MARCH, 2008


3-5-08 - VISION.  I had a particularly bad night, waking up choking and heart pounding because I wasn't breathing right while sleeping. I got up and went to the bathroom 4 times during the night. One time when I was attempting to breathe more oxygen back into my blood and go back to my sleep at the same time, I had a vision of a tall man in a long grey robe.  He was standing by the end of a very high wall, similar to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. He said with a Jewish accent, "You belong with me on the other side of this wall."   (I was not willing to go there yet - not for a lot of years)


3-07-08 -  NAP DREAM:  I was pregnant and due to have a baby.  I told my husband Jim I had to marry Joe because we were going to have a baby. Than I had to go tell my older kids the news - that I was pregnant and had to get married.

NOTE: In early July, I dreamed that I delivered that baby.


3-07-08 - NAP DREAM -  I was working for a world-wide magazine.  It had a long name and the words 'boy' and 'world' in it.  It was a very large magazine in size - seemed like it was longer than the old 'LOOK' magazine we used to get .  Same width.  I asked someone in the office if there were any older copies, and I was told that there was a library upstairs with all the old issues.

When I tried to go upstairs, in the beginning there were large concrete stairs, but then, it became more of brick slide which was really steep to climb while wearing leather soled shoes.  There was little gripping ability to climb that hill.  There were some men who were making the climb, but I had great difficulty.  I could see the library up ahead. It was very fancy with many division of types of books and I wondered where the magazines were kept.


3-10-08 - DREAM - I was changing clothes to go to work and when I went into the closet, I saw my slippers there and there was honey dripping out of them. The more I tipped them over, the more honey was pouring out and finally I had to go into the kitchen to find a large container to save all the golden honey in.


3-10-08 - DREAM - I was driving down the road and a little boy dressed in a red and white T-shirt and jeans walked across the road to his mailbox. Because I know how children run into the road without looking, I stopped my car way back from him and put out my arm out the window like I was making a left-hand turn to other cars wouldn't try to pass me on the road.  Finally the little boy noticed me and I got out of the car to talk to him.  I told him how my friend Michelle's daughter had almost been hit by a car in the same way the other day and as his other friends from school came along, I warned them all to remember to always look both ways before crossing the street.


3-15-08 - DREAM - The whole dream was set  up like a stage play or a movie set.  Everything was set up in grand scale.

A view from the sky showed all the farm fields ablaze with flowers blooming and even at a distance I could see they were carpets laid out on theh ground like they had been newly purchased from a store.

The scene zoomed down into a large apartment building, but there were no walls inside the building. Where the hallways were supposed to be were wide walkways, and the furniture for each apartment was set up in squares and the sofas lined up against the walkways where the walls should have been.

There were people in each of these squares of furniture like they were living there and they were all actors in the play or movie.

Some of the people in their apartments were my relatives.  My cousin Judy and my cousin Shirley had speaking parts in the play.

I was dressed up fancy, had my hair done in curls, and wore 3 inch high heeled shoes with tight fitting spandex light blue pants and a frilly lazy white blouse. Compared to the others, I looked like the star of the play.

We were supposed to be acting like this was real life.

My husband and I were supposed to carry two laundry baskets down to the public laundry in the basement.

The laundry room had rules.  You couldn't start a load of wash after  10 p.m. and the place was packed at 6:00 a.m. starting time.

So we would fill the machines with our laundry at 10 p.m. and run down there again before 6 a.m. with our quarters and be first in line to start up the machines.  If someone yanked our laundry out of the machines so they could be fist, so be it.

So we were walking along the walkway with our laundry baskets and people spoke to us as we passed.

My cousin Judy said to me as I passed by, "I went to see Joyce today!"  (Joyce was her baby sister who contracted polio in the 1940's and was disabled all her life until her passing in the 90's.  She lived in a lovely self-care nursing home after her parents could no longer take care of her themselves.)

I said in return, "I spent all day having my hair done and having my photos taken."

I knew after I said it, that it was the wrong thing to say.  I should have asked how Joyce was doing to be polite.

We got down to the end of the walkway where it should have turned the corner before going down the stairs and the people in the end square expanded their living room into the walkway so I had to step over the end of their sofa and walk through their living room to get to the stairs.

On their sofa was lined up three coloring book pages - black and white - so someone could color them in.

There were three drawings facing me of soldiers in battle, one of each war.  WW I,  WW II, and WW III.

Across the top of each page, it said a title, "WE WERE TOO YOUNG TO GO TO WAR!"

I was stunned and shocked to see coloring books like that and I had to think about what might have happened to those men.

We headed for the stairs with our laundry baskets and the scene ended.

The next scene took place in the afternoon of the next day.  My husband and I had a meeting to attend at 2:30 p.m.

At the same time, I had an appointment to talk to a man in our apartment at 2:30 p.m.  I was hoping he wouldn't show up so I could make my own appointment on time.  My husband left for the appointment and I'd get there when I could.

Exactly at 2:30 p.m. an old brown lumber truck pulled up along the road and into our driveway and the man walked up to our door for his appointment with me.

He looked and was dressed like a movie producer I've seen on the Academy awards shows.  A man in his 60's or 70's, big black mustache, black hat and coat.

Since there were no walls or doors inside our building, he could see me standing there.

Between him and me were standing laundry baskets piled high with various coats I had worn in the past.  (past lives? past plays? past movies?)

I didn't know what to say to the man.  I didn't have a script for this part.

Was he expecting me to hypnotize him, give him psychological therapy, heal him? I didn't have the formal training for any of that.

I would just have to talk to him like the actor I was, person to person.  Maybe I'd find out what the next scene would be in our movie/play!

end of dream



3-16-08 - DREAM -  A man asked me if Rose53202 was still alive because he hadn't heard from her in a long time.

I answered, "Of course Rose53202 is alive.  That's me!" 

After I woke up I realized I hadn't been to that e-mail address in quite some time and felt guilty for not writing to my friends on those lists for several months.  When I went on the computer, 4 people had written private e-mails asking questions about concentration camps - all in one week, so I answered them and then posted some spiritual messages for my list which I've totally neglected since my grandson was murdered in October of 2007.

That dream sure was a wakeup call for me.


3-16-08 - NAP DREAM - I was working and did a lot of walking back and forth, but I  was out of breath a lot so my doctor told me he would put me in the hospital for outpatient surgery and clean out my air passages.  I went to the hospital and the doctor was going to take me upstairs and he wasn't quite finished with another patient, so he told me to go upstairs to room 216 and they would prep me for surgery and he'd be right up.  The patient said, "No doctor, it wasn't 216 - it was 261"  He argued with her and told me to go to room 216.

When I got upstairs, I went to room 216 and that doctor had a patient in there so he wasn't ready to prep me either. So I stood out in the hallway and the nurses up there were hollering out of their rooms they were working in, "Hi, Dolores" and wave, and I'd wave back, so evidently they all knew me up there.

The doctor didn't come by the time I woke up and my throat was all clogged with crap so I guess I needed that surgery which I did by myself, by coughing a couple times.

3-17-08 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee with my ex-husband.  We were walking down the street quite quickly holding hands and swinging them together in unison to show the world that anything is possible that we were back together again.

We came to Erv's father's house.  Erv's father was outside.  It was harvest time and he had three huge - human-sized - silver canning kettles out on the sidewalk. He was going to use these kettles to can during the harvest.

Erv's house was next door and we went there and from Erv's house we watched as Erv's father went crazy from grief and set fire to his own house.

Erv's father headed for Erv's house next door where I was.  I saw that there was a back door and I planned to run out the back door when Erv's father came in the front door.  But somehow, after Erv's father came in the door, I was able to subdue him and stop him from setting fire to the house by hugging him and I knew the danger was over.

A moment later, there was another man with dark hair, who I think was a Jewish man I saw on TV.  Next to him was a young blonde woman who looked very angelic - she was standing there with some kind of jewels in her hands - she seemed to be praying and was facing the wall behind me.

All of a sudden I saw fire between the walls high up and I yelled at everyone to get out of the house because there was no way to stop a fire like that and we could pick the jewels out of the ashes when the fire was over.

I woke up and immediately I heard a loud bell ring in my left ear.  I said to myself, "I am ready for the message". A loud voice boomed in my ear, "This is a warning to tell you that dreams can come true."


3-17-08 - DREAM - I was in a large house taking care of two adorable little boys about 3 years old.  One had dark hair and one had light hair. The light haired one wore wire rim glasses.

The dark haired boy said his name was Gaia.

I wanted the boys to take a nap and I took them into an office with me where a woman named Karen (means pure) was working at a desk.

I sat down on a chair in front of her desk. I said, "Karen! I'd like to introduce you to these sweet little boys."

I took the dark haired one by the hand and said, "This one's name is Gaia!  The other one hasn't told me his name yet."

The blond boy turned around and looked at us but didn't say anything.

I told little Gaia that he needed to take a nap. He went over aways and got two blue and white striped ticked pillows (like small mattresses)  He put the pillow on my lap, then climbed up and lay down on the pillow and lay down.

Just then two little girls stood up from behind some box that Karen was taking care of.

Here again was a beautiful dark haired girl and a smaller pretty blonde girl.

The dark haired girl spoke emphatically.  "There will be no more miracles."

I woke up and the telephone rang.  It was a friend telling me a dream she had about HAARP and a scientist.  I couldn't stop yawning so we made the call short and I lay down again.

I closed my eyes and immediately had a dream/vision.  I saw a book open and on the right hand side, the title on the page was the words:




3-23-08 - NAP DREAM - I don't know where I was living, but I was married and being greatly attracted to a tall, thin, maintenance man who lived in a nearby apartment.  He was handsome in a rugged way - but very thin.  What attracted me to him - every time we met in the hallway, he would start singing a song that had a message for me that helped me in some way.  (Wish I could remember what songs they were)

I had to go to the ladies room to change clothes, and the females of a wedding party came in and the bride was having a heart attack.  He came in and saved her life which made me love him even more.  (There were three brides in that wedding party it seemed - all dressed in white gowns)

I could see into his apartment - it was almost empty of furniture - but his singing really got to me.



I was in the auditorium of my old high school in Milwaukee.  (North Divison on the corners of 11th/12th and Center Streets.  The school has been torn down and another one built since I graduated in 1956) 

The speaker was giving a speech about how important and fun reading can be.

I agreed completely with what she said and wanted to get involved with the program.

So I went down to the principal's office to find out how to get in touch with the speaker and volunteer to help with the program.

When I got there, there was a male clerk at the desk and he was handling two lines of people.  One line, which was really long was all teens (this also seemed like all males) They were all checking out library books, which was good to see.

The other line was adult males asking questions. That line had three men in it.

So I waited my turn in the adult line, and when I got up to the desk, the clerk said I would have to get in line with the kids.

Assuming I must have looked young, and that he wasn't just being rude because I was female, I waited until he checked out a couple of the kids. I then said, "Excuse me!" to the clerk and got his attention and told him that I had just heard the speech upstairs in the auditorium about the importance and fun of reading and that I wanted to get involved in the program.

He suggested that I contact the superintendent of schools in Oklahoma and Texas.

I was disappointed that he didn't have any information about the speaker herself, so I left the office and went down the hall to the elevator to go upstairs to the third floor.  It was next to the main stairway on Center Street.  (The school actually never had an elevator, though the Seniors always told the Freshman coming in that there was an elevator at the back of the stage on the first floor and would send kids there to stand there and wait for it so they wouldn't have to climb the stairs.  Kids always fell for the trick too - every year they did that. It was a big joke on the newbies.)

I got on the elevator with an older black man.  When I looked at the buttons for the various floor, there were two rows of buttons. The row on the right was 1, 2, and 3.  The row on the left was 1, 3, 5, and 9.

Since it was a three story building, that didn't make sense to me, but somehow I push 9 by mistake.

The elevator started going up really fast, but was rather shaky and both the black man and I hung onto the railing around the side to keep from falling over.  I commented to the black man that I was surprised how shaky the elevator was because Clinton had been on the elevator in the past.

When the elevator reached 9, I hit 3 on the right row of buttons and we immediately went right back down to the floor we needed to go to.

When the door opened, the black man went to the right, and I went to the left to go to a classroom I had gone to when I went to the school in earlier days.

As I went around the corner to the right, I saw Bob the painter sleeping on his tarp on the hallway floor.  (Bob the painter worked for me at Juneau Village Garden Apartments in Milwaukee in the 90's. I used to find him taking a nap on his tarp every so often in apartments. He admitted to me that he was a lot older than he told management. I let it go as long as the apartments got done on time.)

I woke Bob up and he stood up and we started talking about his work and we were joined by several people I had gone to high school with.

A black woman came up to the group but confronted me personally and wanted to know why I was always hanging out with these people.

I started explaining that I was friends with these people and pointed out to her that I had known a couple of them since kindgergarden which was in 1942 (I started school at age 4) and I told her I knew the others from high school (starting in 1953 and I graduated early in 1956)

She stopped talking and I woke up.



3-25-08 - NAP DREAM - I was in a small room where a meeting was called to order.  A woman named Maria was named to be the head of this particular group most of which were young people who had no idea of the responsibilities they were to undergo.  I personally put a black royal stamp on the letter to them with the name Maria ______ in the center.  An older woman ran down into the basement to turn on the lights, and a young man poured what looked like wine (probably more like red Kool Aid) into a glass for each kid)  There was some mention or horses needed to be cared for also and this had something to do with Maria being named the Master of this group.

At the end I saw the words Quiche Qunoa and a round jug of water.  Upon further research, I find that Quiche is a Mayan language and the words have nothing to do with the popular food Quiche or Quinoa which is mostly what I found.

Here is what I finally found:   See:  for the best explanation.

Quiché language

   an American Indian language of the Mayan family, spoken in the western highlands of Guatemala. It is most closely related to the Cakchiquel, Tzutujil, Sacapultee, and Sipacapa languages of central Guatemala and more distantly related to Uspantec, Pocomam, Pocomchí, Kekchí, and other languages of the Eastern Mayan group (see Maya languages). The name Achí is sometimes…
This is probably related:


Because we are perpetually travelling through the same cycles of energies, that repeat themselves in an ascending evolutionary spiral, whenever we come to this point of the STAR wavespell, it signifies our transition from one Galactic Spin to the next -- travelling to a higher rung on the ascending evolutionary spiral!

Each time a new Tzolkin cycle begins, we are invited to build upon the previous cycle, integrating all that we have learned. Let us use these days during the Star wavespell to prepare for the upcoming Kin 1; Self Existing Moon 24; "11/10/03" the start of a brand new Tzolkin Galactic Spin - a time for complete rebirth and renewal!

During the final 2 days of this Spin, on Blue Crystal Storm Kin 259 (Nov 8/ Self-Existing 22) it will be a Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, and a 6-pointed Star in the Sky. This alignment is so unique it has been talked about since 1998 as a very auspicious alignment offering us a huge energetic boost - officially named the "Harmonic Concordance."

People are urged to gather in power-spots and to set aside time and space to hold the highest possible intention for ourselves and the entire planet. On Self-Existing 19; Nov 5; Yellow Solar Warrior, the alignment begins as the planets start to move into place. The precise, culminating moment of the entire alignment is right when the eclipse occurs: between 5:06pm and 5:13pm pacific standard time.

The heavenly bodies creating this formation are: Saturn, Jupiter, Maldek (a former planet which is know in the form of the asteroid belt - one of its pieces named Chiron) Mars, the Sun and the Moon. A VERY interesting note is that according to the Dreamspell cosmology, these are 4 planets which embody energies known as "abusive and abused" which need to be redeemed for us to restore planetary wholeness.

These 4 planets and the energies which they are asking us to redeem are the following:
Saturn-Materialism (abusive),
Jupiter-False Spirituality (abusive),
Maldek-Sex Taboo (abused),
and Mars-Death Fear (abused).
The fact that all of these 4 energies are present in this upcoming alignment is very striking! May we all help restore balance in these 4 key areas, supporting healing for the whole.

It is said that during Lunar eclipses, intention is amplified 1000 x's !!!
It was also mentioned that SOUND is very important to focus on during this eclipse.  

Many, many, many kindred spirits will be gathered and focused for this synchronization. Thank you for joining this collective Art!!!

A fascinating synchronicity is that while there is a 6-pointed star in the sky on this Blue Crystal Storm day, exactly 260-days later on July 26 2004 it will be Blue Crystal Storm again and it will be the 13 Moon New Year - the day that Jose Arguelles has been calling the initiating point of "The Great Calendar Change of 2004."

Arguelles says that this 260-day period between these two events is a time of ABSOLUTE ACCELERATION!

WE ARE CURRENTLY TRAVELLING THROUGH THE 28-DAY CYCLE OF "THE SELF-EXISTING MOON OF FORM." -- the fourth month of the White Spectral Wizard year. Spanning from Gregorian Oct 18 - Nov 14, the Self Existing Moon energies correspond to Tone 4, and the code words: Define, Measure, and Form. The totem animal is the Owl.

The current vinal meditation (since White Cosmic Wizard, Electric 25; Oct 14) TZEC: "That reaches the foundation."

On White Resonant Wizard day; Self-Existing 17; Nov 3, we begin a new vinal mediation of XUL: "Where with great wisdom a seed is sown."

(Because this is a White Wizard Year, every 20 days on each White Wizard day we begin a new vinal meditation. The vinals are passed
down through the Mayan lineage as a series of intriguing phrases which we are invited to contemplate during each 20-day period.After 18 vinals
of 20 days,there is one 5-day Vayeb, totalling the 365 day year.)


As the 20th wavespell of the Tzolkin, the Yellow Star wavespell is always the fourth RIPENING wavespell of the 5th and final Castle of
Time of the Tzolkin: "The Green Central Castle of Enchantment."

Being the fifth cycle, this time corresponds to the power of the "fifth force" which refers to the "center which is everywhere at once." The color green represents Center, as the four prime colors of red, white, blue, and yellow represent the four directions which give form to our 3rd dimension. One could say this
green center symbolizes the unseen, sacred force which unifies the dimensions.  

This Castle unites the 4 cycles of the Red Moon Wavespell, the  White Wind Wavespell, the Blue Eagle Wavespell, and the Yellow Star

(A castle of time simply refers to a grouping of 4 wavespells, one of each color which creates a 52-day period of time (13 x 4) in which the powers of the 4 wavespells cumulatively work together to bring specific lessons and initiations. Within each Tzolkin, there are 5 castles of time, 52 X 5 = 260 days.)


From now until this year's winter solstice,Intiana would like to offer a special: With the purchase of a 1 hour-long personal phone-session for yourself
--reviewing the essence and form of your Galactic Signature, including the 4 other energies which complete your Destiny Oracle Path, as well as addressing the most pertinent issues that are arising within your life--
RECEIVE another 1-hour session for a Friend (or even perhaps yourself!) at only HALF COST!

If this offer resonates with you, please see:


Reply #16 - 31.10.2003 at 14:38:28  
HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM A STATEMENT MADE BY JOSE ARGUELLES WHICH OUTLINES UPCOMING KEY SYNCHRONIZATION DATES: (This is from his recent trip to the Rome Bioregion of Italy on Self-existing Moon Seli 2, Gregorian Oct 19,2003, Blue Overtone Storm, White Spectral Wizard Year.)

" ... We are here, on the second day of the Self-Existing Moon, year of White Spectral Wizard, and we are on what is called the Fourth Year of the Harrowing of Hell. These four years begun on July 26 2000 and conclude on July 26 2004. This fourth year means that this is the conclusion of the cycle.

The seven years prior to this cycle, from 1993 to 2000, we refer as the Seven Years of Prophecy. Following the Seven Years of Prophecy, the critical mass had not yet become coherent, and so we entered the Four Years of the Harrowing of Hell. And now as we have begun the final year, the critical mass is now in place. And during these last three years the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement has actually become a populist force in the world. And now all that is required is to create within this force a consciousness of its own power. As it is said for the affirmation today: I Empower in Order to Catalyze. So this movement is now the power to catalyze. We are now entering on a critical period of time in which there are some very important dates for our understanding. So these days give us a kind of time table for the preparation to enter the New Time:

The first of these dates is coming up on 22nd day of this moon, the 22nd day of Self-Existing Moon, which is also the 16th last day of the Cube Journey of this moon and will be the day of Blue Crystal Storm (Nov 8) which is also the next solar galactic New Year's day (July 26th).

On this day we will open a 260 day interdimensional window of time. Now, all over the world, this day is also being recognized as the Harmonic Concordance and that is because on this day there is a Lunar Eclipse and astrologically a Grand Sextile. You can find more information about this on internet, at a site called

In any case, this point is very very important as an astrological inter-planetary initiation, that is from this point (Nov 8 2003) through the 260 day cycle till we reach Blue Crystal Storm again, July 26 2004. On this point we will make known to the world that the calendar has been changed, and the critical mass of humanity following this calendar is now leading correctly to 2012.

So, once we get this point this year we can go into the meditation, unifying ourself as planetary phenomenon.

Then we have the next critical point, which will be occurring in the Overtone Moon, the 20th to the 23rd day of the Overtone Moon, Gregorian 4th to 7th of December. These 4 days represent the Seventh Harmonic. In the 260 days cycle the harmonic is a 4 day sequence, so the Seventh Harmonic is synchronized to conclude with December 7...According to the Quiche Maya of Guatemala these four days are very important opening to the Hunab Ku.

It is interesting that these four days correspond on the Dreamspell Calendar to the Seventh Harmonic. Because the Seven represents the Mystic Channel that connects us to the Hunab Ku. It is important on these four days to fast, to do purification, and to meditate on the World Peace. This is a powerful time to meditate for the stabilization of the energies for World Peace, and at the same time to estabilish a strong connection with the Hunab Ku, the Galactic Center, and to channel these galactic energies of the Hunab Ku for the creation of the dynamic force of peace.

Then, when we get to the Crystal Moon, 10th day of the Crystal Moon, (gregorian June 8 2003) which is on the Dreamspell Calendar Electric Monkey, which is also one of the 13 signs of the tomb of Pacal Votan, this will be a very critical day and represents what is called the Venus Transit, the transit of the Planet Venus across the face of the Sun. This occurs about once every 250 years, and occurs in two passes. These two passes are always exactly 8 years apart. So, the first pass is the Venus Transit on 2004, and the second pass is on 2012, and also will occur in the Crystal Moon.

This will be the sign of the opening of the road to 2012. There will be meditation festivals all over the world, called the Union Festivals coordinated by Johan from Sweden, who also recognized that this will be also the point to announce the Calendar Change of the Calendar Shift of July 26.

Recently I have been in Peru and I participated to the Vision Council of the Call of the Condor, which is the unification of the Bioregional Movement and the Sustainable Eco-village Network and the 13 Moon Calendar Movement. We were also all agree at that council that from the time of the Venus Transit to the Day Out of Time, July 25th, this will be a period of great activation, mobilization of all the groups, energies, and forces working for positive peaceful change to begin to demonstrate and to educate in the communities by wherever ways it is possible, and this of course includes the Rainbow Nation Family around the planet.

During this time we will begin to announce to the rest of the world that what we are talking about is the alternative way of life, an alternative view, an alternative vision which includes also the New Time. This force is now mobilizing to estabilish the positive vision for the rest of the human race and in preparation for the conclusion of this cycle.

So, when we get to the Day Out of Time it will be a Gregorian Sunday. Generally there are plans for three day event this year. So, Friday July 23rd, Saturday July 24th and Sunday July 25th will be the three day event of the culmination of the cycle of the activation that begins with the Venus Transit and it will be the announcing of the beginning of the Calendar Change. The Calendar Change is considered as an eight years cycle, from 2004 to 2012, which is actually also a Mind Shift and a Time Shift. So when we get to 2012, the 13:20 frequency will be the frequency of all the Earth once again.

These are the keypoints to July 26th when the announce will be made in every Bioregion, and for the first time in history the people themselves that start and realize a calendar change. This is now occurring for the critical mass that represents an irreversible momentum of the evolution and the rest of human race is invited to join in what is now an inevitable process.

So, from that point, 2004, to 2012, will be the definitive final mutation of the historical process. From 2004 to 2008 there will be the collapsing of the Technosphere and the reconstruction of the new communities, and from 2008-09 to 2012-13, this will be the time of the dissemination of the new knowledge for the rest of the human race. For the intensification of the practices of telepathy and the other arts of the Science of Time, there will be further great Earth changes, including the very strong possibility of pole shift. So it is important to estabilish, as soon as possible, communities that are not dependent on the 12:60 grid... "


3-26-08 - DREAM -     I was in the barn behind my house with a bunch of teen boys and they were roughhousing around daring each other to do things. they were standing in a semi-circle by a wall - like in basketball for the free-throw - and they flipped my friend David into the air and he didn't come back down. He was standing upright in the air with nothing under his feet.

Everyone was astounded - including me  because I had never seen him do that before.

He spoke to them from above their heads, "I suppose you think its just belief, but its more than that. Belief isn't enough" He clapped his hands once and floated down to the ground.

Everyone was too astounded and the group broke up, but I remembered he had clapped his hands once on the way up into the air too.

We went into the house  where I was looking at a photo album of his kids.  There was a little girl in one photo, and below that was a photo of 3 little boys.

He didn't have any names or dates under the photos to identify them, but I remembered when his daugahter was born. It was 1962. 

I was going to sew something then and I ran out of thread on the bobbin.  All I had was 12" of thread.

David said we should go to his own house and I could use his wife's sewing machine.  (He meant ex-wife.  She had remarried.)

So, I grabbed the spool of white thread from the top of my sewing machine and the 12" piece of thread from the bobbin and he drove me over to his house which was down the street and around the corner just a bit.

I was nervous about going to his house, but since his wife had remarried I figured she didn't have any claim on him anymore.

I have to say that his car didn't make any noise at all and drove like a cloud - no bumps in the road either.

We went inside his house and I went over to the sewing machine and I was able to slip my 12" of thread into the needle of his wife's machine and my thread fused to her thread with no problem.

I have never seen thread do that before and then I noticed that over our heads all around the room, 3 white threads were strung, one above the other and the center thread had an L shaped something on it.  Then, as I watched, the center thread with the L went all the way around the circle and came back to the beginning.

I was wondering how it did that when I saw the L was at the front of a little tiny train with an engine pushing it.  I saw the engine pulsating and then just that quick, I couldn't see the engine anymore.  All I could see was the L.

With my sewing done, we got back into the car and started driving back towards my house.  Again, the car was silent, but at one point, I heard him sing to himself, "Hear me now. Give me your wisdom."

For some reason I couldn't see out of my right eye, so I couldn't see where we were going.  I could only see out of my left eye and on the things on the left side of the car. I could recognize where we were because I had seen it before so many times, but I couldn't see what was up ahead.  I could only see HIM. I had to trust that he knew where he was driving me.

All of a sudden we went past his ex-wife and her new husband walking on the side of the road.  I saw that she was very tall and blonde and her husband, dark-haired and equally tall.

All of a sudden I could see the hill on which my house was built, but he drove right past my house

I said to him, "You just drove right past my house."

He answered, Yes! I know. I still have to get the booty."

Then I realized he had to buy something at the little store which was just one right turn down a little road and the store was across the street from the Lutheran church.

At that point, I had a vision of his daughter's photograph with her name beneath it.  Her name was FUSHION and she was born in 1962.

end of dream


the little engine that could

> 3-26-08 - DREAM - I was in the barn behind my house with a bunch of teen boys and they were roughhousing around daring each other to do
things. they were standing in a semi-circle by a wall - like in basketball for the free-throw - and they flipped my adult friend David into the air
and he didn't come back down. He was standing upright in the air with nothing under his feet at the head of the semi-circle.

this sounds very much like the form of the letter LAMED
(see: to view the form of the letter)

the below is from the book the alef-beit written by Rabbi Ginsburgh whose writings are at the above url concerning the form of the letter

"The LAMED is composed of three letters: a downward looking YUD, which forms the head of VAV, which stands, in turn ercect upon a KAF. "

*(KAF's form is **a semi-circle** see:

*(the sum of the 3 letters that form L ~ 10(yud)+6(vav)+20(kaf) =36 ~ the way i draw them is like a snake)

"One of the great teachers of Kabbalah before the revelation of the Zohar, Rabbi Avraham Abulafia, explains that the heart is the secret
of 2 LAMEDs face to face: The BEIT (used to spell the 2 letter Hebrew word) LB (means "heart") BEIT equals 2; thus LEMED-BEIT can be read
two LAMEDs." The 2 KAFs of the lamed form the heart itself, while the two vavs represent the 2 blood vessels leading to and from the brain.

The LAMED to the right is the secret of "one who learns in order to Teach." The LAMED to the left is the secret of "one who learns in
order to Do."

* (a picture glyph of the heart and brain connecting ~ strengthening that connection ~ at the top of the page of the above url for KAF it
says "KAF - The Crown: The Power to Actualize Potential" ...... that is more than just belief !!!! as your friend David said:

> He spoke to them from above their heads, "I suppose you think its just belief, but its more than that. Belief isn't enough"

belief isn't enough .. the power to actualize potential needs to be there too

"LAMED's form, at the level of Divinity, symbolizes Divine inspiration hovering and descending into the world from above (the YUD on the
VAV's head). This hovering is similar to a mother's devotion to her children. LAMED is the source of knowledge. In Kabbalah the "hovering
mother" image of the LAMED is referred to as the "higher Shechinah."

The three components of the LAMED the YUD, VAV and KAF - correspond in genreral to the three levels of Divinity, Souls, and Worlds,

The YUD at the peak of the lamed, bent slightly, as if looking down, is the secret of the teaching of the Sages: "in every place that you
find the greatness of God there you will find His humility."

*(further relation to the king ~ king's wear crowns ~ crowns cover and give power to the brain)

"The King serving His "private domain" is to display greatness to his subjects. and is his expression of humility. The lower head of the
LAMED, symbolizes the humility of the "King of the Universe."

> I have to say that his car didn't make any noise at all and drove like a cloud - no bumps in the road either.

> We went inside his house and I went over to the sewing machine and I was able to slip my 12" of thread into the needle of his wife's machine and
my thread  fused to her thread with no problem.

* (LAMED is the 12th letter of the Hebrew alphabet)

> I have never seen thread do that before and then I noticed that over our heads all around the room, 3 white threads were strung, one above
the other and the center thread had an L shaped something on it. Then, as I watched, the center thread with the L went all the way around the circle and came
back to the beginning.

* (LAMED is 3 letters tall ..the middle of the 3 is the VAV (=6)


A vertical line.
A pillar.
A man standing upright.

# Twelve pillars of Creation - the twelve lines of a cube. The twelve tribes.
# Seven pillars of Creation - six directions and time. The seven shepherds.
# One pillar of Creation the future. Mashiach.
# The connecting rods in the Tabernacle.

# Complete stature of man - standing on earth with head reaching up towards heaven.
# The Jewish People standing together.
# The "Golden Path" in the service of God.
# The torso in relation to the hands, feet, and brit.

# The pillar of Truth.
# Consistency of the middle pillar.
# Divinity piercing through the middle point of every Creation.

> I was wondering how it did that when I saw the L was at the front of a little tiny train with an engine pushing it. I saw the engine pulsating
and then just that quick, I couldn't see the engine anymore. All I could see was the  L.

back to quoting my book:
"The form of the LAMED is unique in that it is the only letter of the alphabet that ascennds above the "upper bound" line of the script of
the letters. For this reason, Sages refer to it as "a tower soaring in air."

With a little imagination (lamed, in general, is the secret of the rectification of the power of imagination), the form of the letter
LAMED, the "flying tower" of Torah can be seen as a three stage rocket ship taking off into space. First, the ascending rocket ship
semicircles the earth, the secret of the form of the letter KAF (of the LAME ), as explained above. the first stage then drops off leaving
the VAV with a YUD on top. The VAV-YUD breaks through the gravity barrier ascending directly into outer space, upon which the second
stage of the rocket drops off, leaving only the cabin with its contained souls .. the YUD of the lamed.

The LAMED, at this level characterizes man's desire and aspiration to understand the nature of the world he lives in. Thnis "mother"
instinct in the heart of man strives to know "mother nature" .. Eve, "the mother of all life." The ever-soaring quest into the heights of
understanding the universe is symbolized by the "flying tower.

> With my sewing done, we got back into the car and started driving back towards my house. Again, the car was silent, but at one point, I
heard him sing to himself, "Hear me now. Give me your wisdom."

* (The word LAMED means both "to learn" and "to teach."

> For some reason I couldn't see out of my right eye, so I couldn't see where we were going. I could only see out of my left eye and the things
on the left side of the car. I could recognize where we were because I had seen it before so many times, but I couldn't see what was up ahead. I could
only see HIM. I had to trust that he knew where he was driving me.

quoting the book
"LAMED Number 30

In the Jewish calendar a "full month" possesses thirty days, The moon and its cycle of birth, apparent death and spontaneous rebirth,
symbolize the sefirah of malchut (kingdom. Malchut is personified by King David. In the service of our blessing of the new moon we exclaim
"King David is alive forever." Machut is referred to as the "lower mother" whose heart beat enlivens all of nature.

> All of a sudden we went past his ex-wife and her new husband walking on the side of the road. I saw that she was very tall and blonde and her
husband, dark-haired and equally tall. All of a sudden I could see the hill on which my house was built, but he drove right past my house
 I said to him, "You just drove right past my house." He answered, Yes! I know. I still have to get the booty."

hehehe ~ i love that word ~ booty

> Then I realized he had to buy something at the little store which was just one right turn down a little road and the store was across the
street from the Lutheran church. At that point, I had a vision of his daughter's photograph with her name beneath it. Her name was FUSHION and she was born in 1962.

In Pikei Avot we are taught that "machut is aquired with thirty attributes." the name of the kingly tribe, Judah, an ancestor of David, equals thirty. Malchut is the origin of worlds, as is said, "your malchut it the malchut of all worlds."

In general, malchut is identified with the woman in Israel. In the specific laws of vows, the "worth" assigned to an adult woman, from
the age of twenty to sixty, is thirty shekel. The very physiology of woman is linked to the lunar cycle of thirty days. Both malchut "the
daughter" or "lower mother," as mentioned above_ and its origin, binah (understanding," the "higher mother") relate to the secret of heart.
The basic symbol of the letter LAMED. The circulatory system is centered in the heart. So, at the level of worlds, the basic
physically apparent cycle of time is the lunar month, the fundamental unit of the Jewish calendar.

The "thirty attributes" of malchut at the level of Atzilut, the world of Divine unity, consit of three dinmensions of vessels - inner,
middle and outer - each contraining ten sefirot (3*10=30). The inner vessels are the creative power and lifeforce of the world of Beriah
(Creation); the middle vessels, of the world of Yetzirah (Formation); and the outer vessels, of the world of Asiyah (Action). Your Kingdom
is the Kingdom of all worlds," quoted above, is interpreted in Chassidut to mean that kingship, as revealed in the world of Atzilut,
is in truth manifest at all levels of kingship, each in its respective world. Kingship at the level of Atzilut is the Divine "I," as in the
phrase "I shall reign." The kingship of each lower world is its own sense of ego, "i." in truth, the Divine "I" is present in (and
ultimately, responsible for) every created sense of "L."

this page is one that matteo brought up also numerous hits with your dream


I think that these "manuscripts" represent the wisdom of the tablet of Enoch (Hermes-Thoth). It is Enoch, as Noah, Deucalion, or Hercules,
who is the "great traveler of the unknown." Hercules is mentioned later in the poem, and his tomb is said to be located in a cave within
Montsegur. He was the pilot of the boat called the "Cup of Helios" (the "Sun-ark"). That would make Hercules (also called "Arkaleus")
another manifestation of the archetype of Noah (whom I have identified as being the same as Enoch). Hercules is famous for enduring a series
of twelve trials, all of which clearly represent the houses of the zodiac. Le Serpent Rouge may be presenting us with a strange allegory
for the Labors of Hercules: one in which there are thirteen trials, and thirteen zodiac houses, instead of twelve. The "unknown" through
which he travels, then, would be the zodiac - the Celestial Sea, also represented by the serpent.

They reached me separately, nevertheless they form a whole for him who knows that the colors of the rainbow give a white unity, or for the
Artist, who, under his brush, is able to, from the six hues of his magic palette, make the night spurt out.

This passage refers to the peculiar property of the seven colors of visible light, which, when combined, form a pure white light, the
radiance of divine illumination. This may be an allusion to the alchemical language of light. When all of the major pigment colors are
added together, they form the opposite - black. The Grail has always symbolized, in part, the essential unity of diverse aspects of the
universe in this manner, including the unity of opposites such as black and white. The author of this poem seems to be saying that that
Grail has been broken into disconnected pieces and scattered about, like the pieces of Osiris' body, or the original language of the Tower
of Babel.


In my arduous pilgrimage, I was tempted to clear for myself, with a sword, a way towards the inextricable vegetation of the woods. I
wanted the reach the mysterious house of the Sleeping BEAUTY in whom certain poets see the QUEEN of a fallen kingdom.

This describes the "Herculean" task of finding the tomb of the goddess-queen said to be buried in the Pyrenees. She embodies the
goddess archetype of Venus, the Sleeping Beauty. The symbols of the labyrinth and the dense woods are identical and are often combined in
other versions of the Tomb of Venus tale. Nicholas de Vere writes in The Dragon Legacy that,

"Labyrinths were often placed in the center of groves. Sleeping Beauty, Diana and Rapunzel's tower were all located in the middle of
groves or thick woods."

And as the poem says, Venus was indeed a queen during the golden age. That kingdom is now "fallen", and it is that "fallen kingdom" which
the Priory of Sion wishes to revive.

Worried about finding the way again, the parchments of this Friend were for me like the thread of Ariadne.

*(your white thread)

Ariadne, while depicted as human in some versions of the tale, would appear to represent a spider who spins a magic thread. Note the
similarity between the name of "Ariadne" and that of "Arachne", from whence we get the word "arachnid", denoting an eight-legged creature,
such as a spider.(2) Arachne was a Greek goddess, the master spinstress of Olympia, who hanged herself after she lost a web-spinning contest to the goddess Minerva. Her competitor then felt sorry for her, and reincarnated her in the form of a spider. This web-spinning goddess figure would seem to have a link to Sleeping Beauty, who, if you will recall, fell into a deathless sleep after pricking her finger on an enchanted spinning wheel. Theseus entered
the labyrinth with the magic thread of Ariadne tied around his waist, like the cable tow of the Freemasons that is worn while "groping for
light" (akin to traversing a labyrinth) during their initiation ceremonies. De Vere compares the story to that of Rapunzel, writing that,

"In Rapunzel the golden thread is her hair, and the maze is substituted by the equally daunting but related structure, a Tower."

*(your sewing maching, and a "soaring tower"

Thanks to him, from now on with measured steps and with a certain eye,
I can discover the sixty-four dispersed stones of the perfect cube

The "sixty-four dispersed stones" which form a "perfect cube" must be a crucial part of this mystery. There are sixty-four squares on a
chessboard, and a perfect sixty-four-square chessboard is formed by the black and white tiles on the floor of the church at
Rennes-le-Chateau, facing both the statue of the demon Asmodeus, and the statue of Saint Germain, as if they were opposing players in a
game of chess. In addition, the cipher used in one of the Sauniere parchments is based upon the chessboard, specifically the "Knight's
Tour." This is a mathematical puzzle, to which there are numerous solutions, the goal of which is to have the knight visit each square
on the chessboard once only, using the L-shaped knight's move. The Knight's Tour was also used to form the encryption system used in the
code found on one of Sauniere's parchments.

*(your letter 'L'

Reassemble the scattered stones, and work with square and compass to put them back in regular order;

The Freemasons' most well-known emblem is the L-shaped, right-angled square and compass, and this reassembly of "scattered stones"
indicates re-acquiring "that which was lost", i.e., the Grail stone, by using the L-shaped, right-angled moves of the knight in the
Knight's Tour to "reassemble the scattered stones."

The circle was the ring and the crown, and that was the diadem of this QUEEN of the castle.

This passage associates the Venus figure with the written symbol of Venus: a cross surmounted by a circle - the queen crowned. This sign
is related to the Celtic cross mentioned above, and to the Egyptian Ankh, which was also used by the Cathars, who referred to it as "the
Albigensian cross." This imagery may further be related to that of the constellation Virgo, who is depicted in iconography as crowned with a
circle of stars, as are Isis and the Virgin Mary.


i hope this information helps some
really great dream

loving spirit


DREAM - 3-39-08 -  Astral AC and Norbie - I met Norbie on the 4th floor of Astral A-C during a nap dream today.

 As usual, when I walk up, I always get to the wrong 4th floor, and I have to go back down and take the elevator.  I make the same mistake every time I walk up.  There is a stairway at the far end of the 4th floor that doesn't go all the way down - I keep making that same mistake every time too.  Finally I get on the right stairway, and get all the way down to the far end hallway which has been remodeled, and there are always kids playing on the light green brick down there which is half way between the 1st floor and the 2nd floor. Then there is like a non-working escalator - a very narrow one before getting to the 1st floor.  The elevator is in the corner of that lobby and that goes all the way up to the 4th floor where I work.

 Anyhow, I met Norbie up on the 4th floor. He was shredding some old meeting letterhead paper - it was like paper you would use to invite everyone to a meeting or party - not for the general public.  He had a ream of each type - 4 different types.  I tried to convince him to save it, but he wouldn't do it and kept shredding it.  I tried them to get him to save at least one sheet of each one for examples.  He didn't want to do that either because if he saved a sample of each one, he still end up with a pile 20 stories tall.  :-)

 He had a young black woman there also overseeing what he was doing.  Neither one of us could convince him not to finish shredding that paper.

 There was another guy up there too, dressed in a grey suit.  He was one of my bosses. I didn't want him to catch me up there because it was Saturday and I didn't want him to give me 'new' work to do because I hadn't been there Friday afternoon and I wanted to catch up, not do new stuff. 

 Seemed like work just being there. hahaha

3-29-08 - DREAM - I was living in a plywood-walled trailer with Joe.  It was the spring of the year and Dry Creek suddenly filled with water as the snow and ice was melting.  A great number of children were playing in Dry Creek when it suddenly filled with water.  I yelled at the kids to get out, so I had to grab them by the hand and drag them out to safety.

Back in the house, I was working on my computer (I can't remember exactly what I was doing on it though it was colorful) but someone pulled into the driveway and Joe went to the door and then went outside.  When he came back in, he brought the people with him.  The man came in and stood by the window. I knew he was an artist and I thought he was Salvadore Dali.  (I looked for his paintings of Mary Magdalene yesterday) 

Joe and the woman came in then.  She was beautiful with a big mass of dark black curls on her head.  She sat down on the sofa with me and I saw she had a dark tan on her legs and arms.  Her husband sat down on the sofa then, right up against me.  He felt hot like he had a fever and I could feel his heart beating really strongly right through his skin.

Just then, I reached over to Joe and took his pulse at the base of his little finger, and the vein burst open. 

The woman was quite upset by that, but Joe wasn't.  She then asked me if I'd like to live near a great excercise place and I said, 'Yes!" because she looked so healthy.

She then took out  a piece of paper on which she had written who they were and where they lived.  Their names were Uncle Darien and Aunt Vena, and they lived in Vena City, Illinois.  She said, "This is where you should live."

end of dream


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Other uses Vena is also a Russian name of Vienna city, the nickname of 2S31 self-propelled 120 mm russian mortar/cannon and a record label.

In Hindu mythology, Vena was a great king. However, he decided to become a Jain and thus became evil and corrupt. The world became so gloomy and dark that the earth-goddess Bhumidevi decided that she would not provide crops to humans anymore. She took form as a cow and went into hiding. Meanwhile, a group of Rishis kill Vena out of anger. They then rub the thigh of his corpse, and take out all the evil from his body. Afterwards they rubbed Vena's arm, and the good Prithu emerged. This being was Vishnu incarnate, and as soon as he was born, Vishnu's Sharanga bow fell from heaven into his hands. However, Bhumidevi still refused to give crops to people. As soon as Prithu, son of Vena, threatened to kill her, she gave in, but in return Prithu would be her eternal guardian. This is why Bhumidevi is also known as Prithvi.

In the Rigveda (10.123), Vena is a personification of a celestial being, perhaps the rainbow. The name of the hymn is also Vena, as is the name of the author of RV 9.85.

Inferior vena cava

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Vein: Inferior vena cava
Right ventricle Left ventricle Aortic valve Mitral valve Left atrium Right atrium Aorta Pulmonary valve Tricuspid valve Inferior vena cava Superior vena cava Pulmonary artery Pulmonary vein
About this image
Anterior (frontal) view of the opened heart. White arrows indicate normal blood flow.
Latin vena cava inferior
Gray's subject #173 677
Source common iliac vein
lumbar veins
testicular vein
renal vein
suprarenal vein
hepatic vein
Drains to heart
Artery abdominal aorta
MeSH Vena+Cava,+Inferior

The inferior vena cava (or IVC) is the large vein that carries de-oxygenated blood from the lower half of the body into the heart.

It is posterior to the abdominal cavity and runs alongside of the vertebral column on its right side (i.e. it is a retroperitoneal structure). It enters the right atrium at the lower right, back side of the heart.


Vienna City, Illinois
It is southeast of St. Louis, MO, near the state lines of Indiana, Kentucky, and Arkansas

Zip Code(s): 62995 (Click to check weather)
Area Code(s): 618
State: Illinois State
County: Johnson County
Average House Value: $51,000
Average Household Income: $21,702
People Per Household: 3


3-30-08 - DREAM - I was working in my office, trying to get my work done.  I came to a piece of paper that was folded the long way. Not knowing what it was, I opened it and on it was a handwritten note from a long time friend, telling me I could call him at ___  1991.  The note stated that his sister Barbara and his friend Bob used to live there.

I didn't want to call before 6 p.m., not wanting to interrupt dinner, but the next time I looked at the clock, it was 7:55 p.m.

I reached for the telephone, which was a digital phone, and I had trouble balancing the piece of paper with the number on the telephone, and I struggled to hit the 1 9 9 1. 

When the connection was made, a woman answered the phone.  She sounded angelic, and I pictured her as elderly with white hair.  I asked for the person I was calling, and she said, "Oh!  Barbara used to live here."

I woke up before I could comment in return.

The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon

Verse Display - Strong's Number: 1991
Original Word Transliterated Word
  eh   Hem
Translated Word
 The NAS Strong's Version - 1 Verse
Eze 7:11 - [In Context|Read Chapter|
Original Hebrew]
'Violence has grown into a rod of wickedness. None of them shall remain, none of their people, none of their wealth, nor anything eminent among them.

I lay in the dark, thinking about the dream and Jehovah's voice boomed in my ear,  "ROI.!"

I was so stunned at the suddenness and loudness of the voice, I forgot to ask if there was a message. 


3-31-08 - DREAM - I woke up in the dream from aenesthesia in a hospital room surrounded by several nurses and a doctor.  I had just given birth to a baby.  I didn't see the baby and they didn't tell me whether it was a boy or a girl. 

I struggled to sit up but they wouldn't let me and made me lie still a bit longer.

The next thing I remember was that they were x-raying me and my daughter Jeanne and they showed me the x-rays that we were both growing a third set of teeth under the surface of our gums.  That felt very unusual as well.

end of dream

This dream at my age is pretty obviously symbolic for something new starting for me.

I meditated early this afternoon, calling for my guide 'Earthwise" who suggested that I join a group where I could learn something that I can ultimately teach to someone else.

I decided that would be herbalism.  Beyond that I might also learn how to make 'Essential Oils' from what I personally grow.  We'll see how that goes in the future.  Right now I'm growing two types of mint plants - plain spotted mint, and licorice flavored mint, astralgus, calendula, and bergamot.  I was told last year to grow Bergamot which was called 'Purple Horse'.  My crop wasn't very good, so I tried again this year, and all the seeds came up this year.  All these plants are still very tiny as its still spring, but I have a lot of excitement about this venture.