11-6-91 - Dream:  I was living in New Berlin, WI.  It was the eve of my wedding. An old woman was complaining that Nitrites were getting into her drinking water. An expert said that it was leaking in through the basement walls.  But, we had a man sealing the basement walls to prevent that from happening. (An article on nitrites in the drinking water wasin the newspaper yesterda).

I went upstairs to the first floor. I saw a book titled "The death of the Two Truscan Babies".  Then I saw another one about the Russians. It said, "The Death of the 5 Twin Babies of the Kundalini".

I was looking for a fur jacket t go over my wedding dress because it was winter. I had an embroidered flowered pillow case and I wanted to wash it all by itself to make sure it was pure white, but I tore out the embroidered picture because that was the only part I needed to wash. Other women wanted to wash the baby clothes with it, but I said, "No! It has to be washed alone."

11-6-91 - Meditation:  I did some chakra balancing work, and when I worked on the crown chakra on myself, I saw my wedding veil. It was in a roll, pure white, and I was handing it to my maid of honor and asking her if she was ready to perform her duty. She said she was.

I then asked who I was marrying. I saw a drape being pulled down like a monk's cowl and yellow roses rolled out. A voice said, "We are counting the guestlist. Rebecca won't be there. I repeated. "Who am I to marry?"  The voice said, "You are to be the Bride of Christ."

Not to be fooled by demons, I said, "I want to see my bridegroom, including the feet." I was shown a man in a tuxedo, but he was transparent. Worrying about my future in the physical, I asked, "Will I be able to have a physical bridegroom too?" The answer came back, "Yes!" I asked, "Who will it be?"  The answer came back, "You know who it is." I asked, "Why doesn't he know it?"  The answer was, "He is being blinded to it at this time, because of his own personal situation."

11-8-91 -VISION - I was meditating and a man's voice said, "We have to go into training for this, just like anything else. A door opened and a man dressed in a pale grey almost silver suit appeared. He said, "I'm going into training now and when I return..."  and he came into my body.

A woman dressed white appeared.  She wore a purple cape.  She said, "Is there any reason why we can't control them all. I said somethinga bout my health and another voice said, "You will be healed miraculously." I saw myself go up through a brown door and when I did, I noticed that I was carrying my wedding veil.

I went to a higher level, and a voice asked, "Are you prepared for your marriage?"  I felt unsuree and imagined myself taking a shower. I then saw a man standing in his shorts, pulling on his white tuxedo trousers, one leg at a time. He said, "Why are YOU nervous?"

I heard women babbling, and one women said, "She's lucky. First a date, and then the King." Another woman said, "She's going to need so much help. She's so comedic helpless.  And she's going to be the Queen of the World."

A man's voice said, "You'll have ME!"

I said, "Thank God!"

He said, "I'll be with you always."

I then saw the veil unfolding.

I heard the words, "With this ring I thee wed."

Then I saw the white veil spread out over my head and it seemed to cover the whole sky.

I again meditated on the man in grey. I asked what he and I were going to do together. The voice answered, "He is going to help you do prophecy. He is here to learn to share the blessings that you are going to receive in the future because of what he is going to help you do.

The man in grey appeared and said, "You are very pleasant to be with, and beautiful too. He leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips.

by Dee Finney

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