MARCH, 1998

3-1-98 - DREAM - I was on the computer, reading Joe's Home Page. On the page, it said, "Tell Joe how much I enjoy reading his dreams."

3-1-98 - DREAM - I was typing words on Joe's Home Page and and honey bee came and landed on the last letter in the sentence and I snapped awake.

3-1-98 - DREAM - (A bizarre dream with incredible symbolism)  I was walking down 20th St. where I had gone to school. I was in the street like I was driving my car but not actually in a vehicle. A car was coming up behind me, but it didn't want to pass me. I wanted to let him get by me and began walking on sofa and sofa cushions along the curb. This went on for blocks, but the guy wouldn't pass me even then.

I came to a house then. It didn't feel like it was home, but I acted like it was. I was cleaning in the livingroom and saw that the rubber plant was dusty and had spider webs all over it. So, I took two green square rags and wiped all the dust and spider webs off the rubber plant. I then noticed that my rags had hundreds of spider eggs on them which must been under the large leaves and had been attached to the strands of the webs. These eggs were huge and it was apparent that these eggs were about to hatch.So,  I told my little son to take the rags out onto the lawn and shake them so the spider eggs would be dispersed in the grass and the little spiders could go elsewhere and make new webs.

My son did that and brought the green rags back to me with no eggs on them. My son, on his own recognizance called the library and was told by them that these spiders were deadly. I got all panicky about that information, but I was at that point standing in a concrete box-like structure, head-high, which was just barely large enough to turn around in. Behind me, up on an electric pole was two electric lineman repairing the electric lines, wearing silver helmets. One of them said, "No! That's is not true. Spiders are helpful to mankind."

I went back into the house and a little boy came to the door. He asked me if I would pretend to be his mother. I said, "Yes!" and play acted being his mother and he was happy. Then his father came to the door and the little boy told his father that I was play acting to be his mother. The father went away and came back with a shotgun and while I was standing in the doorway he shot at me. I didn't get hit, but I play acted like I was shot dead and fell in the street like I had been killed. The little boy cried out, "Father! You killed my mother just like last time. The father threw himself down in the street with his shotgun in his hand, face down on the road, he pounded the ground and sobbed loudly.

I left there and met a very small woman waiting for a bus. she said her evil husband was after her. I agreed to help her get away from him. The bus came along and we got on. I was feeling safe and thought everything was all right. The woman was sitting about half way back in the bus and I was way in back.

Then I noticed that someone had placed two large boxes on a table right behind the small woman's seat. The boxes were about 3 feet in height x 1 1/2 feet x 1 1/2 feet. I thought at first they were large enough for a dwarf or small person to fit inside, but then thoughts suddenly that they could be bombs.

I told the woman frantically that we had to get off the bus because the boxes might contain bombs. She was very reluctant to get off the bus, but I convinced her it was best....just in case...and we got off. I heard someone say, "Oh! It's just a vampire and a ghoul." They had loosed them from the boxes on the bus. I was glad we got off the bus anyway. We saw the woman's evil husband coming down the street. He was a normal sized guy with really dark brown hair and wearing and brown suit.

There were three apartment buildings along the street and each one had a long glassed-in entrance in front. I told the woman, "Hurry! Let's go in here," and entered the 1st building. she followed me but was reluctant and moving very slowly. I could see that her husband would catch up to her if she didn't move faster. We went through that building and into the 2nd one. When we got through the building #2 and were coming back to the lobby, I could see her husband entering building #1. I kept urging her to move faster, but she showed no concern for her safety enough to move faster. We left building #2 and entered building #3. She was still moving so slowly. I was getting very frustrated. She had told me she wanted help but was doing nothing to help herself. Coming out in front of building #3, I could see her husband entering building #2. I kept encouraging her to move faster and she wouldn't and her husband was catching up to her.

I had already gone through all three buildings and I went back to her in the 3rd building and then came to the front the second time. By then, I was so frustrated, I said I would never try to help her again.

Instead of leaving the third building, I went up the elevator to the top floor. I don't know what number it was. From an apartment in the rear of the building, a huge gay man opened the door and asked me if I wanted to party with him.  He was a huge, oversized man...not only taller than normal but big all around in a fat sort of way...not muscular. He used exaggerated feminine mannerisms and voice.  I said, "No thanks! and went toward the front of the building with the man following me. The whole front of the building was glass. I could see it was nighttime and everyone could see inside the glass walls where we were. I said, "This is the typical way gay people are living now, so everyone can see them."

I met another gay man there. He was also very large like the 1st guy but with masculine mannerisms. So, I paired the two men up and they went to the back of the building to party together.

I went towards the elevator where I met some other gay couples I had known. I wished them well and got on the elevator, leaving them behind to party with each other and left the building for home.

3-2-98 - DREAM - I was dreaming about working on a web page. Every line said, "GREATDREAMS 'link' 'subject'.

3-2-98 - DREAM - I was laying in a narrow bed with Joe.  I had my eyes closed but was seeing colored lights flashing through my eyelids. I thought it might be a UFO out the window. I didn't want to wake Joe up, but  I wanted to tell him about it in the morning.

The next scene, we are in a car with another couple, and the time is not appropriate to tell him about the colored lights and I have to wait again.

Joe then said he had something important to tell me but we had to be alone, so Joe and I went to a black car and got into the front seat. It seems we were standing up inside the car. Now I could tell Joe about the colored lights and he could tell me what he had to share with me, and I woke up.

3-2-98 - DREAM - I was in West allis. We had moved out of the 66th St. house, but I wanted to check the garage to see if we had forgotten anything. There was no one home, there was a fresh 2" snowfall and I knew my shoe prints would show all along the sidewalk back to the garage.

But, when I started up the sidewalk, there were two rotting horse carcasses upsidedown on the sidewalk partially covered with a blanket and the snow. I thought I could walk past them, but the first breath I tried to take shut my lungs down and I had to quickly turn around and leave. I couldn't stand the stench.

3-3-98 - DREAM - I was in a drug store and wanted to buy some candy for a snack. I didn't see any, so I was just looking for something I could spend my money on. I saw some huge crayon and paint sets I admired but I had nothing at home to color or paint on, so  I saw that they had coloring books. But they only had two and they were both about Christmas. I really didn't want a Christmas coloring book but they didn't have anything else to choose from.

So, I picked up a big fat one thinking I could do a page a day and I opened it up and discovered it was a catalog for ordering Christmas cards and was full of beautiful sample cards one could pick and order from but that were already done but no place where you could design or color your own, so I put it back on the shelf.

Over by the makeup counter a whole bunch of young black girls were clammering over some red maroon nail polish. Each bottle was the same color and the girls were all excitedly trying to decide which one to buy, but they were all the same. Then the black clerk opened a little drawer where she kept a special bottle of nail polish. I looked at it and she offered it to me. It was the exact same color everyone else was wearing and clamoring over except the bottle was a little fatter. The black clerk showed me her nails. They were the same as the others and I looked at mine. Mine had no polish on at all, in fact a couple still had marks on from yesterday when I was pulling weeds and digging dirt in the garden.

So I thanked her and said, "No thanks!" and picked up my mail off a bench and left the store without buying anything.

I went outside and saw T.M. by my car. We got in. He sat on the passenger side and I sat on the driver's side.  I told him about my experience in the store and how things were going in general and that I thought things were going well and told him about the meditation and how I had been told to worry more about myself and less about others. He remembered that he thought I was doing fine. He leaned over to kiss me goodbye, but I pulled back knowing that if he kissed me it meant a final goodbye. So, I kissed my fingers and then blew the kiss towards him and said, "We'll be seeing each other again."

I then sent to my apartment building and met a woman and a child who turned out to be my son Bill. He was going to come live with me. I had two apartments side by side and we were going to allow bill to choose which apartment he wanted to live in. The one on the left had noisy music coming out of it, and the right was very quiet.  The woman who had brought him was all excited that he had made the wise choice. I was rejoicing, but for another reason. Because he had chosen the door on the right, the large gold key chain medallion for that door matched the large gold key chain medallion that I had. Each one had a square hole about 1/3 up from the bottom which made them a matched set, but where you reversed the medallion and looked at the picture engraved on the back and lined up the holes, the picture on mine was of a family where the male was tall...on the right with his wife to his left and a son and daughter in front of them, but when the other medallion was lined up against mine, it showed a tall blonde woman with her slightly shorter husband to her let with a daughter and son in front of them.

I was overjoyed because it showed the duality in action from the right brain to the left brain.

3-3-98 - DREAM - I was moving into a huge yellow apartment. The only furniture in it was a square green livingroom chair. I danced around the apartment happily singing, "la la la la la la". The last maintenance man left while I was there and  I cleaned up after him. I then went downstairs where it seemed I was responsible for the public laundry room. A young boy came in and spilled green liquid soap all over the machines, but it cleaned up easily and we were all ready for the laundry to be used.

3-4-98 - DREAM - I was living in my 16th St. house. The time was 7:55 a.m. I saw two little boys about 5 or 6 years old. They were cutting through my yard for a shortcut on the way to school. They were wearing their pants inside out. I thought maybe that was a new trend.

My kids were ready to go to school except the youngest...Bill. He came into the room, wearing his pants inside out too. Around his mouth were all red marks. It looked like he had a disease. But the same time, an older man on television (which seemed like he was in the room with us. He had the same kind of red marks around his mouth and on his hands. He said he had been eating cranberries.)  

Bill said, "Oh! I was eating cranberries too and I had to go to the bathroom and it got all over me. I said, "I'd better help you clean up, it's getting late for school.

I rushed him to the bathroom and gave him the choice of a shower or the tub. I said, "The tub will be faster just as he chose the tub. I turned on the water. The pressure was so hard that the little aerator on the end came off and the water was full force and shot way across the tub. The tub filled with water in mere seconds.

Bill had taken off his clothes meanwhile. I picked him up, after testing the temperature of the water which was lukewarm, and plunked him down into the water. The water came right up to his nose. We didn't seem concerned about that and I helped him clean between his toes. We made sure we washed between every toe. I washed behind his ears. I told him that if he did that every time, he'd never have to worry about it hurting from getting scrubbed. I then picked him up and put him back on the floor and he got dressed again. I then saw he had yellow crud coming out of his right ear. He said the doctor had told him that lots of people had stuff in their ears and they needed to clean them out. So, we cleaned the crud off the side of his face.

3-4-98 - DREAM - I was managing some apartment buildings. A woman complained about the cleaning cost of her new bed. I called the bed  company and was told it was $16.95. I said, "Okay! So she said she would deliver one. It was only moments later I saw a gold lettered truck bringing the bed. I was amazed they could bring it so quickly. I took my ring of keys and went outside. The delivery man said the bed he had (which was not the one I had ordered) was the address 4901. I looked up the street and realized that was not one of my buildings, that my buildings only went up to 4800. But then he said that the bed was for someone  in the building we were standing in from of which was 3861 (or 3819) I asked if he had the person's name and he gave it to me but I can't remember it. We went into the lobby and the woman and the other ladies in the building all came to the door. I had never been n this building before, so I asked if I could see the color scheme. I looked up the stairwell which was immense and went up at least 7or 8 stories and was brilliantly lit from unknown source. The walls were a subtle blue and white. I admired it, then left the building.

As I was walking back to my own building, a whole lot of tiny children were walking towards me going the other way. They were kindergarten age and had just gotten out of school. One little spanish boy handed me his bookbag and it was full of dirt. At that same moment, I walked right into a green dumpster with it which was on the sidewalk and dumped out the dirt. (I didn't see any books). The far wall of the dumpster was so high  to go over, I said, "Oh! No! We're not going that way, turned, walked back out of the dumpster the way I got in and walked around the outside. There, on the sidewalk, buried in garbage was a man dressed all in green like a workman. I pulled him up by the hand, out of the garbage and hugged him like I loved him. It was Mel from One Life to Live. He took me to a nursing home he wanted me to see. We went into the place. There were people everywhere all wearing flowered pajamas or robes depending if they were male or female. The bed where I sat was in a very small room. The door was double wide and opened to the hallway where many, many people were walking up and down or standing and talked, all wearing flowered pajamas or robes. Mel was now wearing flowered pajamas.

A man sat on a chair opposite my bed and told me how terrible nursing homes were...that they were like death-waiting to happen. He showed me pages of statistics and cost which were like telephone bills, page after page of charges racked up against these people for ever individual item they used.

Tony Danzas name was on one of the papers as a protester against how nursing homes are run.

3-5-98 - VISIONS - I was seeing the top of the tape recorder and saw two little musical notes and then Joe farted.

I saw an old fashioned broken down phonograph and then the tape recorder again.

3-5-98 - DREAM - I put up a web page about dream symbols. A picture - the name of it and then what it means.

3-5-98 - DREAM - I heard a song that ended with "O be do you!". We were at a fair park and I was arguing with someone that it was open all summer. It opened May 31st, but this was March 1st. I said it was open all winter too because we had been there. We were at the park and the kids were somewhere else and we were going to meet them half way.

I was in the house doing housework. I could hear a tiny voice crying out, "Help us mother! Help us mother!'  It was real soft and far away. I finally realized someone was calling for help and went running to the back door. My kids were all laying on the ground and it appeared that they were all hurt. But the babies seemed to be okay so I turned to Michael. He was all beat up and had been in a fight.

In the park was a high water tank with an open top. They needed someone to take this doll-like statue and float it on top of the water. Someone would sit inside the doll-statue and just sit there. There was a girl there who had nothing to do during the summer, so we suggested that she sit in this doll thing on the water and we'd pay her by the hour.

I climbed up there with her to make sure she was safe. There was a male swimming expert who climbed up there too to make sure she'd be okay.

3-6-98 - VISION - I was holding an ermine in my left hand and I was brushing it. It was squiggling around.

VOICE:  (Male) "My son really loves it when he's chowing down. I saw a man drinking.

VOICE: Write down all our dream about death in Ohio and pray for George Bush.

DREAM: Girls had stick pins down through their noses and so did I.

VOICE: Something about herbs - Herbleen Mama.

3-6-98 - DREAM - I was being hired to replace someone. I took her three empty glasses to wash and put them in my own kitchen. She was playing the accordion walking down the street. They said she went nuts.

3-7-98 - DREAM - I was in a school-like place and it felt and seemed like we were all older teenagers. The boys were having contests of skill with each other. None of the girls were welcome to participate as we were considered too dumb or inept.

I have forgotten what kind of game took place inside the school, but the second game was outside. Before I went to the game, I walked up to the 12th floor on a spiral staircase. This was also somewhat part of the game with one of the boys like "I dare you" type thing because girls can't do it.

I accomplished this, then went back down and outside. It was a long walk from my 16th St. house to the location of the contest which was on Teutonia and Meinecke Aves. (I was actually baptized in a Lutheran church on that corner)

I started walked and running and walking towards the location, but I felt as though I was going too fast, so  I stopped on 15th and Clark and just stood on the corner so it wouldn't seem I was too eager to show off. While I stood there, a large white enclosed van sent by and went south on 15th St. He was delivering big screen white television sets to houses there. He saw me standing on the corner and I had been there a long time already so I decided I would continue my walk because I didn't want him to wonder why  I was there loitering.

I hurried to the site of the contest where there was a huge triangle in the sky in the East. It was a right angled triangle with balls on the corners. It was shaped like:

The contest was an attempt by the boys to somehow make the triangle become a: triangle.

The boys were certain that I couldn't possibly accomplish this and wouldn't even let me try, so I went further north on Teutonia and stepped on a large button on the side of the road by the sidewalk which made two triangles pop into view in the sky in the East.

The boys were not aware that I even there, nor did they know that I could step on another button and change the triangles as I desired just with thought or step on the button and make them disappear from view completely because I had created them in the first place.

3-8-98 - DREAM - The very instant I closed my eyes I was shown a typewritten statement on a piece of paper or computer screen which then scrolled down to a series of subjects. I had to deal with down to a series of subjects I had to deal with . I picked the one I wanted, curled my toes down was like I was clicking a computer mouse and two seconds later, the scene popped up that I had chosen.

When that scene completed itself, the computer screen popped back up and I chose another subject to deal with. Again I curled my toes down when I chose the subject and the scene popped up to deal with.

In one, I realized why I'm not losing weight. Someone brought me a huge plate of mashed potatoes because I looked hungry and I began eating them. When I woke up, my mouth tasted like I ate mashed potatoes.

I can't remember all the scenes anymore, but in one I was talking to my brother Marty on the phone and discussing my mother's ring size and we both had somebody come to the door and we had to quit talking and go to our respective doors.

In my case, a religious couple came to the door to thank me for contributing money in advance for their cause. I didn't intend to let them into the house because I wasn't fully dressed. I was wearing a sweater with dark blue underpants. The man just walked in and started wandering around my house. We called him to task on that behavior, then I went in the other room, got my green bathrobe and then went back to the livingroom where the woman again thanked me for paying in advance toward her cause. She was going to ask me for money when I woke up.

3-9-98 - DREAM - I was in the bathroom. I crossed my left foot across my right ankle and all of a sudden I started spinning off the ground and levitating while spinning. I got a really surprised look on my face and smiled and I raised up higher and higher. Spinning and spinning to the right off the ground.

3-9-98 - DREAM - I was on the computer and found an index page which had squares. I could write it no, so even though I didn't know what I needed it for, I saved it as INDEX.GREATDREAMS.COM.INDEX, and two others as well.

3-9-98 - DREAM - I was with my husband on Wisconsin Ave. and we were ready to leave for California. My oldest son Michael wasn't ready yet so I told my husband that if Michael didn't go, I would have to stay behind with him. I then set about packing my car in a garage for the duration. The problem was I had five doves that went ahead of my car with me and if they got excited they would get up on their tippy-toes and stretch out their necks going MEEP MEEP!  So, we had to carefully corral them in the garage with my car with not only regular doors but with wire cage doors as well. I finally drove out of the garage in a safer car then and I drove to my school on an open mini steam roller. My husband said he was happy I had changed vehicles because I wouldn't blow away in the wind on the new vehicle.

3-9-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were in the kitchen. Joe had made coffee and we had both drunk some. Then Joe went out to the livingroom to work on the computers. I made more coffee then and went out to the livingroom to tell Joe the coffee was ready, but he was asleep on the couch. I had a hard time seeing at first on the left side of the room, another man was living with us. I thought he was asleep in bed but I saw an artist's easel set up with a light on it turned on. The man himself was in the shower in the bathroom. I kept hollering, the coffee is ready so he would hear me and a woman's voice answered from the bathroom so I knew the artist's girlfriend had spent the night with us too

I went back into the kitchen which had a white folding door on it and the handle was like a small silver rod to pull on. I got the door open and went into the kitchen only to see that I was wearing brown winter gloves to use for gardening. I began to take these off, meanwhile noticing that the coffee pot was boiling down and I would probably have to make more. The coffee pot then spit some coffee out and it left a trail of spots from my left shoulder down my arm. I thought that was kind of strange. I had never seen a coffee pot do that before.

There was a young girl in the kitchen, a relative of Joe's of some kind, she seemed very familiar with this house thought we had must moved into it. She went into a room I hadn't seen before. I was up about 3 feet above the normal floor. I peeked in the door and saw her over to the left where a lot of huge empty boxes were stored. I asked her why this room was higher than the others and she said it was to keep the children out. I saw that the room was huge, at least as big as the whole house was in the other direction, but I would need to turn on the light and explore it to see what we could use it for.

3-9-98 - DREAM (Note: I lay down because I was getting zapped in my brain with dizzy spells. I started of with prayer and meditation, then rolled over to sleep a little)

In the dream I was helping a workman take some trash from a building project out to this truck. One palette was really heavy and an older man from down the hall cut the cardboard off the palette. He took the palette and I took the cardboard out to the truck which was parked on the side of the building.

As I walked out the lobby, I saw a glassed over hole in the floor where there was something light blue either like a sky or light blue water. I walked around it. I saw an older woman coming down the hall to go outside and in the last room by the door to go out, a VERY handsome man sat almost like he was guarding the doorway and he watched everyone go in and out as he sat by his desk.

I went back to th lobby area where there was a sink and I was going to wash dishes or take a drink of water or something. There was a large green frog and a small green frog in the way and I got kind of upset that they were there. (Two days later I became very ill from drinking water in my kitchen)  

I went across the hall to ask the 'watcher' for a piece of paper to write the landlord a note. He immediately started to bawl me out. "You were supposed to be here at 10:00 a.m. You had an appointment." He showed me a large piece of paper where my name was supposed to be on. He went on, "You'll have to make another appointment."

He took out another couple of sheets of paper that showed symbols and written text similar to the computer dream I had the other night. He looked at it and said, "You have them all right!" It appeared to be a test and I had passed it. I took the piece of paper in my hand and walked out the door and woke up.

(Note: Question: How could I make an appointment, take a long test, pass it, and not know anything about it. Now I have another appointment and I don't know when it is.)

3-10-98 - VOICE :  "We are having a conference now. All beings are there."

VOICE:  "I am Mercea Eliade for now."

VISION: I saw a small black heart with diamond-like fractals around it.

3-10-98 - DREAM - It was early morning and my husband left for work. I immediately went back into the bedroom and exposed my breasts to see how beautiful I was. I had to go to the bathroom really bad so  peed in my white clothes hamper. There were clothes everywhere in the room of all colors. Some young girls came in to ask questions and I covered myself up so they wouldn't know what I had done.

I then had to go downstairs as I was moving. On the stairs were small pieces of furniture I was going to give away like a small writing desk. I decided to keep it because I would need it in the new place.

I then agreed to watch two small children like Ethan and Emilie. (Our grandchildren) We had to cross a narrow fragile bridge made of narrow slats. It was suspended by very thin rope over dark water. The bridge was covered by colorful clothing and we crawled across the bridge with me constantly warning them to be careful so they wouldn't fall into the water. Another young boy joined us and right at the end of the bridge a young boy fell off the bridge into the water. I couldn't immediately grab for the boy because I had to keep Ethan and Emilie safe, so the boy had to bob to the surface himself and then I grabbed his arm and pulled him back up onto the bridge and we were all okay.

3-10-98 - VOICE:

"I want to kill her"

"I want to move away from the Indians and relive Hitler"

"It's under control Honey, it's under control"

"You're not going to like it"

"It's recircled, it's recircled"

"It's rebombed, it's rebombed"

"It's incredible"

"For once I'm going to get my way"

"I won't be long"

"Its real"

"It's black"

"It's archway is imperceptible"

"It's crescendo in inconceivable"

"It's bounty is immovable"

"It's beauty is inconceivable"

"It's force is incredible"

"It's mark is tremendous"

"It's mark is a monster"

"It's heart is intractable"

It's creation is horrendous"

"It's musings are ferocious"

"It's mark is indoctrinable"

"For now we are through"

3-10-98 - DREAM/NO DREAM/FRUSTRATION - I was very distressed that my dreams were such a waste of time. I spent hours looking at a computer screen. Every line was: "Dreams of The Great Earth Changes" with several lines of type below it and my job was to create links to other sites. This went on for a couple of hours.  I was consciously doing this and knew I was awake. I got tired of it and the repetition so  I rolled over in bed hoping to have a decent dream  The dream repeated itself for another long time. I finally got so sick of doing it, I got up, went into the kitchen, ate a banana and even though I was petty full I started reading Mircea Eliade and eating Doritoes. I didn't see anything particular of interest there so started to read the newspaper. I read the whole paper, that of which was of interest and pick out an article about the Salton Sea which is dying to put on my web site. Sonny Bono was working on the project and since his death Newt Gingrich is taking over the project.

I finally went back to bed and the next dream was of over-developed muscular people getting suntans on the lawn. They were naked, lying in the sun, stretched out to catch the rays. The most distressing was of the man who had long furry tails like squirrels between their legs.

The most distressing thing though that in the background of this dream were scrolling all the words I had just read in the newspaper.

3-10-98 - DREAM - I was receiving messages either in a high Irish brogue or a foreign language. I couldn't understand any of it.

3-11-98 - DREAM - I was looking at a page of prophecy links. The page was white and brilliantly lit with various links of prophecy. Below that was "Charlotte King" Under her name were tiny little hearts and flowers all over the page. It was really pretty.

NOTE: I e-mailed Charlotte King and told her the dream. She was very pleased.

3-11-98 - DREAM - I spent the rest of the night reading prophecies that were junk. One in particular was named 81-13. I deleted it as I read it.

3-11-98 - VISION - I saw my web page for Positive co-creation

VISION: I saw white kittens playing.

VOICE: "Everyone should try this."

VISION: I saw a kitten with a ball of white string and rolling around with it.

VOICE: "It is a joy."

VISION: I saw a mother white cat holding and hugging her little white kitten on her lap with love.

VOICE: "It is a joy".

3-11-98 - NOTE; I was thinking about sending a message with all posts on these messages when I got a voice message, "There are earlier writings which are not yet known".

 I could feel the size of the man who was giving me the messages. He was very large in stature. It felt as though he were larger than myself and I am nearly 6 feet tall myself.

I was then overhearing a teenage couple. They were sitting at a long table. "I'm going to stay in high school," she said. He answered, "Then I'm going to stay with you."

I was then hearing something in Chinese but could not understand it.

VISION: I was seeing Todd from "One Life to Live". He was standing up and his female attorney who was sitting down. She said, "If I were you, I would get the heck out of Dodge."

3-12-98 - DREAM - I was working on crop circle archive pages with full text. By 'right clicking' twice on the mouse, the photographs were pulled onto the page. Numbered from 1 thru 15-17 were the same.

The dream went into the real. Six men were racing across a bay in three boats. Three men were in a regular speed boat, two in a powerboat, and one on a motorized sled which originally started out on the ice, but it was so slow, he too decided to use the water.

We all went to the site where the government had built a park so visitors could see history. There was a lake at the base of the hill, then a wide sandy trial that led up toward a stand of trees with rocky cliff beyond.

In the clearing were ancient pillars and every so often one would fall over endangering the visitors. One woman said, "I keep forgetting that the pyramids are falling down."

While we were there, a small plane crashed into the lake. It was flown by crop circle investigators. The newscasters said that the Bythorn area was very treacherous because it had sheer winds on occasion.

The experts had wanted to extend the runway out into the lake but residents had been opposed to this. Finally after the plane crash, the residents gave in and extended the runway out into the lake. However, a wet blanket was thrown into the lake because of the crash and there was no happiness about it.

3-12-98 - JOE'S DREAM: Joe was in a place where there was a large building but the rooms were just small cubicles. Joe was observing a dark haired man who seemed to be a prisoner awaiting his execution. They were going to shoot him in the head. Joe began to feel the new man's feelings of trying to be calm about being executed and his main worry was not death but that he would be hurt.

The time came for the execution and Joe was now inside the man's body fully. They came up to him with the gun, aimed at his head and pulled the trigger.

The blast hit Joe in the head. Joe felt like he had been hit with a 2 x 4 board. Everything went black and he saw colored stars, then in front of his eyes was a tremendous explosion of color and then as it all expanded, it faded to grey and it was like seeing expanded pixels on a computer screen.  (The dream continued, but he doesn't remember any of it)

NOTE: I have been waiting for evidence that T.M.'s soul was transferring to Joe and watching for it if it might happen, since T.M. told me that his soul had been removed and he was now someone else. That happened within the past two weeks.  This dream looks like a possibility of transfer.

I told Joe about 'walk-ins'.  Joe doesn't believe there is such a thing, even though I've told him my own story several times about my own soul transfers which are posted at: under the title  TERRORIZED.

3-12-98 - LUCID DREAM -I was too sick to write down the channeled message this morning. This is what happened.  The message about LOVE appeared in front of me. I was not prepared to write and it started so fast, I yelled STOP!  I had to yell it twice but it did stop scrolling from line to line.

The message about love was a long one, but I was too sick to get the paper and pencil and write it down.

I was then shown that this could be stopped and/or changed within the dream state before it happened in the physical. n one instance I was able to stop the event by merely putting an extra space between the words describing the event.

In the next event, I decided I didn't like it at all so I deleted a word from the sentence describing it. Immediately the flow of words from the dream page completely left my brain. Without all the words in place, it could not be transmitted at all.

For all those who are able to LUCID dream and you don't like what is happening, yell the word STOP a couple times and see what happens.!

3-12-98 - VOICES - They said I would regret trying to work when I was sick. I agreed. Another person asked for herbal information for healing. Another man said he was in Alaska, just looking for someone to talk to. I  turned him over to someone else.  I was told to number my dreams so that they can be cross-referenced when taken out of order. One can always look back then and see if there was anything else of the same category near that date.

The number I saw was 42691 thru 42696.

3-13-98 - 42697 - DREAM - I was standing inside the drug store which I think was on the corner of Teutonia Ave. and Center St. Watching all the women going in and out of church across the street. They were all wearing fancy long gowns, some in bridal dresses. One black woman wore a dark brown velvet gown and her small daughter she was carrying wore a red velvet gown. I felt very out of place.

I looked down the street towards the East and saw a donut shop and decided to go there before I went home. It seemed like it was so far to walk so I crossed the street and entered a building to make it seem like it wasn't so far away.

Apparently, I had entered another church because there was a teenager there with their parents choosing their communion or confirmation gowns.

I kept going East through the church's outer hallway and came to a big brown door. I assumed it was the exit to the street. I pulled it open and almost ran into the priest. He was short and dark, wearing all black...a gown... I was thinking he was like byzantine Orthodox or something. I said, "Good morning, Father", and kept going, wondering if I had used the right and proper title for him, and if not, would he be offended by being called Father if he was just a "Pastor" or "Reverend".

I continued on to the donut shop and went inside. There were toy train tracks on the floor and a young black boy was playing with them.

I wondered about the wisdom of letting kids play on the floor in a public place.

I entered the shop itself which was hidden down a darkened hallway to the right. I was disappointed not to see any donuts at all. There were some rows of big cookies with candy sprinkles on top and I thought  I might buy three of them, but then I saw she had some other bakery hidden from the public.

I asked to see what else she had. She showed me two filled cakes. One was pineapple and one was lemon. I told her I would take both of them. The black woman clerk looked at me like I was nuts. She said, "I can't sell you those unless you show me your I.D."  I said, "You mean you don't sell cake to anyone without I.D.? It used to be you only had to show I.D. when you paid with a check and I'm paying cash."

She insisted I had to show my I.D. and I brought out a little white cardboard disk with a silver rim on it with my name written on it. I said, "This is the same I.D. you asked for in the dream the other night."  and I woke up.

3-14-98 - 42698 - On the computer, I was doing a web search for "Egypt". On the 'html' side of the page it showed that many people in Modesto were interested.

Then it zoomed in on three names which also had AMARGILAND in them.

NOTE: Interestingly enough, it turns out that the webmaster for Amargiland lives in Modesto. I was not aware of that when I dreamed it.

3-14-98 - 42699 - DREAM - I was with some people in a big building. A young couple was with us (me and Joe) and the guy went into the bathroom to get read to take his wife/girlfriend to a f foreign voiced play in French. Meanwhile to show her appreciation, she secretly had been studying French and she stood outside a big glass window saying very carefully and slowly "P U L L E E Z" or something like that.

Joe and I went to another glass window where we were teaching people lessons and he wrote on the glass window in white chalk. "When you grow up to be the mother of the world and all you want to be, will you marry me?"  I watched him writing the words and I had my own piece of chalk. I was ready to write, "Yes!"

3-14-98 - 42700 - DREAM - I was in a large building where people had moved out. I was in a closet where I found stacks of little boxes each with a coffee cup neatly wrapped inside which hadn't been sold.

Across the hall some men were going through a closet there. They found a tall empty box with empty drawers similar to one I have at home which I used to store C.D.s in and computer disks in.   I offered to trade the unused coffee cups for the empty box.

The dream then shifted to a computer page where I was seeing  long lists of items such as I had found in the closet. By clicking on the item, another page would come up to explain what the item was, what spiritual value it had and what it was used for. That process went on for a long time.

That computer screen page seemed to appear in between other scenes where people were involved. In one scene, five black women came into my room. I don't remember why but I told them about my new Tupperware business. Even though I didn't want to go in their neighborhood I asked if they all wanted a catalog. They all said, "Yes!"  I handed the one I had to one of the women, then went into another room to get four more catalogs. When I came out again, all the women had left.

The scene changed back to the computer screen page again.

At the end, I was in a silver car with a man I know. He drove on this right curved road and I could feel the pressure of the speed on my face and body. He was supposedly taking me home, but he drove past my house to an intersection where other roads were also coming together.

We got out of the car. He immediately morphed into a taller, red haired man and he was meeting a tall red headed woman who was standing there waiting for him.  I said, "You COULD drive me home."  He said, "No! I can't" and indicated he had to go with the red haired woman. I said, "Well, then I'll have to walk!"  He said, "Yes! you will!"

I was so pissed off, I took my square blue pillow and what seemed like a lunch box and one other item and started to walk home and woke up.

3-14-98 - 42701 - VISIONS - As I transferred my consciousness to the mental level, I heard an Irish brogued man say, "I LIKE that!"   then saw what appeared to be a newspaper headline, but not real big print:  "A V-200 JET PLANE CRASHES!"

 I had no idea what kind of plane that was but it seems I've seen an e-mail title like that and will check it out. (I never found it)

I then saw some lines of print like in Mary Summer Rain's book about NO-EYES and NO-EYES said, "It is good to see people's faces".  (No Eyes was blind in the physical)

3-16-98 - 42702 - DREAM - I was in a high-rise building where there was a party going on.  spotted Drunvalo Melchizedek come in. He was with another man.  I managed to get his attention and told him that I had three visions of him this past year. (true) and that he had been just as clear as he was standing right in front of me. He seemed impressed and pulled me aside to write me a note and said that I would meet another man later on in the evening. He gave me the note and then went to sit down. He morphed into a midget sitting on someone else's lap like a puppet.  I picked up the note again which had gotten wet. His writing was gone and it was just an old grocery list. I was very disappointed. I was sitting there and an Irish guy with a red plaid cap came up to me and from their grins, I knew this was the guy I was supposed to meet and that Drunvalo used women who came up to him for eager people who they could use for tricks.  

This Irish guy asked me if I could throw balls through hoops. I looked and the hoops looked like darkened lamp shads and they weren't even round. I made an excuse and went across the room to someone famous I saw. I noticed that he had some reading material stuck up his pants leg. I thought I'd find out a secret about him so I quickly pulled it out. One was a sex magazine and I gave that back to him. Another one was of no interest to me, and the third one was "Guide to Traveling" so I took that one to read.

I then left the party and walked down the dark alley behind the building. There were back alley entrances to sports places. The first door I opened up was dim inside and smelled like old men's sweat or crotch sweat. (Don't ask me how I know what that smells like. I don't.)

So, I went on to the next one an when I opened it up, the air smelled clean and it was air conditioned and brightly lit  inside. There were a lot of big men playing basketball or something there.

I went inside and met some Oriental people over on the side. I had to take a shower and then pulled a red cover over my front because I had to go make a phone call to someone. At the public phone, they were using little dime size crackers to fake out the phone company.

I decided to go home and there I found Joe asleep at the computer. I yelled at him and told him it was time to go to bed and acted mad that I had been waiting in bed for two hours.

In our high-rise house, all the front windows were open and everyone could see what we were doing, so when I wanted to take a shower, it was hard to find a place to change clothes where nobody could see me.

3-16-98 - 42703 - I was in Milwaukee, WI. I was walking down the street and met someone I was acquainted with. He said he had a friend who was offered a job on the other side of town but didn't know how to get there and could I help him out. So, we found some blue string and wrapped it around two trees like a ladder - 10 times. Each string represented a major street. It was hard to remember which street was which so we wove a few extra strings diagonally to represent diagonal cross streets. (This sounds like the Tree of Life)

Then, I found out that this wasn't just a job he was going to, but something was hidden at the place where he was supposed to go. The evil (dark) man who had hired him began to give instructions via telephone and television like virtual instructions, lengthy verses which we had to interpret to find the hidden thing. There were 9 of them. I was starting to get apprehensive because I was now a witness to what was going on.

Eventually, instructions done, I went home and somehow could hear through the walls what was going on. If the man couldn't find what was hidden, they were going to come and get ME to show him in person. I was sitting on the couch, feeling like they were going to come and get me, so I decided to prepare to go. I would need to be wearing shoes and underneath the low coffee table in front of me were Joe's work shoes. I put on Joe's shoes, but they were too big for me. I had to adjust the strings so they would stay on my feet.

I started to think about what someone wouldn't do for a friend and then realized that I didn't even know these people, and just ended up as a witness to events I had no control over.

3-16-98 - 42704 - MEDITATION - I was hearing a song at first but cannot think of the title. I then saw a web link. Cannot now name that site either. It was broke down into several categories. I'll have to go back where I was earlier. I'll know it if I see it. It was about earthchanges.

3-16-98 - 42705 - DREAM - I was with my family and we were doing something about earthchanges. I could hear some radio station talking about it, and I wanted Joe to hear the information. It was on WMAQ. (That is in Chicago)

My brother was there. He had such teeny-tiny eyes. I couldn't see what color they were. I'd look in them and only see the black part.

I had the radio on outside and changed the station because they were talking about the earthchanges. My Father was working across the street. He hollered at me to put the station back on where it was.

Finally I seemed to figure it out, they were talking about the earthquake of 1995.

3-17-98 - 42706 - DREAM - I was inside a computer where the letters and characters were inserted.The little characters were being manicured and spiffed up so they'd look good when they were seen. Several times I was shown the urls of links where were to be added. One was "A Benevolent Opinion of UFO Mind!"  (I just smiled)

3-17-98 - 42707 - DREAM - I was in Africa observing a mating ritual dance. The boys, some as young as 9 years old were dressed in quite modern brown suits. They would get out in the public place and do a ritual circle dance and if a girl liked him a lot, she would join him in the dance and he would then take her home to his family. It was rare that the girl would be rejected. It would be a shameful thing to reject a girl and she would have to go home alone to her family.

They said that these people were born about level 30 down and could sometimes work their way up to a spiritual level of around 7 down. I didn't get told that any made it higher than that in that tribe.

I saw one particular little 9 year old. He was chubby and blondish hair..different from all the others. He was smiling and really strutting around the circle dance. It was obvious he wouldn't be alone for long.

3-17-98 - 42708 - CHANNELED - "In 1972 - in Southern Africa, Me He Ki He Da, spoke to his people and told them of a great travesty coming. There would be much fire and water but not at the same time. Great roaring would come and wipe everything off the land, so they needed to go underground. To this day, they are prepared with food stockpiles for 7 years. This is the way it will be for them. But not for all...many will not survive. The great wind is coming soon and those not prepared will not survive at all."

3-17-98 - 42709 - DREAM - I was in a strange place, living with other people. A man telephoned and said he was coming to see me. When he arrived, he looked similar to Edward, (my ex-husband) but was not. He was much younger...way to young for me. He had a need to release his seed, so I loaned him for a few moments to a young girl nearby who had that need, then he became friends and he said he would stay around and help me.

Another man showed up. His name was Tom. He had a very strange, wild, personality. I never saw his face. He decided he would hang around and help me because he just felt like it.

Then another man showed up who looked even more like Edward except his hair was black and white and longer. There were other women around me with hair like his, but mine was not, but he decided to stay and help too.

All this time, I was caring for a male child in a blue blanket. After the 3rd man arrived, the child began to thrive and grow and I began to sense that he was going to be okay now.

3-17-98 - 42710 - CHANNELED - "We detect vast amounts of salt in your system. You must curtail salt. Your cholesterol is high, as well as your triglycerides. No more fried foods. No more salt. No more sugar. You will lose weight as you wish. No more hamburger either. Chicken, fish, beans, corn, rice. No potatoes either...deadly starches. Gardening will be good for you. Plan. Be thin. Be beautiful like you are on the inside. It will show on the outside as well. Be happy. This is not forever. Very brief. You can do it. We will communicate well. You will see. You are too anxious. Relax and enjoy. There are many messages to be given to you. You will see. We will be with you always. Yes! We are more than one. We hear your questions. No! We are not 100, but indeed more than one. We have been with you a long time but you were not ready. Now you are. You had been prepared. You have many friends. Nancy! Your favorite. She has crossed again and waits for you. You were good friends, were you not? She enjoyed your presence as well. You will hear from her again. Enough for now. Go back to work or take a nap as you will. You seem tired. You work hard. You are too emotional about this. Relax! You will see. It will be well. Goodbye for now.

3-18-98 - 42711 - EXPERIENCE: This began at 5:30 a.m. While Joe was talking to me, I experienced an intense desire to close my eyes. It was not out of boredom. :-)  

Joe was explaining his theories about the Sephiroth. He said that many people feel that the Sephiroth has to do with music. I said that was very interesting because when I closed my eyes, I was seeing a book and each 5 lines explained one section of the Sephiroth. As I watched, each word on each line became a circle and then each circle became a musical note.

Joe asked if those notes could be played. I said, "yes!" they could be played. If they were played, it would be like playing a musical scale or if in sound, it would look like a sine wave.

After Joe left for work, I heard a telephone ring in my left ear and my first thought was, "It's too early for someone to call, I'm not getting up to answer the phone." In reality the phone had run in my ear only. So I lay quietly and I heard 5 knocks. A brilliant green sign appeared in front of me that said, "Happy Cheers Day!"  Then I saw 5 lines in front of me to write music on.

The words appeared above it. THE GAME OF LIFE. How to get through life without dying.

The 4 upper lines began to receive notes, but the lowest space remained blank. I waited for notes to appear there and none did.

(It seems to me that one should not play those notes which lie on the lower spaces if one wants to live without dying then.)  Fear or anger, for example would be a lower note.

3-18-98 - 40712 - DREAM - I was working on a web page doing comparison of crop circles to symbols in visions and dreams. I was told to do only one comparison per page.

There were many of them. I then slid into a dream about people, then back into the computer page. I expected to be doing more research but instead I was seeing them on every fifth line. ""

3-19-98 - 40713 - EXPERIENCE - At midnight, Joe started hollering for help so I woke him up. He said he had been in a lucid dream and was getting scared so he started calling for help to wake him up because he couldn't get out of it himself. He said he knew it was me in bed with him, but he called me "Nancy" instead. (His ex-wife's name) He said he didn't know why he did that.

I was awake all night after that worrying about it. Then I started to think that perhaps I AM Nancy. Last month I had a dream where I was taking over the house where the woman had gone crazy and went off playing the accordion down the street. She left 3 water glasses behind. I picked up the 3 water glasses to wash them and use them in my kitchen.

NOTE: Prior to that night and since then I've had more dreams that  I was taking over Nancy's place. So, I'm comfortable with that.

3-19-98 - 40714 - DREAM - I was in a strange neighborhood and helping people with their children. I taught math to some and put two little girls in a bathtub and washed their hair.

I woke up and hear d a beautiful chime sound in my right ear. I waited for a message. It was, "Go to sleep!" Another voice said quickly, "No! There isn't time for that."  So, I started to have a dream-like vision instead.

I was watching a family move furniture out of a house. One thing was a huge piano which didn't fit. It seemed to have a hollow center, but  I don't know why. I didn't get a clear enough look at it. I was moving into that house when they were finished moving out.

3-19-98 - 40715-  DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. There were some outside contractors doing work on the house and in the yard and in the neighborhood. I was just about to go to the bathroom when one of the workmen came to the front door. He was dressed in green and blue work clothes - blue pants and green shirt. He aid that they were about done but wasn't quite sure how out lot lines were laid out; they wanted to make sure that when they inspect the land and made it perfect that they didn't extend into the neighbor's land. So, I showed him the lot lines on the north and showed him how they started at the NW corner and went all the way up the hill to the NE corner. That was the hardest line to determine. As I looked out the window with him, I could see that there were electrical and telephone poles and lines strung from the house all the way up to the NE corner. Some of the T shaped cross bars carried as many as 12 lines on them. 6 on each side.

He looked kind of amazed at how far the property line went. He said, "We may as well finish the papers now. He got a huge blue folder out that opened up towards the top. His name as contractor was way at the top. (I can't remember what it was.)On the bottom page were two places where I had to sign. I could see where my name "Dolores Bauer" (my first married name) was already on the top line and I signed my name "Dolores Finney" on the bottom line and on the top line to show who I really was. He signed it also. Then He closed the notebook and handed me my book of instructions. This book was like a calendar size that you carry with you. It was thick black leather.

His boss then came in and when I looked up, we were in my 16th St. house in the parlor by the stairway going upstairs. He said, "We are all done, the crew is just making the final touches to the livingroom". We opened up the sliding doors to the livingroom (they slid into pockets in the walls). There were two men standing on step ladders in the livingroom with lights in their left hand inspecting and ceiling and touching up the ceiling paint to make sure there were no imperfections.

They were just finishing up when Kevin from One Life to Live came in from the kitchen, saying, "Are we almost done? The women in the family would like to get the serving tables set up now." Many women in the family were bringing out trays of food to set up for a banquet. I walked to the front door with the workmen, the two bosses, clutching my book of instructions in my hand and waved goodbye to them as they drove up 16th St. to the north.

3-19-98 - 40716 - DREAM - There were small vignettes. I saw computer screens describing men's sexual fantasies. The first 10 we pre-pubescent girls. The 11th flashed a brilliant amethyst rectangle. The 12th flashed a purple square.

3-20-98 - 40717 - DREAM - I was doing the dishes and dropped all the sharp knives on the floor. I picked up three short paring knives that were worn out and asked if they could be resharpened. I was told that they could not, so I asked if I could replace them with good ones. I gave him the brand name (I don't remember it now) The kind I had in mind was one I lost 30 some years ago. The wooden handle was carved to fit the fingers and had a purplish color.

3-20-98 - 40718 - DREAM - I was watching a tiny baby girl wearing a purple dress. I saw that she wore no diaper and that she was very ill at ease. So, I asked for a diaper for her and put it on her and the baby smiled at me. I then discovered that no one was watching any of the children but me, that the parents rule of thumb was to just leave as long as there was an adult present and I was the last one present.

I was going to have to explain this to the cops when they came because I had called the cops and I as the last responsible adult left.

3-20-98 - 40719 - DREAM  - I was with my friend E.R. when my car was approved to turn on and the slot for it was yellow.

Time passed and I was out at my father's lake place and I was having trouble getting the car going. So, my husband came out and stepped on the gas really hard and blue smoke came out and started coming up into the car but at least it was running. Then, I looked and he had driven it up into the mailbox post. I looked over at him and asked him why he had done that and discovered he had dropped over like he was dead. I decided I would just sit there and see what happened next.

3-20-98 - 40720 - DREAM - I had moved into a new apartment and when I got up, the place was full of people I didn't know. They were just having conversations with each other, not with me. Finally, they all left except one and I asked who they all were. The chubby couple I liked were Julie and Jim (I know these people from somewhere and trying to remember from where) The man is quite chubby and she is a 'little' chubby. I discovered that these people were all eating my candy so I put the candy away in the pantry. I thought I heard the doorbell ring twice while some other noise was going on, but I wasn't sure if that's what it was, so I didn't answer it. Later, I went over to the 'listener' button and there was no one there anymore in the lobby. My friend Sue showed up. She was very slim and chic looking. She told me she weighed 118 pounds. I had never been that thin but I used to look good as her and was thinking about that. She wanted my advice about something. She had been offered a modeling job in a place like Cuba or somewhere down there by some shady people and the money was good. I looked at her face and it was made up pure white with like a spider-web-like effect across it in green. It seemed normal to me until I looked away, then I had to think about whether that was normal or not, then looked back, and it was white with a green spider-web across it. I looked away again, thinking, "She is an adult and can make up her own decisions even if they turn out to be wrong."

The back kitchen door opened then, and the chubby Jim handed me a laundry rack for drying clothes. He had borrowed it and brought it back. He obviously lived in the same building.

A young man came in then who seemed to be my fiance. I wasn't particularly paying attention to him. He leaned over and whispered, "What would you think if someone bought a 1946 Pontiac?" I looked at him quizzickly and he laughed and said, "I was seeing if you were paying attention.  I went over to the car shop and bought a 1946 Pontiac. They'll give us 3 weeks to make our decision and they said that you can work part-time for them."

I think I woke up then. I don't recall any more.

3-21-98 - 40720 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. In the back yard were a lot of religious leaders and every one had guns. I saw some Protestant ministers coming. They didn't have any guns, but they had silver bullets and were throwing them to the religious leaders with the guns, but there was no one to shoot at.

I went out into the yard and cracked open a raw egg on a white plate on the ground and it became a perfect white circle with a perfect yellow centre.

I then went to 15th and Garfield Sts., a black neighborhood. I entered a church there when they were having a jazz concert. I was observing them from the balcony. There was an equal number of black and white people there and they were in perfect harmony.

I then went downstairs where heaters and air-conditioners were being sold. Finally, the last one of each kind was sold.

The husband/business owner asked the female business owner if she was going to stockpile more as the warehouse was now empty. She said, "No! Not until there is a need and there isn't now. There's a perfect balance of heat and air.

3-21-98 -40721 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI. I was working at the court house. The last letter I had written was by hand 15 years earlier, so when I sat down to type the new letter on the word processor, it was new to me. I was going to write about the heat, but there wasn't any word for that. I was going to write about the cold, but there wasn't any word for that.

I went over to the huge shiny brown table where a little boy sat, all by himself, dressed in a black and white suit. He looked very sad because there were charges brought up against him. The attorney came in then. It was a Jewish female attorney. She looked over the charges against the boy and then left.

The little boys mother came in then and asked about the little boy's case. I said, "You can take him home. His attorney is the best in the word and there will be no trial. "

I went home then and I was going to go to the library to get some books, but I had forgotten to put on my slacks and by the time I did, the books I wanted had already been brought to me.

I was also going to stop at the dry cleaners to pick up the little boy's suits which were supposed to be for the trial and when I turned around, all his suits were handed to me. They had already been cleaned and were stain-free.

NOTE: I believe that this was a story about Jesus.

3-21-98 - 40722 - DREAM - I was on  the computer on a UFO page. I was told to go onto another web ring  that only had 32 members.

I woke disappointed that I didn't't  know what the  subject matter was. I fell asleep  again and found myself on a street corner where a green bus was going by. There was like a circus barker there encouraging people to come on the bus and take a ride because it was so exciting. I was  reluctant to get on because I had never been on that kind of bus before.

The barker said, "I understand your reluctance. Come, let me show you something." He grabbed me by the hand and took me to the corner where another bus was going by. It looked identical on the outside and had an exciting barker just like him. My barker said, "Com on, we're going to get on this one." He led me to the stairs and I climbed up into the bus and past the driver. Inside were 5 plain old housewife-type women, one of whom had gotten on at the same time we did. Most of them were facing the back of the bus where there was nothing but plain, ugly, green paint, even over the windows. I was shocked to see how these people had been duped by the hype.

My barker said, "C'mon!. We're getting off here and we got off the back exit at the next corner, taking the new woman  with us and walked back the block to my barker's bus.

3-22-98 - 40723 - DREAM - I was on my way to 20th St. school. I got to 17th St. and saw that all the 18 year old boys had been called up for training in the army. All the trucks, some of which were as long as 18 wheeler semis were parked about 1/2 way between 199th and 20th St. They were all army khaki green. These young men were all arriving by bus which was also army khaki green to transfer to these trucks.

3-22-98 - 40724 - DREAM- It seemed there was some connection between keeping the plans secret between the previous dream and the future. Someone had sat at a piano and made the symbol of a tic tac toe game on a piece of paper and drew the lines so that the lines got accidentally scratched onto the piano. Two other people came along separately and noticed those scratches and were immediately aware of a secret plot afoot.

A father came in the room and began questioning his son. The son feigned sleep in order to avoid answering his father.

Gen. Colin Powell was accused by his wife of sleeping with a prostitute because he had been out all night. The prostitute was named "Norma!"  HIs wife said she could smell Norma's perfume. Gen. Colin Powell denied it, but at the end he went to buy his wife and son, he could smell his own breath and the perfume, he broke off the hug and ran to take a shower saying, "Even I can smell the perfume of Norma.!"

I went home and wrote all this down in my dream journal, then asked one of my neighbors if she wanted to read my dreams. She said she did, but after she walked away with my book, I realized that all my future plans were detailed and diagrammed in that book and she couldn't know that, so I ran down the hall to get it back, just as she was taking my book into another woman's apartment to talk about it.

3-22-98 - 40725 -  NOTE: I was getting dizzy feelings in the front of my head, so I went to lay down. As I began to relax, I started to think about "Dorothy B. Leon". In my right ear, I heard a woman's voice. I don't know what it said, but it was so loud, I thought a visitor had come into the house.

DREAM - I feel asleep and found myself outside in front of a building I was managing. A huge white bus came by and the driver stopped the bus and asked if I was the flower shop. I looked back at my building and saw that there were flowers everywhere. I told the bus driver that I was holding a rummage sale of sorts. She said, "Oh! Good!" and backed up her bus a whole block and parked it behind a parking lot a block away. At that point, I saw my friend Pat (from Milwaukee) pulling along skinny green bus into the parking lot.

The bus driver then followed me down the hall of the building. We got to my apartment and I wanted to put my mail outside. My apartment door was down about 7 feet from the hallway and  I slid down a ramp to the door and felt a little embarrassed that I didn't have more control. I looked back up towards the bus driver and she was wearing thick rubber soles on her shoes. As I struggled back up toward the hallway, I knew I had to get some shoes like hers. We then went outside again through the front door. There, I saw some very strang vehicles. One of them looked like a dark blue velvet with  blue velvet jet plane on top. I watched the man maneuver and then he parked it. I went over to look at it.  It was fully open on the sides. The bottom looked like blue plastic and had a rotating platform beneath it. The female passenger said, "People think we will sink if we go across water but it really is a boat.

As I woke up again, I heard the name "Honey Bear!" and I knew that was Dorothy B. Leon.

3-25-98 - 40726 - DREAM - I was on the computer most of the night. In another scene, a large man appeared in my kitchen, sitting on a stool. He said, "If you want to get rid of your pain, you will have to eat ELK meat." I told him it was probably next to impossible to get Elk meat. He said, "Then, you can manifest it!"

Later on in another dream, I was in my Father/mother's house and raiding the refrigerator before I went home. There was ELK meat in his refrigerator, so I helped myself to it and helped myself to what I thought was my share of everything he had in there. BUT, he had only 3 eggs wrapped in blue paper, so I left him those and decided to buy my own at the store.

3-25-98 - 40727 - NOTE; In the morning, I saw a hawk (my totem) perch on a post across the street from the house and I could see him out the window.

I went back to bed and had a vision. I saw a cute little blonde boy, held in his mother's arms. She said, "Nobody pays much attention to him, but he is so CUTE!"

Then the little boy said, "The door is open now. It once was a major entrance."

A channeled message then began:

"Male! It is the custom!'

"Come hither!"

"It's not so far!"

"I am coming soon."

"The reports are many".

"I am the one they seek"

'They do not recognize me because I am so small yet. One day they will respect me for who I am"

"I AM the ONE!'

"I am yet a child"

"I am watched. You have seen me before in 1991."

"I was yet an infant."

"I have grown...and am growing. It's too soon to speak out, but I will. I have much to say. I shall come forth. I AM the Messiah. You shall see. You are the chosen one, but so are others. I will speak to many. Those who will hear. It will not be easy. People are used to 'kooks' as they call them. False Prophets! There are many. Too many who wish to be known. "

"I AM ONE! I AM many. I AM THEM!"

"I AM the one they call Jesus, but I am not. I was Appalonious as they say. They will not recognize me as such. Perhaps better that they do not know. However, you may say so. And those who will know me, will recognize as such what I say as coming forth from the mouth of babes as they say.  There are many who see what I stand for. AS you, in your wisdom are seeking the truth. As such, there are many who are the same. They will realize then as you, go along and search for them and they for you.  You will be pulled together such as like magnets. Those who do not will find as they respond to negative searching. That they will find instead. Those who are wise will seek me and truth and will find success and love as much as they want of same. There are those who are wishy-washy as they say and will be kicked out of my mouth as such they say they do not care one way or the other. These will not get anything at all.  We are the same. such as the way it is. The LAW works for all the same. It is for this reason that those who seek truth will find it.  I will be seeking those out who seek is theirs.  

Let us seek then out day by day, they will find me and I them. For once someone seeks and find, they realize that is how it is done and continues to find success in that way. There is still time to seek and such...I shall be time.

So long as they seek, they will find. So long as they want to find me...I shall be there. So long as they tarry, I shall not.

Be good and fruitful and true. I AM yours as I AM there's. Be good and kind to one another.


So long as I AM, I AM theirs. So long as I AM theirs, I AM!

Be well! I shall return in time. Thank you! And thank God! We are ONE! ALL are ONE!

Be wise. Pass along my message. Tell them I AM coming. In time, in their time, I will be.

In Peace, Harmony, and Beauty, I AM theirs. ALL theirs. And yours.

Be searching, be looking. I AM always there. I AM the ONE.   WE are ONE!

So long as we all shall live in Eternity, that shall be true. Be of ONE heart. Be of ONE mind. We shall be there in time. As time exists not, however it shall be as ONE, we all are and shall be eternally! We are ONE eternally!

Be good and kind. We shall be back in your time as you know it. I shall return soon. A word that has no real meaning for you, such as your experience has taught you, yet, it shall be in one way or another, you have what you need as such as will others as they want, whether negative or positive. They get what they wish for.

Disasters? They know not yet what that word means. If they wish for it, it shall be theirs as they desire. It is only because many do not, has it held off so far. Others must God. Stave off disaster. You do not need it, you do not wish it, then it shall not happen. Those that wish it shall have it. It is the LAW. You get what you desire and work for.

Be ONE, be of ONE Heart!. I shall be yours and theirs. Be good, be wise, I shall return.

As ONE...we ARE!

NOTE: I was called back again for another message:

We have more to say.  For those of you who feel that you are not good enough to be spoken to, such is not the case. We have spoken to many. Many dismiss the messages out of hand as they don't deem themselves worthy of such messages.

Be forewarned, we WILL be speaking to all, and according to how you receive us and respond, such will be your fate in your future.

Your doubts of unworthiness, your doubts and fears are the killers of society.

Such, as I may bring up the subject of the tragic murder of those children yesterday (May 24th, 1998) They were forewarned and did not listen. They too deemed themselves as unworthy for messages from spirit and dismissed the messages as "folderol" ridiculous dreams and thoughts.

Be forewarned now. We will come to all. Before you know what is happening, you will be told. Your response is up to you. If you desire to ignore the message, then your fate is in your own hands as you wish. Your fear and doubt WILL kill you. In the end, it is only LOVE and Desire for good that wins.

Do not doubt the messages. They will come to their own time. Such is the LAW and will be obeyed as the LAW excludes no one. Be wary, be certain, the message will come knocking on your door as well.  Listen carefully, as it will not be repeated endlessly. Only as your listen will you know what is in store for you.

If you wish LOVE, if you dream LOVE, if you desire success in all things, then it will be yours. Watch! Listen! Be wary! Do not wish for the disasters, for then it will be yours.

Wish for the LOVE, work for the LOVE. ALL is ONE and all is yours as you learn. KNOW that. There is enough abundance for everyone. Have no doubt of that. Be wise...not foolish. We shall return in glory and that glory will be yours as you desire it.

Be in LOVE, be in ONE Heart, be in LOVE!

NOTE: After this message was received, I went outside for fresh air and watched the clouds in the sky. Directly over my head, out of a small cloud, a rainbow appeared. It was only about 30 feet long, a straight line, not really bowed. It remained about 5 minutes until the cloud moved away.

When I went to sleep at night, I saw a brilliant white light with the face of Jesus in it. Then I saw Joe and I walking in a park with a lot of other people and we began to sit in chairs in rose like in an orchestra. We were all dressed in blue.

3-25-98 - 40728 - DREAM - I was dreaming I saw a web page and then the words Crop Circle with the words like BEGGIN. I thought they were trying to form another word like "beginning' but that's all I could see. The pattern looked like a ship with sails on the sea.

3-25-98 - 40729 - DREAM - I had the same dream only two more ...only each time the pattern was larger.

3-26-98 - 40730 - DREAM - I was caring for my baby and was called to the other bedroom by my older son who wasn't much bigger. The baby had crawled out of his crib and was stuck between the crib and the wall. He said his slipper had fallen off and we had to rescue him.

3-26-98 - 40731 - I was watching the Gayle King show where she was interviewing a person. I noticed that she looked pregnant. I felt very comfortable watching her because she was like a fat normal person.

3-26-98 - 40732 - While I was working, someone moved me from one apartment to another and I didn't know my own new address. I was trying to please a whole lot of people at once and at the same time get my mail which was a gold mailbox up so high I could barely reach it. The key was shaped like a "t".

One by one, I took care of the problems and got my mail. In the mail was a note from my mother with my new address on it. It was 5252 N 52nd St.  (777) :-)

Just then, M. B. and Erica came to visit and he gave her a gift to pay her rent of $500 and some baby pictures. For some reason, she got angry and they took off without the gift. I ended up with the money in my hand. He didn't know that she was going to get free rent if she worked at her new job alone or if she had a boss she was going to earn $508 a month to pay the rent.

A man came to see me. IAN from One Life to Live (He died in a plane crash 2 weeks earlier on the show) He said he wanted to visit me and that's when we discussed not knowing my address and I found the note from my mother.

As I woke up, a male voice commented on M.B. and Erica's problem. The voice said, "If they would get down on their knees and pray, they wouldn't have any problems."

3-27-98 - 40733 - DREAM - I was creating a web page on the computer and it clicked to an animated drawing. There was a man or boy holding a gold book over his head and from the book, flying towards a woman's head were several birds.

I woke up then and had a vision that said, "Photos and Art by Zora!"

I asked Joe, "Who is Zora?" not expecting him to know.

"That's my grandmother!" he said.

I almost fell out of bed with that news. I continued to see visions of words. I was getting garbled visions of words Zora was trying to say but I wasn't getting them. Then I saw the words, "I speak clearly." and "You and he have easy access."

I told this to Joe. He laughed and said that she had said this on the Ouija Board when he and his wife Nancy had used it in 1982.

Then I saw the word, "initiates". Then I got the impression she was going to make something all and I got the number 27.  Of course I realized that was today's date.

NOTE:  Shortly after we got up, we heard a crashing noise in the livingroom. We ran to see what had fallen, but we never discovered what it was that made the noise.

3-28-98 - 40734 - DREAM - NOTE: I woke up and instantly forgot my dream. I was upset and thought, "Darn it! I forgot my dream. Instantly the dream or "a" dream began to play backwards in my vision while I was awake. This was rather upsetting me because then I realized that this was NOT a dream, but a vision and a voice said, "You learn more by going backwards through time than forward." Then the picture screen changed into like a section of a web page and the screen in the center changed to black and the screen printed out "ET'S WINDOW FAILED."

3-28-98 - 40735 - DREAM - I was in the livingroom of my 16th St. house. We were holding a church service there. The pastor sat behind a long table covered by a white cloth on the south wall. His small children sat on little chairs in front of the table facing the people. Several other families were there, also with their children. I was sitting on the floor by the East window, somewhat distracted with a book I was reading. The kids were being disruptive especially the pastor's kids. The pastor took some scotch tape and put it over the mouth of his smallest child like an "X". I decided to help by taking the children out of the room. I got up from the floor and asked, "Who wants to come to the kitchen with me?" One of the more disruptive older boys said he would. I said, "Let's see if we can find something to eat." I didn't know if we had anything at all. I looked in an upper cabinet and found bunches of grapes and bananas. They were all overripe and starting to rot. I pulled out all of them and found a couple bananas that weren't too bad. I took one over to the boy, cut in half lengthwise. He didn't want one served that way. He said, "If you take one that is half brown and peel it whole, you will see an antenna on it." I thought about this and went back to the bunch of bananas in the cabinet and found a couple more bananas that were overripe. I went back with them and held one up to him that was shaped like a bird and showed him. Then I showed him one that was even more overripe and it looked like a yellow and brown bird, and the peelings that were brown and falling off, looked like wings.

My daughter was sitting next to me then on a rack with a stack of dinner plates that were light green. I thought to myself, "Here! All this time I thought we didn't have any plates in the house. My husband must have bought them and had them stashed somewhere."

I went to the bedroom and saw that my husband had bought 4 pair of pink and blue plaid slacks and hung them in the closet. The pattern was like a large diamond shape.

I was sorting out the laundry then and found that I had mismatched some socks and felt very dismayed that I had made that big of an error.

3-28-98 - 40736 - VISION - I was laying in bed and an old woman came into my room and sat down on the bed with me. She had a folder with her labeled GAP7. She began to give me instructions for a project.

DREAM - I found myself in the basement of an old school and remodeling work was being done. The best men they had were there and the very best one was asked to go for supplies. I told him to tell the boss that the most expensive man ran errands.

At the end of the dream, a voice said, "It would be better if we give you the information during the night."

I said, "Yes! If I can remember my dreams."  The voice said, "We will help you!'

3-29-98 - 40737 - NOTE: I went to bed wondering if I'd dream about the GAP7 project. I still didn't know what it meant. Joe and I were discussing what the letters meant.

DREAM - The dream was about G.A.P. It meant "The Great American Plan". In the dream, I was experiencing many inequities of the American people.

In the dream, I was wearing my orange power suit like I saw in the dream which Pat Nixon wore in a dream in 1997.

I experienced women not being able to get (1) higher paying jobs, (2) young men not being able to get any job at all, (3) sexual harassment of men against women, (4) a white woman being unable to walk through a black neighborhood, (5) I needed to pretend to be a lesbian to get a safe ride in a car. (6) My Jewish female friend who was separated from her husband had to live in a shelter because she couldn't support her child herself, (7) An Acura car dealership was hidden on the 2nd floor over and behind a bar which was hidden in an office building.

3-29-98 - 40738 - MEDITATION - on GAP7. Voice - "Your mother is going to interfere with it." I saw many knives. Then  I saw a woman with a thin sharp knife which was full of blood. She said, "This is the patient's knife." (patience?" I saw our daughter-in-law Lorna taking her son Ethan to the bathroom. He pulled away and said, "Let Dee do it."

I asked if Joe could help and I saw a lake behind the house. It was still...reflective water. It went out as far as the eye could see. "Still water runs deep", came into my mind. I asked if I had to do this right away. I saw a square with a round circle in it and a push button on top. The voice said, "No! You don't have to!" Then I heard the crack of a whip.

A woman shook her finger at a young boy and said, "I didn't tell you to take your clothes off. You disobey the rules." The little boy looked up at her and said, "We don't have rules like that at my house."

I said, "I think I receive information for another woman named Dee." The other woman said, "She receives MY information.

I said something about receiving balanced information and I saw a 2 wheel bicycle come rolling in. I reach over with a sharp "grabber" thing and pulled in a file with Joe's name on it. The file opened up and it said, "May the hearts of mankind be opened and joy fill them up."

3-30-98 - 40739 - DREAM - I was watching a UFO web page of stories people told about their experience, then the pages were rewritten and I remembered the story from a previous dream. There were no two stories nor two experiences alike. I clicked on the last line and found myself inside of a huge UFO. There were hundreds of people in it, and I could tell from where I was that it seemed round shaped. The unusual thing was that it was carpeted in powder blue plush velvet material. There was someone piloting the ship who obviously didn't know what they were dong and it began rocking ominously. Each person had an assigned place, even from generation to generation, and each person had to get to their own assigned spot in case something went really wrong, and everyone scrambled to get to their own space.

3-30-98 - 40740 - DREAM - I was moving out of my 16th St. house and another house at the same time. In the 16th St. house, nobody was helping me, so I began packing all of the radios, TVs, VCRs, and special treasures I had never seen before.

In the other house, the people who were helping me move, had taken everything out and let it sit on the grass and they were all standing under a big tree down the block. A storm began to come up and everybody ran for the car, leaving all the blankets on the lawn. I grabbed piles of blankets, holding some overhead for protection from the rain, as the rain started to fall and began shoving the blankets into the back car window.

There were protests inside, but  I kept bring more and more blankets and putting them into the car. I got in by the driver's side door and closed the door. I immediately started to feel claustrophobic and it was hard to breathe. So, I lowered the window to get some fresh air and saw a man standing outside the window, smiling at me, but at least I could breathe easier.

3-30-98 - 40741- DREAM - I was in a small town and went into a hardware store to buy supplies. A wild-eyed looking man came in looking for supplies he could use for explosives. The hardware store didn't carry them but the clerk said he was going to his supplier that afternoon and could pick up whatever the guy needed.

I was pretty worried about what the guy was planning to do, but the hardware store man seem oblivious to any danger.

A woman came into the store then to buy something and the wild-eyed man, who seemed more normal looking at this point, tried to demonstrate  a blue-flamed blow torch to the woman. She looked scared and the man demonstrated how he could hurt himself with a backflash of flame if she didn't cooperate with him.

I decided to exit quickly and made a mad dash for the door, though it was in slow-motion, ran down an alleyway between two brick buildings and around a corner to make sure the wild-eyed man couldn't see me if he should come looking.

I kept running in panic until I woke up.

3-30-98 - 40742 - NOTE: I was thinking about the GAP7 plan and  I saw a white brochure type booklet. It opened up to the middle where it showed the town in Arkansas where some girls were murdered last week.

It showed photos of a baseball team, a football team, a choir, a cheerleading squad and several other pictures of teams of people and the question was asked, "When people are so willing to work together for good, what causes two little boys to be left out so things go wrong?"

Other examples of similar problems were presented on other pages. These were problems being presented to which answers needed to be found.

3-30-98 - 40743 - MEDITATION - I was too deep to remember most of it. It ended with my brother Marty sitting at the kitchen table and asking, "Is there anything you and I Paul should degrade?"  (I have no idea what that means.)

3-31-98 - 40744 - DREAM - In the middle of the dream, I was shown a page of words. At the top it said, "A Spirit Vision", "A Language of Change". In the center of the page was a list of words that were similar. "Ach tek", "Ach teke", "Ach teke de", "Ach teke de dhe"