MARCH, 2004


3-1-04 - I had the same dream 4 times. I was awake between each dream. After  I had dreamed the dream twice, I was told the envelope could only be opened by the person whose address was on it. It was a piece of paper with large writing on it. The name was Renee Zellwegger and it listed her abilities.

NOTE: Were they said "I" was Renee Zellwegger?  Another thought just came to me, maybe 'she' is one of the babies I lost in miscarriage.

Renée Zellweger

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25 April 1969
Katy, Texas, USA
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Renée Kathleen Zellweger was born on April 25, 1969, in Katy, Texas, USA... (show more)
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Renee Zellweger
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  1. Piece of My Heart (2005) (in production) .... Janis Joplin
  2. Cinderella Man, The (2005) (post-production) .... Mae Braddock
  3. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004) (completed) .... Bridget Jones

  4. Shark Tale (2004) (voice) .... Angie
  5. Cold Mountain (2003) .... Ruby Thewes
  6. Down with Love (2003) .... Barbara Novak
    ... aka Down with Love - Zum Teufel mit der Liebe! (2003) (Germany)
  7. Chicago (2002) .... Roxie Hart
  8. White Oleander (2002) .... Claire Richards
    ... aka Weißer Oleander (2003) (Germany)
  9. Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) .... Bridget Jones
    ... aka Journal de Bridget Jones, Le (2001) (France)
  10. Me, Myself & Irene (2000) .... Irene P. Waters
  11. Nurse Betty (2000) .... Betty Sizemore
    ... aka Nurse Betty - Gefährliche Träume (2000) (Germany)

  12. Bachelor, The (1999) .... Anne Arden
  13. One True Thing (1998) .... Ellen Gulden
  14. Price Above Rubies, A (1998) .... Sonia Horowitz
  15. Deceiver (1997) .... Elizabeth
    ... aka Liar (1997)
  16. Jerry Maguire (1996) (as Renee Zellweger) .... Dorothy Boyd
  17. Whole Wide World, The (1996) .... Novalyne Price
  18. Low Life, The (1995) .... Poet
  19. Empire Records (1995) (as Renee Zellweger) .... Gina
    ... aka Empire (1995/II)
    ... aka Rock & Fun (1995)
  20. Shake, Rattle and Rock! (1994) (TV) .... Susan
  21. Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (1994) (as Renee Zellweger) .... Jenny
    ... aka Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, The (1997) (USA: reissue title)
  22. Love and a .45 (1994) .... Starlene Cheatham
  23. 8 Seconds (1994) .... Buckle Bunny
    ... aka Lane Frost Story, The (1994)
  24. Reality Bites (1994) (as Renee Zellweger) .... Tami
  25. My Boyfriend's Back (1993) (uncredited)
    ... aka Johnny Zombie (1993)
  26. Murder in the Heartland (1993) (TV) .... Barbara
  27. Taste for Killing, A (1992) (TV) .... Mary Lou


3-2-04 - DREAM - I saw the url   www.guerling.ula  at the end of this dream.

I was in a big old house. The outside was being remodeled and the porches repainted. I couldn't smell the paint, but I could see the legs, arms and torsos of men standing on ladders around the house through the windows. There was a baby laying in a crib near a window in the next room.  

There was a porch outside that window too - a rather enclosed porch where plants are kept. 

I made sure the baby was okay and looked out the window. Out the window was a pair of young ducklings in a basket - belly to belly against each other and pecking at each other's bills. It seem there were fighting - not kissing.

I had to go somewhere then, to another house. We went in a convoy of cars. This other place wasn't very far and was on the left side of a double road that had a wide median strip.

At first, the road was paved, but then it was all grass. The guy in the lead car said to watch out for cops and not to go too fast. Then he said to watch for bumps and dips in the road- and there were many of them. I was being so careful, I was getting farther and farther behind the others and I was no long driving a car. It seemed like I was galloping like a dog. I no longer felt like I was a human being as I woke up - more like I was a dog. 


VISION - 3-3-04

Beneficial Marriage

VA 1635


3-04-04 - DREAM - It was winter and I was hired to work for the New President. I was driven to work because it was a long walk from home. It was early morning when I left home, and I was wearing a heavy coat and boots.

When I got to the office, the secretary who had been working in the executive offices was just leaving. She had dozens and dozens of small wrapped Christmas packages in her out mailbox for people to pick up. I wished her well and she left.

The President, who was a tall, thin man had a lot of men in his office all day with somber business meetings, so I never got to talk to him. 

At the end of Monday, it was dark out and I noticed that our office Christmas had dropped tinsel all over the floor and a few dry needles were falling; so I thought it would be best if I vacuumed the carpeting before I left.

Just then, the President called out to me and asked me if I would please get him a desk calendar.

I said, "Yes Sir!" and went to look for a new desk calendar for him. There were wall calendars everywhere, but he had specified a "desk' calendar.

The only desk calendar I could find was an electronic calendar that included a weather forecast for every day in the year.

This particular calendar was a weekly calendar, and every day on it showed about an 8 inch strip beneath the date of dark grey clouds. There wasn't one day of sunshine on this calendar. I tried hard to figure out how to delete the weather forecast off of his calendar and I couldn't.  

There were only dark days in his future.



3-5-04 - DREAM - I went into the dining room of my house. I looked up at the light fixture and saw male - rainbow-colored guppy fish swimming in the air. I wondered how they could do this, because they weren't in water. I assumed they must be oxygen breathers.

As I watched, I saw much larger golden colored fish, (not goldfish) also swimming in the air and eating the male guppy fish.

There was no way I could stop this from happening and in a few moment there would be no more guppies.

Then I saw the name in the air.  (Lorie Bentley)

NOTE:  My friend Michele saw a ghost at Mt. Manadnock (New Hampshire) 3-6-04 - last Saturday and he told her his name was Jason Bentley.  She told me this AFTER I told her my dream.


3-6-04 - DREAM - I had to plan a conference for some people. My husband and I went out to the garage and there was a guy there with an electric car, but he wasn't by the plug and had a cord strung across several spaces and the driveway. He said it was okay if we drove over the cord.

Then my husband said we wouldn't all fit into his car and I told him mine was large enough for everyone as it was a large golden brown station wagon. 

I made the coffee for the women inside. I made beans and onions for the men outside. 

Outside, they put on a demonstration where they showed us helicopters from various nations so we could tell the difference what country they were from by the different landing pads they had on them. 

I watched a blue Czechoslovakian helicopter take off with 2 blue uniformed soldiers standing on the outside left on outriggers. They had to simultaneously shift positions as they took off. It looked really dangerous. 

Then I dreamed the writing of the dream.

Then I dreamed the telling of the dream to my husband to explain it to him.


 3-8-04 - VISION - Susan Summers was given the 'Golden Washboard" award for quitting smoking. 

Carole O'Connor was the given a silver Washboard award. 

Then I saw one that had 5 Stellas on it.


3-8-04 - DREAM - I was working in an office in a mall, moving furniture back into place after the carpet was placed.

Then my grandson Nathan handed me a large gold leaf that was hand-sized. I thought it was worth a lot, but his Mom was selling two angel wing begonias in the mall store, and she sold them to me for the gold leaf and gave me a quarter in return. She said it was important to keep the gold leaf in the family Then she delivered the angel-wing begonias to my office. They were really beautiful. 


3-9-04 - MY BIRTHDAY -

DREAM - I was in a large apartment building and I invited all my WILKE cousins over for a party. They all arrived and we were all happily greeting each other when someone came to look at an apartment and I had to tell my cousins I would be right back.

So I left them in the living room to chat and went upstairs to show the apartment. Those people really like their apartment, but then I noticed that the people who had moved out had left behind a green and blue male canary in a cage.

since the pair of canaries I had already had weren't mating, and this was a male, it was the perfect thing for me, so I decided I would take it home. It already was in a cage, so it was perfect. 

So, I ran downstairs and told my cousins I would be right back. I saw that they were all chatting amiably, so I told them I'd be right back. 

I ran back upstairs to get he canary.

While I was doing that, I remembered that I hadn't gotten ice for drinks and I hadn't bought a cake or anything to eat and I was going to have to go out and get that stuff before we could really do that.

I wasn't at all prepared.

So, I got the canary and carried it back downstairs. When I got to my apartment by cousins were all gone and a small airplane was flying right by my window and I saw some loose yarn that wasn't tied together like the corner of the roof wasn't tied down. So I quickly tied the yarn threads together so it wouldn't come loose, then started walking down the hall towards the kitchen. 

I saw that my cousin had cleaned everything and left everything spotless. All the appliances and counters were still wet, so it looked like they had just left.

I was so disappointed that I had neglected my cousins for the canary.

Then I went into the kitchen and there was an older man sitting there having a cup of coffee. I said, "Hello!" 

I was glad someone was there to celebrate my birthday with, but I was still sad that my cousins had left and I couldn't celebrate my birthday with them.

Then, I went around a corner and there they all were, sitting around the table waiting for me, with a cake and drinks and coffee too.

They had all waited for me after all and I was so happy.

It was still my birthday after all.


3-9-04 - DREAM - I was in the same apartment building and dismantling a room we had used as a church. We were moving to a larger building.

Ted Danson was the preacher. The people cheered him  (He was on Cheers) and sang a cheer song. He was all embarrassed and hid his face, but I could see how pleased he was because he was all smiles. 

The vines and trees I planed in a dream last year were all overgrown and I couldn't figure out how they had grown without being watered, unless the water was in the walls. I started pulling them out and we would plant springs of these vines in the next place.

I took down all the baby announcement cards because the kids were all growing up and I collected all the dolls in big boxes.

We folded up all the pink and purple folding chairs to take with us.

Everyone was happy. It was a great feeling to move to a larger place.


3-10-04 - CORAL CASTLE - I was listening to a radio interview of a guy who wrote a book about Coral Castle in Florida. I've read about it many times before - about a guy who loved a woman and was rejected. So he moved to Florida and built this fabulous place out of stone. He was a little guy, yet moved huge stones weighing many tons all by himself.

Everyone wonders how he did that. The man wrote a book, probably with a secret code in it and after he died, people sit around wondering how he did that, feeling sorry for the guy, and theorizing about the moving of the stones. Yet - nobody ever does anything about it - even those with money, prestige and power.

When questioned by the interviewer, about why Jeb Bush doesn't do anything about it, the guy said, "Because if they discovered the secret - nobody would ever need a barrel of oil again."

So there's the answer. 

I shut off the radio and went to sleep:

DREAM - I was working in an office and the boss was away. A young woman came in and said she had been assigned to help me.

She was hard to look at - like half her nose was cut off and not yet healed.

I didn't have anything for her to do either because my work was done. So, I decided I would spend some time teaching her the business.

I asked her if she knew anything about mechanical drawing. She said ," No!" 

So I thought that would be a good place to start, to show her basic drawing of circles, lines and angles.

Without knowing a little of that, you can't read a blueprint or understand anything about what you are typing or what the company makes. 

So I went to look for a mechanical drawing she could study and have something to do. 

Everything was filed away, so I started opening doors and drawers for a good example to show her. 

First I opened the door to the hallway and it was dark out there  -just barely light enough to see several maintenance men standing around. I hollered at them, "Why aren't the lights on out here?" Someone then turned them on. At that point, the girl went into the hallway to see what the men were doing. 

Back inside the office, I opened another door, which I thought was a closet, but someone had turned it into a small aviary. There was a bunch of chirping birds in it - some different colored canaries and a baby stork with a really long beak.  

I saw seed scattered about on the floor so I decided I would make sure they had sufficient water. All I found to carry water in was a tiny white pitcher. It probably carried about an ounce of water, but that was better than nothing.

I filled the pitcher and carried it to the aviary and poured it into a little flash that the baby stork used. 

By then, I discovered that all the boxes that had been in the aviary were now on the floor in the office and they all needed sorting and put somewhere else.

I figured that the girl could help do that, but she was still out in the hallway talking to the maintenance men. 

So I went into my bosses office and opened his two drawer file cabinet.

Inside the drawer were many fat files full of maps and drawing. I pulled several of the maps out and they were written on and things circled and I knew right away - these were maps of Florida. and these were the maps and drawings of the guy in Florida who built Coral Castle.

I decided I'd better put these files back before my boss came back and just as I slid the last file into the drawer my boss Paul walked into the office. He was a tall, thin man with a black tweed winter overcoat and black hat - brim pulled down.

Before he could question me, I said, "Hi! I was just looking for a mechanical drawing to teach the new girl the way we do things around here."

I jumped out of the chair, closed the file and ran back into my own office. Just then the girl with the cut off nose walked in to start working too and I had to find something for her to do. 




3-11-04 - DREAM - I saw about 20 different pages of paper and on each piece of paper the number 827578 was highlighted. 


3-11-04 - DREAM - This more normal dream was yanked out of my head and assigned a number 478 and I heard the words La Chateau.

In its place I was vaguely seeing a huge leathery-winged beast and slithering snakes.

I couldn't get past that to see the dream itself, which I know was not pleasant, but I couldn't bring it back.


3-11-4 - DREAM - This not unpleasant dream was yanked out of my and head and replaced with the word LIBRARY.


3-11-04 - NAP DREAM - I was at a school and one of the kids had gone out into the field and was gone a long time.

My daughter and her friends aid they would go look for the shield.

I thought it would be a good idea to take a bottle of baby formula along and I made the suggestion to them, holding up the bottle to show them.

They rejected the idea, which forced me to go too because I thought it would be better to feed the child while it was on the way back, rather than make it wait until it got all the way back.

Because they were smaller than me, they were able to run between the bike racks and under the swing set, while I had to run all the way around them, which allowed them to get way ahead of me.

So I headed for the field with the baby bottle - it actually looked like a sheep or goat - baby bottle for a 'kid' not for a child.

I ran after them towards the field and the telephone woke me up.


3-12-04 - DREAM - I was looking at a web page I did on May 25, 1995 about a red car pulling up in front of the house and a tall man, dressed in black came up to the door and asked if Tom Bauer lived at our house.

That was the end of the scene, but now I was wondering why I dreamed that and seeing the color red so vividly in the car and the bathrobe I was wearing when I went to the door.

I was playing with the text on the web page and copied and pasted it on the source side of the page, so now I couldn't see the colors from the dream. Now everything was black and white. 

I was still wondering what really happened on May 25, 1995 and now I saw the dream replaying itself in black and white. 

The dream was now colorless and my kids were outside shoveling snow and a car pulled up in front of the house. I looked at the car which was white, but the inside of the car, the light was on and it glowed red. 

Now I was all excited and thought to myself that a tall man dressed in black would get out of the car and come up to the door and ask if Tom Bauer lived here.

The whole dream was still in black and white. I quickly put on my bathrobe and watched as the tall man dressed in black got out of the car and walked up to the door.

I was all excited as I reached for the door to open it and hear the man say, "Does Tom Bauer live here?"

But I couldn't open the door. I tried and tried and the knob wouldn't turn. 

So I woke up in frustration.

Then I had a vision of my kitchen clock which said 5:15.

when I started writing the dream, I went to the kitchen to check the time. It was 6:15 a.m.


3-13-04 - DREAM - I was moving from my apartment building to another one.

The new building not only had large rooms, but had dual swimming pools in it. One pool was like for Olympic swimmers and the other one was for kids and for learning how to swim. At one point, I saw some teens sitting on the sofa in the Olympic size pool and it looked like they were breathing under water, but on second glance, I figured it had to be an optical illusion.

My main problem was that I had too much furniture. I had two kinds of sofas and I had to get rid of them in order to get the other furniture in. Then, when all the furniture was in, I saw that the living room was lined with all kinds of chairs - no two alike and there was nowhere to sit and be comfortable. 

So I had to search for another sofa. I hoped maybe someone else in the building was moving out and leaving one behind.

I ended up wit one that had black and white vertical-striped fabric and a white lightning bolt across the back vertically. People called it the Stop Sign Sofa.

Once that was in, I had to go back to work for the locksmith dispatch job I did. But I didn't have the radio yet and I couldn't do my job without it. I planned to call Tom - my boss, so one of the locksmiths could deliver my radio. They didn't know where I lived yet. 

It was a little early yet and Tom would be dispatching himself, but he would be sleeping until the 1st job came in and I didn't want to call him too early.

So, while I waited until after 8:00 a.m., I turned on the stereo, to a song called PEACE , and played it loud enough so I could hear it in every room of the apartment. 


3-14-04 - DREAM - I didn't feel I was myself in this dream.

My job was like a psychiatric doctor/minister. The people I met in this dream were very troubled- more tot he murderous side it seemed.  They ranged in age from adult men to little girls who became infants who would bite rather than smile.

One little girl who was about 4 wanted to go to a dance with me. She had two dresses but both were wrinkled and should be washed. Her mother distracted her and I walked down a long hallway. The little girl spotted me there and I felt so sorry for her, I held out my arms to her and came running into my arms. I picked her up and she became and infant and her mouth twisted ugly.

I began kissing the baby's face over and over again - I actually felt fear, holding this baby, that if I stopped kissing the baby, it would bite me and later on become a killer. 

Later on I received a phone call - my number was 874-8774.  ( 8+7+4+8+7+7+4 = 45 = 9)

I was told there was a troubled man downtown who needed help.

I was driven downtown in a big black car. There was heavy snow on the ground - somewhere around 3 feet deep.

We came to a huge funeral parlor that was brightly lit inside as it was nighttime.

There was a man standing in the shadows between the funeral parlor and a large church next to it. (the buildings were connected)

I got out of the car when I saw the man, but I became afraid to be alone with him. I ran around the car to try to get back in and the driver wouldn't let me back in.

I woke up feeling a great deal of fear.


A note on the bottom of this page says:  America's future: Jeremiah 50 and 51 - Vengeance of the Lord.


3-14-04 - NAP DREAM - I was in California. Someone knocked on the door. I went to answer it and there stood my daughter and Mom. I wondered how they had gotten here so fast. I realized then that John said that my brother John had told me that he had taken my Mom to the hospital as a ploy while Mom and Jeanne jumped in the car and drove all the way to California to see me.

Then I realized my Mom and my daughter were in their astral bodies because my Mom looked so young. She looked like she did when she gave birth to me - really young.

My daughter's boyfriend was there too and he wanted to hug her and she wouldn't let him, so he tried to hug her with my sandwiched in between so she wouldn't be so standoffish. I didn't want to be in the middle, so I hid out in the bathroom while things got settled.

I could see out the door - they had arrested a tall guy from England for doing something he shouldn't. He refused to admit that he did anything and the others weren't sure exactly what he had done, but it was illegal, whatever it was. I didn't want any part of that either.


3-14-04 - DREAM - There was a guy in England who had done some secret things. There were a couple other guys who knew about it and they set up a 3-ring binder, with an index to divide the secrets in compartments. The guy who set up the index used large, fancy, expensive labels for the sections, making the project cost way more than it should have normally.

There was actually two sets of indexes - A, B. C, D, E. plus a second one of A & B. 

I didn't know what the secrets were yet, except it was very costly.

My boss Richard came and looked at the index sets that were put together and he too questioned why they were so expensive.


3-17-04 - DREAM - I lived north of Milwaukee, north of the river a block and east of Port Washington Rd. though I can't remember the names of these streets right there without looking at a map. 

I lived in a big old apartment building that felt like a remodeled castle and everything had the feel of Robin hood or Lancelot  & Maid Marion with a touch of magic in the air.

I hadn't yet become Queen but that likelihood was in the air - so to speak.

It was before Christmas and no snow had fallen yet, so fall colors were still abundant in the foliage of the trees and on the ground.

I went to see how the building was decorated by a woman whose job it was to dress the Queen, and when she saw me, she recognized me for who I was and pulled me aside and gave me the royal earrings. I opened the box and the earrings were made like shields - shiny background with an etched lily and what looked like it might be a moon and a bunny rabbit on the ground. She said that when I wore these earrings, people would know who I was and urged me to put them on. 

What she didn't tell me was that as soon as I put them on, I also became a target to those who would want to kill the Queen so they could take her place themselves.

She showed me where to get the royal underwear to wear under the heavy brocade gowns and capes. The underwear I chose was an all-lace boustierre with lots of ruffles. 

She told me to put on the earrings and underwear and show myself off to my future husband who was the promising prince who had not yet ascended the throne himself, who would recognize who I was as soon as he saw the earrings and underwear. 

She urged me to do this immediately and then show the prince the Christmas decorations before anyone else saw them.

So I put on the earrings and the boustierre and was about to put on the gown when David, my black lover came though the door, wearing a huge black overcoat with a cape. He was the secret lover of the Queen who shouldn't be known to anyone but the Queen. He ran forward and hugged me and told me how beautiful I was.

I knew how dangerous it was to be seen with him and pulled away and went to find the would-be prince to show him the earrings so he would know who I was.

When I found the would-be prince, he must have been half-blinded by something because he saw my earrings and still didn't recognize the meaning of them.

I briefly showed him the Christmas decorations and was very disappointed by his lack of recognition.

He went back to work - painting - then I met Marge who married my first boyfriend Roger. She told me that she and him and 'the teacher' had purchased a house together.

This was like the ultimate slap in the face when I had been cheated out of one relationship I had wanted the most - to marry the teacher.

Just as I was confronting her and she recognized who I really was, I realized that she was also with the Queens and we were enemies. 

I hadn't been given my magic that went with my position as Queen yet, so all I could do was pinch him as hard as I could do to give him a sign of what he was going to get in the future when I became Queen with my full magic.

I then turned and ran down a long hallway. There was a doorway in the hall, beyond which I could run for safety but it seemed too far to reach before the arch-enemy followed me, so I opened the door to the stairway , where I could go either up or down to another floor.

My problem began here when instead of climbing down these stairs - like a ladder -like I should have, I tried walking down them forward and got trapped behind a railing that prevented me from going down to the next level. 

I woke up as I realized my error and I would have to somehow extricate myself by sliding back up this staircase and then climb down it like ea ladder.

I was literally trapped by this railing.  


3-17-04 - DREAM - I was in an art studio somewhere. I was shown two square paintings that were similar but not the same. 
They were marked Mikey & Block.

I cleaned the apartment perfectly because my husband was coming home from prison. 

I made it look really pretty and romantic.

I then went to pick up my husband. I met him downtown somewhere. We had a romantic sexual encounter leaning up against a wall before we even got home.

Along the street was a pet store and the owner had thrown out a broken bird cage which I picked up, hoping to fix it.

Farther down the street, a black store owner saw the cage and told me that it wasn't thrown away, that it was stolen.

I told him I would put it in the back seat of my car so the store owner could retrieve the bird cage whenever she wanted it.

He said, "Okay!" as long as the car door locks opened by remote control. I said, "yes! They do."

I then went home with my husband. The house was now full of people. Some were moving in. Ken & Debe, my son and daughter-in-law ere moving out.

We went past this whole mess into our own room and I hoped my husband was pleased with what he saw.

Now I saw the blocks of drawings of art again.  This time they were marked Block & Block.


3-18-04 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, WI, but it looked like it did in 1960  - before the changes.

The old farmer knew he didn't have much time left and he wanted to sell off the unusable land he couldn't actually farm.

There was a nice piece in the valley adjacent to the lake. I thought it would be great to land small airplanes on. 

When the farmer came by, he said that the hills were available too, and he wanted $65,000 for the land.

My heart sank because I didn't have that much money. I wondered maybe if I could get others to invest in the land with me. Otherwise, who knows what would happen to the land when the old man died?

A huge storm came up  then, but when it was over, I saw the results of the old man's insurance policy - the fish in the lake were being replaced one by one, through a simple machine that duplicated them like cloning. Each fish was made whole and complete, one by one, each one different. They were coming back in groups of 6. It was amazing to watch the fish return - flying through the air - all insured by the old man farmer. 

NOTE:  At Christmas, I got a note in a Christmas card from my ex-husband from New Berlin. He said that the farmer across the road had been sold to a developer and the land across the street would soon be a whole new subdivision of houses. 

Another dream come to pass.


3-19-04 - DREAM - I copied down six dreams from my journal where I bought two green finches for $40.67 including the cage, two other finches, some other birds and some fish.


3-19-04 - DREAM - Terri H. came to town. She went to a church across the street from my house.

I wasn't going to go see her but my curiosity got the better of me and I went anyway.

I spotted her sitting in the last row in the middle, way up high behind a bunch of other people. 

She was really short - like 3 feet tall. 

I was twice her height and half her width.

I stood in front of the group and she asked if she could ask me a question.

I said, "Yes!" anticipating something really tough that I wouldn't know.

She asked me, "What do you do with your kids here? I plan to stay another week."

I said, "I treat my son and daughter the same. We play baseball and other games like soccer and basketball."

She said, "Oh!"  

Then I asked her how old her kids were. She said she had three of them.  ages 19, 20, and 21 - two boys and a girl."

Then I asked her if she would like to come to visit my house which was right across the street.

She said, "Yes!" and came down from the choir loft where she was sitting.

When she was standing in front of me, I reached out to give her a hug and it was awkward because we couldn't get very close to each other and she bent over and bowed and she only came to my knees.

They were serving a meal there and I served myself some carrots and before I got out the door, they slid off the plate and I was unable to retrieve them.

We crossed the street then and climbed the stairs to my house and went inside.

I introduced her to my family.

She then wanted to do a little ceremony where she manifested the picture of three women. She asked me if I knew why she was doing this.  

I said, "Yes!"  but I really didn't know why or who they were.

I can't recall how the dream ended - I just woke up.


VISIONS - 3-19-04 

I crocheted flowers 3/4 done

I saw a list of words - highlighted was the word 'Lawnmower'.


3-19-04 - DREAM - I was living in my 16th St. house.

My father who was ill came down the stairs and made himself comfortable. I was hoping he was going to be okay. He was dressed in his bathrobe and slippers. 

I was dressed in my bathrobe and slippers too. It was early in the day.

A blonde, curly-haired teen girl came. She was all bouncy and energetic. She jumped onto the bed and said she was going to work on her needlepoint and got her stuff out. She said she was going to move her music that same day, because she hadn't played recently and missed playing.

That reminded me that I hadn't kept up with my music either. I really wanted to play again. 

The doorbell rang and I didn't want anyone else to see my in my bathrobe so I hit out in the bedroom and my daughter answered the door.

I was forced to come out and see who was there.  The first guy I saw was a wild-haired older man in a beige jacket.

I immediately thought - 'moving man'.

Then I spotted his companion - a familiar looking guy  - wearing a pale blue spring straw hat and pale blue jacket. 

He said, "Hi Dee!"  (nobody calls me Dee in my dreams. Its always Dolores or some other name)

But I knew him from somewhere and before I had to ask, he said, "I've got the rest of the prevailing stuff."

He was delivering it.  He said, "I picked it up off the lawn."

Somehow I knew he meant my music.


3-20-04 - DREAM - I was babysitting for a little girl baby. she was really pretty. I saw the mother - a pretty woman but I couldn't remember her last name. 

The baby had never been fed before, so I figured out how to give her milk and cereal mixed together. She got strong really fast.

My father came then and showed me he was publishing copies of previously published books. He was printing 15 of each title.

He showed me the list of books he was going to publish. There was 3 pages of them. He said he would Xerox a copy of the list, so we could each have one. 

It was then time to take the little girl to see her new teacher. I had to introduce the little girl and I didn't know her last name.

So my Father showed me the author of the book he had just published. It was Pearl S Buck. 


3-21-04 - DREAM - I went to a yard sale and found a wall decoration that was about 20 or 21 smiling women's faces with black masks over their eyes. This was a long metal thing, big enough to cover a whole wall on a diagonal as these faces were all welded together in a snake-like string. I thought it was unique so I bought it.

Nearby was a bin full of mostly naked Barbie dolls. There were a couple with nice hair, so I decided to buy only ones with nice hair. One had long blonde braids so I took that one. I then picked up one that had a white covering over its face like a veil and a gorgeous bridal dress on it. I picked it up and pulled aside the veil and it wasn't a Barbie Doll though it was identical in size. The face was Negroid of white ceramic and it appeared to be a doll of Marie LeVoe - a Cajon with/Voodoo figure. Its face was really ugly, but it DID have a veil over the face and the beautiful bridal gown, so I bought it just for the dress and took it home. 

At home, I hung up the black-masked faces decorations on the kitchen wall and put the dolls aside to do some cleaning work.

While I was doing that Joe's ex-wife Debbie called on the phone and asked if she could come and visit, along with her husband Tom.

Reluctantly, I said, "Okay!", though I had a lot of cleaning to do. 

I no sooner hung up the phone and the wall decoration fell down, not only knocking over many viney plants causing lots of dried leaves to fall to the floor, but it knocked a hole in the wall, broke off the stairway railing which flew out into the street and blocked traffic so even buses and cars had to be detoured.

I couldn't imagine how that had happened, but now I had to clean all that up and I had to call the city and the bus company to come and help reroute traffic and clean up the street because it was such a mess. 

Joe's son Michael came and helped me sweep the leaves off the kitchen floor, just as Debbie and Tom came to witness the big mess. (I noted at this point that the kitchen walls were bright yellow)

Michael helped sweep the leaves into the box the wall decoration had come in.

Then we went outside and picked up the porch railing from the street so traffic could be resumed.

By then, a large city crew had arrived to help with the cleanup.  One of the women supervisors told me they had 5 levels of cleaning. They were not only going to clean the street, they were going to rebuild my porch railing and clean my kitchen, including scrubbing the pots and pans so they looked like new.

I told her they didn't need to do a level 5 scrubbing of the pots and pans or I'd never get anything new.

So we agreed she would only clean them so they smelled nice.

The crew went to work then and not only reattached the hand railing to the porch, they built a whole new porch, made of pale green and white marble with new stairs and everything.

When they were done, the house looked like a palace or temple.


VISION:  I saw two necklaces with a large diamond pattern on them.  The first one was bright red.  The second vision showed me an identical diamond pattern necklace - that was silver.

 This is a snake, not a necklace. I couldn't find a picture of a necklace with this same pattern.


3-23-04 - CONSCIOUSNESS CHANGE - I really woke up and turned off the radio. At that point Joe generally jumps out of bed, but he didn't move. I couldn't hear him breathing either and my sudden instinct was to think that maybe he died during the night.

I took a deep breath and both of my  ears felt like raw tubes to my throat like I as breathing through my ears. Both ears felt raw inside. While I was thinking about that, Joe moved a little and then got out of bed and turned on the light. I covered my head under the blanket trying not to wake up too much because I like to go back to sleep and dream when Joe gets up.

But then I noticed that the sheet and blanket weren't even covering me except where I was hanging onto it and I had to sit up and rearrange the sheet and blanket so I was covered and lay back down.

Joe left the room, turning off the light and closed the door. 

I heard a snap in my head and all of a sudden I was seeing out the window in Wisconsin, still laying in bed and seeing the #17 green bus turn the corner, packed with so many people they were standing all the way to the back of the bus. The bus was going west on Greenfield Ave. towards Waukesha.

I started to think about how uncomfortable it must be to have to stand all that way to Waukesha.

Then I heard a snap in my head and I was now in a dream and walking into work with someone and the lobby was all torn apart. All the furniture was piled on the left side and the walls had been replastered, waiting for the painters to paint them. There was still a hole in the back wall and I heard the men sticking their time cards into the time machine and getting them punched. Then the boss came riding out of a room on a motor-scooter while the others were walking - on the way towards the factory. One of them good naturedly asked me if I wanted a ride and I laughed and told him I was headed upstairs. 

I started walking toward my right to go up the stairs and I heard snap in my head and I was again laying in bed and hearing Joe going out the back door. I then heard the car start and the motor was running like he was warming it up. But I heard Joe come back in the door and heard a high-pitched woman's voice talking to him.

Evidently, I wasn't really awake, because where the window is there was a door.

I got out of bed and was going to sneak out to the kitchen to see who Joe was talking to but there was a chair in the way with a dark green jacket hanging on the back of it - it was in my way. By the time I got the chair moved, I saw a woman coming into the bedroom through the other door. 

So I scooted out to the kitchen and there were several women standing there talking to Joe and then a young man and some young girls came who were playing. These women looked vaguely familiar. I was thinking they were my mother's cousins - only like they would have looked 60 years ago - they were that young. 

One of them said, they had come to collect money for a party for Mary Ann. I had to think for a second who Mary Ann was  - the only one I know is my daughter-in-law's friend who is retarded and schizophrenic. 

So I said, "Oh! Is it her birthday?" The women both piped up - "No! Its not her birthday".  So I said, "Oh! Is it her un-birthday?" and they laughed and said, "Yes - its her unbirthday - everyone needs a party now and then."

I started to think how nobody has bothered to even ask when my birthday is and I haven't celebrated my birthday since I moved out here 7 1/2 years ago. 

All of a sudden I heard a door slam in my head and I was awake, laying in bed again and started thinking about the snapping in my head and realized I was really awake now. I opened my eyes and saw that it was getting light outside and Joe was still home with the lights on in the office. So I got up to see what he was doing and tell him about this weird experience.


3-24-04 - : 
 I had a similar strange experience to the above, one I've had before where I was shown a dangerous situation with fire prior to last year's fire season.  But this morning, this is what happened:  I don't know if parallel realities fits it or not.

3-25-04 - PRETTY COOL - An old grandma was showing me a bunch of bird cages which were all sitting on top of buckets of nasty old bird poop.

She told me there was a key or treasure in one of the buckets and that I should help her find it.

So I did.

NOTE: A little later in the day, I was talking to a 6-year-old child who was telling me how much she missed her grandma and that her grandma used to raise birds. So we started to talk about birds and that their sound was LOVE and when she herd the birds singing, that was her grandma singing LOVE to her. She was very happy about that. 


3-27-04 - DREAM - I was working on transforming a large oval plate of wolf meat into something else. 

NOTE: Joe says this is about transmuting the 'warring attribute."

VISION - I saw two men in headgear like a helicopter pilot would wear. 


3-27-04 - DREAM - I was working on transforming a large plate of meat into something else. It was different than the wolf meat. 


3-28-04 - DREAM - I was trying to delete older dreams relating to time. 

I woke up and did this several times.


3-28-04 - DREAM - I was driving down the road in a car in front of Joe. It had license plate GEM 231  ( = 6) Mine was AGE 731 (=11)

I almost thought it was 175 (=13) at first so I had to look at it twice.


3-28-04  DREAM - I was in the Waterford house. A group of family members were working for my Father and we were going to the state fair to celebrate the 4th of July. Someone asked if we had ever gone to the state fair any other time. I remembered that my Father had taken us another time during the summer as well and we had a really good time. I then saw a pink on a shirt and it said, "DIAMOND 1997" with a single diamond shape after it.

I then discovered that my mother or someone was cleaning the living room rug and it was covered with rows of H______ earth which gets swept up and then vacuumed.

One of the men had it all over his shirt too and I was vacuuming his shirt and he was laughing because it tickled.

I went out on the front porch where I met Joe. He had a bucket of water with him. He walked around the side of the house and I wondered where he was going with the water. All of a sudden, water started pouring out of the ceiling of the porch in many places.

I knew then that Joe had gone into the attic and sloshed that whole bucket of water across the floor and I knew too that the whole ceiling could come down.


3-28-04 - DREAM - I was living in a huge apartment. I was breaking up with my boyfriend and listening to singer Kenny Rogers music. It was playing really loud.

Just then Kenny Rogers' wife walked in. She was a friend of mine and she said she was breaking up with him. So I asked her if I could have him and she said, "Sure!" and she left.


3-30-04 - DREAM - I was standing on the shore of an ocean. From my perspective, I could see all kinds of pollution floating on he water and under the water.

I also saw little furry animals living under the water in holes under the rocks.

While I stood there, I saw my brother John standing on a boat out further on the water. He said, "You look really beautiful standing there."  I replied, "Thank you!"

I then pulled up my robes and stepped down into the water to clean up the pollution myself because nobody else was doing it. The water wasn't as deep as I thought it was as I chased an object down the shore. 

I wondered shy nobody else made the effort to clean the stuff out of the water. 

NOTE: Lady Liberty was opened to the public for the first time since 9/11/2001 today.


3-31-04 - DREAM - I was leaving work fro the day and one of the girls was complaining about how much work she had to do. I told her it was always that way. They hire you to do a certain job and then keep adding on and adding on until you can't handle it anymore. (Generally speaking you don't get compensated for it either)