MARCH, 1992

3-1-92 - DREAM - I was in a church parking lot where a huge white statue was being carved, of a man in a white robe reaching toward heaven with his right hand. The man who was doing the carving said that you could reach higher if you put your hand straight over your head with your arm slightly turned and stood on your toes, so that's how he was carving the stone.

A woman was driving a big green crane that had held this huge stone in place while it was being carved. She asked me what I thought she should get her husband for Christmas, and while I was talking to her, she started moving the crane clockwise in a circle, but I was under the vehicle and it was coming down lower and lower and was scraping against my prone body. Finally, in order to stop her, I had to push up with all my might and topple the crane over with her in it.  I did it and she wondered why.

I then got on a bus to go home. It was so wide that the seats were 4 across on the right side of the aisle and 2 wide on the left side of the aisle.

Some young boys wanted to get on, but one boy couldn't make by itself, so 2 others tried to help him and when they were done hauling him in, they themselves were hanging on by one hand themselves.

The bus driver was so upset he started driving backwards to brush them off. I was getting upset at his tactics, but he went backwards faster and faster until the boys fell off into the road.

I got off the bus and went into a nightclub. Some singers were  being reviewed for the floor show. The two women in charge were the blonde who plays Murphy Brown on television and another well known dark haired singer. I was laying on the floor under a blanket watching the proceedings and Murphy Brown was telling me that they had to be very careful who they allowed to perform or they would lose customers. They had to be especially careful later on at night, because sometimes amateurs came in around 1 a.m. and they were off days.  By this time Murphy Brown was laying on the floor and got under the blanket with me.

3-1-92 - DREAM - I was asked to run and to hostess a party for a prominent family on the borderline of Muskego and New Berlin in the valley below Prospect hill.  It was called a 'ROSE' party.  The only people who could come were those with special invitations of which  their were 60. The special catch was, we were buying 60 bottles of 'ROSE' wine and soaking the labels off.  The invitations were 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper. The 'ROSE' labels after removal from the bottles were to be pasted to bushes around the city. Now the only way you could come would be to take your invitation, drive around the city, find a label on a bush, paste it on the invitation and then come to the party. To prevent someone from from cheating our labels had a special mark on them which corresponded to a special mark on the invitation, so people couldn't just go pluck a bush either. somebody had to have both parts, our special label and the specially marked invitation. then, when came, we had a special chart set up which looked like this:

You take a legal size sheet of paper and draw a waving line diagonally across the paper from lower left to upper right.

Then lines were drawn downward from top to bottom at 1" intervals. (There were 4)

The 7 lines were drawn across the paper, some closer than others. Some might be 1/4" apart and some might be 3" apart. It was random.

60 Tarot cards were chosen from a Tarot deck and shuffled and put in a pile. On this grid that was created, along the lines, a particularly along the waved line, a card drawn by an invitee to the party would be marked and noted and then later when all the invitees had arrived, their fortunes would be read to them.

I showed N.H. a map of how to find the party house. It was at the borderline  of New Berlin/Muskego. You went out National Ave. to the top of Prospect hill, then south down the hill on Fife Ave. to where it met Oakland St. The house was at that point. (So was the liquor store)

At this point, I was in my 16th, cleaning off the green table cloth to get ready to draw the lines on the paper. The refrigerator was empty, ready to chill the wine.

The phone rang and it was my ex-husband Edward. (Edward means "guardian") He had called to talk and when he overheard the plans for the party, he asked if he could come. I wanted to blurt out, "No!", but I told him that only the people who received the specially marked invitations could come. Then David (David means "dearly loved")cut in on the line. He said that he had just purchased the wine. The invitations, directions, and instructions were all printed up, so all we needed to do was mail them out, soak the labels off the bottles and go paste them on the bushes in New Berlin.

NOTE: After I woke up from the dream, I drew up the chart and laid out the Tarot cards such as the dream told me would be done.  The results were that this was a message that leads to deception, disappointment, despair, frenzy, betrayal.  Also authority overseeing, secret service, vigilance, spying, examination, death failure, miscarriage, delay, deception, folly, mania, extravagance, intoxication, delirium.  

NOTE:  5 years and 180 days later, I had this dream on Aug. 25, 1997, (I was getting ready to go to work, and a tall, blonde woman was going to drive me there. We went out into this dark garage where there were swarthy men with their vehicles.  We went out into the narrow alley, and when we went around a corner we came across a dark blue or black vehicle that was so badly smashed, the top was caved in.  One blonde man got out of the car. He was okay. )

4 x 7 = 28 could mean the cycles of the Moon and the feminine menstrual cycle. So 28 is associated with the moon, and the Moon Goddesses's name is Diana. Almost every important date in Princess Diana's life occurred on a date where there was a Solar eclipse in which case the moon is between the earth and sun and blocks the "light". .  The place where Princess died was once noted as a place where they worshipped the Moon Goddess.

5 days later, Princess Diana was killed in a similar accident in a similar type place.

NOTE:   Diana, Princess of Wales, Queen of Hearts, 1961 - 1997

At 4am (Paris time) Sunday 31 August 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales died in hospital after being involved in a car crash which instantly killed Dodi Fayed and the driver of the car. Diana's car was being chased by photographers on motorbikes at high speeds when the crash happened in a tunnel. Investigation of the accident also brought to light that the driver of the car was more than three times over the (french) alcohol limit. .

Lyrics to reworked version of "Candle in the Wind"

as sung by Elton John on 6th September 1997 in Westminster Abbey as tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales

Goodbye England's rose;
may you ever grow in our hearts.
You were the grace that placed itself
where lives were torn apart.

You called out to our country,
and you whispered to those in pain.
Now you belong to heaven,
and the stars spell out your name.

And it seems to me you lived your life
like a candle in the wind:
never fading with the sunset
when the rain set in.

And your footsteps will always fall here,
along England's greenest hills;
your candle's burned out long before
your legend ever will.

Loveliness we've lost;
these empty days without your smile.
This torch we'll always carry
for our nation's golden child.

And even though we try,
the truth brings us to tears;
all our words cannot express
the joy you brought us through the years.

And it seems to me you lived your life
like a candle in the wind:
never fading with the sunset
when the rain set in.

And your footsteps will always fall here,
along England's greenest hills;
your candle's burned out long before
your legend ever will.

Goodbye England's rose;
may you ever grow in our hearts.
You were the grace that placed itself
where lives were torn apart.

Goodbye England's rose,
from a country lost without your soul,
who'll miss the wings of your compassion
more than you will ever know.

And it seems to me you lived your life
like a candle in the wind:
never fading with the sunset
when the rain set in.

And your footsteps will always fall here,
along England's greenest hills;
your candle's burned out long before
your legend ever will.

Your footsteps will always fall here,
along England's greenest hills;
your candle's burned out long before
your legend ever will.

Mother Theresa died of massive heart failure one week later on Sept. 6, 1997

Three days later on 9-9-97, I had this vision: As I was waking up, I was seeing two huge triangular planes taking off ahead of me, side by side. They were white with silver. There was just enough outline to show they were there. I tried to catch up to them, but they were moving too fast upward ahead of me. (I believe that was the souls of Princess Diana and Mother Theresa moving upward toward heaven together.

3-2-92 - DREAM - T.H. (my spiritual teacher's teacher) grew 5 different kinds of flowers every year and had always won 1st place with her garden. I always grew a garden too, but it had never been judged before. The judges came and left and I found out that my garden came in 1st place this year. I figured that T.H. would have been second, but they didn't; she came in 3rd. A woman came to congratulate me, and I thanked her, but I said, "You haven't seen nothing yet!" My new flowers for this year haven't even arrived yet."  My driveway was knee deep in pink lilacs that the neighborhood kids had picked in my yard.

3-2-92 - DREAM - I was at work in an office. A big man with a completely shaved head came in and asked me where the daily time sheets were.  I said that we didn't have any. He answered, "I want them used," and showed me several huge green pads of paper for everyone in the office to sign in and out.  I put the pads on a big clip board and showed him that it was ready. There was a dictaphone there too that he had brought in. I knew I was gong to be asked to use that too. Then I remembered a drawer of purchase orders that I hadn't typed and sent out yet. THey had been there for months and I hadn't done them. Soon the job would be ready to do and I wasn't prepared.

NOTE:  This was the first of several dreams of a similar nature where I hadn't done what I was supposed to do.

3-3-92 - DREAM - I was in an office building on an upper floor. I carried with me the ear piece to a dictaphone machine where instructions were given. I went to the bathroom and in each stall was a wire coming from the dictaphone and all I had to do was connect the 2 wires.  There was another girl there with the same type ear piece. She had dark brown hair  and was of stocky build. I felt that she was a rival of some kind. I left the bathroom talking about a nursing job. I overheard another woman say that she loved nursing because she loved pushing scrub brushes around and I thought to myself that she really didn't have the right concept of nursing.

I saw a train go by headed towards town and I knew had to catch it and go for a job interview in another city. There were crowds of people going that way. The men were separated from the women on the train. Another woman was with me and helping me. I was in a hurry to catch the next train. She was telling me that we had to fill out an application first and then get on the train at the rainbow door. I told her we should get to the train, then we could fill out the application while we stood in line or we wouldn't be on time.So, I kept on waiting and she kept hollering, "Wait! Wait!" trying to fill out the application at the same time.

To get to the train headed the way we wanted to go, we had to cross a busy highway and go over the track to the other side and there was a slippery icy mound to go over and a stop light and a traffic guard directing traffic. So, I went as far as I could and had to wait for the red light to turn green and wait for the traffic guard to give the go ahead. At that point I would have to cross the road and maneuver over the icy hump over the railroad tracks.

3-4-92 - DREAM - I was in a city apartment building and some people came through the basement who needed to be trained to do something. They didn't even know how to fill out the paperwork with their own initials and who their supervisor was. I showed them how to do that, then went back up to the ground floor and was now in front of my 16th house with a power scrubber, scrubbing down the front steps and sidewalk that some sticky stuff had gotten coated onto. As I was scrubbing, a man said, "You know, in Chicago, all this swill comes pouring out at night and they don't do anything about it. My response was to scrub more vigorously.

Then I saw a large, low, rocky mound that divided Chicago territory from Milwaukee territory. Some men were standing on the rocky mound directing what was going on from the sidelines.

Then I looked at the Milwaukee side and saw an alley with black paving stones. They were all edged with just the slightest bit of white. Another man stood so close to me, he was almost part of me. He said, "That's just not an option for me, that's just not an option for me."  I continued power scrubbing the stuff of the sidewalk.

NOTE: during the night, I became very ill and suffered extreme stomach cramps for 1 1/2 hours which produced nothing, not even gas. Finally, I was able to go to the bathroom and the stomach seizures stopped. I went to bed and immediately heard a voice tell me that "they" were testing me to see how much pain I could stand.

3-4-92 - DREAM - I was in a strange place, like a school warehouse. Boys were being taught there and the camp was breaking up. They boys didn't clean anything as they left, so I took it upon myself to wash the walls, removing traces of pink and yellow.

The head counselor was selling everything for a $1 to make sure it sold, even the refrigerator and furnace. We were talking nothing with us when we left.

The counselor then arranged for the beds for the next camp. He was using silver bed springs, big enough for 4 boys to bed down 1 boy. He took 3 away and asked me to hold onto one.

I was now in a store like K-Mart and I took the bedspring down 2 aisles and let it rest up against the section with yellow towels and wash cloths until he would need it.

I was then shown that one of the romper suits I was knitting for A.O's new grandchild was the wrong color. I had been using white with a silver strips on the last one. They told me to use with with a blue stripe for a boy. The other two were white and pink, and white and blue.

The electric meter lady then came by to read the meters. I told her to make sure she read them for both furnace rooms, because she walked right by them, so she went back and did it.

3-6-92 - DREAM - I was in a car with some babies and a man appeared in the rear seat who seemed to be a threat to us, but he didn't do anything.  We got to the house and he turned out to be the brother of a couple other men I knew from my past.

E.H. was one of them and he was crouched on the floor carving something. I met his new wife. She spoke a foreign language, talked softly and sweetly. She came from a foreign island of the coast of Mexico.

He and I sat and looked at each other's eyes a long time and acknowledged the sadness of our lives, and our past relationship, then I told him that I liked his new wife. He was surprised that I even knew about her because she came from a place where the woman did not impose themselves upon anyone. In fact, on her island, no one did anything for themselves, only for others. So that when we went  to dinner and you picked up a plate to put food on that you liked, when the plate was full, you gave it to someone else who was hungry.

I looked at some of the food that was being served. The bowls were long and narrow like  an Italian bread shape, but hollow.  when I looked closer, I saw that the shrimp dish was along snail shell.

After dinner. E.H. went into a back room and came out with some wall sections that were red, white, and silver. He said, "Here! Destroy  these!"  I took them so it would be done. There was a small girl child involved in this. I remember changing her white diaper in the morning and helped her get into a red and blue jumper suit with a silver zipper. then the strange man took care of her for the day.

3-6-92 - DREAM: - I was in my 16th St. house listening to my kids play, because I enjoyed hearing their cheerful voices. I was  sitting in the parlor which has blue walls and has the piano in where I spent many hours practicing in.

My son Bob came in then and asked me not to listen because one of his friends was talking about recommending me to head up a Washington Park project and he didn't want me to overhear the conversation. He then asked me, where is a good place to take people to, to spend the night when you pray for them.  I told him that I didn't have the name of a specific place in mind, that  I would look it up in the Conscious Development material and let him know.

I said, "For now, you can take them to a place that has a light blue background. That would be restful for them. I said, "Someday, you can take them to the Green Meadow, but you're' not qualified to do that yet. In the meantime, just take them to a place with a blue background."

He went back out to the front porch to be with his friends and I woke up.

3-7-92 - DREAM -  I was walking down a city street sightseeing. I went to a stadium to watch some awards being given.  A young man came up to me and asked if he could sit beside me. I said, "Yes!"  His hand touched mine and there was a great attraction between us. But he felt cold to me and he said that I felt hot. I took him in my arms and warmed him. then he got down on his knees in front of me and held out two rings to me to choose from. They were both beautiful. I said, "Does this  mean something special?", expecting him to ask me to marry him. He didn't say anything, but he was looking into my eyes. A mask came over his face so I couldn't look into his eyes, like goggles. He still didn't say anything and I felt uncomfortable not being able to see into his eyes, so I unmasked him and looked into his eyes and he looked away. A preacher came along offering salvation to people and many people accepted Christ as their Savior. The man with me said, "I can't believe, but I want to," and started to cry. I took him into my arms and said, "It's such a simple thing to say, "Jesus! I believe in you," to be saved, all you have to do is believe what he taught, and say, "Jesus! I believe". He just cried.

We walked on then through a crowd of some very rough gangs. He surreptitiously handed me both rings and said, "Here! Hold these."  I held them tightly in my left hand so no one could see them. We passed through the gangs unharmed and then came to a corner. There was a green house there and it was empty. It was a "Milwaukee bungalow". (A specific type of house in Milwaukee, WI.)  

Another preacher came along and my friend said to the man, "Please explain to me the 5 parts of salvation."

Since I was already considered "Saved and Born Again", I decided to go across the street and look at the green house and a man on the porch where we were said that he would show it to me.

While I was crossing the street, I slipped the rings on my fingers and took a really good look at them. I slipped one on my little finger on the right hand and saw that it had three emeralds and above each emerald was a gold cross. The one I slipped on my left 'ring' finger was a gold crown with a diamond at the center.

Then it came to me what the rings really were and I had to take them both off immediately and could not accept either ring. Then, I knew that the man I was with had killed the man who owned these rings, a high priest. I couldn't let anyone see that I had them. I put them both in my right coat pocket and jammed my gloves in on top of them and then kept my hands in my pockets to make sure they didn't fall out.

We went into the green house then and it turned out to be a nightclub. The people inside welcomed me warmly as though I would be their new boss, but the place wasn't for me. I asked to see the bathroom. You had to take turns to get in, but knew that the cleanliness of the bathroom would tell me how well the whole building was kept. I made the tour. It was hard to get in and almost impossible to get back out because of the crowds of women, all dressed in pink.

I had to get back to the man to see if he had accepted Christ as his Savior. I would give the rings back to him, so he could turn them in to the authorities and I would marry him and stand by him as long as his prison sentence would be, probably for life.

3-8-92 - DREAM - I picked up the phone to make a call and somehow there were already two people on the line - my boss and another man. He was telling the man that he was going to terminate me and he wanted the guy to go and change the locks as soon as he could.  This was a big surprise to me but when I thought about it, there was a job up north farther that I was interested in and this was probably a blessing in disguise.

3-8-92 - DREAM - I was on 16th St., across from my house. There had been a late spring ice storm. My husband was trying to shovel the snow off the top, but that was useless because the ice was still on the sidewalk. So, I took the shovel and started at the edge and was able to scrape the ice off the sidewalk. The trick was to start at the edge.

I went up into the yard to work on the neighbors yard and I saw that his was melting on it's own in places.

My son Tom was there and I saw that my wallet was laying on top of a three-step ladder. I asked Tom if he would put my wallet in a safe place. He said that he had to go to the library. A young man came along who I knew was a robber. He was carrying a fly swatter. I put my wallet in the waistband of my pants for safekeeping. Then I saw that I had 3 fly swatters on a the ladder. I grabbed one and went after the guy and started slapping him with it.

He got really angry that I had gotten him firsthand he pulled out a knife to attack me.  As he came towards me, I kept hitting him with the fly swatter and he ended up stabbing himself and then he fell on his own knife and then ran off severely injured.

3-9-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin and we had a tester in the house  and the potentiometer had gotten weak. There was one on sale at the drug store for $1.40 and Edward (my husband) volunteered to go get it. Somehow I became Edward and as I went north on Calhoun Rd. to National Ave., I saw a huge 3 masted blue boat going east along the road. Lining the road were tall poles with extensions on them with flags waving and it sounded like gunfire.

The next thing I knew, I was laying alongside the road on National Ave. and the blue boat was east of Calhoun Rd. being accompanied by hundreds of men.  I didn't know how long I had been laying alongside the road or how I had gotten there, but  I knew I had to get the potentiometer and get home.

There was an old woman who lived in a house where I was laying and she had a red blanket laying in a square covered up with plastic. I yanked the blanket out from under the plastic and rolled it up into a bedroll. She called the police to catch me, but I outsmarted them and headed cross fields instead of by road. I ran as fast as I could, going over, under, and through fences the best way I could. Every one of them had an electrified strand across the top, which was  demonstrated by a dark haired woman who tested hers by spitting at it from yards away and delighting herself in her accuracy to see the spit fly up in a hissing stream  when it hit the wire.

The cops were determined to catch me, but I eluded them and even when I crossed the roads between Racine Ave. and Calhoun Rd. they couldn't catch me.

I was now Dolores again and I came to a finely plowed field just north of my house and met my neighbors from across the street.

I was using a ballpoint pen and writing my life story,using the rows of plants as lines like on a tablet. However, when I wanted to show my neighbors what  I had written, it didn't show up. We looked closer and saw that when the dew glistened in sparkling droplets on the lines of lettering in the new sunlight, we could make out the lines, but I knew I'd have to write it out in longhand on yellow legal paper and then type it up on the computer for anyone to be able to read it. I finally got home then and a friend had been kind enough to loan me a potentiometer for my tester and it was working fine again.

3-10-92 - DREAM - I was at a big building. I was on the first floor  and wanted to go to the basement, but a bunch of rowdy girls were riding the elevators and I had to watch to see what they were doing. They got off the elevator and ran up a steep stairway to the top and let a basketball come bouncing down the steps. The ball ricocheted off of several walls and crashed into a window display breaking many picture frames. I counted carefully and 20 picture glasses were broken and I thought 1 green vase was cracked but I wasn't sure about that one. I gae a written report to my cousin Shirley because she was responsible for payment. I told her it would cost at least $2.50 per picture.She disagreed and said that she only counted 10. I told her that it would be thoroughly investigated.

I then went home and was cleaning and packing clothes and put them into a big black truck.

I had to investigate a young couple who was fighting in one of my apartments. I went into the darkened apartment and the woman came out of a back room and asked if I could give her a couple more days to work things out and I said, "okay!" I went back out then and drove the  big black truck into West Allis from New Berlin and delivered the clean clothing to my family. There were blue things and blue and red things along with some other colors I didn't note.

When I was done, I told my family I was going back home and asked if anyone wanted to ride with me. They all got excited and wanted to go until they saw that I was driving the big black truck. They wanted to go with their father in the little green car. No amount of coaxing would make them go with me. My daughter sat  on the hood of the  little green car which was mounded with piles of mashed potatoes. She looked at me and said, "I really thought you were going to slap me in the face." I  said, "I can accommodate you," and slapped her. The decisions were all made then and I had to drive the empty black truck out to New Berlin all by myself.

The thought came to me then, "I'm afraid to drive the little red car all alone, but here I am driving the big black truck and I feel no fear at all."

3-10-92 -DREAM - I was out in the State of Washington, living in a huge side by side duplex. I was lounging in the livingroom. The only light in the room was the blue light from the television set. The rest of the house was dark. I heard the phone ring. I saw that the A's. (business name) line was red and I could hear a woman screaming, "Help me, I'm in  trouble. Someone pick up the line."  I picked up the receiver and the first line came on green and it was my mother. I said, "Hi!" and told her I was trying to pick up the other line. Then I saw that the kitchen door to the outside was open. I told my mother that I had better lock up and then go to bed. Just then I heard a noise in the dark in the kitchen. I picked up a "switch" (short stick) to defend myself with and an old black man came out of the kitchen towards me. He also carried a "switch". (He was wearing a brown suit)  I started dueling with him and chased him outside, continuing to try to whip him with the stick. I told him that if he ever came back again that I'd kill  him.

A car pulled up then and two guys got out, dressed just like the old black man. I was prepared to fight again, but the shortest guy walked up to the garage and asked where I was from. He said, "Oh! Wisconsin! He read off the license number on the bicycle being towed behind my car. The number was '7275"  He continued up to the garage  and there was several men and women  in the garage making porno movies or having sex or something. the guy said, "We've got to stop making house calls like this. It was then I realized that he was an undercover cop. I told him that I had found a guy  in my kitchen, but I didn't know if he had taken anything. We walked into the kitchen and there was a huge birthday cake sitting there with some frosting missing off of one side. I then saw big chunks of wedding cake, half eaten.  I had two thoughts immediately. The first one was, "I don't need my daughter to make frosting for me, I can do it for myself." My second thought was, "I would donate these cakes to the local orphanage if they didn't have frosting missing. It's too much for me to eat."

The cops were trying to turn on the lights but the switches weren't working. I wondered if the old black man had stolen the light bulbs. I saw that there was a gas stove and one burner was on with a blue gas flame. That was the only light in the room. From that light, I saw a stand like a candelabra with many little cakes  on it. I reached for another light switch to see what else was in the room and something grabbed me under the arm. I started to scream and woke up, feeling like a mouse was running up my side and I was screaming out loud and my heart was beating so hard and so loud, I could heart it with my ears. Then I realized that I was feeling no chest discomfort, no shortness of breath, no angina pains. Then I thought," Jesus must have healed me." when my heart slowed down and I realized where I really was and that no mouse was crawling over me, that the dream was trying to tell me the "sugar" (from the cake frosting) was robbing life from me and that's what I needed to lock out of my life and that perhaps the old man with the brown suit could have been D. (a friend) and I  needed to lock him out too because he  was stealing from me.

3-11-92 - DREAM - I was in Washington State, writing a story about people in our town, (Sumner)  and when I read it out loud, actually experienced it personally, and when the scene  concluded, went back to writing it in a notebook and as each new scene started, went back to experience it again. As it was concluding, I was in a kitchen, taste testing various foreign foods and hearing each country's music along with them. A fabulous organ concerto was playing  along with the little meatballs I ate. I got to the Polish sausages  and the music concluded in a wonderful flourish and I couldn't eat beyond the playing of the music  so I could eat the Polish sausages.  I was told then that I was shown these things to give me a reason to live. At the end then, I was talking to a man about a new job and he was a salesman. He told me to look up an old friend of mine who was a buyer at Little Train Airplane Co. They put out a magazine called L.T. Airplane Co. It was run by an American Indian woman and she would hire me.

3-11-92 - DREAM - I was in Washington State in a house with my family. The house actually belonged to my husband, but I was looking through it, trying to find  a place to store long spaghetti. As I opened each cabinet, I saw that they were too short to put the spaghetti in and had no backs on them. They were open to to the house insulation and spiders and webs and mouse turds were evident.

I was looking through more cabinets as 3 girls announced they were going for a bike ride. I ran after them, hollering, "Not until you go over the safety rules." They didn't want to listen and kept right on going and before they got half way down the block, they already had an accident, the front girl riding into a big rock and the second girl riding into her and falling on top of her, followed by the third girl doing the same.  The safety rule was to ride single file, with a large enough space between so that if one has a mishap, the next one in line has time to stop and avoid colliding with the one ahead.  

All the girls were brought back to the house and patched up and lectured about safety and listening to their elders.

Then another girl came up to me and told me that the people who had built the house had come and removed all the short 15" cabinets because I didn't deserve them, and all they left in place were the 24" ones, the ones wide enough to store the spaghetti.

3-12-92 - DREAM - I was in the hospital. A nurse came in to examine me and asked what was the matter. I told her that I had a pain in my lower right side and I told her that I  could feel a lump there. She palpated it and she felt it too. She asked me what I had eaten. I said, "Apricots!" I wondered if she could tell if I was pregnant or not. I hadn't felt the baby kicking yet, but I was pretty sure I was pregnant.  Then I remembered that you usually have to go to a gynecologist to find out if you're pregnant, that other doctors wouldn't necessarily check for that unless it was obvious.

The nurse left and went down to the dietitian. She came back and reported that I should never eat Apricots or bananas and that was my problem. She told me that I had a pocket of gas and that it would pass.

She also told me that my urine sample showed a slight infection.

I got up then to take a shower. I forgot to take a towel and wash cloth with me and grabbed a green umbrella instead. There were other people there so I had to go home and get the towel and wash cloth. I went out into the hallway and saw a young woman I knew who was distributing fruit to all the patients. She said, "Hi! Dolores!". I got greedy and grabbed a bag and helped myself. On top i placed a huge, thick skinned orange and went on my way. After I went a few feet, I said, "Darn! I should have taken two of those oranges."

I got home and found my newest baby crying. Nobody had fed him while I was in the hospital, so I had to take care of that.

Later, I was sewing a big book shut with a red thread. It took more than one because the book was so large. It looked like a large Conscious Development manual. (An organization I belonged to) A man on my right threw me the extra red thread I needed. While it was still in the air, I saw the red thread against a brilliant blue sky. It stopped in mid-air like a photograph snapshot, then continued  on and I caught the thread and continued sewing. When I was done with the red thread, I would have to bind the book shut by winding a single black thread around it many times so it wouldn't be opened by anyone again.

3-13-92 - DREAM - I was arrested along with some other women. The driver volunteered to be taken in first to save me from being the first one because the officers were angry and they took their brutality out on her.

I was given time to prepare myself, and I dressed in pale beige sweaters and a skirt before I turned myself in. Then  I rode a barred elevator up to the 4th floor and told the officer that I was ready to serve my prison term. There was a radio attached to the door of the elevator and it had to be detached before I could enter the prison. (I don't know if I was allowed to take this with me or not)

3-13-92 - DREAM - I met my girlfriend Kathy on a street in the State of Washington. She said she had just come back to town. she was dressed all in black. I hadn't been aware that she had been gone. Then, another young girl came along  also dressed in black. She had short cropped hair and was 17 years old. She was crying and Kathy went up to her and comforted her. The girl related that she was living with a guy and was not only unhappy with him, but felt guilty for leaving her parents home against their wishes. Then, I understood why Kathy doesn't write or call me anymore. She has befriended this young girl and the young girl has replaced me in her time allotted for friendship.

3-13-92 - VISION - I was given two contracts for new jobs. One was a white rose. The other one also was a rose (not red) but I couldn't remember the color, because it was just flashed in front of me and gone just as quickly.

3-13-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, getting ready for work and when I got out to my car, a part that made the car go had broken. It had been installed in 1941, so it was no surprise that it finally went, but would have to be replaced.

I couldn't ride with my sons and his friends, because they were only going as far East as Sunnyslope for school, and there were no connecting busses from there. I had to go all the way East to 13th St., and then north.

I was sitting in the back seat of my red car and my mother was in the front behind the wheel. She took her foot off of the brake and the car, to my surprise, coasted up hill. She made a U turn and reparked the car in the same spot we had been in, in the shade of a big tree, facing East, and it would stay that way until the car was fixed.

3-13-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin and met a man whom I was very attracted to. We wanted to be intimate with each other, but the guys I worked with thought it was funny to keep their eye on me and prevent me from doing anything. So, no matter what doors we closed or where we went, there the guys were, just watching, with big grins on their faces.

I woke up feeling very frustrated.

3-14-92 - VISION - I was laying on the couch, going to take a nap about 3 p.m. I closed my eyes and saw a big hulk of a man, with black hair and eyes, dressed in a black suit. He was standing in a brightly lit room with lots of windows to the outside. He said, "On a nice quiet day like this, why don't you have the doors and windows open?"  

I didn't know who he was, but I was considering meditating because I wasn't busy at the moment and I heard 3 knocks at my apartment door; but only with my left ear. I waited a moment to see if they would repeat because I couldn't tell if the knocks were physical or astral. They didn't repeat and I didn't answer the astral knocks because I didn't know who the big guy dressed in black was.

3-15-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. I went to the dinner table and there was a blue butterfly there. A big woman on the left was going to eat it, but I asked her if I could put it into my collection (I had two others)  She agreed and then I noticed that the butterfly was still alive, but couldn't fly. I picked it up gently and it began flapping it's wings and flew to a nearby tree. I decided to wait until he died naturally, and then I would put him in my collection.

There were two men down in the kitchen, rather gloating that she and I had insurance policies coming due and we weren't able to pay the premiums on them. I had 7 or 8 of them. I got on the telephone and I was able to sell all of them as an investment to someone and then could buy  one large insurance policy with the money. The men congratulated me on my success, but I could tell he wasn't sincere.

I was then with another man who congratulated me on my weight loss. He said that at the end of the day, I would have lost 37 pounds. I thanked him but said that it hadn't showed up on the scale yet. He said, "It will!"  He then asked me where he should put his sugar for breakfast. He had a choice of a muffin or his cereal. I said, "Put it on the cereal, just 1/2 teaspoon full." He said, "Is that enough to taste good?" I said, "You get used to it."

3-16-92 - DREAM - I think I was in Elgin, IL at work, but it could have been a new place.  I was secretary to the Vice President. It was my job to pick up the paychecks and distribute them for my area. I picked up the checks and then got called into a meeting with my boss and another woman. When I came out, it was 5 p.m., my desk had been cleared off by someone else and all the work was piled inside the credenza because somebody from another company had come through and there was a policy that nothing should be on top of the desk when that occurred. None of the checks had been distributed and everyone was standing in line waiting for them. The first man was J.A. (He had left A-C to go to a Protestant Seminary College in 1979) I had no check for him. As I went through the checks, I didn't recognize any of the names and wondered how I'd ever get to know all  these people face to face to distribute the checks. Then there were 5 checks for Stainless Engineering Co. and I would have to hand deliver those. They were just down the street a few blocks and two checks were for another company starting with the letter "A". I was determined that henceforth, on payday, I would distribute the checks before going to any meetings.

3-17-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. I was given the name and phone number of a woman I would befriend because we had two things in common. She knew a lot about real estate which I wanted to learn and she had cancer and I had the cure. Her name was Virginia Royston and her number was 1-608-569-7925. We talked briefly on the phone and I told her that I would have to call her back.

I had an appointment to go see a counselor and I had to stop and visit my mother on the way. I had a magazine with a real pretty blue and white sweater that they showed how to adapt from an old fashioned bat wing sweater to a new modern type. It had little white squares, - granny type - each one different like snowflakes in three rows across the top and then the rest of the sweater was light blue. I thought that I could make it from scratch in the modern way if I had the original pattern. I looked at the magazine that it was taken from a magazine printed in 1933. There were no instructions at all, just how to cut it down. I thought to myself, "What sweater would last that long that you'd even want to adapt it?"

I showed the magazine to my mother and then I had to hurry and get to the counselor's office. I was wearing maroon colored slippers and one tended to fall off when I was in a hurry. (I kind of woke up at this point and couldn't remember the real estate ladies name)  I fell back asleep and went right back into the dream. I went past a bank of elevators and one came down with a singing elevator operator. He charged 5 cents a ride because he sang. The next elevator was half in the pit. I was trying to think of the woman's first name and her phone number because I had forgotten already.  A voice came out of the elevator which said, "Her name is Virgina, and I mentally remembered the phone number when I heard her name.

Then I went to the third elevator which was self-operated. There was a young couple there. I said, "Whatever happened to the old fashioned elevators where you could just get on and ride?" I closed my eyes and leaned against the side of the elevator and there was peaceful silence all the way up to the 4th floor.

I got off the elevator and met a man who wanted to know why I had snubbed him. He intimated that the reason he was hurt was because he was romantically interested in me. I hadn't known he was interested in me and the moment I tried to make friends conversation with him, he turned away from me to talk to another woman going by who was wearing a peach colored sweater dress just like mine. He did it to hurt my feelings and I realized that. I wasn't interested in a relationship like that. so I just turned my head and walked away from him.

I had to walk around a big square promenade to the right to get to the counselor's office. There were a lot of secretaries there doing their work and they all looked up and greeted me. One even jumped up and kissed me on the cheek. I told her, "Careful! I have a cold." Then I walked into the waiting room. We had to weigh ourselves before we were seen and I wondered if I weighed less than the last time I had been there. I knew that would surprise the doctor. To weigh myself, I had to take off my hat and coat and hang them up which I did. I felt a heavy weight at my hips.  As I reached down, and this even surprised me, I unbuckled my belt and took off a gun belt with two holsters and each contained a silver gun. I hung it up on the hook over my coat, wondering if the two girls who had come in behind me would notice. I walked over to the scale to weigh myself and woke up.

3-18-92 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. There was a property up for sale. My father baked a cake representing the sale of the  property. It was a grave-shaped cake, frosted in white with a pink grave marker and a pink stick figure on top of the grave. There was some printing below the marker, but I didn't read it.

There was a court matter involved because there were over 200 relatives involved, including children. My mother said that there were 49 Andersons alone.  I said, "There's only 1 Finney... me!"  All these people had to sign off on the property.

I went to give my father a kiss and he turned his cheek to me.

There were some other people and things involving junk food (unremembered)

I had driven past the property. The main house was white and built near the top of a high hill. Below that, other people pulled in and parked double-wide trailers to live in. As I drove by, they were just pulling in a blue one, alongside the road.


3-19-92 - DREAM - I was in my garage. I had a big white car and the keys to drive. I wanted to drive it out of the garage, but the right rear wheel was missing.


3-20-92 - DREAM - I was in a place that was like a store and yet had qualities of home and work together. The people involved were some I went to high school with, some I have worked with, my kids when they were younger, my first husband, and his relatives and strangers.

I was offered an opportunity to play a game of cards with three men I worked with. A regular deck was used and shuffled. I found a 3 legged milk stool with a green top to sit on at the round table the game was to be played on. I had never played this game before and they were going to help me learn it. First, we had to put out our best cards to see who would go first. Each one laid out a King and an Ace or a King and a Queen, plus three pieces of candy, a big piece like a Chuckle (colored), a colored M & M, and another colored one, like an M & M. I looked through my cards and I had a King and an Ace so I knew I could play, but I didn't have any candy to bid with. My next highest card was a Jack and I saw a 6.

So, I ran back through the store, looking desperately for some candy. I would have to borrow it because I didn't have any of my own, but every aisle I went down, where there had been candy, it had already been eaten by someone. I finally ended up in a section that had all white bisque dolls and I knew that the girl who worked that department had bags of candy but she wasn't there to ask her for some. So, I quickly and quietly slipped in the back of the counter to see what kind of candy she had, hoping to be able to outbid the other players.

All I could find were little bags of square cake-like pieces kind of like coconut flavored squares. It took me so long, I thought to myself, "I could have gone home and baked brownies in this time span!" but I knew that brownies weren't candy and it wouldn't be acceptable as a game bid.

Then I had to bribe a little kid to keep his mouth shut so I could borrow two pieces of cake. I gave him a couple pieces of cake and I took a white square and one chocolate and white piece. She had bags of the stuff, so what I took wouldn't be missed.

I took my two pieces of cake/candy back to the game table, but they hadn't waited for me because I took too long and the game was already over by the time I got back.

Some other people were showing feats of bravery in rescue work and I admired them for being able to carry other people down ladders.

Then the next item on the agenda was music. There was some electric guitars there and some simple note patterns were being played. My oldest son was there (Michael) and he was interested in playing, but I thought it would be better to have him leave to play a regular string guitar because there won't be any electricity.

Then I noticed that even the young teenage boys from the farm had muscles because everyone would have to work, from young on. Everybody had to pitch in and do something whatever they were capable of.


3-21-92 - DREAM - I was in a two story house somewhere. I don't know if it was a vacation place or a stopover place, but changes were made there and choices were made there and I helped others to do that. I was in charge of the keys for some reason and I was told to give Edward (my second husband) a key to the upstairs apartment where another family lived. He was supposed to be helping them do something.

I was downstairs cutting the key and I had the basic key made, but it had to have some other cuts made in it too. I gave him the basic key and asked him to try the key to make sure that it opened the door and if it did, to bring it back and I would put the special cuts into it.

He took the key upstairs and opened the door, so I knew the key worked, but the people inside were so anxious to have him there that they swarmed around him in welcome and didn't let him come back for the special cuts.

I wanted to tell them that they didn't know what he was really like and I anted to stay behind and make sure that he did all right and didn't hurt them, but I had to leave and get on with my life. I was told that I had to leave.

Emotionally, I wanted to stay and watch so I'd know if it turned out, but I couldn't. My Father (unseen) came to get me and I had to go with him.


3-21-92 - MEDITATION - 3 a.m.  I was praying for people and I got to C.O.S. and prayed for the health of her babies, I saw a doctor come with a scalpel and cut a line around a baby where it was attached to it's mother and surgically removed the baby.

NOTE: It wasn't very long... a couple weeks and the woman miscarried her baby.


3-21-92 - DREAM - I received a letter from J.S.  It seemed to be written in response to one I wrote to him regarding our marital status and that I had mentioned my travels around the country and my interests in the future and UFOs.

His letter was written on very unusual paper. It was double thickness, with the top laying having green and blue sections in unusual patches and those patches looked like a jig saw puzzle put together.

He said that he had been married and divorced and was now blissfully pursuing a relationship with a nurse who worked a lot, that he had one daughter named Odessa.

He said that I should be sure to have a small TV with both AM and FM radio on it with a portable battery for use when there is no electricity and a portable sattelite dish to pick up stations that were transmitting from a distance.

He also gave me the name and address of a man named Clarence something Compressing Company on South 108th St. who put out a newsletter regarding UFOs in the local area.

He said that we definitely will experience eclectic travel in the next couple of years, meaning UFO, astral travel.


3-22-92 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building on 13th and Center Streets. I went over to 12th and Center street to help out there for a few minutes. While I was there, ideas were coming to me to hire another person just to clean apartments and do gardening, so I could just walk around my building and supervise what was going on rather than doing hands-on labor.

The woman who managed the 12th and Center building came back and  I gave her keys and I got up to leave. I was so drained of energy that my eyes were crossing and I could hardly see to cross the street to get back to my own place on 13th and Center.

I gave my keys to a young boy who put them in a chest pocket of his brown overalls to guard them and get them back home safely.

I crossed the street and sat down at a picnic table because I couldn't see to go any farther. I opened up a notebook to write down the ideas I had gotten on 12th street, but my white pen was dry and wouldn't write.

Suddenly Alice and TM were behind me. TM was pressed up against my back with his hands on my shoulders directing energy into my body. Alice stood off to his right.

I was trying to draw a straight line down the page, but the pen wouldn't make any marks at all. Alice advised that I keep trying.

With TM pressed up against my back, all I could think of were sexual thoughts.

I gave up trying to make the pen write and tried to put the cap on the pen, but I was still too tired. I couldn't get the two pieces to meet because my eyes kept crossing.

Then TM moved his hands so they cupped my face, with the fingers around my jaw and his thumbs in front of my ears to give me energy. Just that suddenly, I had great energy again and I put my left hand up to cover TMs left hand. I told him that my energy was back and he replied, "The body is an amazing instrument."

At that moment, I saw my friend David's son laying on the lawn to my right, looking very sad and I knew that the boy had no one to love him. I playfully scratched his arm and patted the spot and it brought a smile to his face.

At that moment, I discovered that I was no longer holding TM's hand but the hand of the small boy I had given my keys to, to guard.  TM and Alice were gone.

I then saw my friend Erv standing up on the stoop next to my door to my building and the two boys and I went up the stairs to greet Erv.


3-23-92 - DREAM - I was in the country and planning out the transplanting of plants I had planted over the years. They were perennials. These were planted above a rock wall on a plateau or step garden. I decided that the plantings should be set in rows delineating those plants I had set out year by year since 1986. As I went along, I saw all sorts of new plants that were coming up and I set these aside to be planted for this year.

When I was done,  I and a bunch of people were taken aboard a yellow bus to go see some land we would be going to. It was a long ride and I saw along the way, a high cliff on the right and many hills and curves to go around.  I thought we were driving way too fast for the corners and other traffic we had to get by but we had an expert driver and the roads had all been reconstructed extra wide at the corners so we could go faster than normal.

I was sitting way back in the bus, in a spot where I could see the edge of the road and the yellow line down the center to make sure we stayed in our own lane.

However, a man in the seat ahead of me was annoyed by a hand gesture I was making unconsciously. I was doing it with my right hand. It was a gesture of confirmation that what the bus driver was doing was correct as we went along.  The man ahead of me was just bawling me out when I was interrupted. The man's name was Bob Rafel (a real person I knew as a teenager, the son of one of my Dad's friends)


3-23-92 - DREAM - I was in my apartment building. We were getting ready for some kind of award ceremony. I went into a lady's apartment to help her clean up her blue carpet because she couldn't do it herself. I picked up trash and started to haul it out and I met a woman who was from the organization which was putting on the ceremony. Shew as decorating a huge Christmas tree in the corner. She wanted to know why I was picking up trash and I told her that I was just trying to help out where I was needed.

I told her that there was a problem with the water by someone else. I had not experienced it myself, but people were getting sick from it.

I took the trash down to the basement then and met the man who was bringing in empty trash containers. He was singing like he was the happiest man on earth.

Another man came by and had to walk by the trash dumpsters and cussed out the man hauling the dumpsters.

Just by comparing the two men, it was easy to tell which man was a happy man.

I then had to go up the elevator to another floor. On the elevator was a black skinned man, as black as coal, with a flat face like an aztec statue. He asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink with him. I said, "I'm sorry but I don't drink." I thought I recognized him from a TV show I had seen and asked him about it. He admitted that he had been on the show. I told him that he had been an excellent piano player. He asked me then if he could have a grant to study music. I thought about it, and I knew he was worthy of it because he was trying on his own to perfect himself, and if I gave him the grant to study further, he would put it to good use and not squander it.


3-24-92 - DREAM - I was in a house on Clark street, just around the corner from my 16th St. house, hanging up new curtains diagonally across a room. We determined that we were hanging them too low to the ground so we had to raise them up a foot.

I noted that the woman who had just moved into the house, taking our place, was the exact same height as the doorway.

These curtains were too thin and billowy, not flat like drapes. They were light blue and light green.


3-24-92 - MEDITATION - I was praying and the number 5 was involved somehow.

I was shown a box of brown covered calendars. One was pulled out. It had the date August 17th and I heard the voice say, "Judy!"


3-24-92 - DREAM - I and my daughter were helping a man stack milk cartons in a wagon to consolidate the stacks. I got down to the bottom layer and the package was just rolled brown corrugated paper.

This man seemed very upset that I got everything I wanted in my life, so he turned this rolled cardboard into a yellow and white cardboard whirling dervish type dog on a leash that would interfere with my two roly-poly white dogs with red fleur de lis type flowers on them.

I then saw that my son Bill was limp and weak and I took him to the doctor. She said it was good to check on him, but it was merely a simple cold and he would be fine. She said that is was normal for the liver to be inflamed at this time. I asked her if her seemed to be small for his age. I tried to determine how old he was. I thought he had been born in the spring and would now be 2 1/2 or 3 years old. She said growth was in spurts and should worry about it. He was a beautiful child and I finally said, "Oh well!, he'll just be short in stature compared to my other children then if he doesn't grow like them."

The female doctor gave me an identification band for him and made an appointment for his next checkup. I took the band out to where my son was sitting to the right hand of the Pastor of the church and my husband Jim who was on the left.

I fastened the black arm band like a wrist watch on my son's right wrist and the catch was exactly over the spot where she had given him a shot.

The Pastor and my husband now wanted to write the date of the next appointment for my son's checkup on the calendar. The calendar they pulled out was the strangest one I've ever seen in my life. The size of the squares was determined by the amount of things expected to happen that day. I looked at the 18th and 19th of September and there were two squares side by side with both the 18th and 19th superimposed or sort of entwined with each other. The 20th was long and narrow and a reddish color to write down the winners of the races on that day.

The squares were different pastel colors also determined by the types of events expected to happen.  My son's next doctor's checkup was on September 8th. we looked for that date. It was in the center of the top row and was about 3 x 4 inches rectangle. It was the biggest square on the page so obviously a lot was expected to happen that day. The 8th was a very pale color which I don't recall, either blue, green, or yellow. I think green.

NOTE: In 1997, Joe Mason celebrated his birthday on the 19th of September and also came to Milwaukee to get me to spend the rest of our lives together.


3-25-92 - DREAM - I got a letter in which it said it was time to plant cabbages here in pots for later setting out.


3-26-92 - DREAM - I was in the 16th street neighborhood. Many people were ill with some diseases like a cold. The doctor said that if they didn't get better within 5 days, they were going to have to come in for a shot.

There were many little things going wrong in my family and even a small fire started. After it was put out, we were admonished, "These are the consequences of having even one piece of paper that you are not supposed to have."

I thought about it and realized that he was right, for every cause there was an effect, but the effects themselves were causes for other effects like ripples on a pond if you toss in even one small pebble.

I was laying on a chair next to a sleeping Boris Yeltsin (President of Russia). I made a comment, "He's really not such a bad sort," referring to him personally. Someone replied, "He's been married twice, and had three trial marriages, one of which is a young man he keeps on the side in secret."

My boss Tom came in and sat down on the couch near me. He made a comment about one of the workers, Dan, who is our locksmith going to New York to live on sudden notice, and that Dan had told him nicely, but kind of sarcastically, "You'll do all right without me, I know!"

Tom was throwing around a square maroon pillow and I had my dinner on my lap and the plate had grease like salad oil floating around my food and every time he flipped the pillow towards me, I had to grab the plate and move it out of the way so the pillow wouldn't get greasy. I finally had to admit out loud when I admonished him for carelessly flipping the pillow around that there was too much grease on my dinner plate.


3-26-92 - MEDITATION - I saw a dark-haired fat woman on my left and 5 other women who were all shaking their fists at her and saying that she let them down and betrayed them.


3-27-92 - DREAM - I was in a grocery store. There was a blonde woman trying to harass me. I looked at a small basket that had some vine type plants in it, each with three leaves per branch. I picked out one to take to the check out. The blonde woman was at the checkout and she said sarcastically, "I have two!" I looked at her and told her, "You're not going to make me jealous!"

The next scene I was out in the yard with my brother Marty. There was a big wash tub with a purple turtle in it swimming around. He had a fishing pole and I thought he intended to catch the turtle but what he did was fly cast over the tub and try to hit the turtle on the head, just for practice.

In the Ninja Turtles, the purple one is Donatello:  

DONATELLO: Donatello is the "thinker". He is more interested in making peace than in fighting his enemies, making him the most passive of his brothers. Don is highly intelligent, often deeming him with the title of "genius", and has a knack for anything electronic. He spends much of his time constructing gadgets, fixing things and inventing new machines. He is shy and reserved at times and spends much of his day behind his computer. He enjoys a good philosophical discussion, but doesn't get much chance to debate, since his brothers aren't very interested in that sort of thing. He is very loyal and seldom judgmental, and although his main interests exist in the scientific world, he also has a strong spiritual side.


3-27-92 - MEDITATION - (For TM's knee problem)  I met TM on the High Mental level. I said, "I want you to help me as though this was for yourself." I transferred my consciousness, awareness and sight to the high mental level. TM said, "Let's go into the room!" We went to the right.  (I saw a huge plate full of bright orange vegetables, yams and carrots.) (Beta Carotene and Vit.A)  There was a man dressed in an all white space suit and had like a large white vacuum hose behind him, attached to the suit.

The man opened the white door and went in. When it closed again, t had a full length mirror on the door, reflecting a beautiful bedroom. The bed had a full...white, quilted bedspread on it, the wood for the headboard was a medium dark wood like walnut. There was a bedside table. It appeared to have a base or a lamp on it. I saw a flash of pink in that area like it might have been pink silk flowers or something.

There was a long look at the bedroom reflected in the mirror. Then Sri Terriji appeared on my left. She had black hair and was dressed all in black. She said, "There is no joy in this bedroom.  There was a pause and she continue, "and that's the way is is!"


3-28-92 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. The son wanted to exercise, so for each type of exercise, the Father sent a person who was an expert at it, so the son could be 'the best he could be'. The Father wouldn't consider 2nd best, it had to be 'the best!'


3-28-92 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. and had accumulated a lot of knowledge about the coming earthchanges. I was told that a series of people would come to me and give me information and that I should pass it on to those who needed to know, but to watch for one particular man who would come who would try to take it all from me.

I was then shown a map of the southern edge of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and Texas. florida was torn off and turned so that it was aimed at Texas.

I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. I took that map and showed it to my kids in a classroom. They scoffed that it was impossible physically, but admitted that Florida would disappear under the ocean.

NOTE: On 8-24-92 thru 8-26-92, Hurricane Andrew came from the Atlantic ocean,a cross the top of Florida, through the Golf of Mexico, and came ashore just East of Texas in Louisiana.

I went into another room and saw that the heat was on. I tried to turn it down because the gauge was on. I tried to turn it down because the gauge was red hot. I managed to turn it down temporarily, but I knew it would come right back on. I had a black rod in my hand that could be inserted into a tube so the flame could be checked. I inserted the rod and saw reflected in the tube that the flame was pure blue. There could be no more adjustments. It was perfect.

The investigator for the heat told me that he wanted to meet me. He called m on the phone later and asked if I thought he was too old for me. I said, "no!" even though he had white hair. He said hew as a clerk at a store at 5860 W. Holmes Ave. I agreed to go take a look and see if I liked him. He didn't know that I already knew what he looked like. Before I left to go meet him, I put on a new red dress and dancing shoes.

Then I went back to my 16th St. house because I knew that another man was coming to take away my knowledge. I was watching out the front window and I saw him coming. He was wearing ugly green khaki army type clothes like they used to wear.

I hid by the door and I could see him in a reflection on the wall and hoped he couldn't see me back through a reverse reflection. He was blonde, blue eyed and very good looking.

One of the kids opened the door when he knocked and he came in, telling her that he had come to pick up my library books so I wouldn't have to make a special trip back down there.

She let him in and he headed for the livingroom, following her lead. He was carrying a huge manila envelope with a return address of M.U. which I took to mean Marquette University.

I grabbed the envelope from him and told him that I was onto his scheme. I told him that if he shared his information from M.U. with me, that I would share my information with him.

I opened the envelope and inside was a collection of magazines, all bright green and I looked at the title of one because they were all the same.  It was a year's subscription to U.S. News and World Report. I knew I had to have it for the information I would gather out of it.


3-29-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin in my house. It was Sunday morning and TM called to find out what dreams I had had so far this weekend. I couldn't find today's dreams because my notebook was folded in such a fashion that I had a hard time determining where the beginning was. TM was very patient while I looked through the book, noting the dates on the pages, 1989, 1987, etc. Then I found a sheet of paper that said, "Reminder! Feb. 2nd, 3M and Feb. 14th"  I remembered the dream about 3M but not in detail. I knew I should look up what I dreamed on those two dates and the 3M dream and see what they were about.

NOTE:  The 2/2/89 dream was a prophecy that by the year 2022, all of our money would go to the government and the government would supply all of our needs.

On 2/14/89 I had a dream that I was way behind on my work because I had been gone so long. (I had just returned from Elgin. I was gone for almost 6 years)


I then found a magazine and stapled it in my book by my daughter to get my attention. It was about the dog Rin Tin Tin. She wanted to buy a dog like that for $149.00.  I was laughing at her ingenuity to remind me of what she wanted.

Suddenly TM was gone and an operator came on and told me that I could reach him later. I hung up and straightened out my book, removing two brown dividers meant to divide subjects but had no pages between. (This was true) The cover was bright blue. I then located today's dreams so I was read for the next phone call.

My husband thens aid that breakfast was ready. I went to the door and called the children and they all came running. When the boys came in, they had normal haircuts and I laughingly told them I was going to give them tall crew cuts with a vacuum machine like they show on TV so they'd look modern.

I noted in the livingroom was two Christmas trees; a fresh tree and an artificial one. . . side by side. I liked the fresh one better.

We were going to sit down to the meal and I saw that I was wearing a long tailed pink shirt that covered me, but just barely, and I wasn't wearing any underpants. I didn't want to sit down to a family meal that way, so I headed for the stairs to go get some underwear to put on. At some point on the stairs was supposed to be a divider where the steps went up and another set went down. I couldn't find it and ended up on the down section. I saw all my husband's clothes stacked up on the stairs and there was nowhere to walk. I put my foot down where the stair was supposed to be and all the steps collapsed below me. I didn't hurt myself because there were so many clothes, but there was no way to get back up.

There were two doors above me, shutting me off and I couldn't yell for help until I opened both doors. I could just barely reach them.

I screamed for help until my husband came running. He jumped down and boosted me back up through the two doors because it was too high to clamber up by myself.

I woke up with my screams for help still ringing in my ears.


3-29-92 - DREAM - I was in a town I didn't recognize, but I knew the people. It could have been a place like Elgin, IL. My co-worker and friend Norbie was supposed to pick me up from work and take me to a class, but I was really tired and I decided I would go straight home.

I saw an ad in the newspaper for the car I was going to buy. It was a 1981 Dodge _____. That was what the key was that fit the ignition. I asked my locksmith Randy, the minister, to fit new keys for it, and a Chevrolet Cavalier, and Ford Thunderbird keys also fit the car.

I knew that everyone was going to be surprised when they found out that it was bright red.


3-29-92 - DREAM - There was another crazy wild dream in which my daughter's boyfriend, looked freakish. He had huge oval eyes, shaped like eggs standing on end, and a huge baby's head peered out from his shirt where his belly button was. I chose to forget that dream because it seemed too stupid to waste the paper on it.

NOTE: I saw a movie in 1998 or 1999 that had a scene just like that.  Too bad I didn't write down the dream. :-(


3-29-92 - DREAM - I was in a place where we went through and named everything. Then we went through again and priced everything to sell it.


3-29-92 - MEDITATION - Each time I raised my vibrations, the room was full of people, but I got interrupted.


3-30-92 - MEDITATION - I was praying for P.M. not to commit suicide. I saw a group of people sitting at a table. When I made the request for P.M. not to commit suicide, the short, dark haired woman at the end of the table said, "If she commits suicide herself, it's her own business."  The woman seemed anxious and was smoking a cigarette furiously.

I went to another level and saw a man in a bright blue jump suit and baseball cap, standing in front of a man in a white robe. The man in white put his fingers on the shoulders of the man in blue and pushed him down on a chair in front of him. He said, "You didn't have to come all the way up here to ask me that."


3-31-92 - DREAM - I was at a new job in the engineering department. A female engineer asked me to mail out some drawings for her. There were two sets of 32. They looked like colored maps. She told me the name and number of the job but I didn't recognize it. She told me to be sure to note it and tell another engineer about it. I felt very confused. This was my first day on the job. I didn't know any of the people nor the numbering system.

I then remembered the drawer of work and purchase orders that hadn't been done yet and I thought I'd better get those done, then realized that those were in the drawer at my last job and the new girl would probably never look that far down in the drawer.  There were letters in there too that hadn't been typed and mailed and I always planned to do that, signing them myself, but never did. One day, the boss will wonder why they were never answered and some day those machines will be needed and they'll have to go through the whole lead time and wait for the parts because I didn't do the job.