MARCH, 1994

3-5-94 - DREAM - I was going to the hospital to have some kind of radioactive device implanted in my shoulder that would measure the amount of pain that I have there. (The pain is true) I was very apprehensive about the surgery and was asking other people what they thought of it. I was getting more and more fearful and coming close to deciding not to go through with it. Then I was at the hospital and asked a doctor his opinion.At that point, I decided to go home and forget the whole thing. A nurse noticed my distress and fearing I would not return to the hospital for surgery, grabbed me to detain me, and decided to drug me to keep me there so I would be prepared for the operation a couple hours hence. I contemplated how the drug would effect me and feared even that, but I couldn't leave.


3-7-94 - MEDITATION - This was on the astral level. Two women stood in front of me. Both were crying, but one was angry at the other for not grieving as hard as she was. The one who was crying the least said to the other, "I don't know why you're angry. I knew "Bumpo" too."


3-8-94 - MEDITATION - These were the same two women from yesterday. They were in a hallway. They had a conversations and said a strange name, but I can't remember it now. The one girl was still upset at the other one and she pulled her to my right down a hallway.


3-10-94 - DREAM - I had four plants which I thought had died. I looked closer at them and each one had hundreds of new sprouts which would grow and blossom. My intention was to propagate all the sprouts and give them to other people so they could grow and bloom for them too.


3-11-94 - DREAM - I went to the doctor for an exam. I was sitting on the exam table wrapped in a large bath towel. The doctor who was very ugly came in and asked me if I would like a full body massage. I said, "No!" Then he tried to kiss me and I tried to push him away. Then he said "Give me your tongue!" He tried to kiss me by sticking his tongue in my mouth. It was like a snake, narrow and darting." I was so disgusted, I woke up.


3-11-94 - DREAM - I was working in my apartment building and saw some coins on the hallway floor in a pile. Marjean (my boss) came along and I showed it to her. There was a light brown purse there then with a clear pocket to the outside. The coins appeared to be pennies (cents) and we put them into the clear pocket where we could both see them. I wondered if I should have showed her the coins and kept them for myself.

Becky came along and I told Becky about the dream with the doctor. At that point several men were showing an interest in me including one rich, very well known businessmen. I wondered why this was when I looked out the window and saw a cartoon witch riding a broom and looking in the window and I knew that witchcraft was the answer.


3-13-94 - DREAM - I was at a funeral parlor. My grandfather Wilke was in the casket. I seemed to be the important figure in the scene as people were waiting for me.

I saw my mother standing over by the wall next to the door with Aunt Cora and my sister Bernice.

I waved at them to acknowledge their presence and send a message that I would come to talk to them shortly, then turned to walk to an alcove where my Aunt Mayron and my daughter Jeanne were standing with a couple other women. I knew that my mother couldn't see that Aunt Mayron was there because of the alcove. I went over to hug Aunt Mayron, and woke up at this point.

NOTE: From this dream, I determined that my Aunt Mayron would be my daughter Jeannes new child, and that Bernice's next granddaughter would be Aunt Cora.   (That made me feel very happy)


3-14-94 - DREAM - I went to a large company to apply for a job. I went into the building where the personnel office was, but I wanted to go to the top person. I put a white loop of phone wire over my head to show my experience and walked the full length of the building which was several blocks long and it ended at the President's office. I told the President's secretary that I wanted a job where I could wear my headset, so she took me half way back through the building and told me I would work for Miss Gresch or don't come back. It turned out that Miss Gresch had the lowest position in the company. She carried out the trash. So we picked up the trash and carried it outside and there we were, back outside on the street.

T.M. was going by in his brown car. He offered to take me home, but I forgot to tell him which road to take. The road he chose dead ended in three directions. The road to the left was residential, it went half a block and ended in the back end of an empty snow plow truck that was stuck and couldn't go anywhere. We backed up to the intersection. I told him just to go back the way we came in there, but he insisted on going all the way to the dead ends. One was a dead end bridge, and one was dead end wharf. I was afraid he'd drive right into the dark cold water just like he had driven into the deep snow, so I got out of the car and stood by the side of the road until he got the car turned around. Then I got back into the car and we headed home.


3-16-94 - DREAM - I was downtown. There was some kind of worker's dispute. A few decided to set off a bomb in the symphony orchestra hall during a concert. I was told to say nothing about it. After the concert was over, I could say nothing about it and just let things occur as they did.


3-17-94 - DREAM - I had dinner for Mary and Ed S. Mashed potatoes, pot roast and green beans. There were slabs of raw meat in the kitchen. It was too much meat.

I went to the post office/bank. I ran across the empty parking lot late at night and went inside. I had a post office box. It was high security with a video camera and used a big black key to open the outer box and a smaller silver key and electronic button to open the inner door. There was a clerk behind a glass window also. My mailbox was full of envelopes addressed to Dolores Finney and they all had money in them. However, my checking account which was in the bank through a second door only had $15 dollars in it and I knew if I took out $10, I'd only have $5 left.

I then went to a second post office box. It had the same two key entry, video camera and a woman observer behind a glass widow. This one was on 16th and North Ave. This Post office box was also full of envelopes addressed to Dolores Finney and these all had money in them too.


3-22-94 - DREAM - I rented a room in my New Berlin house to a man who was dying of AIDS. (I had actually rented an apartment to him on Jackson St. where I worked in real life) His mother's name was Ann and she lived in New York. We were sort of friends. He was an acupuncturist and she believed in reincarnation and had an active spirit world that could communicate with us. (She actually took him home to die in New York in the spring of 1993)

In the dream, he told me he was having trouble sleeping and laid awake all night worrying about things. I told him, "The best thing you could do when you can't sleep is get up and do something creative; build a bird house from a kit, write a story, do something active. Then when you lay down, you'll sleep.   In the meantime don't worry about anything, the world is going to end at noon on Wednesday.  If it doesn't President Eisenhauer will come on the air on the radio and tell us to carry on."


3-22-94 - DREAM - I was in a bedroom with this same person and a young man with a black leather jacket came to visit the man. I explained what advice I had given to the young man and that I had made a prediction that I couldn't tell anyone else. I felt that the prediction was for _____ himself and he was probably going to die at noon on Wednesday, but I didn't want to tell him that.


3-22-94 - DREAM - I was in a classroom with the young man, a teacher, and other students. She was asking the students to give predictions that they had heard. I wasn't going to give any. I was just listening. I would pretend I didn't know any.

The young man got up and told the teacher, "I know the best prediction of all. The world is going to end on Wednesday at noon and I know that the prediction means me personally."  He looked down at me. He was standing next to me at that point. I was shocked he would tell the class the prediction because it should never be told to anyone.

He looked at me with a brilliant smile on his face and said, "I know this prediction is for me personally and that I'm going to die at noon on Wednesday. Don't worry though, the termination will be easy. I'll just take a deep breath and I'll be gone."

He bend down to kiss me on the forehead to thank me for telling him when he would no longer have to suffer.

As he did just that I woke up with a deep gasp of air, almost in fear, and knew he was right. He would die at noon on Wednesday for real.


3-22-94 - DREAM - I was at my Father's lake cottage and went outside at dawn. I sat down on the grass and leaned against the house to meditate just as the sun was coming up over the horizon.

In my left ear, I heard T.M.'s voice and it sounded like he was crying. He said, "The world is so wonderful. Oh God! It'll never be the same again.!"


3-23-94 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. Something drew my attention to the outside. I went out into the yard and saw that the sky was studded with strange little clouds. Above the clouds was a full moon off a little to the southwest. I questioned this in my mind as I thought I had seen a quarter moon somewhere else in the sky earlier in the day.

The bottom of the clouds were lit up from below almost fire red as if a red light or flames were below. It couldn't have been sunset.

I also noticed a red contrail that was very wide above the clouds and even stranger than that, it was L shaped.  

I entered the house, but turned around for one more look out the door. A white light appeared in the east, coming closer. I was afraid it was a UFO, but it turned out to be a helicopter. It came right over to our yard, hovered, came down and my husband got in it and it took off again.

I went into the house all upset, wondering what was going on. The T.V. was on in the livingroom. The picture was all messed up, but I heard the announcer say, "The United States has bombed Tokyo, Japan, ________ Germany, and _________. Then the station went off the air.  

I was shocked by the news. I went over to my desk to straighten out the papers. There was a a stack of yellow invoices there I had been working on to send out. The date on top was September, 1996.

NOTE:  Interestingly enough, in 1999 while I'm typing this, there is quite a controversy going on about the wide contrails which seem to be poisoning and killing some people and making thousands of people sick. This is happening not only in the United States but in Europe and other countries. Did this actually start in September of 1996?


3-24-94 - DREAM - I was in the State of Washington. I was moving into an apartment that was identical to the one I lived in in Wisconsin. I knew that I would not be homesick for Wisconsin this time. Brand new appliances, refrigerator, and stove were being delivered today. They had been delivered in error to a Spanish woman who lived in the apartment I had lived in last time I had lived in in Washington State. She called me on the phone to tell me the appliances were on the way. I asked for her name and phone number in case I had a problem of any kind with the appliances. Her name was Pound _____ Caleeste.  (I couldn't remember her phone number)


3-24-94 - DREAM - I was going up in an elevator and met a dark haired woman wearing a yellow dress. I knew that she and I had had a confrontation in the past, that we would have another one in the future and that I would win.


3-27-94 - DREAM - I saw a church building I wanted to buy. It had a steeple and the building was made of stone. I suggested to someone that we should buy the church when a large, evil looking man and his three evil looking sons who were almost as big as him, came between me and the building.  They wanted the building too.


3-31-94 - DREAM - I was sitting in a livingroom with my mother-in-law and one of Ed's (ex-husband)  friends who had come to visit. The friend was pleasant enough but was eating like there was no tomorrow. I sat on my mother-in-law's lap. I had to double check to make sure she was still breathing because she was so still and quiet. I got up from the chair. She was very weak and didn't have the strength to even hold up her head. I sort of tucker into the chair to be comfortable. she made a comment about how rough caregivers are and jam you into the chairs.

NOTE:  My mother-in-law passed away of pneumonia in January of 1996. I didn't find out until several months later.  Her daughter said she had tried to get ahold of me and my phone was out of order. I knew that wasn't true. However, it was too late anyway.