The White Light and its 7 Rays - The Colors:

violet - indigo - blue - green - yellow - orange - red

White and black are no colors.
White light includes all the colors, and black (the darkness) absorbs them all.

The colors are the result of the refraction of the White Light. Each color is the result of the fade out of all the other colors. This process is a partial darken of The Light, a condensation. If all colors are faded out the darkness is completed. The darkness is the beginning process of the creation of solid inanimate matter.

White Light - Colors - Darkness

The colors are components of the White Light and the bridge between the two poles: pure Spirit and inanimate matter.

The White Light represents the divine consciousness and its presence and the colors are the activity of this presence.

The pure solid inanimate matter is the result of totally missing Light. And the colors equalize the contrast between both the divine consciousness and inanimate matter. The colors show and proof the nature and character of every structure, material, thing or being. It is no coincidence that the hemoglobin (blood particle) is red, the earth ground is brown and the chlorophyll is green. The colors tell us about the nature and the function of each existence, and not only for the material world but also for the inner situation of the soul in each being. The color which appears in a human mind is an indicator for his inner situation. It can be a sign for a missing attribute and attitude or an overemphasized attribute and attitude. However, it will be a helper, a guide on the path to reach the goal of perfection. Our moods, behaviors, movements and desires are expressions of our soul guided by Spirit, and will find its expression in specific colors. Even the color combinations in our clothes are nothing else but expressions of our soul.

Only the imagination and view of the White Light would be the sign for inner harmony and completeness, a direct connection to the higher source.

The Kaballa is teaching us, that the holy spark in every human is attached to one of these seven rays. Each human belongs to his own ray.

This information is from El Moray channeled through the "Bridge of Light", also each of the week days belongs to one color ray, they are different from the rainbow colors:  This list may not totally agree with the list on the main page as that comes from a different source.

Information from EL MORYA:

Sunday - First Ray Royal blue flame with crystal white radiation: faith, strength, force, power, protection, will of God
Affirmation: "In the name of my Divine Presence I AM, I call forth the royal-blue, crystal-white flame and ask: (blaze through) flame throughout me und everything what I do, in order to reveal the Divine Will"
The Ascended Master EL MORYA is the Chohan of the first ray and the governor (ruler) of the Divine Will.
MICHAEL (Archaii = Divine supplementation: Faith), the Archangel of protection and the defender of faith. HERKULES (Twin ray: Amazone), der Elohim der Kraft und StŠrke.

Monday - Second Ray Golden-yellow flame: wisdom, enlightenment, love and peace
The Ascended Master CONFUCIUS is the Cohan of the second ray and the governor of the Rocky-Mountain-focal-point. The Ascended Master KUTHUMI was befor the Cohan of the second ray and is now world teacher.
JOPHIEL (Archaii: Konstantia), the Archangel of enlightenment.
CASSIOPEIA (Twin ray: Minerva), the Elohim of wisdom.

Thuesday - Third Ray Pink flame: pure divine love, adoration, tolerance
The Ascended Lady Master ROWENA is the Chohan of the third ray
The MAHA CHOHAN was befor the Chohan of the third ray.
CHAMUEL (Archaii: Caritas), the Archangel of adoration.
ORION (Twin ray: Angelika), the Elohim of the third ray.

Wednesday - Fourth Ray Crystal white flame: pureness, resurrection, ascent
The Ascended Master SERAPIS is the Chohan of the fourth ray and the governor of the ascension flame
GABRIEL (Archaii: Hope), the Archangel of the resurrection.
CLAIRE (Twin ray: Astrea), the Elohim of pureness.

Thursday - Fifth Ray Mossy green flame with gold-colored radiation: truth, healing, consecration and concentration
The Ascended Master HILARION is the der Chohan of the fifth ray.
RAPHAEL (Archaii: Mother Maria), the Archangel of healing and consecration.
VISTA (Twin ray: Kristall), the Elohim of the fifth ray, of concentration, of music and the all-seeing eye.

Friday - Sixth Ray Gold- and ruby colored flame : peace, healing, grace, serve
The great Master JESUS CHRIST has now the post of the Cosmic Christ
The Ascended Lady Master NADA is the Chohan of the sixth ray
URIEL (Archaii: Donna Grazia), the Archangel of serve
TRANQUILITAS (Twin ray: Pacifica), the great Elohim of peace

Saturday - Seventh Ray Violet flame: grace, mercy, sympathhy, invocation, transformation, freedom
The Ascended Master SAINT GERMAIN (Twin ray: Portia), the Chohan of the seventh ray and the master of the begining 2000-year-cycle
ZADKIEL (Archaii: Amethyst), the Archangel of invocation and transformation
ARKTURUS (Twin ray: Diana), the Elohim of invocation, of rhythm and of freedom