Lord Gautama


Lord Gautama and Lord Maitreya were the first life-streams of unascended mankind who responded to the love of Sanat Kumara for volunteers after He had come to Earth and taken her under His wing, so to speak. The positions of the Hierarchy had always been held by Ascended Beings from other planets and not by Beings who gained their attainment on Earth. The Being hold-ing the position of Buddha had asked to be released so that He might go on with His own evolution. It was required that one from the guardians of Earth be devel-oped to embody the nature of God to qualify for the position of Buddha. Lord Gautama and Lord Maitreya both offered to make the endeavor. They then went through many embodiments on Earth and many times were in embodiment at the same time, both having similar training. This was done not in com-petition but in loving service and in between embodiments in the inner realms They would compare their experi-ences and progress. Lord Gautama knew great light and illumination on Lemuria. It was said that He was the first of the twenty-nine Zarathustras; that He was Hermes of ancient Egypt, known as “Father of All Wisdom”, and Orpheus of Greece. He was in embodiment as Prince Siddartha Gautama the son of a King in India. He was born May 8th (563-483 B. C., according to a dictionary). He came into that embodiment without personal karma. He grew up pro-tected within the palace and did not know of mankind’s distresses, disease and death. He married Princess Yasod-hra (His Twin Ray). A son (Rohula) was born to them, and while he was yet a baby, Siddartha left home and family, renouncing his ascension to the throne, to go out in search of Truth. He became an ascetic and after six years he entered into deep meditation—contemplation, during which time He was confronted with many human qualities and temptations.

He raised Himself in consciousness, through application consciously passing through the various spheres (strata of consciousness) and into the great eternal light; thus be-coming master over vibration, energy and substance. He went further than some, seeking the ultimate, though there really is none, as there are ever greater heights to attain, no matter how far one may go. He went on until He became the fuLness of love.
He attained illumination and was transfigured, hence the term “The Enlightened One” has been attributed to Him. He gained the qualifications of a Buddha and was known as Gautama Buddha or just Buddha. He made this attaiment at inner levels, in seven years, while His physical body sat under the bo-tree at Gaya, and was taken care of by some chelas of His. He then came back, consciously descended and again functioned through his physical body, sacrificing His inner attainment. This re-nunciation and the centuries of training is what is re-ferred to as the Great Sacrifice. He re-animated His physi-cal body which had become greatly emaciated, and again functioned among mankind, expressing the nature of divinity. Thus He served in the world of form for some forty-five years, walking the land of India, teaching the Truth by word, radiation and example, stressing the Path of the Middle Way. He fulfilled a great mission. Lord Gautama attained while in physical embodiment to the point where His aura was so charged with divine qualities that upon touching a lifestream it would cause that one to experience an exaltation of consciousness. He magnetized great currents of energy in that lifetime as well as in previous embodiments which still radiate their blessings to mankind.
Lord Gautama at one time served as Chohan of the Seventh Ray.

BUDDHA Buddha is a certain attainment and qualification as well as a particular position in the Spiritual Hierarchy. Buddha is a second ray activity. There have been several Beings Who held the position of Buddha for Earth. The next step from here is Lord of the World.
The activity and service of a Buddha is to step down the high spiritual vibrations and radiate them to nourish, expand and sustain the light in all beings during their development on the planet. He is to radiate God’s love to a planet and its evolutions; to draw and hold the spir-itual nourishment around a planet for all evolving life-streams on that planet both while in and out of embodi-ment, sustaining them spiritually and developing their inner or God natures especially the emotional bodies. He guards and sustains the flame of the least developed soul, so that it will not go out. A Buddha’s work is through radiation, by radiating.  Lord Gautama was the first from the humanity of Earth to hold the position of Buddha, the previous ones having come from other planets. Gautama Buddha reached that attainment ahead of Lord Maitreya and so became the Buddha while Lord Maitreya was placed in the next position—the World Teacher. Lord Gautama served at inner levels since His Ascen-sion, only appearing and rendering service at the Wesak Festival in His Luminous Presence. He returned to Earth in His Ascended Body for the first time on February 23, 1953. He stayed and has worked in the atmosphere of Earth since that time. He became Lord of the World when Sanat Kumara was given His freedom on January 1, 1956. He was a guar-dian who took physical embodiment on Earth many times and this has given Him a specific qualification for Lord of the World at this particular time, because He had experienced the discordant conditions of the humanity of Earth. He was prepared and ready to assume this high office when the time came that Sanat Kumara could be released.  Lord Gautama’s particular quality is balance and He will give assistance in the balancing of the four lower bodies. He came from Venus. His Electronic pattern is a lotus; He has golden hair and blue eyes. He made the Ascension on May the eighth, on the anniversary of His Enlightenment, which was also His birthday.

From LAW OF LIFE II by A. D. LUK, p. 307 - 311)