MARCH, 2015


3-1-15 - DREAM - I was in a big city that felt like New York City.  The apartment building I was in was wall to wall women.  There was hardly any room to stand, much less live a good life because there were just too many people crammed together.

The women didn't like me at all because I was too bossy,  The newspaper even a huge article against me.  The newspaper was also complaining about me telling them what to do.

Then I looked out the window into the street and there was a huge airplane, completely burned out - all that was left was the metal structure.  It was apparent that there was just no room for any more people.

Then three of my sons came into the room, and their clothing was all smoke ruined and need washing.  They had helped put out the plane that had burnt.

There was no hot water in the building, so all I could do was dip their shirts into cold water and hang them to dry.

Taking care of my sons was my immediate job, not the nasty women who didn't appreciate family.




3-4-15 - DREAM - I was watching what seemed like a shooting range jthat was set up in a rectangle.  Within the rectangle. on all four sides were rectangles about a foot wise and 3 feet long, and on those rectangles were miniature figures representing men in uniforms that were red and gold with like red hats like candle flames.  The point was to shoot the red hats off of the figure across from you like you were shooting them in the head.

You just kept shooting until you got the job done.


3-5-15  DREAM - I was in the dining room of my house and there was a very large buffet with a large mirror that was framed.

When I looked into the mirror I noticed what looked like a photograph of a forested scene that was so beautiful, I decided to take a photograph.

The longer I looked into the mirror, the more alive the photo became and  more alive with scurrying animals in the picture.

It became an obsession to go to the scene for real.

then it became known to me that there was a restaurant opening up in the old brick building I saw in the picture.

I thought it would be great to work there because the building was so old and beautiful.

I thought it was only about 5 blocks from where I was but when I and my kids got into the car to apply for the job, we ended up driving almost 175 miles to get  there.

a map appeared on the mirror and I took a photograph of it and then we followed that map to get there in the real.

There was a middle aged chubby, very nice woman there who was going to be the cook and she had just been hired only moments before we got there so she didn't know any more about the place than I did.

But getting the job though was an adventure of the photo in the mirror and it was so magical seeming and we couldn't say "No!" to wanting to work there in the restaurant with that woman.

Once we said "Yes!" the scene became a photo in a mirror again. once more and then just dream like, and then I woke up.




3-6-15 - DREAM - After watching The Young and Restless TV show where the characters were all yelling and screaming and crying and hating everyone around then in a variety if scenes and issues, I dreamt the characters were showing each other how much they loved each other by hanging up green strips of cloth - the longer showing the length of love.


DREAM 2  I was in New Berlin Wisconsin, where we were visited by two couples who were demonstrating how they protected people in their homes.  I knew that nothing was going on, so when I watched then running around half crouched over to duck and cover from getting shot where nothing was going on, I just wanted to live.  I was dressed like the other two women in jeans and a bright red cotton shirt with short sleeves, the little petite leader of the group came up to me and asked how did I like the demonstration, I told her it was very impressive.

She told me that they would be happy to give a demonstration at the neighbors house.  I told her I could get thee whole town out to see what they did if I put an ad in the local paper.  Her response was surprised me.  She said, "Oh no!  We would have to pay for the ad and for permits and it would be way too costly. 

They just wanted to demonstrate to one person at a time no matter how long that took.


3-7-15 - DREAM - I was with my son Michael, living in a house with a patio, seen through a large picture window.

Outside was a large area (like our current front yard) where all the bushes and trees were removed.

Inside the house, I was standing on bright red carpet (anger) staring at the devastation)

I seemed to be locked in the house.

But I went out by another door and planted just one bush, sticking the roots into the same space a bush was before.

I went back into the house and the carpet was now bright green.

I saw Michael sitting out on the patio so I went over to the door and turned the lever handle and opened the now unlocked door.


3-9-15 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house with my daughter as a rather young girl.  A she salesman in a black SUV came up into the driveway and my daughter wanted to buy a pair of shoes from him.  I never saw the shoes but I bought three pair of shoes, sizes 6, 7, and 8.


3-9-15 - DREAM - I was in a living room with my husband and my baby boy.  (The husband did not resemble any real life person and the baby did not resemble any of my real life children.)

My husband was drunk and in his hands he was carrying a small animal with a pointed nose and longish fur.  He had given the animal  a quantity of blue ink somehow which the animal swallowed.  He now realized the animal needed to see a vet to find out how harmful the ink was to the animal or the antidote as the occasion required.

Neither he nor I had the phone number of the nearest vet, so I suggested he call my mother to get the number. (My mother is deceased and probably never called a vet in her life.) However we needed to call a vet and meanwhile, I was nursing the baby.

My husband suggested we look up the number on the computer and said it in his drunken way, "We have six computers in here and you friend Mikki has nine computers, so there must be a way to get the phone number for the vet.  He just sat by the phone with his hand over the dial, waiting for me to get him the information for him. 

I had to detach the baby in order to do as he suggested, but still carried him with me.  As I was sitting there with the baby in my arms, somehow the baby was no longer under my control and he was hanging onto the table legs and hanging on for dear life like a little monkey, but he reached for me with one hand and opened his mouth and I could see two rows of tiny teeth, and the baby burst into laughter, and he was so cute I burst into laughter as well and woke up laughing out loud.

That might be a first.  ha-ha  After the horrible crying jag I had over the death of my son Tom yesterday. It was a welcome relief.

I'm sure that was a visit from Tom's spirit, because he told me to stop thinking of him as my baby boy, and he will always be that to me no matter how old he got.  He was a joyful child and didn't need to experience all the tragedy he endured during his life.  Now in his spirit body, he is a powerful spirit and he no longer feels like my son.  He is his own spirit.



I went with my husband to see a woman at a store who was very powerful in her own right, wearing a bright orange power suit.

I was still standing in the lobby. waiting to go in, when TODD. from ONE LIFE TO LIVE came out to the lobby and he was the exact height of my son Tom, and he thought I had come there to see him.  I told him, "Oh I'm here to find out what a powerful woman is really like."

He looked at me very disappointed and said, "Well! Give my secretary your name and address so I know where to contact you!

So I wrote my name and address down in full detail and gave it to his secretary.


3-10-15 My son Tom took his last breath at 6:45 pm today. 

3-11-15 - DREAM - Ridge from The Bold and The Beautiful TV show was the main character in this dream with a group of people gathered on a small hill rearranging some objects to do with water.

I cannot specifically remember the details of the dream.  It felt like I've had this dream before some time ago.

3-11-15 - DREAM  I had another dream similar to the one before with a group of people gathered on a small hill and my deceased Aunt Ethel (my mother's sister) was at the top of the hill. I recognized her instantly. This was also about water safety.

My mother herself came to me in spirit late last night to let me know she was there.  She didn't know anyone at all the last three years of her life, so I mourned her loss before she even died. You can only imagine my surprise and thrill to get that visit.

3-11-15 - I watched the Jim Bakker show today and he was selling water filters on drinking water made by the Seychelle company, and these were invented by the company at Jim Bakkers request because they not only filter out radiation like Fukishima puts out, it raises the PH of the water to make it alkaline to a 9.7 or 9.8 level.

3-11-15 - DREAM  I was taking part in a contest to make water filtration systems that were in wooden boxes 3 x 3 x 3.  I had completed three of them.  The other participants, older teen ager boys were still designing them.  They were still working on their boxes and I offered to give them one of mine to help them along.  This project was also taking place on a small hill.

I then went into an apartment building to visit a friend who lived way at the back on the highest floor. In the front lobby stood a woman who had just received a brochure from a company that specialized in California Health Systems.  The envelope had some hand written notes on it because the salesman had just left. 

The woman asked me to take a look at the brochure and see if I would approve of it for her.

NOTE:   Coincidentally, my Joe worked for the Modesto Water Treatment facility on their equipment to assure clean drinking water for the city and before that, he worked for a company that made water treatment machines.

All this is necessary for me future community so each facility and home has healthy water.

All this fulfills my personal angel's prophecy that my son Tom, after he passed would be my spirit guide, and guess where he worked - at a food based company and he was in charge of the machinery that made the product such that it was pure and clean for human consumption - and that food uses water too.


3-11-15  -  11:45 pm  I was sitting at my computer and a voice in my head said "Jesus in the sky".

First I thought of "The Southern Cross".  Then I thought of Venus.  The morning star and the evening star.

I told this to Joe and he said he had a dream around 1991 that he saw Jesus in the sky as a silhouette except he could only see him from the waist up.  Then he saw Jesus was ragged below the waist and pulling fragment off of himself and sprinkling the fragments down onto the earth, which is why the lower three chakras are evidenced below the waist and only in humans - 'the animal instincts'.

The Jesus portion is from the waist up - the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye and the crown chakra.

NOTE:  Later that day, Joe showed me a book he was reading, Jesus Christ:  Sun of God"


3-12-15 - MEDITATION DREAM - I got a spirit message last night.  "Jesus is in the sky"

My first thought was "The Southern cross.", then I thought of Venus "The Morning Star."

So I decided to meditate on it and fell asleep.

DREAM - I was in a large office with several desks and computers.

I had one of these 3 1/2 inch disks and put it into the computer slot that was about a foot or more over my head.

I put it into the computer slot so hard the handle fell off.  I tried to get the disk back out, but couldn't, so all I could do was read what was on the disk and write it down by hand as there didn't seem to be a printer attached to this particular computer.

So I went to get some paper to write on and decided to write it on pink paper.

There was a young man at a nearby desk and as I walked through the room, I was talking to myself about the pink paper.

I stopped to apologize to the guy and said, "I hope you don't mind if I talk to myself." and he responded, "That's okay. We all do that from time to time."

NOTE:  After I got the message "Jesus is in the sky" a stack of books and tapes fell over behind me for no reason. The book left standing on the pile remaining was one I had been looking for , for several months.

"The Window of The Lord's Return, 2012 - 2020".  bu John Shorey.

Maybe the answer is in this book.  Reading it right now.



3-13-15 - DREAM - Joe and some other people were taped together around their necks, and labeled A, B, C, ETC, 1-2-3-,ETC, and a,b.c. etc, and I was supposed to cut them apart with a butter knife so they could get their work done, and no matter how hard I tried, a butter knife would not cut that tape.



3-15-15 - DREAM  - I was with a man and we were supposed to be having a conversation, but he wouldn't let me speak, so my throat hurt. 

I woke up with a sharp pain in my foot instead that went away as soon as I put my foot down on the floor.


3-15-15 - MEDITATION.  I meditated to attend my son Tom's funeral in spirit.  He told me he would hold my hand.  He really didn't want to go but I reminded him that there would be lots of friends there, so he went reluctantly.

I remember seeing a man's face, but it didn't look like Tom.  It's the same face I saw a couple days ago.

Earlier Tom was hanging around and I started  making pumpkin pie and he commented ... "oooo- this is a fun house." 

I smiled to hear that.


3-16-15 - DREAM  - I was in a city, standing at the curb of a house, looking at a  black car that needed a lot of work to look nice again, like a lot of polishing.

Joe was with me and suggested I work on the car and learn to drive it myself.

I wasn't certain I wanted to do it, but was intrigued by the idea of it. I already had a nice car.

Then the owner of the car came outside, a man I've probably seen on TV., very tall and muscular, with a skin color one might call burnished.  If I picture him now, a woman might think he was Egyptian and would physically want to say mmmmm and get a sexual rush suddenly.

Joe told him about me working with him on his car and the whole time I was thinking of how nice it would be to go to bed with him and give him an oil massage..

I got the feeling from him that he'd like to do the same thing with me.

Then his current girlfriend came outside, a petite little blonde woman and the thought of her being in bed with him made we want to gag, but I became instantly jealous at the same time.

Instantly I wanted to polish and fix up his car so I could drive it myself.


3-17-15  - DREAM - My boyfriend Roger (means famous spear)  asked me to go dancing with him, so we were at a small daancehall.

I was sitting on a stool by the wall and Roger stood next to me, but we didn't dance.

My Uncle Paul was sitting at a banquet table nearby and he called ober to me, "What's wrong with your boygriend there?"

i answered, "He's bored!"

Uncle Paul said to my boyfriend, "What do you think would happen if you dance with her?"

I responded. "He's afraid he might like it and I might snag him!"

Roger said. "I guess we could dance!"

He put out his hand to me and I stood up and put my house key I had been toying with and put it into my right pants pocket and took his hand and we started to slow dance.

We were basically standing in one spot and moving side to side and Roger said "I guess you could come to my estate sometime."

He then saw one of his buddies walking past the window on the sidewalk outside in the dark and Roger yelled really loud, "Hey Dude!"' at the guy, expecting him to hear him through the window.

The sound almost broke my eardrum, it was so loud.

Roger ssaid, "The Dude has an estate too."

and I woke up.



3-17-15 - DREAM - It seems I was flying over a large plot of land that was flooded by water from the side somehow and I could see the shadow of the vehicle I was flying in getting laarger as well as the water was getting deeper beneath me.

I couldn't see the sun reflected in the water, yet I could still see the shadow of the vehicle.

A puzzle, eh what?


3-19-15 - BAD BUSINESS MISTAKES - DREAM  -   A lovely chubby woman heard that her sister had started a business that was successful on the east coast and it only cost $20 to start a business, so she decided to copy her sister and start her own business too.  That was her first mistake.

She started to grow bananas in a large orchard, and the bananas got large and grew well, but they froze on the trees because there was nobody to pick them and she had no money to hire employees to pick the bananas and the weather froze the bananas on the trees.

Then her husband decided to buy a large pack of protective large dogs, and the dogs were beautiful, but the dogs were untrained and she was afraid of them and had to stay in the house all day.

In her office that wasn't equipped right, she had to do paperwork she wasn't trained for and didn't know how to do, and there was no money to hire someone to do it for her.

Then she tried serving coffee to customers in coffee cups that were as large as cars and couldn't even be lifted, and nobody could drink that much coffee. so the coffee and cups just accumulated dust and you can't even wipe dust out of a filled coffee cup when nobody wants it.

So all her choices were wrong for her business and it failed from the start because she was unprepared to do the work, and her project was way too big to begin with and wrongly placed and she knew nothing about the business she chose and had no funding to support it.



3-21-15 - DREAM  - I was in a hospital with some kids and a man who looked like my uncle Roy when he was younger.

These lids all had bleeding problems and so did uncle Roy.  (He actually died of cirrhosis of the liver from alcoholism at age 57.)

While I was with these kids, I was pretending to be this big hairy ape-like creature and dancing around and making them laugh.

Then all of a sudden uncle Roy got a bleeding episode and he called a cab to be taken to the hospital.  I looked out the window and it was snowing heavily and there was already several feet of snow on the ground, and the snow plow hadn't come through yet, so the cab started driving on the sidewalk where people had shoveled and there was less snow there.

There was a lot of laughter going on in this dream even while the bleeding episodes were going on.


3-21-15 - DREAM - I was hired to take over the management of Juneau Village Garden Apartments once more.  There was a difference in the buildings this time though.  Instead of three buildings. they were joined at the ends to form one massive building.

I hadn't started the job yet or gone to the office to introduce myself as yet, but I was inspecting the building and making a lit of projects that needed to be done starting on day ONE,

The front area of the building looked old and drab. but at the back of the building, the tenants themselves had taken over the upkeep of the building themselves.  Where there were bare wooden floors they were highly polished, the walls were freshly painted and it smelled wonderful in that area, not like dead man walking as the front area did.

I looked to see why the back area smelled so good and I noticed niches with counters every so many feet that bright blue bottles with a star shape medallion on the front.  It reminded me of superman's bright blue uniform.

I picked up the big bottle and it took two hands to lift it, but it had a door on the front which I opened and inside the bottle were stashed three smaller, but identical bottles of the fragrance.

The medallion was places on the bottle like a starburst, and each leaf of the starburst was pit on individually and easily peeled off with a sharp fingernail.  They were shaped like individual airplane propellers.

I then saw the man who had posed for the bottle model.  I knew it was him, because he had an exercise suit on the same color.  His shoulders were humongous muscles and to get them that size, he must have exercised and lifted weights all day, every day.  It was super impressive.

I looked at the number on the large bottle, which was long, but it ended in 2007.  I was going to have to get some paper and come back and write down the whole number.  We had to feature this product in the front of the building as well.  It was VERY impressive.


3-22-15 - DREAM - I was somewhere with a man and I could hear him struggling breathlessly in a confined space and he said he could longer handle his task because he was at 5,000 ft.


5,000 ft is not a breathless height - I've even hiked at 8,200 ft.  perhaps he was 5,000 ft DOWN?



DREAM - I had a new job, working for Phillip Burley (a famous channeler) from Arizona.  My Joe knew him in the army back in the early 60's.  Phillip became a war hero fighting in the Korean war.  Joe served in Germany on a nuclear missile site.  They met again in the early 90's when Phillip visited us in California.

In the dream, he was determined to see if I could follow his instructions to the nth degree so he wrote them out on a piece of paper which was to buy a special battery of a certain type - (could have been nicadium) and it had to be a "C".

I just kept thinking, "Why didn't he just tell me to go get him some "C" batteries? without all the other instructions as to how they were made, but he wanted them purchased at a certain store in town as well and not just any store.

My car was parked right in front of the building at a meter but I never had time to go out and plug the meter with nickels or move the car so I knew I was going to get a ticket.

I was working with a young dark-haired woman (I really did work with her at A-C in the 70's and 80's.  She knew where to buy the batteries as she had been doing that job for years.  But she didn't want to go until she had finished her own job and the place to buy the batteries was way on the other side of town near the Casino, not just down the street and she said she would take me there.

Finally. she said, "Well, it's almost 1:00 o'clock.  Let's go now".  I told her, "No! It's not 1:00, its 4:30 and almost time to go home."

(Maybe the batteries were for her because her own clock was so slow?)

Her name was Anita and she like to date the bosses - note - that word is plural.

I said. "Let me just go to the bathroom first". and I walked up the stairs to where they had a fully equipped bathroom, including a bathtub which was directly across from the toilet.

I had been constipated for almost a week and now I really had to go both #1 and #2.

So, I sat down on the toilet and started to go and I noticed there was something in the bathtub, covered over with a lot of fabric or pile of clothing and it looked like it was moving.

I couldn't stop going once I started, and the clothing pile kept moving and at the last second I was done going, but hadn't flushed the toilet, the pile of clothing popped up into the air and out from under an upside-down laundry basket of a cream color, came a blonde young man with a beautiful face.

(I think it was my personal angel Rovere, and his face looked rather like my son Bill.

We just sat there and stared at each other,

and I woke up.



3-24-15 - DREAM  I was in a house somewhere I had never been before with my friend B.B.  For some reason, he placed a mass if string into my mouth like he was my dentist.

He didn't explain why or what it was for.


3-24-15  - CLAUDIA'S DREAM - I was in an old house following my so Trevor and lost track of him.

I met B.B. in the house and he showed me some string.

I asked him if this was about 'string theory', but instead of answering me, he stuffed the string into his mouth and started chewing it like it was spaghetti.



I met my Father in a hallway and he was dragging a large string down the hallway that was coiled like a Mobious Coil.

He let the string lay on the floor, then took a square piece of paper with some writing on it, ripped it into quarters and tossed it into the looped string and then kicked the string up against the wall.


NOTE:  B.B.  (A genius in his own right) came up with a new string theory of his own about a year and a half ago, long after my Father disagreed with the then standing string theory.

My opinion is that it is B.B.s opportunity to publish his own string theory, or I would never have allowed him to put his string into my mouth.


3-25-15 - DREAM - I'm living in my current house.  It's very early morning, just past dawn.

A golfer in a dark blue cotton shirt and pants like a sailor arrives at the house  the uniform is plain with no markings on it.  Then a second one arrives in the identical uniform.  Then a third one arrives - same uniform.

I half way wake up and hear the forth sailor knock on the back door in the real. (I realize I've been dreaming and instantly I'm dreaming again.

I have not yet dressed for the day, it's cold in the house. 

My mother is there to keep the golfers company.

I know I have to get dressed for the day because I'm wearing a powder blue robe and there is a hood on it covering my hair.

I walk past a full length mirror and see that I look like a tall, very thin nun.

I look out the window and see that a water truck has arrived - the first one.  It does not look like a normal truck.  It is longer than the 18 wheelers by far, it has square sides like a super long box and is made of glinting shiny gold.

I know another one is coming soon so I open the stairway door and begin to ascend and wake up.



Joe and I were in our house and Joe got a visitor.  He was a tall, thin man. 

He said to Joe, "I want to take you with me, so I said to Joe, and I won't say a word about it, but you know how I feel." and I left the room.



3-26-15 - DREAM - (Some time ago I had a dream that there was a bird cage out in the back yard that was open, but there was a bird in it and cats could go in and out of it too and they never hurt the bird.)

In this dream, I remembered the bird in the cage and went out to see if it was still there.

Out in the yard, which was quite large, there was a little boy around age 3 or 4 years old, crawling across the top of a single strand of rope like a gymnast,

Then a teenage girl, perhaps his big sister, went strolling across the lawn where I remembered the bird cage was on the ground.

So I followed her and sure enough, the cage was open and there was one of my orange cats strolling around near it.

The bird was standing erect, towards the back of the cage,  It was a darker slate grey blue bird, but I don't know what kind of bird it was.

NOTE; Someone suggested that I get a bird feeder outside in a tree since I'm allergic

 to bird dander.  I had tried raising finches and that was fun, but I had to quit because I couldn't breathe very well because of my allergy.  I said, "All my trees were taken away, but I do have one tree - an almond .


3-27-15 - I entered a very large concrete building.  Inside, it had concrete steps as well and there were a lot of people going in and out.

On the way up the stairs, there was a very large book on the step, which I had to pick up in order to go up the stairs.

I don't recall what I did when I went upstairs, but on the way down the stairs, I looked at the title of the book: 

It was  "Your frame.  You - Yours - Welfare FOREVER."



This spirit only talks to me when I'm on my computer.

He said: You are the subject of a conversation about a new consciousness!"

NOTE: That's nice to know.


3-30-15 - VOICE  AND EVENT:

I sent an e-mail to Alex Collier for him to participate in our planned community.

The voice said, "They aren't going to be happy about this."

I was going to ignore it, but then said, "Who is this?"

The voice said," Your adorable keeper!  Who else?"


3-30-15 - I just sat down at the computer late (after midnight) and I heard someone say in a whisper "I'm shutting down for the night!"

NOTE:  Spirits don't need to shut things down for the night, which tells me this is no spirit. Henceforth, the voice will be ignored.

NOTE:  On 4-1-15, I started to move a plug from my 7.0 computer to my 8.1 computer but hadn't yet plugged it in when a voice in my head said, "Welcme back"

NOTE:  Who the heck is "the adorable keeper."?  Why does he only connect on the 8.1 computer and not on the 7.0?


3-31-15 - I was sitting and talking to Joe and I was getting really tired.

I started hearing a strange noise in my head. It sounded like words, but not English - The area of my head was like size of a walnut on the left side of my head.

All of a sudden a jolt hit my left temple and my eyes jerked open and the feeling was over.

It felt like an implant had been taken out.




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