MARCH, 1993

3-2-93 - DREAM - I was living right on the ocean front. The waves were washing through the door, right into my house.


3-2-93 - DREAM - I saw a newspaper headline: "GREAT BRITAIN AT WAR - AMERICA NOT INVOLVED".

Below it was a picture of a sailing vessel, a boat with one big triangular sail. The next scene was of men in dark green and brown mottled fatiques crawling on their elbows, dragging their bodies behind them on the ground, carrying assult rifles in their hands.

NOTE: The first time I researched this, I found a war like this, but the second time I looked, I couldn't find it again, so maybe it didn't happen. I could swear it did though.


3-2-93 - DREAM - I was in an office. Someone told me I was going to be invited to lunch by a couple of women I vaguely knew at the office, so I could give them my psychic impressions.


3-6-93 - DREAM - I was at home in New Berlin. We had a new neighbor, a woman who smoked cigarettes and moved fast as though she were perpetually angry. She kept her grass and hedges closely trimmed and neat.

I went out into my own yard, where we never mowed or clipped anything. There were flowers blooming everywhere, short ones, tall ones, higher than my head, flowers of every imaginable size, shape and color. If we had mowed, we would have none of these.

I decided to go across the street to a house we owned but rented out to others. I wanted to demonstrate how friendly a neighborhood we had, that doors were never locked and visitors were welcome any time. The only time we knocked on each other's door was when a husband and wife were home alone and one might interrupt lovemaking by walking in.

So, I went into the house across the street. Cannot remember the intial conversation, but I remembered having a typed a many paged contract and put it into a manila colored file folder. I didn't remember where I had put it but it was time to sign it.


3-8-93 - DREAM - I was getting ready for work and I wanted to get some money out of my wallet to pay for something. I opened up my brown purse. It was so full of stuff I couldn't find my wallet which was red and white (red on bottom/white on top) I decided to clean my purse, which i did. I took out at least 12 books of matches and put them on a table for someone else to use, since I had no use for them, put all my makeup into a brown brief case and decided to carry both bags, but my wallet was not there.

I decided to go upstairs, and look in the dresser drawer to see if i might have left it there. I foundo ther things that my daughter had taken and hidden, but I did not find my wallet.

I went downstairs and confronted my little daughter. She faced me, her face distorted. She admitted to taking the wallet and then spat at me... "I hate you"... I gave her the same treatment and said, "I hate you too." She said something else nasty to me and we parted.

I met my husband then and he said he was going to have to let the house insurance go because he didn't have any money left.

I said, "House insurance has always been so important to you. I've known you 35 years and you always had to have house insurance since we bought the house in 1960". I added, "I'd give you the money if my daughter hadn't taken my wallet. I had almost $50 in it", knowing it was less.

He gave me an odd look and said, "I'll give you the $18 you had in it."

(The other clue there is that my husband knew exactly how much money I had in my wallet and maybe my daughter didn't take the wallet, but he might have.)

I had to go to work then and now couldn't find my brief case with the makeup in it. I was in anoffice-type setting now and other people were around. (Cannot remember the comments made here.)

Then a female friend of mine said she had to go to her bank and asked me if I wanted to come along. I agreed and she drove the car.

My impression of this drive is psychedelic and sky-oriented. The sun was descending in the west and the sky was reddish. I looked back and where we had come from, the area was totally black.

So we drove, and as we went, there was a sort of green fog cloud towards the sun set. Off to the north, the forests were black dark. Then we went into the dark so suddenly, there were colored lights like stars of all colors flashing in my eyes, then the whole scene turned brilliant blue.

We drove up a hill, back into the sunshine at the top and we were in Orting, Washington. She pulled up to her bank and I htought, "Maybe I should open up an account here, and send money to it, so when I'm ready to move out here, I already have a bank account here established."

I got out of the car and went into the bank where I explained what I had thought of doing. My riend thought it was a great idea. I was going to slap hands with her in happy aggreement and put my had out to do that and an invisible hand grabbed into my hand. I was astounded. It was a firm hand grip, but I didn't know if it was male or female.

My friend smelled the hand and announced it was female because the hand smelled of some feminine flowers soap. (Can't remember the name) I smelled the hand and agreed. The hand was still holding mine.

I looked next to me anda man was becoming visible. I couldn't believe how tall he was. I'm almost 6 feet tall myself and I came only to his waist. He was almost twice as tall as I.

The hand let go of mine then and walked into the next room. She became visible and she started to grow as tall as the man. I watched her grow. First her legs got real tall and then the rest of her did. She wasn't used to being that all and was wobbly on her legs.

At that point I woke up.


3-9-93 - DREAM - My daughter had a baby son. She went out and bought him a red ruby pendant ot hang on a silver chain he would be gifted with on his 5th birthday, the day he would start Sunday School. She said she didn't know if it would be appropriate or not. She gave it to him to wear on the way home and it would be put away until his 5th birthday when we got home.

I allowed my daughter to drive the car on the way down the mountain to where we lived in the valley. The road was under construction. She was driving way too fast and I had to keep admonishing her to slow down. She said, "I hate to think that this construction phase is 35 miles long.

While she was driving, I had a vision of the little boy's 5th birthday party. On the day she gave him the ruby pendant, he was gifted on the spiritual level with a ruby studded necklace from which the ruby pendant would hang, so I knew right then the little gemstone was appropriate.

As soon as the vision was over, we were through the construction zone and my daughter commented that she had never seen 35 miles go by so fast.


3--10-93 - ZYGON MEDITATION - I saw some people from Highland apartments. They were leaving the building in a wheelchair.. The drug dealer left first, the welfare mother left next. Both waved and were friendly. Then I saw a calendar and heard " END OF JUNE". I saw a couple other scenes of people leaving as well.


3-12-93 - DREAM - I was on a huge navy ship. Someone handed me two gasoline cans and told me to fill the gas tanks. Not knowing how much gas was in the tank, nor how much gas was in the cans, I started pouring the gasoline, hoping I'd be able to tell when there was enough. All of ausdden, it started overflowing along the deck. I started getting scared, not knowing what was going to happen as a result. Then the fumes began to explode near the hot engines. Over and over, the fumes exploded. The captian told the crew to stay in their cabins, so there was no fire or damage.

On the ship then, they were going to put on a play and I was assigned the job of pouring some fluid in front of a hot blower and when I did, it exploded into smoke of either red or blue depending on which I used.


3-12-93 - DREAM - I was in an office like A-C. I was assigned the job of eavesdropping on city bus conversatons as the bus driver put certain questions to the passengers. I was to start at 1 p.m. At 1 p.m. I turned on a radio and a multi-channeled TV, but nothing was coming through from the buses.

The bus driver was asked what was happening and he said, "Nobody will talk to me, they just put their money in and go sit down."


3-12-93 - MEDITATION - I was raising my vibrations and heard, "Bernice, Watch your feet!" I saw a man carrying wooden boards about 2 feet long. He was going to stack them. I was then getting the numbers 13 and 49 over and over.

NOTE; I splashed boiling water on my feet a few hours later.


3-13-93 - MEDITATION - I raised my vibrations and saw a young girl and her mother. The young girl came up to me and started to cry. She put her arm over her eyes and sobbed. Her mother said, "She misses you already."


3-14-93 - DREAM - I was in my apartment building office upstairs, trying to get some documentation for something to no avail. The painter came. He had access to some information, but he wouldn't help either. I could tell he was teasing, but I wouldn't let him know that I knew it. I heard that another property needed a manager and it was bigger than my own and I was trying to get some information on it. I thought it was on 43rd st, but I wasn't sure. A woman on the phone wouldn't give me any further details. I wasn't able to get an interview through her either.

I saw some young kids come through the yard and decided to follow them so they wouldn't cause trouble.

I came to a place where people were givin away things rather than throw them out. I didn't want to appear greedy and take it all. I set aside a couple small peg board games. I then spotted a clavicord and I had to play it. I opened up the case, picked out some music to play. I sat down on the bench, but it seemed rickety, so I was going to pull up a regular chair instead.


3-14-93 - DREAM - I went down a grey basement stairs and knew the door at the bottom belonged to my mother. I touched the knob and the door started to fly open and suck me in. I got scared and pulled it shut. I wasn't ready to enter there yet.


3-15-93 - DREAM - A young woman came to me with her new baby boy. She didn't know how to feed it, or change it's diaper, or have a place for it to sleep, so I gave her lessons. Then I took the baby upstairs and asked the baby where it slept. The baby said he slept in the upper front bedroom, so that's where I took him in my New Berlin house.


3-15-93 - DREAM - I bought an antique organ from a church when they upgraded. I now had two of them and sat them face to face. The very first music I chose to play on it was the old setting of the mass because I hadn't heard it in so long a time. The church had stopped using it. When I was done playing the music, I recognized the tune as Mary Had a Little Lamb.

NOTE: How appropriate.


3-16-93 - DREAM - I was going to tell Julie K. that I was going to move to New Berlin, because she lived in New Berlin and I would be in her same neighborhood. I was going to go to school in New Berlin, but when I got the list of classes, I tested out of them, and didn't need to take them.


3-16-93 - DREAM - I was school registration night in New Berlin. We were to leave at 5:30 p.m. But the woman who was to drive me wasn't ready to go. I had all my materials ready, just waiting for her. Finally it was 6:30 p.m. and I asked her when she'd be ready. She said it didn't matter what time we got there, because registration ran from 6o to 10, so there was plenty of tiem yet. She was ironing clothes so I did a green dress and when I folded it in half, the back side was a newpaper page. I went upstairs and saw the sun as a big red ball going down in the West. She told me not to go out on the porch, because it had been forbidden. I put one foot down and felt the boards were spongy and sank down under my weight. So I watched the sunset from the window.

She was never ready, so I found a ride with a man who was going to school too.


3-17-93 - DREAM - I didn't know what town I was in. I went with someone to see where the town was dumping its trash. We went behind some buildings. The person I was with wanted to burn a bunch of grass clippings just for the fun of it. I couldn't get out of the way fast enough and I ended up on fire up to my knees. I got it out and wasn't burned, but it was a little scary.

We then went down Center St. tot he Lake front. There was a man with us, named Fred or Frank. We were slightly attracted to each other. We went to a festival at the lakefront. His son Stevey was with me. The bartender recognized them, so I knew they hung out at bars. I didn't like that much. He asked me if he could buy me a beer. I said I could handle that.

One of the other men who was there on this trip, said he would trust me to drive down either Hamilton St. or Cleveland St.t o the lake too.

At the bar, a drunk man gave me his car keys and asked me to take them to his car because hc ouldn't make it. Two other men were holding him up.

We headed south along the lake shore, I was teasing fred about the other guy giving mehis car. We were headed for 3111 Grove St. where his car was parked. We were headed along the road, my Mom was on my left arm and my great Aunt Cora was on my right arm. My Mom complained about always heaving to drag Aunt Cora along because she was so slow. I said, "At my age, I'm not so fast either." We climbed a hill and then slid down the other side, because the floor was so slippery. Fred was still ahead of us. My Mom, myself, and aunt Cora were all wearing silky, light blue dresses.


3-17-93 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, working on my novel. I held a silver spoon out at arms length and two sheets of bond paper came down and coated the inside of the spoon part. Then two things of red came down and coated the inside of the spoon part.

Then I saw ... down at the road edge ... a wall of clouds. It was coming from the west. As we walked, more fog-like clouds came along the ground level, then began to dissolve. The another grey cloud bank came along. The clouds looked dirty and I remarked to the people with me how strange these clouds were, because they formed a wall at the property edge. Then , these too began to dissolve and I saw a huge helicopter hovering overhead, right at the property edge. It had an ominous feel. I said to the others, I think we're being watched and they agreed. I asked them if they had seen how the two sheets of paper had coated the spoon, followed by the red substance, and they said they had. We didn't understand what that meant.

NOTE: Later on, after a few years, I understood that the spoon coated with paper was consistent with a person 'born with a silver spoon in their mouth', but speaking on paper.

See: Great Dreams: A Quest for Truth; Pole Shift - Volume I and II


3-18-93 - DREAM - I was sitting on the stoop of a house on Clark St., waiting for Becky to pick me up. We had discussed the purchase of something she said I needed and she decided she would pick me upu and bring it to me, since she was coming over to visit anyway.

I was dressed in a yellow robe. I saw myself in a mirror, and I had short, dark, curly hair. I had a mark on my forehead, so I touched it to rub it off and the skin came off in a square about 1/2 inch across. I decided to leave it alone because the edges looked loose and I was afraid it would get bigger. It healed over and left a scab and I left it alone.

I didn't think my hair was curly enough, so I curled it (setting it in long curls to make it more curly.

While I was sitting there, a policeman, detective came along. He had a walkie-talkie and was making plans for the day with a partner who was in a car somewhere nearby. I made sure I wasn't making a noise and that everything near me was placed neatly.

Then a woman dressed in yellow came along. It was Diane W. from A-C. She was on her way to a funeral for a woman named Yvonne from A-C. I vaguely remembered her face, but nevery really knew her. Diane said that nobody had colled me about it since I didn't really know her and there was no need for me to go. So I went back to my 16th St. house where the caretaker or grandfather told me that he had taken my empty packing boxes from the attic and put them in the basement.

So I went into the basement and stacked them all neatly in one spot to make sure they'd be in good condition if I needed them.

There were a few items of clothes on the floor. I sorted them into two piles, clean and dirty . to make sure they were ready for laundry day.


3-18-93 - DREAM -= I as dreaming about my internal body. There were two complicated black shield type objects being placed internally. Every time I tried to focus on what the problem was, it would move over. After I woke up, I tried to meditate and my mind would automatically go back to focus on one of the shields.


3-19-93 - DREAM - I saw sound waved being used to completely open up my intestines. (Viewed the interneal organs). I had this dream twice. It seemed that once it was male and once female. (Blue, pink or Blue and red)


3-19-93 - DREAM - I was at A-C, watching the mail delivery people. They were in a line and moving quickly through the halls. One of the guys at the end of the line was trying to be funny and I decided to help him because I enjoyed the joke. When they came to a stairway, he ran up it to an upper floor, ran like hell to the next stairway and went back down, coming down ahead of the others.

There was a grocery store type operation going on near the lobby. Everything was sold out except the sweet goodies. I grabbed samples as I went by and was amazed that I didn't have an asthma attack when I ate a piece of cake (like I do in the physical)

I went outside where the father of the funny mail carrier came across the street to fetch him. He was the owner of the company. I thought he was quite good looking for his age (50's) His name was Gilbert though I wanted to call him George. I wanted him to be attracted tome, so I was sitting there with my long beautiful legs exposed, hoping he would like me.


3-19-93 - DREAM - (at noon nap) I was doing my locksmith dispatch job. I had a phone number of a customer. The # was 111-1101. I reached an intriguing sounding man and we started a conversation about how we might like to get better acquainted. He asked me if he could call me back tomorrow. I gave him the phone # of 282-4111 and if he asked my name, I was going to tell him it was Annie, the name I used when I lived in Washington State. There was a young girl on the line at the same time. She called him General Disturbance . pronounced 'Dis' - ter - BANCE'.


3-20-93 - DREAM - I was in my apartment building. I could hear voices next door. It sounded like some girls were dispatching trucks like I was. I went to the door and it was open. I went out into the hall. It was like a dormitory. I told everyone it was lights out time. The boys weren't ready, so I gave them an extra minute. To get back to my apartment, it was now an ice-slide and I and my daughter went to my apartment by crossing the ice-walk.

I woke up half way from sliding down a steep hill. I went back to sleep and the dream continued.

My house was like a theatre and I received a present ... a little stuffed animal with a photo of Jack B. and his son (I went to kindgergarden with him) He put on little skits on the stage. I wanted my mother to see it, so I called her. She came from a long way off. I showed her my gift. She got angry for calling her an tried to set my clotheson fire with a cigarette lighter. I had to get the fire out, and squished her head in my arms to get her to stop. I questioned her why she did it, and she said it was because I had called her from so far off. I vowed never to call her again.

My daughter and I had to go where the ice-slide was again. I had half woken up during the fire episode, because I was scared. Now the dream ocntinued and the ice-slide was soft now and we left huge knee-deep tracks in the same space.

We went to the yard where my sons had built a huge domes house. It was great, but it was leaking and a woman was putting pots and pans everywhere in where the water was dripping in.


3-20-93 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin. I received ana dvertisement in the mail from Lane Bryant for summer clothes. At the samae time, I was told htat my son Mike had hurt his arm. The ad became live like on TV and I was shown two sets of dresses, blouses and shorts which could be worn interchangeably. There was a mark on one order blank which couldn't be ordered. The live ad showed all the different ways to wear the outfits. I decided to order one set, but by the time the ad was done, I decided to order all ofo them. The order blanks were on two tiny pair of shorts, a white one and a yellow.

As I began to try to figure out how to fill out the order blank so I got all the numbers right, someone told me, "You know your son Michael is in the hospital and he might lose his arm." I was shocked and said, "Nobody told me it was that bad." I tried to compelte the order blank then. It was November by then.


3-21-93 - DREAM - A woman was going to the hosptial or going to find a place to live. There was a color sign or shield between her and her man. It was blue and orange. Blue on the left . orange on the right. He went to see her and took with him his shield of blue and orange. There was like a trail of these shields as he went along.


3-23-93 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. My children were playing with miniature tarot decks of cards. I gathered them up, put a rubber band around them, and took them back to the guy who had sold them and got their money back.

I had no car and needed to get back to my new Berlin house and thought about who could give me a ride who lived nearby. I could think of no one. Then I remembered that my son Michael had a car. I went to ask him if he could give me a ride to New Berlin. He said, "I could give you a ride home if you could get me to Northwest General Hospital. I said, "Where's your car?" He answered, "It's in Port Washington."


3-23-93 - DREAM - I was in Tacoma, Washington. There was an argument over why we had no bread in the house. I was trying to put a meal on the table using only protein foods and Iknew that bread was necessary. I then sent one of my kids next door to borrow a loaf of bread from a neighbor. While he was gone, I was reading ana rticle on using honey as a sweetener as a benefit in treating diabetes.

My brother-in-law Steve was driving me through Tacoma then and the streets were very bad, narrow, and full of junk. We came to an intersection that as so torn up, we had to turn around and go back.

During the U turn, I heard a young girl yelling for help. I got out of the car and ran into a store where the front door was open. I went up some stairs still hearing the girl yelling for help. When Ig ot to where the girls were, there was no problem, they were only fooling around.

An older woman said to me, "Next time you want to come in, ring the doorbell." She was not grateful that soemone had tried to save the girl in distress. I walked out of the place saying, "As long as everything is all right, that's all that matters."

My ex-husband Jim was there and said, "All I want to do is go home, take a shower and go to bed."

I left with my brother-in-law Steve then. He was drinking a bottle of blue water then.


3-23-93 - MEDITATION - Q. What am I to do as Director of Casualty?

A. I saw a dark-hair pig-tailed girl, almost jumping for joy. She said, "I am so happy to do this on the 5th level.

I saw a folded paper. A voice said, "You talent is matched only by your intelligence and ingenuity. The paper was opened up to a 14 x 18" size. It was a brilliant blue with sections on it in yellow with black printing. There was a big blocked-in schedule on the right lower 1/4 and the rest was made up of small blocked-in schedules.


3-24-93 - DREAM - I was at 1319 N. Jackson St. apartment building by the outer lobby. I saw three black men jump off the 3rd floor balcony and go limping across the street. Another black man I was with got panicky and hid quickly in a corner. I went to see where he was and bullets started flying at the building. The three men had gotten machine guns and were firing at the building.


3-24-93 - DREAM - I was at my apartment and my ex-husband Ed came home. I was surprised and anxious about it, but go even more scared when Ed went into the diningroom and smashed a heavy oak round dining table into 4 parts with his fist. I was too scared to stay in the apartment with him and went running to get help. At that point I was in 20th St. scohol front hall lobby.

3-24-93 - DREAM - I was in my apartment building office and my boss Paul came in looking for the blueprints of the building. He stood behind my chair, massaging my temples with his thumbs and said, "You know I love you." I was surprised at this declaration of love. I didn't reply to it. I knew where the blueprints were and said I would get them. They had been put on a high shelf in the closet. When I got to the closet, I could see there were rooms up there. Some men climbed up easily to see what was up there but I couldn't go up until I found a barrel I could climb on first and then crawl up there. the first room I saw was a small livingroom. It had a mirror on the back wall, a rockingchair, an old-fashioned upright lamp, a victorian round table and in the center of the room, a human -sized greenish-white, glowing statue of some kind. It was rather shapeless, but the largest gemstone I had ever seen. Naturally I want it, but I took the Victorian table first and tossed it down off the ledge to the floor below. one of the legs broke off when it landed. I was dimayed, but made a bravado statement anytway, that it didn't matter. I'd be able to use it anyway.


3-24-93 - DREAM - I was in the apartment building and it went into Peggy's apartmen to help her do something. We went into the bedroom. She followed behind, then fell heavily onto the floor. I managed to roll her over to a sitting position, but she was too heavy for me to pick up. It took two big men to lift her up to her feet again. She didn't appear to be hurt.

NOTE: This dream came true more than once.


3-25-93 - DREAM - Jim Baker's wife Tammy Faye was in a big garage, cleaning. In 75 days something happened to her. In 100 days, she dropped dead. They called her Elizabeth.



3-26-93 - DREAM - Feb. 21st was an initiation.

Mar. 21st was a test?

Aug. 21st was a planned reward?


3-29-93 - DREAM - I was going down a highway with my ex-husband Ed along the ocean shore. I saw two women on horseback ahdead wtih long blonde hair. They both reminded me of my old friend Barbara K. I knew my hair was as long or longer than theirs, but mine was light brown. I was wondering to myself if light born hair was as beautiful as blonde. When I came side by side with them, I determined that my hair was as beautiful as theirs.

As we went along, we came to an area where stones covered the ground all the way down to the water's edge. Ed started to walk down the dangerous pile of stones and I lost track ofhim. I saw ayoung girl down at the water's edge and then she disappeared behind some rocks towards the left. My thought that Ed would follow her and hurt her, but he had been acting nice so far and I wondered why, or if he was secretly drinking and I didn't know about it.


3-29-93 - DREAM - I was with Al F. and his mother Ann. There was some kind of shield object involved and a healing was going on. I can't remember if I was healing them, or they were healing me.


3-29-93 - DREAM - I was at a place like A-C. One of the bosses down on the far end got a new computer program. His young secretary was training on the program. I asked permission to spend a half hour a day to train on the program too, knowing I didn't need it now, but might have an opportunity in the future. I explained to him, "It's not good if only one person knows how to run it. What if she gets sick, goes on vacation, or leaves suddenly.?"

I felt I had won my point, but woke up before the answer came.


3-30-93 - DREAM - I was talking to T.M. on the phone. I told him, "Tell Alice that an angel told me to tell you to tell her not to plan anything for September, because something is going to happen to Benny of an unusual nature. It won't necessarily be bad."



Q. Should I plan to go Port Townhand, WA.?

A. A book opened up. The title on the page said. "The Living". The Living take place in Bellingham.

Q. Should I go there?

A. I saw a newspaper. The sections were separated.

I saw a chubby man in an office, standing by a row of filing cabinets. I was at a desk. The paper section was titled. "You and I".

Q. What should we do there?

A. The newspaper came again to a section titled. "Open Service."