair was driving it.

I kept looking and looking to see who was driving, and it turned out to be Cindy.

As I watched her, I observed the land across the street, was gullied and full of weeds, and what looked like a red fox was coming down the gully but as it got closer it looked more like a blonde colored collie/shepherd mix dog.  I was looking at the dog and said to myself, "I should follow Cindy and maybe she could teach me how to dig up the earth and plant a garden like she does."


3 visions of a friend:  I saw her much thinner, with her hair cut to chin length, a little fluffy and well-shaped and she looked really nice.

I saw my friend again, in her bedroom, standing in front of a tall dresser.  Since she is 5'3" tall, the dresser was probably about 4 feet tall.  She was looking in the top drawer and said, "I've never seen this before, and she pulled quite a wad of money and started counting.

I saw my friend's daughter, driving a pale blue old pickup truck.  She was parked and the window on the driver's side was down.  A Spanish looked guy came up the the truck from the other side, and leaned over and leaned on the hood of the truck with his arms folded and said to her, "El Toro" in a very Spanish sounding accent.  (I found out later she is a Taurus (the bull)  :-)

That was nice stuff.


3-26-10 - 11:15 p.m. DREAM  I don't know if I was a parent, student, or teacher, but I was residing in an upstairs apartment across the street from a very large religious school and church made of white brick or stone-like brick.

Some evening classes were held and I was supposed to meet with some children for snacks and TV afterward.

I went downstairs to meet with the children, then came back upstairs with them.

All of a sudden I was on the floor and someone was helping to pick me up and they were acting all worried about me.  They were asking if I was alright and telling me I wasn't myself for a moment there.

I didn't know what they were talking about, nor did I notice anything. I wondered if Ihad had a momentary stroke or something, or what, but I felt fine and went about the evening like nothing had happened.  I wondered if I had had an ischemic stroke.

Edward came home then, and I hadn't seen him in quite awhile. It seemed like he expected things of me that I wasn't feeling and we sat cuddled together with arms and legs entwined, but I felt nothing forhim or about him and I finally made an excuse and got up and walked away to go downstairs to meet with more children.

I felt awkward and apprehensive that I might fall down and not be myself again, but I didn't, and tried interacting with this new group of people but they seemed not to be interested in what had just happened upstairs, so I left them and went back upstairs and when Ilooked out the window, I saw the white brick church and school and knew I was where I belonged.


3-27-10 - DREAM - I was workikng on Joe's genealogy of the Henry family.  I was shown that there were 14 copies of Elijah's eboit in various newspapers. There was a word they called that, but I can't remember what that word was, and I didn't see even one copy of it.


3-28-10 - DREAM - I went to my dentists office, but they weren't working on my teeth, I kept telling them about my feet that hurt on the tops, where I had some swelling a couple weeks ago.  The nurse put my left foot in a roller skate and strapped it on, though it was my right foot that hurt the most.

I walked into the dentist's office who pretty much ignored me, but I was telling him about my foot, and I told him I felt I was being poisoned or drugged and started getting really dizzy.

Instead of getting treated for my foot, they were messing around with charges against people who lived in my building and making every person have a pink slip in their file, which was a duplicate of the original form which the dentist kept.

I kept telling them that it wasn't right to charge all the people when they hadn't done anything wrong.

NOTE:  My feet really do hurt, really sharp pain that feels like they are bruised on the tops from wearing shoes that were too tight.


3-28-10  - NAP DREAM - I was in a room somewhere with a bunch of people.  There was a pale blue model planet hanging in the room off on one side that was all lit up by light above it.  We were all talking about that planet, and what it would do but I never saw it do anything we said about it.  I saw all kinds of white lines on it  (ley lines?)

Scene change - there was a girl leaning on a bunch of bicycles, and it turned out to be my daughter's daughter.  She was supposed to get examined by a doctor but we were waiting for her to have her period and she said it didn't come when it should.  We knew then she must be pregnant. 

YAY!  that would make the baby my first great-grandchild.  :-)


3-29-10 - DREAM - I was in an art class. The room was as large as an auditorium and the teacher was up on the stage with paintings of trees. The trees on stage were already green, but he showed us how to make them greener with some kind of stamp that was large and round so it painted the whole tree at once.

Once the tree was green, then he had another stamp that also was round but was a little smaller, and the teacher showed us how to stamp the tree so that it sparkled with light.


3-29-10 - DREAM - It was after Christmas and I was cleaning up the mess of paper wrappings, cloth, plain brown paper, and all kinds of things which needed separating. Separating the things I needed to throw away and keeping the things that were still usable. This was a very tedious task and when I got distracted, I made mistakes that needed correcting, so I was getting frustrated too because when I made mistakes, I had to redo the whole task over again. At one point, I had a box and shook it and green powdered sugar came out which was to be used for frosting, and I dumped it all over the floor. All in all I was making progress though.

The phone rang and it was my friend Marge and I hadn't talked to her in many years, so I had to take the call and stop cleaning. 

While I was talking to her, the other phone rang and that call was from my daughter.  That call was more important to take, so I grabbed the first phone with my long time friend and just said, "I'll call you back", and slammed the receiver down just like that.

The phone call with my daughter was very short and I hung up and that point I saw that one of my other children had made a mess of my cleanup and everything was out of place and I had to start over so I could start taking the trash paper outside and put the bags of trash out by the road, which I now saw was at my father's 16th St. house.

That was when I realized I was in the dining room.  I saw one of my kids dive under the sewing machine which was by the window  and I started calling, "Thomas!  Thomas!, but then realized I was calling the wrong name and that it was Bill who was under the sewing machine.  So I called, "Bill!"  and immediately saw Ken crawl past him under the sewing machine.

Just then, I was trying to stuff some large sheets of brown paper into a very large thick paper bag and it wasn't easy.  Suddenly, I saw three cats in the bag with the paper, and I tipped the bag over to motivate the cats to get out of the bag which they did reluctantly because there was the third cat who appeared not to be able to see.  It had it's eyes closed.

One of the boys said, "That cat can't motivate its front legs!".  I looked and the cat could barely stand on its front paws - it looked partially paralyzed and blind.  I couldn't just dump it out of the bag because it couldn't fend for itself once it was removed from the other cats and the bag.  I couldn't leave him in the trash bag either.  I didn't know what to do, so I left the cat in the bag for the time being.

(Remember the old saying, "The cats out of the bag?" haha

So I turned my attention to the decorated tree which had strings of gold and crystal lights on it.  It wasn't the typical Christmas tree - it was a whole tree of branches with no leaves on it and every branch had a golden or crystal light on it and wires were between every one of them and there were thousands of connections, each one having to be removed separately yet keeping the wires and lights together making sure they weren't tangled because they would have to be reused the following Christmas.

So, I started working on the tree, leaving the children, and the cats to do what they were going to do while my attention was on the tree.  I couldn't do everything at once, but I was trying to.


3-30-10 - DREAM - Evidently this dream is about the hospital angle of the new government healthcare bill and its problems.

I was in a hospital waiting room talking to a nurse who was working on some paperwork related to the hospital and she was having a hard time doing the complicated math related to that.

The next day, I was in the hospital again, and I saw some paperwork on a table that looked exactly like the paperwork I had seen the night before that the nurse could do, and this time it was a different nurse, and she couldn't do it either.

A doctor came by and started yelling at the nurse, telling her she'd better not be talking to patients about her problems.

When the doctor left the area, the nurse apologized for the doctor's behavior, but she was visibly upset about not being able to do the paperwork for the hospital.