Lady Master Nada, Chohan of the Sixth Ray


Ascended Lady Master Nada is Chohan of the Sixth Ray, the purple and gold ray, of peace, service and brotherhood. She tutors souls in mastering these qualities in the solar-plexus chakra, and helps them prepare to receive the Holy Spirit’s gifts of speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues. In addition, she is known as the unifier of families and twin flames.  The word Nada means the voice of the silence, and also a receding of the personality into the nothingness, giving way to the Christ Self. Nada is a Messenger of the Lord Meru and received training in His retreat. She is of the Third Ray. Nada has a certain cosmic authority for the incoming age. Healing is one of Her actions or services to mankind. She is one Who directs healing to the mankind of Earth. She uses a Pink Flame for some of Her work. Nada is a member of the Karmic Board and represents the Third Ray in that body. She has recently assumed the Chohanship for the Sixth Ray for the time being. Her symbol is a pink rose.

Nada also serves on the Karmic Board—a group of eight ascended masters and cosmic beings who dispense justice to this system of worlds, adjudicating karma, mercy and judgment on behalf of every soul. Through both these offices in the Great White Brotherhood (chohan and member of the Karmic Board), she teaches the path of personal Christhood by expressing love through ministration and service to life. She assists ministers, missionaries, healers, teachers, psychologists, counselors at law, professional people, public servants in government as well as those devoted to serving the needs of people in every branch of human and health services. You will also find her at the side of businessmen and -women, blue-collar, skilled and unskilled workers, farmers, ranchers, defenders of freedom and revolutionaries of love in every field.

On Atlantis Nada served as a priestess in the Temple of Love. In other embodiments, she was a lawyer and expert in the defense of oppressed souls. In her final incarnation 2,700 years ago, Nada was the youngest of a large family of exceptionally gifted children. Archangel Charity appeared to her at an early age and taught her how to draw God's love from the flame in her heart and to radiate it into the nature kingdom for the blessing of all life. He also taught her to radiate it into the chakras of her brothers and sisters, so that by a heightened inner awareness they might bless others and uplift earth’s culture through the arts.

Lady Master Nada’s etheric retreat is located over Saudi Arabia.

Assisting Saint Germain in his "great gathering of the elect" who will serve with him in the cause of world freedom is beloved Nada, Chohan of the Sixth Ray. This Ascended Lady Master also serves on the Karmic Board as the representative of the Third Ray. Through both offices she teaches Jesus' path of personal Christhood through ministration and service to life.

On Atlantis Nada served as a priestess in the Temple of Love. The etheric counterpart of this temple, which is designed after the pattern of a rose, is centered above New Bedford, Massachusetts. Each petal is a room, and in the center there burns the flame of Divine Love--tended by brothers and sisters of the Third Ray for the healing of earth's evolutions by love, which Jesus says is the fulfilling of the law of karma.

Final incarnation

In other embodiments, Nada took up the avocation of law and became an expert in the defense of souls oppressed by the spoilers in the earth. During her meditations upon the Law of God and in the course of her ministrations in the temple, she perceived the Law "as the certain defense which the Mother must use to protect her children from the wiles of this world, from the fallen ones who seek also to use the Law to their unjust purposes." In her final incarnation 2,700 years ago, Nada was the youngest of a large family of exceptionally gifted children. The beloved angel Charity appeared to her at a very early age and taught her how to draw God's love from the flame in her heart and to radiate it into the Nature kingdom for the blessing of life. The Archeia of the Third Ray also taught Nada to expand her threefold flame for the quickening of the chakras of her brothers and sisters, that by a heightened inner awareness they might bless the people and uplift the culture of the Divine Mother on earth through the arts.

In a dictation given August 28, 1982, Nada told her story:

"As I was embodied in a large family of many brothers and sisters of great talent, I saw how each one in pursuing his career needed love and ministration and the keeping of the flame of the sacred fire in order to be successful,

"And thus, although the choice was given to me to pursue my own career, unbeknownst to my brothers and sisters I quietly kept the flame in deep meditation and prayer as well as outer helpfulness, in [by way of] contacting the great spheres [causal body] of their divine plan, and in accelerating through the mighty Archangels Chamuel and Charity in the understanding that the adversaries of love are many, and that love is the full power of creativity, and that the success of the career son or daughter of God depends upon the defeat of love's adversary, point counterpoint.

"And therefore, in the course of defending the Christhood of my brothers and sisters, I had to advance in my own self-mastery to confront the fallen ones who attempted to thwart them in their most magnificent lifestreams and their offering to the world. Thus I understood love as the consuming fire of the Holy Spirit that does indeed challenge and bind the wicked in the way!...

"I can assure you that at the conclusion of my incarnation when I saw the victory of each one of my brothers and sisters, the fullness of my joy was in a heart of love expanded, keeping the flame--keeping the flame and knowing that I was needed, that I was essential to their victory....

"It seemed to the world, and perhaps even to my own, that I had not accomplished much. But I took my leave into the higher octaves thoroughly understanding the meaning of the self-mastery of the pink flame. Thus it was from the point of the Third Ray that I entered into the heart of Christ and saw the application [on the Sixth Ray] as ministration and service."

The Sixth Ray of Ministration and Service

As Lord of the Sixth Ray of Ministration and Service, the Ascended Lady Master Nada assists ministers, missionaries, healers, teachers, psychologists, counselors at law, professional people, public servants in government as well as those devoted to serving the needs of God's children in every branch of human and health services. You will also find her at the side of businessmen and -women, blue-collar, skilled and unskilled workers, farmers, ranchers, defenders of Freedom and revolutionaries of love in every field.

Of course, Nada loves them all because she teaches the principle and practice of the sacred labor as the effective means to achieve the goal of the ascension. Fittingly, the mottos of her disciples are "I serve," "The servant is not greater than his Lord," and "I am my brother's keeper.

Nada tells us of the initiations and joy of selfless service:

"Understand this formula of selflessness: To know when you have become selfless is to not be aware of the choice of selflessness. By this I mean that the natural course of your life is always the preferring of the love of God, the service of that God incarnate. To be aware of self, its pleasures, its privileges, its preferences, and then to make a choice to forgo that self is a step on the path of selflessness which must indeed be taken....

"But once you have reached that center, you are no longer aware of choosing between the Self--the Real Self--and the not-self. For you have become that living Self and you identify with all preferences to be that Self, to be immersed in that Self, to be the hands, the heart, the head of the Lord wherever you are needed, wherever it is required, filling in for God, supplying every need and therefore supplying each aspect of the Christ which someone may lack fulfillment in for the mastery of the threefold flame.

"Your preference is then in supplying the tenderness and compassion, perceiving the need because your sensitivity to God has been refined not only by the All-Seeing Eye, but by the exercise of the secret rays, letting those rays flow through you and fearing not the pain of the crucifixion, but altogether transforming that pain into the bliss of communion."

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The gifts of the Holy Spirit which Nada administers are those of diverse kinds of tongues and the interpretation of tongues. These gifts involve the mastery of nuances of vibration in the five secret rays and their almost infinite combinations with the elements of the seven rays as the qualities of the Word are released through the petals of the chakras.

As pertains to human, divine, and angelic tongues, these gifts involve the mastery of speech, communication and the delivery of the Word. They range from the mastery of earth's languages for the transmission of the Word universally to all to proficiency in the tongues of angels as spoken by angelic messengers through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Such releases given from an enraptured, exalted, or altered state are dictations (sometimes ex cathedra) for the initiation of souls and the transfer of the sacred fires from the altars of heaven. These fires, grounded through the anointed, are surely for the blessing of the saints who labor in love under the weight of planetary karma they bear, or for the binding, surely, of the embodied seed of the fallen angels whose hour for the final judgment has come.

The gifts of tongues also facilitate understanding between peoples and figure in the art of diplomacy and just plain getting along with your neighbor--the soft answer that turneth away wrath, the bridling of the tongue that James admonished--comforting a child or the wounded soul or dealing in the power of the Lord's Spirit with the Devil's railings and possessing demons.

Thus the science of the spoken Word in all of its very human and divine ramifications is Nada's forte, which she conveys with the gifts of tongues and the interpretation thereof. So, too, it must be borne in mind that once the Word is spoken, instantaneously it becomes the manifest Work of the Lord through his mediators on earth.

Chohan of the Sixth Ray

Following in Jesus' footsteps, beloved Nada had assumed the full Chohanship of the Sixth Ray by December 31, 1959. Nada serves in Jesus' retreat in the etheric octave over Saudi Arabia, where many disciples of the Lord have received their training directly from his Sacred Heart, face to face, during the Saviour's two-thousand-year occupancy of that office.

Here in the home of the Prince of Peace Nada instructs and gives exercises in the God-mastery of the emotions and the quieting of the inordinate passions of the desire body. Using Jesus' mantra "Peace be still!" she demonstrates the use of the solar plexus for the release of the power of peace through the seven sacred centers. Here, too, she unveils the mystery of Jesus' saying "He that believeth on me, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. " As Nada directs disciples in the application of the radiant purple-and-gold flame of the Sixth Ray--a key step in the nine steps of precipitation taught by the Master Alchemist Saint Germain and the priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek (as well as by the Seven Mighty Elohim and the elemental builders of form) she stresses the path of devotion (bhakti yoga) through the reestablishment of a personal heart-tie to Jesus. This lovetie, she says, is the key to "believing on him." And in this case, believing is seeing--seeing just how to put on his consciousness, to assimilate his Body and his Blood, and to internalize his Word.

Oneness with the Christ of Jesus, chakra by chakra, reinforced through the individual Christ Self, is the open door to the disciple's instrumentation of that flow of Light from the Great Central Sun by which sons and daughters of God hold the balance for earth and her evolutions. The flow of Light out of "the belly," which means through the solar plexus, or place of the Sun, is of spiritual significance:

Here the belly refers to the womb as the matrix, or place prepared, for the soul's alchemy of bringing forth the Divine Manchild--the Christ consciousness of the universal age. This realization of the self as the instrument of the Greater Self with its attendant putting on of the Light of the, Great Central Sun (the Son of God) leads to the God Self-realization of the Mother seen as the soul who is Woman, "clothed with the 'Sun.'" By this Sixth Ray alchemy of Christ's love combined with the Ruby Ray action of the Third Ray--present in the Manchild who has the gifts of the Holy Ghost while he is yet in his mother's womb--Nada, assisted by her angels and devotees, contributes to the mitigation of world tension and the astral weight of the mass consciousness. Thus, this path of practicing the presence of the Lord-pursued by his own who abide in his heart as he abides in theirs--is the Sixth Ray aspect and action of the transmutation of personal and planetary karma.

Nada tells us of a beautiful ritual whereby through a simple call we can help alleviate the stress and strain weighing not only upon our brothers and sisters but upon our own body temple:

"God in man is yours to commend into the arms of the Holy Spirit. Thus I commend you each one. Will you commend one another into the arms of the Holy Spirit and understand that that Holy Spirit is the immaculate image of Father/Mother God?

"And when you commend yourself ere you fall asleep at night, ere you walk the pathway and the ways of the world, when you commend one another into the arms of the Holy Spirit, you are sealing each one in that certain matrix of perfection that is a shield and a guard through all testing, through all trial, through all tribulation.

"Thus did the Lord Christ proclaim upon the cross, 'Into thy hands I commend my Spirit, O God.' Thus, you see, he sealed his soul in the perfection and the protection of the Holy Spirit. This you must do each day for the selfhood of each one entrusted to your care, for all mankind, for the planetary body, for elementals and each blossom rare that my angels now place within the crystal chalice of your hearts."

In an age of Aquarian freedom the demands upon those who would tame its soul fires are great. True love for the brethren in Christ engenders a desire for self-mastery and self-control in the timing and teamwork of the Lord's Word and Work--in order that the achievements of Community might reflect the Christhood of initiates who have translated the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit into the nine steps of alchemy for the building of the temple of God and man.

Nada offers this sound advice for our soul's mastery of alchemy in this age:

"The vortex of every endeavor must contain an intense will. When balanced with Alpha and Omega in the individual or twin flames or friends, the increase of the periphery is as great as the fire of the center. Let the central flame therefore reveal all ingredients of the goal, for the very alchemy itself depends upon the formula. If the formula does not contain the capacity to bless life, to heal life, to increase wisdom, it will be a selflimiting one.

"Therefore, in business, in service, in any activity, consider: How far will the light travel? How far will the effort expended reach? Will all the earth be blessed because I have lived this hour and striven for the highest? Or will only those in my immediate circle, find temporal comfort?

"It is so true, beloved hearts, that mastery, as a quality, of itself has many dimensions. And the wisdom and intelligence of the mind that guides and directs an effort, that sets forth the goal and the means to achieve it, are principally to be considered as the most important ingredients. Combined with the love, then the power, the intelligence and the planning (the understanding of all phases of a project or design) will mean that you have discovered a limitless formula that will multiply and multiply itself long after you have walked the earth or that will rise and fall again.

"Thus, neither the soul nor the goal itself can rise any higher than its own matrix. Rather than pursuing many little endeavors, concentrate, then on that which will reach the star of your I AM Presence--Let your Christ Self calculate the mathematical formula: How much effort and planning, how much involvement will it take for the rocket of the soul to mount and accelerate to the vibration of the I AM Presence?"

Family planning

This self-assessment of resources, will, and goals is nowhere more vital than in family planning.

The Goddess of Liberty has stated the position of the Karmic Board that parents ought not to bring forth more children than "you are able to care for and for whom you may adequately express your love." Nevertheless, abortion as a means to birth control is deemed a violation of the sacred flame of Life which every Keeper of the Flame has vowed to keep. Therefore, other means to predetermining the family circle must be intelligently studied and applied, for when life, sacred life, is at stake, one does not act haphazardly as though the bearing and rearing of children were a matter to be left to the fates or the gods.

The worth of the individual as the potential to be God in manifestation is incalculable. Its violation at any level is fraught with far-reaching karmic consequences, as Jesus warned, to any who offend even one of these little ones. Thus, tenderly Nada sponsors the world's children, individual by individual, often in answer to their prayers, or cries of anguish in abandonment. And she has legions of angels who personally attend the little ones and the youth.

It must be remembered, however, that unless the child is taught to pray and does pray daily, or someone does pray for him daily in his stead, the angels are not permitted to overstep their bounds to intrude or intercede in his life. By the justice of this Cosmic Law, which often seems unjust, accidents and calamities do happen. As you say, "There are no free lunches," so the Ascended Masters say, "There are no favorite sons." God is no respecter of persons but does respect his covenanted free will vouchsafed to all equally who abide in the Matter spheres.

The decision to have or not to have the intercession of angelic hosts and Ascended Masters in the life of the family and the children and between husband and wife is a daily one which can only be made by you. It involves communion with the I AM Presence and a conscious desire expressed in prayer for the will of God to take command in every situation.

When wrestling with possessing demons of addiction and terminal diseases on behalf of loved ones, there is simply no replacement for a strong and dynamic decree momentum which can be acquired quite rapidly by fervent hearts who will study and apply the teachings recorded in our book on The Science of the Spoken Word. Those facing family difficulties of any kind should include in their list of options for the resolution of crisis the daily, concerted application of this unfailing Law and Light. Decrees work if you work.

Nada answers one child's prayer

Nada tells us of her answer to one child's prayer. Know, O blessed reader, that she will answer your heart's call just as simply and beautifully as she did this little girl's. If you are burdened, do not give up, but take this moment to implore her immediate help in Jesus' name.

"I remember many years ago when a little girl who did not even know of the existence of the Masters of Wisdom prayed to God and said, 'O Father, if thou hast any servant upon this earth or anywhere in the universe that will love me and help me, thou dost not need to come thyself, but send them and I will receive them as thyself.'

"And when she prayed thusly, I was sent. And I appeared to her at first only as in a dream. She saw me surrounded with roses, and having a parochial background she fancied that I was Mother Mary. And so, in one of her dreams Mother Mary came also with me, and then she was confused and said, 'Oh, you have a sister.' "

"Do you understand the sweetness and simplicity of the child mind!?"

"And so eventually she found two spiritual friends who guided her destiny and assisted her through the entire school system. Upon her graduation, she became an artist of most ethereal pictures and followed the course of art all the days of her life.

"I want you to understand that within that artist there were many beautiful pictures unborn, paintings that never graced the canvases of the world. And if these could have been seen by humanity, they would, I tell you, have paid all that they had just to prize one of them."

Nada is especially concerned that incoming souls receive the necessary spiritual, practical and academic education and that parents understand the need to give their children loving but firm and creative discipline as a prelude to their discipleship under the Cosmic Christ.

Sponsor of twin flames and the family

Consequently, Nada is very much involved in the initiation and sponsorship of twin flames and the Aquarian-age family. And she draws her circle of love around homes of Light where father and mother set the example of the Path and children are tutored in the Law from birth by right standard and right action.

Regarding the problems of crime and the burdens of drugs upon our children, Nada has said:

"The love that must be instilled, beginning with yourself, is a love so tangible for God in the person of one another, for God in the person of his saints, his angels, the Masters, Nature, and the simplicity of life itself, that in the presence of such love the abrogation of the laws of God is altogether unthinkable."

Her sponsorship of the brothers and sisters of the Order of Saint Francis and Saint Clare is uniquely toward self-mastery of the sacred fire on the path of the Divine Mother that their service might suffice unto the calling of "kings and priests unto God." Such attainment may also be the lot of householders during and after the childbearing years, if they so choose to consecrate their marriage. For great is our God and great are his dispensations to those who espouse the highest path of the initiates: Christhood through the Son of God.

In a recent dictation with Mighty Victory, Nada spoke of her sponsorship of twin flames:

"I come in the person of the Mother flame, as Chohan and member of the Karmic Board, to teach you and to walk with you. I come as the initiator of twin flames and soul mates and community members of the sangha of the Buddha and the community of Christ. For, beloved, the initiations of the Ruby Ray are tough. Therefore, we have recommended partnership, two by two, as Jesus sent his disciples, who also received some of these tests.

"Whenever there is the action of going forth two by two, one is the bearer of the Alpha flame and the other of the Omega, forming a circle of Light to be penetrated, like an impregnable fortress...

"Realize, then, that the conferring by the Lords of Karma of opportunity and initiation for twin flames is to that end that the twin flames together [might] enter the path of initiation of the Ruby Ray. Thus, with or without companion (known or unknown to you), it is well to call upon the Lords of Flame, Holy Kumaras, for those initiaations [to be given] to yourself and your beloved."

Since the sinking of Lemuria and subsequently Atlantis, circles of Masters and disciples sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood have held the balance of Light for earth's evolutions. Nada was one of those who kept the flame for the earth during the period of great darkness that covered the land. For, as we have pointed out, the priests and priestesses who tended the flames in the temples of Atlantis and on Lemuria (principally those who came to earth with Sanat Kumara) did carry those flames to other locations.

These keepers of the flame have continued to reembody as initiates of the sacred fire serving on the ray and in the temple of their calling. Whether in physical embodiment or from the ascended state, they maintain the balance of Alpha and Omega in the Spirit/Matter cosmos through the Guru/chela relationship.