"The Bodies of Man," through their intrinsic qualities make the human soul capable of expressing itself in the world of form, and prepare man to eventually return to his Father from where he will have no need "to come out again."

Closely related to the physical as well as to the etheric bodies--the finer bodies--are the Centres, which constitute a great relating system and bring all parts of the physical vehicle into relation with each other. These centres govern the endocrine system which, in turn, controls the seven major areas of the physical body and is responsible for the correct functioning of the entire organism, producing both physiological and psychological effects. In this gaglionic system we have a replica, in miniature, of the septenary constitution of the Universe and the medium of expression as well as the instrument of contact for the seven Ray force which influence the evolutionary life of man. The higher a man ascends in the ladder of evolution, the more these centres expand, and when the reverse occurs, they remain dormant.

In the endoctrine system we have the tangible and exoteric expression of the activity of the etheric "vital Body" and its seven centres. These "seven centres" are not to be found "in" the physical body, but they are close to the same region where the seven major glands are located, and each centre of force provides the power and the life of the corresponding gland which is, in fact, its externalization. They are what one could call the glands' "Spiritual Correspondences," and which the Wise Men of the East named "Chakras." These Chakras, primarily, are seven in number, though from them emanate twenty-one minor ones, as well as forty still smaller, making a total of seventy-seven, leaving out the still smaller ones.

Thus we can see that from the "Chakras" important and vital force emanates and is distributed into the physical body through the endoctrine system which conditions, controls, and determines, to a large extent, the life expression of the incarnated individual. They are the conveyors of the forces of personality--mental and emotional--and register them in the glands, thus galvanizing the physical man into action, be it good, bad, or indifferent.

The "Chakras" and the glands which correspond to their force are as follows:


Head Centre. . . Pineal Gland
Centre between eyebrows. . . Pituitary Body
Throat Centre. . . Thyroid Gland
Heart Centre. . . Thymus Gland
Solar Plexus Centre. . . Pancreas
Sacral Centre. . . The Gonads
Centre at the base of the spine. . . Adrenal Glands

The centres are usually described as "wheels" and do denote action--a turning around. To the spiritually evolved man, they are more than that; they are vortex, whirlpools, turning around in a dizzy speed, and with the light and brilliancy of the Sun. Furthermore, their size is considerable. In this condition, they carry the positive, clear, constructive colors, representing the colors of the Seven Rays. Originally the centres were meant to be convex in shape and radiating foci of the qualities of the Seven Rays. Due to human degradation they have reversed themselves and have become concave--veritable declivities in the etheric body filled with the destructive humanly qualified vibrations that have become the roots of all evil and discord.

The centres, or "Chakras," on their movement follow a clockwise rotation and the greater their rapidity, the more non-recordant they are to discord. They were intended and should be magnetic centres for the drawing, into the world of the individual, the radiations of the perfections of the qualities which they represent from the Elohim, the Archangels and the Chohans of the Seven Rays.

In the following, the Elohim of Peace gives us authentic information in regard to the "Chakras" and their influence to their particular environment.

". . . The lowest "Chakra," which is the base of the spine, is the focus of lust and passion in the spiritually unawakened individual. This is the negative aspect. In the "awakened," it is the positive focus of Purity. The Elohim in charge of that "Chakra" is the Elohim of Purity; the Archangel Who would pour His radiation of the Resurrection Flame through it is Gabriel and the Ascended master is Serapis Bey. The Ray that influences this "Chakra" is the Fourth.

The Central "chakra," located at the spleen, is the focus of anger, malice, hatred and even mild dislike in its negative aspect. Its positive activity is the power of Invocation. The Elohim in charge of this centre is Arcturus; its Archangel Zadkiel and its Chohan Saint Germain. The Ray that influences this "Chakra" is the Seventh.

The "Chakra" at the Solar Plexus is the focus of greed, gluttony, covetousness and fear in its negative aspect. That is why you feel "struck" in the solar plexus when you are suddenly fearful. The positive aspect of this "Charka" is Peace and this focus is that over which I am in charge as the Elohim of Peace. The Archangel Who radiates through this centre is Uriel and the Ascended Master is Our Beloved Nada. When this "Chakra" has been completely purified and you hold the Solar Plexus in a wholly controlled manner, feeling the radiation of Ascended Master Peace from My Own humble Self, Uriel and nada, then you will have complete protection against both fear and the destructive desires of others of mankind; as well as complete protection from the "grasping" nature of your own physical appetites. The Ray on this "Chakra" is the Sixth.

The "Chakra" at the heart, in its negative aspect, represents lethargy, sloth and laziness. If your heart is not in a thing, you do not give it much of your life. The positive radiation of this centre, of course, is that of pure, selfless, Divine Love. Its Elohim is the Lady Master Rowena. (formerly was Paul the Venetian) The Ray is the Third.

The "Chakra" at the throat is the power centre of the body where, in it negative aspect, rests envy and the desire for personal power. Its positive activity is the power to create perfection by the doing of God's Will and, the Elohim in charge here is Hercules; the Archangel is Lord Michael and the Chohan is Beloved El Morya. The Ray in charge here is the First.

The "Chakra" in the forehead is the focus of the power of reason and its negative aspects manifest as pride and intellectual arrogance. It is the place where doubt is allowed to enter the mind. Its positive aspect is, visualized in early mythology, as the "all-seeing eye" of God and the power of Concentration. The Elohim Whose name is Vista, known as "Cyclopea" is the one in charge of this centre. The Archangel in charge of this "Chakra" is Beloved Raphael Who is the Archangel of Concentration and Consecration. No lifestream will consecrate himself to anything until both his mind and heart such endeavors. The Ascended Master Hilarion represents that focus also. That is why, as Saint Paul (Saul of Tarsus), He had the tremendous mental development of the Fifth Ray (the Ray of which He is today in charge).

Thank God that the "crown-centre" of the body, at the very top of the head, has not been touched destructively and there is no negative vibration there. In most people, this centre is completely undeveloped but, in the earnest student, when the attention is rhythmically turned to his own "I AM" Presence, anchored in his own heart, this centre begins to throb and eventually forms an aureole or halo of light about the head. Finally it comes to the point where, with the inner sight at first, you can see a blazing halo of living light around the head of the student. This is the "Chakra" presided over by the Beloved Cassiopea, the Elohim of Illumination; its Archangel is Beloved Jophiel, and its Chohan Lanto (having succeeded Kuthumi). Of course His Ray is that of Illumination, the Second Ray, and all who start upon the Spiritual Path first come under the direction and instruction of Beloved Lanto. ("The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak," p. 214 p.p.)

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