MARCH, 1995

3-2-95 - DREAM - My job was at an end and I finished putting trading stamps in a book.


3-3-95 - DREAM - I was given the last map and it was put into a packet of other maps. I was given the last of the plans also.


3-4-95 - DREAM - The people were selected for the project. There were 5 of them. They would be in room 335.

Dream - the States with the most unemployment will be in Wisconsin, MInnesota, and North Dakota.

Dream: I was paged to tell me to clear my telephone of all messages so more could come in.

Dream: My fish tanks were no longer big enough. I needed to get larger ones and I had to transplant my blooming plants to larger pots.

My maintenance man Joe was offered Jefferson Ct. building but when costs were figured in, he would only be getting $12.50 an hour.


3-6-95 - DREAM - I was on top of a really high hill on Grange Ave. at about 124th St. There was a plot of land for sale that faced two different street in a subdivision. It could be divided in half ... 1/2 to face one street,... the other to face the other street.

We started for home and it was getting dark. There were rummage sales being held all along the road. We stopped at one and I saw a pink bicycle there. It looked good but it was broken in two places because two nuts were loose. I proceeded to fix the bicycle.

The owner came up to me and said if I was able to fix the bicycle he would give it to me because he wanted to get rid of it. I fixed it and hew rote out a receipt and we left, pushing the bicycle.

At the next rummage sale, the place had a lot of books. Way at the top of the pile was one called , 'THE LAW'. I knew I had that one already.

At the next rummages ales were books also. I saw one I wanted. It was titled, "Good's 10 Little Miracles." It was a huge book with a red cover. I was going to take it, but there was a woman standing there in the dark so I didn't.

We then came to a steep hill downwards. The road went in 4 different directions, all very steep. The way home was to the one on the farthest right, so we went that way. My kids all had bicycles but it was too steep to ride down, so I took the bicycles in hand, and we slid all the way down the road standing up.

NOTE:  I had a horrible, splitting headache all night. I would pull in the color blue to the pain, pass out, sleep, wake up 10 or 20 minutes later, pull in the color blue, sleep a few minutes .. all night long. The pain didn't go away until 8 a.m.


3-7-95 - DREAM - I was in the hospital having a physical exam of my womb. The doctor checked me and told me I was 4 months pregnant with twin girls. I was so excited I didn't want to wake up. I felt so happy.


3-8-95 - DREAM - M. L. contacted me and asked me to write to him. He gave me the address. (M.L. died 1/6/95)  I went to visit him instead. He had an evilish character attitude and tried to keep me there. I managed to get way and go home.


3-8-95 - DREAM - I got married, wearing a light beige satin wedding gown. The dress was too big for me because I had lost weight since the last time I had the dress measured for me. I then spent hours trying to contact my Mother to find out if she was going to come to the house for a reception. I finally got ahold of her and she said she would come to the house on the day after the wedding. I then had plenty of time to clean the house.

I went to work in an office and when I got there I blew kisses to all the men in charge in thanks for all they did for me and then opened up the drapes for them to let the light in.


3-7-95 - DREAM - I was living on the corner of 16th and Bartelt which was actually Clark St. I was planting flowers along the entire length of the house. The garden was at least 6 feet wide and 100 feet long. When it was all planted and watered, it was solid flowers of every imaginable kind. I signed a contract for all the bouquets of flowers to be exactly 11 inches across.

I was living in the same house and I heard an alarm going off in the basement by the water pump but nobody would go down and shut it off. A tall man came by and asked me about it and I was tempted to let him come in and shut it off, but I was afraid to let him in the house so we let it continue ringing.

A woman came then and asked me to sign up for a weight loss program for $345.00. I asked to see a brochure and she didn't have any. She just wanted me to give her the money. I hollered at her and refused to sign up. I told her she would never be available to call on the telephone anyway if I was tempted to eat a cookie.

Then I went back outside to work in the garden. The house and yard was very long. I was at the back end of the property and my little son was at the front of property screaming at the top of his lungs, "Mama. Carry me! Mama, carry me! Mama, carry me!" so I walked all the way up to the front and said to him in a very loud voice so the neighbors could hear me, "Mama, Carry me?"  I picked him up and carried him with me.


3-13-95 - Tom's dream: I was in New Berlin playing catch with a ball in the yard with some people. I looked up and saw a UFO fly over. I turned around and pointed at the UFO to show some people and the UFO turned sideways and with its bottom towards me, it turned white. I felt a real strong pulling sensation and everything went white.

I woke up then ... laying on my back, but one leg was hanging off the bed and one foot was flat on the floor as though I had just got into bed.


3-14-95 - I woke up and heard my fax machine go off in my right ear. I quieted my mind and saw the fax machine deliver hundreds upon hundreds of lists of names. A voice said, "These are the people you will contact for your group. They are on the internet.

Then they showed my my computer. Then they told me to sharpen my focus.

NOTE: by the year 2000, I have contacted thousands upon thousands of people in just this way.



NOTE: I didn't know this until after the fact.

DREAM - I was standing on a road when three of my sons came down the road and I saw that they had very long unkempt hair. I was about to ask why they let their hair grow so long when their father came down the road. I saw that he too had let his hair grow long. (It was half way to his waist in back) He only said one word, "OKLAHOMA!"

DREAM 2: I was in a large house being used to house displaced persons or something. There were many foreigners with dark skin there who were learning to speak English. One very thin man who looked like a previous Pope sat at the dinner table. Suddenly he fell over and we saw blood gushing out of his head. I rushed over to help him. His head was split open like a cracked egg and inside his skull was wiring like a robot. He came back to life in my arms and said only one word, "OKLAHOMA!"

NOTE: After the bombing, I could see that Timothy McVeigh was the man in my dream. The memory of his face was that clear in my mind.

DREAM 3: I was living or visiting with my son Tom on 84th St. The phone ran. It was my ex-husband. (Same guy as dream #1) He arrived at the house then for a visit and I told them all the first dream. My ex-husband acted all disappointed and said, "I really wanted to go to Utah!"

NOTE: There was news after the bombing that the group responsible for the Oklahoma bombing had also considered going to Utah.


3-17-95 - DREAM - I was meeting people whom I now realize are all deceased. In the dream I didn't realize that.

I went to a house to see Kim, my girlfriend from Sumner. (She died in a truck accident in 1987). I no sooner got there that she left me to babysit her kids while she went out to a party. I went rummaging through her house looking at her books which she collected. One set was all Beauty and the Beast. Another was just like it only larger books. One bookcase was all antique books, no labels were sown but I thought they were all law because because they were so large.

One bookcase was all religious books. I thought they were Mormon. I was surprised to see religious books in her house. As I wandered around, I was surprised the house was so large.

Her son came in then, looking for a candy bar he had stashed. I went over to help him look and found that all his clothes were full of dirt in the pockets and his snowsuit was damp with sweat. This upset me a great deal and assumed he must have a terrible disease not yet diagnosed.

I went outside, then into another door and found a party going on. My Aunt Ethel was there. It was her birthday/anniversary. (She was in real life on Dec. 27th), but she was born (into death) sometime in late spring as I recall. The cake was huge, enough for a huge crowd of people. She was wearing a blue nightgown with a blue hospital type robe over it. (She died in the hospital)

She was doing the dishes and didn't have time to celebrate. The people in the party were mostly older, played cards like they did at parties back in the 40's as I recalled. They started opening cards to her, each one larger than the other. The last one was as wed as two whole rooms. She came to look at that one because it said, Happy Birthday and Anniversary. Then she went back to wash more dishes from the party.

Everyone else sat down to play cards. I went outside with a woman who said she could drive a bulldozer. I rode on the bulldozer for a few feet, the jumped off and left because she was trying to show off.

I was now on the far end of an apartment complex and decided to take a shortcut through the building back to where I started.

Inside, the floors and stairs were all carpeted fake brick and I could tell I was going through the back ends of all these people's apartments, not just a hallway.

I heard my name called by someone at a party I went back and saw that it was my brother-in-law from up north. I thought Lambert, but now it seems like Bobby Darrin. I went over to him and hugged him and kissed him. He was dressed all in black like a priest.

The party broke up then and everyone stood up to leave, men and women alike all put on fur coats.

My brother-in-law helped a woman on with her coat, standing there with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. He said, "My fetus is bleeding." I thought he had had surgery and his wound had opened up.

We left the part then and I woke up. After I woke up, I realized that all the party people are deceased.

Somewhere in the front of the dream, I found a note from Amantha Norman Mahnke in which he was professing his love for me and that he wanted to pursue my love but didn't know how or what to do and he didn't know how he could fit into my life.  I wondered why he didn't just pick up the phone and call me.  


3-17-95 - DREAM - This was very disturbing. I was bleeding heavily from the uterus and trying to hide it. When I touched things or people with my hands, I left bloody marks. I had blood oozing out of my feet.

A young man gae me a gift in a box. There was a box with a long handled pipe in it. It wasn't as long as an Indian Peace pipe but was on that order. Instead of normal tobacco, there was various colored oval disks. I assumed this was a special tobacco and went to where Joe (my maintenance man) was and asked to look at his cigarettes. The tobacco in his cigarettes was very similar with various colored oval disks.

#2 - I saw many, many medical forms about the Uterus. None of them were filled in.

NOTE: I had a real bleeding problem due to overdose of estrogen. I had surgery for this, plus was tested twice for cancer, but solved the problem by using a lower dose of estrogen.


3-20-95 - DREAM - I was riding in a car with a man who was a husband figure (can't remember who) We were going north through very low land and even drove through a flooded stream at one point. I told him I hoped we didn't have to come back that same way after dark because it was pretty scary. We went up into a little higher land then and saw a flare coming down from the sky.

The flare crashed on the farm field with a bright flare then boiling clouds of smoked and destruction flames burst upward and outward from the spot. We stopped to see what was going on and saw another flare coming down and then another.

It was getting pretty scary because you couldn't breathe in those horrible clouds of smoke and we were being surrounded by them. We then saw some farmers coming down the road. We were all wary of each other because they didn't know who we were either.

We had a stand off for a couple minutes, then discovered they had stolen some small items from us in the past, so they owed us. We agreed to help them clean up, but refused to get into the farm war that was going on. The leaders of these farmers said they were indebted to another big shot and he was over-insuring them an then collecting on the damages to their land and making money off of them.

We stayed for awhile and cleaned for them and served a big meal for them, but didn't get involved in their war or bad business deals.


3-20-95 - DREAM - I was in a school/hospital on Teutonia Ave. People were there recuperating from serious illnesses or surgeries. I hadn't been released yet, even though I was ambulatory, so I agreed to help care for a couple of people who were bedridden. I went into a music room where people also wrote poetry to be set to music.

Before I sat down to play the piano, I saw some people throw their written music away before leaving in some deep meloncholia, so I took their music and poetry out of the trash and hid it amongst my music on top of the piano.

I sat down at the piano and began to play and sing my song. It was a song of opportunity written by my mother-in-law in the State of Washington. The song was beautiful and even though my voice wasn't perfect, I gave it my all and the piano keyboard took on a huge crystalline black, sprinkled with gold appearance. The more I played, the larger the crystal grew, but the crystal blocked the notes of high C which I needed to complete the song, so I was unable to play the last two notes, so I had to leave the song unfinished with the ending in my mind, still to be completed later on.


3-20-95 - DREAM - I was in a city and was going to meet Nancy Felber at Lake Michigan, but we kept missing each other, so I finally had to give up and go home alone.

I went back to my car but was blocked from getting back in by the cops. I made plenty of excuses and finally got to go home.

Once I was home, people began coming to the house and asking me to join various groups. I wanted to say, "No!" because there were so many. One woman's husband said they were involved in 17 different groups and they wanted me to be in all of them. It was good to be home, but 17 groups was a little much.

We (my husband and I) went next door to where the church was. It had been 10 years since I left. The Pastor saw me and big smile came across his face and took my hand and greeted me and welcomed me back.

I began a confession of sorts, explaining how I thought that Conscious Development appeared to be in the direction of the "Light" but then veered off to the left. I was thinking that I would be happy to give testimony in church about how I gave up Christianity to follow Conscious Development and witchcraft and how wrong I was.

The Pastor said, "I heard that you were a Pope at one time." I answered, "Yes! but that was a long, long time ago," wondering how he had heard that, and not knowing myself which Pope it was.

He said, "What are you going to do when Joe and Jack need work?" I looked over at my fleet of vans that we used for work ... there were about 15 of them.

I said, "There is no more work." All the vans are on loan or leased and Joe wants to retire and have back surgery. It's done! It's done!"

I had a white box with me and the Pastor wanted to know if those were my wedding shoes. I showed him the shoes were black work shoes, but assured him that my white wedding shoes were at home and still fit.

I looked at the fleet of trucks I was using in my business, knowing everything was over and I felt very defeated and despondent.

I knew I was going to have to get along on less money and I looked forward to going back to work at my regular job and hoped I could work in the same office with Alice.


3-24-95 - MEDITATION - I saw three women, one a red-head with a big nose like Greek or Roman stood by my side with a big smile on her face.


3-25-95 - DREAM - I went to babysit my grandson Steven. He was so smart. I was amazed. When my daughter-in-law came home, I asked her second husband to please drive me home, otherwise I would have to walk home a long ways, through some very bad neighborhoods. Hew as sticky, round faced and blue eyed. He refused to walk me home and told me he was going to bed because he was tired. So, I turned him around and beat the crap out of him. So, I left the house, not locking the door on purpose and stood outside contemplating my fate. The other residents in the building were black and seemed quite religious so I wasn't worried about them, just the long walk. Finally, Otto came along (my janitor) and my son Ken and they walked me home safely.


3-25-00 - MEDITATION:  I found myself at a funeral. Everyone was dressed in black. They kept tasking me to wait, but I had to leave.


3-25-00 - DREAM - Edward came home and he seemed to be doing really well, but then I caught him opening a bottle of wine to drink it. I was distressed, but even more so when I discovered a dozen empty bottles of hard liquor he had drank on the sly before that. So, I asked him to leave and he did.


3-25-95 - MEDITATION: This was an experiment to go on a time track to 2/24 between 1 to 2 a.m. with T.M. to see his black book, page 54 and see if I could read it.

I saw a 3 ring binder open - nothing on the page.
I saw his safe with the keys in the door.
I thought I saw a black book on edge.

I quit the experiment maybe too soon.


3-26-95  - DREAM - I was at a school on 12th and Center. I think I was the parent of a student though. I wanted to know if we could run a horse race to earn money because I thought it would help me get over my fear of horses.

I was told to ask Mr. Swanson because he knew all about that. When I went to that class, there were movie stars all over the place. I had to get from one spot to another by walking on a bobbing boat without getting my feet wet. I managed to do that all right.  When I left there to go home, I felt sick, like I had something in my left lung like pneumonia.

The teacher approved my leaving and I had to go home to 16th St. But I was now on Center St. just East of 1st St. as I walked home to my house, I cross through people's houses like I was being watched on a secret TV camera, announcing where I was as I went along. I was following a wire strung between the school and my house. It was a finer wire than others already strung between the two places and rather corrugated or something so I could tell the difference between the wires. I got to 15th St. and the wire ended abruptly. The work hadn't been done yet.

I met some people then and asked one guy for a hug for encouragement. His wife showed up then and I had to play innocent so she wouldn't be jealous.


3-26-95 - MEDITATION - I was using a tape that had bells on it. I asked some information on Washington State. I saw dozens of scenes like I was in an airplane. It was beautiful, one picture after another.


3-26-95 - DREAM - I was in an office in a drafting room. The boss (an engineer) said all I had to do was trace the templates onto the mylar. He had quite a few templates and a whole stack of mylars. He showed me how to do it twice. I assured him that I could do that.


3-27-95 - DREAM - PREDICTION - I got a  telephone call from my son Tom. He told me that Becky left him. He sounded extremely distraught.

At the same time, Becky's girlfriend Mary came into the livingroom in my New Berlin house complaining that Becky had taken a whole bunch of money out of the bank and she wouldn't give her any of it.

Just then Becky walked in and told me she hadn't been able to get ahold of my my phone.

NOTE: Becky left Tom in 1996


3-27-95 - DREAM - PREDICTION - I was in New Berlin. Some remodeling was going on in the house and I was upset that everything was left laying around on the floor.

I then went to the front door to get the mail and there were Christmas presents, one was a gift wrapped steak shaped like the State of Wisconsin, another was a hand embroidered calendar. I was like in an office reception area with a lot of women.

One girl was all upset because she was in charge of a wedding shower for a girl she was fighting with and the girl didn't appreciate it. I told her everything would be okay by the next day because the shower would be over with.

I went back to work then. I had just come back from sick leave and it appeared it was the last day of work before Thanksgiving.

With no work to do, I decided to go upstairs to the 3rd floor to visit my friends.

At the elevator, there were a lot of foreigners standing there and in the elevator.

As I came up to them, they all got out of the elevator. As I got on the elevator, one of them pushed me. I turned around and said, "Don't push!"

The elevator got crowded then. It was old, delapitated, and the wall area was flimsy. I could reach the buttons to push the three for me.

The elevator went up to 2 and everyone got off. I stood there by myself but the elevator didn't move and the door stayed open. I went over to the buttons and pushed 3 but nothing happened.

An old man came up to the door and a asked if I was going down, but I said I was going up. So he went to use the stairs instead.

The elevator refused to move, so I jumped down out of it, at least two feet.

I decided I'd use the stairs at the other end of the building. I was on the 2nd floor. Everyone was decorating for Christmas. It was afternoon and and all the offices took off from work to decorate. There were so many boxes of decorations, I actually felt irritated that I had to keep pushing the stuff out of my way.

I finally got to the other end of the hall and somehow I knew I was on the 6th floor.

I came out into a gorgeously decorated 'HUGE' room. It was done up in gold and red velvet and mirrors. At the other end of the room by the stairway was a live Barbie doll who alternately looked a Barbie Doll, Ivana Trump, and Vanna White.

Vanna White invited me over to see what she was doing. She was selling makeup. She said it was $4.79 and she let me try some. It was wonderfully smooth and I put some really pale rouge on my cheeks as I looked in a mirror. It was beautiful stuff. She asked me if I would buy some when I got home. I said, "Yes!, definitely!" She said, "Well, then, I can make some for you right here for $1.79" and began to crush a handful of almonds.

At the same time she was crushing the almonds, she kept repeating, "Remember this!, Remember this! Sometime this year,  7 loads of goods will self-destruct. "Remember this!, Sometime this year, 7 loads of good will self-destruct!"


3-28-95 - DREAM - I was just waking up from a dream in which I was cleaning up a counting house and in the left-hand lower corner of the dream a little hand drawn sign appeared. It said,:

MI 20