Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the Third Ray

Paul the Venetian

Paul the Venetian is Chohan of the Third ray, the pink ray, of divine love, compassion and charity. Creativity and beauty are other important qualities of this ray that he embodies. Paul teaches the way of divine love through love in action, which means moving from contemplated love to putting forth the effort to be loving in deeds and in works. He helps clarify many things concerning divine love; for example, true compassion lifts up another’s soul, whereas human sympathy allows the soul to wallow in its human problems without progressing on the spiritual path. He is the perfect master to help us prepare for receiving the Holy Spirit’s gift of discerning of spirits.

Paul applauds our innate beauty as a magnificent creation of God, and champions the pursuit of our Higher Self. To assist in this endeavor, he teaches how to define our Christhood by perfecting our soul and developing the intuitive and creative faculties of our heart and heart chakra.

During his lifetime as the renowned sixteenth-century Italian Renaissance painter Paulo Veronese, he created vibrant new colors and perfected a new and still unsurpassed technique of pigment preparation for preserving paint. He painted biblical figures and saints in such a way that common people could identify with them and come to a deeper understanding of divinity residing within humanity—a vital understanding for attaining union with one’s Higher Self.

While the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian works with all souls in mastering the qualities of the pink ray, he also works closely with students of art, music, architecture and engineering in the creation of beauty, symmetry and design.

Paul the Venetian’s etheric retreat, called the Château de Liberté (Castle of Freedom), is located over the Rhone River in southern France.

On Atlantis, he served in the government as head of cultural affairs. Before the continent sank, he went to Peru to establish a focus of the liberty flame which later enabled the Incas to produce a flourishing civilization. Later he embodied in Egypt as a master of esoteric architecture and worked with El Morya, the master mason, in constructing the pyramids.

In his final embodiment as Paolo Veronese, he became one of the greatest artists of the Venetian school. Born in 1528, he received little formal training in art before beginning his prolific career. His early style was simple, solid, and sincere. Soon he became eminent as a decorator of large architecture and churches, called "Painter of Pageants."

The magnificent work of Paolo Veronese is essentially Christian in theme, spacious and rich in color, and includes Temptation of Saint Anthony, Coronation of the Virgin, Deposition from the Cross, Supper at Emmaus, The Holy Family, and Raising of Lazarus--each one an important initiation of Christhood which to this day conveys the essence of the love of Ascended Master Jesus.

The paintings in the church of St. Sebastian, taken from the history of Esther, excited so much admiration that Paolo soon ranked nearly equal with Titian and Tintoretto. In 1562, he received the commission for his famous Marriage at Cana which hangs in the Louvre today. Beyond his magnificence as a painter, little is known of his life.

Paul the Venetian ascended on April 19, 1588. His retreat, the Chateau de Liberte, is located in the etheric plane over southern France on the Rhone River. (Its physical counterpart is a chateau now owned by a private French family.) It contains classrooms with paintings and art work of every kind from all ages and races and cultures, as well as workshops for musicians, writers, sculptors, and students of voice. Here the masters introduce new techniques in every field of art. And here the Goddess of Liberty, sponsor of Paul the Venetian, brought the flame of liberty from the Temple of the Sun on Atlantis. The impulse from this flame compelled the construction of the Statue of Liberty, a gift from the people of France to the people of America.

All who would hear the word of God as taught by Paul the Venetian may, before retiring, ask their Holy Christ Selves and guardian angels to take them to his retreat in the Chateau de Liberte,.

"And I will take you by the hand and show you my castle. I will show you the works of art that have been brought forth by chelas unascended and ascended. And we will go through many rooms, and lastly I will take you to the room where there is that frame that hangs. In some cases it will be an empty frame. In some cases it will have a canvas in it. It will be your frame, the frame of your identity waiting for you to bring forth the genius of your soul. And when you see that frame, if it is empty you will want to fill it. And so, I will take you to that place where you can work with other artisans who are learning the art of living love by the discipline of the hand and the discipline of expression so that you can draw the image of your own Christ- perfection."

Paul the Venetian teaches us that to come into union with the Christ flame is to move with love.

"The more you are disciplined, the stronger are the grids of consciousness. And to have a strong consciousness, as strong sinews, enables you to balance megatons of the light force you call love....The art of living love is to be creative. And the art of being creative is to be self-disciplined."

Paul the Venetian is the Chohan or Master of the fourth ray, which is the ray of harmony through conflict.

He works with Archangel Gabriel. Paul the Venetian lived in Lemuria and Atlantis and has incarnated at times of great change on the planet.

He was in charge of great spiritual temples and was considered the purest of the pure - a title bestowed on very few in the history of humanity.

Because his thoughts were so pure he had a direct link with God.

He was a keeper of the white flame of purity and could transmute the karma of those who entered his aura and also project his thoughts to dissolve the negativity of places and people. He has been involved with Earth for a long time but is a Universal Being, one who straddles the Universes. In the past he has mastered many aspects of physical life. In Atlantis he understood the advanced technology of the times and also carried the seed secrets of beauty and art within him.

He was beloved of the people because he radiated goodness and kindness. They sensed his warmth and open heart. He wore the jewel of Atlantis, a star which symbolised his connection to the vastness of the Universe. He was a light bearer and when Atlantis was engulfed by the waves, he led a tribe to Israel.

As Master of the fourth ray he is responsible for reviving the creativity of humanity. He transmits forms of beauty and music to the crystal codes within receptive humanity. He radiates waves of sound and through his work will come much sound healing for it helps to restore the harmony of the being.

He works with St Germain, with the Violet Flame, to bring inspiration and purification through painting. He works with Archangel Chamuel to open the hearts of all through painting, music and the wonderful creativity now taking place through colour. He was responsible for impressing into the minds of the car manufacturers the vision of brightly coloured cars. He endeavours to bring colour into the fashion world, into hospitals and schools.

Architects who work with Paul the Venetian bring beauty and symmetry into their work and automatically include sacred geometry in their designs without being consciously aware of doing so.

He brings a return of grace, which was built into buildings in spiritually aware times. He sends waves of love to the chakras, especially the sacral, the heart and third eye so that all creativity is suffused with a higher energy. He works with Hilarion, the Chohan of the fifth ray of science and technology, so that new scientific forms and technology also allow the creative, artistic energy of humanity to expand. In the old age science derided and dismissed the creative, and in so doing did great injustice and harm to humans. It stultified them and turned them into left brain, materialistic zombies.

These two great masters are working together to bring balance to the scheme of things. Paul the Venetian is a being of great devotion and dedication. He is beyond Earth and yet has held Earth in his heart for aeons. When you tune into him, rainbow frequencies of light transmit to you and he touches your very cells with the vibration of creation.